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urban-surfin · 2 hours ago
If I’m gonna feel sorry for myself, I wanna be able to quantify my misery.
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annie-greta-pape · 2 hours ago
Ich will nicht hören, daß du
mich nie wieder losläßt.
Sag mir, daß du
da bist, bleibst,
und Tee für mich aufsetzt,
wenn ich von meinen Ausflügen und
Abenteuern und Rückzügen
heimkehre zu dir.
Sag mir, daß du
dein Leben lebst.
Und dann teilen wir miteinander,
In frühen Morgen- und
späten Abendstunden und
was wir wollen. Und wie.
Laß uns
zusammen frei sein.
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urban-surfin · 3 hours ago
I’m just the peas on her plate, and she’ll never let me touch the meat or potatoes. ... I need to see her either a lot more or a lot less.
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walkswithmyfather · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
“We find real rest in the presence of God and in trusting Him !”
“[Jesus] said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” —Mark 6:31 (NIV)
“Come with me, just yourselves. We'll go to a quiet place, and rest for a while,” Jesus told them, because there was so much coming and going that they didn't even have time to eat. So they went by boat to a quiet place to be alone. —Mark 6:31‭-‬32 (FBV).
“Human Race” by: Poh Fang Chia
“The alarm clock goes off. Too early, it seems. But you have a long day ahead. You have work to do, appointments to keep, people to care for, or all this and more. Well, you are not alone. Each day, many of us rush from one matter to another. As someone has wittily suggested, “That’s why we are called the human race.”
When the apostles returned from their first mission trip, they had a lot to report. But Mark did not record Jesus’s evaluation of the disciples’ work; rather, he focused on His concern that they rest awhile. Jesus said, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest” (Mk 6:31).
Ultimately, we find true rest through recognizing the presence of God and trusting Him. While we take our responsibilities seriously, we also recognize that we can relax our grip on our work and careers, our families and ministry, and give them over to God in faith. We can take time each day to tune out the distractions, put away the tense restlessness, and reflect in gratitude on the wonder of God’s love and faithfulness.
So feel free to stop and take a breath. Get some real rest.
Reflect & Pray: Lord, I thank You today for all You have given me to do. Help me to truly rest in You—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.” Amen. 🙏
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crazienerds · 4 hours ago
A Run Alone
Why do I have to run with people always? Today, I choose to run alone in a beautiful place, to clear my head. I now feel that I’ve got the right mindset to get into the season, just like this field that’s been tilled at the right time before the sowing starts. Inspired by Sonya’s ‘Three Line Tales #276’. Featured Image:Photo by Jonathan Leppan on Unsplash.
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esuemmanuel · 4 hours ago
Yo tengo el alma tatuada de polvo estelar, brillan en mí las millones de constelaciones que danzan en la infinidad del universo. Estoy hecho de fulgores, de oscuridad y vacío… y una que otra chispa refulgente que arde a la par de los soles que giran con la pausa de la paz. Soy nubes. Soy viento. Soy fuego y agua. Soy firmamento. Soy arriba y abajo. Soy adentro y afuera. Soy el cometa que viaja a la deriva, el mismo que en su cola arrastra su magnificencia. Y así, como ardo en el vacío, escribo lo que siento… lo que amo… y lo que ansío.
— Esu Emmanuel©️, My soul is tattooed with stardust, the millions of constellations that dance in the infinity of the universe shine in me. I am made of gleams, of darkness and emptiness... and a spark or two that burns with the suns that rotate with the pause of peace. I am clouds. I am wind. I am fire and water. I am firmament. I am above and below. I am inside and outside. I am the comet that drifts, the same one that in its tail drags its magnificence. And so, as I burn in the void, I write what I feel... what I love... and what I long for.
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esuemmanuel · 4 hours ago
¡Qué va a saber de ilusiones el ser humano que no tiene ojos para las estrellas!
— Esu Emmanuel©️, What can a human being who has no eyes for the stars know about illusions?
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esuemmanuel · 4 hours ago
Yo amo con los hilos del alma colgando de las estrellas de la mañana, ésas locas ardientes que no se pueden ver, porque el sol las cubre, pero que bien brillan en donde estén.
— Esu Emmanuel©️, I love with the threads of my soul hanging on the morning stars, those crazy hot ones that cannot be seen, because the sun covers them, but that shine brightly wherever they are.
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esuemmanuel · 4 hours ago
Así me gusta amarte, así… sin que sepas nada de lo que pasa en mí para que nada cambie en ti, porque esa naturalidad es lo que me apasiona; mirarte y mirarte, grabarme tus muecas, tu andar, tu calma y tus arranques; contemplarte y dibujarte en el lienzo de mi mente para eternizarte en la memoria de mi alma y, de ella, jamás borrarte, porque eres mía… tan mía que ni de ti podrás arrancarme, pues el hilo que nos une está tejido con el anhelo de mi espíritu entregado a lo que nace de lo más sincero, de ese amor bonito que no conoce de celos ni de imperfección ni de realidades, el mismo amor que tiene sus raíces en el firmamento de Platón; lugar de estrellas y cometas, de ensueños e ilusión; espacio dispuesto para el cuidado del corazón y su devoción, en donde no hay permiso para la desilusión.
— Esu Emmanuel©️, That's how I like to love you, like this... without you knowing anything that happens in me so that nothing changes in you, because that naturalness is what I love; to look at you and look at you, to record your grimaces, your walk, your calm and your outbursts; to contemplate you and draw you on the canvas of my mind to eternalise you in the memory of my soul and, from it, never to erase you, because you are mine... so mine that not even from you can you tear me away, because the thread that unites us is woven with the longing of my spirit devoted to what is born of the most sincere, of that beautiful love that knows neither jealousy nor imperfection nor realities, the same love that has its roots in Plato's firmament; a place of stars and comets, of reveries and illusions; a space prepared for the care of the heart and its devotion, where there is no permission for disillusionment.
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esuemmanuel · 4 hours ago
Soñar contigo me hace feliz, es decirte con las manos tibias lo que con los labios no te puedo decir… y sentir que te he tocado, aunque no tengas ni la remota idea de que, todo lo que he confesado, es para ti.
— Esu Emmanuel©️, To dream of you makes me happy, it is to tell you with my warm hands what I cannot tell you with my lips... and to feel that I have touched you, even though you have no idea that everything I have confessed is for you.
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esuemmanuel · 5 hours ago
Tantas veces me he soñado dándote esas cartas de amor que a solas te he escrito con la ilusión de mi amor en la punta de la pluma… Tantas veces me he mirado al espejo, tratando de animarme para atreverme a acercarme a ti y, aun con la timidez coloreando a mis mejillas, preguntarte tu nombre e invitarte a salir… Tantas veces me he reído con esos diálogos que imagino tener contigo mientras la lluvia cae en los cristales de esa cafetería en donde quedamos para tomar un té chai, porque algo me dice que ésa también es tu bebida favorita… Tantas veces te he suspirado con la sonrisa elevada a este cielo nublado, anhelando un momento a tu lado, en silencio, callados, sólo con la melodía de las olas a nuestros pasos… Tantas veces te he dicho “te amo” con las manos en tu rostro y los pulgares en tus labios, desnudando así tu boca para vestirla con la mía en un beso trémulo, mas, entregado a este sentimiento tan hondo que no me permite olvidarte… Tantas veces —¡Oh, tantas veces!— te he mirado desde lejos, pintándome a tu lado, revolviéndote los cabellos al son del viento y he agradecido por el simple hecho de ser capaz de atreverme a hacerlo en mi imaginación con el pensamiento de tu presencia risueña y mi corazón contento.
— Esu Emmanuel©️, So many times I have dreamt of giving you those love letters that I have written to you alone with the illusion of my love on the tip of my pen... So many times I have looked at myself in the mirror, trying to encourage myself to dare to approach you and, even with shyness colouring my cheeks, ask your name and ask you out... So many times I have laughed with those dialogues that I imagine having with you while the rain falls on the windows of that café where we meet for a chai tea, because something tells me that's also your favourite drink... So many times I have sighed at you with my smile raised to this cloudy sky, longing for a moment by your side, in silence, quiet, with only the melody of the waves at our steps... So many times I have said "I love you" with my hands on your face and my thumbs on your lips, thus undressing your mouth to dress it with mine in a tremulous kiss, but, given to this feeling so deep that does not allow me to forget you... So many times - Oh, so many times! - I have looked at you from afar, painting myself at your side, blowing your hair in the wind and I have been grateful for the simple fact of being able to dare to do it in my imagination with the thought of your laughing presence and my heart's content.
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palaging-sumasaiyo · 10 hours ago
an open letter | poem by h.c.
Tumblr media
An open letter to my old self.
How have you been?
I know you've been through a lot, and I am here to let you know that I appreciate that you stayed alive.
For now, let me apologise.
I am sorry for the long hours I forced you to stay awake just because I couldn't stop my brain from thinking too much. I forced you to run your mind a mile a minute before bed about the same things that doesn't even matter to you now.
I'm sorry that I have to fall in love so easy, and move on from people so hard. I'm sorry for not loving you first.
I am sorry for not eating alright, for not drinking as much water as you need. For filling your blood veins with caffeine and now your hand shakes whenever you hold a thing, I'm sorry for unwanted heart palpitations.
I'm sorry that you had to embarrass you in public for laughing too hard.
I'm sorry for being so emotional.
Accept my realest apologies because now I am starting to love you right.
I'm starting to give you the care everyone else failed to provide because you deserve it coming from me. I'm starting to get more in control of your emotions, and only put your time on things that you can control over the things you cannot.
Thank you for trying to do your best.
Thank you for the times you told me how living should be done and how much I matter to you. That just like everyone else, I am important. Thank you for not giving up, and thank you for staying alive.
I will continue to love you as much as I can, as much as you need.
You did great.
– the present you
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makepeacearts · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Solitude, Norway
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yesjojobirdflyhigh · 10 hours ago
If I when my wife is sleeping
and the baby and Kathleen
are sleeping
and the sun is a flame-white disc
in silken mists
above shining trees,—
if I in my north room
dance naked, grotesquely
before my mirror
waving my shirt round my head
and singing softly to myself:
“I am lonely, lonely.
I was born to be lonely,
I am best so!”
If I admire my arms, my face,
my shoulders, flanks, buttocks
against the yellow drawn shades,—
Who shall say I am not
the happy genius of my household?
- William Carlos Williams | Danse Russe
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