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#free readings
star-maidenan hour ago
Hi! I hope you're doing okay right now. Thank you for doing this free reading for us. Could I get some Star鈥檚 Choice reading? My question is if there is any big good news for me for the next two months? pisces moon 馃寵, life path no.5, and a cat enthusiast as well 馃槀
Tumblr media
Hello Fellow Cat Enthusiast! It鈥檚 always nice to be among like-minded folk. I鈥檓 doing very well, and I hope you are too. Let鈥檚 see what the tarot has to say. 鉂わ笍
You mentioned specifically the next 2 months, so I went with a lunar cycle spread. These events may or may not correspond with the lunar phases. It鈥檚 more likely that you and the situations around you will reflect energies that are reminiscent of the moon phases, regardless of her actual phase. This is how I interpreted them.
New moon phase: A time when you are beginning something. The energy is fresh and new. An old cycle is ending just as another begins.
Tarot: You may find yourself needing to work closely with others in some way. A team effort is needed to complete a project or to reach a goal. While in its initial stage, it will be impossible to complete without the support of others. It鈥檚 better if all members see this early on to avoid delays and unnecessary squabbles.
Waxing phase: What grows from the seed? This tells us how the energies initiated at the new moon phase grow and develop.
Tarot: You will form closer bonds and better, mutual understanding with the people that you are working with. These may be people you already know, and will have an opportunity to grow closer together. They may also be people you will soon meet.
Full Moon Phase: The exaltation. This is the moment the energy peaks. For good or ill, there is no turning back from this point.
Tarot: In having worked with these people to reach a goal, a great catalyst will ignite within you. You may find yourself having realizations, discovering new truths and shifting perspectives. This will allow for a cleansing of sorts to take place. Let the old burn out; anything that no longer serves. You are being tempered and remade by the flame. You will emerge stronger and wiser than before. Trust the process.
Waning Phase: The energy begins to wind down as we approach the Dark Moon. A time to tie up any loose ends and reflect.
Tarot: You may find that your emotional landscape has expanded. You will be able to ponder deeply on your own feelings, and you will have the space and self-compassion to be able to see and understand how far you have come. You may find yourself changed after the energy of the full moon. This is now a time to journey toward harmony and balance. So what makes you happy. Seek that which nourishes your soul at this time.
Dark Moon : The very end of a lunar cycle. A moment of absolute stillness before the cycle begins again. Powerful magic and workings of will can occur at this time.
Tarot: After journeying through your own personal lunar cycle, you will likely come to a crossroad. A decision must be made about which path to follow. Both seem equally worth while. Your experiences over the last 2 months will inform your decision. You should feel empowered to make the choice that is best for you.
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the-stoned-priestess3 hours ago
Give-away Still Happening!
Tumblr media
Yes you guys, a top follower will be receiving receiving choice between a tarot deck or custom bracelet/pendulum as my way of saying thank you for following and spreading the love!
I just haven't been on top of reporting. My bad. Lol 馃槄 it just dawned on me that I forgot to check.
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chronic-punk6 hours ago
for @serologic and anyone else who is interested:
i've uploaded a selection of readings from the last disability studies class of my undergrad. there are many others i would have liked to upload, but--frustratingly--they're all back in toronto on an external hard-drive and i'm currently located in KY lol
anyway here's the drive link
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the-stoned-priestess7 hours ago
Will my marriage end?
Tumblr media
You need to understand why strong feelings have surfaced and how to cope with them. Do not repress your emotions. View your life as a work of art in your art as a work of life. Learn what gifts you have to give as a lover, parent, counselor, and friend. Give advice only to those you know already to hear it and act upon it. Study the teachings of a favorite spiritual master or philosopher. Visualize the true love you seek and you will realize it.
You may feel as if you were being mistreated, or you will be looking for a way out of a relationship.
You will have many emotional swings, and will be daydreaming about love and romance.
You will be distraught over the lack of support you feel you are getting, or because of the emotional burden you have to carry with your family, friends, or loved ones.
you need to be more willing to ask for guidance, especially within the context of your love life. For instance, discuss your feelings, hopes, and dreams. Then allow others to help you. Perhaps they鈥檒l offer support, give advice, or even know of a potential partner among their acquaintances.
You鈥檇 benefit from spending quality time with your friends. If you鈥檙e currently in a relationship, you鈥檒l get renewed enthusiasm by having regular outings with good friends. If you鈥檙e single, then spending time with these special people will get you out of the house, and bring in fresh energy. Your friends may also introduce you to a wonderful romantic partner.
Your heart needs some healing from one or more losses. There鈥檚 grief work to be done as a way of moving forward with your life. Already you can think of how this specifically applies to you. Unhealed grief is compounded by each subsequent loss. although it's uncomfortable to mourn and cry, sometimes this is the only path to healing. that鈥檚 why it鈥檚 best to heal with an experienced grief counselor, grief support group, or trauma trained therapist. Loss is one of the more painful processes of change, yet can be helpful to us in our development in compassion and more appreciation for life.
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the-stoned-priestess7 hours ago
Hi can I please get a general life reading? My initials are a.j. thank you 馃挄
Tumblr media
In the past the focus was on the home, family, or dwelling soundly; daily living costs and expenses; Domestic matters; Friends, community, and working environment.
You wanted to establish better relations with others in hoped that a proposed plan or business project would be successful.
Your family and friends were your primary concern.
Previously you would have been in the doldrums, but new elements entered or have yet to enter your life that will make your outlook on the future more hopeful.
You needed to get away from your work or responsibilities for a bit, socializing with friends, family, and admirers; And or you were previously pleased by a clean bill of health.
Now, the focus is on recently completed projects, relationships or ideals that have gone as far as they can go, and the desire to move on or do something else.
You don鈥檛 understand the situation you鈥檙e in or why things are the way they are, and want to know if there鈥檚 anyone up there who鈥檚 listening or cares.
You will enjoy the company of others and will want to make a positive impact on them, or to aid, assist, or comfort; And they will feel the same about you.
You will be dismayed at the turn of events that seemed to sabotage your best intentions, but in the final analysis, things will turn around and peace will be restored.
You will enjoy clothes, furnishings, new products, or outings with friends.
You鈥檙e going to get the ball rolling on a new venture that will be very rewarding, but you will still be missing that significant other in your personal life.
There are some things that are going to end on a positive note and you will find yourself moving in a different direction.
More disruption, misfortune, and bitter experiences lie ahead and even your home life will be affected, but you must remember that you鈥檙e not seeing the whole picture, and what looks absolute or hopeless is not final.
What is right, essential, or meaningful will be preserved. It鈥檚 time to discern what is meaningful.
It is best to remain calm in the face of unexpected changes or assaults and listen to the inner voice that assures you that everything is going to be alright.
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the-stoned-priestess7 hours ago
Hello again,
I鈥檇 like to have a starseed/light worker reading please? 馃檪鉁
Tumblr media
As you grow older, you realize that no one on this planet truly knows what he or she is doing, we all just get by the best we can. Your Angels and guides remind you that you鈥檝e got plenty of help and companionship available to you. Never before have so many people come into a lifetime with the shared divine purpose of rewriting the script for daily human life. Your indigo mission is so very important, and there are literally millions of other indigos in this world having very similar experiences. Ask the Angels to help guide you to like minded people who can relate to you. It will soon become apparent that you are an integral part of one of the most significant movements in human history.
Make sure you鈥檙e not giving in to the point of creating lack in your own life. As an indigo, you feel compassion for the world because of your divine mission. As a result, you sometimes become generous to a fault. You may not see this as a problem period however, the guides are telling you that you must be aware of your own needs in this life. Make sure that you鈥檙e doing enough for yourself so that you don鈥檛 suffer due to your generosity. Allow yourself to feel how great it is to have your needs met, and trust that those around you are guided by their Angels to ensure that all of theirs are taken care of two. You are here on earth to help, but you鈥檙e not everyones problem solver. The greatest gift you can give others is to ask their Angels to awaken and guide them to their unique purpose.
As in indigo, you may get caught up in the emotions in a situation and feel stressed or frightened. This card reminds you that life will continue long after you鈥檝e gotten through this challenge and forgotten all about it! The Angels and guides ask you to concentrate on the good things in your life and see beyond whatever is going on around you. One of the best ways to find resolution is by releasing the situation, and allowing yourself to feel relief. Take time to relax, and imagine what it will feel like when this trying time is over. Trust that the Angels and guides hear your prayers loud in clear, and will help you with resolving every aspect of this situation.
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estarrratarot8 hours ago
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pearlescent-princess8 hours ago
Howdy, I'll be offering some Stichomancy/Bibliomancy readings this week. I'll be using Brave Birds by Maude White. I think it has some nice messages in it that can function similar to an oracle.
Please pick between pages 13 and 159, or I will pick for you. No questions please.
Anons please give me 2 emojis to track your reading and do give feedback. If you would like a private reading, please say so. Otherwise, I will be doing these for today (May 12th) to tomorrow (May 13th). Thank you
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gonebeforespring9 hours ago
After a very long break from doing free readings, I鈥檓 going to open my books for 10 free oracle readings.
You may request additional cards from any oracle deck from this list, or I will default to just using Kim Krans The Wild Unknown: Archetype Oracle.
Goddess Power
Divine Feminine
The Wild Unknown: Spirit Animal
Amenti Oracle
If you are interested, please leave an ask in my box with a general question, a name or initials, and something about you like your favourite colour or astrological sign. All readings will be answered no later than 5-7 days after the ask is received.
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mosss-grotto10 hours ago
Hello! May I also receive a love reading? Thank you so much! -L (taurus)
Tumblr media
You need to free yourself from the negative energy that a past lover or family member may have caused you. You may need to express your love more openly, and you may receive more of it in return, but you need to free yourself to and take control of your life.
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mosss-grotto11 hours ago
Hi, may I have a reading on who and are my spirit guides and how many of them do I have?
~ O.M 鈾
Tumblr media
I feel that there may be at least three prominent spirit guides in your life, and here is what they look like.
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mosss-grotto11 hours ago
Hi, could I have a love reading about my future spouse? Thank you. And if you don't do them anymore, what I should be wary of?
Tumblr media
There will definitely be some chemistry between you both, and this will allow you both to have a very strong relationship between each other. Though, there may be some financial issues involved in your relationship.
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oracleofthedeep11 hours ago
(Melancholy) can I please have a reading on what b truly thinks and feels about me? Thank you! D
A spiralling void, a butterfly caught in the abyss. Something lost to gain a false hope. Look to the stars.
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oracleofthedeep11 hours ago
Should I go for this career oath and move away? I stay in my home town? (wander)馃悮
A crystal shines bright in a forgotten cave, untouched by human hands. The light of the prism reflects onto the walls, a portrait hidden away. {Tentative} in a loving hand.
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oracleofthedeep11 hours ago
hello love, could I get a message from my soul mate? What is he like? Thank you for your time! (happiness)馃挄
The right place at the wrong time. You will meet and be unaware of one another - only later shall you realize that you met before. Gentle eyes like a summer evening. A soft voice.
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iseahoneytea11 hours ago
Messages From Your Person {CLOSED}
Tumblr media
Thank you to all who sent in requests! I鈥檒l be getting to everyone by tonight-tomorrow! I appreciate your patience! 馃挄
Shufflemancy + Screenshot message from my virtual deck
Drop your initials and theirs please! (If you don鈥檛 have a person, I鈥檒l do your future spouse/soulmate).
**Anons please add emojis / sun signs so I can connect better!
Feedback is mandatory!! It lets me know whether it resonated and aids in my growth.
Thank you for participating!
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loverobynthings11 hours ago
New pick a card reading idea.....
I stumbled upon Labyrinthos and they have very beautiful and insightful tarot spreads based on each card of the major arcana.
I thought it would be really interesting to do pick a card readings based on these spreads. Please keep in mind that I only have one deck (as I am not financially able). I will start posts from either tomorrow or the day after...
But do tell me how many piles would you prefer?
Also, I am not opening personal readings. This is an idea for general reading.
Tumblr media
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moonsaelve12 hours ago
Thank you so much for the reading! You are amazing, I am trying to become more organised too! So I鈥檓 happy this will be benefiting me in the future, thanks again鉂わ笍
Have a great rest of the week!
Thank you! I hope you have a great rest of the week as well!
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moonsaelve13 hours ago
Hi May I know whats coming next for me please?
Thank you!
I鈥檓 hearing 鈥渞eorganisation鈥, you鈥檒l be reorganising something in your life, also in your mindset and ideas. You鈥檒l be changing something in this aspect. Not only in that, this will have an effect on your environment as well. Because of this, your mind will be more focused and clear and you鈥檒l be drawing in things that you do want in your life. It鈥檚 feels like you鈥檒l have this very organised way of thinking, almost like a list, like 鈥渇irst I鈥檒l do this then that etc...鈥 and you鈥檒l know what you want. It feels like you鈥檒l be very determined to get what you want. And also, maybe try sound healing, singing or dancing if you aren鈥檛 already doing this, it might benefit you a lot in this time, maybe even try doing this outside, like in nature when you鈥檙e surrounded by birds or are hearing birds sing.
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