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rptv-tolkien · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Revenge of the Rohirrim
by Michael Green
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elrondsmarketstall · 38 minutes ago
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Hello! So im starting to sell my embroidery art over on Etsy as ‘elrondsmarketstall’, to fundraise for the charity CAFOD, a catholic non-profit organisation which aids the development of poor countries overseas and improving the livelihoods of those living there, as part of a student award. I’m planning to list my most popular stuff- so far that’s my quote embroidery, 1977 elrond embroidery art and my two knit dolls- but I just wanted to come on here and ask if there’s anything specific that anyone would want listed?? I can also customise ANYTHING, whether that be a change in elronds outfit colour or the colour of the Aida fabric that a quote is written on, for example. I can and have also taken custom requests in the past, so if you’d like me to make you anything than please do ask!
The pricing is super reasonable and 100% of the proceeds will he donated to a charity which does amazing work, so please consider taking a look when the shop goes live (which will hopefully be tonight!) Alternatively, if you wanted to donate to CAFOD independently, then please don’t hesitate to do that either! (Elrond will be very proud of you for this.)
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fandoms-forever-united · an hour ago
Legolas Greenleaf Imagine - Abducted
Tumblr media
Ever since I reblogged this post from @harleysarchive I've wanted post my own version of the imagine above!!!
This one was also requested by anon!!!
Ask #1:
Yes please write something like that!
Ask #2:
I was thinking of the Legolas one, but I would also like a part 2 to that Bakugo one. So why not both? Lol
A/N - I personally think that this imagine isn't the best, but that's probably because I haven't really written anything like this for Lord of The Rings before... (I have written some stuff for Lord of The Rings but not like this!) I would really love to hear what you guys think of it! All feedback is encouraged considering how this the first imagine that I've done in a very long time!
Also, Anon that had requested for me to do this imagine even though I was going to write it anyway, please enjoy and give me your opinion on it after you read it!!!
Enough rambling! Let's get on with the story!!!
Hope you guys enjoy!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(The 2 pictures above are what your outfit and sword look like for this imagine!!! Both pictures are not mine!!! I found both of them on Pinterest!!! You can also change anything you want about the outfit and/or sword if you want to change something about them!)
"Frodo?! Boromir?!" You shout out into the distance as you walk through the forest, along with your long-time friend Aragorn. "Where are they?" You ask as the 2 of you stop to look over a cliff. "I do not know..." Aragorn answers. "but we will find them (Y/N), do not worry." "I hope you're right..." you mutter, hoping that Frodo is alright and nothing bad has happened to him.
After searching for a little while longer, you and Aragorn come across a ruin and find Frodo sitting on the ground next to it. You and Aragorn slowly approach him. "Frodo?" he asks as he gets closer to him. Frodo jumps in surprise as he turns to face you and Aragorn. His eyes are wide with terror, but he soon realizes that it's just and Aragorn and not someone else. Frodo's green eyes go from you to Aragorn and then back before he speaks. "It's taken Boromir." "Where is the ring?" Aragorn asks as he steps closer to him. "Stay away!" Frodo shouts as he scrambles to his feet, running from both you and Aragorn.
"Frodo!" you and Aragorn call after him as he runs around a column of the ruin. "...I swore to protect you." Aragorn says to him calmly. "As did I." you agree. Frodo's eyes go from Aragorn to you and you see how frightened he is. 'Something must have happened with Boromir.' you think. You open your mouth to ask him about what had happened between him and Boromir, but he returns his gaze back to Aragorn. "Can you protect me from yourself?" he asks as he uncurls his fist, revealing the ring. You stare at the ring as it glints, gold and beautiful in the afternoon sun. "Would you destroy it?" Frodo continues. You look from Frodo to Aragorn to see that his eyes are glued to it. Aragorn slowly walks up to Frodo, his hand moving to hover over the ring, as if he's about to grab it from Frodo. "Aragorn," you say gently, trying to get through to him before he can do anything.
Aragorn seems to be taken out of his trance before he kneels in front of Frodo, closing his small hand around the ring. "I would have gone with you to the end... into the very fires of Mordor." Aragorn whispers to him. "We both would have." you state, causing Frodo to look up at you, his green eyes brimming with tears. "I know." he agrees softly. "Look after the others, especially Sam... he will not understand." he says to both you and Aragorn. You're about to agree that you and Aragorn will definitely look after Sam and the others when Aragorn gets up to his feet, drawing his sword. Frodo looks up at Aragorn in confusion for a second before drawing his own sword that's currently glowing brightly. 'Orcs...' You think, drawing your own sword as well. "Go, Frodo!" Aragorn tells him urgently. "(Y/N), go with him all the way down to the river, make sure that he gets out of here safely." he tells you. You and Frodo hesitate, not wanting to leave him on his own. "Run. Run!" he yells at you and Frodo. "Come Frodo." you tell the hobbit urgently as you start running down the hill towards the river.
You and Frodo scramble down the hillside away from the fight. You hear the calls of some Orcs following after you. You scramble behind a tree with Frodo right behind you. You press your back against the tree, hoping and praying that you and Frodo don't get seen by any of the Orcs that are currently running past you and Frodo. Luckily, they don't see either of you, and they keep on running down the hill. "Frodo! (Y/N)!" you hear from your left. You and Frodo both turn to see both Merry and Pippin hiding in a hollow, a few feet away. "Hide here, quick!" Merry continues in the same urgent tone. "Come on!" Pippin urges.
You know that Frodo is looking at the 2 of them with great sadness as he slowly shakes his head at them. "What's he doing?" I hear Pippin ask Merry. From your position next to Frodo, you can see the understanding Merry's eyes. "He's leaving." he replies softly. "No!" Pippin shouts as he stands, coming out into the open towards you and Frodo. Merry grabs at his arm, trying to stop him. "Pippin!" he shouts as Pippin breaks out of his grip. A cry of an Orc rings out on the top of the hill. The've been seen!
'Damn!' you think as you see multiple Orcs running down the hill towards the 2 small hobbits. You come out into the open as well, causing the 3 hobbits to look at you in surprise as you draw your sword (in which you had sheathed again as you were making your way down the hill with Frodo). "Run Frodo." you urge, staring up the hill at the multiple Uruk-Hai charging down the hill towards you. You turn to Frodo, knowing that he hasn't left you. "Go! We'll give you as much time as I can!" you tell him as you gesture over to Merry and Pippin.
Merry takes the hint and starts to gain the orcs' attention. "Hey, hey you! Over here!" he shouts, waving his arms out. "Hey!" Pippin yells.
"Over here!"
"This way!"
The orcs coming running towards the 3 of you. "Go!" you urge Frodo one last time before running off with Merry and Pippin, leading the Orcs away from Frodo.
"It's working!" Pippin shouts.
"I know it's working! Run!" Merry replies as the 3 of you continue running.
You, Merry and Pippin have been running for about 10 minutes now and you've come to a small clearing where more Orcs approach the 3 of you from in front of you.
You're trapped!
You draw your sword again, ready for a fight, ready to protect Merry and Pippin with your life if you need too. Even with so many orcs surrounding you, you are determined to protect them no matter what. "Stay behind me." you urge the 2 of them as the orcs get closer and closer to the 3 of you.
You get ready to strike when Boromir suddenly appears from behind you, blocking a strike from one of the orcs. "Boromir!" Merry and Pippin shout as you and Boromir fight off the many orcs and Uruk-Hai attacking us.
After about 10 minutes of fighting off orcs and Uruk-Hai, you and Boromir are overwhelmed with how many there are coming after you. "We're outnumbered!" you shout as you continue striking the Orcs and Uruk-Hai. "We need help!" "I'm on it!" Boromir shouts. A few seconds later, you hear the sound of the horn of Gondor, knowing that Boromir is blowing it to hopefully have Aragorn and the others come to your aid.
You're praying that Legolas and the others can hear the horn. Hopefully, they will get to you and Boromir in time, before anything can happen to Merry and/or Pippin. You pray to the gods that Legolas will show up. Out of everyone in the fellowship (other than Aragorn), you are the closest with him. You could even say that you've literally fallen for the elven prince.
You and Boromir lead Merry and Pippin away from the oncoming orcs and Uruk-Hai. As you fight off any that get too close, Boromir continues to blow the horn, so that the others know where you are.
You grunt as you stab yet another orc with your sword. "Run! Run!" you hear Boromir shout, causing you to look up to see 100's of orcs coming after you. You don't hesitate to run after him and the hobbits, not wanting to stick around too long with that many orcs and Uruk-Hai coming after you.
The 4 of you continue on running until you get cornered. You all continue fighting though, even Merry and Pippin fight back by throwing rocks at the orcs that are coming after you while you and Boromir use your swords to strike down any that come to close. Your eyes scan the battle for any sign of Legolas and the others but there's no sign of them. The only thing that you do see is a giant Uruk-Hai aiming his bow and arrow at Boromir who is currently fighting a few orcs.
You're about to warn him about the arrow but before you can, the arrow is released and it hits Boromir in the chest. "No, Boromir!" you scream as he falls down to his knees.
You're about charge at and kill the Uruk-Hai that had shot him, but to your surprise Boromir continues fighting. You strike down an orc that charges at you before you see the Uruk-Hai aim yet another arrow at Boromir. "NO!" you scream out as the arrow hits its' mark, causing Boromir to stumble back. You grit your teeth in utter anger as you strike down any orc that comes in your way between you and the Uruk that shot Boromir.
Once again, you see Boromir continue to fight against the orcs that come after him and the 2 hobbits. You just have to kill the Uruk before he can shoot him again. You just have too.
You're just about to reach the Uruk when an Orc literally scoops you up and over its' shoulder, knocking your sword out of your hand. "Let go of me!" you shout as you kick and punch the orc in the back and stomach. You stop kicking and punching the orc that had taken you hostage when a third and final arrow hits Boromir in the stomach. "Boromir! NO!" you scream, tears running down your face as he falls to his knees again, not getting up to fight again.
At the sight of Boromir, you see Merry and Pippin let out battle cries before charging at the army of orcs. Seems like their efforts are futile because both of them are scooped off of their feet by Uruk-Hai.
You scream for Boromir as the orc that had taken you hostage runs past him. "BOROMIR!" You scream as you see the Uruk-Hai that had shot him standing before him, another arrow loaded in his bow. "NO!" you scream as the Uruk begins to draw back the arrow, ready to finish Boromir off, once and for all.
"(Y/N)!" you hear the all so familiar voice of Legolas shout. You whip your head in that direction to see Legolas and Gimli running as fast as they can over the hill, killing orcs as they go. "Legolas!" you shout back as you try and to get out of the orcs' grip once again. "NO!” Legolas screams as he continues to kill orcs, trying to get to you. “NO, (Y/N), NO!” he continues before he and Gimli are overwhelmed with orcs keeping the 2 of them at bay as the rest of the army of orcs, along with you, Merry and Pippin escape.
"LEGOLAS!" you scream one final time before you can't see him or any of the others anymore.
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lotrfashion · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dress for a woman of Gondor - Warm
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Merry: You often use humor to deflect trauma
Pippin: Thank you
Merry: I didn't say that was a good thing
Pippin: What I'm hearing is, you think I'm funny
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Well I found Saruman's theme song today: When You're Evil by Voltaire. IT FITS HIM SO WELL, ESPECIALLY later on in the book when he goes from having an actual goal to devolving into a petty villain who just wants to make people suffer out of spite.
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iwenttomordor · 3 hours ago
Fingolfin and a chubby s/o
Tumblr media
Commission for: anonymous
Elves are usually very, very tall and slender and because of this, Fingolfin for sure is not used to see someone of your body size
But that doesn't mean he will not like you or appreciate you
Actually, he loves you and every single trace of your body
In public he might not show this, but in privately he is very affectionate with you
You are his queen and he treats you like one always
And he will make sure to tell you and show you how loved and appreciated you are
One of the things he enjoys the most is cuddling with you
He loves how soft your body is and he could stay with you like this an entire day
While he cuddles with you, he will always whisper in your ear how beautiful and amazing you are
He also loves kissing every single part of your body
And he always likes to squish, caress and kiss your cheeks
He will always reassure you how beautiful you are and how special you are to him
If you feel insecure about your body, he will always be there to tell you how wonderful you are and how much he loves you
And if someone dares to insult you or treat you bad, he will be always ready to defend you
He also tells you very often how lucky he is to be with you
How much he loves to hold your hand and stay close
He loves you deeply and you will always be in his heart
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arathesatyr · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
So, in my concept design's master asked us to turn lord of the rings props into a Rugrants style and here it is the work finished!
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arwen48 · 4 hours ago
I just wrote a super long thing about the subtext of Melkor and Mairons relationship. I am tired. I doubt Tolkien would write an actual gay relationship, but cmon guys, there’s something there! Genuine potential!
Sauron obviously loved Melkor, but Tolkien used every other word close to love but love, because Sauron’s worship of Melkor was considered inherently unholy in its denial of god.
But like it’s still love. He is working and scheming and striving for the success of someone other than himself. Tolkien said he desired Melkor’s success, and that his feelings for Melkor were the shadow of good. He is selfless in the fact he is truly desiring the goal of someone else above himself, and he is acting on it.
I’m tired not gonna lie.
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getseth · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Character line-up of the main characters in The Fall of Gondolin
(If you look closely, you'll see the runes on Maeglin's shirt spell out 'magannadul-muzm' which is Khuzdul for 'mole')
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arwen48 · 4 hours ago
(This is gonna be a long analysis)
I love angbang soooooo much. So much that I looked into all the religious subtext that their relationship is full of. Someone help me...................I mean it’s hard to separate the cannon from it’s religious connotations.........I needed to know all I could about angbang so here goes:
Okay I think Sauron and Melkor’s relationship was supposed to be an illustration of Idolatry.
The way Tolkien talks about their relationship seems to back this up.
On one hand he says: “but there was seen an effect of Melkor on Sauron: he spoke of Melkor in Melkor’s own terms: as a god, or even as god. This may have been a residue of a state which was in a sense a shadow of good: the ability once in Sauron to at least admire or admit the superiority of a being other than himself.”
“While Morgoth still stood, Sauron did not seek his own supremacy, but worked and schemed for another, desiring the triumph of Melkor, whom in the begining he had adored.”
Now to put plainly it seems Sauron worshipped Melkor. He thought of him as god, and at least in the beginning adored him. He did not desire his own triumph, but the triumph of Melkor. He worked and schemed for him, for someone he admired and adored, for someone he seemed to revere.
It should be noted that the word “adore” is used to describe the way the valar and elves feel towards Eru. This makes it seem that Marion worships Melkor in the way the valar/elves worship Eru. That this feeling is good and “holy”
(I believe the word admire is also used in the same way)
But of course we are talking about dark lords, and Tolkien has admitted his stories are religious works. Naturally Sauron’s feelings for Melkor cannot from a religious lens be viewed as on the same level with worship and admiration of Eru.
This is displayed when Tolkien expresses only Eru can give TRUE love and independence. He also states that no sub-creator can give love in that same way, and that it is a wish for loving obedience. Then it is stated that can only turn into robotic servitude, which is inherently evil.
Now this is most likely a jab at Sauron, but it is NOT invalidating the strength of his original worship and devotion. It seems to be implying that as Tolkien said: “This may have been a residue of a state which was in a sense a shadow of good: the ability once in Sauron to at least admire or admit the superiority of a being other than himself.”
And that: “(he worked)desiring the triumph of Melkor, whom in the begining he had adored.”
(Again the words adored and admired again. Those in themselves were considered holy and devout feelings, things pure and selfless. Given to an idol they in the eyes of Eru become corrupt.)
Now it seems Mairon’s admiration and worship of Melkor was in essence the same in feeling as those who worshiped Eru, (they both feel admiration and reverence) but is inherently unholy and sinful. Something to be abhorred in its denial of god.
Or it could be that Sauron’s clear admiration for Melkor was a shadow of the gift Eru had given him, one that turned into sin as time went on. It was a shadow goodness and selflessness, but became corrupt.
Either way there are clear parallels between Sauron’s worship of Morgoth and Idolatry. Apparently just because you worship someone it doesn’t mean it’s holy. Sauron gave himself up, became imbued with evil and corruption, but his worship towards Melkor ran deep and kept him loyal for a long time. He denied Eru, but as Tolkien said in his words: “(Sauron)wasn’t a true atheist” as he instead looked to Melkor. But in worshipping Melkor he denied Eru.
Now Tolkien does seem to imply Sauron’s original feelings for Melkor were valid and pure, that is until they turned into denial of the true god and his love. Then of course Sauron’s feelings must have diminished into a shell of all true and holy love. Something with only semblance of such a “holy” thing as love for god.
SIGH.....Tolkien how come I had to raised by theologians to understand this reference. I never liked theology but of course my parents taught me to read Middle-English.
So what we can garner from this is it seems Sauron’s original love/devotion to Melkor was true and valid, but then became corrupted and twisted when it turned into denial of Eru. It became a shell of true love, something that caused him to remain in loyal and constant service to Morgoth through the millennia.
OR we can just focus on how it was all written from an unreliable narrator and thus we can do what we want!
Plus why does Sauron’s love of Melkor have to be inherently unholy! Why is love in itself not a pure and selfless action?
Tolkien made clear Sauron schemed for Melkor, desired the triumph of Melkor during all the time he served him. Even if his love was only holy in the beginning he still remained constantly selflessly devoted to Melkor, even when it contradicted his own goal. It would have been obvious to Sauron Melkor wished to destroy, while Sauron himself wished to innovate and control. You cannot innovate out of nothingness. But he still worked for Melkor, desired Melkor’s success and was implementing Melkor’s plans. What about that besides who it’s given to in unholy in any way?
Now there is the argument that a big part of his service to Morgoth was based of if his desire for power. Now as much as it might seem that was true from how he is described being drawn to Melkor’s strength, the fact that Tolkien said he did not seek his own supremacy, but desired the success of Melkor, and worked and schemed FOR someone other than himself, I do not think it could ever be reduced to simply that.
He seemed close to selfless in his actions as he was scheming and giving himself up for someone else.
I disagree with Tolkien. I believe reverence in itself is good and true. I believe to adore, to be selfless is good and true, though of course it is no excuse for committing evil. I just mean to me Sauron retained something good, even amidst the cocoon of his evil. So I guess I choose to interpret this in a different way, I choose to see his devotion not as inherent sin but as a fragment of good within him, which is almost what Tolkien meant honestly
But like it’s still love. He is working and scheming and striving for the success of someone other than himself. Tolkien said he desired Melkor’s success, and that his feelings for Melkor were the shadow of good. He is selfless in the fact he is truly desiring the goal of someone else above himself, and he is acting on it.
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p-e-rsephone · 4 hours ago
I'm currently reading LOTR - the two towers and my favorite thing so far is the relationship between legolas and gimli and between frodo and sam. I simply adore tolkein's writing it's always beautiful. Also the amount of nature descriptions sometimes can be tiring but I'm in a cottagecore mood so I'm living for them!! There was a passage so splendid about the hobbits finding a forest after so long in the wasteland that I cried
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unnamedelement · 4 hours ago
“Berúthiel” is now Gondorian code for “I think that lady’s gay,” from the mouth of my Tolkien-ignorant fiancée to your phone/computer screen. 🤷🏼‍♀️ she’s not wrong. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Fight me. X
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spicymanqoz · 4 hours ago
caduceus whacking sheepleb with his staff has equal but opposite energy as gandalf whacking denethor with his staff
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revolant · 4 hours ago
1 thing these movies did spectacularly was that every single woman who isn’t a one off character gets to say something ominous and prophetic and creepy. 0 me 1 Peter Jackson
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