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allaboutparanormal · 23 minutes ago
The Wheel of Fortune - Crow Tarot
Tumblr media
The Wheel of Fortune - Crow Tarot 
The Wheel of Fortune is a sign of good beginnings.
Most likely, you will find things going positive, but, aspects of luck, are also be beyond our control and influence.
Tumblr media
The Wheel of Fortune - Crow Tarot  The Wheel of Fortune tells us that life is made up of both good and bad times, and it's a cycle that's beyond our control. It's the same for the rich & the poor.
When you have good moments in your life, enjoy it to the fullest.
For what comes up must always go down. (it's
the same in what comes around goes around )
unfortunately we can't have 365 days of luck.. when you are in a bad situation, things will become better again in time.
Turnouts are waiting us.
Being lucky or unlucky depending on how you see the glass?
Is the glass half empty or half full?
The Wheel of Fortune is ruled by Jupiter
Jupiter is known all about luck and change
Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest in the Solar System. Also
Jupiter is the sparkliest planet.
You've entered beginning of a lucky period of time..
You'll find most thing are going through positively, smoothly without any problems at this time - during this period Don't forget that luck is not in our control and in our influence
It's also about Karma related to Karma, good things come to good people
If you are in a relationship it means you'll be bonded even more, if you are single you'll meet your other half soon.
Everyday is a new beginning, you don't know what rising sun will bring.
It's a cycle of life..
It's also about Karma related to Karma, good things come to good people
Remember your destiny is in your own hands...
It is more like a Karma Card, What goes around comes around. (abundance, happiness, luck; changes things just happens, joy, happiness, opportunities, destiny, chance )
It is in a way a warning card in a positive way, you make your bed and you lay in it.
You harvest what you seed.
It also symbolises natural cycle of life..
Be revolutional, be positive, make room for new things in your life.
Our lives could move in an unexpected direction. >
Change the ways of thinking about things, change the your old ways of thinking.
"stop worrying start living"
"Basically you are the captain, you control the wheel, choose your own route"
"Be the director of your own life "
Remember your destiny is in your own hands...
There are things beyond our control, and that works in this card Wheel of Fortune
 Deck Used Here 
Crow Tarot
Tumblr media
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beylas-orakelecke · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Derzeit sind wir die kleinen Narren, die für Ihren Herrscher tanzen. Wir werden zum Narren gehalten.
Und es gibt nur einen Ausweg hinaus.
Indem qir uns nicht von diesen negativen Energien und Ängsten bestimmen lassen, sondern uns mit Liebe begegnen. Die Engel sind an unserer Seite und warten darauf, von uns um Hilfe gebeten zu werden. Wichtig ist, egal wie düster es da draussen auch zugeht, die Hoffnung und den Glauben nicht zu verlieren. Handelt nach eurem Herzen und erweckt die weibliche Energien in euch, denn diese sind wichtig um nichts zu überstürzen und mit bedacht und Gefühl voran zu gehen.
Eure Beyla 💗
Verwendete Karten
Steampunk Tarot von Barbara Moore
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tarotbyzuzu · an hour ago
Reading of the day 16/04/21:
We all create our destiny, every day we plan and lay the foundations for our future, but there is a sense of stagnation that overwhelms us.
The Pages are always learning and discovering how to master their skills.
If you are feeling stuck just try to remember what do you want and, like the Page of Pentacles, take advantage of the opportunities you create to reach your goals.
Tarot Deck: The Architect's Tarot
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tarotbyzuzu · an hour ago
Card of the day 16/04/21:
Queen of Pentacles ♍
Where do I start? This deck is a new experience for me, I have been learning about tarot for about a year now and I have to say that I have taken it very seriously, I studied, read, investigated, and invested a lot of time taking notes. Also, I bought a few tarot decks and tried to bond with all of them, to such an extent I sold a few to keep by my side the most valuable according to their personalities.
Now I have around 10 decks and I'm very happy with them. Especially with this one because I feel the necessity to use and work more with my intuition. The images resonate a lot with me, and be a very "rational" soul makes the lines speak a language that I can understand because I like boxes, a lot.
Well, here we have The Queen, in a middle of a labyrinth raising herself because there's not impossible for her. There's always a way out.
Try to be realistic and put confidence in everything you do.
Tarot Deck: The Architect's Tarot
Tumblr media
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queenlua · an hour ago
my tarot decks
someone on here (maybe @capriciouscorvid​?) asked to see my tarot decks the other day, and uh, turrns out my collection is quite expansive, and also i’m a shit photographer, but here’s a few of the decks i managed to take decent pictures of:
newest deck: white numen: a sacred animal tarot
Tumblr media
this one just came in the mail today.  i like it so far; it’s the correct mix of traditional + more unusual symbology for my tastes, as well as the right balance between goofiness (its chariot is DELIGHTFUL) and more serious imagery.  and i like the animal focus in general <3
most expensive deck: you don’t want to know what i paid to get a secondhand Slow Holler deck.  it’s worth it; i treasure this deck like burning, but also, ouch.
anyway this deck was made by a collective of southern and/or queer artists and it heckin slaps.  the chariot alone!!! ahhh!!!!
Tumblr media
workhorse deck: universal waite.  this is just the standard rider-waite tarot ,but someone recolored it to not look like ass.  it’s the easiest deck for me to read, and also, it cost like eight bucks, so if someone spills beer on it it’s no big deal. ergo i keep this one in my purse and use it all the time
(i’m on my second copy of this deck; the first copy got lost at a bar somewhere outside Magfest 2020.  i hope whoever stole it and/or stumbled on it is having lots of mystical fun with it)
Tumblr media
most deviantart deck: lost forest tarot
i saw this one in a local game shop and couldn’t resist.  like.  doesn’t Judgment look metal as hell.  don’t the weird anime deer things look rad.  i love it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oldest deck: the wildwood tarot
god i love this deck.  it’s like, my other easiest deck to read, just because i’ve had it since like... high school? middle school? somewhere in there.  and it’s very much my aesthetic: nature-y but, like, not so much that it gets cheesy-lookin like a lot of Llewellyn stuff does.
Tumblr media
other decks i own but am too lazy to photograph
* wild unknown tarot.  a very #aesthetic buy, but the symbology ended up being a little too sparse for my tastes
* dragon age tarot.  this one was also... an indulgence price point, lol.  i actually don’t like it much for reading—due to the nature of how it was made, some of the symbolism is really confusing/contradictory from traditional meanings, in ways that don’t feel deliberate/thought-out—but, like, it sure is dragon age, and i sure was fangirling hard in 2015, so
* modern witch tarot.  a pretty traditional deck (in terms of picture contents, symbology, etc), BUT instead of rando medieval dudes, it’s all hip-hoppin lookin modern witches with iphones and laptops and such.  it’s fun!  it’s not really quite my personal aesthetic, but, this one seems really popular when i’m doing readings for people, and how much the other person likes the deck has a lot to do with how the reading turns out, so i reach for this one pretty often
* crystal unicorn tarot.  it’s another very traditional deck, BUT instead of rando medieval dudes it’s all unicorns.  fantastically charming.  EVERYTHING IS UNICORNS
* tarot of the divine.  newish deck; i haven’t played with it enough to have a solid opinion
* raven’s prophecy tarot.  i bought this one on an impulse and mostly regretted it.  the illustrations just aren’t to my taste.
annnnd back at my parent’s house i’ve also got:
* tarot of reincarnation.  it’s a deck so fantastically unconventional that i never know what to make of it, but i love it.
* philip k dick tarot.  i bought this at a used bookstore right before a halloween party, because i was getting drunk with high school friends but i’d left my tarot deck back on the west coast what the fuck.  this deck, as it turns out, is utterly incomprehensible, which honestly tracks with the whole “philip k dick” thing, and thus i failed utterly to actually drunkenly read anyone’s fortunes, but i’m extremely glad i have this extremely weird thing in my parent’s attic
god.  why do i have thirteen tarot decks.  that’s just an excessive number of decks.
but yeah that’s the collection!
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sublimespiritoracle · 2 hours ago
Get answers regarding what's coming next to you. Book our popular phone readings. Do an energy check this weekend. Visit my Facebook page to know more or visit my web page to book. #Tarot #love #money #healer #health #career #clarity (at Mumbai, Maharashtra)
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topconfessions · 2 hours ago
the thing abt tarot is: they give kinda ambiguous answers. it's up to the reader how to interpret each card. i think, even if u try hard to be as objective & honest as possible, u still unconsciously see what YOU want to see/believe in
I have objectively with all due respect asked and gotten services from some readers on here & YouTube who have hit the nail on the head telling exactly what would happen or transpire.
A reader on YouTube I did a personal paid reading with did predict a family member passing away in my family in a very specific way in a way that could never be predicted whatsoever as this was a family member not a part of my immediate family tree and not someone she could look up I.e via cheating. And I did have a reader on here hit spot on about a tough situation I experienced very truthfully in a great detail but that reader had a bitchy personality in the end.
All I will say is a majority of them do read correctly and are truly gifted with fair & decent discernment with clarity and their system of reading. Some are "gifted" but abuse it by creating a fandom / fanbase through their people who want readings that begin to prop them up and they get very bitchy and abusive over treating reading like a business with attitudes. So its a very complex Pandora box catch 22s with. It depends on who you encounter.
But I do agree to some extent that in tarot if reading from the cards (unless it's a personal unique deck you have an energy on / connection to) everyone has their own slight interpretation.
But for me Respectfully disagreeing its not a lie. I will tell you all what the other readers won't clearly reveal to you that is common sense:
Tarot reading is a direct invasion of an individual, public figure, deceased person or celebrity private life and privacy. You can see and learn things about a person thoughts, feelings, outlook, secrets, plans, views on you or about you and sometimes their intent and what they may do if free will and external factors doesn't change it.
To me that's a fact no matter what anyone says about it cause I've encountered many honest nay sayers who have said that tarot and tarot decks are tools of the devil. It's satanic because it either opens up portals to spiritual relm to let demonic forces and spirits in OR is satanic cause it's a form of Magik and God did not intend not would ever intend for you to have the advanced ability to foresee the outcome of future events before it happens or to see what people around you truly think and what they have done or will do. It's like a form of manipulating one's own path and I've also heard tarot can be dangerous for celebs cause a celebrity shouldn't know or hear about a reading cause it may alter their destiny if they find out what may happen.
It's all a mixed bag tbh. But I would def stay away people those overly positive readers who give you empty hogwash or those readers who are up their own asses even if they may be talented cause Tarot is like Christianity and God. It's not a concrete proven factual thing. So I don't believe in monetizing off of it and being an asshole about it by making rules, guidelines and astronomical prices for services. I give a pass to those who do it in good will and arent malicious.
Extreme divas was a good kpop reader but she is very obsessed in trying gay shipping in the wrestling world with new Japan now so her credibility tanked to me although a lot of the old readings she did on many idols should still be up in her blog and we use ti exchange tea.
I mean shit if I'm being honest it is very minor but I had a vision / tarot prediction of CL getting into a small controversy over putting her heels up on the taxi glass. I saw that before it happened and I saw she would have a tedious pointless journey to America. But I am not tarot expert tbh.
Readers like that lionsdentarot girl on YouTube she to me does her shit on personal bias sometimes and sometimes her readings are very common sense. Like anybody could give the reading she gave on Jessie using black culture and black aesthetic a shield to mask her insecurities and use it as a persona cause it empowers her cause she not comfortable with who she is as a person without it. Anyone can tell us HyunA ironically is into E'dwan less than he is into her and may cheat.
Like I said on YouTube her Seungri reading I felt 50/50 about. Like okay sis sure. I can kinda see Seungri coming back in the future but her prediction was very outlandish and it felt like she was riding on information about him and her bias against him being this bad scum of a villain.
My own bias aside I don't like that she tried to demonize TOP and say that TOP forced seo hee into the bullshit and that Seo was innocent. No. Clearly that was a case of her doing a bullshit reading using just netizeenbuzz and internet info / her own opinion to half ass it.
I don't like when readers like her want to do literal fuck shit and say "spirit told them" who the fuck is spirit exactly? Every reader says "spirit" but is it your own tailored "spirit guides" or God's angels / messengers as spirit? When she said spirit constantly she fucking lost me. Who you are as a person will remain who you are regardless of a few incidents that occur where you actively put yourself in that situation. Seo Hee reminds me of Megan Markle. Strategically manifesting and social climbing very carefully her way to her man. I feel she or some other reader should have told the truth.
Seo Hee is a well social climbing "trainee" who failed numerous times and began using her money, connections, and social connects to hang with all sorts of higher up people in the social scene. She was questionably close to Jong Hyun and out of respect I won't give any opinion on that but I see from my own view and clairvoyance that she had certain people in mind and knew of TOP. he did not fall into her lap out of the blue by chance like she want y'all to believe. She been social climbing and rubbing elbows with the right people to cross paths with him and knew he would get her number from someone.
Nobody used common sense. Nobody gets your number from someone unless you co sign for that by giving approval or actively allow your friends to toss your # around or have it set up to let any dude who seem worth his coin to contact you period. He may have contacted her first but seeing how TOP is that has to be a very mutual and close connection based on more than casual chatting. Which we know was weed dealing now.
If TOP forced her into anything she went along cause og pressure to achieve the clouts and aspirations she was holding onto for so long. I'm not saying TOP a saint or can't but you can't force blame onto two people.
If it were that serious sis could have aired his ass out mega early by snitching to police in a regular call / contact or story sell to dispatch.
Readers like lions den are the type you're speaking of anon. She admitted she didn't know shit about bigbang so its easy for her to say shit like that. Usually people would think its more authentication for someone to not know the subjects but she looked a hot mess revealing that.
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cassiansolace · 2 hours ago
World Hear Me, Pt 2.
Note: This is a continuation of the previous post. Please check that out if you haven't read it!
Card Five: III of Pentacles (Reversed)
Statement: What we need to solve quickly
- Competition
- Lack of cohesion
- Lack of teamwork
Explanation: Perhaps rather than fighting each other for resources or for demanding justice for those who have fallen, perhaps we need to remove the need to be better than the other, for if we do not learn to to work together as a society we may never find our way out of this situation.
Card Six: X of Pentacles
Statement: Possible Rewards
- Prosperity
- Safety
- Kindness
- Abundance
Explanation: All of these rewards seem to be out reach, but it will come if we do our best to solve the problems before us. We will get there and we must be hopeful for the best.
Card Seven: I of Swords
Statement: What is to come, perhaps.
- Break through
- New Idea
- Truth
- Focus
Explanation: Perhaps for a time we will have to wait in order to find our paths and the way forward, but we should not worry for what would life be if we did not have unpredictability.
Card Eight: V of Pentacles
Statement: Possible consequences to come if we don't do anything
- Struggle
- Unemployment
- Loss
- Hardship
Explanation: This card seems rather self explanatory, we will all suffer if we do not work together. The world will go, in some ways to even deeper shit.
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cassiansolace · 2 hours ago
World, Hear me. Tarot Spread Pt 1
The main question asked: What does the world need to hear right now?
Card One: VII of Pentacles
Statement: What is happening?
- Perseverance
- Planning
- Patience
- Harvesting of rewards
Explanation: The card is telling us that the world is in a state of planning, we have waited in lockdown because of the pandemic now is the time where we are beginning to reap the rewards of our struggle and suffering.
Card Two: V of Wands
Statement: The problem
- Conflict
- Competition
- Tension
- Clashes of Ego
Explanation: It would seem that whilst we are in the midst of celebration we refuse to cooperate, particularly in regards to the vaccine program and which counties and who is getting the vaccine first, the vulnerable are placed in a further position of danger because our governments in the first world are too busy fighting each other.
Card Three: III of Swords (Reversed)
Statement: What we need to do
- Recovery
- Forgiveness
- Healing
Explanation: There are other problems, deep and dark. We are suffering, but we will get better. In time we will find a way. The hardest will be to forgive because of the wrongs that have been committed against some if not all of us.
Card Four: King of Cups
Statement: What is to come or has come.
- Diplomacy
- Advisor
- Balance of the head and heart
Explanation: This card tells us that as of right now we are in a place of papers being signed, agreements being made. We are in the midst of being advised on what to do. However we must remember that whilst we are thinking we must also feel in our hearts in order to help others and to understand their situation.
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americana-gothic · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Magician | Doctor Strange : Personal Power, Intention, Will, Resourcefulness 
The Chariot | Thanos : Momentum, Competence, Self-Discipline, Control, Determination 
The World | Ego :  Integration, Completion, Wholeness, Connection, Earth
The Fool | Loki :  Innocence, Foolish, Naïve, Close Minded, Distrust, New Beginning
Death | Hela : Transformation, Ending, Closure, Regeneration, Burning Bridges, Fear of Change
The Tower | Scarlet Witch : Sudden Shock, Destruction, Questioning Beliefs, Chaos,
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micahulrichdraws · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
A handful of Flux Arcana Tarot decks remain at the shop link in my bio.
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popculturetarot · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
The High Priestess is a person with a deep understanding of the deeper meanings of life, of how bring hope from despair, and how to bring understanding of the universe to those around her. She may not be the warmest of characters—sometimes great and terrible as the dawn— but that is because her concern is with the intellectual and spiritual growth of those around her, not the transitory moments of emotion.
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heaven-on-earth-tarot · 4 hours ago
Helloo! I'm concern if I interpreted all the signs that I seen the right way? Example is someone send me 9 but i read it 6 because maybe I read it at the wrong way? I like pink that's why I like your aesthetics uwu Thank you in advance~~
Hello 🌼 First of all, I feel like you manifested all those signs. You do have a gift of interpretation but you also trick yourself at times. Just trust that you always get the message that you’re meant to get at the time.
It’s funny how you gave an example of 9 and 6, and I have multiple 9 and 6 in my spread. They all feel the same for me, maybe the difference is to whom the message is intended.
“Trust in the magic”
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comparativetarot · 4 hours ago
La Flora Tarot
Most of the tarot decks I’m currently backing on Kickstarter are doing amazing (Sefirot and Alleyman’s, notably) but this one is kind of struggling to get to the end goal. Let’s give this beautiful botanical deck a boost, no? Just a little over $8,000 USD to go! 
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meandmyprojects · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I could always use some strength, but also maybe some discretion, and some clarity. I do like that lion, and I feel like I could be friends with him, too. 
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tarotwithdani · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Today’s daily tarot reading:
Development and partnership are in the universe.
You’re beginning to stand up for yourself and, take charge of a project.
Don’t compromise your position, Partnership is wonderful and great.
Keep your individuality about yourself, you have your own lives aside from your life with each other.
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s83s · 4 hours ago
#sukicandy #meditate #meditation #spirituality #spiritualawakening #spiritual #spirit #spiritualgrowth #alchemy #viral #tarot #psychology #msg #fyp #angel #universe #herbalogy #chakra #chakrahealing #chakrabalancing #charmed #blessed #bless #blessup #blessings #mindset #soulmate #happy #emotions #affirmations
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