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#music of lotr
errruvande2 days ago
I have a strong opinion on elves and Russian Folk instrument called gusli:
I think they would love the hell out of it, cause it sound magical
There're some of my absolute favorite videos
I mean, this is the sound of Russian legends, tales and myths
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elvish-sky3 days ago
What is your favourite track from the LOTR soundtrack? I think mine is 'Minas Tirith' from the ROTK disc. When the big heavy brass kicks in at 1:38, I honestly get shivers. And then the chah-chah-chacha motif from 2:30 until the end that plays over Gandalf's ride to the top of the city - just superb...
YESSSS ANON 'Minas Tirith' IS SUCH A GODSEND!!!!!!! i totally get chills at the brass too!
I have about fifty thousand different favorite tracks, but one of the top ones is 'The Lighting of the Beacons' off Return of the King (which I'll be analyzing super in-depth at a later point). It has so many different themes and motifs, and has one of the clearest statements of the Gondor theme we ever hear. You also get the Rohan theme, Battlefield heroism (yes, that's a motif in Lord of the Rings!) and the Shire theme (I forget which setting). It's just a beautiful, epic, and tragic piece all at the same time which is why I love it so much. Be warned, though, it is around 9 minutes long!! But SOOOO WORTH IT!!
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elvish-sky4 days ago
LoTR Soundtrack Analyses, Anyone?
Ok so i鈥檓 experiencing really awful writers block and just don鈥檛 feel motivated to write.
So! Instead of agonizing over that, I鈥檓 writing up overviews/analyses of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, something I have done a decent amount of research on. I鈥檓 thinking about making it like a series type thing of post, and I鈥檓 not quite done with the first one.
Anyways, all this is to ask- would anyone be interested in this?
Also, I am in no way an expert, this is just a hobby :)
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melian5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
for 冒on h茅 w忙s scea h茅 f忙x w忙s ford ealra m茅 du and h茅 f忙x hl谩 FORTH EORLINGAS by Howard Shore, feat. Ben del Maestro
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frodoz7 days ago
Watch "Hobbitcore mixtape (cottagecore 脳 The Lord of the Rings) 馃崉馃崈鉁 soundtrack, vocal and acoustic music" on YouTube
This playlist takes me to my happy place 馃槍馃尶鉁
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hoodiestudy14 days ago
Me working: Alexa play the Caverns of Isengard
My spreadsheets proceed to complete themselves
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beckyllyons20 days ago
Blasted hobbits 馃檮
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redpanda-redpanda20 days ago
Edge of Night (Pippin's Song) from Lord of the Rings | Malinda #shorts
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booksboooooks29 days ago
Me: *Just sitting, listening to the classical music station*
The announcer: "Tonight our theme is film, so we'll be playing some songs from Lord of The Rings"
Me: "Hey Dad! They're playing lotr songs!"
My dad: "I thought I heard the Shire song!"
*He really loves lotr*
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kriimu1029 days ago
I have found the very perfect thing!
Its on youtube. Its basically just about 2 or more hours of one kind of music. For example im listening to the shire and its 2 hours. The name of the acount is Ambient Worlds. There is so much stuff. Pirates of the carribean, very much lotr ones, harry potter, prob more i just found it.
Its perfect for anyone that just wants to escape the reality for some time. (Or forever)
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mothgladea month ago
i never know how to answer a "favourite movie genre" question. i simply do not. wtach enough movies to be able to tell.. my favourite genre
#fern.txt#like i watch movies but they can be anything and i just watch them with one eye open and forget about them#so i always answer well fantasy ofc. i guess. because like. lotr is fantasy right?#and i just rewatch that#but then i fail to name any other fantasy movies i've seen and genuinely enjoyed#i'm not saying everything other than lotr is inherently bad but also that IS what i'm saying AND everything else is simply unmemorable to me#so then i consider what do i most enjoy anyway? other than movies. games ofc. so i still think fantasy is my favourite genre in General#but i could not name any movies#idk. i tend to watch period drama stuff sometimes. but i can鈥檛 say i Love everything i鈥檝e seen?#honestly most of the time watching movies i鈥檓 unfamiliar with makes me weirdly uncomfortable#so then i end up Not watching new movies i haven't already seen#like i鈥檓 not supposed to be seeing them?? and i can鈥檛 find it in me to care about the plot/characters either#like i鈥檝e only known you for an hour why should i care about your story#when i watch stuff i mostly just watch it for the general vibe/aesthetic/ambience now that i think about it#i like. cinnamontopography#i like music and nice scenery. camerawork#if those things are cozy to me i will watch the whole thing unaware it has a plot#hm#but apart from lotr i also rewatch pride and prejudice (2005). there is something more about the movie that i simply find comforting#and then i have seen rogue one 3 times which is not the same as rewatching it 20 times a year for comfort's sake#but still it means i loved the movie enough to see it more than once#i've only seen sw twice. it's........ a lot of movies. and i love them but not enough to rewatch them ya feel#but that's about it from me and my relationship with movies
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majestictolkienelvesa month ago
Erestor鈥檚 first dinner at Imladris
Erestor: you know Lord Elrond, i really need to thank your children and staff for the little surprise they left in my office. i wonder how they knew that i love spiders.
Elladan and Elrohir: *start to sniffle*
Arwen: *sobs*
Gildor: *covers mouth with hand*
Glorfindel: *looks down*
Lindir: *starts to shake*
Erestor: after all it鈥檚 important that you make new members of staff feel welcome and wanted. i really appreciate that they went out of there way to make me feel comfortable and happy
Elladan, Elrohir and Arwen: *burst in to tears*
Gildor: *starts sobbing*
Glorfindel: *tears start rolling down his cheeks*
Lindir: *screams and cries*
Lord Elrond: what鈥檚 going on, why is everyone crying?!聽
Erestor: oh no don鈥檛 worry, they鈥檙e just happy
Elladan, Elrohir, Arwen, Gildor, Glorfindel and Lindir: *screams, sobs and cries*
Erestor: *smiles*
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