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#lotr soundtrack
elvish-sky · 4 days ago
LoTR Soundtrack Analyses, Anyone?
Ok so i’m experiencing really awful writers block and just don’t feel motivated to write.
So! Instead of agonizing over that, I’m writing up overviews/analyses of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, something I have done a decent amount of research on. I’m thinking about making it like a series type thing of post, and I’m not quite done with the first one.
Anyways, all this is to ask- would anyone be interested in this?
Also, I am in no way an expert, this is just a hobby :)
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melian · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
for ðon hé wæs scea hé fæx wæs ford ealra mé du and hé fæx hlá FORTH EORLINGAS by Howard Shore, feat. Ben del Maestro
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anironnn · 6 days ago
🌙My hallway version of "Misty Mountains"🏔️
because I suddenly feel like it😄
Just a short clip done on the apartment stairs. And I say, every music enthusiast deserves a hallway reverb!!!
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beck-a-leck · 7 days ago
Me watching LOTR as a child: wow! I want to be an elf or wizard it would be so cool!
Me as an adult: i just wanna be a hobbit and live in a quiet town where my whole purpose in life is to eat food and grow flowers and the rest of the world doesn't matter.
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good news! I just realized that I can listen to the lord of the rings soundtrack whenever I want >:) 
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screamakin · 13 days ago
HI Emma!!! 🎸
Hi Jasmine!!!! Have some music!! (From this ask game!)
1. Once in a Dream - In the City
2. The Mirror of Galadriel - Howard Shore
3. The Parting Glass - sung by Hozier
4. In Case You Don't Live Forever - Ben Platt
5. Traitor - Daughtry
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arwenza · 17 days ago
i think the moment i became suicidal is when i first realized that my life will never make me feel as fulfilled, nor will it be as beautiful, as the lord of the rings soundtrack. genuinely no joke. like the fact that the breaking of the fellowship isn't playing over every second of my life makes me want to jump off a cliff
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r2-dj · 20 days ago
when I make a speech at your wedding (if the earth survives long enough for our generation to achieve the relative emotional and financial stability required) we'll all play a drinking game where everyone takes a shot when I make a reference to your tumblr. no one will escape without a hangover.
lily katherine are you going to single handedly make my parents read my tumblr blog? are you implying all my wedding guests will already be familiar with my tumblr oevre? how many jokes about my posts can you make? this is revenge for me always bringing up you chugging champagne in front of the rabbi accidentally isn’t it...
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mothglade · 23 days ago
why no more warcraft movies
#fern.txt#i just remembered the movie#i remember seeing it in cinemas and going home and rewatching it immediately and then like several times over the years.#idk. it was a bit of a comfort movie for me.#listen i know it wasn't that good i know it was dumb i know i know shh shhhhhhhh i know#name one thing that is without issues#if i want to see perfection i open lotr or dh but that's it. everything else... just /is/. it is what it is.#and sometimes... things that just are what they are.... are good too#and could you believe that? that you can still enjoy flawed things? wow. amazing innit.#anyway. got ragetracked (like sidetracked but it’s purely because of rage)#back to my initial question. why no more warcraft movies. what happened.#i was looking forward to more. i thought they would like cover the whole lore n shit so that i wouldn’t have to read it#i still won’t read it because it’s like a million books and i don’t Care that much#but i was ready to get invested if they made movies.#i wish they made more dumb wow movies with that ridiculous big armour :(#the soundtrack was good. and that one short scene with a murloc. i can’t even remember what was the plot or the main characters#i really can't remember their names. i remember khadgar but that's it. don't know what he was or what he did.#but i do remember the murloc viscerally. it was.... idk. just vibes.#like that was when i shed a tear at the theatre#just hearing the murloc sound#it was already after a while of me not really playing the game#that One sound brought it all back#ugh. nostalgic is what it was. like i didn't have to Love the movie. i just enjoyed the vibes and feelings it evoked. ya feel?#it felt like wow
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penguins-united · a month ago
when i die and go to heaven i like to think i will hear the angels singing the swell in the music at the 6:33 mark in ‘the fellowship reunited’ from the lord of the rings: the return of the king soundtrack by howard shore
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Tumblr media
sometimes i am like "🤔 hey i think i will listen to Howard Shore's masterpiece from the RotK soundtrack "The Black Gate Opens" because i appreciate good music and have control of my emotions, and then at 1.01 minutes in that fucking flute hits playing the mournful shire theme over the swelling horror of mount doom to represent Frodo losing the last shred of himself and Sam desperately trying to call him back to the light one last time, and instead im ugly crying in my office at 9:12 AM
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lukeskywahlker · a month ago
SUCH GOOD MUSIC! i tried a piano take. tried not to think about how much worse Amazon will make the most incredible Silmarillion. buncha Tooks. 
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tolkien-apologist · a month ago
into the west is perpetually stuck in my head and it is making me hopeful but also deeply deeply sad at the same time :,)
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bilbobagginsbrainrotblog · 2 months ago
Ar sindarnóriello caita mornië,
Ar ilyë tier unduláve lumbulë...
English translation
Out of a grey country darkness lies
And all paths are drowned deep in shadow...
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