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#born darkly
rangerslayer-97 · 15 hours ago
For the OC interview thing: 2, 4, and 23 for Violcrik !
Right then, questions for the walking trash fire Jedi in denial about her entire life. Take it away, Violcrik!
2. Who is your best friend?  Tell us about them!
Violcrik: Well… I have a few best friends, ones that I’m certain will not stab me in the back or have reasons to betray me. I’m getting more picky about friends after about five different betrayals I went through. Those I consider my best friends are Lana, Kira and the rest of my crew. My friendship circle is a bit small, but better small than having the possibility of someone stabbing me in the back. Literally.
Lana Beniko… we had a rocky start all the way back with the Revanites conspiracy, but it smoothened itself out. Plus, I owe her my life, she searched for me for five years after I was out into carbonite and freed me. She even cured me of my carbonite sickness. For a Sith… she made me realise not all Sith are that bad, some are pretty pragmatic and open to change. She’s only a few number of Sith with an open mind on how to approach something. I trust Lana, I wouldn’t trust anyone else as my advisor.
Kira is another story, a really long one, so everything else can be spoken about another time. The rest of crew, what can I say? They would follow me to the ends of the galaxy’s edge. Scourge made a promise he would stay by my side and protect me no matter what. I couldn’t ask for better friends.
You expect me to talk about Theron too. I may have spared his life and banished him from Odessen, but I’m still angry at him. He WAS my friend, the only friend I could trust within the Republic. Then the whole Zildrog conspiracy thing happened and his betrayal felt too real. He’s lucky to be alive, when others weren’t.
Sorry if that finished darkly.
4. What is your least favorite childhood memory?
Violcrik: Least favourite childhood memory!? Ha! What childhood? I barely had a childhood! My entire childhood is a least favourite memory. My twin and half-sister were fathered by man from a lesser noble house on Alderaan. My twin was separated at birth, so it was just myself and Kateake for the first six years of our lives. Those six years were Hell! Since we were born out of wedlock, we were ridiculed by other families and nobles. Been called things like a ‘bastard child’, a ‘wasted space’ and someone who brings ‘shame on the noble house’.
When we were just children, our father literally ignored us, refused to acknowledge us. He turned his back, when the only thing my sister and I wanted was his love and comfort. No, we were born out of wedlock and deserved to be reminded about it, every single day. This went on until Council Member, Master Tol Braga found me. He sensed me in the Force and brought me to the temple of Coruscant. I left Kateake in that hell hole, I begged the Jedi to go back and get my sister out of there, but I kept being lectured about attachment and not to let it cloud my mind. That was the last time Kateake and I saw each other.
Temple life was OK, but I admit I was picked on by a few upstart Initiates who have been in the temple since they were young. Some spread rumours about my "Alderaanian nobility". Lies, my father wouldn't have left anything in his will for my sister or myself. I may have developed a few issues that I believe I can manage, sometimes I have lashed out in anger. May have started a few fights with other Initiates and broke one person's arm in sparring when they said something they shouldn't have. Then... then the Sacking of Coruscant happened. I saw and heard it all, watched the Jedi die, the temple being burned down. I survived, at a heavy cost. I admit, I was fearful and scared. I was a 10yr old Initiate and forced to survive. Survive I did, for sure until Satele found me a year and half later. I'll stop now. Don't really enjoy talking about my past.
23. Have you ever had a crush on someone?  Do you have a crush now?
Violcrik: There were two people I certainly had a crush on: Kira and Lana. I might have had a crush on Theron, but then I realised yes, I am bisexual, but I prefer women than men.
My feelings were a bit all over the place then. In our early days, I admit to having an attraction to Kira, but she was my Padawan at first. I didn't want to cause any confusion and tried to make myself a good Master. Even though my methods and lessons were more unorthodox than Master Kiwiiks. Then I couldn't deny my feelings towards Kira, but I was unsure and scared to approach her. I want sure if she even had a crush on me, let alone feelings. So, I kept them hidden, but they lingered for long time.
It wasn't until years later we reunited, when I am currently Commander of the Alliance, she found me again. It was when we finally admitted our feelings. Kira gives me the reason to keep fighting, but I hide from her where my true loyalties lie. I aligned with the Empire, she'll soon see the Republic is worthless. Until then, she cannot know the truth. I am doing it because I love her. I can't lose Kira again.
Lana? Well... Lana is cute and I have flirted with her. Otherwise, what turned from a crush, went to a fling and we agreed what happened on Yavin, stays on Yavin. While we did have a crush on one another, Lana was happy to step back, that we are better off as friends. She would never stand in between my relationship with Kira. If anything, she's happy for me.
Anyways, I got to run, apparently we have a lead on Malgus' whereabouts.
Thanks Violcrik! Although your loyalties will come out eventually and Kira will realise something.
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chickpeatalia · a day ago
I heard "working class!Arthur" and I can't think of anything else yes please!!!
Anon, I know you didnt exactly ask for it, but now that you have put the words “working class!Arhur” into my ask box, you have practically opened pandoras box so I’m just gonna go ahead and talk about it anyway. *mwua*  First things first, I shall note that I am not in fact British, so I might not get a few things right. Second, what we’re gonna talk about today is a rather specific human AU that lives in my head.  Third, this ended up being....incredibly long, I’m sorry. The rest is under the cut!
So, why is working class Arthur splendid?
Obviously, there are many different version of how to do a human AU, and oftentimes fandom likes to go down the rich/royal/elite!Arthur route. Which, in fact, is super valid and oftentimes quite fun too. I like these versions too. However, I think oftentimes a working class background is favourable because 1) it makes more sense, to me, on a meta level  and 2) it has a certain charm to it.
Lets consider the meta level first: - despite stereotypes, Great Britain does not consist of aristocracy and royals alone. What are 600 arstocratic families to 60 million of the rest of the population? - the Industrial Revolution started in Great Britain - factory work, steel mills, textile and most prominently, coal mines in the North of England were all operated by the workers. I feel like in Britain, social classes matter way more than on continental Europe, and also to me personally the working class seemed like a particularly important one, historically speaking. Okay, enough history for now, so lets get into the human AU: - Arthur, who grows up in a large family with four brothers (Alasdair & Dylan who are older. And Sean & Peter who are younger) - his parents had Alasdair very early on and you know how it is. With a baby on the way, you got to make the best out of it and take the first stable job you get. (Which was in Glasgow at the time). - but unforntunately high unemployment rates hit the country, especially the working class (thanks Maggie T</3) and what to do if you lose your job and no new work is to be found? Well, you just go and look somewhere else. In the Kirklands’ case, that somewhere else is Cardiff, Wales where Dylan is born. - So they end up sort of moving quite a lot, practically in every part of the UK, in hopes of finding stable jobs for a bit. - Eventually they settle in a suburb of Manchester, England at long last.
- And life goes on
- They recycle so much clothes between the brothers. A good 40% if not more of Arthur’s clothes used to be either Alasdair’s or Dylan’s. - In turn, Sean and Peter also get Arthur’s old school uniforms. Theyre not particularly nice after all these years, but look, they have five kids. They simply don’t have the money for new ones. ( “Says much about the efficiency of a system when it forces you to wear school uniforms in order to avoid social stigmatisation and yet makes you buy the uniforms yourself, as if richer people couldn’t afford the better ones anyway.” Arthur would say darkly) - lots and lots of second hand shopping. (this is where Arthur got is first leather jacket and Doc Martens from, and yes, this is also when his punk phase has started) - thus his outfits tend to look quite ...interesting. A various mix of old jumpers from the 90s, Dylan’s old plaid shirts and some band t-shirt he got for £5. - one year, he and his brothers were looking for a gift for their mum’s birthday. Arthur didn’t have any cash anymore (yes, it was after he bought the Doc Martens, sacrifies had to be made), so he suggested he tried to bake her a cake. Much cheeper than any other gift. Obviously his brothers mocked him for it (until they actually tried the cake and found out that it actually tasted quite good). Since then Arthur took up baking here and there, and his brothers while not encouraging, do not mock him anymore. They do hope he makes the lemon cake again for Ma’s next birthday though
- SCHOOL ho boy... so the thing is, Arthur is rather clever.
- Academically, he was above average. Acing it in subjects like English and History, being quite good in French (no, he does not bring this fact up all), and getting decently by in the rest. Except that one time in PE when he got rowdy with the other boys during a football match (no, not our boy’s brightest moment). - He is intelligent, he even understands subject that he doesn’t particular like, like chemistry. He is quick-witted and sharp tongued and has a natural talent for words and writing. Even rather sophisticated articles and topics do not resent a challenge for him. - Naturally, Arthur toys with the thought of going to university and immediately wants to slap himself for that ridiculous idea. - The thing is, nobody in his family has gone to university so far. Like, he has no, absolute no frame of reference what it entails. - Being from a working class family and then going to university is a scary thing, man. - also, being £30,000 in dept by age 18 is a terror of its own kind - Eventually, he contemplates applying maybe perhaps for the local university and that information seeps through to Alasdair who found it to be a rather ridiculous endeavour. - “Look, you’re shitting your pants about this application one way or another, so why not just go immediately for the top universities instead. If you get rejected, well, at least you got rejected by one of the top universities in the world. But if you get accepted....” “Aw, are you saying you think I could get accepted by one of the best universities in the world?” “I’m not saying anything, you wee little shit. Don’t put words in my mouth. But......being the overachieving know-it-all that you are, you might have a chance.” - For as long as he lives, Arthur’s never gonna admit it but this conversation might have really been the most meaningful thing Alasdair has ever said to him. - And yes, he does apply and yes he does get accepted.
- he toned it down by now but the punk never died in him. lots of LGBT+ pins on his jackets too. - that being said, he hates it when people think punk is an aesthetic rather than a political stance (”You cannot be bloody punk and right wing. You just cannot!”) - genuinely likes the taste of beer. Or it might be that it was the cheepest alcoholic beverage he could manage to buy. Situation unclear. - is so prone to get into bar fights oh dear lord when he says “fight me”, he genuinely is 100% down to throw hands even if you beat him bloody - obviously, always votes Labour - will call you a cunt if you’re a Tory - unrelated to anything, but I think he’d wear earrings regularly and they’d be cute - also, has a tendency to dye his hair in crazy colours when he is under pressure - one last thing: oftentimes, Arthur strikes people as incredibly cynic or gloomy or ‘overly engaged in politics’, but growing up the way he grew up, facing so many hardships through the years of which many were directly caused by careless conservative politics...its just hard not to be cynic. My final words here are: this is most definitely not what you were looking for when you sent that ask, anon, but I seriously needed to get this out of my system. If anyone wants to ever talk about my favourite boy Arthur, my ask box is always open.
Thanks for coming to my TED talk<3
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Tumblr media
Know then thyself, presume not God to scan, The proper study of mankind is Man. Placed on this isthmus of a middle state, A being darkly wise and rudely great: With too much knowledge for the Sceptic side, With too much weakness for the Stoic’s pride, He hangs between, in doubt to act or rest; In doubt to deem himself a God or Beast; In doubt his mind or body to prefer; Born but to die, and reas’ning but to err;
Alike in ignorance, his reason such, Whether he thinks too little or too much; Chaos of thought and passion, all confused; Still by himself abused or disabused; Created half to rise, and half to fall; Great lord of all things, yet a prey to all; Sole judge of truth, in endless error hurl’d; The glory, jest, and riddle of the world! —Alexander Pope (an excerpt from "An Essay on Man: Epistle II")
Art Credit: Painting: John Climacus, "The Ladder of Divine Ascent" or "The Ladder of Paradise," 12th-century., Monastery of St. Catherine, Mount Sinai. St John Climacus described the Christian life as a ladder with thirty rungs. The monks are tempted by demons and encouraged by angels, while Christ welcomes them at the summit. Parabola Magazine
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rhonda-sayeed · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 7: Another Side
Kamilah x MC (written in second person perspective like in Choices)
Most of nature’s creatures have a natural enemy. Predators and prey fight each other for sustenance and survival.
Humans like to think they are not prey to predators. They like to think they are at the top of the food chain.
What most don’t know, is that they are not. Violent creatures stalk the night in cities, looking for blood and violence. Vampires, the creatures of the night.
You, a human is a rare breed. Only one woman born every generation with the strength of a vampire, without their weaknesses. You don’t need blood and you don’t fear the sun. You are their natural enemy. You are the Bloodkeeper.
You are bound by the revenge to wipe every single one out. You were raised by a mysterious older European billionaire who turned your need for revenge into a powerful weapon, after he found you with your dead parents, brutally murdered at the hands of vampires.
Your next mission: wiping out the clans and council of New York.
But you learn truths, never taught to you. Nothing ever is black and white.
I don't own these characters. They are the property of Pixelberry Studios.
Word Count: 1487
Warnings: None.
Tag List:
@kamilah-is-queen @samanthadalton @somethindarker @witchesplayatnight @danna-min-sinclair @mrs-avamontjoy @hellyeah90sbaby @glowriter @blaine-hayes
8 years ago. Mydiea, Greece. The Order’s Headquarters.
MC – Age 16 years old.
“Mister Balthazar, I don’t understand. If they were turned without their consent, shouldn’t they be helped out?” You are having lessons on the vampire politics of the United States. “Surely, they could be of use. Enemies of my enemies are my friends.”
“Once they were turned, they were no longer themselves, regardless of their situations. You can’t afford to have doubts, Amy.”
“It is not doubting sir.”
“What is it, Amy?”
“There is always another side. You were the first turned, you are not a monster. These people were driven underground because of unfortunate situations due to the evil of other vampires.”
“That sympathy and line of thinking is going to be a weakness, child.”
“I am not weak! It is not always black and white.”
“Get in your stance, Amy.” He orders darkly.
“But Mister—”
“In. Your. Stance.”
You close your eyes, get to your feet and move into an offensive maneuver stance.
“If you can get me, then you will prove yourself strong.”
You grit your teeth and clinch your jaw. He stands calmly with his hands behind his back.
You feint right, and fly in the air aiming your left fist at his face. He casually spins to the opposite side, and grabs said wrist and snaps it in two.
“I thought so. Until you get rid of those doubts and until you learn that I am always right, you will still be weak to me.”
Tears start to fall, as you painfully wait until your wrist heals.
“Sooner or later, you will move pass that.”
“Yes, sir.”
Present time. Manhattan, New York City. Ahmanet Financial.
MC’s point of view:
You make a bold statement—behind Nicole’s back—to walk in your uniform straight into Kamilah’s financial office. You keep your baseball cap over your face, and keep your head down.
It is a fake order made from Kamilah herself. In actuality, you want to taunt her. You want her to know that you still have your sights on her. You also know that she takes some pain to come out to work during the day. That is how much she is committed to her human masquerade.
“Delivery for—” You pretend to look down to read the receipt. “—Kamilah,” You pronounce the name wrong on purpose, “Sayeed.”
“That is strange. She does not usually order food.” The receptionist replies.
“Well, this is her name, isn’t it?” You quickly flash the receipt, hoping the woman will buy it.
“Yes. Okay. I will give her a call.” She says in confusion. There is also a look of worry that hurriedly flickers across her face.
“Speaking.” Kamilah says through the speaker gruffly.
“Ms. Sayeed there is a food delivery here.”
“What? I didn’t order any food. Why would I do that?”
You have to fight off your smile.
“It has your name on the receipt. You have to sign for it.”
You fake sniffle that turns into crying. “She has to come see and confirm it. If she doesn’t this is my third strike and I will be fired. Please can’t you convince to have a look?”
The receptionist frowns with empathy, she knows that work hustle. “I will see what I can do.”
“The delivery girl says she can’t leave unless you take a look at it.”
“I am busy. I don’t have time.” Such a stubborn woman.
“Maybe take it to her?”
“Look, I really feel for you, but she won’t take it. I can give you my number, I have friends and associates that can help you find a new job.”
“I will take it up to her.” You are slowly losing your patience.
“You can’t.”
“Will you stop me?”
“I guess not. Make it quick.”
That was easy enough.
Kamilah’s point of view:
You have no idea why you have held on to the girl’s masque. It is very beautifully handcrafted. Maybe even by her own hand.
You know you are going to smoke her out and finish this. You know the council will not let you get any information on her. You know they will not care. They want her dead and that is all that matters.
Your mind is interrupted by a call from the first-floor receptionist.
“Speaking.” You are annoyed by the fact that someone would deliver food to you. Even more so that the receptionist is insisting on you having to come take a look. Though it is strange, it is nothing to be bothered about. Probably some intern or lower entry employee ordering group lunch and put your name on the receipt. You draw a line at coming to look at it. They will sort it out.
Not five minutes later, there is a knock at your door.
“What is it?” You receive no answer and get up to answer the door. There is a white paper bag, with your name written on it. You might have to fire the receptionist for boldly bringing the food up here anyway.
You pick up the bag, and it is much too light to carry food. Curious, you take a look inside. Lo and behold there is a Queen of Swords tarot card in there. You flip it over to read:
‘Miss me yet?’ Along with a lipstick print underneath it.
The girl is either brave or stupid or both, to taunt you at your own office in the daylight. Another move on the chessboard. You cannot be too mad about it. You smile at it and head back into your office. “I will find you, and make you regret it. All of it.”
MC's point of view:
Later that night, you are packed into your uniform. You were quickly able to stop by your apartment and grab your important things. Nicole is having to work late as Adrian’s second in command. You still can’t believe that he does not know about her. They never considered the possibility.
As you walk through the darkness, you feel a pair of nonhuman eyes staring at your back. You might as well take this one out quickly, before they alert the others. You disappear into the shadows, and catch him off guard.
Your hand goes around his neck and you shove him against the wall.
“Tell me why I shouldn’t end you right here and now, bloodsucker.”
“Easy.” He brings his hands up in surrender to show he does not mean harm.
“When I heard that you had the council all in an upheaval, I had to find out who or what you are. You’re no vampire, but no human could do what you did, by yourself.”
You do not know why and you go against your better judgement, but you let him go and step back, although you keep your fingers on the hilt of your sword, slung on your back.
“You did what I have been wanting to do for decades. I didn’t have the powers or means.”
“Flattering me isn’t working, get to the point.”
“The name’s Jax Matsuo. I thought maybe you could use an ally.”
“Why would you think I could use an ally? Especially with a vampire?”
“You’d have numbers and you could see we’re not just evil bloodsuckers.”
“I don’t need your help. I was doing well on my own.” You glower balefully at him. “I will let you live because you are not on my agenda, but don’t let me catch you again. I won’t hear you out next time.”
“Sure.” He slowly reaches into his pocket; you are ready to pull out your sword. “Easy…”
He pulls out a cheaply made business card, “In case you need it.”
To your surprise you find yourself taking it and putting it into one of the many pockets on your person. “Get the hell out of my sight. By the time I leave this alley, I don’t even want to smell you.”
“Sure thing, princess.” He rolls his eyes and strolls quickly out of sight and smell.
There are not a whole lot of empty streets in Manhattan, but you take the ones you know. The ones that you memorized on maps. The ones that prove to be invaluable shortcuts to vampires.
“Amelia Rollins.” Comes the sound of a woman’s voice. One that has been on your mind a lot lately. She even has the wherewithal to call you by your given name.
Slowly, you turn around. Kamilah is shocked by the new masque you quickly made. You did it on purpose, you designed it to match her personal aesthetic. Most notably, the necklace she wears around her neck.
She recovers quickly, “Bold move coming into my building to deliver that message.” She flicks her wrists and you see how her daggers spring into her hands. “Yes, I have missed you. I won’t let you get away this time.”
“Come and get me.”
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Underland’s Unruly Princesses: Go Ask Alice Chapter 1
Ember I
It all started with Alice. The very first time the pesky, golden-haired girl had ever visited Underland, I had not even been thought of. My mother, the Red Queen, had just been freshly coronated as high queen of Underland. After the death of my grandparents King Oleron and Queen Elsemere of Witzend, the crown had passed down to my mother, who was their eldest child. When Alice had arrived, my mother had been queen for about a year and had settled into her role quite comfortably. And then one day came along little Alice. A lost little girl whose mouth was just as big as her wit. She had been led astray by the Cheshire cat and had ended up in the garden at Salazen Grum. According to my mother’s right -hand-man, Ilosovic Stayne, the Knave, Alice had gotten a little too snippy with my mother, and as a punishment, she was ordered to paint red all of the roses that the gardeners had mistakenly planted white. That had been the first time, but the second time had been much more eventful. I had been relaxing in the courtyard, back to a tree, feet up, book in hand. My little sister, Rosalind, was across the way, practicing her croquet strokes. Mum had released us early from aiding her as she governed the land, and we had decided to take advantage of the absolutely gorgeous weather. It had been perfect outside- not too warm and not too cold. There was a gentle breeze. Just as Rosalind had drawn back to send a ball off, a voice rang out across the courtyard. “Girls!” cried the voice of Dahlia, the courtier with the large ears, and, unfortunately, our governess. “Girls! There you are! Come, now, your mother summons you to the throne room.” Quirking a brow, I closed my book and sighed. “It’s ‘Your Highnesses’,” Rosalind spat. My little sister had always been one to assure that people behave well around us. I did have to agree with her, though, we were the Princesses, and we deserved to be addressed as such. Dahlia curtsied. “My apologies, Princesses,” she said smoothly. “Your mother requires your presence in the throne room.” I stood up from the ground and smoothed the front of my gown. “What in Underland for?” I asked. She regained her stiff posture. “It seems that after a long procession, Ilosovic Stayne has returned.” I rolled my eyes. Ilosovic Stayne, the knave, who happened to be Rosalind’s father. He was a man whom I never really could get along well with. Ever since Rosalind had been born, even when Mum was carrying her, Stayne had hardly stepped up and was barely around. I could remember vividly that when Mum was heavy with child, she was often crying, claiming loudly that Stayne didn’t want her child, and that she had been a fool for laying with him at all. Mum had spent most of her pregnancy in tears, and that hadn’t sat well with me at all. Now Rosalind was a blossoming young woman of eleven, and Stayne still presumed to do whatever he could to avoid her. “As if we need to be present to see Stayne,” I hissed. “Bloody deadbeat,” Rosalind muttered darkly under her breath. Dahlia frowned. “I understand your quarrel with your father, Rosalind, but your mother requests your presence and therefore we must obligate her.” Rosalind sighed heavily and flounced off to the throne room. I followed Rosalind smoothly, eyes forward, head up. Anubis the dormouse was stationed outside of the throne room doors. He stood proudly, leaning against the sewing pin he used as a weapon. “Announce us, please, Anubis,” Rosalind directed him sweetly. “Yes, Your Highness,” Anubis agreed. He sheathed his tiny sword and scurried through a small hole in the baseboard of the wall. Once on the other side, everything fell quiet. Behind me, Dahlia ruffled at her skirts. There was a small trumpeting. “Presenting the royal Princesses of Underland,” Anubis said as loud as he could manage. What with being a dormouse and all, he was rather small.   The doors peeled open slowly and Rosalind moved to her position behind me. I was the eldest so I was required to enter first, especially when it came to royal business. I strode as smoothly and ladylike as I could, so as to not draw extra attention to myself. I had a designated wooden seat to the right of my mother’s throne. To the left was Rosalind’s seat. Each of our chairs were made of a heavy wood, had high backs to them and had our first initial carved into them. Mum’s throne was crafted of the purest gold one could find in Underland, complete with the softest red velvet cushions. We, too, had red cushions to sit upon. As I made my way across the throne room, the courtiers gathered before Mum, bowed lowly. As I had been taught, I paid them no mind and kept my eyes straight forward. Gracefully I turned to face them and lowered myself into my seat. To the left of my mother, Rosalind did the very same thing. My Mother eyed me curiously, a small smile on her lips. But she said nothing. Instead she motioned for the courtiers to leave. She reached a pale hand over and patted Rosalind on the head. It was a way of assuring her that all would be well, even if she was being forced to look on as our mother welcomed her deadbeat father back to court. Once again Anubis sounded his little trumpet. “Presenting the Red Knave, Ilosovic Stayne,” he announced seriously. The mighty doors opened behind him and he stepped out of view. The familiar sound of Stayne’s heavy black boots began to ring through the throne room as he strode smoothly down the length of the red carpet. He had a smug look on his face, yet his body was relaxed. His single eye found its way to me almost immediately. It was no secret to me that Ilosovic Stayne secretly bore an admiration for me. It was an admiration that could easily get him killed, if my mother ever found out. In truth, I despised the man for how he treated my mother whilst she was pregnant, and I despised him even more for completely ignoring Rosalind’s existence. Even after all those years, my mother was still deeply in love with the man, and after all those months he tormented her, she still took him to bed with her. Stayne went right to Mum and pressed a soft kiss to her offered hand. Rosalind rolled her blue eyes dramatically. A slight coloring of rose appeared in Mum’s cheeks and she beamed for a mere second. She then stiffened her posture and reverted to her stately air. “Ilosovic Stayne,” she said aloud. “I welcome you back to court.” Stayne dropped down to his knees immediately and bowed his head. “My Queen, it is good to be home once again. I come bearing news from Marmoreal.” At the mention of Marmoreal, Mum’s bottom lip twitched a little. Marmoreal was the home and reigning kingdom of Mirana the White Queen, my mother’s sworn enemy, and, unfortunately, mine and Rosalind’s aunt. “What say you, Knave?” Mum asked him. He got to his feet and reached a gloved hand into his doublet. He withdrew a scroll. “Majesty,” he chided softly. “I have found the Orcaculum.” He then tossed one end of the scroll across my mother’s lap. It rolled past my feet and continued onward. “That?” Mum asked. “It look so ordinary for an oracle,” she observed. Stayne’s single eye scanned the surface of the Oraculum. I was surprised he possessed the capacity to locate an item such as the Oraculum.. I highly doubted Stayne’s abilities, unlike Mum, who doted on them. I was pretty sure that Rosalind felt the same way about him as I did, and he was her father! “Look here, Majesty,” Stayne continued, extending a finger and placing it on the Oraculum near Mum’s feet. I leaned over Mum’s shoulder to see, too. “At the Frabjous Day,” he added. Rosalind’s disturbed expression explained it all. There lay a depiction of Mum’s dearest pet, the Jabberwocky. Before the great beast, was a young girl with a tangled mess of hair, clad in armor. The girl bore what I immediately recognized as the Vorpal sword, high above her head, ready to strike at the beast. Mum loved the Jabberwocky. That was no secret at all. In fact, the creature had been key to her rise to the throne. Mum had told me and Rosalind many, many stories about her ascent to her queenly state. And the notion that anyone could possibly slay it, would drive her over the edge. “I’d know that tangled mess of hair anywhere,” Mum remarked lowly. “Is it Alice?” Rosalind and I eyed one another oddly behind Mum’s head. “I believe it is,” Stayne replied. He brought a hand up to his face, almost as if he were examining. “What’s she doing to my darling Jabberwocky?” Mum asked, her pitch rising into quite the grlish tone. “She appears to be slaying it.” Mum gasped. “SHE KILLED MY JABBER-BABY-WOCKY?!” she demanded loudly. I noticed as Rosalind’s eyes widened in horror. “Not yet,” Stayne chided. “But she will if we do not stop her.” “Find Alice, Stayne!” Mum barked. “FIND HER!” Stayne then marched from the throne room, a handful of red knights in tow. Unable to stand the silence that hung over the throne room, sliding my hands down my skirts, I said: “Well, that certainly was interesting.” “Whoever this Alice chick is, she’s going to feel my wrath,” snarked Rosalind. Alice had made her first appearance two years before she was born. “We shall leave the spiting to Stayne, ladies,” Mum said calmly. She slid from her throne. She reached a pale hand into the hidden pocket that was sewn into the side of her skirt and withdrew her sun spectacles. Placing them on the bridge of her nose, she turned to us. “But for now, let us play a few strokes.” Mum strode gracefully from the throne room, her scepter in hand. I was behind her, hands rested at my sides, eyes front. Behind me, Rosalind marched along, her nose in the air. It had been apparent since she had been old enough to speak that she had inherited Mum’s bitey attitude. Rosalind practically doted on her ability to imitate Mum at whatever it was she doing. As we made our way through the castle, we were joined by the majority of the courtiers. Soon the bunch of us were exiting through the side corridor and out pouring out into the courtyard. Within but a few minutes, me, Rosalind and Mum were lined abreast in the very center of the courtyard. I waited patiently as both Mum and Rosalind received their flamingo playing sticks. When I received my stick, I did as Mum had taught me a long time ago, and took the bird by the neck. Skillfully I knocked the bird upside the head with the side of my foot, stunning the thing. The flamingo then assumed its stiff pose, ideal for croquet playing. “Ready?” Mum asked us. “Ready Mum!” Rosalind said happily. “Ready,” I whispered deeply. The newly hired Page, a white rabbit named McTwisp lay a hedgehog ball before Mum. He then hopped off and stood beside me. Mum licked her lips curiously as she drew her bird back, and let fly. The small furry ball hurled across the courtyard and plunged into some hedges. A round of applause rose from the courtiers. “Splendid shot,” remarked Lord Burgle, the big-bellied lord. Mum beamed at the court as they continued to clap. “Where’s my ball?” Mum asked. “Page!” she called. McTwisp hopped back into the playing field. “Yes, Your Majesty.” With that he disappeared off into the rose bushes. My mind was far off from our little croquet game. It was off somewhere beyond the walls of Salazen Grum, roaming the Tulgey Wood, prancing about the vast flower fields of Witzend, even playing a magickal game of chess in Chesster. Mum was one to keep us within the castle walls as much as she possibly could. Rosalind and I both owned beautiful horses, yet we weren’t allowed to take them out to ride them. If we wanted to ride, we were confined to the training ring out back the stables. Even when Mum went out on processions she left us at home, normally under the watch of Dahlia, and completely bored out of our minds. Mum never knew just how much Rosalind and I craved adventure. Growing impatient with the Page for taking too long, Mum huffed deeply and marched off after him. Rosalind and I looked at one another, nodded, and trotted off after her. Why, in the mass of rose bushes, towered the tallest girl I had ever seen. Standing at least fifteen feet tall, with long, golden hair, the girl’s expression bore down on us, giving me an uneasy feeling. It was clear by what little skin the bushes did cover, that she was stark naked. I immediately took hold of Rosalind and covered her eyes. “What did you do that for!? I wanna see what’s going on!” Rosalind stamped her foot and pouted. I opened my mouth to shush her but was cut off by Mum’s voice. “And what is this?” Mum asked curiously. Rosalind began to wriggle in my grasp. McTwisp began to tremble. “It’s a Who, Majesty, Um….” Mum’s thin eyebrows quirked. “Um?” she inquired. Rosalind shot me a look that said really? Deciding I wasn’t up for a fight, I released her. “From Umbridge,” said the large girl. “What happened to your clothing?” Mum asked. Rosalind sniggered. The girl licked her lips. “Why, I’ve outgrown them. I’ve been growing quite a lot lately. I tower over everyone in Umbridge. So, I’ve come to you, hoping you may know what it’s like.” Mum’s bright brown eyes lit up, much like they did whenever she sprouted a new idea. “My dear girl, anyone with a head that large, is welcome in my court.” She turned to us. “Oh, do cloth this unfortunate soul!” Mum instructed the court. “Use the curtains, if you must, but, do cloth this enormous girl.” Rosalind frowned instantly.
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bangtanfanficsao3 · 6 days ago
any stories about war? it doesnt matter whether its fantasy or real! the ship doesn’t matter either! ur blog really keeps me going btw! <3
omg thank youu~~ it makes me really happy knowing you like this blog so much; i will try to not disappoint you much hehe 💜💜
singing myself (and you) to sleep - yoonmin - Park Jimin dreams of guns and trenches, the ricochet of bullets off metal too loud in his ears. He wakes up choking on smoke, the slick of blood phantom against his palms, shaking and drenched in sweat. Min Yoongi is there to bring him out of it. With him, Jimin sleeps a little better with each night.
Full Moon Fireflies - yoonmin - Because Prince Jimin was born with strange, silver hair and bright green eyes, he feels like an outcast in his own Kingdom. During the annual Hunt, he gets lost in the Moonwoods, a forbidden forest filled with ghost white trees. There, he comes face-to-face with another outcast, the dangerous Pale Wolf. What will happen when worlds collide? Game of Thrones meets Little Red Riding Hood.
Inferno - jikook - When the time comes for the dragon riders of Lomeilian to face the ruthless monster of the North, the one their mortal enemies have chosen to turn into their personal war machine, Jeongguk realises time is running out of his hands faster than he can hold onto it. Will he and Jimin both return and finally face the feelings they have been so desperately trying to avoid, or will they get buried within their ashes on the battlefield?
You, Me and Gravity - namgi/namgiseok - If he were to focus enough he’d see Hoseok’s eyes, liquid pooling and spilling over his lashes, and feel the hands that had grabbed his hard enough to bruise as the other man pleaded, begged for him to stay. “Please-please don’t go, I can’t lose you as well.” “Seok-ah, I’ll be back soon okay? I’m sorry.” Yoongi doesn't focus on Hoseok's voice because he doesn't stay. He sends himself back into a war zone, determined to return with Namjoon in tow.
The Three Bannermen !! MCD !! - vminkook - Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jimin are all princes of the Noirwood, a large area of darkly wooded land. All three princes rule their respective zones in the Noirwood peacefully. The Oak Prince Jungkook is an intellectual--fighting problems with brain rather than brawn. The Laurel Prince Taehyung is an extravagant and wealthy party prince known for having a good time at his lavish castle. The Stone Prince Jimin is a rather mysterious prince--quiet, yet deadly with his sword. None of the princes have spoken in person before, and they don't plan to. But when a fourth party comes in to run rampant throughout the land, the three princes have to choose: Team up and put aside their differences or burn down together?
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moviesinfocus · 8 days ago
Review: Chino Moya’s Dark Dystopian Sci-Fi Drama UNDERGODS
Review: Chino Moya’s Dark Dystopian Sci-Fi Drama UNDERGODS
Chino Moya’s Undergods is a darkly comic dystopian drama which has a strong feeling of uneasiness running throughout. Set in an unnamed futuristic world, Moya’s film tells three stories which make The Tales Of The Unexpected seem like Looney Tunes. With nods to directors such as Terry Gilliam and Ben Wheatley, Undergods is a strong debut feature from the Spanish-born short film and music video…
Tumblr media
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rjdent · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Saint of the City by David Noone
A review by R J Dent
Even though David Noone’s novella, Saint of the City, is set firmly in Dublin and is narrated by Dublin-born Sean Aloysius Ignatius Connolly, there is a decidedly French decadent sensibility at work in this novella; a novella that is part noir thriller and part fictionalised autobiography.
As to what gives it its decidedly French ambience, it may be the sex: ‘She rose and fell violently onto my prick as the beginnings of a lupine scream escaped her mouth eventually filling the room at its crescendo. I came like a machine gun inside her as she continued on to her own climax, dragging her nails down the side of her face as she did so.’
It might be the death: ‘Getting myself a knife. Finding the bastard and slitting his fucking throat. One more dead scumbag wouldn’t bother the cops.’
Or it may be the booze: ‘I’d seen it a thousand times and wondered how I could have spent six years drinking two bottles of wine a day and still manage to have ten times the brain they had.’
Or perhaps it’s the rock and roll: ‘The Velvets’… ‘Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative… When I looked at the younger clientele I wondered how many of them had any idea who Diamanda Galas was. Or The Birthday Party. Or Lydia Lunch. Bauhaus had brought androgyny back to the fore, taking their cue from Bowie and Roxy Music. These kids looked like they were more into Motorhead and Metallica than T. Rex.’
It could even be the authors: ‘Houellebecq, Camus, Kafka’… ‘Sylvia Plath’… ‘de Sade’, because as everyone knows, especially Sean Aloysius Ignatius Connolly, the French value writers – their own and those ‘others’.
What is more likely is that the distinctly French sensibility which permeates David Noone’s incisive and insightful Saint of the City is due to a combination of all of the above-mentioned ingredients, along with ‘a charming psycho’, of a narrator who's more than happy to recount his current life anecdotes with a tone of unflinching honesty and unrepentant black humour. If Baudelaire had written a crime novella, Saint of the City would be that book.
Saint of the City is a serious, darkly comic work of fiction, and is well-worth reading – more than once.
Product Details:
Title: Saint of the City
Author: David Noone
ISBN: 978-0-244-31325-8
Publisher: Murder Slim Press
Pages: 107
Language: English
David Noone’s Saint of the City, published by Murder Slim Press is available here:
David Noone's Goodreads author profile is available here:
And details of David Noone's work can be found at:
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photographyatmit · 13 days ago
Through a Lens Darkly and Notes to a Native Son showcase the power of photography in shaping the experiences of a people, and therefore the immense power the one who controls the dissemination of photography actually has. The film showcased the images that were common in American History which characterized the black person as a brute, violent, less than human. These images all played a part in imparting racist views in America. Racism is not something people are born with, it is something they learn and pick up through their surroundings. Baldwin recounts in Notes to a Native Son how as a child he could not understand his father’s warning to his son’s regarding his white friends and classmates. But as he grew older he began to understand how society depicted the black man, and how different that image was from Baldwin’s image of himself. 
I think these two works also show the importance of paying attention to which images are being showed, and who is controlling it. For every work of photography that is shown in the media there is another work of art that is not being shown that tells a different story. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the-mourning-stars · 13 days ago
Asmodeus didn’t have to wait long, though his arms and legs were getting numb from where he was tied. He hadn’t slept a wink as the seconds ticked by. He saw a figure and chuckled darkly. “Belphegor? Brother?” The avatar of lust called out and the shorter of the two approached. He was clutching his prized pillow- albeit it Asmodeus didn’t even know where it came from. He saw the navy and white hair before he even saw his brother’s tired face. “Asmodeus… Certainly didn’t expect you to be a human’s pet. You’re the current laughing stock of the Devildom, you know? Even Mammon is having a break from Lucifer. However, he has plans for when you come back. You’re in so much trouble, it’s honestly laughable!” As if on cue, Belphegor let out a crazed cackle and the blonde winced. The fall really messed up his brother, once the avatar of diligence. Always laughing and had a smile on his face in Heaven… Yet now he was just completely unhinged. He only ever listened to his twin and since the death of their sister… No, Asmodeus didn’t have time to dwell in the past. Judging by the moon’s position through the small window on the roof, they only had a few hours to sort out business before the morning servants were up and about.
Instead, he opted for a dazzling smile and chuckled sweetly at his younger brother. “Now, now, Belphegor. Dearest brother of mine! Let’s not worry about that now, yeah? Focus on the present, pretty please? You get the chance to mess up a human and I get out of this mess alive, sound good?” His voice was soft and full of sugar, reminding the Avatar of Sloth from their times in the Heavens, when he was getting his own way, teasing people as the Avatar of Chasity. He was beautiful, though not described as the Jewel of The Heavens and Belphegor felt a slight tug at his heart. They all had suffered, but that didn’t change the position Asmodeus was in and he chuckled slightly. “Go on then…” Both demons looked at each other and Belphegor walked closer, where Solomon was standing not that long ago. “What’s your plan?” The youngest asked curiously and watched the fifth born. “Hm… I don’t have one… WAIT!” He quickly called out as he saw him turn to leave. “You can help me, okay? I can already tempt Solomon into lust and greed, but I need you to help me. I want him to fall victim to all, if not most, of the sins.”
Belphegor nodded slightly. “The ring he has… That was given to him via Michael. Trick him into giving it to you. You can become king and he’ll be exiled. How does that sound?” Belphegor offered, glancing at the moon. Asmodeus nodded. “I’m glad I called you, dearest brother! We have some time… How is everyone?” He questioned, he had been captured but before that he was wondering around and seducing men and women alike, not having time to go back to the Devildom. Belphegor let out a small breath, biting his lip. “Well... Levi is still sulking in the ocean, Mammon is looking after Beelzebub, Satan and me. Lucifer is stuck to Diavolo’s side… Not much has changed. But we’re okay as a general…” He replied with a shrug, causing Asmodeus to nod sadly. He bit his lip, watching him closely. “Aright… I’ll be back soon, okay? I promise.” Belphegor looked away and nodded slightly, “Mhm, sure. Do you need anything else?” He asked, eager to help though not wanting to show it. Asmodeus shook his head. “I’ll seduce Solomon this afternoon, then we can go from there,” he spoke, taking a deep shuddering breath, nervousness starting in his chest and spreading through him. Belphegor sighed and shrugged. “Okay… I’ll be seeing you soon then?” Asmodeus nodded.
Asmodeus smiled weakly at him as his brother stepped into the shadows again, as if melting into them and disappearing from sight. He pulled his arms and grimaced at how loud they rang in the silence. He adjusted himself to get comfortable, or as best he could, his wrists hurting, and his body was fully stiff as he watched the darkness. He could imagine the disappointed look on Lucifer’s face, but he was always disappointed in the fifth born, he knew he was the preliminary least favourite, one oof the weakest, physically and emotionally. The only powerful thing was his honeyed eyes, which gave him the ability to command those who dared to challenge him. Though, compared to his brothers…. He wasn’t anything special. He was the fifth to fall, ultimately because of Lucifer and Lilith. He sighed, finally being able to drift off into a peaceful sleep before being jolted awake. It was only quiet words that awoke him. No-one stood over him, but Solomon’s words were loud and clear in the quiet, early morning. The sky was brightening as dawn broke and Asmodeus listened to his self-proclaimed master. His heart broke, knowing he shouldn’t be listening, but anger replaced that sadness.
“This is your brother, isn’t it? I remembered you told me about him. He really is beautiful, you were right. But… you won’t hate me for keeping him, will you?” Solomon chuckled weakly, looking up at the sky. “I miss you, why did you have to leave me? You promised we’d be together… I wouldn’t be married if you were still with me… We’d have kids, David, and Esther, remember? He would be king when I died… But I have Bilquis and several other women now. Do you hate me for that? Why can’t you come back?! You’re an angel, aren’t? Come visit me!” It was clear from the way the sorcerer’s voice broke and he trailed off that he was in tears, clutching onto his shirt. Asmodeus’ guessed this wasn’t the first time it happened from the way no-one came to offer any comfort to the broken king.
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callmebrycelee · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Keanu Charles Reeves is a Canadian actor best known for his roles in the films Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Speed, The Matrix and John Wick. Keanu was born on September 2, 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon. He is 56 years old and a Virgo. He has starred in Dangerous Liaisons, Parenthood, Point Break, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, My Own Private Idaho, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Much Ado About Nothing, Little Buddha, Johnny Mnemonic, A Walk in the Clouds, Chain Reaction, The Devil’s Advocate, The Replacements, The Watcher, The Gift, Sweet November, Hardball, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, Something’s Gotta Give, Constantine, A Scanner Darkly, The Lake House, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Henry’s Crime, Knock Knock, Keanu, John Wick: Chapter 2, Destination Wedding, John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, Always Be My Maybe, Toy Story 4, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run and Bill & Ted Face the Music.  Keanu can next be seen in the upcoming Matrix. Keanu is 6 feet and 1 inch tall. 
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vengeanceburns · 16 days ago
@furypalesbeforemine asked:
|     she pulled her umbra crescent free of another fallen corpse, scowling darkly. “ i’m impressed that you’ve held out for this long. ”
“ our numbers may be greatly diminished, but my people are capable soldiers, my lady. ”
he hadn’t said it at all impolitely.
still, there was a sort of insistence in his tone.
his people were not weak.
dire circumstance might have driven them to a dependence upon the aid of others, but he would be damned before he allowed them to be seen as weak because of it.
of course, he didn’t suppose that she’d likely meant to imply anything so momentous.
that being said, it did strike a very intimate chord.
“ in any case, the undead that remain here lack organization. ”
the outline of a scowl had twisted his otherwise schooled expression.
“ compared to the legions that marched on our city, they have little backbone. ”
it was difficult to be thankful on that account, of course.
it always difficult when the best you’d been given was the lesser of the worsts.
in any case, he had not been born yesterday.
he knew very well that if the attacks here had been less vicious of late, it only meant that the monsters were concentrating their efforts elsewhere.
Tumblr media
which would all too soon be everywhere, if the utmost wasn’t done to stop it.
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literatureaesthetic · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
So April was definitely one of my slower reading months. I read a total of 5 books, all of them were either romance or fantasy (who's surprised? No one). If you have any book recommendations based on my April Wrap Up, I'd love to hear them!!
Books Read During April: (click the title of each book to see my thoughts!)
↠ Born, Madly - Trisha Wolfe, ☆☆☆☆
↠ Born, Darkly - Trisha Wolfe, ☆☆☆.75
↠ Chain of Iron - Cassandra Clare, ☆☆☆.5
↠ Twisted Loyalties - Cora Reilly, ☆☆☆☆.5
↠ She Who Became the Sun - Shelley Parker-Chan, dnf at 50%
I hope you all read some amazing books!!
Tumblr media
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batwritings · 17 days ago
I loved the breeding kink with Sam. Maybe a fluff/slight nsfw one where they have a kid and Sam and reader are in the bedroom about to have sexy time (clothes are still on) and their kid just bursts in and then it’s just all fluff and stuff thx!!
Hhhhhhh I’m such a sucker for families!!!!!!!! Enjoy~!
When yours and Sam’s kid was born, it was a learning experience. As he got older however, things got marginally easier and he was able to sleep on his own and not explode every time he sneezed. Sam thought it was funny, being reminded of his younger self.
It was early morning when you woke up to kisses being littered across your neck, strong arms around your waist. You smile, shifting against your boyfriend slightly. “Mornin’ Sammy,” you mutter, voice tired.
Your Creeper partner kisses right below your ear. You knew what that typically meant, but you were never quite sure. “Morning sweetheart,” he responds, voice gravelly and low. You shift again, trying to confirm your suspicions. Sure enough, there was Sam’s length, hard and eager against your ass.
You sigh, grinding back against him and listening to him groan at your motion. He rolls on top of you, arms caging you in. “Trying to start things early are we?” he chuckles darkly. “I like it.”
It’s only when he kisses you deeply and his hands start to trail up your sides does your bedroom door slams open. “Breakfast!” screams your child, beaming widely at you and Sam. Your boyfriend is quick to pull away from you, looking over. He chuckles, slipping on his mask.
“I suppose it is,”  he smiles, helping you out of bed. You chuckle at him and wink as your son scampers off.
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amberbeach · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
transported through time
sir ivan knight of zandar x reader
gif belongs to me
It had been over a month since you mourned Ivan's assumed death. And every day your mind thought of him more than once. A marriage between a commoner and a Knight had been known to happen, though it was uncommon. You were a servant of the young King and Ivan was forever grateful the young King had allowed your marriage.
You were married for barely a month when he left with the Prince, only to never return, leaving you heartbroken. The Prince had told you about the monster who had attacked them and despite the many who didn't believe him, you found his story too descriptive to be born of fear. It only made you worry about Ivan more.
You were walking through the gardens to the castle to attend to your duties when you saw a creature who looked exactly as Prince Colin had described. You backed away from Fury who rushed towards you, screaming when he grabbed your arm.
"You're coming with me."
You gasped when a portal appeared, trying to break free as Fury pulled you through. You looked around the dreary ship, staring at horror at the monsters who chuckled darkly as you were thrown into a cell.
You looked around, pressing your back against the dirty wall, curling into a ball as you wept.
For two days you went without food, your white dress covered in dirt from the cell. You looked up when the cell opened and Fury entered, scurrying to the corner.
"No, no please!"
He yanked you out of the cell and you were transported to the city. You looked around in terror, afraid of the world you had been taken to. You whimpered when Fury's grip tightened on your arm, seeing a group running towards you while everyone else ran away.
You stared at the Knight in shock, tears in your eyes when you recognized him. "Ivan?" You gasped in disbelief.
"Release her now. She has naught to do with our feud." He stepped forward, glowering at Fury.
You watched as the group was blown backward, screaming when you saw Ivan on the ground.
Fury shoved you away, holding the tip of his sword at your neck. "Don't move."
You swallowed thickly, glancing at the group, eyebrows furrowing when you saw them morph.
You gasped when Fury was blown backward, the blast sending you to the ground. Ivan raced towards you, scooping you into his arms and out of the line of fire.
You stared at the golden suit as he placed his hands on your shoulders to steady you. "Remain here."
He reluctantly ran back to fight and you looked at the battle, backing away when Fury growled at you.
You ran off, and Ivan called your name, turning his back on Stingrage who knocked him to the ground. You continued to flee, bumping into people. You stared at their appearances, shocked and confused. You fled to the park, using the trees to hide. You breathed heavily, sliding down a tree to sit down, tears falling down your cheeks.
After Stingrage and Fury had fled, Ivan searched for you, frowning when he saw you were gone.
"Who was that?" Shelby asked.
Ivan looked down solemnly. "Her name is Y/N." He turned to the group. "My wife."
The ranger's eyes widened.
"I must search for her." He walked away and Tyler called for him to stop.
"We'll help you. If we split up we can cover more ground." He suggested.
Ivan nodded, teaming with Shelby as they searched for you. As Ivan moved through the streets, he realized how terrified you must have been. This world was odd to him, but he never felt fear. You, however, were not a Knight, you were soft-spoken and gentle. And now you were 800 years in the future, lost and alone.
"'re married?" Shelby spoke up.
Ivan looked around the street, nodding.
"How did you meet?"
"She is a servant of King Colin. I had returned from a tournament and we collided in the hallway." Ivan smiled softly recalled that day.
"Why didn't you tell us about her?"
"When you freed me, I awoke in this world that is so different from the world I knew. Every day I thought of her, and every day I wished I could be home in Zandar. Now she is here, in an unfamiliar world. She must be terrified."
He stopped walking, pausing to turn around. "What is it?" Shelby asked.
"Those trees." He murmured. "It's brilliant." He grinned.
"For what?" Shelby asked as she ran after him when he suddenly sprinted across the road into the park.
You walked through the woods, your dress was torn from your journey. You heard someone calling your name and turned to find the source, gasping when Stingrage appeared, holding you. You heard Fury snickering as he walked out of his hiding place. You struggled to break free, pleading when Fury injected you with a syringe. You fell to the ground and the two monsters fought the two rangers, fleeing when more appeared.
Ivan removed his golden suit, rushing towards you, kneeling down to shake you gently. "Y/N? Y/N!" He felt your skin burning up and looked at the rangers. "She isn't waking up."
"Let's take her to the base," Tyler suggested.
Ivan lifted you up and he followed the rangers back to the museum. He solemnly laid you down and held your hand as Kendall examined you.
"There's a small puncture wound on her neck." She told him. "Her signs are falling rapidly. Fury must have given her something."
Ivan brushed a strand of hair behind your ear, listening to the rangers.
"If we find out what it is, we can make an antidote," Riley suggested.
Ivan looked at his friends, seeing their concerned gazes. "Do what you must. As long as she is well."
He stayed by your side, glancing at you solemnly. He watched as Kendall and Riley performed tests and waited eagerly for you to wake up.
When the alarm rang and Stingrage was on the monitor, attacking Amber Beach, Ivan stood up, ready to fight. He swiftly left the base, leaving the team to follow.
When the team returned after Stingrage's defeat, Ivan immediately noticed that you were gone.
"I gave her the antidote and she ran off before I could stop her," Kendall explained, pointing to where Koda slept.
Ivan slowly approached the cave, holding a hand out to stop his team from crowding around.
"It's alright," Ivan assured, smiling softly.
You moved away and he swallowed thickly, holding back the pain he felt when he saw how afraid you were. Your eyes darted around, looking at the group behind him, at the cars passing by, and then at him.
"Look in my eyes." You met his gaze and held it. "I will never let anything happen to you. I swear it. Take my hand." You hesitantly moved forward and Ivan held a hand out to you.
You took his hand and stared at him in disbelief as you stood chest to chest. You hugged him tightly and he buried his head in your shoulder, closing his eyes.
You looked at Ivan, placing a hand on his cheek when he pulled away. He looked down at you, amazed by how little you have changed, making him wonder how long he was gone before Fury took you.
"This is impossible." You stared at him in wonder and disbelief. "I thought you were dead."
He smiled down at you, taking your hand when you placed it on his chest. "I assure you I am very much alive."
You looked at the group who lingered a few feet away, eyebrows furrowing as you looked at Ivan. "This world is strange. The clothes. The monsters...where are we?"
"800 years in the future." He said. "But don't fret, it is not as frightening as it seems." He turned to his team, "Allow me to introduce you. Tyler, Chase, Riley, Koda, and Shelby."
You looked at the group, sending them a small smile. You felt a sharp pain in your abdomen and hunched over, crying out. Ivan caught you when you knelt to the ground, lying you down.
"What's wrong?" Ivan looked at Kendall when she examined you.
"She's burning up."
You grabbed Ivan's jacket and he held your hand, leaning closer as you pulled him down. "It didn't work."
"We'll find another cure."
You groaned in pain and Ivan kept his face impassive while you squeezed his hand, masking how much it hurt. Whatever you were feeling was much worse.
"I'm glad that I saw you one more time."
"You're going to be fine." Ivan looked at Kendall. "Will she not?"
Kendall solemnly shook her head and Ivan looked down at you, inhaling sharply.
"I can't even begin to describe how much I missed you." You whispered, grimacing from the pain.
Kendall stood up, ushering the rangers out of the base. Ivan paid them no mind as he stared down at you.
"You're going to be fine."
A tear fell down his cheek when your head fell to the side, eyes closing. "No, stay with me." He shook your arm gently, lips parting in shock when he felt your hand go limp in his grasp. His head lowered solemnly as he kissed your hand before placing it on your stomach.
"I'm sorry." He shook his head, "I let you down. I should have been there to protect you. The fates have dealt us a cruel blow, indeed." He placed his hand on your cheek, "I will see you again, my love." He kissed your forehead, pulling away to fight back the cry that threatened to leave his lips.
From the moment he was free he dreamed of being home in Zandar with you. Now you were gone and he dreaded going home to the place that would remind him of you every day.
He now knew what you felt when you heard he didn't return. It was an overwhelming feeling that caused his stomach to churn. He wished you would open your eyes and smile just one more time. But Ivan knew he would never see you smile again. And it tore him apart.
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Gonna talk about more about Opal and Aspheera for those interested I should mention right away that Opal isn't a lesbian nor have I ever really focused that much on her sexuality since I was more forced on fleshing out her character and backstory If I were to state what her sexuality was more than likely it would be asexual. Scratch that she would be cupiosexual She has her mate, Rattla, however given their past history with each other and both having accepted that the way things used to be between them before Opal was exiled is never going to be the same. Now given that Opal was asked by someone else to talk with the ancient Pyro Viper sorceress, their scheduled meeting starts shakey. As in Aspheera couldn't believe that the head security went so low to ask a "younger" Serpentine to come talk with her. Meanwhile Opal is just as unimpressed with Aspheera as they remind her all too much as Skales and his ambitions to claim the title of general for himself. Basically, neither female liked or enjoys each other's company very much so the time of their meeting was cut short. Although, Warden Noble has already scheduled another meeting to happen, hoping that Opal will be able to get through to Aspheera. After the, say, 5th unsuccessful meeting Warden grows uncharacteristically frustrated with Opal's lack of progress with winning Aspheera over. Just before Opal left Warden appeared blocking her exit, something that had never happened during the last visits. Warden then explains himself before he says something extremely stupid. He commands that the Hypnobrai work harder to win Aspheera over. Command...a Serpentine to do his work????!
Opal drops the illusion of her identity as a human woman revealing her true form to now white faced head of the prison. Her eyes glow a frightening shade of red in the shadow of the cell. She hisses darkly and menacing enough to grab the sorceress' attention who at that point has already been ignoring the two. "You do not command me, Mr. Noble, nor am I bent to serve you and do your hard work for you." Opal seethes, her hood flared outward giving the human quaking before her an imposing image of a Serpentine dealt with wrong. "I guess things never will change between humans and Serpentine as long as you think you can command us - command ME - to do your hard work for you. I've been coming here as you asked every single visit because I had an inkling if I didn't do what you wanted you were going to make my lovely hood and business harder for me. I have lived far longer than you, your parents or even your grandparents before they were born, Mr. Noble. I'm all to familiar and wise to the finicky nature of you humans and this I'll give you this one warning. Command me or even treat me less than you again I promise I will inform the Serpentine King himself of your words. Do I make myself clear, Mr. Noble?" Shaking, pale faced and quaking at the knees the head of the security frantically nodded his head before stepping aside to allow the now "human" woman to pass through. "I will see you during our next scheduled meeting, Aspheera. Good day."
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