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the-eclectic-scorpio · 2 hours ago
Heyo, just wanted to note the name change from thevikingvvwitch to the-eclectic-scorpio to avoid any confusion :)
I felt my witchcraft is more grounded in eclecticism than it is norse and that my blog name should reflect that. Ultimately, witchcraft isn't a strict practice, it has been shaped and changed by many sources, and I want my blog to be a reminder of that for everyone. Your witchcraft is an accumulation of who you are-all the parts you identify with. I will still be posting a lot about the norse pantheon as well as seidr but it will always be a balance with secular witchcraft and tarot posts. I hope you are all having a lovely day!!! Thanks for reading my PSA!
- as always feel free to message me anytime to ask questions or just to chat! ✨✨✨
Blog Tags
Witch journal (tag for witchcraft related posts- masterlists, spells, etc)
Tarot journal (tag for everything tarot related also see tarot spread or tarot prompt)
Norse lore (tag for all my Norse info)
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the-elder-gods-reborn · 22 hours ago
Ausoa; the Ever Beautiful Lady of the Dawn, & Queen of the Dead.
Spheres of Influence
Goddess of the Dawn, beauty, love, Spring, rebirth, youth, and purification.
Main Epithets
Lady of the Dawn
Queen of the Dead
Ever Beautiful
Love Giver
Mother of the Sun, Moon, and Stars
Mistress of the Spring
Warden of the Eastern Gate
Dyeus [Father]
Dione [Mother]
Marut [Brother]
Suhnu [Brother]
Hyuhn [Brother]
Weru [Husband]
Sehul [Daughter]
Mehno [Son]
As Lady of the Dawn, it is her responsibility to herald in the coming of the morning Sun.
As Warden of the Eastern Gate she is in charge of allowing Sehul and Hyuhn to pass through and begin their daily journey across the sky.
As Queen of the Dead, she presides over the Underworld, along with her husband Weru.
As Love Giver, she bestows love and feelings of infatuation and romance upon those lucky enough to catch her attention.
Myth Summaries
“The Course of the Sun & Moon”: Ausoa heralds the coming of Sehul and Hyuhn and opens the Eastern Gate so they can start their journey.
“The Missing Dawn”: When the world was young, the Lady of the Dawn was given the responsibility of bringing light to the world, and thus giving Dhega, the Earth Mother, the strength to keep the world lush and green. Ausoa didn’t like having to light the world every day and night, so she abandoned her post and ran off to the Underworld, where she fell in love with the King of the Dead. Without the light, Dhega grew weak and the world was plunged into an eternal winter. Dyeus demanded that Ausoa leave the realm of the dead and return to her responsibilities. She denied, but instead she offered her children, Sehul and Mehno to take her place in bringing light to the world. Dyeus accepted this offer and brought Ausoa’s children up to the heavens to fulfill their duty, thus bringing back the light.
“The Star Weaver”: After giving birth to Sehul and Mehno, Ausoa becomes pregnant with another child, one who is prophesied to be the greatest of all the gods, who will destroy the evils of the world once and for all. The Unworshipped, the personification of all evil, fears the child’s birth so they poison Ausoa, forcing her child to die in the womb. In her grief, the Queen of the Dead retrieves what essence is left of her dead child, and weaves it into a stunning tapestry, that glows with beautiful lights. She calls the tapestry, stars, and sets it in the night sky, to ward off and weaken the Unworshipped.
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treestarbaby · a day ago
hello!! how you think your perspective on life is/has changed as a witch vs either your perspective before becoming one or non-witches in general?
i hope you’re having a wonderful day 💞
For me personally I'd say I became more aware of EVERYTHING.
Third eye openings / spiritual awakenings really are these massive eye openers, to everything. Spiritually and just practically. I've learned that not all witches do actually open their third eye or have spiritual awakenings, so it isnt necessarily an inherent part of being a witch or becoming a witch. A lot of people do remain blind.
I also believe it really helped me in so many ways to just live. I have been able to change my life, maybe not in drastic ways yet, but that alone is amazing. Shadow work for example has made me more aware of my flaws and allowed me to be able to work on that side of myself.
It has also opened my eyes to the absolute horrors in our world. Which is again not inherently an aspect of becoming a witch as a lot of people can be shown these things and still support it.
I guess becoming a witch has not only made me a better person for myself but for everyone else too. I'm more aware of the horrors out there so I can try to do what I can to fight against it.
This is just my perspective though! Thanks for asking.
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treestarbaby · a day ago
I love calling out admins of groups on Facebook for posting absolute garbage and perpetuating gatekeeping tactics, but not only that, nazi rhetoric. And then the admins get mad for getting called out so they call you "bitchy" (internalized misogyny is always awesome).
Like NOT SORRY you're mad about being called out for pushing gate keeping tactics and allowing nazi rhetoric to be pushed in your comments section Karen.
The worst part imo is they obviously will ban you & delete your comments so no one else can figure it out. Unfortunately a lot of times these things are subtle to a new practitioner, sometimes even more intermediate practitioners don't notice if they haven't learned about that yet. Yes it is bad enough these groups are run by gatekeepers & nazi sympathizers, but it's also sad to me that tons of people are in these groups & just unaware of who runs the group, because these people are SUBTLE.
And facebook obviously doesn't care. I've reported groups who are very obviously run by nazis and post nazi shit but they're like hmm dont see anything wrong here. Looks fine to me. But that means groups run by the subtle ones go even more under the radar. It breaks my heart to see these kinds of groups, not just facebook but all across social media platforms, that do this. And we can't do a whole lot other than this. Speak up.
Tumblr media
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metanoiyed · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I reached out to hearthfirehandworks on instagram last week regarding their Lilith prayer beads. I left a comment two days later asking them to check their dms on the post.
They deleted the comment and presumably have chosen to profit pandering to antisemitic neopagans than doing the right thing.
So, heads up about hearthfirehandworks. Dunno if they have an account on tumblr. But they’re willing to profit after being told exactly what they’re doing. Gross.
Edit, thanks to the lovely and helpful @verdantlyviolet I now know they have an inactive tumblr account here.
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the-elder-gods-reborn · 2 days ago
The Course of the Sun & Moon
The story of the Sun and Moon’s daily travels across the sky.
Ausoa; the Lady of the Dawn, and Queen of the dead, opens up the Eastern Gate upon the horizon. Sehul, the driver of the golden Sun chariot, makes her way through the Eastern Gate, along with her husband, Hyuhn; the Heavenly Healer. Together they take off into the sky in their blazing chariot.
As Sehul makes her way across the sky, she brings light and life upon all who live upon the Earth. Even Dhega, the Earth Mother, relishes in the light, ever remaining beautiful and lush. Unfortunately, while her expedition is an easy one, the further Sehul makes it across the sky, and the or light she sheds, the weaker she gets. Thankfully, Hyuhn; her dutiful husband, is by her side, keeping her alive and strong enough to make her daily journey.
Finally, Sehul and her husband Hyuhn make it to the Western Gate, where Weru, the Night Lord, and King of the dead is waiting to receive the both of them. The Sun Mistress, on her death bed, is welcomed into the Night Lord’s hall, allowing her husband to fully heal her, to prepare for the next morning’s journey. As Sehul recovers, her light brings joy to the Land of the Dead, and her husband Hyuhn hosts a stunning celebration in honor of his wife’s triumph over death.
Meanwhile, Mehno, the Scholar of the Moon, readies for his own journey across the sky. Pehuson, the Guardian of the Ways, opens the Eastern Gate for Mehno’s departure. Mehno, along with his husband, Suhnu; the Grand Champion, begin their ride in the silver Moon chariot.
Unlike the day, traveling across the night sky is a dangerous journey. The Unworshipped, a personification of all the spirits of evil and negative energies in the world, attempt to smother and consume the Moon in darkness every night. Suhnu defends his lover against the darkness of the Unworshipped so Mehno can concentrate on his task. The Moon Lord sheds his light upon the world, a gentler glow than his sisters bright shine, but his light is a powerful enchantment that ensures the Unworshipped won’t swallow the Earth itself.
After fighting their way across the night sky, Mehno and Suhnu make it to the Western Gate, where they are welcomed by Dyeus the King of the Day and congratulated for their good work. By this time, Ausoa has opened up the Eastern Gate and Sehul and Hyuhn are ready to begin their daily journey yet again. That is the course of the Sun and Moon.
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lilwitchyvibes · 2 days ago
Herbal Correspondences
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Created this basic herbal correspondences document and one with a bit more detail (which I’ll probably post later today or early tomorrow). Let me know what important things I’m missing or if things like this are useful~*
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treestarbaby · 2 days ago
Spell Tattoo Design Requests
Okay folks, I'm taking requests for spell tattoo designs. Please be sure to read this post in it's entirety before sending me your design request. These are FREE but I do have some rules you must adhere to in order to get your request drawn!
Any spell tattoos I design will be posted PUBLICALLY & used as examples by me. I will watermark these designs publically however! If you want your design kept private, there is a 10$ fee for this.
Designs will be posted here to my tumblr blog, my instagram, maybe to tiktok as well.
MUST INCLUDE what you want the spell tattoo to do! Include as many details as you want.
If there is anything you want incorporated into the design (such as specific herbs, animals, elements, etc) please let me know!
I reserve the right to reject ANY request for any reason. I will not make tattoos with approprative aspects what so ever.
Please be patient with me! I will be taking my time with these designs to make them just right for you and that may mean a few DAYS working on your design. I'll also be working in order of requests received.
At some point I WILL BE closing free designs and begin taking PAID designs only.
I shouldnt have to say it but obviously be nice to me. Dont be rude please. I am just a person & if you're mean I'll just block you and not take your request.
Tumblr media
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emoteddylove21-blog · 3 days ago
Sandbanks, fires, and rivers to calm the soul
Tumblr media
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bewitched-moonlight · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
─ Painting by Frida Kahlo
“Yes, Mother,” I said. “Promise me you will never disappear from me again. Show me how I can always know you’re here. Show me how to share my joy with you, that you will be happy to receive it.”
“Oh, my daughter,” I said. “You will forget that I am here. This is the way of human beings, to forget. But you found your way back to me once and so can find your way back again, because I am always here. The world will hurt you again and again. You will hurt yourself again and again. And when it does, and when you do, you will remember me again and again. You will drop to your knees. You will hold yourself. You will be your own daughter again.” 
─ Melissa Broder, Milk Fed
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thatawkwardwitch · 4 days ago
Me: *brainstorming ideas for my composition project in band*
Aphrodite: make it about me
Me: ...
Me: um okay?
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the-elder-gods-reborn · 4 days ago
Simplified Pantheon of the Elder Gods Reborn
Dyeus: God of the daytime Sky, oaths, creations, light, wind, & air.
Dhega: Goddess of the Earth, life, fertility, death, & decay.
Dione: Goddess of consorts, marriage, society, welfare, law, order, fire, warmth, hearth, family, home, & sacrifice.
Weru: God of the nighttime Sky, the Underworld, leadership, rulers, darkness, the Oceans, water, wisdom, & elders.
Marut: God of storms, thunder, lightning, rain, war, protection, & Mankind.
Suhnu: God of victory, valor, honor, battle, sports, athletics, competition, swords, & horses.
Hyuhn: God of art, healing, inspiration, music, celebration, archery, & horses.
Ausoa: Goddess of the Dawn, beauty, love, the Spring, rebirth, youth, & purification.
Sehul: Goddess of the Sun, light, cattle, destruction, creation, smithing, technology, & advancement.
Mehno: God of the Moon, time, magick, knowledge, & wisdom.
Pehuson: God of roads, guardian, paths, travel, wilds, domestics, liminal, beasts, sex, forests, & trickery.
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i know a lot of you are pagan or are into wicca but no manifestation/spells to lose weight i swtg some of you have never seen Thinner by Stephen King
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sweetchcraft · 5 days ago
spirituality is like 70% reading, 20% wondering what to do at the next moon phase and 10% actual practice
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pinewhisky · 5 days ago
Ok so, anyone following me
I have another project idea for the shop (@whiskeyterrafoxtrot if you're new)
Thing is, to test it out, buying a single one of the things I need to do so means I can't combine shipping and save on the experiment cost.
However, if I buy 3 and make 3, I'm willing to give the other 2 away to 2 people who'd like to donate $7 apiece + estimated shipping to you for something that will eventually be $25-ish on the shop. And yes, I could just spend the $21 or so and just make 3, but since it's size-dependent, I'd rather extend an opportunity for someone to get some of my work for cheap.
If you're interested, feel free to send an ask, or direct message (I forget if I have that turned on in general). It's something unisex to wear, and I would need your shirt size and permission from your parents to send it if you're under 18.
But yeah. $7 for a discount prototype.
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gudvinur · 5 days ago
Loki Devotional Bottle
Tumblr media
A simple devotional bottle for the Great Bound God. Hail to Loki! 
~ Tiger’s eye crystals ~ Hibiscus petals ~ Paprika ~ Rosemary ~ Allspice ~ Spearmint ~ Sage  ~ Black peppercorn ~ Yellow and green candle wax to seal with 
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