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#you win some ya lose some ig
eraser-baby · 18 days ago
it was said that Sukuna is the only one with any braincells and it shows, honestly
good for him (still waiting in line to be his hoe 💅)
poor Megumi got himself a simp as a roomie, tho better than under bridge so... win some lose some ig
Mai and Maki are like: omg
but i just feel that on the inside its more: yeees everything according to plan 😈
have a good evening (i think)
Sukuna is the only smart one in this smau fr 😭
Megumi and y/n are both simps...for each other👀
They do be planning them two, ya know real evil twin shit
Thank u bby, you have a good day/night🥺💙
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beecherdrysdale · a month ago
Hehe hiii I’m writing this before I go on the treadmill lol.
Alright the screaming will be non stop- and I’ll be glad to make girls jealous lol. I am ready to distract some kids. “GO BRIGID!!!!” Yes we do have some vv hit friends esp you brigid, with dyl and Jamie 😏 the girls would be sooo jealous. Ryan and I bumping each other around will be a regular occurrence. Imao “not again...” yesss the boys are embarrassed but still hold onto each other! Hehe poor Quinners hand. Hmmm maybe I will make it up to him later 😏. Dyl would be a nervous wreck lol. I’d probably throw my sweater at him so that he can close his eyes, but he would still annoy me and ask every 5 secs “is she winning?” “How is she doing” “I can’t look” “this is too much for me to handle” and I chirp him so hard, but would understand because he really likes you :)
Ya right after shower etc. And we go out to celebrate the chirping restarts. I would have to many in my head. At the end of the day Jamie and dylan were amazing and you are proud of them. I’ll be sure to try squeezy applesauce!! Hehe I eat cliff bars between breaks but recently stopped because it took me forever to chew lol so now I just bring a banana to my matches. Brigid we should go to Costco together and ride in the cart- I would probably not bring the boys just cuz Costco’s huge and we would lose them hehe.
Yess team TRAMPLE GET READY. We promise not to damage your suit:) the girls would be jealous hehe.
Ig it is hard. But we understand. If me, you and kesh go to their games, would you sit across the rink or w us lol?. Cactus club is great, the food is très bien. Same w Cora! I’ll take you there !!
Imao people would be so confused on why I was crying but I just saw all of you 🥺 yay pls distract me while I warm up my hips w my resistance band lol. Nah it isn’t weird that you aren’t nervous. Look I’m a confident driver but that entire day was weird. It was summer and like an hour and a half before, I was getting my legs waxed lol and my legs were super slippery because of the oil they put on you after hehe. So first of all I was nervous all ready (shaking lol) and then in the car my entire seat was just so slippery, so that didn’t help and it was like plus 29. But anyways I passed, so ig going through that horrible experience was worth it. I’d probably make eye contact w y’all in between points and just burst out laughing but it’s ok. imao at the end I hit Ryan in the face w a ball. He would be mad cuz you start dying of laughter beside him and Jamie’s like panicking because he doesn’t know what to do and he just get you water. But you are still laughing . I’m down on the court also laughing and Ryan’s just trying to climb and get onto the court to chase me around hehe. Awww Quinner my bb, gotta give him my post match kiss. Ooo time to sometimes like I yell at the screen, but I could just see you being annoyed and yelling.
Ooo yes it’s getting semi spicy at Coachella. Dylan’s getting handsy 😏. Ya Jamie would just be glaring at Dylan’s back lol. And you’re just enjoying the view of Dylan’s hair and the performance lol. Oooo you can play w his hair. Aw thank u Braden for offering, I’ll take you up on that .but I can just see Quinner glaring at us too and getting flustered. He would get so annoyed hehe. I’m so oblivious sometimes, but I get down from bradens shoulders and go on yours lol. You can go on mine too:). meanwhile kesh is just in kirbys shoulders chilling and not even paying attention to what’s happening. Oo I’m not a big fan of makeup. I never wear it. I only have a clear lipgloss that I wear to events and sometimes I don’t even wear it lol.
Imma be honest we will probably not last very long on each other’s shoulders but It would be so cute if you are just watching one of the performances and Dylan or Jamie just come behind you and wrap their arms around your waist from behind and put their chins on top of your shoulder or head 🥺 and you are just swaying to the music with them .... Coachella is so fun at night according to the videos my bro has due to the lights and the fireworks that they release at night!! So you can kiss under the fireworks 🥰.
Our outfits would be amazing, like Brigid your hair would be so cute in Dutch braids!! Hehe yes the guys would look so hot, and not even try but just imagine being at Coachella w this team!! We gotta make sure we don’t forget sunscreen lol . And water, gotta hydrate !!
lol that’s fun, we love the treadmill. jk i hate treadmills, i feel like i’m not going anywhere when i’m on the treadmill and i can’t stand it. anywaysssss long post
lmao yes please distract my competition so i can win hehe. honestly it might work bc there are rarely hot guys in the stands at swim meets, so you never know. and then they would be like what are they doing bc you guys would be so chaotic up there lol. and everyone’s squeezing everyone else’s hand but pretending they’re not. “no we weren’t holding hands, what are you talking about?” and you’re just absolutely destroying quinner’s hand, so you have to make it up later 😏 and then dyl is just hiding his face in his hoodie, which make sure you wear a shirt under your hoodie ik i never do lol, but you’ll want one bc it is hot af at swim meets. like when you’re wet you feel cold, but in the stands it’s soooo hot. anyways dyl’s face is in your hoodie and he just asks how i’m doing every 5 seconds. “dyl just look yourself, i can’t tell it’s too close” and then he refuses to look so you chirp him lmao. but it’s ok bc then after i win we all have our epic trample hug lol. i love how it’s turned from a hug into just a huge trample lmao 
haha you and ryan preparing chirps the entire time i’m swimming and just saving them til after lmao. but it’s ok bc i’m just chilling with jamie and dyl who were surprisingly really good at keeping me distracted and getting me all of the food i need. yes try squeezy applesauce, i literally love it sm, like i have a strange addiction to it but it’s fine. oh yeahhh clif bars do take a really long time to eat, i kind of forgot about that. personally i’m a weirdo so i hate bananas unless they’re superrrr green. yesss that’s part of our vacay now (i mean we already had going to a store but it’s fine) and then we make the guys push us around in the carts lol. we’ll def lose them at some point, but yk what it’s fine we’ll find them eventually
haha it’s ok i can still sit with you guys, i’ll just be wearing a usa jersey. probably my 1980 o’callahan jersey i got for christmas bc i love it sm. yes please take me to get food lol
hehe yes everyone is confused why you’re crying and you’re just like i’m fine my friends are just here. yes ofc we’ll distract you from your warmups. oof that whole driving test experience sounds awful. anywayssss yes i could def see you making eye contact with us between points and just start laughing and whoever you’re playing is so confused. hehe and then you hit ryan with the ball and he’s mad at me bc i just start laughing, but then he gets over it and decides to go after you lol. meanwhile, jamie’s just like wtf do i do? and he’s trying to get me to drink water lol. and then ofc you give quinner a kiss. but just be warned if you’re not winning or it’s close and i’m stressed about the match i will start screaming at you lol
oooh yes coachella is gonna be so fun. hehe dyl getting handsy 😏 sorry jamie, i love you too bb, but you got to let me and dyl have our moment. and i’ll just be playing with dyl’s hair while we’re watching 🥰 meanwhile, you’ve taken up braden’s offer but then quinner’s jealous so you feel bad lol. so then we take turns on each other’s shoulders. and then kesh is just chilling on kirby’s shoulders oblivious to all the guys getting jealous lmao. but then later we’re just chilling standing there and then jamie comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist and puts his head on my shoulder 🥺 and just swaying together to the music. that’s the softest shit. and kissing under the fireworks 😍 the literal dream. anyways yeah the only makeup i ever ever wear is mascara, but that’s hardly ever, but our outfits would be so cute. and we could do matching dutch braids! omg yes the guys would look so hot, but we have to bring sunscreen for our white boys. and yess water bc i’m always dehydrated
ily too 💗
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beecherdrysdale · a month ago
Hehe, we will be screaming the entire time!!. Yesss make those girls jealous, as you should. Like you got an entire hockey team + me and kesh to come. What a flex. A perk is that we are all good looking ;)). You’d look up to the stands and just see me and Ryan bumping each other “for fucks sake, Ryan” hehe sorry I just say that a lot. They’d be embarrassed to hold each other but still do bc they’re nervous. Yaa Quinner is having a tough time. I have a very strong hold. Oo ya dyl does seem like that, he would just be hiding behind me or something and whispering “how’s she doing?” “ is she winning”
Yes consider this as a gift from me and Ryan for the day. No promises that we won’t do it after the meet tho. It’ll be hard but we don’t wanna annoy you lol. Dylan and Jamie better step tf up. Honestly chipotle is just amazing, like I don’t really consider it fast food cuz it’s kinda healthy. Wbu? Applesauce is yummy, I never had the ones from the packet tho. Do you eat energy bars, like cliff bars? Going to Costco for ad are is a great idea lol . Not a lot of money spent. I always lose my mom in there, and it takes me forever to find her because she never answers my calls.
Ok I am living for this jump hug, it would be so cinematic. Then we will be trampled by the boys, and we will start chanting your name hehe. This would be such a flex.
Hehe okkk Brigid I see you . No team Canada jersey for you. I would probably never wear a USA jersey lol. Idk I mean cactus club is really good and Dylan Holloway knows about it so we can take you there. Ummm if thinking only about canadian restaurants there is this breakfast/brunch restaurant named Cora which is so good. They cut up a bunch of fruit with your meal and I love it:) their smoothies are real good as well.
Hahah okk I’ll look for you and cry because I got you all there :))) I’ll make all the girls jealous as well!. Ya my warmups are long but I can do them around you lol!. Somebody gotta make sure that I don’t over analyze and get to nervous. Like when I took my drivers test, full on shaking before I got into the car. But I’m better now lol. Lmaoo don’t worry about swearing my dad swears when I play. So y’all are good . Yaaa I would just hit a ball at you guys at the end of my match and hit Ryan in the face. Jamie gotta calm you down. I would probably be dying of laughter as well and Ryan would try to jump from the stands to go get payback. Awww Quinner is worried, I’ll give him a real good kiss after lol. Idk how nervous do you get if you watch sports- are you like me haha? Or different? Hmmm who else would be nervous lol?.
Ooo yessss dyl is holding onto your thighs.....😏.
I mean I would go on Quinners shoulders, he has broadish shoulders, but Braden has more broad shoulders. But also gotta make quinner jealous sometimes 😏. Okk Brigid, I’m going on your shoulder since you have great shoulders and #wedontneednoman. Ik i wanted to go so badly, he saw everybody 😭 Yaaa kesh, you and I have to dress cute! Like cute hair, cute clothes etc. Idk I don’t really wear makeup so I probably won’t wear any. Wbu? At Coachella you gotta dress nice but weather appropriate hehe. The boys would look hot tho .
ok so yet another long post lol
lmao yes you guys better be screaming the entire time. and making all the other girls on my team jealous lol. they’d be like “damn wags why didn’t you tell us you have hot friends” lmao. and then you guys would distract all the kids from the other teams for me lol. hehe and then i just look up into the stands to see you and ryan pushing each other around and i’m just like not again. and they’re all super embarrassed to be holding hands but they do it anyways bc they’re usually the ones playing the sport, not watching so they’re super nervous. and quinner’s hand is just dead, but you could make it up to him later😏 lol. and then dyl refuses to watch bc he’s too scared but he’s asking you for updates every 5 seconds and you’re just like “the race is right in front of you, just watch it” and he’s like “no i can’t” and then you can chirp him lmao
hehe ty for leaving me alone for once at least for during the meet. ig all bets are off after tho lmao. yes dyl and jamie you better be stepping up if you’re at one of my meets. yesss chipotle is amazing, ig it’s fast food bc it’s fast to get it yk, but i get what you’re saying, like it’s healthy so it doesn’t really count. also yes applesauce is amazing, the squeezy applesauce slaps. literally it tastes better when you eat it out of the pouch even tho it makes you feel like a 5 year old lmao. i don’t really eat cliff bars during meets bc they kind of make me feel sick while i’m swimming, but i’ll sometimes eat them after esp if i do a long race to replenish nutrients and stuff yk? hehe yes i literally want to go on a costco date so bad, and it would be so cheap too lol. haha same i lose my mom in there too lol, bc i go off and look for all of the samples and then i can’t find her
 hehe yes our jump hug would be amazing, and by the end i would somehow end up by a pile of hockey guys lmao. and then i would be flexing on all the other girls lmao. but if anything happens to my tech suit, i will kill each and every one of you bc that shit’s expensive
yeahhh sorry, no canada jersey for me, can’t go against team usa lmao. it’s just hard when you want to support your boys and your country at the same time lol. ooooh yes, i want to go to cactus club and cora now. i love fruit and smoothies, so i’m sure it would be amazing
yesss we’ll all be there to support you, and you’ll make all the other girls jealous lol. haha if you see us and start crying everyone will just be so confused, like what’s wrong with her lmao. yes you have to do your warmups by us so kesh and i can distract you so you aren’t thinking too much about your matches. haha that’s kind of funny about your driver’s test, is it weird that i’m not even a little nervous for mine? anyways, yes we’ll all just be screaming and swearing in the stands, and then at the end you’ll hit us a ball but it will end up hitting ryan in the face. and i’ll just be dying of laughter and then one of two things will happen, either i’ll start crying laughing or i’ll start choking from laughing too hard. and then jamie’s got to get me some water or something to calm me down. meanwhile, you’re dying laughing down on the court and ryan’s just trying to find a way down so he can get payback lmao. and quinner’s so nervous while you’re playing, but then he’s super happy once you win, and ofc you kiss him at the end, after our epic jump hug ofc. lol no i don’t really get nervous watching sports i just get annoyed when people aren’t doing how i want them too and i usually end up screaming at the tv lmao. idk who else would be nervous, i mostly see quinner lol
hehe me sitting on dyl’s shoulders and him holding me on by my thighs 😏 jamie might get a little jealous lol. and then you go on braden’s shoulders bc he offered, but then quinner gets superrrr jealous and you’re just casually sitting there lmao. and then you see quinner getting super annoyed and feel bad so then you switch to my shoulders instead. haha yes the three of us need to dress cute, but i’m not wearing makeup bc i hate it. literally i think the last time i wore it was school pictures last year, i refused to wear it this year lol. and we’ll have to put in sm effort but we’ll look cute, and then the guys will be looking hot without even trying which is not fair but whatever
so yeah, i love all of this 💗 it’s amazing
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frog-writes · a month ago
Hello! I was wondering if I could request Bakugo, Kirishima and Todoroki s/o being very similar to Natsu from fairy Tail just very hot headed and always throwing herself into danger like when Bakugo got kidnapped she was the first one to want to save him because she considers class 1A her family
A/N : Ofc! I don’t know fairytale so I just wrote about a hotheaded reader I Hope you enjoy! ❤️
Pronouns: gender neutral: they/them
Cw: kidnapping, cursing like a lot....
Tumblr media
oh boy
Mans went from “THE FUCK YOU TRYNA STEAL MY PLACE YA BASTARD👺‼️😡” “mf ig thats MY bastard UGH gotta protect them now 🙄” and shit-
Great job bakugo! You took you’re eyes of them for a minute and some villains are begging for mercy, you’re a great partner baby sitter 😀!
At first you two hated each other and constantly had to outdue the other, so petty competitions between the two of you aren’t uncommon
Seeing who could take down the most villains, get a job down quicker, who can make deku cry first(what-), who can piss Aizawl off fastest, make it to the dorms first, do better on tests etc etc
Things only started to simmer down after he got kidnapped, the sports festival was heated and you two were constantly at neck and neck, so imagine how you lost your shit when you got 4th place due to losing to him
So you did what any teen would do, RAGE RAGE FUCKING RAGE, in the locker rooms 😍
Once you calmed down and came out of your now torn up room, you realized the atmosphere was different, something was off
Wandering around the dorm your realized some thorn in your side wasn’t being a thorn, in fact he wasn’t there at all
You got more mad, he won and decided to what?Hide? Leave? Did this fucker think he was better than you?!?!!
You stomped around looking for him but could only find your classmates out front by the door, talking in hushed whispers
What was going on? WHY WERE YOU LEFT OUT?-
Walking up to them you heard bits of their conversation before you fully got to where they were
You could only pick up three words, but you were off
“...Bakugo..” “....kidnapped...” “League of Villains(yeah Ik its not one word deal with it)
You booked it back to the dorm to their suprise, hearing yelling and the door slamming shut, only two people slam the door like that.....and ones missing....
“oh shit-“ Kirishima muttered as they all had a realization of what you were going to go do
Gearing up in your hero suit you wouldn’t let anyone talk you out of it, muttering pussies as you pushed past them to go get the other hot-head
As soon as you were able to find where he was you stormed in and went straight into attack mode, cursing everyone out as you did so
Even calling bakugo pathetic for winning first place, yet getting kidnapped for so long so easily
He yelled at you to leave as he realized they were too much for you to handle
Dodging Shigiraki’s hand you punched him square in the face, effectively breaking the hand on his face and giving him a black eye
As your body was covered in cuts, bruises and burns you could feel your body gettin heavy and the whiplash of your quirk settling it
Yeah it’s gonna hurt like a bitch tmr bud- 💀✋
Right before Dabi could fry you there was a crash and lots of yelling, the pros were here!
Feeling yourself lose consciousness, you felt two strong and warm arms around you as you vision faded to black
You woke up in the medical wing covered in bandages with bakugo looking about in the same shape as he slept soundly with his arms crossed on the cot while he sat in a chair
Why was he still here? You thought he hated you, and it was warranted, you were such an asshole to him...
You felt the same arms as before wrap around you as you realized you were speaking aloud
It was then you realized the bond you two shared, like siblings
Always at each other’s throats, but there for each other when you two truly needed it.....
You couldn’t ask for a better family
Tumblr media
Part one! I’ll reblog and add the others once I finish them, sorry it’s so late tumblr kept deleting it 🥲 that’s why I want to at least get SMTH out since you’ve been waiting so long ^^;
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beecherdrysdale · 2 months ago
Heyy, thank you for responding! I loved all of it!
We are totally hanging out first! Honestly I don’t understand why we keep putting you with Dylan in the same car, you win at everything. maybe I should switch the cars around and give you Ryan instead? But Brigid+Dylan is 😍 and I need that to happen. Wait imagine we are all in our cars and we just pull up all at the same time to a red light and we roll down the window and just laugh at each other and then we all zoom away. I would absolutely not let Ryan sit up front with me, we would probably start smacking each other and chirping each other and I would lose concentration so imma put him in the back with Braden :) . Quinner can come and hold my hand because he’s gorgeous and I wanna hold his hand. Quinton would be fine, he’s seems like he would be slightly chaotic. Kesh has the most chill car. Like Kirby, Dylan C and Devon are all chill and would just be calmly talking while Kesh is driving.
When we are all together tho, it’s more chaotic. Haha yes the braiding is not going well for Dylan and Jamie they’d be like “How do I do this?” I don’t understand this. Why does this exist lol. Yess I would have to pull over and make them switch with Devon and quinton hehe. They would just be calmly braiding your hair and then Jamie and Dylan would be slightly jealous and pouting in the back. Just a warning I love music so imma play that loud and roll down the windows. Only for a bit tho . Also kesh omg late night drives are so cute. Also imagine all of us in a grocery store, that would be so chaotic. Also why do I feel like Braden, Kirby , Dylan C would pass out for literally the entire drive?
Malt teaser are yummy, but what about sour patch kids orrrrr peanut putter filled M&Ms. Have you ever had those? I always get them if I go to the movies:) Nutella is good too! Imma be Canadian and say have you ever had all dressed ruffles? Nanaimo bars are delish, we can get them in BC ! I’ll buy you poutine brigid. The best is probably in Montreal so when we make a pit stop there I can buy you some!. Also let’s not forget chocolate and healthy foods lo. Carrot sticks anyone?. Also music would be great, imma play like a g6 or promiscuous girl cuz I love that song 😍
Chirp kings unite, this will be the main factor of our vacay lol. Brigid I’m sorry but it has to be done lol. We are gonna chirp you sm. Oooo you putting your hands on his abs, and feeling the muscles. Honestly I would too lol- sorry Quinner. But Dylan Holloway has an amazing body. Ryan and I would chirp you again I’m not gonna lie, but also you straddling jamie would be 🥵. Kesh this is for you, Kirby shirtless, in that photo with him by the lake. I unfortunately have not found Quinner by a lake. Aww kesh I loved the “I didn’t think I needed sunscreen” lmao your entire back is the shade of my blush. They do need sunscreen tho, pale boys.
The boat is a must! All of these activities are so fun, Brigid you would go on the same tube w Dylan?. We would definitely make each other fall. Tanning is a dream sometimes - but while your tanning Jamie and Dylan are looking at you 😏 same w Kirby kesh . I’m not gonna lie drinking on a boat is nice. Some white claws or margaritas lol. Aww one of them holding your waist, some photos are gonna be taken there. Lmao Quinner is gonna be like “I’m gonna get a drink” and leaves and then Ryan sneaks up and pushes me. But not so fast I would grab him real quick and we would both fall in l😂. Awww kesh, I love those little sentences you wrote “oh yeah babe, uh huh babe sorry , but look” that’s adorable that he’s spending time with you.
Drunk Quinner is the best, but I would secretly love that he’s being clingy 🥺. Dylan H seems like the jealous type and probably so is Jamie. But you dancing with them would be soooo cute! They just want be constantly around you. Kesh and Kirby would be slaying.
I’m going to let you have a break from Ryan and I causing chaos, he would actually be helping unlike me and I would just be watching Dylan h become jealous that Jamie is w you lol. But I do want a friendship w him too lol . Awww yes him pulling on your braids 🥺 my smart girl is adorable same with “my smart boy”
Haha ya, my mom refuses to let me have a one piece, so all I have are bikinis lol. That’s good brigid, we all have hot bodies hehe. #hotgirlsummer.
I wanna go shopping w you and kesh soooo bad. It would be so fun!! Vacay clothes are cute. We should all a little black dress and take everyone’s breath away lol. Oo ya Dylan and Jamie admiring you in your hit lbd or clubbing clothes 😏. Same w kesh, Kirby would be amazed like how did he get such a gorgeous girl?. I love stealing clothes - from my bro and friend . so I am on board with wearing the guys clothing lol . They would be comfyyyyyy.
Kk I’ll get you a Holloway and Drysdale jersey l!! And a Kirby and cozzy jersey ! Get ready for some gifts :)
Wow this was long.
Ok kesh what’s your favourite cake flavour?
Xo ly
ok yes, first of all i love all of this 💖
so ig it’s been decided that dylan and i are in the same car so we can dominate once again lol. and then jamie and quinton are there too and then jamie and dyl are just trying to talk over each other to have a convo with me, so then i start ignoring them and talk to quinton instead hehe. omg yes if we all pull up at a red light at the same time, i’m that one person who just keeps inching forward when someone rolls up next to them and then as soon as the light turns green i’m gone lmao. so esp if it was you guys i would be being extra competitive. haha yes banish ryan to the back with braden so he doesn’t make you crash the car bc we’re too broke to pay for rental car damages. and then quinner gets to sit in the front with you and hold your hand 🥺 and then kesh is just vibing in her car and then i feel like they would all get distracted and decide to go sight-seeing and forget about the race lol
haha yes when we’re all in the car together it will be so chaotic. and then jamie and dyl are both trying to braid and they can’t and they’re getting frustrated bc my hair is just in knots and they’re just like why is this even a thing? why do people actually want to do this? and then thankfully you pull over to save my hair and then devon or quinton has to fix it. and then jamie and dyl are just pouting about it and you and ryan start chirping them about it lol. and yes please play your music as loud as you want. i love having the windows down and just blasting music super loud esp when you’re on the highway. and then somehow kirby, dylan c, and braden are just asleep in the back? even tho the music is so loud lmao. definitely have to play like a g6 for the boys lol. awwww yes a late night drive would be so fun. idk why i just love driving in the dark
omg all of us in the grocery store together is literally the worst idea ever. like it would be so chaotic, all of us would be running around the store looking for whatever food we wanted. and we would not get like any healthy food, it would all be junk food, which would be horrible for all of us athletes lmao. and then in the end the cart would be overflowing and half the boys would come running up to us with more food they wanted and then the cash register would just be like wtf why do you need sm food. but we would end up eating it all by the end of our trip bc we all eat so much
omg sour patch kids, resees and peanut butter m&ms are like my three favorite candies so we would have to stock up for the drive. i just looked up all dressed ruffles and now i literally want to try them so bad. but we would have to have so many bags bc we all eat so much lol. and then yes i love dark chocolate, so bring any kind of dark chocolate. and then we have to be at least a little bit healthy and bring like carrots and peanut butter or something. and then making pit stops to get nainaimo bars and poutine bc i want to try both those things lol
hehe yes you and ryan would be chirping me the entire time, but it’s all good i still love you guys. somehow kesh and kirby are escaping your guys’ chirping. haha wow lexi ok i see you. quinner would be very jealous rn. but yes i would be feeling dyl’s muscles while we were on the jet ski. and then i have to straddle jamie 😏 it’s just to put aloe vera on. obviously. hehe yes all of their lake pics are so good. it’s ok that you couldn’t find one for quinner, i can’t find one for jamie either. haha yes they all are convinced they don’t need sunscreen and we’re just like sure.... 
yes, boats are so fun! haha maybe i’d share a tube with dyl, or maybe i’d go with jamie and make dyl jealous lol. either way someone would definitely try to flip us out of the tube lol. hehe while we’re tanning the guys will just be looking at us 😏 but then we would also all be sitting on the railing drinking and then you and quinner both finish your drinks so he goes to get you guys new ones and then ryan pushes you in lmao. but then you would pull him in with you to get payback lol. and i would just being chilling on the railing with my white claw dying of laughter
omg drunk quinner and lexi would be so cute together😍 like obviously you guys are always cute, but when he’s being all clingy and following you around that’s adorable. and he would do whatever you want bc he’s drunk lol. hehe dylan and jamie getting jealous whenever i dance with the other one. sorry guys, got to spread the love equally lol. and then kirby and kesh just being couple goals
haha yes so when we’re in the escape room ryan actually decides to help instead of causing chaos for once. so then you just go and chill with dylan and start becoming closer friends with him bc you guys hadn’t talked that much before we got to the escape room. and then you notice him getting jealous of me and jamie so then you chirp him about it lmao. and then i’m just helping jamie in the corner 🥺 and don’t even realize what’s going on lol
lexi i’m so jealous, my mom could never. we love a body positive queen. but we would all look hot in our swimsuits #hotgirlsummer. hehe we could go shopping together to get our suits when we’re getting other clothes too. and then we have to get cute vacay clothes so i’m not wearing athletic clothes like i do literally every day lmao. and then we would all get lbd and other cute clubbing clothes and the guys would just be in awe. like they would all be admiring us and maybe getting a little to handsy lol and then we’re like stop it we haven’t even left yet. but then once we get back we just steal some of their clothes bc they’re comfy and then keep wearing them for the rest of vacay lol.
ooooh ok i actually want to answer the cake question. my mom makes really good chocolate cake with cherry frosting that’s amazing, or i also like chocolate cake with like orange frosting. in case you couldn’t tell i really like the chocolate-cherry combo lol. what about you guys?
ily too 💖
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tenseoyong · 5 months ago
Who might be jealous and possessive amongst the guys?
taeyong is a very...subtle one. he’s not going to vocally be upset, knowing it’s not your fault someone else thinks you’re pretty, so he shouldn’t be getting upset. but it does bother him when someone tries a bit too hard to get your attention, even after knowing your of relationship with taeyong. he gets very clingy, trying to be more than obvious that you’re with him, he’s not just some guy you know hovering in the vicinity. he knew it was stupid to leave you alone at the bar just because he had to pee, but the boy has the bladder of an infant. upon returning, he noticed the very friendly male that had taken up the seat beside you, happily chatting your ear off. claiming his seat on your other side, he holds your hand, making a show of intertwining your fingers. wraps an arm around your waist, clinging to your side, pressing kisses to your cheek and temple, nuzzling his nose into your hair while glaring daggers into the guy until he gets the fucking hint. “i’m back babe—did you make a new friend?”
being overly jealous is very childish, but mark can’t fight the annoyance growing in him when a friend from your school days saw you two out one night. mark knew of him, having seen pictures from your time in education, and knew your friend had been a few years ahead of you. and even though you introduced mark as your boyfriend, to this boy friend, he still feels pushed to the side in the conversation. your old friend seemed bent on excluding him from the chat, hardly sparing him a glance, only focused on you—yet somehow blissfully unaware of mark’s hand finding its place in your back pocket and the way you tuck yourself into his side. it was very obvious to mark that this guy saw him as a kid, not worthy or your time or taking your relationship seriously. and that made your usually happy lover seething. mark gets a little handsy when he’s jealous, like he’s trying to stake a claim on you in a way the other male would finally recognize. tense hands grab at your thigh, tugging you closer, almost in his lap. pressing kisses to your cheek, even a little nip to your neck or bare shoulder. he gets a little cocky when he sees the disappointment in your friends eyes finally click, lazily shaking his hand while trapping you in his free arm. “yeah man, it was nice meetin’ you and all, but we gotta get back...home.” you definitely scold mark for it in private, and he definitely feels shamed for acting so foolish.
as much as it’s infuriating, sicheng is well accustomed to being talk to like a child. sure, he doesn’t come across as the manliest of manly men, but that doesn’t make him any less a man. nothing gets under his skin like taking you out on a date or to the bar or club, and every male in the room assuming he’s just your dorky friend, or some kid you’re baby sitting, or worse—thinking he’s you’re little brother. he gets pretty mouthy, which to his dismay, is even more entertaining to the drunk man currently hitting on you and completely brushing aside the fact you said you’re spoken for, and your boyfriend is literally right here. sicheng tugs you behind him, protectively shielding you from the drunkard, and unleashed a torrent of swears, curses and threats you’d never heard from him before. before it could get physical, the bouncer had kicked the whole lot of you out. he fumed all the way to the car, muttering the whole way, “no one is going to take you from me—i can protect you. i’d like to see them try...”
if you even drink from his cup, yuta gives you a less than amused look. now imagine his face when he loses you for two seconds in the crowded street market, and finds a strange man trying (and obviously failing, in yuta’s opinion) to chat you up? there’s a reason yuta is labeled intimidating without doing anything in actuality. just his intense eyes are enough to drive some fear into the heart. already seeing red at the man inching closer under the geise he ‘can’t hear over the crowd’, yuta is pushing through people, parting the bodies like the Red Sea, not caring who he’s shoving to get to your side quickly. once he finally reached you, he casually slung an arm around your shoulders, and coldly stared down the man, “lost you for a minute, didn’t i? now who’s your...friend?” the displeasure in his voice isn’t lost of the guy, and if it was, the death stare he was getting from yuta is more than enough to make him take a step back, stammering an apology before disappearing into the crowd again. yuta snorted, fuming about the bastard trying to make a move on his lover, and blinked. as quick as the ice froze over his glare, it had melted and his eyes shown slight amusement and adoration as he looked down at you. tugging you close, he chuckled, “can’t leave you alone for a second, can i? too tempting...”
his size alone is enough to make most guys that try an approach you intimidated, and johnny loves that, if he’s honest. as much as he’d like to crack the skull of dudes that get way too close to his lover, it’s hilarious to know all he really has to do is step beside you and the realization settles into the other male; he can see the way they put two and two together, size him up, and realize there’s no chance in hell. johnny’s a big guy, but he’s not a fighter. but he won’t tell them that. relaxing at the club sounded fun, until johnny realized just how many eyes lingered on you when you walked into the room. chilling in the corner, sat on a plush couch with a drink in hand, johnny casually watched you mingle about. talking to some of his other members that had joined you both, and making friends with some drunk girls gushing over your dress. that was cute to johnny, but as soon as he caught the eye of another guy watching you do the same, johnny’s face settled into a scowl. as far as the other guy was concerned, johnny was just another observer, not knowing he was your boyfriend. and johnny figured that out way to quickly, and opted to squash whatever move the guy was going to try in the dust. he finally caught your eye, and only tapped his thigh once. more than tipsy and ever the obedient one, you happily crossed the room and collapsed into johnny’s lap, letting him envelope you in those strong arms and snuggle into his neck, placing sloppy kisses across the taunt skin while blissfully unaware of the ‘i win’ smirk johnny sent the man who accepted he had no hope at all. “such a pretty one, you are. got the whole place looking at what’s mine. you are mine, aren’t ya, princess?”
he knew of your past relationships, and he was fine with that (because why wouldn’t he be?) but coming face to face with your ex boyfriend wasn’t something yukhei hadn’t anticipated while getting snacks in the middle of the night. both of you clad in pajamas, messy hair and bare faced. you’d only ventured into the outside world in search of popcorn before you continued to binge watch whatever show yukhei had found the day before, this wasn’t part of the plan. you’d made a beeline for the popcorn while yukhei dutifully followed behind, turning into the isle and damn near mowing him—your ex—down. yukhei knew his face from your old photos, and your ex seemingly knew of yukhei, probably from your recent posts of ig; but regardless, your ex looked from you, to yukhei, and back and obviously made the connection. and it couldn’t have been more perfect to yukhei, hickiss from the night before covered your neck and shoulder that was exposed from your oversized shirt slipping. giving your ex a man-to-man’s look, silently saying ‘see what you’re missing? too bad though, she’s mine now.’ it was awkward enough without yukhei placing a hand on your back much lower than necessary, guiding you around your ex and continuing down the isle before cheekily commenting loud enough for your ex to hear, “c’mon babe, i can’t wait much longer, just get the condoms and let’s go.”
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itsadamcole · 5 months ago
heaven knows
fem!reader x finn balor
(requested by anonymous) “Reader and Finn have been best friends ever since they were at NXT.  Reader have a crush on Finn but never express their feelings because she feels Finn only thinks of her as a friend.  Until finally the reader dating Dolph and Finn began to realize his feelings. Reader first moved to RAW and started dating Dolph, 3 months later Finn also got a shake up to RAW.  Dolph had to move to Smack Down and the reader and Dolph relationship ended because of that.”
Tumblr media
word count: 4.1k+
warnings: smutty (that’s about it for warnings ig)
— thank you to anonymous for this request. i had a lot of fun writing it ... this imagine is based on the song “Lost in You” by Westlife —
masterlist || request an imagine here
~ 18+ content below - read at your own risk ~
*** 3 months ago ***
“Finny!” you shout, running up to your best friend. Finn Balor turns around and looks at you.
He smiles and says, “Hey. What’s up? How’d the meeting go?”
You basically shout, “I’m moving to the Raw roster!”
Finn’s smile drops a bit but you don’t notice it. “Raw?” he asks. “I thought ya like it here on NXT.”
You look up at Finn and say, “Ya know that I’ve wanted to go to Raw for a while.”
“I know,” he says. “Ya haven’t been on NXT for that long and I thought ya liked it here.”
You say, “I can talk to Regal and to Vince to get ya moved to Raw with me.”
Finn shakes his head and says, “I’m staying here for a while. I had my time on Raw and they never used me right.”
You pout and say, “I’ll still come visit when I’m home. I’ll be home all the time, I promise.”
He smiles at you and says, “I’m proud of ya for being moved to Raw. Ya will be the best damn announcer that the red brand has ever seen.”
“And I better be the first person ya call after ya win the NXT title,” you say.”
You smile at your best friend and he says, “Of course. Ya will be the first person I call after I win the title.”
“I better be,” you say. “Maybe I’ll come back to NXT eventually but I’ll make sure to watch every week.”
You smile and hug Finn.
When you were told that you were being promoted to Raw, it was a bittersweet moment. You love NXT and you love the roster. Not to mention you don’t want to leave Finn, your best friend and crush since day one in NXT. You’re both from Ireland and have always stuck together. It’s how you became such close friends.
Now you’re leaving and you hate that you are.
*** present day - november 2019 ***
You sit in your dressing room, brushing out your long brunette hair. You hum quietly to yourself as you brush your hair.
There’s a soft knock on your door so you get up to answer it. You open the door, revealing your boyfriend Dolph Ziggler. “Hey,” you say, smiling. “I was just about to come see you.”
You have Dolph have been together since you moved to Raw three weeks ago. He asked you out the day you arrived and have been together since.
He kisses your cheek before walking into your dressing room. Dolph says, “The shake up is today and I was just told that I’m moving to the Smackdown roster.”
You look at Dolph and say, “I thought ya told them that ya wanted to stay on Raw.”
“I did tell them but they’re moving Bobby and I to Smackdown,” he says as you approach him. He looks down at you. “We’re going to be on different brands, Y/N.”
You hug him and say, “We’ll make it work, Dolph. We have to.”
He runs his fingers through your hair and say, “I would love to make it work, Y/N. I would love to, but you know what it’s like when couples work on different brands. It rarely ever works out.”
You look up at Dolph and ask, “What are ya saying, Dolph?”
Dolph says, “You know how much I like you and how much I like being with you, but we can’t be together if we’re on different brands. It never works out in the long run.”
“So you’re saying we should break up?” you ask.
He nods in response. “Maybe one day we can reconnect but right now, we can’t be together,” Dolph says.
For some reason, you’re not disappointed by this news. You like Dolph but you’ve always thought that there was someone better for you out there.
Someone like Finn Balor.
You miss Finn. You haven’t spoken in a month because of your schedules. He's been busy defending his title on NXT and you've been busy with being an announcer. You've tried to find time to talk to Finn but either he's busy or you're busy.
Dolph says, "I'll, uh, see you around, Y/N."
"Ya too, Dolph," you say. Dolph leaves your dressing room and you sigh. You go grab your phone and try calling Finn.
Finn doesn't answer, leaving you upset.
There's another knock on your door and you answer it. Triple H stands at your door. "Hi," you say, surprised. "Can I help ya with something?"
Triple H says, "Just coming by to drop off the card for tonight. Pierce is sick."
That's when it hits you. Triple H usually runs things surrounding the NXT brand. You ask, "Is NXT involved in something tonight?"
"Possibly," he says. "If I can get Vince's approval. This is the card with the matches on with that NXT is involved in."
You nod and take the card, reading over it.
Adam Cole versus Drew McIntyre. Lana and Dana Brooke versus Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Seth Rollins versus a mystery opponent is slated to be the main event tonight. "Who's Seth's opponent?" you ask.
Triple H says, "I don't know. He's issuing an open challenge tonight. That's all I know."
You nod and say, "Well, thank you for the card." He gives you a kind smile before walking off. You close the door and sigh.
NXT is getting involved and you can't help but wonder if one Irishman is going to be making an appearance.
To distract yourself, you get into the attire that was left in here for you. A lacey black dress that sparkles. Your shoulders and arms are the only parts of your body that can be seen under the dress because the lace is sheer. The dress falls to just above your knees.
A third person knocks on your door as you're about to do your makeup. You answer it, revealing your best friend, Becky Lynch. She smiles and says, "Look at ya. Looking all snazzy. I like the dress."
You smile and let her in. "Thank you," you say. "But I have no control over my wardrobe. The dress is kinda cute though."
Becky kind of laughs and sits down. You do your makeup as Becky says, "I heard Dolph's moving to Smackdown."
"Yeah, he is," you say. "He came in here and said that relationships don't really last when the couple is on two different rosters. Well, he said that it usually doesn't work out, so he ended it." You shrug.
Your best friend squints her eyes at you and says, "Ya don't seem that upset about it."
You do your eyeshadow and say, "I liked Dolph, but I always thought that there could be someone out there that's better for me."
As you speak, your mind wanders to Finn. You wonder how he's doing. You hope that maybe you'll catch a glimpse of him tonight. Maybe he'll be Seth's mystery opponent. You don't know.
Becky says, "Someone like Finn Balor? Because he's calling ya."
Quickly, you grab your phone that you threw on the couch and you answer the phone. "Finn?" you say as soon as you answer it."
"Hey," he says. "There's my favorite announcer. How ya doing?"
You smile and say, "Fine. I'm doing okay. How are ya doing?"
Finn says, "I've been better. I saw ya called and I wanted to see if something was wrong."
Becky points at you and mouths, "I knew it." You wave her off and say into the phone, "Nothing's wrong. I was just thinking about ya earlier so I thought I'd ring ya to see if ya were busy."
He says, "I'm a little busy but I have a second to talk."
"I was just getting ready for Raw but I can stop for a second," you say.
Finn laughs softly and says, "So, tell me about Dolph. Everything okay there? Ya seemed happy the last time we talked."
You say, "I, um, we kinda broke up. He's being moved to Smackdown because of the shakeup tonight."
He's quiet before he says, "Oh, that's terrible. I'm sorry."
You shrug and say, "It's fine. I know there's someone better for me out there." You glance at the time. "I have to go now but can I call ya later?"
"Yeah," he says. "Call me after Raw is over and we'll actually talk for more than a few minutes."
You smile and say, "Okay. I'll talk to ya later then."
You both say your goodbyes and you hang up the phone.
Becky says, "Tell me how long ya have had a thing for Finn Balor. I don't blame ya, by the way. That man is very attractive. Maybe not as attractive as Seth but still attractive."
You laugh and say, "I've had a thing for him since our NXT days. Basically since day one." You rub the back of your neck. "I'm sure he doesn't feel the same way about me though so I never said anything to him about it."
She laughs and says, "Tell him. You're single now and ya said that there was someone better than Dolph Ziggler out there for ya. What if that person is Finn?"
"He's not on this brand either," you say. "He's NXT champion so he wouldn't have time for me anyway."
Becky says, "Well, that's not true. When Seth was Universal Champion, he still had time for me."
You blink at her and say, "You and Seth were champions at the same time, Becky. You traveled together for press and everything."
She thinks for a second and says, "Yeah. That's very true. Okay, anyway. I have a match tonight against Asuka so Imma go get ready for that. I'll see ya out there."
You nod and finish getting ready for the show tonight.
There are five matches on the card tonight, plus the main event. The first match was Dana Brooke and Lana versus Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. Shayna and Nia won.
The next match was Becky versus Asuka for the title. Asuka retained, which left Becky mad.
The third match was a six-man tag match, with three teams of two. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston are a team against the teams of my now ex-boyfriend Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode and two members of the Undisputed Era, Kyle O'Reilly and Roderick Strong. It's basically a mini Survivor Series match, minus the eliminations. The stipulation is if the Undisputed Era loses, they stay on NXT. If they win, they get moved up to Raw.
The Undisputed Era wins the match and all four of them are now members of the Raw roster.
The fourth match is Keith Lee versus Braun Strowman. Keith wins.
The fifth match is Drew McIntyre versus Adam Cole. Randy Orton interferes and costs Drew the match.
It's main event time. Seth's music hits and you say into your microphone, "Making his way down to the ring, he is the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins."
Seth gets into the ring. He doesn't have his disciple, Murphy, with him as he's handed a microphone. "So, as you can see, my disciple Murphy isn't here with me tonight. That's because he's a traitor and left me. So, I'm issuing an open challenge for anyone to come out here and prove to me that they have what it takes to be my disciple. Come on, anyone. From Raw or Smackdown, or even NXT. Come on out."
Everyone looks at the stage to wait and see who comes out. Everyone in the arena waits.
And that's when Finn Balor's music hits. Your jaw almost drops, happy and excited to see Finn with his title. The crowd jumps up and cheers. You smile in the timekeeper's area as Finn makes his way down to the ring. He's handed a mic on the way down.
Seth has a smile on his lips as he looks at that title around Finn's waist, who's dressed and ready for a match in his white ring gear and a matching white leather jacket. This is the gear he wore in his last main roster match at Summerslam in 2019 before he went back to NXT in October. The NXT title is now over his shoulder as he steps into the ring.
Finn is looking at Seth. His music fades and he says, "Hi, Seth. So, I heard ya are looking for a match tonight. How's this? Ya and I in the ring right now. If ya win, then ya get my title and I'll be your new whatever ya call it. If I win, I keep my title and ya never can challenge for this title, or any title that I hold, whether it's the WWE Championship or the United States Champion. I think ya get the point."
You look over at Seth and he says, "You're on Balor. Let's get a referee out here and get this started."
The crowd cheers and you're handed a card with something to read on it. You nod and as the guys get ready in the ring. You look up and say, "This match has just been made official by WWE officials. The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the NXT Championship. Introducing first the challenger, weighing in at 217 pounds, from Davenport, Iowa. He is the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins."
You listen as the crowd boos Seth. You forgot how much the WWE Universe loves Finn Balor.
Once the crowd dies down, you talk into the microphone again. "Weighing in at 190 pounds, from Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland, he is NXT Champion. Finn Balor," you say, smiling as the name Finn Balor leaves your lips. The crowd cheers. Finn looks at you and points at you, making your face heat up.
The ref takes the belt and holds it above his head. Someone runs over and grabs it, bringing the belt back to the little area. You look at the gold belt. It looks so pretty with Finn's side plates on it.
The bell rings and the match is underway. Your eyes are on Finn the whole time.
It takes 20 minutes but Finn hits the Coup de Grace and pins Seth, retaining his title. You take the belt and run to the ring, not being able to hold in your excitement. You bring your microphone with you because you have one more thing left to say.
Once you're in the ring, you almost tackle Finn with a hug. He hugs you back and you hand him his title.
"And still NXT Champion, Finn Balor," you say as Finn's music blares in the arena.
He looks down at you and takes your microphone. You stare up at him as he says, "I, uh, I need to say something really quick."
The crowd dies down and you stare up at your best friend. He looks at his title and he says, "This title isn't mine anymore. This title isn't mine anymore because as of this moment, I am on the Raw roster. As a full-time Raw superstar, I cannot hold the NXT title." He puts the title down on the ground before looking at you. "But as a full-time Raw superstar, I can spend all the time in the world with ya. Travel with ya, talk to ya whenever I want. And most importantly, take ya on a date or two whenever we want."
Your eyes widen as you stare up at Finn, realizing that he has feelings for you too.
"If ya would like, of course," Finn finishes with. The crowd collectively gasps as they wait for your answers.
Finn's arm is still around your waist and you're still standing close to him. So, you give your answer in the one way you've been wanting to. You put your hands on Finn's face and pull his face down to yours. Your lips crash to his and immediately begin moving against them.
He smiles into the kiss and drops the microphone, wrapping both your arms around his neck as his arms wrap around your waist.
The crowd cheers loudly as you kiss Finn in the ring.
Eventually, you and Finn make your way back to your hotel room. He tells you about what he had to do to get to Raw.
Since NXT was part of the shakeup this year, there was a chance that he could get sent to Raw. It was small because he held the NXT title. So after some negotiations with William Regal, Triple H, and Vince McMahon, he would voluntarily relinquish his title after a match tonight. So that's what he did. He voluntarily relinquished his title and is now apart of the Raw roster.
He also told Vince that he wants a run or two at the WWE Championship, which is held by Drew McIntyre. Vince agreed because he knows the fans love Finn versus Drew. Add a title in there and it makes for a few good championship matches.
Once back at the hotel room, Finn says, "I need to shower really quick then we can watch movies or something for a bit."
You nod and watch as Finn disappears into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. The water starts and you sigh.
It would be really bad if you just walked into the bathroom and told him everything that you've been feeling, especially tonight.
When Finn walked out in the white gear, a little ache formed in your core and you tried what you could to stop it.
Your feet are carrying you to the bathroom before you can do anything. You shed the dress and your shoes before walking into the bathroom.
The shower in the bathroom is a glass stand up shower. Most of the glass is distorted but the top maybe 16 inches aren't so you can see from Finn's chest up. His eyes are closed as he rinses his hair.
Quickly, you take off the bra and panties you're wearing before you open the door to the shower. Finn looks down at you and asks, "Y/N, what are ya doing?"
"Saving water," you say. "Kinda."
He smiles down at you as you close the glass door. You stare up at him and he asks, "Now what are ya really doing?"
You say, "Seeing ya in the white gear tonight made me feel things, Finn. I know I shouldn't just get in the shower with ya, but-" You're interrupted by Finn's lips coming down to yours. You gasp, surprised by the kiss.
His lips move against yours before he pulls back and says, "Ya are telling me ya want me to, what?"
You stare up at him and say, "Whatever ya want, Finn. I just need ya to do something to me."
Finn smirks a bit and his hands come down to your waist. He guides you so your back is against the wall. You stare up at Finn and he says, "Is this what ya really want? I want to make sure it's what ya want one hundred percent."
Your hands rest on his chest and you nod. "It's what I want, Finn," you say. "I've wanted this for a while."
He smiles and kisses you. The kiss is rougher than the kiss in the ring and his hands start to roam. Soft sighs leave your lips. As the two of you share the kiss, Finn moves and presses you against the cold wall of the shower. Your hands are on Finn's cheeks, slipping your tongue into his mouth. Finn smirks against your lips.
The kiss continues for a second before Finn leans down and picks you up by your thighs. You wrap your legs around his waist as Finn pulls back from your lips and he starts to kiss your neck.
A soft moan escapes your lips as your hands slide into Finn's short wet hair. You smile and say, "This has gotten longer since we last saw each other."
Finn smirks and looks up at you, detaching his lips from your neck. He says, "I'm guessing ya like it."
You giggle and nod, saying, "It gives me something to hold onto." He laughs and kisses you again.
He reaches to the side and turns the water off. Carefully and slowly, Finn leaves the shower with you wrapped around him. He's careful not to slip on the tile floor of the bathroom as he leaves the room.
Finn walks out to one of the beds, laying you on your back. The kiss breaks as he looks down at you, eyes wandering all over your body.
"I've imagined how ya looked for weeks and this exceeded all of my expectations," he says, smiling down at you.
You giggle and stare up at him, saying, "I could say the exact same thing." You glance down at his semi-erect member that's poking at your thigh.
He starts to kiss your jaw and he says, "You're so beautiful. I can't believe that maybe you'll be mine after this."
Sighing, you say, "I've been yours this entire time, Finn."
Finn smirks against your neck. You slide your hands down his sides and use one of your hands to stroke Finn's member. He gasps a bit against the skin against your neck. You feel him begin to harden as you stroke him.
"Keep going like that and I won't last as long as ya probably want me to," he gasps.
You leave kisses to his head and say, "We have all night, Finn. And all day tomorrow."
He looks up at you and says, "Good, because I won't be able to stop once I've started."
You reach up, pecking his lips before you say, "Then start."
Finn smirks a bit before he kisses you harder than he ever has before. You sigh softly against his lips as he runs his tip through your already soaked folds. "Finn," you mumble against his lips. "Please. Tease me another time. I need ya right now."
Slowly, Finn begins to push himself into you. You gasp into the passionate kiss.
You're not a virgin but you're not really that experienced in bed. Finn knows this so he's making sure he's careful with you. On the other hand, you know how experienced Finn is in bed. He's never had to tell you. You used to travel with him when you worked for the NXT brand and stayed in the hotel room next to him sometimes. He's not really that quiet, and neither is whoever he's with.
He moves slowly and shallowly at first, making sure that he's not hurting you. The little bit of pain that you feel slowly melts away to pleasure, and you're a little bit of a moaning mess underneath Finn's body. You drag your fingers down Finn's back as he moves.
Every few minutes, Finn picks up speed and thrusts deeper into you. You wrap your legs around Finn's waist again. Your back arches off the bed ooccationally and chase Finn's hips. He slips deeper into you, making you moan and gasp under Finn.
A wave of confidence overtakes you a couple minutes later. You roll so you're straddling Finn's waist with him still inside you.
Finn stares up at you as you begin to move your hips, riding him. Finn intertwines his fingers with yours and helps hold you up. You throw your head back as you bounce up and down on Finn's now rock hard member. Moans escape your lips and Finn grunts and growns beneath you.
Your walls begin to clench around Finn and you moan, "Finn, baby. I'm about to come."
"Come, princess," he gasps, thrusting up into you as you move your hips.
Your eyes are squeezed shut and you release around Finn as he quickly pulls out of you and comes all over your stomach. You collapse onto Finn, your sweaty chests sticking together as you come down off your high.
Finn wraps his arms around your shoulders and you sigh, your ear pressed against his chest. His heart is beating quickly. You feel him leave kisses on your forehead. You smile and look up at him, resting your chin on his chest. Finn smiles down at you.
"So what do ya say?" he asks. "Will ya officially be mine?"
You giggle and nod, leaning up and pecking his lips. "Yes."
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cloveroctobers · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
IG bio/info: @/annajj9x_ | 20.1k followers| Athlete | hey peeps can you stop asking me to throw it back cuz the answer will always be no! K thx take it easy 🏳️‍🌈🌻🏒🐶
21 years old
From bath, England
Hockey player as her profession for the past three years
Her position is defense
Their team name is “rowdy alphas”...yeah some team names just didn’t make sense or they’re cringe for no reason at all
Was raised by her mom,(her mom was a teen mom & had her at 17) maternal grandmother, and her paternal aunt (dad’s younger sister, who’s more like a big sister to her at 28)
They’ve made her into the person she is, literally
Her grandmother has a bed and breakfast that they all live in
the house is Victorian style—almost as if they walked right out of charmed! Instead of a big pink house, think yellow AND purple. It was hideous but homey and charming on the inside
growing up in a house with multiple temporary strangers wasn’t odd to aj at all, in fact it felt like the norm. There was always someone around to socialize with so that was quite nice
Her father was a pro baseball player & passed away due to a automobile accident
she has his smile & freckles
aj was also involved in the accident at the age of 6 & miraculously survived with intense injuries
Has scars as a reminder
used to have night terrors because of the took awhile—years!!! for them to subside
they’re all vague memories now (but the pain is something she’ll always remember) but she preferred it that way
she’s named “Anna” after her mother’s old best friend/roommate and was supposed to be aj’s god mother but she went missing during their uni years
the name“Julia” came from her paternal grandmother who she gets her wide doe eyes from
her athleticism definitely came from her dad
Her mother luckily liked to document things so there’s a bunch of home videos of her dad in them & pictures/scrapbooks that her mom has for safe keeping
She’s more of a klutz, tiny, and wears huge prescription glasses
extremely close to the three most important ladies in her life, so she’s always been able to be open with them about anything!
when she first expressed her interest in liking both genders around 17-18 her paternal aunt was all smirks, “i knew Britney Spears was so your type, yeah?”
more like shakira but Brit was just as pretty
her mother was a “cry baby” so ofc she burst out into tears squeezing aj’s limbs and peppering her face with kisses. She didn’t view her child as anything different... as she shouldn’t & was glad that her daughter trusted them with this significant moment in her life and wanted to be as supportive as she could
got books, watched Ted talks and everything but knew she could come to the source even tho aj was still figuring it out herself
her grandma dipped her head at the new info sitting at the round kitchen table, “been there. had a few broads in my life after and during my marriage with your no good grandad. Thank goodness the bastard died before you even got to meet ‘em.” “Mum!”
what felt like the biggest weight on her chest was lifted. She knew they’d understand but a part of her had a little bit of doubt, she’s heard so many horror stories where those like her didn’t have the support she has and that made her extremely sad to think about
i see her as a person that has/had many friends in secondary. She’s always open to chat and her being on a few sports teams helped her out in her case
very competitive in anything that she does & will guarantee that she’ll beat you. (“ You wanna race to the car from here?”wins. “Who ever cleans the most dishes the fastest gets the last slice of pie.”) majority of the time she’s right but if she loses?? oh don’t let her lose to you, it’s a pity party for the rest of the time ur in her space. Such a sore loser omg
stays active, always working out + has a gym membership and makes sure she goes at least five times a week
she’s very strong, loves leg day & working on her core
she’s about 5’10
loves wearing “gf jeans” since they’re super comfy but doesn’t mind skinny Jeans with rips in the knees every now and then
trainers and chucks are her go-to sneakers
has no issue shopping in the men’s section ‘cause who’s gonna stop her? Nobody that’s who
owner of over a 100 graphic tees + vertical stripped shirts are also her favs, SWEATPANTS/joggers?! How many does she have? A lot. Snapbacks? Plenty. Will she wear them backwards? Obviously.
Physical touch is her love language. She’s comes from a family that has no issue showing their affection by touch. There is NO such thing as personal space and that still stands with aj when it comes to relationships, she sees no other way
It’s what she shows and what she wants in return, if you’re not touching her in some sort of way, then automatically she thinks there’s something wrong or that she did something
Is the jealous type. It has shown in relationships and ruined a relationship or two
Has cheated on a significant other out of pure jealousy & is not proud to admit that
Does have a wandering eye but feels now that she truly understands herself when it comes to relationships, she’ll never act on it again
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I get libra tendencies from her so that’s what I’m sticking with. She likes to keep the peace (unless she’s jealous) , idealistic — always looking on the bright side of things, outgoing, romantic, and professional— especially when it comes to her team; her true leadership comes out, yet she can be indecisive, hates confrontation, self pitying — if things don’t go perfectly how she imagined/planned it to, the world is ending and everyone is out to get her, and can be unreliable—never on time
September libra to be exact
if she’s really in love/taken a interest in you then she gets nervous: blushing, sweaty palms, cracking her knuckles, tongue tied—the whole 9
she’s already defined as a puppy by her coach but when she’s in love? She’s a lovesick puppy!
her fav holiday is Valentine’s Day
thought she was going to be a pro skateboarder growing up but it took one bad fall where she thought she was paralyzed for her to choose something else
she likes her weed on occasion
Obsessed with all types of cheese except cottage, “can I put cheese on this?”
more of a jumpsuit kinda girl or dressy top with jeans & hoops on a night out
has a solid group of mates outside of the hockey team, they’ve all met and hung out a couple of times, as they should since aj feels they’re going to be stuck with her for awhile so why not?
They’re a riot when they all go out, let’s just say that there’s never a dull moment
fav color is periwinkle
enjoys ASMR, mostly in the mornings when she’s waking up. You know how people love podcasts? (Sorry seb & Nicky, she still wants to be on the show soon!) ASMR is her thing
loves tangerines, you can count on it that she’ll have one on her, “where did you pull that from?” “I’ll never share my master plan.” “You’re such a tit.”
Definitely prefers “fresh squeezed” orange juice & will make her own, she has the tools & the strength 😏
Very rare for her to get sick ;) & if she does she’s a complete baby about it
Will fight that she’s sick before she admits it, trying all sorts of horrid remedies & vitamins
loves summer & all things that come with it, the number one thing is leaving bath for however long she can for a new place to enjoy
when she arrived to love island, she was thrilled for the weather. Yes she was looking for love but most importantly a nice get away & that it was (depending on your route that is lol)
closest with seb, vieve, elladine, and tai but don’t tell the others that! (She doesn’t care if you tell Yasmin, honestly)
just because her & seb “dated” and it didn’t work out doesn’t mean they can’t be friends right? It was almost automatic for them to be platonic after it was determined there would be no romance between them, almost like sibs! like those celebs like to say—except this time these two won’t turn around and actually find romance
vieve came with seb so...but no shade aj did like vieve. She gave great advice (while seb sometimes didn’t say the right things unintentionally or what aj needed to hear) when needed, especially from a medical view and is very sweet
elladine was the one who had all the tea & ideas to match, she’s quite organized and always down for DIY’s and could suggest almost anything. If you needed someone to help you get things tidy or match/find your Aesthetic, she’s the friend you call to help
tai was the one she could be a “bro” with, sure elladine has her competive side (or controlling, depends on how you view it) but tai was the one you can run to for much needed “bro hugs”, partying, going to the pubs, playing sports with or against, checking out/flirting with babes, etc...
it was not long after the villa that aj had a revelation with her sexuality & fully owned and labeled herself as a lesbian
She was happy being in relationship with someone else or with herself, life was short and she was young so there wasn’t time to dwell and stress over things so what the hell?! Live your truth the best way you know how ya know?
probably smells like sweet citrus, almond flower, and sea salt
on chest days, she’s a sweets snacker. Loves gummy bears (also with vodka) , swedish fish, sour patch kids, etc...basically shit that sticks to ur teeth
put all her chips into hockey, while it was advised by her Counselors & mum not to do so, aj went about it anyway. She thought about the pros and cons but knew there was nothing else for her. So there were more pros than cons. She was meant to play sports, its what felt right in her soul
Made her feel connected to her father, when she’s on the field she feels that he is with her
 scrunches up her nose when she’s frustrated or confused about something
Doesn’t always grasp concepts right away, she’s a soft dummy but most of us are and that’s okay! We’re all smart in our own ways
Feels like sunflowers are always around her especially if she sees them wherever she is. They must symbolize SOMETHING, therefore she loves them
spf queen. All about it, get with it or let the sunrays ruin ur skin that’s on u
loves a good filet mignon medium-well & is probably the only good thing she knows how to make alongside a salad, baked potatoes, & her oj
sucker for’s basically her life duh!
If she has a dog, it’s a Dalmatian or Great Dane. She needs a companion that’ll keep up with her
loves kissing, it’s her favorite form of intimacy
Quarantine life included the push up challenge for her. Gaining a few pounds in muscle and fat, bothering seb via ft, viewing old letters she wrote to her dad, spending time with her fav ladies since they were now restricted from having guests in their home, and letting boredom consume her + she hated the whole lockdown that came with it, she hated being indoors for long periods of time but she knew that’s what partly needed to be done
Posts a lot of beach, park, outings with her friends & team, moments with her fav ladies, workout videos, and guests at the b&b with their permission and if only she befriends them along the way. She’s just as active on the socials as she is in rl but she’s not obsessed with it, she knows how to live in the now. She’s all about balance!
I also feel like she never keeps her phone charged and it’s always dying on her! She had a car charger but...that’s a jungle. She needs to invest in a portable charger stat
crushing on/finds attractive: Jared Padalecki, Keanu Reeves, Barrett Doss, Camilla Luddington, Sandra Bullock, Adrian Kempe, Harry Kirton, Anya Taylor-Joy, Haley Lu Richardson, Naomi Osaka, Ming & Aoki Lee Simmons
who does she listen to? Shakira lol!! Bea Miller, Dua Lipa, Daya, XYLØ, Elley Duhé, Stela Cole, Aloe Blacc, Maroon 5, Lewis capaldi, Charlie Puth, girl in red, Hayley kiyoko, king princess, dodie, & tessa violet
Anthem: Icona Pop — we got the world
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chaeryybomb · 6 months ago
should you fight them?
nct dream edition
listen y'all it's 4am and I can't sleep so here I am with another crack reaction fic because y'all loved the nct dream rooftop fights one
I would say all the dreamies have fighting experience because they're always together
so you gotta have some basic knowledge too
here's some times
when making a fist, never place your thumb in between your fingers. make sure your thumb is like resting about your index finger
if you're going in for a kick, your stance has to be wide. the basic stance for a kick is one leg forward and the other at the back
slightly bend both legs before kicking, makes it easier for you to kick and you'll feel less stiff
the elbow is one of the strongest bones so use it to your advantage to elbow someone
if you're trying to turn while kicking, you have to move your entire upperbody as well. from waist down
oh and make sure to flatten out your feet. kick with your top part of your feet, never kick with your toes. you're going to break if you do
anyways leggo
huang renjun
honestly if you have the confidence to fight THE huang renjun
go for it ig
but there's a 98% chance of you losing
the 2% chance is him suing you so either way it's a lose-lose
b u t theoretically, if you DO fight renjun
honestly you would need some height advantage
and I'm not talking like,,, tall height
no I mean you have to be shorter than this man
mans is so used to fighting people taller than him, I strongly believe he will be left confused fighting someone smaller than him
like you have to be under 165cm
that's where you get the advantage to kick him in the knees and mans goes down
but like kick em from behind the knees so so 1. you don't hurt your feet, 2. his knees would ✨ b u c k l e ✨
in all honesty you also have to be fast and agile
like you need to dodge his hands because if you get CAUGHT
but yeah the only way you can beat him is you have to be shorter than him AND you need whatever confidence you pulled out from your ass fhshdhshd
10/10 would not recommend to fight unless you're looking for a death wish
no but seriously if given the chance don't fight huang renjun
mans may look SOFT but he's lit rally the devil fhshdhs
lee jeno
just no
don't even tHINK ABOUT IT
you're not fighting lee jeno and that's it
the only reason he won't do it is because he's niCE
he's gonna be S A D
"w-why would you want fight me, y/n?"
you're gonna make jeno sad and renjun will come for your ass so honestly you'd be fighting renjun
so yeah don't fight jeno
just don't okay you heartless monster
lee haechan
in all honesty
you can fight haechan
there's a 50/50 chance of you winning
hyuck's not weak but he isn't strong either so—
he's gonna spend most of the time taunting you so you just need to sucker punch him to shut up—
you need to act i n t i m i d a t i n g
scare him a bit ya know
you definitely would need speed because he's fast
he's a runner
and you're going to need to chase him
it's a game of cat and mouse basically
pros of fighting haechan: you get to bragging rights if you win
cons of fighting haechan: 127 hyungs will be there in a millisecond to fight you and that's a whole another post
but if you win, he's gonna be so salty about it and is gonna start calling you out fhshdhhs
he might just hate you for it so being hated by haechan is not worth fighting him
na jaemin
jaemin would let you win
he can beat your ass but he'll let you win because he loves you
he's just that sweet okay
like I said, jaemin's the second most built in nct dream
so fighting him would be a stupid decision
but no mans will accept your challenge and let you win
he will literally f a l l when you touch him
you don't even have to punch him
one touch and he goes down
dhshdhs he makes his losing really dramatic
but he thinks it's worth it because you get to be proud and happy!
so yeah "fighting" jaemin is a good idea if you need a boost of serotonin
beware he's gonna be pouty the entire time so—
but oh boy if you make him like mad mad
bye you won't live to see another day
there's two sides of jaemin, loud jaemin and quiet jaemin
and quiet jaemin is s c a r y
basically fight loud jaemin and not quiet jaemin
zhong chenle
chenle has the money and he will use it against you fhshdhs
unless you have the money too or yk have a lawyer family member
then the whole fight will be in court fhshfh
let's say you do fight him
you would win tbh
i don't think chenle's much a fighter
he's like haechan, he likes to tease and taunt people instead
so honestly you have the higher ups of winning
I recommend fighting with earplugs in because he's going to be screaming most of the time so yeah
but I really really don't recommend fighting chenle
chenle can look scary too
and plus he can and will definitely sue you so—
park jisung
now why would you want to fight this baby boy?????
like I would fight you for wanting to fight jisung
unlike jeno, you can at least still sorta fight him
boy may be tall asf but he's defenseless
he's just a giant lanky baby
why do you want to fight him???
okay but you would win if you do BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT
actually it kinda is since the post is should you fight the dreamies— wAIT NO
like really go fight jaemin instead
he's the safest bet
but no jisung is OFF LIMITS
and so what if you win
all you get is to brag about beating park jisung but then you're gonna live in guilt forever because you fought park jisung
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eatsoaps · 7 months ago
The Scale Is Rigged
An AngelHusk pairing
TW: Bulimia, emeto, anorexia, abuse
Based on the past IG posts made by Angel and the comments Val made about his weight.
As soon as he got the scale sent to him from his boss, Angel had spent hours in front of the mirror looking himself all over. Was he really that bad? Val had been warning him a lot more recently about gaining weight. Were his cheeks too fat now? Was his jawline gone? The more he looked at himself and negatively thought about the reflection, the more disgusting he felt. He had made the Voxtagram post only a couple of days ago, and while the comments poured in favoring his side he still felt insecure. Today he was supposed to go in to shoot a new movie, within the hour actually, he didn’t want to do it. He didn’t want to go in and talk with Val. He didn’t want to, but he had to. By the time he arrived in full glam and barely any clothing on set, Val was already waiting for him. The moth made a twirl motion with his fingers signaling Angel to strip the robe and spin around in his bathing suit. The movie was about a lifeguard closing up a pool at night, Angel played a trespasser that wanted a night swim. Sex ensues. His two piece was bright red and very revealing, just how Val liked it. The man patted his knee and Angel bounded over like a dog with the fakest smile known to demonkind.
“Oh babycakes you know I love the way you look right?”
“Very much so Daddy!”
He hummed, “You also know I want the very best for you too?”
“Of course, you’ve taken care of me in the most amazing ways.”
Val’s smile hardened, “Then you’ll understand that I want to put you on a new diet. Angie, demons are talking about you in a different way. They’re saying you’ve put on a few, now why is that? Haven’t I told you to watch your figure?” Before Angel had a chance to answer, Val grabbed him by the cheeks firmly, “No junk food, two very small meals a day, and absolutely nothing but exercise for three weeks. Can you follow that?”
“Oh yes Daddy, that’s not too hard at all!”
“Good boy, that’s what Daddy likes to hear. I’ve set you up with a bulky imp to make you look a little bit smaller. We’ll angle away from your stomach and try to get a good frame on your cheeks okay baby? Daddy only wants the best for you.”
“Thank you! I promise I won’t let you down.”
Val patted Angel’s back and he slid off. The rest of the movie -thankfully- went off without a hitch. One do-over scene in another movie and a couple dances later, Angel was done for the rest of the day. When he was getting ready to walk out of the studio, Val grabbed him by the wrist and spun him around.
“Remember what I said Angel, I don’t want to punish you for gaining weight, but the viewer’s matter baby. Lose the chub and I’ll reward you.”
Angel smiled with an excited face despite his throat closing up with emotion. “I can’t wait Daddy! See ya later!” Making sure he was at least a block away from the studio did he let his smile fall. He hugged his waist as he walked, silently willing it to shrink. The viewer’s are commenting on how fat he is, Val is even more picky about it, and on top of it all, he’s got a brand new diet to follow. He sighed, finally reaching the hotel and quickly going up to his room. He was tired, and all the sex and dancing had him starved, but he had breakfast and Val chose his lunch today. A salad without dressing. He collapsed on his bed with Fat Nuggets curling into his side and willed himself to sleep by the relaxing sound of his pig’s slumber.
“Husk, it’s nearly dinner time, would you mind getting Angel out of his room for me please?” Charlie asked as she finished setting the table.
“Mmmm.” Husk groaned as he raised himself up. “Yeah.” his bones cracked as he walked due to his habitual slouching. He made his way up to the spider’s room and knocked on the door. “Hey, twinkle toes, food’s ready. Get yer ass down here.”
Angel started awake when he heard the knocking, “Alright kitty, I’ll be only a minute.”
“Hurry up.”
Angel changed into some stretching shorts and a long baggy pink sweater. He gave a kiss to Nuggets and made his way downstairs. The smell of spiced meats and wonderfully seasoned vegetables that permeated the air made his mouth water. Unfortunately for him, he remembered the warning that Val gave him. Don’t eat. He had already eaten his twice a day meals, that meant he couldn’t eat this one. “Uh, thanks Char, but I’m not that hungry.”
Charlie gave him a concerned look, “You aren’t? I thought you had work, doesn’t that normally tire you out?”
“I mean, yeah, but they fed me a shit ton of junk afterwards.”
“Would you like to at least sit with us? We were going to discuss possible marketing techniques!”
She looked so innocent and hopeful, who was he to deny her? He smiled, “Sure.”
He took his place beside the cat who was nursing a bottle of weak tequila and partially listened to the conversation Charlie began to carry on. He admired the way Vaggie looked at her, complete love and adoration. He wanted someone to be genine like that to him, to support and love him no matter what. The smell of the food triggered him so hard, he wanted to stuff everything in his mouth, swallow, and then feel satisfied, but he knew that he’d feel obsese. Dinner for the group lasted about an hour, he made his regular snide comments and flirty innuendos before dismissing himself, grabbing a small paper plate for Nuggets to eat off of. Scurrying up the stairs finally making it to his room, he huffed and looked at the plate. Just a scrap of sauce wouldn't hurt at all...yeah…. Just a scrap. He took a finger and scooped up a little bit of the sauce that pooled at the side. So good… he wanted more, but a happy eager snort alerted him to take care of his pig before anything else.
“Sorry Nuggies, mama got a little distracted. Here ya go.” the pig began to chow down and Angel sat on his bed watching him with a small smile. His own stomach growled in protest, but he had been in these types of diets before, he could handle this. Normally back at his old apartment he would throw out all the food for him and leave a side labeled “Nugs”. This time, he was expected to eat three meals a day with three snacks at the hotel, he was gonna have to talk with Val about this, maybe he could convince him to let up a little? Even if he said no, what matters is trying, so it’s a win-win according to Charlie. He grabbed his phone and swiped to “Daddy”. He paused, his finger on the keyboard, he remembered the last time he was on a diet Val caught him eating and forced him to throw it back up. No doubt he would do the same if Angel tried to talk to him. The hungry spider sighed and put his phone down. He’d done this before, he can do it again. It’s what he gets for eating too much.
Day 1, he got a call to come down to breakfast, they were serving muffins, hash browns and scrambled eggs with a side of berries. Angel dressed in the same clothes he wore for dinner last night and made his way downstairs. He took a breath, two small meals a day, he just needed to cut this one in half and he’d be fine. So that’s what he did. He took only one muffin, a bowl of berries, and half of one scrambled egg. Hash Browns were fried potatoes and he didn’t need to be bloated today. Angel was normally the second to last guy to show up for breakfast (the last being Husk), but today he was third. Making normal conversation with everyone else and scrolling through his phone, he believed he managed to go unnoticed. Lunch was pretty much the same, a small bowl of sweetpeas and a chicken salad with an assortment of extra chicken strips to take from. He stuck with half of the salad and peas. By dinner, he decided to make up an excuse to Charlie, saying he had a shoot an hour before. Thankfully she approved and offered him a tupperware box of leftovers. Poor thing would sob if she saw him dumping it out behind the hotel building for the Hell pests to eat. In general, the first four days were fine, Angel only had two meals a day and managed to hide his snacks in his chest fluff for Nuggets. Every free chance he had, he would exercise as much as he could. Everything from hard yoga, running, to pole practice and more, he did it all and doubled the next day. He always got on the scale Val gave him, he was still 15 pounds from his target weight. Val had given him a couple of beatings for not losing fast enough, but always made it up to Angel by showering him with drugs that would decrease his appetite.
Day 16, was the worst one. He was no longer allowed two meals started on day 6, it became only one. Per day. With hardcore exercise. Angel was at sit up number 69 when he heard another knock at the door. Shutting off his music and getting up to answer it, he was met with Husk telling him that Charlie set out plates for a lasagna and garlic bread. His stomach growled.
“Guess we’ll see ya down.” Husk said in response and slumped away.
Angel closed the door and began to breathe harder. His love for the special dish, his absolute favorite, and he couldn’t eat. But he also had to. Charlie knew that he was off the clock tonight, there was no excuse. He didn’t want to do it, but he knew he had to. He wiped off all the sweat and made his way down to dinner.
“Angel! Hey, we just went through the suggestion box and decided to try out a different cultural recipe! Give it a try!” Charlie was beaming ear to ear, clearly proud and excited to see his reaction. Alastor was right behind her, snapping the rest of the pasta on the table for the others.
“Oh yes dear fellow, do give it a try. You may find it is to die for! Ahahaha!”
Angel took the plate from Charlie and gave it a bite. It was heavenly which caused him to lose any sense of what he was supposed to be doing in regards to his diet. He ate the entire plate, finished a second, and ended it all with his third slice of garlic bread washing it down with some milk.
“Holy shit babe, that was absolutely amazing!”
“You think so?”
“Hell yeah! I’m glad to see you takin’ up my ideas.” he winked at her.
Charlie couldn’t help herself, she hugged him, “Ah! Thank you! I just knew you’d like it!” she giggled. It was adorable. The others were just finishing up their plates, Angel being the first to leave.
“I’ll be around kitty, save me some juice~” he winked. Husk rolled his eyes.
Angel fueled by anxiety, sprinted towards his room, the plate for his pig barely surviving the journey. He quickly dropped it in front of Fat Nuggets, shut his door and ran to the bathroom. He leaned against the sink breathing heavily, pushing to see his face, he slowly lifted up his shirt and gasped when he saw that he looked four months pregnant. Tears sprung into his eyes. He disobeyed Val and to make matters worse he showed as well! Hyperventilating, Angel grabbed the stomach, pinching and shaking the small bump. In reality it was just a little bloat, but to him, he looked ready for birth. Suddenly feeling nauseated, he knew what he had to do. He lifted the toilet seat and began to gag.
Humming down the stairs into the lobby, he greeted his cat with a wink and ordered a ‘big, fat’ Sex on the Beach like always. Husk let out a low groan and prepared the drink, silence took over. Angel sipped on the concoction while the cat finished polishing the rest of the glasses. The night was very young, lights out wouldn’t be for another couple of hours, yet, something seemed to make it darker than usual. Husk sensed something was different in the air but couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. He did know one thing, it wasn’t from his bar.
“Ay spider, you smell that?”
“Smell what?”
“I don’t know, it’s something different. It’s sharp and has a sour tang.”
“No clue what you’re talking about.”
Angel knew Husk could smell hints of the stomach acid on him even though he brushed his teeth twice and dusted himself off. He threw back the rest of his drink and made his way up the stairs before any more information could be obtained. He brushed his teeth once more and prepared to finally go to sleep. Knowing his luck, his stomach (despite being sore) begged him to fill it with the leftovers downstairs. No amount of tossing and turning could shut it up, it was so angry and desperate. It hurt so bad. By one a.m. he gave up and quietly snuck downstairs to the kitchen. He pulled out the pan and grabbed a fork, not caring if it was cold, he dashed back to his room and shut the door behind him. He collapsed on the bed and began to heavily scoop the pasta into his mouth again. He knew he was going to regret this, but he was so hungry. He wanted it so bad and felt so happy tasting the happiness Charlie poured into it. He made sure to save a few slices for the others, but the rest of it was gone. He set aside the pan and placed a hand on his stomach. He felt ashamed, disgusted with himself all over again.
“Damn it Angel, too selfish to even have a sliver of self control. Fuckin’ fatass.” He cried. His crying eventually turned into full on sobbing and chest heaving. His stomach hurt even more now, and he was frustrated that there was no winning. It ached so bad, so did his heart and head. Nuggets did his best to comfort his mama, but all he could do was snuggle against an arm. Suddenly, Angel’s self disgust manifested into a physical sense. His nausea came three times as hard as the first time coupled with the guilt, shame, and fear. He didn’t even have to try gagging, it all came up on it’s own. Grabbing the bedside bucket, he tensed as the food came back up, he barely had the chance to breathe; this went on for five minutes until the organ decided that was enough food to purge. It wanted to keep the rest inside, but Angel did not. He carefully inserted his nails and began hitting the gag reflex.
Unbeknownst to him, there was a cat walking across the hall. Husk had passed out at the bar and when he woke up, he chose to go back to his room, making his way down the hall Husk heard sounds of crying and...gagging? From Angel’s room? He didn’t care, he was tired and wanted sleep. When he reached his bed, his thoughts began to come back as did the noises from the spider’s room since his oversized ears absorbed everything. With a frustrated groan, he got up ready to bang on the spider’s door and tell him to shut up, but when he got there, all that was left was the sound of soft, defeated crying. He stood in front of the door for a little while before heading back and deciding to confront the spider in the morning.
True to his promise, Husk was back attending the bar after Charlie forced him out of bed to meet with her and the others for breakfast. This routine was such a drag, but as long as he had his alcohol, it was fine. Better than most places too. He and Angel acted as if nothing had happened the previous night, but the more Husk thought about it, the more he began to realize a change in Angel’s eating habits. He’d been eating less and what he did eat was mostly greens and fruit, hardly any meat. He smelled...tired. After breakfast the pink spider dashed up the stairs to get ready, saying he had an appointment with his pimp. This was to be expected, but he knew that at some point he would visit the bar and when he did, there was no escaping. All Husk could do was wait it out for a little while until Angel came back to the hotel. For now, he stayed scrolling through his social media. The day passed and by the time Angel’s shift was done, it was way past dinner time, probably in his own sick personal favor according to Husk’s thoughts. He had gotten better at finding out his work schedule so he could let Charlie know ahead of time, today’s was expected so Vaggie wasn’t there to interrogate him. But Husk was. The door opened and the cat’s ears perked up. Angel looked exhausted and beaten. He was favoring his left leg and cradling one of his lower arms.
“Need a drink?” the barcat asked.
Angel whipped around and eyed the cat in suspicion. “Why?”
“Look like you need it. S’all on me this time.”
Angel smirked, “Oh? What’s gotten little ‘ol pussycat in such a generous mood? I’ll take Tom Collins.”
Strange, he acted as if nothing had happened. Oh well, Husk would go into this slowly. As he prepared the mix, he looked up from time to time to read Angel’s face. He had different moods all at once, a tired, content, and yet nervous look all at once. At one point Husk caught his eye and mentally cursed himself. Since when did he get so concerned?
“See somethin’ ya like kitten?”
“Your silence.”
“Haha, says the one tha’ invited me ova’, tell me, what’s on that handsome mind of yours?” Angel grabbed the drink and began to slowly sip on it. Husk shrugged.
“Could tell me first.”
He felt Angel’s energy shift to anxiety. “I don’t know what ya mean puss.”
“Look, I ain’t no snitch, but I’ll make you a deal of my own that doesn’t involve any soul snaring bullshit.”
Angel raised his eyebrow, “What is it?”
“I’ll give you free drinks this whole night as long as you talk.”
“Already a deal!” The spider grabbed Husk’s paw and shook it immediately, not passing up the offer to get drunk for free.
“Good. What were you doing last night?”
“Uh, I gave a plate of food to Nuggets, masturbated, and then went to bed.”
Husk gave a hum of disbelief, “I don’t think that’s the truth.”
“Don’t tell me this is gonna be an interrogation like Vaggie.”
“It is if you make it one.”
Angel rolled his eyes, “Fine, just got a little bit of food poisoning is all.”
“We ate the same thing.”
“And I ate too much wassa point?” By now the entire demeanor was shifted into defense. He was already downing his drink and motioned for another. “Poisoned by overfill.”
Husk made another drink as quick as he could in silence, he hated that his heart softened. He forced his voice to do the same as he swirled his own whiskey bottle, “I heard you last night ya know.”
If he could scream he would, but the burn from the past few hours and days just didn’t allow his throat any justice, Angel sighed. He might as well, fuck who even cares? Not like he can die from it anyway, “Yeah, what about it?”
“It’s a diet Val put me on. Only for another week or so. Then I’ll be good.”
Husk’s ears drew back, “Why listen to him?” he growled. Was this a protective feeling?
“He’s my boss sugar. He got all da power. If I don’t listen to him, well, you know what happens when a pet doesn’t listen to their master.”
“Ya don’t gotta do it.”
Angel paused, he knew Husk was right, but at the same time, he knew he didn’t understand what kind of situation Val had put him in. If he didn’t listen, he’d get another sprained ankle. “Yeah.”
“Would you stop doing it?”
“When Val gives me the all clear.”
Husk grew even more frustrated but tried not to let it show, Angel took notice, “Aw, is the kitty all worried over lil ‘ol me? You don’t gotta worry about me babe, I know all the ways with Val.”
“I ain’t worried about ya!” Husk snapped, “Just don’t like the noise ya know? Besides, your body is fine. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the need for ‘staying in shape’ as it’s called. You don’t need to do it.”
Angel sat in silence, his Tom Collins forgotten about. Husk thought he looked good? No one has ever commented on his body in a way that wasn’t sexual. It was never genuine. “Well, thanks Husky.” he winked.
“Just, don’t play this off as if it ain’t a serious matter alright?”
“Again, there’s no need to worry about me. I’m almost at my goal weight and then I’ll be okay.”
Husk shook his head and gave a humorless laugh. “Nah spider, the thing is, you are a literal stick. I don’t see an inch of fat on ya.”
“Val told me the viewers are commenting on my weight.”
“Uh, yeah, about how skinny you are!”
Angel raised a shocked eyebrow, “And you’d know that how kitten?”
“Shut up. Someone came in and was talking about it to me.”
“Mhm. Look, for the third time, I am going to be okay. Pass me anotha’, I’ve done this plenty of times before.”
Husk made Angel another drink, noting how he was already starting to sway. His anorexia successfully messed with his tolerance level. “Bad decisions are okay sometimes, being mistreated isn’t. You’re underestimated all the time by that guy, I don’t know how you ain’t gotten yourself double killed yet.”
“I’m fuckin’ perfect.”
“But you don’t feel it do you?”
Angel remained silent. “I ain’t gotta take none a’ your shit.” He gulped the rest of his drink down and quickly hopped off the bar stool. The room swayed and Angel gripped onto the counter for support, “Actually, give me one more. Make it harder.” He nearly forgot these were free drinks he was getting. He was gonna take advantage of it while he was still awake.
Husk prepared a different mixed drink with harder alcohol as prescribed by Angel. He slid it over and once again, the spider took it without even tasting it. “Do you like working for him?”
“Mhm. Most a’ da time.” His words were slurring badly. “Just don’t like getting in trouble with him is all. I’m a good boy for him.”
Husk pitied the drunk soul before him, and he hated that he pitied it. “Look kid, at least eat something and keep it down okay? I’ll be watching. And I know you’ll remember this conversation, so I expect you to keep your word.”
Angel’s eyes went from wide to flirtatious, he slid closer to the bartender and played with his bowtie, “Oh baby, I like it when a guy takes charge like that. Makes you look even sexier than you already are.”
Husk swatted his hand away, “Not while you’re sober, not while you’re drunk, and not when you’re high.”
“Mmm, no fair. I’m cutting myself off this time, g’night kitty kitty.”
Husk let him go, watching him struggle to get his balance on his high heels for literally a full minute. They were thin heeled, the size of a pencil, it amazed the cat how anyone could possibly walk in them. Nearly seven feet away from the bar, Angel fell flat on his face and struggled to get up. Husk groaned at this and debated letting the spider crash on the floor for the others to find. Nah, that was cruel and he didn’t wanna get bitched at for allowing it to happen. “Fuck this kid.” he hissed when he left the bar and bent down to pick up the pornstar. He weighed almost nothing in his arms. Angel was faintly aware of what was happening, he felt something warm and soft against his body. Blinking his eyes open, he saw that the cat was carrying him. A wave of happiness and comfort came over him and he snuggled deeper. He could stay forever. Sadly, forever came too soon for he and the cat were at the door. Since Angel forgot to close it all the way, Husk was able to let himself in easily with a slight push of his foot. Right in front of him was a small pink demon pig with a curious look on his face.
“Yeah yeah I’m returnin’ him.” Husk walked over to the bed and gently set Angel in. He noted how pink everything was. Pulling the covers over the spider, Husk made sure the pig was there too. When he noticed he was actually tucking someone in, he was horrified at himself and quickly darted out of the room and into his own. Closing his own door, he leaned against it, wondering what the hell had come over him. ‘Just putting him back so you aren't bitched at is all’ he thought. That was the one thought that was able to keep him grounded. Giving a sigh, he curled in his own bed and with enough gin, he was able to force his thoughts to blackness until morning.
Unable to feel his own head clearly, Angel got up and recalled most of last night’s events. Despite his low tolerance due to the weight loss, he had ‘taught’ his brain to remember what all happened for safety reasons. He gave a small smile at the memory of Husk carrying him and tucking him in. Fat Nuggets woke up right after his dad and gave him a nuzzle.
“Haha, ya hungry Nugs? Why don’t we go downstairs together?” The pig gave a lick on Angel’s cheek confirming the question, making him laugh. “Alright baby, we’ll go. Let mama get dressed.” Angel chose a black set of leggings and a comfy pastel yellow long sleeved shirt. He got onto the scale and looked at his weight. Still ten pounds away. He sighed, but thanked himself that he had another day off. Putting on a natural look, he put on Nugget’s collar and walked downstairs to see the others for breakfast. He was the last one there, passing Nuggets over to Charlie who squealed brightly over the creature. “Morning Angel! How did you sleep last night?” she asked.
“Like a baby.”
For breakfast, there were toast slices and eggs with oranges and some coffee. He gladly took the coffee and decided the breakfast as a whole was healthy enough for him to eat as long as it was a little. He took up a plate and sat down, giving a wink at Husk who was already on his second bottle of the morning. For a moment he thought the cat looked concerned, but realized it was just his hangover. Nuggets gave a small squeak and motioned over towards Angel. Charlie giggled and passed him back to his parent and began conversation with the rest. Angel shared most of his plate with his pig, refusing to acknowledge the harsh stare from the cat that sat across from him. In order to silence said stare, he forced down some of the items on his plate. Alastor was the first to leave as was Nifty with her cleaning of the kitchen. Again. When Angel dismissed himself, Husk did too at the same time. Almost as if he could read the arachnid.
“See ya guys. Babe come look at this.” Vaggie waved the two demons off as she showed off two toast pieces carved like Charlie. The squeal that left her voice echoed throughout the rest of the building. Fat Nuggets copied her and ruined the cat’s eardrums.
“God, fuckin’- why is everyone so loud?”
Angel turned around with a smirk on his face, “Stalkin’ me now babe? Ya don’t gotta chase what is offering.”
“I’m going to my room until the bar opens.”
“We could go to my room until then baby~”
“Aw come on, don’t you wanna see the booze I snuck in from Valentino?”
His ears perked up along with his eyebrows, “No way it’s any good if it’s from that rat.”
“Suit yourself, it’s 90%.”
And that’s how Husk got himself into Angel’s room once more. The bottle was only 3/4 full but Husk took a swig of it anyway, “Eh, could be worse. See ya.” Husk started out of the room when something caught his eye, a scale beside Angel’s dresser. He recognized it as one of the off-brand products people sold for a quick buck. “This the scale you been usin’?”
“Well duh, Val gave it to me.”
Fat Nuggets wanted to rub a goodbye against Husk’s foot, but on the way the poor baby tripped and landed on the device in question. The mini pig was an average of 20-25lbs, but the scale said he was 33. Husk took notice and looked carefully at the pig. He lifted him up and bounced him up and down a couple times.
“What are you doing with my baby?” Angel asked.
“How much does he weigh?”
“I keep him at 23 pounds.”
“The scale says he’s ten pounds overweight.”
Angel’s eyes went wide, “Nu uh!” He went over to weigh his pig again and true to the cat’s tongue, it read 33lbs. “What the fuck?”
“Hang on, this bottle is at least five pounds, put it on and see what it says.”
15lbs. The scale added another ten to the original weight. Angel covered his mouth, “Then that means I’m at my goal weight….”
“Told ya kid, you don’t need to lose anymore.”
Husk swished his tail as he made his exit, closing the door behind him. Angel’s shock turned into anger and sadness at the same time. He whipped his camera out and pulled out a large dildo that said it’s weight. He filmed the scale’s inaccuracy and sent it to Val. An immediate response back.
‘Lol, my bad. How much are you now?’
‘At my exact goal’
‘Ok. Keep it that way. See ya Thursday’
A couple hours later, he was at the bar sipping a simple gin and tonic. Husk hadn’t said a word to him, seemingly lost in his own thoughts. His bar rag moving back and forth around the wet glasses. Angel decided to break the silence.
“Thanks for last night, and I guess today.”
“Yeah. Just, don’t do it again, okay?”
He gave a soft smile, “Yeah.”
Both hearts clenched, one knew what the feeling was, the other passed it off as heartburn from drinking too much. Neither of them gave voice.
BRO what the fuck did I even write. I hate this but at the same time, I don't? Am I self discrediting? Probably. It's fine.
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meijoh · 7 months ago
playing among us with the hq boys
always attacks the other players in the chat, calling them sus (as if they’re not the imposter themselves… smh)
suna (please 💀 rin is so vicious and bold for calling out others when HE’S the imposter…. and for some reason everyone believes him !!! “i saw blue vent” “i was in the electrical room wdym 🤔?” “why’re you calling me out sm blue? huh? got smthn to hide 😐?” like damn ✋💔 . anyways when he wins and ppl find out HE’S been the imposter they can’t even be mad…. he’s so good it’s unfair ugh 😣)
mattsun (issei acts and IS untouched… like he’s so good under-pressure and can always manage to save his ass each time !! “nah i was doing my tasks at communications” will literally snitch on his fellow imposters and give zero fucks 💀💀💔💔 please he’s so mean… but he always wins so ig it’s fine 🙄🙄…)
kuroo (pls 💀 mf literally starts playing mind games with everyone. has people who KNOW they’re crewmates genuinely believe that they ARE the imposter dksksiakaka….. literally gaslights tf outta the situation omfggg he’s actually evil and insane 😩😩😩 but.. he’s so good 😳🙄😭💔)
osamu (when an emergency meeting is called mf runs to the chat 🏃‍♂️ and just shouts out the first colour that comes to mind 😭!!! no plan, no arguement. just a straight out “purple” and ppl believe him kakdkwnaks !!!!! and god forbid someone questions “why?” he is ON their ass 👊 …. and they’re consequently voted off ☺️💔)
gets SO defensive and offended when someone calls them out 😣✋
atsumu (he’s honestly so scary omfg— 💀. “red’s kinda sus 🤔” *not even 0.5 seconds later “WHAT TA FUCK DO YA MEAN IM ACTIN’ SUS 😡🤬⁉️” like…. calm down tsumu why are u yelling 😭✋!!? anyways his aggressiveness always gets him voted out and then he’s just sulking with a scowl on his face the entire time 😒😠. watches everything enfold, muttering curses underneath his breath 😣💔)
makki (quietly SEATHES inside and clutches his phone so hard his fingertips turn white 😠. never expresses his anger in chat tho 😶. “makk0n’s kinda sus…” to which he responds “lmao” or “lol nahhhh” pleasekakdkaka 😖😫😫!!!! acting cool will get you nowhere hiro!!!)
iwaizumi (much like makki except his anger increases the more he plays and the more he’s called out for nothing. goes from “dude i saw blue vent, trust” to i was doing my tasks in weapons bitch” skeoakdsn please he’s so cold 💀!!!)
yaku (will literally verbally beat the shit out of anyone who calls him out. “wanna try that again ☺️?” huhhh okay 😶 )
calls emergency meetings for no reason and always gets killed first
bokuto (this man…. fksodkaka he’s just a baby, alright 😭✋‼️he’s a BABY!!! he’s just having a swell time when he gets kinda bored and wants to talk !!! so he calls a meeting… and when his crewmates ask why he just says that he missed them and wanted 2 talk 👉👈…. he’s the first one voted out 😽)
gao (sodkakak he literally did not mean to 😫😫!!! he promises!!! his finger just slipped he swearsss— ah,, he’s voted off 😢😶😬..)
ushijima (pleaseee 🥺 this man is so dense and confused 💔 does not understand the game at all but tendou wanted to play with him during lunch so he decided to give it a shot. the button catches his eyes’ attention so he’s like 🤔 “huh, i wonder what this button does 🤨?” so he clicks on it 💔 and when satori looks up from his phone across from him and asks why he just asks “was i not supposed to… 😯???” babie 🥺 satori kills him later so it’s all good ❤️
ALWAYS manages to score victories 💔
kenma (pleaseeeee he’s been playing this game for forever 🥱 he’s so confused when he catches kuroo playing it one day and realizes it gained notoriety 🤨. n e ways, it doesn’t faze him that much, like, at all. he continues to win — kuroo always argues how he had more time to practice so he gained an upperhand 😠 yeah yeah kuro pack it up ✋)
kita (okay mr perfect 😒 we get it !! you’re good at everything 😣✋ leave some skill for da rest of us 💔. he doesn’t even understand the game at first or how to play it 💀 he saw the twins screeching at their phone screens during break and got curious 🧐 now he’s the best player outta all of them 😽. “kita-san what ta Fuck?” — the twins when they lose for the 20th time in a row)
oikawa and sachiro (omg these two are actually so good at it,,, it comes as a surprise to literally everyone 💀. cus,,, like,,, who would’ve thought these pretty boys would be so good at coming up with calculative responses and manage to fool literally everyone 😳❓they act like it’s no biggie tho… ugh, kings 🥰)
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ervtica · 8 months ago
he’s needy in public (ATEEZ MJ LINE) kinda descriptive ig
btw i love @ungdlyhr​
this is also very descriptive and gross and very dommy x subby if u catch my drift so read at ya own risk
SEONGHWA (here we go):
Tumblr media
he seems very resilient to me
but still this demon can get needy whenever you do anything remotely cute
“babe, can we buy this” you said innocence laced in your voice, no intent behind it ur just cute
“you are so perfect” he’d say under his breath
“yeah we can buy this” he’d say, trying to hold back the urge to fuck you in the dressing room of the shop you were in.
hes a dom so like imagine the amount of self composure 
hes definitely the most experienced in ateez, hes super skilled in that area
if you were with the other members and he was needy he would tease you, not to get him worked up he wants u to be worked up bc hes a demon obviously
obviously fingers u under the table if u were at a restaurant or cafe or smth
if the members get the suspicious he wouldnt even try to hide it
“im fingering my little angel,” he’d say confidently with a cocky smile
which will fluster you 
which makes him even more horny. him having the power to make you so shy and cute, he thinks ur the most gorgeous person on planet earth
even tho hes very dominant he always treats you with respect and treats you like a goddess but ur into the dirty talk and dumbification so like u WANT him to not respect u
if he holds back till u get home (which he almost always does)
youll do it on ur dining table or the bed or both
seonghwa feels like someone who would be able to fuck anywhere, he would make it work
he would definitely tease you for being cute for him
“you are so fucking cute it makes me wanna ruin you all over again”
he would fuck you so good u forget to speak
“did i fuck you dumb, slut? tell me how good my cock feels inside you”
shoves his fingers in ur mouth because he finds it so sexy that ur innocence is being ruined by him
mr corrupter
he would cum in you and if it leaks out he’d shove it back into u
impregnation kink asf
 EVEN after you two finish he would still finger you, he likes u being so sensitive you start crying from how good it was
“cry for me, princess,” he would sadistically say
after hes done ruining u he always litters your face, neck and shoulders with kisses as he proudly praises you for being so good for him
mr clean freak would clean u you up or run a bath because u cant stand for a shower
he has done a number on u 
hes not a romantic but he does baby you a lot so 
that speaks for itself
after ur done w ur bath he dresses you in one of his shirts (obviously) and shorts and lays you on the bed
you make grabby hands at seonghwa wanting nothing more than to cuddle him
he comes closer to ur body and engulfs u entirely
u fall asleep so fast cuddling ur boyfriend and he would fall asleep after
falls asleep after u bc he wants to make sure ur comfortable 
i love seonghwa this made me kinda soft
not funny, didnt laugh @ungdlyhr​ reference for u
YUNHO OH NO (im so scared):
Tumblr media
sorry had an out of body experience
yeah so we all know yunho is possessive
and OBVIOUSLYYYYYYYYYY it shows in his innocent actions too
oh my god hes so scary
he might seem shy and cute
hes not
oh no hell no
hes so dirty
hes so disgustingly sexual (its not even close to being gross i lied)
scary asf presence
u dont wanna piss him off
uhm ok so imagine this
ur going to get breakfast one morning and
the waiter starts eying u
and that sets him off
he knows ur gorgeous
so that both flatters him and makes him angry
hes like “i know MY girl is super hot but like im literally right here”
hes like
“my girl will have the chocolate chip pancakes and an iced coffee and i will have the english breakfast also with iced coffee” he would say in an aggressive tone
shocked face emoticon
it kinda turns u on
yunho dropped his phone under the table and leans down to get it
 he peeps a look at ur dampened panties
that makes him so horny oh my god
did i mention u wore a light sundress bc its summer obviously
he lets out a low grunt
hes like
“so fucking tiny and dirty”
ur like
“omg did he see”
obviously ur scared of yunho
as u should be
hes literally so big
he has the biggest one in ateez are we kidding
ok we all know that u didnt flirt w the waiter but yunho was feeling jealous, possessive and annoyed
he gets up from ur booth and goes to the cashier
u being rightfully confused
u turn around to see him flirting with her
that made u sad
ur not a brat
u dont wanna make HIM mad on purpose bc
hes scary as it is
so ur just like uhm yeah boyfriend of mine is flirting w someone else
ur like sitting w ur hands on ur chin waiting for him to sit back
u find him back after a few mins sitting NEXT TO U and not in front of u and hes like
“hi babe, look who i ran into” he says as san mingi slides in the seat in front of u
u look at him in shock and sadness
but he knows what hes doing
mingi was just a ploy 
he was there bc yunho WANTED him there
u just stop looking at yunho and start a convo w mingi
he gets to thinking
5 mins go by and he grabs ur hand which ur used to so ur like mhm ok 
and what shocks u is 
he puts UR tiny hand on his bulge
u look at him w wide eyes but hes nonchalantly talking to mingi
he pulls his hand away from urs n puts it on top of ur sensitive spot
u gasped due to the coldness of his hand against ur warm pussy
god im going to hell JUST for this
god holy hell
anyways ur food arrives and ur still touching each other as if ur back in ur house
mingis like so clueless abt it man
should i continue this
yeah actually
lemme go on bc this is getting me all bothered
he stops moving and removes ur hand from his cock
and he removes his own hand from ur soaking hole as he continues to eat
im so scared yo
anyways skipping to when u get home oh man
i dont wanna make this too long but
he has so many petnames for u
it accentuates ur smallness 
little one
fairy (thank u for that one @ungdlyhr)
baby obviously
doll (bc he treats u like a ragdoll YASSS TURN IT UP)
anyways when u reach da intercourse part
he HAS has HAS HAS has HASSSSS to mention the bulge of his cock in ur stomach when he fucks u
and he is sooooooo fucking into throat fucking
loves seeing his cock bulging in ur throat too
anyways he loves cumming inside u
yeah mhm god
im thinking of things to say without overdoing it
anyways when he cums he shoves his fingers in ur pussy and takes it out and shoves it in ur mouth
anyways very caring after sex bc hes a big soft dom teddy bear
i love yunho
lets make out yunho
Tumblr media
im so scared for this
my kinks are coming out on this one
oh man
hes so sadistic
between all 3 of the mj line members
hes the most sadistic
oh lord if he could fuck u in front of random strangers
he would do it
oh my god
oh lord
here we go man
wait i need a moment to proccess the words im abt to type oh man
ok so picture this right
u and san went to an arcade right
and ur like wearing smth summery and cute and very very easy to take off
that set him off
the moment u left home
it set him off
he wanted to fuck u in it
ok aside from the eye fucking ur getting from ur bf
ur both very competitive
so like going to an arcade together is a recipe for disaster 
yeah so like u placed a bet on who would win in a zombie shooting arcade game 
u love a challenge especially if it was against ur boyfriend who is literally good at everything
if u win san will be ur servant for the next week
and if he wins he gets to do whatever he wants w u (NOT that he doesnt already) hes just thinking abt his dick getting buried deep in ur cunt
god he wants u so bad
so u start ur game 
which turned into 3 games
which turned into 12
he ended up winning anyways
how the fuck
honestly u were kinda losing on purpose
knowing how competitive and good u are at games it kinda confused san how u didnt win
but like he didnt wanna say anything bc yknow
yeah so like hes like
“im gonna take u by surprise”
mf sadistic ass 
anyways u decide to uhm
play laser tag
and u actually play well for a few mins until
san drags u in a secluded area and tells u to get on ur knees
oh lord
this man would gag u so much ur makeup will be ruined 
so much so u cant fix it so u have to borrow his mask
anyways back to the bj
he will slap his dick on ur face and call u names obvi
“u fucking slut, u wanted this didnt u? u wanted daddys cock”
youd cry 
it was so good
his cock was so far in ur mouth
it felt so good
he’d cum in ur mouth and makes u swallow it
youd do it regardless
uhm im not ok atm
so when hes done w u
he leaves u high and dry (wet for the most part)
he fixes himself up and grabs his gun and shoots u in the chest 
the blue light that was on ur vest turned red as u lost
you groaned in both embarrassment, annoyance and sexual frustration
 u had to go home asap
u didnt even open the door
san had ur panties around ur ankles as he ate u out
outside ur apartment door
god hes so dirty
you both loved the thrill of getting caught
most of the time u didnt get caught but it was nice to have that edge
he was fingering u like crazy
eating u out like ur his last meal
when u were abt to cum
he felt the sudden urge to stop
he knows ur body more than u
“i won 2 games in a row”
cocky shit
HE would grab ur keys
open the door and pull u in
he would nonchalantly go to the kitchen and grab a glass and some juice
“what the hell san”
this is gonna get ugly
he stops pouring the juice and looks at u very serious
“what did u just call me?”
“SAN! i was just about to fucking cum you asshole”
i wouldnt do that if i were u y/n
“watch ur fucking mouth, whore”
oh no
“or what? are u not gonna let me cum”
you are testing him
“i won fair and square, angel face”
oh man
“but ive been good”
you were pouting
“what do u want me to do to u, slut”
you stop to think for a second
“i- uh- um-”
u are in deep shit now
“whats that?”
hes taunting u oh lord hes taunting u
“u wanna be treated like a slut, pretty girl?”
you would subconsciously nod
“you wanna be daddys little cum dumpster, baby?”
you would grab his wrist 
pulling him to ur shared bedroom
hes surprised
confused to what you were doing
when u got to ur room
u started to undress and sat on the bed waiting for him to take action
he looked at you in a devilish way
oh man 
he comes close to ur body and starts patting ur head gently
moving it to ur face
nose and lips
then he grabs ur throat and says
“be a good girl and daddy will cum inside u”
god the sex
i dont wanna make this so fuckin long bc this is already so fucking long man
but when he puts his dick in u
he had ur eyes rolling to the back of ur head 
“am i fucking u that good, slut?”
you wouldnt reply bc u were having the time of ur life rn
“fucking hell angel face, i fucked u dumb” he would hiss
 he starts pounding into you roughly
the pain and the pleasure of it all overwhelmed you in a good way 
then he would suddenly stop
he’ll remove the hairs stuck to ur face and look at u with worry in his eyes
“does it hurt, bunny”
you would nod but san knew u
he knew u were doing this to provoke him
his face contorted back into his maniacal one
he’d say before pounding into you harder this time
he would spank ur ass a lot
expect a lot of markings all over ur body
god he would make u cum so many times
he wouldnt cum himself
he would just be like
loves seeing u overstimulated and sensitive
he loves playing with u until ur overly sensitive
mans has so much stamina hes not fr
anyways when hes done with u hes like
“where do u want me to cum?”
he knows ur answer before u even say it
“inside me, please daddy cum inside me”
he almost cums at the dirty words spewing from ur innocent lips
the same lips that sucked his cock at the arcade
he groans filling you with his seed
loving the way you angelically moan into his shoulder
god hes so in love with u
“u are so beautiful”
he would say after he calms down
“ur glowing”
he would say in a quiet tone only meant for his own ears
“why thank u, kind sir”
you would say in a sleepy yet happy voice 
mans still has energy so he gets up to get a cloth to clean you both up
the shower can wait
his girl needs a good cuddle after all that
“come here i miss youuuu” you would whine
“i was throwing the cloth in the washing bin, babe”
“i love u” 
u would say when he gets in bed with you
“and i love you”
hi san i love u a lot 
this is so long idk why its so descriptive 
rlly delicious thank u san
Tumblr media
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we-always-hit-our-ass · a year ago
Flyboy (Floyd Talbert x Female! Reader)
this is my first fanfic, like EVER.  and i really wanted to write for Band of Brothers for a really long time now. sooo here’s my best shot at it. an i know this trope has been done a lot buuuut i can’t help myself. i hope i did well on my first ever fanfic
Description- It’s been a while since you had the time to enjoy yourself, and you finally get to spend it with the boys at the Currahee Party. As the night goes on, the boys decide you had a little too much fun after making a bet with Joe Toye. On the journey back to the barracks, you drunkenly slip out a few words to a certain guy you have your eyes on. 
Words- about 3.7k (oh wow)
Warnings- intense drinking, and vulgar language(i mean… it’s the Easy boys) rest is just fluff an two idiots fallin for each other ig <3
Tumblr media
Adrenaline rushes through your veins, and you couldn’t help yourself from smiling the whole way down to the building where the party was gonna be held. You spent your time making sure you looked good. 
Hopefully good enough to catch that boy’s attention… Ever since you met him at Camp Toccoa, all of your thoughts were occupied by who other than Floyd Talbert. 
The way he looked in his PT uniform, his God-awful jokes, and that goofy smile of his. Any woman would have to be mad to turn Floyd Talbert down.
You two would joke like no tomorrow, and some of the Easy Company men would say that you two would make a good couple (to both of you guys’ embarrassment, but you two lowkey kind of like it).
 You don’t really hang out with him as much as yo, Liebgott, Bill, and Frank do, sadly. But you both made sure to make the moments you two spend together last.
He was like an angel, and he never fails to make your day just a tad bit brighter. No matter how many times Sobel punishes you, if you get to his cute face or hear his sweet voice, guess what? Everything else but him doesn’t seem to matter anymore.
It was understatement that thinking of him led you to getting into trouble by Sobel.  How many times did he make you run up that fucking hill just because you were distracted by some annoying, pissy, and undeniably cute bastard? 
You gave up on keeping track after the fifth time.
No matter how many times you try to push him out of your head, he somehow keeps crawling back.  You just wished that he would see you more than his best friend. And that was the one thing you hated about yourself… 
But this night wasn’t about him. Oh no, this is the night where you finally get off Camp Toccoa and escape Sobel’s never ending complaints.  You finally got the jump wings you and you’re boys deserved. 
After this, you’re gonna fight at Normandy and you're gonna show America the greatest soldier in existence. But it couldn’t hurt to catch his eye at this party tonight. Sooooo... 
You dressed to impress.
You made damn sure that everything about was absolutely perfect. Some light makeup to highlight your key features and to make your lips and (E/C) eyes pop. You decided to leave your (H/L) hair down and to slightly curl your (H/C) locks. 
The day you wouldn’t be soldiers’ eyes with the way you looked tonight was the day hell would freeze over. The way you looked tonight and you couldn’t help but be flattered when the boys whistled and complimented you on your look.
“Golly (Y/N), who are you tryna impress tonight? And oh Lord, please tell me it’s not Sobel.” Perconte jokes at you, wrapping an arm around your soldiers.
“Relax, relax, you sure as hell know it isn’t Sobel. I’m doing this for myself.” You throw your subtle lie at Perconte while nudging his arm off.
“You see boys, this is where I call bull. No matter how many times we go to bars, not one time, not ever have you ever put in this much effort.” 
“Shut up Perco, I never put effort because I know I already look good. Unlike a certain someone I know.” 
Your (E/C) eyes drift over to Perconte’s and you decide to lightly ruffle his hair before you jokingly punch his arm. Even though you were smiling, you were, in all honesty, a nervous wreck inside. The cogs and gears in your brain kept turning and, damn, was it giving you a headache. 
You were trying really hard to catch his eye tonight, and you weren’t going to let this opportunity slip by your fingers so easily. Fingers nervously patted down your uniform for any creases. Your arms reached to adjust the hell out of your hat. 
You twirled your strands of (H/C) hair on your fingers out of nervousness. Lastly, you decide to fix the tan skirt that hugged your legs ever so nicely. The pads of your fingers were turning ghostly white from how hard you were gripping the ends of your blazer. 
Huffing out in exasperation, you decide to run your hands to smooth down your uniform for what seemed like ages.Joe, like the older brother that he is to you, walks over like he somehow notices your nervousness.
Steady arms wrap against your shoulders as he pulls you to his side. His eyes glance over at your anxious face before starting to speak. 
“Hey c’mon, doll, what’cha nervous for? You look beautiful enough, I mean it. Now stop fussing over your clothes or else you won’t have hands before we even get to Normandy.” 
Joe’s words reassure you and you look up and stare ahead at the dirt road in front of you.
“God! When I’m done, my liver’s gonna shut down,” Guarnere states loudly, cigarette between his lips and arms reaching over to pull you and Perco close to him. 
“And both of you assholes better make sure the replacement that comes afterwards comes just as close as being as hot as me!”
A breathy laugh escapes your lips at Guarnere’s words, the beam in your eyes never leaving since Easy Company got the news that there would be a party just for them. With good food, no Sobel getting annoyed for no valid reason, and beer.
Lots, and lots, and lots of beer.
 And that was what caught all of Easy Company’s attention.
“Not on my watch Billy-boy. Wouldn’t want a freshman who could only aim his piss instead of his shot to replace Ol’ Gonorrhea! Don’t you think so (Y/N)?” 
Perconte’s eyes turn to you, lips pulling upward into a smirk.
“Well in that case, I wouldn’t mind if some newbie replaces Old Faithful over there.” 
You joke, making sure to raise your eyebrows and to look at Bill to look at his reaction.
“C’mon (Y/N), I bet you only want that because you don’t want competition!”
 He shows off his famous eat-shitting grin while he nudges your arm slightly.
 “I swear on my life that I could be dancing, spinning, and reciting three passages from the Bible, and I could still shoot a Kraut from 1000 feet better than you.”
“You talk a lot of shit for a sober man, Guarno.” 
Finally making it to the building. Bill opens the door and you, Perconte, and Liebgott walk inside.Your eyes were met by all of the Easy Company getting absolutely wasted. 
You even quickly lost count of how many men were downing glass after glass and how many men were already halfway to heaven. Shouts and cheers filled the air and your once anxious mood dissipated at an instant. 
You turn your head to look at your buddies before Bill cracked a smile.
“Try not to die before me, alright you pricks?”
Rolling his eyes, Joe flicks Bill’s forehead and you chuckled for a few good seconds. 
“No promises Bill.” 
Bill smacks your’s and Joe’s heads before walking over to sit at an empty seat with Bull. 
Frank leaves the doorway to saunter over to Johnny. Joe flashes a quick grin and gives you a pat on the back before quickly joining Bill and sitting at another empty seat at the table. 
A smile tugged at your lips as you spotted two of your best friends at the bar.  Walking briskly to the surprisingly not the occupied bar, you throw a smile at Toye and a wink at George, who gladly returns it.
“Now tell me (Y/N), how much money are ya willin’ to bet that I could drink more rounds of beers than you?” 
You scoff loudly as you smack Toye’s shoulder.
“Are you kidding? I could drink three times as much as you can Toye. So unless you’re planning to lose good money, then I suggest you drop this.”
“5 bucks, (L/N), take it or leave it.”
“I’m not stupid enough to pass up a bet that I know I’m winning. Count me in Toye, but you’re gonna regret this.”
The glare he gave you made you burst out laughing and after recovering you gave your attention to George. You lean over the counter to put your hand on George’s shoulder while beaming him a cheeky smile.
“Alright Georgie, you heard us. You’ll be the judge, okay? Now hurry up and pour us our drinks, I'm looking forward to a real nice hangover in the morning.” 
“Aye aye, private.”
Plopping back down to your seat, your eyes wandered across the room and, boom, there he was in all of his glory. Floyd Talbert, stealer and breaker of hearts. 
Your stare lingers for what seems like days and you can feel the blood rushing to your cheeks. My God, you could never get enough of him, no matter what you may push yourself to think. 
He was already a bit tipsy, you observed. Slowed down movements, slurred speech, and rosy cheeks. All of a sudden those beautiful chestnut eyes of his met your (e/c) ones. 
You could’ve sworn that his face was getting redder after you two made eye contact.
 You were sure that yours was. 
The world kind of started to slow down, and it felt that you and Floyd were the only people in that room. His goofy smile made you return one of your own while the world continued to dance around you.
 You were hypnotized by Floyd, there was no other explanation.
 Little did you know that he was feeling the same.
Not wanting your little encounter to be awkward, you decided to give him a demure smile while raising your hand to wave at him. You giggled like a schoolgirl when you saw him waving back at you, glass of beer still in his hand. 
Almost forgetting about your bet with Toye, you suddenly yelped when Joe came to tap on your shoulder.
“Yoo-hoo, earth to (L/N)? Don’t tell me that you’re drunk already, though i’m not complaining. I’ll be all too happy to get 5 bucks from you.”
Joe smirked as he watched you recollect yourself from your flustered state, failing to come up with sentences and only managing to stammer words that didn’t make sense.  Joe laughs before rubbing your shoulders to help you calm down a little. The clinking of glasses on the wooden surface causes you to look up at George.
“Two beers for the lovely couple, now just call me up if ya need more. Or throw your glass at me, either one works.”
After throwing a light glare at George you face Joe, who smirks at you, thinking that you’ll be done after two glasses. 
Well he’s wrong, cause you know you can handle more than two glasses. 
“Good luck.”
“I don’t need it Joey. No need for luck when I know I’m going to win.”
George then counted down from…
And as soon as George shouted those words from his lips, you and Toye rushed to get your drinks and down them as fast as you can. George couldn’t even see your arms move for your glasses. 
You quickly brought the cool glass to your mouth and downed the liquid like your life depended on it.  It burned as it went down your throat, but you could care less. You just needed fun and those five bucks tonight.
When you finished you slammed the glass hard on the table, so hard that you feared you could’ve left a dent on the wooden counter. You slammed back your empty glass about the same time Joe did. 
You both desperately called out for George and George hurried over to take your cups and refill them.
“Didn’t think you’d make it this far, Joey.” You directed at him a teasing grin and were met by a playful roll of his eyes.
George came as fast as he could and slammed the two glasses in a similar manner as he did before. Like before, you and Joe rushed for your glasses and heaved them up faster than light. 
Soon a crowd started to form around the two of you. The bar suddenly became louder than before and your adrenaline burst through the roof. However, now that Floyd was in the crowd, you couldn’t help but burn up again. (E/C) eyes flickered over the crowd, searching for him. 
When your eyes finally landed on him, you couldn’t be more surprised when he was already staring at you.  The slamming of the glasses caught your attention and you proceeded to gulp the amber liquid.
Round after round of beers, you started to feel lightheaded. The lights seemed to blind you and the pounding your head was only made worse by the cheers and shouts of the crowd around you.  You would be lying if you said you weren’t drunk. Images were blurry and sounds weren’t as clear as they were supposed to be.You could barely make out any sentences or words that anyone was saying. 
Mumbled words and incoherent sentences passed by your lips, and you could barely look straight ahead without seeing double. You swear you were on your 30th glass of beer…  You looked over at Joe and he didn’t seem to be better than you were.
“Alright kiddos, last round. You two don’t look so good.” George muttered, or at least that’s what you think he did.
The redundant sound of the glass slamming on to the wood barely registered in your mind before your whole head became too heavy for your neck to support. The last thing you felt was your forehead making hard contact with the wooden surface of the bar counter. 
The last thing you heard was the crowd yelling and your friends shouting for someone to help you.
The last thing you saw were those beautiful chestnut eyes and softly tousled dark brown hair.
Tumblr media
You groaned as you felt your body being shaken and as your eyes slowly opened, you could start to make out gentle words being said in your direction.  Slowly but surely, you start to gain back your consciousness. 
The quiet was the first thing that hit you. The loud yelling and shouting and the clinking of glasses of beer seem to have disappeared. Suddenly you come to your senses that you’re not in the bar anymore. 
You swiftly turned your head around to see exactly where you were, but that only seemed to give you a headache. Groaning out, you raised your to feel something for support. 
“Don’t worry, (Y/N), I got you now.”
A sudden burst of energy went through you when you heard the voice. 
You, slowly now, turned your head to see who was talking to you. Your vision was still blurry, and the pounding in your head still hasn’t stopped.
“Joey- That you- no, no, no… Are you Percy? Perseus…? Oh! Perco… No. It doesn’t sound like you. Ahhh. You’re Guadamalarkey, I don’t know. That doesn’t seem right…” 
You called out a few names, but none of the names seemed to fit with the voice you just heard. You continued to slur and ramble incoherently, but you were stopped when the voice started again.
“You’re that drunk? Thought you could recognize me by now.”
Huh? Who’s he-
“Flyboy? Is that you...?”
 “Jesus (Y/N), Flyboy? C’mon, we should get you to bed.”
“Yeeah.. Flyboy… Flyboy Tablets. Right?”
 You muttered quietly, still unknowingly clinging on to his crisp blazer. Floyd laughed, and there it is again. The blushing and the stammering.  Floyd didn’t really seem to notice though, as he was enraptured by your parted lips, glazed eyes, and the soft yet husky ramblings of your drunk self.
“Close enough, (Y/N). We really need to go get you to bed, okay?”
Soft, gentle circles were rubbed on your back, and it worked slightly enough to calm you down and to stop the dizziness and lightheadedness. Floyd picked you up gingerly from the dirt road you were sitting on for the past few couple of minutes.
He helped you get up, and you clumsily wiped off any dirt that was clinging on to your uniform.  Floyd had carefully put your arm over his shoulder and gingerly wrapped his other arm around your waist.
 A slight pink tinge appeared on his cheeks as he looked over at you. 
What he would do to kiss those lips of yours. He mentally scolded himself for thinking about you in that way while you were under the very, very heavy influence of alcohol at the moment. 
Floyd was taking his time when helping you walk. He kicked tiny rocks and pebbles out of the way to make sure you wouldn’t trip, and every time you would stumble he would put his arm in front of you, while his hand was tightly gripping on your blazer. 
After a few minutes of walking, you turned to him with your glazed (E/C) eyes and ever so slightly leaned in closer to him. You two stopped near the barracks, just outside of it really.
The sky was dark and stars were shining, it once again felt like they were the only people in the entire world.
“You know, Flyboy… I- I liked you ever since I saw you… Like.. l-like like, I suppose?”
Did he- Did he hear right?  Floyd knew he wasn’t as drunk as you, but he had to have been drunk enough to have had heard whatever you were saying.  There is no possible way that he had just heard you say those words correctly. 
His eyes widened and no amount of drinking could have made his cheeks burn red brighter than right now.  Floyd’s breathing slowly picked as he looked over at your disheveled, yet oddly cute and beautiful appearance. 
You were so, so, so close… 
Just one more inch and his lips would be touching yours.. But he controlled himself, and urged himself to listen to your slurred speech. 
“An- and- every time, every single goddamn time, I h-hung out with you... The feelings just got wor-worse… I really didn’t want to like yoooou.”
Oh yeah, he was definitely drunk.
“But I couldn’t stop… You know? I really like yo-you, Flyboy… I think I love you too.. Really love you… You just make me so happy and you could make me sm-sm…. Smile.”
You continued while smiling like an idiot, and Floyd was burning up by the second.
“No matter how many times that prick Sable curses at me, just o-one good look at you. My troubles are awaaaay..”
“You’re really drunk, (Y/N), you’re probab-”
“But I do! I really do, Flyboy…” 
You suddenly whined out, interrupting him. You knew what he was going to say, and you had to prove to him that you really did love him from the start. 
You were burning up so fast already. Whether from the alcohol or from your close proximity to Floyd, you really didn’t know. Floyd really didn’t know how to respond, but he thought that since you were drunk, whatever he’s going to say to you… You’ll forget it in the morning.
“(Y/N), I-I know you’re just drunk. And that you’ll forget this shitfest in the morning. But I actually lik-love you too. You’re so smart,” 
He says while caressing your (S/C) skin, leaving goosebumps where he touched.
“So beautiful and funny,” His fingers brushed over your parted lips and your breath hitched for the 100th time in this minute.
“And so fucking brave and kind.” Floyd quietly murmured, only intending for only him and you to hear.
 He looks up to your dazzling (E/C) eyes with his equally stunning chestnut ones. You stare at each other, and you could see nothing but warmth and pure, genuine love inside of his irises. 
He takes his time to examine your face again. You rest in comfortable silence, the only sounds you could hear were both Floyd’s and your heavy breathing.
“I don’t care if you’re gonna forget my words tomorrow… I just need to get it off my fucking chest… I love you. I love you so much (Y/N), and I literally don’t know what I’m going to do without you.. When I saw you looking like that, my heart burst…”
Now you knew you were really drunk, and you stood there in shock, stupefied reaction pasted over your face.
“Every time you’re talking with any of those guys. I just… I get so jealous, but I'm too much of a coward to let you know how I feel.”
How many times have you blushed or had your breath taken away because of this guy?  But he still continues, glancing up and down between your hands woven between his and your alluring (E/C) eyes. 
“You’re perfect to me, and fuck what anybody else says, ok? And I know you’ll just forget this in the morning bu-”
Without any thought crossing through your mind, you yanked on his tie and pulled him towards your face. 
Finally, finally! 
After months and months that turned into years of pining… You were finally kissing Floyd fucking Talbert. 
His wide eyes slowly closed as both of you melted in each other’s touch. His arm snaked around your waist so your chest was flush against his. He reached up, fingers following your jawline and slowly making its way to run its way through your disheveled (H/C) hair. 
The kiss was so tender, and you could’ve died right there on the spot. The lips you imagined kissing you all over were right there. You couldn’t help but want more.
You wrapped your arm around neck, and tilted your head slightly to deepen the kiss. (S/C) colored hands running through his short, soft hair, slightly pulling on the roots.
Truly, nothing else mattered, and you two were finally one.
As you two broke the kiss, your eyes slowly wandered up to meet his. You were entranced to see that he loved that kiss just as much as you did.
You two gasped for air and your chests were heaving up and down. 
Love was all you really felt right now. 
Drunk or not, you both really didn’t care. 
“I know I’m not going to forget this in the morning… Now will you shut up and kiss me again, Flyboy?”
And he did.
 Over, and over, and over again.
“Shut up, Percy!”
Tumblr media
whoooo what a doozy, gonna write speirs next ;)))))
 btw sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes or making any characters too OOC
5 bucks back then is like about 74-76 dollars today
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