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#will solace
rainnows · 6 minutes ago
Ever think if Will and Nico were to get married and they're signing papers and shit and the person they submit the papers to is just like "uh, sir, it says here you were born in.... 1932? And your husband in 1994? Is that correct?" And Nico, oblivious, just nods while Will facepalms.
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solaceinsolaris · an hour ago
Theva: *sharpens knife* We’ve got ways of making people talk.
Tibbie: *nervous*
Theva: *cuts cake*
Tibbie: ...Can I have some?
Lana: Cake is for talkers.
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parcai · an hour ago
k but real talk jeremy johnson wins 🙄 he kicks will's ass in the bf department and every other white boy too 🤨✨🥰
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parcai · an hour ago
it-it can't be. will baby 💔
hide if u wish, but u cannot escape the white boy 😤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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seimenotrequarti · 2 hours ago
Honestly I don’t know why I didn’t come up with this sooner but ‘Carillon’ (which means music box for you non-Italians) by Nahaze feat. Achille Lauro SCREAMS NICO DI ANGELO VIBES
If you’re wondering why here’s the English translation of the bridge which TOTALLY FITS HIM (I translated it, so be nice please <3):
When at night I can’t sleep it off,
when this will be over, please, hold me tight.
Life takes away without giving us any reason why.
It’s a crisis for the unstable emotional traits.
When you won’t be here, please, just fake it.
When I won’t be able to hold you at night anymore.
Stay here tonight, please, even though it’s selfish;
even if I were cured just for show.
It reminds me so much of his nightmares. I guess eventually Will would help him getting through them and he would even make it a little better, but I also think that, despite this, Nico would still have a lot of abandonment issues. Maybe he would still have a deep irrational fear that Will could fade away someday and leave him.
AND on this sad note there’s another part of the song that could easily fit this:
When at night
I can't sleep
Wide awake
Fighting dreams
They are huge
Earth to Moon
I know they'll become true.
Besides this last line (I know they’ll become true) is absolutely a sum up of the voices-thing we read in the Tower of Nero. Will suggests him to talk about them to Dionysus in order to figure out what’s real and what’s not, but Nico somehow thinks that what he hears is real and will become true.
Ok this turned out longer that I expected so I’ll just leave here the song if you’re curious :))
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What instruments I think the Seven would play
(Not including if they can sing, that’s another post)
Okay I know everyone wants him to play piano, and yeah, I can see him playing piano. But I don’t know why, but Percy gives off ukulele vibes. So yeah, instead of playing piano like a pro, I imagine him softly playing songs on the ukulele with Annabeth.
…she can’t play instruments. Like, she helps out at camp with a tambourine or whatever, but despite her dexterity, she cannot play instruments.
You know, y’all are probably thinking: “Bruh, what instrument could Jason possibly play?” Well, you know what instruments the Romans played in the army? Trumpets. That’s it, ma boi Jason, before leading as Praetor, during his years as soldier and later Centurion, ma boi was the one signaling orders with a trumpet. And occasionally, that trumpet also doubled as an alarm for the fifth cohort.
I feel like Grandpa Tom taught Piper traditional Cherokee instruments (or modernised versions of them) when she was younger, but Piper to me always gave guitar vibes. To me, she felt like one of those girls who’d strum away on an acoustic guitar for days at times.
Can confirm, 95% of Asians kids, especially Chinese kids were nudged to do an instrument when they were little. They can drop it later to focus on their studies, but there was at least one instrument in primary school. That instrument, was piano for Frank. I was gonna go with violin, but I thought to myself, can you really see Frank with a violin? Uh uh. So yeah, Frank learnt and played the piano with his mom Emily when he was younger, but stopped after she died.
I feel like Hazel never really had the luxury to learn a musical instrument properly. But I feel like she’s one of those people who had a great music sense. Like, she can really only help out with percussions, but she’d randomly have a perfect pitch or something like that.
I know drums is probably the safe and more character fitting for Leo, but I really can’t get the image of Leo playing saxophone out of my head. I don’t know, it’s something about Leo plus one of the most sexy instruments out there that just vibes with me.
He was a rich, Italian boy born in the 30s, he gives me strong classical piano vibes. Kid had a diplomat for a grandfather so he was probably relatively rich. I dunno, I’m just imagining Maria playing on a beautiful grand piano with little Bianca and Nico, and it just feels right.
I’d like to stick to fanon here. I’d like to think that despite having a successful musician for a mother, the God of Music for a father, this boy has -3 musical abilities. Lee used to give him the maracas because you cannot screw up the maracas.
Extra Bonus:
Lee Fletcher excelled at any instrument after learning it for 3 months. That was actually how he got a full ride to NYU (if they had those). Although unfortunately NYU never got to have him because he was supposed to go after the summer of the Battle of the Labyrinth.
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solaceinsolaris · 3 hours ago
Mons: Something about this place gives me the creeps.
Theva: Are you sure that’s not just Aven?
Aven: [slasher smile]
Mons: …No.
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alecianart · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Will Solace and Nico di Angelo playing the parts of sunshine and ghost king a little too well
Ahah a pair of adorable goofs ♥️
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lagreyowl · 5 hours ago
Annabeth: I'm dumb
Leo: I'm cold
Percy: I'm dehydrated
Jason: I'm alive
Jason: Beat that!
Nico: Um, well
Will: C'mon, Nico, admit it and you'll win this discussion!
Nico: I don't want to win any stupid discussion. It's not even a discussion!
Will: Pleeease
Nico: ..Fine.
Nico: I am sunshine
Will: FINALLY! You agree!
Nico: You know what? I'm straight too.
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parcai · 5 hours ago
jeremy johnson = will solace
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moroslavklose · 5 hours ago
oh for the love of God I'm literally never going to say anything about a football match again
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marbleheavy · 5 hours ago
Will Solace loving ABBA + Will Solace dating (trust fund baby, son of the wealth god) Nico di Angelo = Money, Money, Money being his favorite song
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fractioushope · 6 hours ago
Apologies on it being so late..but, Chapter Five: That which makes us Human, of Gods at the Dawning of the World, is now up!
Let me know what you lovely folk think!
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