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joegevara · an hour ago
Tonton full video 30 menit (2 part) LINK DI BIO . . . #makeup #instalove #instacool #cat #sweet #instapic #my #iphoneonly #instafollow #black #baby #night #igdayly #awesome #yummy #red #tweegram #instasize #webstagram #blackandwhite #followback #prilaga #blue #pink #nice #funny #throwback #wedding #iphonesia (at Lampung Tengah)
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decayingwood · an hour ago
Do you, Darkness, yearn to caress
The very mind that vaguely knows
Of the divine pow’r you possess
Over poor souls who dare oppose
The strength in the stillness of night,
Where demons rush to attack
Your hands and feet, to bind you tight,
To pull you screaming to the black?
Do you wish, when the day has waned
And the stars emerge from their rest,
To plunge us besotted and stained
Creatures into a state distressed?
Oh, wayward one, I fear you not,
For I too felt your vicious brawn,
When my eyes blink closed and I spot
The wave of dark you bring upon
My innate descent into sleep,
Where Darkness reigns undefeated
And consumes us till we are deep
Within, all resolve depleted.
But, see, I have come to behold
This Darkness, from which we cower,
Is not as wholly cruel and cold
Despite its malefic power,
For the shadows become our friends
When to the blackness, we succumb,
As it surrounds our souls and ends
The impending woe yet to come.
Dark veils what we wish not to know
And masks all we shall never see.
Just as we rise with the sun’s glow,
Darkness descends, and so shall we.
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axis-news · 2 hours ago
Six-day lockdown in Delhi, starting Monday night
Six-day lockdown in Delhi, starting Monday night
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a six-day lockdown from 10 pm on Monday night till 5 am next Monday in view of an exponential rise in coronavirus cases and the city’s health system being stretched to its limits. In the last few days, the daily cases of Covid-19 have been around 25,500 and the health system in Delhi is under tremendous pressure, he said while addressing an online…
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alessatourian · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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eveningkiss · 3 hours ago
suddenly have the urge to wear a long sleeveless white gown which is kind of torn at the bottom edges and have my hair long and fully black. Then I want to walk barefoot in a castle at night with a silver candlestick in my hands
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thecelestialartist · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Years ago, i drew this beautiful art of the ocean in the night times during the full moon. It was first made in Photoshop in my old computer and it looked too bright and ugly...
So I remade it in Firealpaca. It looked even better in the newer version
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thecelestialartist · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
A Mysterious Neon Kitsune hidden in the dark forest and glows
This was made in IbispaintX During my grade 11 years. I drew mystical creatures in a neon-themed but I only drew the Neon Kitsune sooo yeah I didn't made the others...
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dang-e-rous · 3 hours ago
Meg van az érzés mikor ülsz az ágyadon és egyszer csak a karodra nézve kedved támad megvágni? Pedig elvileg akkor még csak a kedved se rossz.
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lepetitdragonvert · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
A Book of Fairy Poems by Walter de la Mare
New York
Henry Holt & Company
Artist : Dorothy P. Lathrop
Where the bluebells and the wind are,
Fairies in a ring I spied
And I heard a little linnet
Singing near beside.
Where the primrose and the dew are -
Soon were sped the fairies all :
Only now the green turf freshens,
And the linnets call.
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rosyftdark · 5 hours ago
Dark, piano music and coffee will always be my refugie.
— Word’s sanctuary
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hsundholm · 5 hours ago
High Rise Bend
High Rise Bend by Henrik Sundholm Via Flickr: Night photography in Hong Kong, somewhere beneath the Bank of China Tower (partly visible to the left).
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lonelyheaaaart · 5 hours ago
On the darkness and lonely nights, it’s when your deep locked memory comes up
like a sweet nightmare, or it could be a dream, but you always come to me like a whisper of the cold wind, where your name floats around
Under the moonlight i call your name, hoping that the moon, tells you my clame, but... she just tell me, «keep trying, he doesn’t feels the same», so i took another pill, to finally have you, even if it’s just in my sleep.
Tumblr media
pd: i don’t own the image credit, so, feel free to claim the credits
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bigbudmcleod · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
What lays in the darkness of the moon?
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