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#Everlasting love
jamiewritings · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Till the end of the line...
Summary: Victoria Rogers is the younger sister to Steve Rogers and a childhood friend to Bucky Barnes. When she ends up losing the two most important men in her life, she must learn how to overcome it and find herself through her grief, not realizing that their story together isn’t over yet. They are with each other – to the end of the line.
Chapter Summary: Winnie and Morgan return back to their time and find that everything has been fixed, but in a way they didn't expect as they come to terms with who they are. The promise made between three friends from Brooklyn long ago lives on as it always has.
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Original Sister Character. Bucky Barnes/Original Female Character. Barnes Daughter.
Word Count: 2,000+
Thanks to everyone who has read this story and been here from the start!
Check out the AU’s that are part of this:
The Winter Soldiers :
And a Comic Book AU coming soon! 
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jamiewritings · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Victoria Rogers is the younger sister to Steve Rogers and a childhood friend to Bucky Barnes. When she ends up losing the two most important men in her life, she must learn how to overcome it and find herself through her grief, not realizing that their story together isn’t over yet. They are with each other – to the end of the line.
Chapter Summary: Winnie and Morgan must receive help from the Avengers in order to get back home. However, because of their Time Traveling, time itself has started to go wrong, bringing problems that need to be fixed.
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Original Sister Character. Bucky Barnes/Original Female Character. Barnes Daughter.
Word Count: 3,000+
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betterdcyz · 2 days ago
video game characters tag dump part two.
i don't feel anything at all ; so take me to the edge. [ in character / sly blue ] you're enchained by the past‚ but you never thought to escape from it. [ musing / sly blue ] i've been slipping up‚ got a catatonic brain ; and i feel too reckless. [ headcanon / sly blue ] i've been tripping up‚ got a headache ; and i feel rebellious. [ visage / sly blue ] i wanna fight ; i wanna riot‚ lightning in the dark. [ aesthetic / sly blue ]
no‚ for the last time ; paimon is not emergency food. [ in character / paimon ] let's go to see the stars and the moon ; i'd fly far into space as long as i am with you. [ musing / paimon ] paimon's dizzy already‚ oh no! paimon used up all her brain juice. [ headcanon / paimon ] i'm not scared‚ let's stay together until the sun rises someday. [ aesthetic / paimon ] my mind is drifting away‚ then i dream about times i wished for a new happier day. [ visage / paimon ]
oh‚ oh‚ fuck me ; fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. [ in character / blake langermann ] a teacher once told me that music of birds was proof that god exists and loves us. [ musing / blake langermann ] i prayed my mind be good to me. [ headcanon / blake langermann ] you can nail me to your cross ( light me up‚ light me up ) [ visage / blake langermann ] and to the everlasting fire‚ prepared for the devil and his angels. [ aesthetic / blake langermann ]
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guyofgisbourne · 3 days ago
I’ve officially finished plotting out the ending of Everlasting Love from Brooklyn and, oh my god, ITS EMOTIONAL as hell and I hope it feels like a good ending that wraps everything in a pretty little bow together for the readers.
Only 2 chapters left to go! 😭😭😭
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christianhomemaker · 5 days ago
The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.
Jeremiah 31:3
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kathexismania · 5 days ago
❛   one  look  at  you   &   my  heart  leapt   &   now  you’re  stuck  in  my  head  again.   ❜ (for fire hubby, any verse plz)
Tumblr media
𝐎𝐍𝐄 𝐒𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄 𝐏𝐎𝐄𝐓𝐑𝐘. || @sonxflight || accepting
Tumblr media
▬▬ι═══════ﺤ 🔥 || Hanzo Hasashi thinks part of the reasons why he holds onto something so tightly is because he fears something as great won’t happen twice. All he recalls from the faded snapshots of his past is glacier cold; all he used to feel was cold. Cold in his body, cold in his bones, cold in his soul. He would find himself sinking in the throes of being lost in a din obsession of death he could not fully achieve. even as the desecrated shrine of his human heart continued to chip and erode beneath the treacherous currents which continued to lap at his crumbled unconscious would unravel, as it would dark, rich molasses of his ferrous sanguine and ichor. The half-demon didn’t know how he could keep going through this cold; it’s paradoxically refreshing, in its life-stealing thrall. It’s nature’s power crashing over him like a torrential wave crashing over a rock. For he will always be with the person he knows he has to be, to become one with the music of it all. A cacophony more beautiful than anything that can be quantified. 
He finds himself standing upon a distant shore, listening to waves crash, ebbing and flowing, a gentle tide until he is awashed in golden light. The dawning of another day, ripe for his mind to experience inspiration and for his heart’s yearning to be understood, to at last be achieved. Granted in the wash of that golden light. Hanzo still recalls the dormant volcano, ready and waiting to set magmatic fire ablaze, immolating him from within, as fevered trigger of his demonic flare unleashing its ruthless potential in a wicked, wretched array of potent energy, decorating the night sky with its subliminal act before it fizzled out, threatening to take along his conscious with him, forever. 
Ryou Sakai’s words exhilarate him; stirring something deep within. The half-demon is tired of having his heart broken of suffering the consequences he himself did not create, not being able to breathe and live fully in a desperate attempt to bury two seeds in the depths of his lungs - proverbial humanity and resplendence of his magnanimous hellfire washing away all the pain of the centuries’ agony and torment. His arteries had long become roots, the roots became his new foundation in which stemmed the blossoming petals inaugurating his skin. A new version of him that becomes evermore perceptive and cognizant of the understanding in which his own near-exsanguination was just an even to grow and be free. 
His existence may constitute as a contradiction, but Hanzo Hasashi always has been grand and larger than life, for he contains multitudes and complexities he is still trying to comprehend. Regardless of the visceral, unfettered in brutal raw honesty of his emotions, sentiments, and vulnerabilities, all the labyrinthine rhymes and verses of his life unfurling in silent reverence. No longer, obfuscating, impenetrable fog hangs above his muddled head in the bend of river’s mighty arm as he would be threatened to be faded away, as he dreamed of tangibility and of substance without lamentations of the past which had been long-since erased. They are never forgotten, but no longer they toss him heavily with such increasing intensity, as the canopy of hope and fueled strength fights the urge to disintegrate himself. How he becomes blissfully tranced, seated at the edge of reality, looking through the lens of a dream turned a steeled reality; hazy, but oversaturated with the splendor of light that emanate from his beloved. Fog and mist in the air, catching his breath, hot as it leaves, but frozen in moments, solidifying and dropping to the ground. 
Tumblr media
“I suppose sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple in regards to our love. The once-subtle emanation of my thoughts that used to swirl me, the swelling tide of my discord, as the pendulum swung from night to daylight of my own restless heart. You know very well I could never be the still water in the ocean, but a raging pulse of the rebounding sea booming with defiance and resistance. My emotions are loud and urgent - and it is your undying love that calms and quells everything to pass.” 
For Hanzo Hasashi’s love is the cathedral of fine-drawn emotions that could weave in and out of his faults and strengths, weaknesses and passions, flaws and betterments, etc. The scintillating light of his mirthful radiance effulgently makes its presence, effortlessly encapsulating his expression as a tantalizing stroke places upon Ryou’s upper thigh as he comfortably leans. “I have known, ever since I came across you - I did not have to justify, defend, or explain myself, that I can move forward in my life with utmost confidence as both rational and emotional regulation have worked to perfect my growth and improvement. I will be forever proud of what I have become, for darkness have long faded beneath the splendor of the blossoming light.” ▬▬ι═══════ﺤ 🔥 ||
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jamiewritings · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Following in the family footsteps...
Summary: Victoria Rogers is the younger sister to Steve Rogers and a childhood friend to Bucky Barnes. When she ends up losing the two most important men in her life, she must learn how to overcome it and find herself through her grief, not realizing that their story together isn’t over yet. They are with each other – to the end of the line.
Chapter Summary: Winnie Barnes and Morgan Stark have been best friends since childhood. While Morgan takes after her father, Tony Stark, with a sharp wit and brilliant mind, Winnie follows after her uncle Steve in one field only: constant health problems and a knack for drawing anything they see. It has been 14 years since Steve passed away, and it's still something that deeply affects the Barnes daughter, wanting to understand why everyone says she is similar to her uncle who clearly didn't struggle as the Captain America before Sam. Despite the warnings from her friend, Winnie begs Morgan to help her travel back in time, wanting to meet her uncle before he became Captain America. However, as always when Time Travel is involved -- things tend to go wrong and things that were best left buried are revealed.
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Original Sister Character. Bucky Barnes/Original Female Character. Barnes Daughter. 
Word Count: 3,000+
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tartarusdwelt · 9 days ago
There's the sound of a wooden stave hitting the leather of Ardbert's boots, struck with the intent of making him wince and little more. "Do you think I'm made of mana?" Lamitt asked, voice raising. "Warn me next time you go charging in like that!"
          ❝OW, OW, OW - OKAY, OKAY; I GET IT! Gods, you don’t need mana! Just smack that thing at someone and you’d knock them out!❞
          HE KNEW HE HAD BEEN RECKLESS. Lamitt did not need to remind him, but he could feel a bruise slowly forming on his left ankle, and it seemed the dwarf had no intentions about keeping it light. As he tried to hop away on his right foot, arms extended to keep his balance, he swore he could see the red in his companion’s eyes as she raged. Maybe she should hang up the stave and become a warrior - she’d be good at it.
           ❝IN MY DEFENSE - don’t you wave that thing at me! - we got the job done and saved the girl. We did the right thing!❞ It was a fool’s excuse, he knew that, but it didn’t stop him from trying. ❝I’ll try to be more careful next time, but we were fine!❞
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youngdisciples · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
The grace and knowledge of Christ have become our cornerstone for He indeed alone is our cornerstone. We are called to always love, to always show the love of Christ towards others. The church we belong to today is a gift of God to us so that we will experience His pure love towards His church and as a church, we will be able to reflect His love towards others. Now, as time goes by, we grow to be lax with our faith. We don’t even know where to stand anymore. 
We will just say that as long as we have faith in Christ, we will be saved. Indeed, that is the only way for us to be saved. However, the challenging part of being a Christian is truly knowing and understanding what it really means to be a Christian and knowing if we are still Christian. Indeed, no one can ever separate us from the love of Christ, but we can walk away from Him. Now, this proves that claiming that we are Christians and having faith in Him does not really guarantee that we are truly believing in Him. 
One of the best talents we have as human beings is the ability to remain hypocrites and pretentious. We become so pretentious to the point that we even deceive ourselves. So, we must remember how God carefully divides Christians and non- Christians. He really made a thick line between them and being a Christian means following Christ. Thus, if we are not following Christ and we are still living our lives without God, then we truly are not Christians. 
Therefore, we are so focused on claiming that we are Christians but we forget the qualities of being a Christian so we can assess ourselves. Now, Paul wants to remind us through our verse today that may Christ dwell on hearts richly. May we be rooted and established in love. The verse specifically focuses then on the love that we will be able to show towards others. Paul was not just talking about the love we have for each other or the love that we know. However, Paul was specifically talking about the love that surpassed knowledge. 
This is the love that we can only find in God. It can surpass knowledge because we can never fathom the love Christ has for us when He died while we were still sinners. We are undeserving of this love and we can never grasp how this love works. Indeed, we can never understand anything that is beyond our capabilities. So, with this verse, we are encouraged and blessed by Paul that we may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. May we be filled with His complete love that although we don't understand it, may we be filled with it.
So, whenever we are filled with it, we will be overflowing with it. It is a love that is beyond our understanding, it is a love that only through Christ we can understand and experience. Now, with this love, may we be able to show this towards others too with the help of God. We are now filled with it, we will be able to manifest it too for we are overflowing.
For more daily reflection, verse and encouragement, you may follow us. You can also like, follow and visit us on:
Twitter: @YD153
Instagram: @youngdisciples2020
Pinterest: Young Disciples International
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chantlight · 11 days ago
Cassandra never had a chance to come out to Anthony. He died when she was still pretty young, and she honestly hadn’t figured that all out. She knew she had a crush on Sidony, but that was the extent of her self-awareness. However, she feels he sort of suspected and loved and supported her anyway. She certainly feels that would be the case if she had been able to come out to him. The thought does bring her comfort, especially in the face of Vestalus’ lack of acceptance.
To be clear, she’s never explicitly come out to Vestalus and likely never will. Not that she’s hiding it from him, mind you. She just doesn’t want to have that conversation, and neither does he. A “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. He always suspected and tried to discourage it, and she resents the hell out of him for a whole laundry list of reasons. The fewer actual conversations she has with him, the better.
Anyway, she has no clue how her parents would’ve felt about it. The truth is she doesn’t really remember them. She was about seven when they were executed. She remembers some things and holds onto the stories others have told her, but she mostly recalls other people’s memories of them, not her own. They are hazy figures. Sure, it’s nice to think they would’ve accepted her regardless, but she’s decided not to dwell on it. She sees no sense in agonizing over what she cannot know.
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thirdchurchnyc · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Art thou not from everlasting, O LORD my God, mine Holy One? Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity: 
Habakkuk 1:12-13
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chantlight · 11 days ago
I think the issue also is the way Joanna responded to Cassandra’s insecurities? All with the best intentions but: “If you are intolerable, let me be the one to tolerate you.” and “You’re a problem, but you’re mine.” It came from a place of love and desire to express that love but ultimately reenforced Cassandra’s insecurities. That Cassandra was being loved in spite and not because. Seems like such a small difference but it’s mighty powerful.
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guyofgisbourne · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Hydra has captured Steve’s sister...
Summary: What if Zola ended up kidnapping Vicky and turning her into another Winter Soldier? Hydra now has two Super Soldiers at their disposal: One is Steve Rogers childhood friend -- the other, Captain America's little sister. This is an AU to my main series: Everlasting Love from Brooklyn. You must read up to Chapter 13 of that first in order to understand this.
Chapter Summary: After a successful attempt at being turned into a Super Soldier, Vicky begins to make her way to the battlefield, only to be kidnapped on the way there. Realizing her suspicions of Zola being a traitor inside SHIELD was right. She finds out that not only is HYDRA still alive, but so is someone she long thought dead as they plan to turn her into another Winter Soldier. 
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Original Sister Character. Bucky Barnes/Original Female Character.
Word Count: 1,000+
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raiko101 · 14 days ago
LW Special Episode trailer notes
- Definitely NOT an UWMA remake
- Possible BL pulp route?
- Sibgene are having relationship problems
- Nubsib has a plan (making a show together?)
- Gene tried to SHOOT NUBSI-
- Hin d-worded :’(
- Aey’s back somehow
- Tiffy’s not here
- Possible love rival (new BL writer)
- idk I need to rewatch it brb
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berryjaellie · 15 days ago
everlasting shine = our summer = wishlist = run away = crown = can't you see me? > ghosting > can't we just leave the monster alive? = we lost the summer = eternally = puma => force > magic island = nap of a star > drama => maze in the mirror => angel or devil => way home > new rules > blue hour > your light => cat & dog = fairy of shampoo > roller coaster = blue orangeade > poppin' star > 20cm
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