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dalleyan · 2 hours ago
Near Misses (LoTR story, ch 3 posted, 5-8-21)
Everyone who knew them thought Eomer and Lothiriel would be a good marital match, but fate seemed determined that they not meet.  Sometimes fate needs a helping hand.  [9 chapters total]
 Chapter 3
(late Apr, 3020 III)
At least being in the saddle worked its usual magic, and Eomer’s tension oozed away with every league he rode from Minas Tirith.  If nothing else, he had the pleasant memories of Eowyn’s wedding to ease his mind and gloss over his two discouraging encounters with those of the opposite sex.
Aldburg was not directly on the road home, but it was near enough that he did not feel he could ride past without stopping.  He had not made time for a visit since the War had ended, always feeling in too much of a hurry when he found himself on the Great West Road between Edoras and the land of Gondor.  Now seemed a most opportune moment to consult with Elfhelm and enjoy being under his boyhood roof once more.  He chuckled to himself, remembering that he had also made it the center of his activities as Third Marshal, so it was not as though he had not returned in years.  In many ways, despite all the time he had spent at Edoras with his uncle and cousin, this would always, first and foremost, be his home.
Rumor of their approach must have sent gossips scurrying about the town, for there was a large turnout of the citizens to cheer their new king, and familiar friend, on his return.  Even his own household staff had come out to greet him, and it warmed his heart to see it. 
Elfhelm appeared only moments after he had dismounted, and the two men began an eager conversation.  Despite their difference in years - Elfhelm having served alongside Eomer’s father - they had long been friends.  It was in Elfhelm’s eored that Eomer received his first training in battle, and the older man had treated him as a son.  As his staff was not expecting him, and since Elfhelm desired to entertain Eomer in his home, it was agreed that the king would come to supper that night, to include a small gathering arranged by his Marshal.
Aside from the fact that there had been little cause for merriment during the years leading to the great War, this was familiar to Eomer, and he felt more relaxed than at any other time.  At Edoras he had responsibilities weighing upon him, but here, for a short while, he could just enjoy the company of good friends.
Arriving punctually, as was his habit, Eomer found a small group already beginning to gather.  All were faces he knew, though some he had not spent any appreciable time with for a long while.  In particular, several of the women caught his notice.  They had been young ladies, not yet fully grown, last that he recalled, and he had paid them little mind, but now they were more seasoned and quite attractive to the eye.
Afrehold was the youngest daughter of another of his father’s friends, more than ten years his junior, and he had dined in their home on several occasions, as her brother had also been in Elfhelm’s eored. She had become quite a beauty while he was off fighting battles, and he found his eyes turning in her direction several times.  It was apparent that she was equally mindful of him, for his gaze often met hers turned toward him, and at length he was able to work his way over to greet her and become reacquainted.
“You are looking well, Afrehold,” he said with a smile, taking a swallow of ale.
She beamed eagerly up at him.  “Thank you, Eomer – I mean, Eomer King.  You are very kind!”
He was not yet used to such deference from old friends, though he supposed he should learn to accept it.  “Not at all.  I only speak the truth,” he assured her.  “How have you been since I was last home?”
“Oh it was so frightful during the War, but now that it is ended all is well.  I hope we will see more of you now.  Will you be coming home more often?”  She caught at his arm, still gazing up at him with fawning eyes that were beginning to make him uneasy.
“I do not think that is likely now that I am king.  It will be necessary to spend most of my time at Edoras. But I will not forget my home.”
Her face fell at this news, but then brightened as she suggested eagerly, “Perhaps Father will come to Edoras more, or even take a house there.  Then we could have plenty of time together.”
His brow knit and he felt himself retreating from her inwardly, if not physically.  She was a sweet girl, but her enthusiasm was rather overwhelming and singleminded.
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themoonlily · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
I love one (1) Third Marshal!!!
This excerpt is from The History of Middle-earth: The War of the Ring and it’s interesting to read about how the Rohan/Helm’s Deep sequence evolved. Also I love Éomer’s portrayal in this, although I’ve only just started reading the book. Tolkien seems to have such a firm, clear grasp on him from early on.
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scraftskhu35 · 15 hours ago
Was trying to pick a movie marathon with my boyfriend. So I said that I like all 3 hobbit movies let’s do that since they’re long and we have them recorded. I did not say that I didn’t like all the lord of the rings but my boyfriend was literally like “but the lord of the rings movies have that hot guy you like so much I can’t believe you don’t want to watch those”😂
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For @bagginshield inspired by this post.
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grunid · 22 hours ago
They are seeing a centaur warrior in Middle-Earth, how do they react ? ( Elrond + Thranduil + Galadriel + Bard + Thorin + Eomer + Aragorn + Lindir )
(none of the gifs or pictures are mine )
asked by @themerriweathermage​ to celebrate my 100 followers \^o^/ and because your inspiration is the centaur from Narnia, i I used the knowledge and characteristics of the centaurs from these movies :D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-the first time he sees the centaur near Imladris, he is a little suspicious
-he thinks it may be a new race that Sauron has corrupted
-to be sure, he took some soldiers with him and rode to meet the centaur 
-the fact that the centaur is alone makes Elrond believe that he has escaped from where Sauron held him prisoner
-when he introduces himself and starts a conversation with the creature and the centaur explains what he really is, Elrond is more than relieved
-to be forgiven for taking him for a servant of Sauron, the Lord of Rivendell invites him to stay in Imladris as long as he likes
-he is pleasantly surprised to learn that centaurs have clairvoyant powers like him which leads to a lot of discussion on this subject, how they use it, the weight it sometimes gives
-he does his best to make the centaur feel good and comfortable
-when he learns that he has two stomachs, a human and a horse one , he does his best to offer him the right food
-when he sees the way the centaur fights he is impressed and often asks him for advice when he has to prepare his cavalry
-the centaur will do him the honor of riding him bareback
Tumblr media
-if you are not from his kingdom you are an intruder and therefore a possible enemy, no discussion for the moment
-the centaur will be brought to his throne and asked to introduce himself and explain his presence in Mirkwood
-he is very intrigued by the appearance of the creature in front of him and wants to know more
-"you are not a prisoner here, you are free to leave but I invite you to stay for a while. You will be treated with all honors. What do you say?”
-they share their medical and strategic knowledge
-since the trees of Mirkwood prevent the sky from being seen easily and since the centaur cannot climb the branches, Thranduil agrees to leave his kingdom so that the centaur can teach him astronomy
-does he like to race between the centaur and him on his wapiti ? YES
Tumblr media
-knew about the existence of centaurs in Middle-earth but had never seen any, or very very briefly
-has a lot of respect for them 
-so the day she meets one of them, she tries to make sure she doesn't ruin it with a word, a careless or disrespectful gesture
-she still doesn't know if they speaks her language but she tries anyway
-she is trying to establish a friendship between her and the centaur, to the  point he is intrigued and comes to see her more and more often
-they become good friends and very quickly a promise is made between the two: if the people of one of them need help, the other will come with the help
-she will never dare to ask him if she can ride on his back and will refuse when he offers her himself
Tumblr media
-he was quietly taking care of his boat when he heard strange noises in the forest and believing in orcs, he took his bow and went in the direction of the noises, silent and on the lookout
-he did not expect to meet such a creature, half man, half horse
-he has no idea what he is dealing with, he has never heard, seen or read anything about it
-Can this thing talk? It looks a little human. Is it dangerous ? where does it come from ? what is it doing there ? 
-he refuses to leave, too surprised and curious
-so he decides to put down his bow and arrows, raises his hands as a sign of peace, comes out of his hiding place and advances towards the creature slowly
-"Hello, strange creature. My name is Bard and I mean you no harm. Do you understand what I am saying?"
-Do you see how Aragorn talks to the horses? This is what Bard is trying to do here
-he feels a little bit stupid when the centaur answers him like a normal human
-the centaur answers all his questions
-he is reassured to know that the weapons carried by the centaur are for the Orcs and not for his village
-he takes advantage of a meeting with Gandalf to tell him about this meeting and to make sure that it was not a hallucination
-he only talks about this meeting with his daughters and his son
-sometimes he finds dead bodies of Orcs killed by arrows that he recognizes as belonging to the centaur he saw
-he returns from time to time to the depths of the forest in the hope of seeing the centaur again
Tumblr media
-he was convinced that centaurs only existed in children's stories
-after the moment of surprise and shock, he will politely introduce himself
-he won't be able to help asking if everything that is said in the books is true about them
-but he is extremely careful not to overstep the mark, he does not want to provoke a diplomatic incident from the start
-after all, if the centaurs are as good warriors as the stories say, he prefers to have them on his side and maybe make an alliance with them
-he is admiring when he sees the centaur fighting against Orcs : efficient, fast, dangerous, incredibly powerful
Tumblr media
-the first thing he feels when he sees such a creature for the first time is not surprise, or fear, no no no 
-he is fangirling to a point you can’t imagine
-his new goal in life is to become the best friend of this creature
-documents himself on the centaurs with all the scrolls, legends, rumors that he finds
-doesn’t stop talking to his sister about it
-he is so admiring and joyful when he tries to talk to the centaur after seeing him decimate a bunch of orcs that some of his men think he has fallen in love with him
-insists to Theoden that Rohan should try to establish an alliance with the centaurs
-does his best to convince the centaur that an alliance between them and the humans would be a good idea
Tumblr media
-he can't believe his eyes
-he approaches the centaur with precaution, for fear of frightening him
-he makes it clear that he is not an enemy
-he is impressed when he sees the centaur defeating a bunch of orcs on his own
-he is a bit like Eomer and finds it absolutely amazing to see and talk to such a creature
-When he became king of Gondor he did his best to establish an alliance between the city of Gondor and the centaurs
-he will be allowed to ride on his back
Tumblr media
-he saw the centaur from afar but did not dare to approach it
-is more than curious and  fascinated to see such a strange creature
-and when he does he is stressed
-he invites the centaur in the library of Imladris
-both devour the books
-in exchange for being able to read the books, the centaur takes Lindir to beautiful places that he does not know, in search of medicinal plants or having virtues being very little known
-even if the elfe is not a warrior the centaur offers to train him to shoot with a bow on horseback
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Éomer: I wanna do bad things to you.
Gríma: Oh yeah, like what? ;)
Éomer: Break your legs.
Éomer: Choke you to death.
Éomer: Push you off a high building.
Gríma: Kinky.
Éomer: I’m gonna murder you, you lil shit-
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Requested: May I make an Eomer x reader request? When Eomer is forced into exile, the reader, Eomer’s wife, fears that she and their young son would be cast out as well. In order to ensure the safety of her son, the reader turns to her good friend Legolas for help. I figured she could escape to Mirkwood to seek Legolas’ aid and thanduil could be his usual skeptical self until Legolas kind of tells him off due to the reader being a warrior herself and a dear friend.
Okaay, here is the result. I wrote it with my style, so it may not be perfect. Hope you will still like this!
Y/S/N - your son's name
Pairing: Eómer x reader
Warnings: grammatical errors an that's all I think
The promise
Tumblr media
"Forgive me, love. I didn't want to ..." Eómer held my hand.
I was angry and sad at the same time.
Our little son ran after Eómer.
"Where are you going, daddy?" he asked.
Eómer lifted him into his arms. "Don't worry about me, I'll be back ... and I'll take care of you," he winked at me.
"We should go slowly now." guard touched Eomer's shoulder.
"One more minute, please. I have to say goodbye to my wife." he said.
 The guard nodded. "But quickly."
The son hugged his father for the last time and then ran away crying.
I sighed. "Y / N .. forgive me. I'll blame myself for this to my death, " he said.
"Don't worry, it wasn't your fault, after all. You are their victim. Just promise me you'll be back, okay? And be careful ..." I buried my head in his chest.
"Of course I'll be back. I promise. I wouldn't leave you alone. Be careful too. I love you..." We still wanted to kiss, but the guard grabbed Eómer.
Eómer looked at me one last time and left.
I wanted to cry, be furious, but I was silent. I have to be strong because of our son.
A few days passed. I really missed Eómer. Like fish misses water. And I'm not talking about our son. He kept asking about his father. What was I supposed to tell him? I was just comforting him.
People frowned at me in Edoras and whispered something. I didn't feel safe here anymore.
I only had one thing left. Or rather a person.
"What? Y / N, why didn't you tell me sooner? I'd take you away from here right now," Legolas sat with me. We were still in Edoras.
I wrote him a letter asking for help. He immediately ran over here.
Legolas was a great friend of mine. I couldn't wish for a better friend.
"Oh, God, what did Eómer get you into? The two of you," he added.
And did I mention that Eómer doesn't like Legolas and Legolas doesn´t like Eómer?
Eómer thought that Legolas liked me, which was the greatest bullshit I had ever heard.
"Legolas, let's not deal with this now, please. So will you help us please? Trust me, I wouldn't turn to you with help if I didn't have a child, I could handle by myself. But with our son, no, I'm afraid for him."
Tears began to form in my eyes.
He took my hand. "Of course I can help you. You are my best friend. I'll take you both to Mirkwood."
 I was moved. "Thank you, I appreciate it ... you don't even know how."
I hugged him. He gave me a hug again.
Tumblr media
"Who is that woman, Legolas? And that child?"
That was the first thing I heard when we came here.
We were in the throne room, Legolas's father was on the throne and frowned at us. Nice man.
"Your Majesty, I'm Y / N, and this is my son Y / S / N, " I told him this.
My son had his head buried in my skirt. Poor child, he was afraid.
"If you don't mind, we would wanted to stay here. Until my husband returns from exile ... I promise not to get under your feet, to bother you with our presence ... quite the opposite, I will try to help as I will just can. With anything." I told him.
Thranduil came out of the throne, and approached us. "I don't want to hear you, I want to hear my son ..."
Legolas sighed by my side. "Father, I don't know what your problem is."
"Are you really asking me that? I have a problem with dragging a man here. She will be useless to our detriment. What are you doing? They don't need your help, they can do it themselves." Thranduil didn't even raise his voice, but if his gaze killed, I'm already dead.
"Father, at least do it for me. Don't you know that Y / N is my dear friend? Best friend? And she's an amazing warrior. We need more warriors like her."
"Legolas ..." I said. I was moved.
 "They'll do on their own ... it'll probably be hard, but that's what life is about." Thranduil continued, as if he hadn't heard what his son was saying.
"He is right, Legolas. If it bothers you, we'll go somewhere else ... it won't be a problem for me," I told him.
Legolas looked at me in disbelief. "Are you serious? No, no, you'll be here and that's it. Just because my father doesn't want to allow it, doesn't mean you won't be here. "
"Are we really worth it? ”
"Yes. You are. You will stay here. And without debate, " he emphasized you stay here.
Thranduil grinned. "Really Legolas? Even without my permission?"
"Even without your permission, Father." That was the last thing Legolas said. And then he grabbed us both and dragged us to a room.
He said he was a prince and that he could do whatever he wanted and that we should not dare leave because he would not forgive me.
Oh god, I didn't want him to have trouble for us, but what was I supposed to do?
I just started praying, first thanking for such a great friend and then making Eómer come home quickly.
The days passed. To my surprise, Thranduil didn't kick us out of here, quite the opposite. He was silent.
I went to training again. Legolas was right. I'm a warrior. So I just honed my skills with Legolas.
My son usually wandered around with elves somewhere because he made some friends. He was fine here. I sighed. Thank God.
But Eómer missed me so much. Every time I went to bed, I cried softly. Where is he? What's wrong with him?
I wrote him letters, told him we were in Mirkwood, but he never wrote to me. I was terribly worried about him. Then I stopped writing letters to him. He probably didn't read them.
Gradually, I put up with the fact that he would probably never return. Legolas told me that he had left exile a long time ago. But where did he go? Why didn't he come to us? I let him know where we were! Apparently no one has ever seen him. People started spreading the word that he probably died.
 I remember that day. I sat outside on a bench, swallowing the sun's rays. It's been a year. Year. And Eómer was not yet returned.
 Legolas sat down next to me. "Y / N ... you know, I was thinking ..."
 "About what?" I turned
"I know you're worried ... I don't want you to worry anymore. I love you, Y / N."
 I smiled. "Me you too, I will not return to you in my life what you have done for us. I owe you this all. Thank you so much."
He sighed in defeat. "You don't have to thank me, Y / N .. I just ... I don't think this in that sense. I ... I love you. I've loved you for a long time ... I was just silent because Eómer ..."
Am I dreaming? This can not be true!
"Legolas ..." I began, but he interrupted me.
"Don't say anything yet .. I've been thinking about it for a long time ... will you marry me? By marrying me, you will gain all the privilege, you will be safe. I will accept Y / S / N as my son ... just please marry me. " He took my hand and held a ring in it. It was a beautiful gold ring.
I started crying.
I just scared Legolas. "Did I do something wrong?"
"No, Legolas. I'm crying because ... because I don't love you. I never loved you. I love you as a friend. Like a great friend, but no more .. I'm sorry. I still love Eómer. I wish I was in love with you, but I can't ... take that ring and give it to someone else. That someone else will be happy. "
 Eómer was right. The whole time. And I didn't listen to him.
Legolas was silent. He looked hurt. "Okay, Y / N. It does not matter. And isn't there any chance ...? "
I stopped him. "It's not. Sorry."
 He hid the ring. "But Y / N .. I will still survive this, even if it hurts like hell, but ... you can't hope Eómer returns. It hurts you. He died. You should put up with it!"
I wanted to say something, to defend myself, when I heard a low voice behind me.
"He didn't die."
That's not possible .... I turned around. It was him. My husband. He stood there, emaciated, exhausted.
I got up quickly and ran. "Eómer !! You're back !!" This time I cried with happiness.
Eómer hugged me. But he scolded Legolas.
"I'll handle it with you."
 "I'm excited. And I am serious," Legolas growled
"No! No one will fight here, do you understand?" I shouted angrily.
Legolas stood up. "I'll leave you."
 Eómer was still frowning at him, but when he looked at me, there was tenderness in his eyes.
"Y / N .. love ... I missed you very much .."
"Eómer ... I was worried about you ... very much ..." I whispered.
He kissed me slowly. It was a gentle, slow kiss. We had no hurry. When we finished, we were still hugging.
"Come Eómer. I have to feed you. You lost weight. And Y / S / N will be so happy. "
His eyes lit up at the mention of our son's name.
"I'm so glad to have you ... I'll never leave you again. Never." he swore.
I smiled. "I hope so."
Tumblr media
Eómer was here for a few days. Fortunately, he didn't argue with Legolas.
"I'm doing it for you Y / N, my wife. Otherwise I'd... " He shook his head and sighed.
"I'm glad you're doing this. I'm proud of you." I smiled proudly.
"The food is divine, by the way. You're a great cook." he praised me.
"You're still telling me this. Do you still want the food?" I got up when I saw that he had finished eating.
He nodded. "I'm very hungry."
Meanwhile, the son also entered the room and demanded his father's attention. I left him because he wanted his father.
I took his food again, put it on his table, and when he finished eating, I wanted to put the dishes away. He stopped me, he pulled me into his lap.
"Would you leave us with mommy alone, Y / S / N?" Eómer asked him.
I wanted to object, but he stopped me.
"Sure, Dad .. I'm going to see my friends ..." he disappeared quickly.
"Poor boy. You shouldn't have kick out him like that. He missed you and very much. He kept asking about you." I sighed.
"I have had a lot of time with him a I'll have a lot of time with him, I promise you this, dear. But we weren't alone for a long time.. So I'll eat something else," he said naughty.
"Eómer." I sighed, but didn't object as he began to kiss my neck and collarbone.
"I." kiss on the neck. "Missed." kiss on the chin. "You." kiss on the forehead. "So." kiss on the cheek. "Much." kiss on lips.
"I missed you the way a man missed his wife, Y / N." he muttered between the kisses and leaned me over the table. He rolled up my skirt and stroked my legs.
"Eómer," I sighed. "What did they do to you? Why didn't you write me?" I stroked his hair.
He stopped kissing me. "I couldn't. They forbade me. But I put away every letter. But I was sorry when you stopped writing to me."
"I was worried about you. They said you were dead. And you didn't even write me. So I stopped writing to you. I'm sorry." I fell silent.
He took my hand. "You don't have to be sorry, dear. I thought of you every day. I love you both. I am grateful to have you and to you again because you have given me a son."
"But we have to get out of here. Not to Edoras, but I know one beautiful place ..." he continued.
"Really?" I stroked his wide shoulders.
He nodded. "Seriously. And now we could stop talking and instead ..."
Tumblr media
We left in a few days. Legolas was silent, I knew I had hurt him and I was sorry. I knew we would never be as friends again as before.
Legolas hurried to say goodbye to me, apparently unnerved by Eómer's angry gaze. Then I rebuked Eómer for that.
The biggest surprise, however, was King Thranduil himself. It turned out that he knew his son was in love with me and knew that I was not reciprocating his feelings. That's why he behaved the way he did. Protective parent.
I'm not surprised. I would do the same for Y / S / N. I stroked his hair as he held Eómer's hand.
"I wish you good luck." Thranduil said, and I was speechless.
He didn't wait for our reaction, he just left in silence, his long clothes just rubbed on the ground.
"So now we are alone, my family. Come, I will take care of you and I will never leave you." Eómer said and continued.
"I promise you that."
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dalleyan · 2 days ago
Near Misses (LoTR story, ch 2 posted, 5-5-21)
Everyone who knew them thought Eomer and Lothiriel would be a good marital match, but fate seemed determined that  they not meet.  Sometimes fate needs a helping hand.  [9 chapters total]
 (early April, 3020 III)
“Lothiriel, will you not reconsider?” Erchirion entreated.  “I know you wish to see Father as much as he wishes to see you, dearest.”
“I do, that is true,” she admitted, “but Aunt Ivriniel especially needs my help, now that she has broken her leg.  You know how disagreeable she can be, and I seem to be the only one who can keep her moderately satisfied.  Much as I would wish to go, I think I must remain here and see to her.  Father will understand, as I am sure Faramir will.  But give them both my love, and I will see them as soon as possible.”
“Very well,” Erchirion sighed, accepting her decision.
“Personally,” Amrothos announced, coming to join them, “I think this is just a ploy by Lothiriel to avoid meeting Eomer!”
“It is not!” she snapped.  “Truth is, I should very much like to meet both kings, but for the moment that is not possible.  I have other responsibilities that prevent it.  And with Alphrin teething, Alcathir will need help with Alphros.  I simply cannot leave just now.”  She shrugged apologetically.
“Another time,” Erchirion assured her, kissing her forehead. “As you said, they will understand and approve your reasons for lingering here.  Father has mentioned inviting Eomer to come visit Dol Amroth, so perhaps you will meet him soon anyway.  And if he does come, that will certainly bring Father home as well.  But I am sorry you will have to miss the wedding. Aunt Ivriniel chose a very poor time to trip over one of her cats!”
They all laughed lightly at his remark, but then she kissed each of their cheeks so they could make their way aboard the ship that was to carry them north.  From the dock, Lothiriel waved a frantic farewell when the boat finally began to ease its way out of the harbor, and her brothers stayed on deck until they caught the tide and were too distant to readily be seen.
With a sigh, Lothiriel turned back toward the castle. She was sorry not to see her Father or attend the wedding, but it could not be helped.  Perhaps she simply was not supposed to meet either king.  Certainly fate appeared to be conspiring against it.
 continue reading on AO3:
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Eomer: Stop saying "I wish" and start saying "I will."
Faramir: I will my father loved me.
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madamebaggio · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
“Just tell me why you keep trying to run away.” Éomer asked. “Don’t you trust me?”
“It’s not that.” Tamina huffed. “How many times do I have to tell you? My safety shouldn’t be a burden to your people.”
“Then explain it better. I don’t see how a few mercenaries…”
“Those mercenaries are just the beginning.” Tamina explained to him. “Once they realize it’s not enough to capture me, they’ll send more people. What I have with me it’s… It has no price. People would do horrible things to get it.”
Éomer pressed his lips together. “I won’t ask what it is, but I want to know if it’s dangerous to my people.”
“No.” She told him immediately. “The way it is now, it’s harmless. But if it gets in the wrong hands, if people get it and take it back to my home…” She sighed. “The damage would be unfathomable.”
He took a deep breath in. “I’ve made a vow to protect you, and I don’t intend to go back on it.”
“I’ll get you out of Rohan myself. Just tell me where to take you.”
Tamina couldn’t believe her ears. “Are you saying… Will you take me?”
“Wherever you wish to go, your highness.”
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themoonlily · 4 days ago
how/when they found out about Éomer and Lothíriel:
Aragorn&Arwen: who can say. they know everything.
Éowyn: the moment she saw them together in the same room.
Imrahil: pretends ignorance until his blessing is asked for, but secretly hoped for it all along.
Elphir and Erchirion: after a complicated espionage mission Because Their Sister Is Being Weird.
Éothain: the moment Éomer first set his eyes on her. (he is quite gleeful and waits impatiently for when Éomer himself figures it out.)
Gimli: is drinking buddies with Éothain and learns early on. Has hard time not spilling the beans to everybody. (And is disappointed that Aragorn already knows.)
Legolas: hears it from Gimli. Mortals and their courting rituals are rather endearing.
Ivriniel: sees her niece wasting away and guesses what it is about, but not who. Is a little bit scandalised at first but eventually is very supportive.
Faramir: finds out through Éowyn, but would have realised it soon enough anyway.
Amrothos: the morning of the wedding.
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Can we just get a little more Grima/Eomer content out in the world??
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‘Ah, but I’m cunning as an old fox,’ Eomer insists. ‘You can ask Grima. He likes to derisively refer to me as an adder from time to time.’ 
‘I would never do such a thing, my lord,’ Grima replies. 
Boromir smiles, but it’s the faint smile of a courtier unsure of a joke. 
‘Asp,’ Eomer continues. ‘You said I was an asp. Because it sounds like —’ 
‘I believe Lord Boromir doesn’t need a detailed account of our unfortunate conversations.’ 
who let these two run a country??
Eomer: WHAT?? IT’S TRUE!
Boromir: I’m going to leave for Imladris now, thank you.
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Grima is going off the rails in his nerdiness in the Team Up & Scheme AU
Eomer: are ... you writing a dissertation on translation?
Grima: perhaps.
Eomer: is this before or after the coup?
Grima: I can multitask.
Eomer: right. Carry on then.
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strengthandvigour · 5 days ago
If you read the Unfinished Tales, you will understand better that passage from LOTR where Gimli and Eomer dislike each other at first sight. The answer is that one of the Rohirrim killed a dragon called Scatha the warm and the dwarves claimed that the treasure was theirs. But the mortal man did not give it to them. Instead, he said something about the necklace made of dragon teeth. He claimed that the Dwarves did not have such a treasure.
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univaers · 5 days ago
@miserystole   ( lorenah t ) :           i belong here, and you will not deny me .
            he knows the word loss in languages as old as time ,         knows the way a phrase can be a knife dipped in the poison of memories that have already been tainted ,    tasted the blood and the ruin since the last of sun - kissed childhood days .     the warrior is carved out from halls filled with silence ,    has learnt to take the weight of emptiness and whittle it into a sword ,     to use ribs to fortify the skin so he might be a shield for the lands he loves so well .     this is how to survive with bruised knuckles ,     relishing their ache because it has meant doing something ,     has meant no more can be taken from him .      but beneath this towering image there has always been weakness ,     a fear that cannot be quelled ;       HOW COULD HE SHOULDER ANOTHER HEARTBREAK ?    
            fear compels his fingers to wrap around her wrist ,     light enough to never do harm though this touch holds the burden of desperation .     they are beings wrapped in action ,     for whom words fail more often than they succeed ,     more comfortable amidst tales of war than stories built for lovers .     (    WOULD IT CHANGE MATTERS IF I WERE TO CONFESS ?     IF I SHOUTED OUT TO THE TREES HOW MY ADMIRATION HAS BECOME TWISTED INTO SOMETHING MORE LINGERING WOULD THEY HEAR THE WORDS AND CARRY THEM BACK TO YOU AS LEAVES IN THE WIND ?     WOULD YOU WANT ME IF I BECAME NOTHING MORE THAN INFATUATED FOOL IN YOUR EYES ?   )      when has the warrior doubted ?      when has he faltered before a challenge ?
             ❝  when have i denied you ?  ❞              her pulse point flutters beneath his fingers causing his own heart to fall in step ,    as if even the blood in his veins calls out to her .     she becomes a still point in a world filled with motion ,      a gravity he can hold himself to while all else is cast into the inferno .          ❝  never knowingly have i done so .       you are here because i wish you to be ,    because i know you to be worth as much as every other rider i command here . ❞           the gravel of his voice falls lightly ,     some edge of crackling firewood present in the way he moves over the words ,      offering her validation without any moments hesitation .     beyond him ,     she has proven her strength repeatedly ,     earned her place as any by his side has . 
             ❝  i do not place you for any other reason than tactically .     there are men in there who will follow me blindly ,     lorenah ,    and i must consider all their lives before we fight .     our greatest strength lies in this plan and your role is as vital as any other .   ❞         here he slips back to his command ,     worry lacing through tone ;     one fallen life is always one too many ,     one wife or mother he will visit to tell them that love will not be coming home .     this burden is his to bear ,     and it writes itself on the lines of his cheeks ,     on the way his shoulders seem to dip under pressure .     as sacred as he holds her ,     he must consider them too ,     even if it results in this .                ❝  do not think my decisions come from anything but that .    i know how capable you are .  ❞
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