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kiyokoism · 2 minutes ago
[ PACEMAKER ] 07. now you’ve done it
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[ notes ]
— first suna chapter!! i hope i got his character right
— he was already on the plane but suna bought airplane wifi to watch videos of cute animals
— the twins low key wanted to do the same but kita has been keeping and eye out for them
— i had a hard time titling this chapter bcs i didn’t wanna spoil anything but it ended being arans quote :)
— no spoilers but i feel like u guys are gonna love the next chapters, it’s gonna be eventful
──── · • · ────
@peteunderoos @shobioo @songsongm @twistedvalkyrie @kac-chowsballs @lilith412426 @m-i-n-t-y-fresh @notendoplasm @bakugouswh0r3 @mysticstrawberryballoon @black-rose-29 @anime-meme-sanctuary
pm me or send an ask to be added to the taglist & please don’t be a silent reader <3
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kattsumu · 3 minutes ago
hush ♡ atsumu x f!reader
Tumblr media
♡ word count: 1.6k
♡ warnings: ‼️ 18+, smut, female reader, pussy job, exhibition/ slight voyeurism, calls you slut ( affectionately), nick name daddy, calls you puppy, contentual filming (not said but it is)...slight dub con if you barely.
♡ summary: you go with atsumu to visit his brother and family. you have have to share a room with osamu but sadly you woke up horny...
♡ ignore any mistakes, do NOT re-posted on any other site or app. reblogs are greatly appreciated!!!
Tumblr media
Atsumu wakes before the morning sun pours through the small window of his childhood bedroom. The household is quiet with the stillness of sleep and darkness.
A large hand reaches out, haphazardly smacking around in search of his phone. Finding it with a deep frown that creases his face, he flips it over and notes the time, 5:00 AM. It glares at him with a cool blue light that's almost painful. An eye squeezes shut, his brain decoding the jumbled words and several notifications that litter the home screen.
Sighing, he sets his phone down with a grunt.
"Ya' so loud." A voice whispers beside him. "You're gonna wake up your brother."
Atsumu looks beside him, your nestling form by his side, eyes still shut.
His lips quirk in a lazy smile, whispering back, "Sorry, babe. My internal clock won't let me sleep in even on break. M' usually leaving for workouts about now."
You mutter, lips dance over his skin like butterfly wings. "Not're stuck with me this morning."
His hand smooths circles against your back, "Perfect. A morning with you. I won't know what to do with myself."
"I can think of a few things." Swinging a plush thigh over his gym shorts, your nighty rides up.
Grabbing your thigh, he pulls it closer before caressing your skin. He pauses— suddenly feeling the heat of your cunt, naked and bare. A rumble leaves his chest, rolling his face into the crook of your neck. His breath is hot as his voice rasps, "You're such a brat."
Shuddering, you smile, "What are you talking about? You know I don't wear much to bed."
Pillowy lips kiss up to your pulse to the shell of your ear. He breathes, "You know exactly what I'm talking about. You couldn't stop being a slut for two seconds. Not even visiting my family. 'Samu is literally across the room sleeping. Naughty."
Fingers creepy down his chiseled chest, to the dark hair that adorns the base of his soft cock. They tease the skin and drift down to his inner thigh, making his cock twitch."I can be quiet."
Keeping his voice down, he scoffs," You? Quiet? Never. You're such a squealer."
"You don't think I can?" A pout heavy on your lips.
Sloppy, open-mouthed kisses litter your jaw as he moves to your mouth. His tongue swipes at your parted lips. Smirking your tongue peaks out, flicking his, teasing.
Atsumu's calloused hands squeeze the fat of your thighs in warning, but you ignore and continue to playful flick his tongue, lips never touching.
He pulls away, leering down at you with glassy eyes. A needy haze needling its way in his brain. He curses, feeling his cock throb against your thighs." F-fuck."
Peeking up at him through your lashes, you let out a sad whine."Daddy, let me try."
He nods quickly as you sensually grind your wet cunt on his toned leg. Sitting up you kiss him deeply. Your tongue, still playful as it toys with his. His breath comes out in pants as you push him on his back and brush his hair from his face, cooing. "I'll be a good girl."
There is a thrill in the air as you two pant and whisper in between kisses. The fear of getting caught adds a spark as your mouths attack each other, all tongue and teeth.
The sight of you straddling his thighs and taking the lead, something rare, makes Atsumu ready to burst at any second.
Taking his cock in hand, he guides it to your cunt, ready to let you sink.
Smacking his hand, you shoo it away. Raising a brow in shock, he sits back and intently watches.
A coy smile decorates your pretty face as you shake your head. All the while, you mutter, "We're trying something new."
Mesmerized, he watches you lift your nighty slightly, exposing your sloppy cunt to him. His mouth waters as your fingers reach down and gently drag along your folds.
Eyes glued to you petting your swollen cunt, he pulls his pants down just enough for his throbbing cock to pop out, smacking his stomach.
You stifle a whine at the sight of the tip of it glittering from the streetlight outside with precum Though he is only slightly above average length, he is thick and heavy... The uncircumcised skin is pulling back revealing a ruddy head. The urge to suck him off takes over, but you resist with a sob. You have other plans.
Your knees shift up the bed till you hover your bare cunt just over him. Both of you groan as you put all your weight on him, perching just right. His thick shaft nestles between your wet pussy lips.
"Have you ever heard of a pussy job?" You whisper as you lean down to his ear, kissing it.
"Y-yeah." He lets out a shaky breath as you sit back up."Ya gonna give Daddy one?"
Nodding you arch your back, tits pressed forward. Heat flares up in your cheeks as your usual bashful nature overtakes you. Atsumu glances over at his brother, who is still deeply asleep.
He growls, his hands giving your ass a hard squeeze."Get started, puppy. Remember: be quiet."
Bringing the hem of your nightgown to your teeth, you fully exposing yourself to him. His lips slit in a wide smirk, hooded eyes watching every expression that flashes across your face.
Your hips slowly start to roll. Peeking down, the head of his cock disappears and reappears in your folds with each languid thrust. His dripping cock head grazes your swollen clit each time. Gasping, your gut clenches as the rock of your hips becomes more fluid like the waves on a shore. Your slick coats his cock and groomed pubes more and more each passing second.
"Shit, babe."The sight makes him grab the tops of your thighs and knead the skin roughly. As his mind reels, he grabs his phone, swiping up for the camera.
"To watch again later." He licks his lips as heat boils in his lower gut.
Watching through the screen, the blue-white light flashing his face, a close-up of your pretty cunt gliding up and down comes into view. Atsumu's cock twitches as little gasps leave your lips. More and more slick coats his cock strings of precum stick to his taut stomach. It's messy and lewd, everything he loves.
He prays for his brother is still asleep, but at this point, he didn't care anymore. The sound of your sweet voice and the wet pornographic sounds alone were enough to make him cum.
Atsumu holds on best he can. He can tell you're so close as your empty cunt pulses around his shaft and your head falls back. Fingers dig into his chest, making him wince. Painful aftershock makes him shudder and pant as his abs clench harder.
His camera pans up for a second to get a nice view of your blissed-out face as your brow creases, and you bite your nighty tighter. Your sweet little whines could be heard over the wet squelches as you get more and more desperate. The coil in your gut is so tight it almost hurts.
His free hand slides up your soft tummy to pinch a perk nipple, making you claw at his skin, calling his name. Laughing, he pans back down, the camera light making your combined wet arousal glisten.
He moans, knowing what you need. His voice sweet and condescending, "You're such a pretty slut. I can feel that pussy of yours trying to suck me in. You're so greedy."
You nod quickly, mind foggy with lust.
"I bet you want to get caught. You want 'Samu to see you riding me, cumming." He continues. Goosebumps break out on his skin just from his words alone. His balls pull up as his high gets closer. "Come on, puppy, cum for me."
With that, the coil in your gut snapping as you cum. Riding out your orgasm, the bed squeaks lightly from you, practically rutting against his swollen thick cock.
“That’s it...good girl.”
His balls pull up one last time as he lets out a low moan. A wave of heat washes over him as hot ropes of cum land on his chest and stomach. Soon the both of you settle down, gasping for air.
Grabbing the back of your neck, Atsumu kisses you roughly before pulling away, "Wanna' help me clean up the mess?"
"Y-yeah." You whimper, shaking still as you climb down his toned body.
Hand carding in his blonde hair, his other pets your face, and you lean and down, lapping up the white streaks of his cum. His mouth curves in a proud smirk, watching you gently suck and lick every inch of his skin.
"Mmm, what a good girl."
Eyes peeking up at him, heat pricks your cheeks and ears. Arousal continues to drip from your empty cunt onto his thighs.
His eyes dart to see his brother rolling over, back facing him. The room now dim with golden dawn that peeks over the trees.
He chuckles, looking back at you as his thumbs rub the apples off your cheeks," Let's go shower, babe. You made a big mess."
You whine and look up at him with a pout. "Daddy…"
His hand pinches your jaw, pulling roughly to his face, "Mmm, still greedy. If you obey me, I'll fuck you."
With that, you practically hop out of bed, your bare ass flashing briefly before you quietly pad to his bedroom door.
Grabbing his phone, he follows you down the hall, cock already heavy at the memory of your tight cunt.
Before he is setting his phone down and joining you in the shower, he reads a text
Samu: next time, could you wait till I wasn't in the room. Yall nasty.
Tsumu: whoops, my bad
Tumblr media
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lostcoves · 7 minutes ago
again, congrats on 400 bee!!!
if i may-
akaashi & stargazing ??👀
again congrats bestie!
luv u!❤
Tumblr media
“you can see all the constellations out tonight, don’t you think so?” you asked your boyfriend akaashi keiji.
he nodded in agreement, hands combing through your hair in a soothing manner, “you could see the north star, too. they’re bright tonight.”
a light breeze passed through the evening air, as you and akaashi continued to point out different constellations to one another.
“i wanna go to space.”
“you do?” akaashi quirked an eyebrow.
you nodded, “yup and i’m gonna take you with me. we’ll explore the stars together. promise?”
he smiled at you.
Tumblr media
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ninsomi · 8 minutes ago
star emoji HIIIII
this association has only been made today but tipco juice, pentagon & yamaguchi
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kermie-chan-art · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Skater Oikawa is done !
Requested by @underscoreparker
Sorry it took a little bit I was just lazy lmao
Anyways next I’m doing Lev 🥺💕
Let me know who else you wanna see, I’m always taking suggestions!
Skater Haikyu boys I’ve done:
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hanakonpuffs · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
꒰ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ꒱ 𝙺𝙴𝙽𝙼𝙰 𖥔 𝙻𝙰𝚈𝙾𝚄𝚃 𓂃 ⑅
like or reblog if you use | requested by @mwunni
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ephemeral-sunsets · 11 minutes ago
Hiii! Hope you're doing well ❤️ Are your requests open? If yes, can I ask for a poly relationship with Atsumu and Bokuto after they're in MSBY? I got so caught up thinking about how they would always end up having sex with each other to "relax" (it started as a joke but became quite often after) and even ménages with other people, but no feelings attached, until they meet someone and fall in love together. Well, they've been sharing the same taste in bed (that meaning being switches leaning to sub, in my head uqhsuah) it makes sense for them to fall in love with the same person too, right? 🤸✨
If you don't feel comfortable writing poly or if your requests are closed, that's ok! I love your writing and I still go back to that Kags one that you wrote :')
Thank you so much, you're amazing! ❤️
so you need to understand how loud i SCREAMED when i saw this ask-holy moly. i love seeing your asks in my inbox, and ive been sitting on this for a while because i wanted to do it justice, so i hope you enjoy, lovely <333
the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence.
Tumblr media
atsumu x bokuto, atsumu x bokuto x reader
summary: the fling between bokuto and atsumu started off as a joke: a few quick handjobs in the MSBY locker room, and sloppy, adrenaline filled makeouts after a game. but after a while, they decided they liked their dynamic, and they wanted to add a third person into the mix…
warning: switch!bokuto, switch!atsumu, dom!afab!reader, threesome (mmf), masturbation, making out, dirty talk, praise kink, semi-public sex, handjobs, blowjobs, anal fingering, anal rimming, oral sex, pegging, face fucking, mommy kink
“what the fuck are ya doing, man?”
bokuto pauses, one hand braced on the shower wall, the other wrapped around his cock, which is already rock hard and twitching from interrupted pleasure. he can see atsumu’s feet in the shower next to him, separated by a thin sheet that still shows the outline of the setter’s muscled frame as he waits for bokuto to respond.
koutarou had been so wrapped up in the throes of pleasure that he hadn’t heard anyone come into the locker room; he was usually the last one to leave, and so this intrusion by atsumu was extremely unexpected. he can already feel his cheeks grow red, both from embarrassment and arousal at being caught.
“just relieving some stress, you know how it is,” bokuto manages, his hand still braced against the tile. “hard practice, you know.”
“and ya couldn’t wait till you got home?”
“...yeah. guess not.”
“would it be weird if i-” atsumu started to say, before cutting himself off. the tension in the room is high, and bokuto can hear his heart hammering in his chest, spurred on by atsumu’s voice, which is shaky from both nervousness and interest. “if i joined ya? see who finishes first? that’d be kinda funny, right?”
“yeah,” bokuto says immediately, feeling his breath catching in his throat as he struggles to keep his composure. “that’d be funny. team bonding and all that. why not?”
atsumu doesn’t respond for a while, and bokuto pauses, worried that he’s scared him off.
“ gonna come in, then.”
after a brief pause, the shower curtain is pulled back, and bokuto locks eyes with atsumu, who ambles into bokuto’s shower without pretense, closing the curtain behind the two of them.
suddenly, the space feels even smaller than before, and bokuto lets his eyes travel across atsumu’s body, taking in the firm planes of his abs, the swell of his arms, and his cock, which is already half hard, with sparse curls right above it, curls that bokuto wants to tug at.
atsumu smiles sheepishly, before tentatively placing his hand on bokuto’s shoulder. bokuto does the same, and in the silence, the spiker is drawn to atsumu’s lips-they’re fuller than bokuto realized, and slightly pink from the heat of the shower.
a drop of water runs down the corner of atsumu’s mouth, and bokuto kisses it.
before long, atsumu’s hand finds its way to bokuto’s cock, and the spiker gasps at the contact, his back hitting the shower wall as he ensnares atsumu in a kiss. teeth clang together, and tongues intertwine, and atsumu whines as bokuto’s hand wraps around him, stroking him hard enough to cause a moan to escape from the setter’s lips as he fucks himself into bokuto’s hand.
“fuck-yer good at that-” atsumu pants, out of breath, planting kisses down koutarou’s neck while working his cock.
“i am?” bokuto breathes against atsumu’s mouth, twisting his wrist and causing the setter to gasp as more pre dribbles from his cock head and lands with a splat on the shower room floor.
“ya...ya, course you are, yer good at everything-fuck-”
“shit-” bokuto grits his teeth to stop himself from cumming right then, his hand stroking atsumu’s cock even faster, getting lost in the pleasure coursing through his body and atsumu’s honey-laced compliments sending shivers through his skin.
the setter smirks at his reaction, leaning forward to whisper in koutarou’s ear, his movements never faltering.
“ya like it when i say nice things, huh?” atsumu whispers, and bokuto nods weakly, whimpering as his hips rut up into atsumu’s hand. “ya like it when i tell you how big your cock is, how much i want ta sit on your dick, how much I want ta feel you in me-”
“ah-cumming, i’m cumming-” bokuto cries out, his cum running down atsumu’s hand and mixing with the water on the shower floor. the setter follows soon after, and they work each other through it, their mouths finding each other to share a sloppy kiss.
“we gotta do that again sometime,” bokuto manages to breathe out, and atsumu chuckles in agreement.
it starts out as a joke. bokuto thinks of it as a way to hang out with atsumu, a way to get to know him better.
and they do get to know each other better.
bokuto learns that atsumu looks the prettiest when he’s sitting on bokuto’s cock, his lithe fingers digging into the spiker’s firm shoulders as he arches his back and rolls his hips, the moans escaping him rattling in bokuto’s ears long after they finish.
atsumu learns that bokuto is an expert at sucking cock, that his skilled tongue and throat is impossible to resist, that all atsumu can do is grasp bokuto’s black and white streaked hair and fuck his face until he’s finished inside his little cum dump.
and then they meet you.
kuroo introduces you to bokuto and atsumu at a party following an MSBY game, and the three of you hit it off instantly. you make sure to attend as many of their games as you can, cheering them on in the stands and getting swept up into group hugs after victories.
you’re not sure how it started-you knew bokuto and atsumu were close; you had seen the sly glances they gave each other, and the intertwined hands after too many drinks.
but soon, you start to get used to the feeling of bokuto’s hand on your shoulder, and the weight of atsumu’s arms as they wrap around your waist. and as your feelings grow deeper and the nights you spend in your bed alone grow longer, you find yourself relieved when you get a text from the two men you’ve fallen in love with over the past few months. and you text back almost immediately, knowing your life from here on out won’t be quite the same.
you suck in a breath as atsumu’s tongue swipes across the length of your cunt before he finds your clit once more, sucking on it hard enough to make you gasp.
you’ve been sitting on the setter’s face for what feels like hours, rolling your hips and riding wave after wave of pleasure as you watch bokuto, who is at the edge of the bed, biting and licking at atsumu’s inner thighs before diving back in to suck on his twitching entrance.
atsumu groans at the feeling, his hands reaching up to dig into your thighs as you smother his mouth with your soaking cunt.
“fuck, you’re doing so well for mommy,” you breathe out, running your hands up and down atsumu’s abs. he groans in response, tongue fucking you, gripping your legs so hard you know that you’ll feel the soreness tomorrow.
“what about me?” bokuto whines, curling two finger’s inside atsumu and watching as the setter lifts his hips up desperately. koutarou’s mouth is stained with spit, and he sucks even harder on the tight ring of muscle around his fingers, stretching atsumu open.
“you’re doing good, baby,” you reassure him, and he sighs in relief, twisting his fingers and delighting in the broken moan that atsumu makes against your cunt. “do you wanna fuck atsumu’s face now? yeah?”
“yeah i wanna fuck his face,” bokuto pants, reaching up to ensnare your lips in a kiss. the pressure building within you finally reaches a fever pitch, and you cry out as you cum, the setter happily lapping up the juices that drip from your aching heat.
“good boy,” you coo, crawling off of atsumu and reaching for the bed side table to grab your strap on and a bottle of lube you fasten on the harness, watching as bokuto licks into atsumu’s mouth in an attempt to capture the remnants of your cum on his wet lips.
you slick up the strap, positioning yourself so your mouth is at atsumu’s entrance, and you start licking into him without warning. the setter jolts, the pleasure intensifying for him as bokuto deepens their kiss while trailing his hand down to start pumping atsumu’s cock.
“fuck, kou, you’re working his cock so well,” you breathe out as you slick up your fingers with lube and curl them inside atsumu’s twitching hole with your knuckle. bokuto is rutting against atsumu now, the head of his cock bright red as his shaft slides against atsumu’s thigh. “cmon, baby. tell kou how good he’s working your cock.”
“ah-so good-kou-so fucking good, shit-” the setter manages to breathe out as you lick and suck around his rim and add a third finger inside him. his hand is around koutarou’s cock now, his thumb toying at the slit at the top and causing bokuto to cry out.
“i need to-” bokuto mumbles, crawling his way up atsumu’s body until his cock is level with the setter’s mouth, “need to fuck that pretty little mouth, baby-sorry-i can’t wait anymore-”
you pull out your fingers, replacing them with your strap as you enter atsumu with one thrust. at the same time, bokuto starts fucking atsumu’s mouth, his fingers grasping the setter’s hair, his hips snapping back and forth in time with your thrusts.
atsumu’s body jerks, his hips bucking up as he fucks himself up into nothing. you can see the spit spilling out of his occupied mouth and dripping down his neck and chest, the muscled lines of bokuto’s body as he fucks his cock into atsumu’s wanting throat.
“so good, so good, your mouth was made for me-his mouth feels so good, mommy, i cant handle it~”bokuto moans, sweat dripping down his body, his head thrown back, his free hand drifting up his body to tweak at his own nipples as he quickens his thrusts.
“i know baby,” you coo, reaching over to kiss bokuto’s body wherever you can reach as your strap finds atsumu’s prostate and thrusts into it relentlessly. “just a little more, okay?”
atsumu’s hands are placed firmly on bokuto’s ass, kneading the plush skin there, his cock dripping with pre now and spilling onto his bare skin.
you dig your fingers into atsumu’s skin and thrust so hard inside him that it causes his back to arch off the bed as his orgasm is ripped out of him and cum spills from his aching cock.
bokuto pulls out, aiming his cock at atsumu’s face and turning back to look at you, a slight pout on his sweat stained, fucked out face.
“can i cum all over his face, mommy? please???” bokuto whines.
the question sends a jolt through you, straight to your cunt.
“yes, of course baby,” you say softly.
“gonna cum on you,” bokuto whispers to atsumu, and after a few quick strokes to his cock, he’s cumming in heavy spurts all over the setter’s face and hair.
“thank ya for the cum,” atsumu moans out, his mouth slightly parted and his tongue sticking out to collect the last dregs of it.
he collects some of the cum from his cheek and takes two fingers into his mouth, sucking on them softly as bokuto nuzzles into his neck. you finally pull out, wrapping your arms around your boys as the three of you catch your breath.
“i love you boys. you know that, right?” you say.
and based on the smiles on both of their faces, you can tell they feel the same.
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lostcoves · 16 minutes ago
cloud w bokuto
Tumblr media
“that cloud looks like a chicken nugget.”
“what the fuck?”
you looked up at the sky with your boyfriend bokuto koutarou and sure enough there was a cloud shaped like a chicken nugget.
“huh,” you lazily traced your fingertips against bokuto’s toned chest, “now would you look at that, there’s a freaking chicken nugget in the sky.”
“sky nugget..” he mumbled, fixated on the passing clouds. bokuto looked back at you and kissed you on the cheek, “we should get chicken nuggets.”
you smiled back.
“chicken nuggets sound good.”
Tumblr media
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nothingbuthaikyuu · 17 minutes ago
Small Girlfriend
Reader: F Character: Takanobu Aone Rating: G Summary: He loves his small girlfriend. Warning: Fluff Tip Jar 🍸 | Ask Box: Open | Commission Me! | Join me on Patreon
Tumblr media
You were so tiny against your boyfriend Aone. He loved that way his clothes swallowed you up and made you seem even smaller. 
You never had to worry about his clothes being too small on you, or being larger than him. At 6′3 and 194lbs, he was always much bigger than you. 
  “Small.” He remarked one afternoon while you two were studying on your bed. He put his hand on your knee and rubbed it.
  “What did you say, Taka honey?” You asked as you looked up from your book. 
  “You’re small.” He remarked as he went in for a kiss. His lips were often chapped and worried on because of his plays in volleyball. But you enjoyed kissing him. 
You leaned in to him and felt his hand on your lower back as he kissed you deeper. You assumed him must’ve missed you. You two weren’t in the same year so you often didn’t see much of each other until you watched him practice. 
  “I’m not that small.” You said when you pulled away from the kiss. 
Aone shook his head and went in for another kiss. He was such a gentle giant with you, he looked so stern and scary but when he opened his mouth he was kind. 
He moved you with ease and settled you onto his lap. He kept a strong arm around you as he went in for another kiss, “Small.” he said before he kissed you.
You chuckled and wrapped your arms around his shoulders, you kept him close as the two of you continued to kiss one another. He only parted to take off his sweater and place it around your shoulders. 
The sweater was so big that you ended up with sweater paws because the sleeves were just that long. You giggled and went back to kissing him. 
  “Do you admit that you’re small?” He asked.
You shrugged, “I guess when I wear your clothes, I look a bit smaller.” You snuggled up closer to him and kissed him again. 
He let you snuggle up closer to him. He blushed deeply at the feeling of you against him. Even if he was the biggest person on the court at times, he felt much smaller next to you. Like he wasn’t an oversized monster able to knock over anyone.
He was just a guy with a girlfriend he loved deeply. You were small but in the best way, he could keep you close and never lose you. 
  “My tiny girlfriend.” He said.
You stuck your tongue playfully out at him before snuggling him further, “My tall boyfriend.” You kissed him on the cheek once more before placing a hand on the side of his face.
He was always going to be bigger than you. There was no question about it. No matter your size or height, he was always going to be the bigger, literally, person. But he was you gentle giant.  
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iwaasfairy · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
please give those recycled house tracks my warmest regards, and lock the door if you're home before the sun, oh pink lemonade a/n. pain pain pain pain,, yes this is inspired solely by pink lemonade by the wombats because apparently i like destroying myself from the inside out,,, and this absolutely hurt me more than it will hurt you :)))
wordc. 4k tw cheating, iwa x reader x oikawa, angst, daddy kink, degradation, manhandling, spanking, more dark content-ish in next parts
part 1. part 2. part 3.
Tumblr media
There’s a strange magnitude to how you’re standing, strong and stable and arms raised high above your head with balled fists. Victory pose, triumphant. Like the Colossus of Rhodes, or a battle axe coming down for the finale. You remember standing in that sweaty, grand hall with blinding lights as the athletes poured out of the stadium to embrace their coaches, their other teammates, and Hajime too. You remember two of them raising his hands with force, and his smile growing despite himself at the forced inclusion. You remember crying when he turned that blinding, grateful smile to you; you remember all the hours he’d put in for them. For victory.
It doesn’t fit you, you decide in that moment, keys dangling above you and an overly excited grin on your lips that you’re still able to play this game. Hajime still lets you, biting his cheek against a smile as he walks closer. It only licks the braveness from your outer shell like it’s honey when he leans in and whispers your name, cornering you entirely against the door. And you’re prepared to fight him for them, maybe dig your fingers into the sensitive spot under his ribs, but it doesn’t come. And suddenly your victory isn’t much of anything.
Sweetly, carefully, he wraps his arms around you and pulls you in such a tight embrace your breathing falters. For just a few seconds, you crumble. Your lungs fill the more compressed space instead with the smell of Hajime, crisp and pepperminty and always softer than you expect it to be. Because Hajime is only war and power and thunderstorms when he’s out there, and here with you— it’s different. He’s different. You love him for it, truly.
You do. It’s not that much of a surprise when you get a bit choked up at the kisses he presses under your chin and neck, hooking his chin over your shoulder. “Always so late. I’ll miss you.” You hum through your tears, sucking the toothpaste taste from your own tongue before you pull back. You hate this part the most. Facing it. Sometimes you break down just outside the door, and have to spend minutes behind the wheel pulling yourself together. You hate yourself often these days. You nod though, absentmindedly, picking at the keys in your hands as you lower your arms.
“I’ll be back before you go to sleep.” Your voice is softer now, but you can’t help it. You wrap an arm around his neck and run your fingers through the soft hair at the base of his skull, leaning up to press a kiss to his lips that he leans into a little with a sigh. “It’s just a few hours.” His pretty olive greens flick over your expression for a moment, before he drops his hands to your hips and a thin line comes between his eyebrows. He looks to the scraped floor instead, lines of the stupidly heavy furniture set you tried to move.
“They really shouldn’t make a long term employee go to the after-hours shit.” He shifts onto his heels as he puts his hands back in his pockets, before meeting your eyes again.
And you can only run your tongue over the ridges of your teeth, before turning to grab your jacket. It’s not gotten easier with time. You guess that’s a good thing for most. “Yeah, well— don’t wait up for me for dinner, okay?” You stuff your keys into your bag and quickly fight your arms into the sleeves, suddenly aching to hurry the walk to the car a little.
“I won’t,” he says, following your shape with his eyes the last few minutes. “If you need me to pick you up-”
“I won’t drink much, Hajime,” you quickly assure, turning over your shoulder to watch him plop down into the couch. You send him a small smile, heart warming when he puts his feet on the coffeetable and the ugly, patterned pyjama pants hike up high on his shins. And you can’t help but wonder if this one does meet your eyes, because it should. He seems to recognize something off about your lingering, because he looks back over. Warm, sturdy, loyal— unfairly so, giving you a little wave that you mirror.
“Hey,” you draw a single breath, “I love you.”
And he smiles, making his words so soft and smooth as he gives you his world. “I love you more.” It splits your heart into a million glass pieces, because as always, Hajime’s probably right.
You brush your hair over your shoulder and settle in the soft plush of the blankets, crawling into them to feel the cool fabric brush over your exposed legs. These small rooms are always too hot in the spring and summer, and the air conditioning just gives you extra noise. You stretch out and hum softly, listening to a hummed melody. When you turn to lay on your back, you stare at the ceiling. The sun is setting low behind the towering buildings and casting an orange glow on everything, from the desk to the comforter, to the top of your nose.
From the bathroom a familiar jingling of the pipes comes, the shower has been turned off. With a huff you shimmy backwards into the blankets until you’re bumping your head against the headboard, and tap your fingers on your thigh, skin still electric. The soft patter of feet from the other room makes a smile tug at your lips, as you stretch out your arms.
Doing that makes your knuckles hit the wall. You make yourself sit in the foreignness of this cramped room though, because at least it’s some retribution. If you were also taking that away— You hear him through the thin walls.
When the door of the bathroom opens, your eyes fly smoothly in his direction, smile curving on your lips. Oikawa rests his hand on the doorknob and takes a deep breath, before lifting his shoulders and dropping them in defeat. “They must be doing that on purpose, making them as small as possible,” his voice is bright and lithe as he speaks, eyes turning into little half moons along with the small smile that forms on his cheeks, “I bumped my elbows at least six times.” You nod. A toilet, a showerhead and a sink have to share a space where you can touch your hands to both walls if you reach.
His brown hair is still damp and falls in loose strands in front of his face, rid of product and natural in it’s messy state, and his skin still a little flushed from the hot water. His cheeks and eyes are more puffy than normal though, making him look a lot younger than he is. Glowing. His shirt and the black boxers sticking from under it leave his muscular thighs exposed. You love getting to see him like this, open and vulnerable. Though you don’t really respond, he can tell that you’re paying attention. You always are, when he’s near. And that prickling guilt is too easy to ignore.
He smiles down at you softly, eyes catching the light with the way he looks down at you. His eyes— like a window to a blooming garden. You know what he wants to say, and sometimes you wish you could see yourself through his eyes. You wish you could feel how pretty he thinks you are, because it’s hard for you to remember without having Tooru here to remind you. Without another word he walks over to you, avoiding the stack of clothes that is spilling out over the floor and crawls onto the bed, resting there for a bit on his knees. You keep his eye as your breathing smoothes out and his closeness fills your lungs with a sweetness. He’s beautiful. You’re still not sure what you’ve ever done to deserve him.
His pretty hands slide forward over the blankets as he smiles, creating a ruffling noise, until they brush your ankles and he grabs a gentle hold there. Soft, barely touching, tingling through your bones and settling in your bloodstream. His cheeks pull up more when he takes a better hold of you and drags you towards him by your feet, letting your limbs rest around him. He glides his hands up your calves and the bottom of your thighs slowly, nails raking your skin softly and sending goosebumps all over.
When he leans forward a little, he pulls his bottom lip into his mouth, revealing more of the charming grin you’ve spent too many days studying. His hands don’t stay still for a second as his touch reaches every inch of your exposed legs. “Did you shave for me?” he laughs, the orange light catching the one side of his face and lighting it up like fireworks in the night sky. For a second you’re lost for words at how damn beautiful he is, searching a way out of his features to move your lips. You just nod when his one hand gives you a tiny squeeze.
Tooru blinks twice, before moving off his knees to lay himself in your hold and hover above your body on his elbows, using his one hand to link your ankles together behind his back. His other hand trails up your arm then, from the very tip of your finger all the way up to your shoulder, or at least the part that is not covered by the white shirt that you’re wearing. “I told you before that I don’t mind either way,” he says, irises flicking from your eyes to your lips and back.
“I wanted to,” you mumble, arms dragging from the softness of the blankets to wrap around him, his warm body beaming like the sun under his shirt. When his face moves just a little bit closer to yours, where you can feel his soft breathing brush your nose, you look down and at the blanket that is squished between your two bodies. “Definitely when we’re only together every so often.” Your whisper lingers in the silence for a while.
When Tooru moves, it’s to right himself a bit so he can look at you better, catching your eyes and biting his lip more aggressively now. You think you want to be the one to bite it, make it tingle and bruise only because of you. But you can tell that the words stick and make that sticky longing peek up. You know that feeling all too well, and it is painful to know he gets it too. His warm eyes look defeated, even with that once sentence because you both know. You both know how bad it gets, have ingrained the feeling deep in your bones and reaching marrow.
With you, he feels whole, and without him, you feel porcelain. Like an addict, feverous and aching. Oikawa’s lips tremble slightly, before they send words rolling out that seem to have been thought over many times. “I’m sorry,” he says, voice lowering to something barely a whisper, as his hands still on your skin and for the first time today you get to feel his entire makeup. For however soft he is, you know he has a hardness to him as well. An edge, visible when he turns too fast or works too hard, and piercing through the softness of his skin like it’s aching to get out. Not where he blames himself and takes on the entire weight of your combined sins.
“I never meant to have it go on this long.”
“Neither did I,” you respond. Your hand brushes up his spine to lap at the base of his neck and the warmth there, while you press your cheek to his jaw. The touch delicate but needed. “It’s not just you, Tooru— I- You started but I kept going too and- I—” He knows.
When you drop your head back to the pillows, Tooru looks. For what he might be searching, you’re not sure but he looks— long and hard until it spills over into a silk move of his hand on your cheek and his forehead to yours. A gentle movement of his fingers to cup your face and the soft sensation of his breathing on your lips. You’ve never craved much for anything, but you crave for him without doubt. You crave for his heart, mind and soul like it’s the second half of you and you wish to swallow it all inside.
So full of life and love. When his lips press to yours, careful and breakable, you almost break. He’s the china shop and you’re the bull, raging around in the bedding of his love. His soft lips hold against yours for a second, until you move and give in to his touch. He’s always like this. Crystal clear. You don’t think Tooru’s ever had it in him to lie. Not like you, your traitorous, filthy lies. If you were a better person, you wouldn’t kiss him back. Your hand reaches from his jaw to the back of his head, where your fingers tangle in the fluffy coolness of his hair.
When you do, a small sound comes from him. A little hum, one much like the one he makes when he’s asleep and curled against you. You hate that it’s you who he feels this for, though. You suck it up and tangle it in your soul as you fight the tears. His lips mold with yours as if you were always meant to be this way, moving and shaping you with greedy touches. His lower half comes to rest onto the bed between your legs and traps you beneath him, as your fingers pull his hair ever so slightly.
Lips and tongues melding together, his one hand comes to grasp your chin between his two fingers, like he’s trying to hold you in place and like it’s force of nature, you follow. His free hand glides from your shoulder down your arm and even lower, tangling his shaky fingers with yours. The kisses he washes over you like waves go from soft to something denser, heavy and close and painstakingly tangible and he takes your bottom lip between his teeth as proof of it.
You let out a soft noise yourself, mixed between sigh and moan and it makes Tooru curl closer to you with a desperate tug. You want the entirety of his body against yours, the heaviness of his weight to shift to your shoulders instead. As if he reads your mind without second thought, he rubs his hardening cock against you with precise movements. Swelling against you as he lets out a moan and presses harder, getting lost in it. The air you share is hot and only of the two of you. You let go of his hair to reach around and grab his shoulders so hard you can feel him lean in more to escape it. You hope he retaliates. But he gives in with a smile that makes you feel the curl of his soft lips.
With his body moulded close and tight to yours and with a squeeze of his hand just under your tits you pull back. Too overwhelming, and while you will never get enough— you need a second to catch your breath. When Tooru smiles down at you with flickering eyes and his long lashes so close to your face that you can count them, you wrap your legs tighter around his hips and throw your head back at his giggle as bright as the season of summer.
If you had to pick your own necessary life source, you’d pick his laugh a million times over. Because he’s still holding onto you tightly— hand having slipped from your face to your thigh, you’re shifting to get the soiled, flimsy panties off and the both of you are seconds away from tumbling out of the bed. So Tooru pulls you to his chest and kisses you again.
This time, it is not gentle at all. It’s hard and needy, locking you to him, tongue pushing into your mouth and lapping you up. You’re so close that you can feel his heartbeat bang against yours. If you try hard enough, you’re sure you could feel every single muscle in his body move. His lips part yours as his hand sneaks down between your bodies, rubbing the head of his cock against your clit and down the length with such ease that it’s almost stupid. Your hands fist into his shirt and slide it up to feel him, and this makes him smile too. It pulls at your bones, like even this tightness is not close enough.
“I love you,” he mumbles between kisses, “fuck— you’re drenched, pretty girl. Is this what a little bit of dry humping does to you, hm?” He runs two fingers under the stretchy band of your panties and collects some of the slick to press it up to your puffy clit, starting off rubbing it fast. It sends your entire body in overdrive, still pushing back against him as you moan.
“Y-yes- daddy, please,” you whimper, now digging your fingers under his waistband harshly and shoving at it, “take this off, please.” He doesn’t waste much time to do so, cock free from the confinements to stand hard and swollen against his belly, connecting a few strings of precum to the wet patch of his boxers. You don’t even have to say anything to get him to pull your panties down just as quick, forcing his fingers deeper inside you and curling them so good you can’t keep your eyes open. He adds another finger, not giving you a second to adjust as he ruts them deep inside you, then going even faster when your hips buck.
“That’s it, baby,” he hums, rubbing his thumb over your clit so good, pressing and circling the nub without a second of pause, “my little whore. So pretty,” he kisses the corner of your mouth as you moan and squirm, whimpering when you push your cunt to his cock and he pushes your hips down. “Let me,” he grunts though, nipping at a particularly sensitive spot of your neck and making your breathing stutter, “you’re not in fucking charge here.”
The swelling feeling of warmth that starts in your lower belly spreads more and more as you clamp your legs around his glutes, hiding your face against his neck instead, and he quickly reaches up to grab at your throat to keep you there. But the building feeling grows so tight that you can’t help but start wiggling anyway, the lack of oxygen to your brain leaving you deliciously on the edge. “Love you, daddy, I love— ah,” you cry at the sudden lack of touch when he pulls his fingers back and stuffs them into your mouth, forcing you to taste yourself and knocking your thighs open more with his knees.
You look through your tears as you suck, trying not to gag at the pressure on your throat and the merciless way he pushes his fingers over your tongue. At the way he pumps his flushed cock and bumps the pretty head to your clit, before pushing in and putting his full weight into you. He’s so fucking hot, even with sweat starting to make his and your skin a bit clamy, everything so warm. As he pushes his cock inside, the stretch making your mouth drop open as his fingers pull out to go back to rubbing your clit, his lashes flick down every so often, but his eyes stay the same.
Full— blooming. They’re full of love, full of care and of pain and of longing.
Your fingers trace the lines and dents of the sharpness his body carries, digging your nails into his lower back and pulling him the last bit into you as he hisses. But he hums again, putting his hands over yours as you whimper at how deep he reaches. The hard thrusts leave a ring of white at the base of his cock. “You’re mine,” he whispers suddenly, pressing his forehead to yours and kissing your lips, the intensity of his gaze making your entire mind fuzzy. It’s too much, it’s always been too much, and yet you never— your thoughts drop entirely when your phone rings.
Far enough to be ignored if you wanted to, stuffed deep into the bag you left at the door of the hotel room, but you can feel it. The little pause, the tenseness of his muscles above you, and he suddenly fucks harder into you. So hard it knocks you off him and he has to line up again, pushing his eyes closed with a frown. “You’re mine, all mine,” his free hand comes to grab a fistful of hair and pulls your head back until your eyes tear, and you’re already nodding against him before he kisses you again. Clashing teeth as the pounding of his cock goes faster, knocking hips.
“Aw, aw, ah- daddy- Tooru, not so hard,” you moan into his mouth, and he grunts as he sits back to pull you up and over harshly, not caring too much as he pushes you into place.
“Stop complaining, take it how I give it,” he grunts, but when the ringing stops his hand smoothes over the small of your back anyway. No matter what, you know. “My pretty girl, you look so fucking pretty. Pussy dripping down your thighs like this. Bent over like my personal whore.” He gets back behind you, and lands his flat palm on your ass twice, hard. The sting making you squeak, biting through your tears as you suck your lip into your mouth.
Your hands just grip the pillow harder as he rubs your clit harder than before, and pushes back in, and you’re still not used to his size. It just feels so good, everything feels so good that when his hand lands again you’re moaning out despite your tears, pushing back to meet his thrusts and have his balls slapping against you. Everything turns white and you cum around him, knees locking up and your moans probably growing too loud, but Tooru doesn’t stop. Not until his pace gets sloppy and he’s shooting ropes inside you, filling you up with hot, white cum.
When you get to the phone an hour and two more rounds later, you have to sneak out into the bathroom to check the message, only to side down against the wall and pull your knees to your chest. 2 voicemails, and two hours later than you said you’d be. You click away and lock the device, wash your face, and stare at the man curled up in bed where you were two minutes ago. He lifts an eyebrow, before motioning you to him and pulling you into his arms, pressing a few comforting kisses to your temples. “I have to go home, I- Hajime—”
“Shhh, stop,” Tooru quickly says, urging your head back into the crook of his neck where it seems to belong. “Stop that. He knows.” His calm breathing washing over your cheek does very little to calm you down, but he pulls back to look at you still. “I’ll tell him soon, okay? Just don’t leave yet. Yeah?”
“Okay,” you end up nodding, biting back another sad truth. “I love you,” you say, and he smiles against your skin, tangling his long legs with yours.
“I love you more,” he whispers back, and again, it’s probably true. Which kills you even more. But you don’t say it, because for now, this is Tooru’s victory. His triumph, as you unravel yourself piece by piece.
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rueshe · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Atsumu having a conversation with a supportive rock :3
because that’s the useless magic I gave him in my fic:
(dont be mean im learning how to draw)
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amezure · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
My Preview for the @hqcookbook ! 🌈 Pre-order here !
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hqrarepairs-ao3feed · 28 minutes ago
by Anonymous
With everyone except Akaashi away from home, the four must find a way to have some fun.
Words: 3000, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Characters: Bokuto Koutarou, Kuroo Tetsurou, Akaashi Keiji, Kozume Kenma
Relationships: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou/Kozume Kenma/Kuroo Tetsurou
Additional Tags: Phone Sex, Facetime, Pro Volleyball Player Bokuto Koutarou, kodzuken, JVA Kuroo, Masturbation, Dildos, Polyamory, they all together, And in love, BokuAkaKuroKen NSFW Week 2021
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☄️ 🥮🍊⛺️
like + rb if used.
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happy-shadow-thoughts · 37 minutes ago
Hi! I hope you’re doing well. I was wondering if I could get a haikyuu relationship matchup please?? I prefer to be matched with boys but any gender works out completely fine with me! I’ll put my description down below for ya!
So… my names Olivia and I’m 17. I go by she/her pronouns and I am straight! My birthday is January 6th, 2004 and I’m a Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon, and Libra Rising (my Mercury is in Sagittarius, my Venus is in Aquarius, and my Mars is in Aries if you wanted to know the rest). I’m 5’2, I have brownish-red hair and blue eyes. I spend a lot of time doing school work because I’m really driven by it and I’ve had good grades a majority of high school. When I’m not doing schoolwork I enjoy listening to music or going on a walk! Some of my favorite songs rn are Lay It Down - Steelix, Georgia Peach - Manwolves, Bag of Bones - MItski, Best Friend, and 2023 - Blue Rain Boots. I really like going on sunrise/sunset walks bc they’re always really pretty! I try to do community service in my free time because I really enjoy helping others out. If I were to hang out with a friend I don't really mind what we do, but I like going to the movies or even just staying at home and watching tv. My perfect date would literally be anything! Like I was saying before, I really like movie dates so I think seeing a scary movie and then going for bubble tea would be fun! I also LOVE arcade/fair dates. So fun!! I think I think that one of my fatal flaws is that although I appear kind and respectful when I’m out in public, I have pretty severe anxiety, depression, and anger issues so I struggle with that a lot. I also get really defensive and stubborn when someone says something that annoys me so i kinda never stop talking lol. I can never decide on my favorite food but rn I really like rainbow sherbert and orange glazed chicken rn!! My favorite drink has to be bubble tea (I haven’t had any in forever but I really like Coconut Milk Tea with tapioca or Grapefruit Tea with Yogurt Popping Boba!!). To finish off I’m an ISFP and Enneagram Type 9v1. I hope you have a great day! Ty if you do this!
Hi! i match you with...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As they walked out of the movie theatre hand in hand, she heard Asahi sharply exhale. “Hey are you okay?” Asahi stiffened. “Yeah I’m fine.” She smiled at him. “You sure?” Asahi let go of her hand and looked at his feet. “It’s just that horror movie was really scary.” She smiled and grabbed both of his hands. “Awww baby. Let’s go get bubble tea and take your mind off it, okay?” Asahi nodded and softly smiled. “Okay.” She stood on her toes and kissed his cheek. Asahi smiled and pulled her into a tight hug.
Tumblr media
hi love! kita canonically likes bubble tea so i know both of you would go on dates and get it together. asahi also probably hates horror movies so he’s get scared and cuddle you for comfort. they would both like going on walks and listening to music with you. they would have study dates with you and make sure you stay hydrated and take brakes while you work on schoolwork. plus with the height differences with both of them you’re the perfect height for forehead kisses and hugs. i hope you liked it!
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Lil game~
Send me characters who you think I would CANONLLY get along with or would date! NOT BASED ON WHO I SIMP FOR
Like who you would honestly match me with. Also feel free to put your self ships too😁😁
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Kuroo: “Beware of he dog”, they say. Of course I will be aware of the dog. I love dogs. I am aware of all dogs.
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