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bestfrndscloset · 8 days ago
Check out this listing I just added to my Poshmark closet: 3 Little Pigs & Red Riding Hood book bundle.
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crowsimp · 10 days ago
Young wolf: I may be pulling a Trisha paytas on the bathroom floor but at least I have pie (the sun)
The sun: is gone
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literatureaesthetic · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
So April was definitely one of my slower reading months. I read a total of 5 books, all of them were either romance or fantasy (who's surprised? No one). If you have any book recommendations based on my April Wrap Up, I'd love to hear them!!
Books Read During April: (click the title of each book to see my thoughts!)
↠ Born, Madly - Trisha Wolfe, ☆☆☆☆
↠ Born, Darkly - Trisha Wolfe, ☆☆☆.75
↠ Chain of Iron - Cassandra Clare, ☆☆☆.5
↠ Twisted Loyalties - Cora Reilly, ☆☆☆☆.5
↠ She Who Became the Sun - Shelley Parker-Chan, dnf at 50%
I hope you all read some amazing books!!
Tumblr media
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df-202 · 28 days ago
D-パワーF(D-Power F) personajes: francisco diaz--フランシスコ・ディアス-- jeremias bustos--ジェレミア ・ バスト-- josue quinteros--ジョスエ・キンテロス-- dario heredia-- ダリオ・エレディア-- camila asis--カミラ・アシス-- ema bracamonte-- エマ・ブラカモンテ-- mili historia meteora juarez--ミリ・ヒストリー・流星・ フアレス-- trisha--トリッシュ-- sarah minako-- サラ·ミナコ「チーター」-- holly --ホリ-- (mute lobo hermana de Francisco Díaz ) freddy diaz--フレディ·ディアス-- bones ayakuwiwa--あやくわわ骨-- nora diaz--ノラ·ディアス fukoyami okamitama--おかみたまふこやみ joaquin coco diaz--ジョアキン「ココ」ディアス-- nicolas diaz--ニコラス·ディアス-- maria santa "pocha" villegas--マリアサンタ「ポチャ」ヴィルガス-- ivanna L. villegas "alas negras"--イヴァンナ・L・ヴィルガス 「黒い翼」-- federico R. diaz--フェデリコ・R・ディアス-- mariana andrea suarez--マリアン・アンドレア・スアレス-- hugo humberto villegas "puño de hierro"--ヒューゴ・ウンベルト・ヴィルガス  「鉄の拳」-- kyuura akamechi--キュウラアカメチ-- abuela lyo--おばあちゃんリョウ-- Lycuss--ライカス--( hombre lobo hermano de colmillo de Francisco Díaz ) Edward Teach "Barbanegra"--エドワード•ティーチュ "黒ひげ"-- Mt. Theresa de Calcuta--カルカッタのテレサ-- フラスケの街の冒険(frasuke's city adventures) personajes: frasuke joaquin nicolas diaz--フラスケ・ホアキン・ニコラス・ディアス-- jeremias bustos--ジェレミア ・バスト-- federico diaz segundo--フェデリコ・ディアスII-- emily rose--エミリーローズ-- nikojasu ogimitama--おぎみたまニコジャス-- francisco diaz--フランシスコ・ディアス-- yumiho hamarapink--ゆみほはまらピンク-- 絶対未来:F(ultra future:F) personajes: catalina diaz--カタリンナ•ディアス-- mononeko--モノネコ-- francisco diaz--フランシスコ・ディアス-- *FRUKI--フルキ-- Y BESTIA EPIRITUAL-- 霊的な獣-- d-power f diaz francisco: rey de los dioses--神々の王-- rey de las bestias--獣の王-- modo mega-mute lobo (kipo and the age of wonderbeasts) modo monstruo(recolector: gleipnir) barghest's claw *Hombre lobo( tardan Duncan) *King God mode( forma final) copiar habilidades jeremias bustos: shadow wizard--シャドウウィザード-- igneel--イグニール-- camila asis: nyanko sensei/madara--ニャンコ先生/斑-- ema bracamonte: arma viviente-- 生きている武器-- dario heredia: six pistols--シックスピストル-- vongola guns3trd--ボンゴラ銃3trd-- kurama--クラマ-- josue quinteros: silver chariot--シルベチャリオ-- gluttony wolf--大食い狼-- mili historia meteora juarez: xam'd de las memorias perdidas--亡念のザムド-- trisha: wessen wolf--ウェッセウルフ-- frasuke's city adventures frasuke j. n. diaz: jesus crasher--イエス・クラッシャー-- federico diaz segundo: arts bites-- アートバイツ-- ogimitama nikojasu: the scar--ザ・スカル-- yumiho hamarapink: pink scarlet--ピンクの緋色-- emily rose: king kazma--キング·カズマ-- ultra future: F catalina diaz: f-exterminator mononeko: ghoul jack--グールジャック-- *villanos: d-power f doomwitch-- ドゥームウィッチ-- frasuke's city adventures kiler joikusabe--キラー・ジョイクサベ-- ultra future:f kelly towa stan--ケリー・トワ・スタン-- personajes de invitacion: D-POWER F: kipo and the age of wonderbeasts: good billions --グー· ビリオ-- bad billions--悪い· ビリオ-- mama alfa--ママアルファ-- papa alfa--パパアルファ-- Yumyan Hammerpaw--ユミャンハンマーポー-- Margot--マーゴット-- tangled adventure kiera"angry"--キエラ「怒り」-- catalina "red"--カタリナ「赤」-- avatar: the last airbender: azula--アズーラ-- iroh--イロ-- my hero academia: gang orca--ギ ャ ン グ オ ル カ-- HOUND dog--ハウンド土偶-- the lion king: shenzi, banzai,ed--シェンジ、バンザイ、エド-- overlord: crusch lulu--クルシュ・ルールー-- bna brand new animal: marie itami--マリー・伊丹-- re:zero: ricardo welkin--リカード・ウェルキン-- fullmetal alchemist: scar--スカー-- fire force: sho kusakabe--象日下部-- spice & wolf: holo--ホロ-- miss kobayashi's dragon maid: tohru--トール-- danny phantom: wulf--ウルフ-- penn zero part time hero: blaze--ブレイズ-- the owl house: barcus--バルキュ-- kemono michi: wolfgang von kraftman--ヴォルフガング・フォン・クラフトマン-- one piece: nekomamushi--ネコマムシ-- inuarashi--イヌアラシ-- BIG mom--ビッグママ-- assassination classroom: koro-sensei--殺せんせー-- dragon ball super: beerus--ビルス-- champa--シャンパ-- zeno sama--全ぜん王おう-- Bergamo--ベルガモ-- youkai watch: lord enma--エンマ大王-- DC's harley quinn: king shark ultra future: F: the loud house: lola loud--ローラ·ラウド-- assassination classroom: asano gakushu--浅野学修-- new danganronpa V3: harukawa maki--春川牧--
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bestfrndscloset · a month ago
Check out this listing I just added to my Poshmark closet: ❌sold on mercari ❌.
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bestfrndscloset · a month ago
Check out this listing I just added to my Poshmark closet: 3 Little Pigs & Red Riding Hood book bundle.
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bestfrndscloset · a month ago
Check out this listing I just added to my Poshmark closet: ❌sold on mercari❌.
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mius-imagination · 3 months ago
I agree w the trisha thing rip i kinda liked her before...cHiLe aNywAYs miu does dirty storytimes and talks abt embarassing sex details and all of that while wolfing down pizza boxes #mUKBaNg and she also does the usual "spilling tea" vids while shes in her car in the drive thru parking lot chewing on fast food and sipping soda. Sometimes she invites rantaro, himiko, angie or tenko over to eat together and discuss shit on camera and make fun of others sbbqbavhd also does ur average vlogs, challenges and fashion/brand reviews. Anyways subscribe to miu - chaos anon
this made me so happy pls omg
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pleasancehqs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
CHARACTER NAME: Sergio ‘Gio’ Fayed
FACECLAIM: Taylor Zakhar Perez
AGE & DATE OF BIRTH: 25 (June 17, 1995)
OCCUPATION: Employee at Maja’s Food Truck
PLACE OF BIRTH: Pleasance, Ohio
OPTIONAL PLOT: The Mystery Gang
“Dude, people keep asking me that and I only have one thing to say…” he began. “I swear I once heard that tree at Lourdes Mason’s laugh. And I know what you’re thinking, that I was probably high or whatever. But I’ll have you know that I was seven back then and wouldn’t even know where to get pot if I wanted to,” he added. The joint between his fingers and his track record of being a pathological liar wasn’t helping his case. “Man, don’t look at me like that, I’m not makin’ this shit up! Look, ask Roy, he was there.” He turned to his friend in question, who was already passed out on the couch. If there was one thing that was irrevocably true in his statement, it was that Roy was, in fact, there. Which hardly did anything to affirm Gio’s statement— the guy was also known to be quite the boy who cried wolf.
“Honestly? I just really think that there’s more to this town than what meets the eye.” And it could be the weed, but as soon as he said the words, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned his head slightly, just to see enough from his peripheral, but no one was there. “And like…” He turned back to the other and took another hit from the spliff. “I feel the town suffering sometimes. Like it’s got this huge papercut and it can’t scream or cry for help or anything. A century-old papercut. Can you imagine?”
“I’ve always wanted to see the ocean. My aunt says that friggin’ lake’s as good as it’s gonna get.” He laughed, then, the sound diminishing after a single huff. While it was true that seeing the ocean and looking across a vast and infinite horizon had been a personal dream of his, it was more the notion of getting out of Pleasance that he was after. 
And sure, he could, theoretically, just leave if he really wanted to. He had a driver’s license and had some savings to last him a couple of days out of town. He had his aunt’s sandwich recipes already memorized after years of working at the food truck. He liked to think he was scrappy enough to make a run for it.
But it really was so much more than that. For one, he couldn’t leave his aunt behind. Not after her sister, Gio’s mother, had up and left. Not after his father, a childhood friend of his aunt’s, was probably rotting in prison for god knows what in god knows where. 
Second, and more importantly, where would he even go? What would he even do? He hadn’t thought much past the goddamn ocean. 
“Seriously, though. Pleasance is home. Why would I want to leave?”
“Z’s is an institution for us,” he answered proudly, like he owned the place. He might as well have; he liked to brandish himself as King of Z’s with how long he’d been a loyal patron of the old arcade restaurant. Which, when said out loud, wasn’t as impressive as he initially thought it was. “Lots of good memories at Z’s. I beat Brandon McMahon in Street Fighter here. After that, he stopped bullying people out of their lunch money. I’m sort of a legend for that” He beamed. “Oh! I had my first kiss with Trisha Lawrence there, too. Well, we were in my car, but like… we were on a Dance Dance high.”
“Oh, man, my aunt bought me my first guitar from him. Said he just had tons lying around in his house. He’s a great guy, he’s like family to us.” It was true, that Raffy had done a lot for him and his aunt especially in the first year when his mother left. Gio was only seven then, but memories of the unassuming record store owner teaching him how to ride a bike while his Aunt Maja watched from the lawn, lemonades already in hand, vividly remained in his mind. 
“People tell me I remind them of that pink dog in the cartoons who liked to scream a lot.” He couldn’t, for the life of him, remember what its name was. “I can’t help that I’m loud. Or that I sometimes mistakenly see something move from the corner of my eye and only have it be like, a tree branch or some shit. Excuse me for being cautious.”
(TW: Death, Drowning, Spiders)
“You ever seen a Daddy Long Legs?” The question seemed to rouse Roy from the dead and either he was coughing or laughing at Gio for it. “Dude, those things are creepy as hell. Like, why the long legs? I think that’s what’s freakin’ me out.” While it was true that his phobia of the spider (or all spiders, if he were to be honest) had caused him to run out of the bathroom mid-shower, patches of soap suds doing very little to hide his nakedness as he ran across the living room screaming, Gio had a much more pressing fear that was a lot harder to face than hitting a spider with his shoe. 
No one knew what happened to Sofia Rodriguez. She, like many of the people that were left unaccounted for over the years, had seemingly vanished into thin air. Gio liked to think he was still connected to his mother in some way, or he wouldn’t be having those vividly morbid nightmares of his mother, as he remembered her in pictures, walking into the ocean. Most people, if they knew, would tell him that it meant exactly what it showed him, but Gio stood by the belief that it was something else. Still, the fear lingered.
What if they were right?
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rozandimitri · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Para Llevar: Five of Cups - Trisha Wolfe (Colección Cards of Love)
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lifesgrandparade · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Get your fucking bags together you are FUCKING fired for comparing Con Air, a magestic gem of a movie whose secrets reveal themselves with each rewatch, with Lone Wolf McQuade. I saw Con Air in theaters and like... I felt nothing walking the stage during graduation. I like tried to feel something but I came up empty. I remember sitting in some cheap movie theater in the county and feeling chills during the Trisha Yearwood cover of How do I live without you. I was like “All that murder was worth it, after all, Nic Cage is back with his family.”
I’ve seen Lone Wolf McQuade like three times I think? It’s basically a Walker Texas Ranger test run. I’ll say this, what an all “that actor” cast. David Carradine! William Sanderson! Barbera Carrera! Perpetual old cowboy L. Q. Jones! Five time, FIVE TIME, Jason Vorhees Kane Hodder. and most importantly, Robert Beltran, future Commander Chakotay in Star Trek Voyager, as McQUade’s partner, described in a wikipedia entry clearly written by a white guy “ a tough but clean-cut and polite Latino.” This might sound problematic but I have to fucking tell you that was probably all Beltran was given when he took the role.
Here’s another thing I’ll say about Lone Wolf McQuade. It lead to a peak fucking moment at “the Fun Box,” the arbutus shithole I lived with four of my best friends after College that was basically a nitrous canister, mushroom, and gravity bong warehouse. Anyway we were all watching this movie and Ramos (A clean cut and polite Latino), early on, gets roughed up by a goon who may have been Kane Hodder who the fuck knows. well the goon roughs him up, gets his ass kicked by LONE WOLF MCQUADE (Norris) and immediately disappears because there’s like fifty goddamn plotpoints that go nowhere between this scene and the finale.
Anyway at the big fight at the end, the guy reappears and starts fighting Ramos (A clean cut and polite Latino) and he’s like “Hey, you remember me?” And Ramos shoots him dead and says
“Yeah, I never forget an asshole.”
And we laughed for twenty five minutes because the emotional maturity of a the members of a place called “The Fun Box” is set at 15.
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miniatureworlds · 4 months ago
New York Times: The Dollhouses of Instagram
'Instagram-inspired enthusiasts are making their interior-design dreams real — only 12 times smaller.
Tumblr media
(Image: Trisha Krauss)
By Ronda Kaysen, March 13, 2020
'The kitchen that Jessica Coffee designed checked all the trendy boxes: white Shaker cabinets, a subway-tile backsplash, wide oak-plank floors and an open-concept floor plan, with views into the living room’s shiplap walls. The photographs she posted on her Instagram page evoked enthusiastic comments from followers, who gushed about high-end details like the water filler above the stove.
The only drawback? Ms. Coffee, 40, can’t actually serve a meal in her kitchen, at least not a real one, because the room, like the rest of the house, is built to a 1:12 scale — that 36-inch chef’s stove is actually three inches long. It’s in a dollhouse that sits in the real-life master bedroom of her home in Walla Walla, Wash., which looks nothing like her amazing tiny one.
“People are always like, ‘Ooh! I would like to see your real house.’ No you wouldn’t. I live in a house that is barely 1,000 square feet with three kids and a Great Dane,” said Ms. Coffee, who sells her miniature designs and posts online tutorials at Jessica Cloe Miniatures. “My dollhouse square footage is much better than my actual square footage.”
Tumblr media
'Ms. Coffee is among a growing community of artisans who have turned the craft of dollhouse making into an exercise in aspirational home design on an itty-bitty scale, with their tiny rooms and furnishings displayed on well-curated Instagram accounts with glossy photographs and videos set to music reminiscent of “The Fixer Upper” on HGTV. Scroll too quickly, or miss the photograph with a human-scale hand surreally poking into the scene, and a viewer might confuse the image for a real-life one, the type of image that leaves you feeling equally amazed by and envious of the enormous kitchen island with a soapstone countertop.
These dollhouse makers and collectors say we’ve entered a miniature Renaissance. Call it a Mini-Aissance. “We’re living in it now,” said Kate Esme Ünver, who curates miniatures on her Instagram page Dailymini, and is the author of the 2019 book “The Book of Mini: Inside the Big World of Tiny Things.”
Social media has turned what was once a niche hobby into a decidedly trendy and increasingly profitable business, making it easier for artisans to find each other and potential customers online. The Instagram hashtag #dollhouse has 1.65 million posts and #miniature has almost 4.3 million, a mix of posts from people making miniatures and those sharing what they’ve found. Victorian-era lace and antique armoires are being scrapped for midcentury modern chairs, fiddle-leaf fig plants and sputnik chandeliers. House Beautiful took notice and commissioned 11 interior designers to reimagine a Victorian dollhouse in their own style, auctioning the decidedly contemporary finished products at the New York Design Center on Feb. 27.
In the past six months, searches on Etsy for 1:12 scale furniture were up 39 percent and searches for dollhouse rugs and miniature items were up 20 percent from the same period a year ago. A search on the site for dollhouses yields 237,000 results. “It’s certainly a trend that’s rising,” said Dayna Isom Johnson, an Etsy trend expert. The popular items — miniature succulents, bath salts, word art — point to an interest from the grown-ups, not their children. “Maybe there are very sophisticated 10-year-olds out there who want a midcentury sofa, but I assume these are adults who want to take this on as a new hobby.”
Chris Toledo, 34, who showcases his diminutive creations on the Instagram account I Build Small Things, has watched his business soar in the past two years thanks to social media. He now sells his dollhouses, designed in a nod to the 1920s architecture of Los Angeles, where he lives, for $150,000 to $200,000 apiece.
“Before, miniatures were only publicized through miniature magazines,” he said. “Social media put it in everybody’s face.” His homes feature intricately detailed rooms, like a kitchen with a subway-tile backsplash and a schoolhouse pendant light that would look real if it weren’t for the life-size head of garlic positioned in the middle of the room.
Tumblr media
'While some artisans specialize in furnishings and décor, Mr. Toledo focuses on the architecture, selling complete dollhouses as well as individual rooms — like a bathroom in a shadow box — for as much as $20,000. He designs the rooms by hand, milling moldings and using miniature tools, like a table saw the size of a shoe box, for carpentry work.
The advent of 3-D printers has opened the door for people without such advanced woodworking skills, too — to the disappointment of traditional dollhouse makers, who view such technology as taboo. Ms. Coffee of Walla Walla, for example, uses a 3-D printer to make smaller objects, like decorative pumpkins, which she sells for $5. She makes other items, such as throw pillows, using everyday materials and tools like glue, fabric, tweezers and quilt batting.
A year into her craft, Ms. Coffee now sells enough printable herringbone floors and cowhide rugs on her website to turn a profit, although still not enough to give up her day job as a graphic designer. She also uses the dollhouses to work out design challenges in the real-life houses that she and her husband renovate and flip. If she’s not sure about a floor color or a pattern for a rug, she can try it out on a tiny scale for a few dollars. Her actual home has the same rustic wide-plank flooring as her dollhouses.
While miniatures have long had their enthusiasts, this new generation of dollhouse makers is turning to idealized contemporary homes at a time when the real-life version is increasingly out of reach for many Americans. High real estate prices and stagnating wages make it difficult for many homeowners to consider a $100,000 kitchen with a farmhouse sink and a Wolf stove. But you could have a very little one — or three of them, and fill them with teensy espresso makers, cheese boards and bottles of Dom Pérignon. Like the idea of a barn door, but don’t actually have a place to install one? Tuck it into the dollhouse attic, and if it grows tiresome, refurnish the entire room with rattan chairs, a shag rug and a soft pink palette.
Tumblr media
'Kwandaa Roberts, an OB-GYN in Philadelphia, says she has found a following on her Instagram account, Tiny House Calls, among millennial women who pine for a prettier house. “They don’t have any money and a lot of them can’t afford to buy houses and they’re living at home with their parents or in a tiny apartment with roommates and they can’t do design and all the things that they want to do,” she said. “But like me, they can get a lot of their creative energy out on a dollhouse.”
Dr. Roberts, 47, a single mother of two, started her hobby two years ago when she bought a dollhouse at Target. She intended to give it to her daughter, now 5, but instead found that it filled a creative longing she had to be an interior designer. She painted it, added wallpaper, and details like a brass soaking tub and a kitchen with a waterfall countertop. She made furniture by hand with supplies she bought at Michaels. “I’ve always loved interior design, had a huge passion for it, and may have gone into it as a career had I known that was a thing,” she said. But when she was growing up, “there was no HGTV. Home Depot sold lumber; it was not what it is today.”
In her tiny houses, Dr. Roberts has found an outlet, and an opportunity to reveal her projects on videos and photos she shares with her 47,000 followers. “I don’t have to redo my house,” she said. Instead, “I can have 10,000 kitchens and they will be fantastic.”...'
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