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aletheiamagilee · 55 minutes ago
Three of Wands
As the third pip card of the fire suits, this card is a harbinger of ships. This card has an air of anticipitation as one looks beyond the horizon and sees the opportunities and challenges up ahead.
When will you sail the seas?
You are well-equipped to face what's beyond the horizons. Use them well.
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tarotbytya · 4 hours ago
Support TarotByTya ✨ if you’re also a tarot reader drop your information. Let’s support each other and let’s talk tarot.
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elephantmystic · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Card of the week: Page of Wands
Black and Gold Edition Rider Waite Smith
The card for this week signifies the arrival of some much-needed change in your life. Whether you welcome in a new habit or receive some news regarding something you’ve been waiting on, this week provides us with a chance to take a leap of faith in the direction necessary for our own personal journey. This card asks us to be curious. It asks us to never be satiated with the mundane and with what we have now. Exploration is key to our own personal growth. The journey to self-mastery is one that occurs daily. Many of you are looking forward to the future, to new ventures and possibilities. This card signifies those opportunities presenting themselves to you i.e., take that trip, dump that person, apply for that job/program/school, etc. This card also comes as a wake-up call to those of us that have felt that we have lost our way; for those of us who feel as though we have lost that child-like wonder and fantasy. It’s time to reinvigorate your imagination, specifically the way we imagine ourselves in our greatest form. Tap into that curiosity again, reflect on the things that brought you joy as a child and perhaps act on some of those desires. Feed and nourish your inner child so that you can take on the day with resolve, flexibility, and inquisitiveness.
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tarotbytya · 8 hours ago
Taurus New Moon & The Signs
Tumblr media
This Taurus New Moon on May 11-12 will open the doorway to Eclipse Season. The birth of this new lunar cycle in the sign of Taurus will give us a chance to evaluate how we can create more stability and security in our lives. We will also be encouraged to commit to whatever we wish to manifest around those themes. Eclipse season is a time of change and transformation. A time where the Universe presents an opportunity to us towards a higher path for our soul evolution.
Although, this Taurus New Moon itself is not an Eclipse, it does start a new lunar cycle—one that will lead us to the Full Blood Moon Eclipse on May 26. Each month has a new month and each month’s New Moon signifies the birth of new ideas, creativity, drives and beginnings. This occurrence happens monthly when the Sun-who represents our ego, identity and sense of self connects with the Moon-who represents our emotions, self care habits and feelings. New Moons are a time of new beginnings and signify a fresh and brand new start. Keep in mind, some New Moons can sometimes be extremely active and smooth for us to run with fresh new energy, while other New Moons can be more passive, requiring us to retreat and reflect on life, ourselves and essentially where we’re at. This Taurus New Moon is definitely going to one that calls for us to retreat and do some deep reflecting. During this Taurus New moon it’s suggested we use this time for self-care—and to reflect and allow any old or new energies to ensue where they may. Let the chips fall where they may rather than trying to take control or direct them.
Taurus is an Earth sign and the energies of this New Moon is to serve, ground and root into our mind, body and soul. Taurus New Moons can indicate when new income plans and budgets might be undertaken, we might be over-spending on things that we’ll later regret. For some of us it might not a good time to buy something new. During this Taurus New Moon it’s time to buckle down in the money/finances department. On the contrary, this is also an excellent time to take a break and to ease back into a slow pace of moving or living for awhile. Neptune wants to disintegrate and break down the ego, the materialism and all —the very things that Taurus seek to build. This Taurus New Moon is a good time to reflect upon our attachment to the material world. What truly makes us feel good about ourselves? Without money or physical possessions? What makes you happy? One of Taurus’ lessons is comfort and contentedness. Really reflect and look around to see where you may have been complicating love-hate attraction to predicament and conflict. Taurus New Moon wants you to ask yourself, ‘when was the last time I truly felt content and comfortable? With that being said it’s important to know that when considering our personal wants and need, it’s never over-indulgent or selfish unless we take it too far or become ungrateful or unappreciative. 
Black Moon Lilith will also be active at the time of this New Moon. BML is a raw, feminine energy that reminds us to stand in our power and to recognize the full potential of our being.
We are reminded to stand up for ourselves—to speak with our true, authentic self, and to ride out situations or circumstances that are uncomfortable but very essential to journey through. On the other hand, Black Moon Lilith can also represent the void and the darkness that happens before some change or transformation occurs. Although the dark void can feel intimidating, BLM’s energy can give us the confidence and reassurance that we need to stand in our power.
Everyone will feel the energy of this New Moon in Taurus, however, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel the energy the most. Make an intention and a plan that aligns with where you’re at now and going into the future.
Tumblr media
The Signs In Taurus New Moon
You know that all is fair in love and war, however your impulsive sentiments could be holding you back from winning. Instead of impulsively, acting out in a moment of passion, plan your next moves according and strategically.
Time to change your look and evolve your presence.
Focus on healing your heart and soul first. Then, you can make efforts towards speaking open and freely about your emotions and feelings. Keep in mind, as long as you're open and willing to healing the past you can move forward.
Think on a more global aspect during this luminary. How can you heal the world or implement growth?
A professional opportunity is giving you speed toward achieving your career goals. Fear may be holding you back so try to be more positive. Don't let anyone or anything stand in your way—including yourself.
The moment you’ve allowed yourself to step outside the box and embrace situations that you've never experienced before, the better your mind will feel. Free your mind and allow yourself to open up to new possibilities.
Consolidating debt or taking steps to pay off bills will help clear the slate for the future.
Consider having a heart-to-heart. Finding a middle ground is key, as you will both be able to connect on a deeper level and start fresh.
It's time for you to elevate your daily routine.
It's time to have a me day.
Tumblr media
This card will often come up when you’re enquiring about a financial matter or when you’re doubting your self worth. The card suggests you can have what you want—including material things—but you must believe in yourself. This comes down to law of attraction: value yourself and others will value you too. You can create abundance. Taurus is also associated with luxurious Venus and this card holds as a good time to make a financial plan. This card can also signal the start of a new relationship, or sexier times. If you’ve been wrestling with something for a long time, the New Moon in sturdy Taurus is a sign not to give up just yet.
Attune to the Moon:
Get or give a massage—healthy body and mind.
Additional meaning for this card:
* You will soon be able to afford the things you’re dreaming of.
* Getting clear on what you value the most will help you find peace.
* Take some time out to pamper yourself.
* Start a standing order to a savings account, no matter how small.
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raven-malkin · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
7 of Wands
Even though you’ve made it, be careful. Others may believe that the position should be theirs. Remain self-confident. Have courage while facing challenges. It won’t always be easy but you deserve to be at the top!
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thewisetarot · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
💥Daily Card 5/09/21 - Knight of Pentacles💥
Responsible and Practical
Today’s card is the Knight of Pentacles. No cutting corners today! We need to be practical and very thorough in all that we do. Be willing to work hard and act responsibly. Time to roll up our sleeves, take charge, and take care of business. The day may move slowly and become a little monotonous or boring, but attention to the details is necessary. It will pay off in the long run.❤️
Deck: Dark Mansion
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empressarcana · 15 hours ago
🔮 Intuitive Advice 🔮 May 9th, 2021
Hello my lovely star flower fam! 🌟 🌸
Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mommies out there! You’re all so amazing! Everyone, I hope yesterday was amazing for you! Here is today’s intuitive advice. 💗 I’ll also be going into more depth, on the daily, over at my Patreon. If you’re interested in supporting me, fam, please do check out the tiers available.
I’m excited to continue developing my projects and sharing them with you!!
🌟 🌸
Sunday 5/9/21 has the energy of the Wheel of Fortune card. A message you’ve been wanting to share or absorb better is on your mind today. All wrongs will be made right and the connections you nurture will assist you on accomplishing this. The heaviness weighing on your heart and soul are lifted to embrace the family you have created for yourself. 
🌟 🌸
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: This is meant for entertainment purposes. I enjoy using tarot symbolism to understand the world around me better, doesn't mean I am claiming there to be truth to my words. This is just my intuitive opinion, with pretty cards. 😘 Thank you.
Love you fam, thank you for your continued support of this tiny blog and my readings. 🤗
Book a Reading with me 🔮 💫 💫 My shop! 💫 💫 💫 💫 💫 💫 Charmie Readings 🏷 Celebrity Readings ⭐️ Zodiac Tarot Readings 🌌
Until next time, here’s your friendly neighborhood tarot reader, signing off!
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lxntarot · 16 hours ago
May 9th
What do I need to focus on today: Ten of swords reversed
release, beginnings, rebirth, retry. I am dreading something today, I really don’t want to do it but I need to get it over with. 
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Today's reading (I was gifted with two for some reason. This is the first one).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thechariottarot · 17 hours ago
Daily Card For 5.9.2021: The Hermit
Tumblr media
🦀⚖️Today’s energy is The Hermit. Right now isn’t the time to be leaning on others too much. It’s time to go within and find what you need. Search yourself and seek guidance from spirit guides or your higher self. The answer is within you already, you just have to find it. 🦀⚖️
🦀⚖️  How did my card reading apply to you? 🦀⚖️  
🦀⚖️  If you enjoy my daily readings and would like a personal reading for    yourself, then read my pinned tweet on how to get one. I’d be happy to  answer any questions you may have. 🦀⚖️
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serena-moon-tarot · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Good fortune hadding your way. Even if you feel isolated have hope. The Hermit has a bright lantern in his hand, follow your intuition, keep positive and have hope. Good things are hadded your way.
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readthecards · a day ago
Tumblr media
Daily spread: 9.5.21 (for a client)
Deck: Tattoo Tarot (ink and intuition)
Spread: 5 card “I need advice”
1. You as you are: King of Coins - you are taking responsibility for financial matters
2. Are you on the correct path?: 7 of Swords - you’re reviewing and revising your circumstances and feeling anxiety around them, but you’re on your way
3. What is the main obstacle?: 10 of Swords - the only obstacle is achieving your goal! You need to consider pushing boundaries to get there
4. What is helping you?: Queen of Swords - your security in your relationship and your support bubble mean you’re supported in the face of strife
5. How can progress be made?: The World - by continuing on your journey and seeking the conclusion to your difficulties, you will be supported in the material world by divine imagination
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saintzjenx · a day ago
@ What draw others to you? What kind of people are drawn to you and why?
Hey beautiful its Jenx🤎 This is the surprise I have been keeping from you guys for some time haha. I'll also be including some astrological signs, if theres any question please leave me a comment below. I'm open to any feedback<3 Please keep in mind that since I'm reading for a lot of people, some would resonate more while the others might not with some specific details as I'm channeling certain images and different things:)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pick one of the images above, remember their numbers (1 — 3 from left to right) & scroll down to read your tailored reading🥰 As you pick between the images, think about yourself and yourself only, about all the past you you can recall, focus in the you in the moment and use your intuition to pick one.
🪐🤎Pile 1🤎🪐
Tumblr media
People are drawn to you because of your stability and will power. I think you're someone who's very stubborn and nostalgic. You're self-reliant. You perhaps have grown up in a household where financial stability matters greatly to you so you work hard for it as you grow older. Yet I can see that at times, it is hard for you to let things go as deep down, you can be very fixed within your views. Despite looking very cold and even perhaps poise at times, theres a charm in your outer detachment. It intrigues others. For you I imagine a phoenix, burning and working til it can't anymore just to rebirth and spread its wings wide. While you do have a serious side to you, as people get to know you, I think they are drawn to how big your heart is. You care for your loved ones and have a heart thats loyal and true. I'm sensing a little sass here haha, you're never back down from a fight don't you? Yet at times I feel that others too can see that you're too good to be where you are right now? As in you're the most beautiful flowers in the garden yet it is only one garden. People see that someone like you should be out there exploring the world. You may love to change your residences a lot or go on journeys often. Conquests are your thing. Also, I think individuality matters to you a lot. Like A LOT. You might even work better when you're alone too, while I think you have a good deal of acquaintances you don't have that much of close friends, you prefer to keep it small. I think people may submit to you unconsciously as you just radiate this Leadership energy to you. Your ego and pride and I'm hearing "family"? So perhaps your background is something you take great pride in. Does the Moon or Luna spark a memory in you? I also just heard "mother". Regardless; while you have a very tough exterior, you are very nurturing and soft at heart. I think theres an emphasis on the importance of your family here. So for you, your childhood may have define who you are as a person a lot. People like this about you, they like how soft-hearted you are deep down and they are in awe as they watch you lead others in public yet also a softie in private. You may also have a secret spiritual side to you too and you can be skeptics haha, but people find this very charming!
As for who is drawn to you, I think the people that are drawn to you usually are not at all what you represent. While they're also very adventurous and are students of life, I think you are wayyyy more stable than the people you attract and you are in one way or another, more mature. These people love you as you give them a sense of grounding and purpose. You love them because they soften the child in you. Also, these people may come off as air-headed but they are nothing but that. They're in fact also very calculated in side and are very practical lowkey. You might have a distaste for their flightiness and lack of commitment at times but I think you prefer relationships that offer an equal amount of growth and healing.
You perhaps have an abundant of earthy energy and loads of fire. The people that goes to you the most will have a great amount of fire and water also. I feel that Cancer/Moon energy is prominent overall.
🪐🤎Pile 2🤎🪐
Tumblr media
Hi smarties. Hows manifesting going? Haha I'm joking. But you already know that didn't you? I'm seeing major Leo energy as well as Gemini and Virgo being present here, maybe even some Sagittarius placements. Loads of fire and air and some earth or very subtle Venusian energy.
I think people are drawn to you because of your passion and queen-like energy. I think you might have come from a very regal background or some of you might have ties with generational wealth. People can sense this almost immediately though, they admire your strength and beauty. Some even enjoy your teeny tiny hints of arrogance. Whats that? Its not arrogance its self awareness? I heard that just now haha. Nevertheless, you have a good balance between your mind and your heart. You can be very polarizing though. One moment you're passionate and fiery but the next you're cold and ruthless. I think regardless people still think its one of your strength, to do the hard jobs that people cant, to make the decisions others fear. You have a lot of divine protection I'm not going to lie. Are you also a spiritual worker/believer? You have angels surrounding you by the way, great ones and ones that you have yet to connect with all of them. Are you in a relationship or interested in someone at the moment? If that resonates to you, then side note they want more with you haha, they see a future for the two if you and they think you're truly unique. While I think at times, you may let your emotions take over you but you perhaps recently are trying to confront your demons. People think you're fucking brave by the way. And you're a smartie too. Do you have any prominent Mercury energy? or Gemini/Virgo? I just heard "no bad vibes here". So overall I think people love how laidback you are, but you're very well educated. You can let things burden you sometimes though, avoid focusing too much in your failure okay? You're so much more than that. Also I think you're incredibly transformative as a person. You never stop doing intensive self reflection and I think you believe in karma too. Charity? I just heard that all of the sudden hahah. You may enjoy going on journeys a lot and it seems like its endless growth with you. You are very upbeat and positive. Your angels are with you and ma'am/sir, you have some powerful spirits behind you. They want you to know that they heard you and you're slowly activating your chakras and soon enough, you will be opening doors again. Does that make sense to you now?
People that are drawn to you will usually match your energy in life. If you're the queen, they're the empress. You will always feel and have a mutual understanding with them. You guys together form a powerful ally and you may challenge yourself to work together in business. Be careful of over optimism and lack of concrete work. The reason why these people are drawn to you is because you guys both refuse to be ordinary, to take a break and to back down. You are all fierce and bold and very veryyy restless. They may also have major fire placements combined with heavy Venus energy and perhaps some Aquarius or Pisces.
Additional messages for pile 2 here
🪐🤎Pile 3🪐🤎
Tumblr media
The Leo/Sun energy is through the roof today. You probably have a lot of Leos in your chart or the Sun is a prominent planet for you! Also I'm seeing other fire placements too and heavy Taurus/Libra energy:) People are drawn to you because they can't stop staring. You radiate so much light and bright energy people are simply mesmerized by. You're a winner and when you want something, you wont stop at any cost to get it. Interestingly, I think people acknowledge that you also have a mind that always working. You have been through a great deal of hardships though so I do not blame you boo. In the past, perhaps you were dealing with serious personal issues that challenge your faith, your work ethic and everything you stand for. I'm hearing some kind of toxic patterns/relationships? Nevertheless, the key is it didn't take rainbows and flowers to be the you you are today. In case you didn't know, you have crazy charisma. People would literally tell you that you're the kind of person that others fall for at first sight. Straight up, I'm feeling that you can be literally physically attractive as hell too wow. Not only that, I think you know this too don't you? A lot of pride in this pile too. Very sure of yourself and very powerful. You have a lot of people that admire you because you receive so much public recognition and validation but you also attract hella envious people because of this. People with low self esteems would feel called to drag you down or kill your vibes. But dont bother, you have nothing to fear. Because look into the mirror, look around you. Look at how many choices you have. People know this. People know you have options. You're the art everyone wants and you have so many suitors that wants to pursue you. You may have a successful business or your finance is very put together and people think you're truly lucky yet only you know how hard you worked for it. Ah I heard it now, sometimes you can be a bit irrational? No patience now huh haha. I think you don't like waiting and once you want something, you will chase. Things come to your seemingly so effortlessly but only you and god knows all the nights you spent on it. I think you may have bangs? Very lovable faces regardless, a beauty thats always relevant but ouchhh, you don't like it when people just think they know you based of your look now don't you? My bad boo, I know you are so much more than that. People that are drawn to you a lot of them are admirers but also haters. But ignore these energy vampires, they don't deserve a minute of your attention. You are so so in your element and fun. All the sleepless nights you had are acknowledged love. I hear you. You have a mindset thats very "all or nothing" and people are fascinated by this. So so different are truly confident in your core. Everything you have now. I know you earned it.
I think people are drawn to you because they enjoy how you make them feel. You are a cheerleader and you ignite so much support in everyone. You can be very demanding but you know this is all for good intentions. People like your honesty and vulnerable sides a lot. But be aware, I see a lot of toxic people lurking around you. I think you will vibe the best with major Leo placements like you or any other fire, especially Aries. You might have a love hate relationship with water placements, especially Water signs as they trigger certain things in you haha. All is good. Your circle is one big fireball love.
— 🤎
Thank you guys for reading it til the end🤎 For more posts like this please be sure to check out my masterlist <3 be sure to reblog if you enjoy this too beautiful!!
saint jenx🪐
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aletheiamagilee · a day ago
Thank you soo soo much for the reading love! It was soo beautiful! The moment you said that he’s the king because he’ll surely treat me as a queen made my heart felt soo much of warmth! Thank you soo much once again!! Hope you have a great and a warm day/night ahead!!:)
Thank you for your trust and you're welcome.✨
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