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#past life
katwoman06an hour ago
Assassin's Creed and past life regression
Alright y'all, I had a thought. Now just hear me out. For the rest of this post, let's pretend that we all believe that souls get reincarnated okay? And now, think of the technology used in Assassin's Creed to see your ancestor's lives through your DNA (or theirs if you include the newer games).
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See where I'm going yet?
What if we could use the Animus to see our past lives???馃く馃く How cool would that be?? Yes, we have tarot readings, and things of that sort, to get an idea of who we were before, BUT THEN if we had that technology?? We could see who we were, when we lived, and the lesson(s) we learned. From there, we could figure out what lesson(s) we still need to learn!
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random-stuff-for-u20 hours ago
I will never stop losing feelings for you. And I鈥檓 sorry but that鈥檚 just the way it is. You made me fall for you and I did.
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tarotnooba day ago
Hi! Can I get a free intuitive reading? Thank you!
Tumblr media
Let鈥檚 talk about the creep factor. So the 11:11 oracle card points out synchronicities... and I was thinking haha well you have 3, 6, 12 which is like doubling the numbers and then I also realized that the three of swords next to the ace of cups shows聽鈥1111鈥 if you look at the numbers at top. They all fell out together, so I just happened to put them next to each other.
There鈥檚 moon imagery here, too, with Hunger and fourth house (is ruled by Cancer, so moon).
I鈥檒l also provide the textbook meanings (first) - Hunger card is about wanting something so much you鈥檒l do anything to get it, including immoral things, so be careful that if you get what you want... did it come with a cost.
The fourth house card is about ancestors, family, the home... moving, buying or selling property, the past or childhood, people from the past returning. As a side note, you could be especially driven by your moon or anything in the fourth house. My moon is in my fourth house so maybe yours is, too. And maybe it鈥檚 a rather ambitious moon like an Aries or Leo or something - or maybe you have those ambitious placements somewhere.聽 I suppose I should point out too 1111 adds up to 4.聽
Tarot - Hanged man so surrender, a pause, change in perspective, Pisces/Neptune energy (also associated with the moon, intuition, dreams...)
Six of swords - a sense of moving forward, toward something better and more smooth after some troubling issues or moving forward from a focus on the past, sometimes with the assistance of others
Three of swords - heartbreak, disappointment, lack of or miscommunication
Ace of cups - rebirth, new opportunities for love, healing, self love, pure emotions, literal birth, creativity (birth of an idea)
Back of deck: 7 of pentacles, 10 of swords, star (because we cannot get away from the star right now no matter what deck i use).
Textbook reading: actually fuck textbook, I feel more called to go off but maybe we鈥檒l circle back.
So, with the hunger card and the moon coming up, I do feel this sense of a聽鈥渃alling鈥. You know, when I shuffled your cards, I asked for your ancestors to assist if there were messages. I pretty much never do that, just ask my guides or some high vibe helper out there to assist me, so it鈥檚 interesting that a wolf popped out and a card explicitly about ancestors and roots... and now that I look at 7 of pentacles, doesn鈥檛 it also have a roots vibe?
So, I feel pretty confident that whatever message you need to hear will have to do with family issues, the past, or ancestors... maybe even destiny. And even the back of the deck has a similar message to your tarot out here because even a monkey could see three of swords and six of swords and figure someone was moving on from heartbreak. 10 of swords is usually some type of painful ending to something, and star is about healing and starting afresh...
And it鈥檚 weird but... I feel like this could be an ancestor鈥檚 story - I don鈥檛 know anything about you or your bg but I look at these cards and the six of swords, and I see a literal journey, like... literal moving, immigration, etc...聽 tbh, I鈥檓 not sure it鈥檚 you, I feel like this is a family story but maybe you moved/are moving, whatever, but I want to say if you are, there鈥檚 some message here about a parallel journey being taken to an ancestor鈥檚 journey?
And it reads like... someone had to leave home because of some tragedy (that was destined), and began a new life where there was more hope, more opportunity, more abundance. And if it鈥檚 not a literal journey, it could be a spiritual journey - simple as that, someone is letting go of something, surrendering the pain, learned from it and is moving onto better circumstances despite a broken heart.聽
That鈥檚 one part of it, but what about this... Hunger? The Hunger card image definitely gives off that primal, calling vibe, plus it鈥檚 a wolf so you think wild, packs, family, instincts, moon, intuition...聽 the word hunger makes you think of ambition, but possibly literal hunger could play a part if you have ancestors who left a place with hopes of a future where they could be more ambitious or were avoiding literal hunger. I suppose it鈥檚 possible these aren鈥檛 even RECENT ancestors but like way back and why did I pick the egyptian-y deck out of all my decks? And I could go - that鈥檚 a coincidence, but -聽
Tumblr media
Because we have the 11:11 oracle, lol.
Also, I did sneak a peek at your profile, which gave me nothing except you like Jiminie, and I feel compelled to show you this bc who knows why
Tumblr media
Also, notice the moon xD
I don鈥檛 really believe in twin flames, but now that I just put that out there, if you鈥檙e having any romantic issues, this spread could be quite romantic about a very dramatic romance because Hunger could be like - how far would you go for a destined love? Very romeo and juliet, and the heartbreak here could be surrendering to some type of separation only to find each other again.
So, with the fourth house also meaning people from the past coming back, that could be something, as well. Perhaps there was a heartbreak of some kind and you were separated, and that person will come back. Please take that with a grain of salt as it could just as easily be moving on from such a heartbreak and learning to love yourself... but the Hanged Man definitely gives me surrender to fate vibes with these other cards.... it could also read about someone who is searching for聽鈥渉ome鈥 and for a place to belong. Like, I still REALLY get this sense as if you are paralleling some old relative鈥檚 experience. It鈥檚 not like I could guess at a past life, but who鈥檚 to say in past lives we weren鈥檛 our own relatives?
But, when people talk about past lives, it is possible to... pick up a journey where a previous incarnation wasn鈥檛 able to complete something, so there鈥檚 that sense too. We can鈥檛 confirm it, so - but I also get destiny vibes anyway with the 11:11.
It鈥檚 funny though that that card came out and Serendipity is now in my head and I know you like Jimin. It鈥檚 creepy.
Then again back of deck... I mean as I went through it... it does give past life vibes... that or someone was literally stabbed in the back with a rake, lol. But it鈥檚 like images of someone trying to grow something and then there鈥檚 a death (10 of swords) and then a rebirth (star). And the other cards go through that too with an ace of cups (rebirth) and 3 of swords (heartbreak)... but the hanged man is almost like watching it all unfold calmly...聽 and six of swords is like... okay we鈥檙e going with the flow (of the universe) now and moving forward...聽 and the heartbreak should be behind the boat, really, as those were the rough waters... and interesting the heartbreak card is next to new love/rebirth....
Hunger could also be this desire to complete what wasn鈥檛 completed. Or maybe you have one of those ancestral curses you need to break.
I don鈥檛 really know much about that, I鈥檓 just explaining what I see as a possibility.
It鈥檚 VERY rare in a general reading I鈥檇 look at cards and go - this is a past life or ancestors, but yuh.
It could also be about calling in a soulmate or soul tribe... perhaps if you鈥檝e recently come across someone or a group where you feel an unexpected... like... you know them from somewhere or it just feels right. or maybe there was someone like that in the past, and maybe they鈥檒l return...
It could also be some type of tragedy that occurred in childhood where the heartbreak has stayed with no matter how hard you鈥檝e tried to push forward. But I feel optimistic with the ace of cups at the end... I feel like even if you鈥檝e endured some type of disappointment or a no contact situation that there鈥檚 another chance at love or reunion at the end. I mean, in theory, we all could meet at the end when we die.聽
I don鈥檛 think cards even get placed down willy nilly tho we can always move them around, but it鈥檚 interesting heart break is third there... and is also number 3... and it comes AFTER the movement forward but before the new love...
and on the boat of six of swords, it looks more like a parent and child... so again this may have to do more with family, ancestors... and some sort of heartbreak and then a physical or spiritual journey forward to something that feels like a fresh start and no matter what bad things happened... the hanged man sort of shows it was... unavoidable. Fated, etc...
The imagery of the wolf in the hunger card can fit this in many ways but I鈥檓 curious about the聽鈥渁mbition鈥 behind the guidebook meaning too as I don鈥檛 think cards get thrown out just bc the image fits, the meaning should also fit.
So, the familial or ancestral issue could be about... heartbreak bc of someone鈥檚 greed or immoral choices or it could be a warning from your ancestors about not straying from the right path when trying to get what you want. Three of swords could suggest hurting others on the way to the top or hurting yourself.
There鈥檚 a fair amount of water and air in these cards... so mental, emotional things, including with the fourth house being moon.
I feel like the moon is so important here - moon can be intuition, hidden things, secrets. Maybe this is a family secret of some sort... but I feel more drawn to the idea of instinct, intuition, a calling, something... more primitive, natural... like part of the workings of the universe... but I still feel like the聽鈥渃alling鈥 fits... being called to complete something, being called to do something, calling in a soul tribe. It could be a longing for people that you miss.聽
And again I鈥檓 brought back to the idea of ties being cut in some way - either in this life or through death in this life or through death in a past life.
But still being tied to those people through roots of some kind.
And it might involve having to move away from those聽鈥渞oots鈥... that pain might even have been a shared pain of some sort because the three swords going through the heart are all touching each other and trapped together and the tips touch as if they鈥檙e comforting each other through the pain, same as the two figures in the boat going off together... and then with the ace of cups having this rebirth or another chance at love, etc...
You鈥檙e probably like wtf but it鈥檚 not like we know our past lives so I can get away with it >.>
Still even if this sounds whackadoo why not give a shout out to a parent or grandparent and ask if anyone had to immigrate or part ways from family.
there鈥檚 too much family/roots imagery here to really... avoid saying something is up with family/ancestors, so... i鈥檇 be curious as not many of us give much thought to our ancestors these days so it鈥檚 weird to ask someone if they have a passion for ancestry or know anything about their ancestors or even possibly thoughts about past lives or something...
I guess I could give a simple reading too - uhhh
Still feels like it鈥檚 about a literal move... with fourth house being about home, moving, buying a house, etc...聽
Hanged man can also be聽鈥渟acrifice鈥, so perhaps to move forward in something, you鈥檝e had to sacrifice something else. Moving away from family or breaking up a relationship to move forward (for a job)... because maybe the hunger card meaning speaks to this that you gave up xyz to go forward to this opportunity (a new lover w/ ace of cups???) but was it worth hurting or giving up whatevs...
Or someone did that to you... and you were the sacrifice.
But, I鈥檓 sure I could go on, no point without feedback or context haha.
It鈥檚 also possible this move or something regarding this issue will resurface in July or whenever next full moon is. I say July bc it鈥檚 cancer season.
Maybe you鈥檙e moving around end of June to Mid July, etc...
a bajillion interpretations but also pretty specific, so feel free to let us know :)
and because you have an 11 here and also 1111 and a 1111 lol... i looked up master numbers which says 11, 22 master numbers can have issues where they crack under pressure or struggle with ambition which i thought was interesting with the hunger card, so possibly you aren鈥檛 answering the call even though destiny is like DO IT. and usually i鈥檇 go into numbers but so many are expressed here 1, 2/11, 3, 4, 6, 10... and back of deck has 7, 10, 8...
Only thing missing is 5... and technically a four but we could say 1111 is the 4 haha... and emperor is behind star - emperor is a 4, star is 17/8.
i don鈥檛 know what that says other than all the numbers showing up would suggest a cycle, but we already discussed life cycles (reincarnation/death).
the lack of a 5 could be significant as 5s are about change, conflict. apparently also personal freedom... or expression.
This could be about someone鈥檚 journey toward freedom... not to be insensitive, but objectively it could suggest having ancestors who were denied freedom and gave up everything to get it, but it was at the cost of something. If not ancestors, a past life... ? Or having to even sacrifice one鈥檚 self so that you could be free of bondage and then reborn into another life or realm where the soul is free.
Sort of heavy, but I can only try to give you all possible ways to read plus what vibe I鈥檓 getting and I could say it鈥檚 like haha it鈥檚 just you going on a trip to the store, but... it feels really deep, layers deep, deep spiritual reincarnation, a soul that doesn鈥檛 particularly feel connected to your current.... life. So - but who knows.聽
Colors - well obviously a lot of purple but that鈥檚 default bc of the deck, so we鈥檒l skip and say... oranges, yellows in particular... green... and yeah indigo-y/blue/purple. i鈥檓 kinda blue purple color blind so hard to say in the wolf card.
so sacral chakra is prominent, the moon is yellow to me... so solar plexus... and that bit of green in the roots card (heart)... indigo is third eye, purple is crown.
but i feel the focus on the middle chakras - solar and sacral... heart...
sacral is social, sexual, creation - which fits with the three of hearts and ace of cups as 3s are social and ace of cups is creation... i don鈥檛 see anything sexual in the cards so we鈥檒l skip that. solar plexus is personal expression, personal power, ego, identity, choice...
interesting since that鈥檚 what fives were about and fives are lacking so perhaps there鈥檚 especially an issue regarding personal expression or power or not feeling like one has a choice or an identity that was forced on them...聽
i don鈥檛 really feel like - but only you can say for sure - that your sacral is blocked but i鈥檇 wonder about your solar plexus... and maybe the hunger card also points to this because this personal power and choice isn鈥檛 being fed? this desire for choice and personal power and expression? perhaps you aren鈥檛 feeling heard or understood or other people have tried to dictate something for you... or you were forced to sacrifice something... and let me be crazy and also suggest a past incarnation or another relative also had to go through something similar.
and... that鈥檚 what i see. i鈥檒l stop there!聽
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onlyherstarlight2 days ago
please love me,
my angel.
i know you don鈥檛, and i know you
never will, but please.
please, say you ache for me
the way i do you. say you want
to rest in our bed,
in a busy city, gazing upon each other鈥檚 bodies under the moonlight.
i鈥檇 love to see your freckles illuminated under the pale
light. please, sweetheart,
say you need me
the way i need you.
say you wish to lie in each other鈥檚 arms,
away from the
pouring rain, striking our window.
would you let me
play with your hair, and call you my own?
would you please
do the same to me? would you hold me
i鈥檓 shaking, when the memories
become too much?
darling, i just want you.
i just want to say i鈥檓 yours,
i want you
to love me the way
i love you.
i want you
to say you adore me,
you love me.
i want to worship you.
gods, i don鈥檛 want to wake up
if it鈥檚 not by your side,
my love.
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kill-anill-a2 days ago
It鈥檚 disappointing to do the hard work of changing oneself just to have your family and friends still treat you like you鈥檙e the same old person锟
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random-stuff-for-u2 days ago
鈥測ou can鈥檛 ever love someone if you don鈥檛 love yourself first鈥
bullshit. I have never loved myself but you
god, I loved you so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.
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random-stuff-for-u2 days ago
i miss you.
i miss your hugs.
i miss your kisses.
i miss your cuddles.
i miss your morning kisses.
i miss your scent.
i miss your smile.
i miss your backscratches.
i miss your little giggle.
i miss your attitude.
i miss your body heat.
i miss our tickle fights.
i miss fighting for the blanket.
i miss walking up to you.
i miss falling asleep with you.
i miss playing with your hair.
I miss you.
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random-stuff-for-u2 days ago
鈥淲hen you look at me do you see the girl you loved or the girl you left?鈥
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