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#haikyuu scenarios
wakatoshispupp · 5 minutes ago
head empty. only calling Ushijima “sir” while he drills into me. <3
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ellewords · an hour ago
This is such a random ask, but I was kind of curious about how you think some of the Haikyuu boys would react to their crush saying something like “oh, you wanna kiss me so fucking bad!” while they’re teasing the boy.
—  from elle ! ooooh inch resting...okay okay hehe I love getting asks like these, it makes my brainrot go brrrrr >:)
Tumblr media
the haikyuu boys reacting to their crush saying “oh, you wanna kiss me so fucking bad!”
Tumblr media
(smirks) “so what if i do?”    ↳   listen, it’s not like they’ve been waiting for a moment like this for months now…scratch that, they definitely have. loses their cool for maybe half a second but then realizes that they cannot pass this opportunity up. seamlessly transitions into a confession. flustered but tries their hardest not to let it show. will actually give you a little kiss if you accept his confession hehe <3
➹  suga, hinata (pls he says it w/o thinking twice), yaku, mattsun, tendou, terushima, aran
*chokes on air* *gulps* *nervously laughs* *looks away*   ↳   in that exact order. when did you get so bold? please their heart can’t take this anymore. you can’t say stuff like that and then expect them to be okay. it’s honestly kind of amusing, seeing them so out of their element and not knowing exactly what to do…or how to respond. what do they even do? like just say yes? is it really that easy? :o 
➹  daichi, nishinoya, kuroo, oikawa (his brain short circuits, usually it’s him who says things like that), bokuto, daishou, atsumu, suna
(scoffs) you wish…   ↳   no, they wish. they do wanna kiss you so bad, but hell would have to freeze over before they show any sign of it. so please don’t be fooled by the cool demeanor, they’re really freaking out on the inside. thinks about what it would be like to kiss you all day. you’re going to be occupying his mind a lot more than usual. eventually breaks and kisses you the next day >:)   
➹  tsukishima, kenma, iwaizumi, kunimi, semi, sakusa, osamu
“okay so um…anyways…” *changes the topic*   ↳   you probably didn’t mean it, right? you couldn’t possibly feel the same way about them. this was just you teasing. stares at you for a solid ten seconds until you snap them out of it and they start talking about the weather. there’s no point in trying to think about it too much, the best they can do is move on and try to change the topic. oh wait…they can’t stop staring at your lips now 👁👄👁
➹  asahi, tanaka, kageyama, yamaguchi, lev, makki, aone, akaashi, ushijima, kita
Tumblr media
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kaijime · an hour ago
what do we think about sakusa disgusted about how much he loves the idea of pissing inside you and then he does it and can’t stop
uses u as his own personal toilet 💕✨
cw. watersports, uhhh not proofread
Tumblr media
“oh fuck- fuck baby-!” he’s choking on his words, hitching his breath after everything he says because the feeling of your tight walls enveloping him is too much. his thrusts are fast, and desperate, like he’s in a hurry for something.
he can’t stop moving his hips in sync with yours, even when the feeling of his full bladder is practically tormenting him, taking over his body as the feeling of disgust washes over him. he feels bad for the idea he’s thinking about, but would it really be that bad?
you were always open for anything, so would you be ok with him right now?
“‘m gonna- ah fuck” he can’t muster up the right words to tell you what he wants, even if he’s slightly disgusted at the thought.
you wrap your legs around his waist, the heels of your feet pressing him deeper into your cunt and locking him in, so as to not let him pull out at the last second.
you’re in a pure state of bliss when you finally feel his warmth filling you up, hot liquid shooting into you and leaving you a shaking mess beneath him.
whats worse out of all of this, is the fact that he can’t stop staring at your piss filled hole, watching as it slowly drips, as it mixes with your juices and finally leaves you empty again.
he makes a point to do this more often.
Tumblr media
©️ kaijime 2021 | all content belongs to kaijime, do not modify or repost
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myelocin · 2 hours ago
just west from here, is home | tsukishima kei
a/n: hehehaha papa tsookie | 1/? of dilf but make it sfw series
Tumblr media
commissions | ko-fi
Tumblr media
and suddenly he’s thirty three with a baby on the way. 
in the car, with his hands on the wheel--at ten and two because you told him so--he supposes that life has been a little gentler. there’s a comfort in knowing that when he drives a couple miles more, he’ll be home. 
there’s a nursery on the second floor with half the walls painted, and a crib that’s a little past the halfway point of completion. nuts and bolts with the screwdriver threatening to roll over the table and onto the floor, and paint swatches beside it in a messy stack. all the shades of sage and serenity blue looking like earth, and it’s fitting, because in a way he’s found more than just the equivalent of a world in that little room. 
the red lights blink, so he eases into a pause and thinks. 
three more months, and his world is shared with another. three more months, and he’ll have to memorize the lyrics to a lullaby he thought he’d grown out of when he learned how to walk. three months and the world’s growing bigger, because the nature of life is to take root and keep blooming.
and it’s beautiful, because the world has a tendency to be even though it’s often dubbed as cruel. to the broken, perhaps, but he finds that even if he’s had his bouts of being more shattered than whole--the thought of his little world that’s just beginning has him thinking of the word beautiful. 
like you. like the half built shelf by the sage walls, framed pictures of what will eventually be his son’s world on display before he’s even with the world in person. maybe he’ll like the dinosaur trinkets he helped you hang over the little planetary that’s meant to swirl above the crib. 
there’s a lot of maybes that come with a presence that isn’t here just yet, but the carseat that’s already strapped to the backseat of his car has him feeling like little by little, things are steadily moving into place. one stroke of paint at a time, and one planet hung beside the stars before another. sage green walls that relay the ever blooming life on this earth while the serenity blue skies are what’s going to remind him of the infinity meant to be found in the flickering nature that’s just life. 
one story at a time, kei supposes.
three months more and he’ll hold his haruki and sway him back to slumber even when it’s three and his body will scream at him to get some sleep. he’ll hum the songs that so far only you’ve heard and hope that it’ll bring him as much comfort as it did with you. 
just down this street, some ways to the west, and to the left side of the corner store he’s frequented a lot more ever since your cravings started. home rests within the four walls of a house that smells like coffee beans at 7am and candles at 7pm. the flowershop with your favorite daisies that he’ll pass by on the way home, to the left, while to the right lies his world that seemingly is never ending when it comes to its bloom. 
three months more, kei thinks, and he’ll wake up to another piece of the puzzle finally in place. 
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kags-cumslut · 3 hours ago
𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐚𝐜𝐲 - 𝐖.𝐔𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐦𝐚
Tumblr media
🖉 Paring: Mafia!Ushijima x Stripper!Reader
🖉 Warnings within chapter: smut warnings, degration, shower sex, hints of gangbang, etc. 
🖉 Description: Ushijima comes to see you, two nights a week at the local club you strip at. You two have been messing around with one another for a while, however you never pursue a relationship due to his mafia affilation and your stubborness, yet its all about to change.
🖉 Word Count: 1502
Tumblr media
warning!! mature content ahead, read at your own risk!
───*ૢ✧✩ ⋆ ཻུ۪۪. · *         . ✵ ˚ + · * *    .   * ·    * ⊹       ✫ *   . ·    * * ✵
it had been a week now, and we were still in cabo. ushijima had taken me on a bunch of dates and... well there was a lot of sex. i had gotten to know everyone a little better. the boys were way more accepting of me, well semi doesn't know if he wants to love or hate me at the point in time.
i woke up and noticed ushijima wasn't beside me. for some reason, he always got up so goddamn early. i put my robe on and walked into the bathroom. i decided to take a shower even though wakatoshi told me we could sleep in today. i ran the water until it was completely hot, stepping in and letting it relax me.
ushijima had spent a full week with me, no breaks, no meetings or business. i was the only thing on his plate and i loved it. i couldn't ever get tired of him. to think i wouldn't even be here right now if didn't accept his invitation to the event.
i heard a door slam, which let me know that ushijima was back. i heard the bathroom door creak open and the sound of his belt coming undone. the glass sliding pulled open and i saw ushijima standing in front of me completely naked.
"you're up early today." he raised his arm, leaning against the wall and looking down at me. his body was covered in sweat, meaning he had just had a workout session this morning. i couldn't even focus on my shower now since i was looking back at him so much. "y/n-san?"
"yes, wakatoshi?"
"have you ever gotten fucked in a shower in mexico?"
"i'm tired of these questions." he bit back a smile, getting in with me. i felt him press against me. i decided to tease him a bit, rubbing my ass against him. a soft moan came from his lips. "wakatoshi, i got in the shower to wake up." i smirked.
"you're such a tease... i'll wake you up alright."
his arm snaked around me, picking me up slightly and pressing me against the glass. "there, anyone that walks in here can see those perfects tits right?" he took both of my arms with one hand, pinning them against the glass too.
he pressed his tip against my entrance and i let out a whimper. "you're wet? i barely did anything."
"aren't we in the shower? and well you get hard just from hearing my voice."
he grabbed my hair, pulling me back by it. he still held my hands up against the glass, i tried releasing myself but he was way too strong for me. i don't even know why i would even try it.
"you're being bratty with me now? what did i tell you?"
"you don't like brats." my voice was barely above a whisper. he released my hair and his hand came down hard on my ass. the water was still flowing down on us, making the slap sting more. that was definitely going to leave a mark. i squirmed against the glass and he chuckled.
"say it louder, i cant fucking hear you."
"you don't like brats wakatoshi"
"that's right, i don't." he pushed himself into me, taking me by surprise and making me gasp. he released my hands now and i held them against the glass for support. he used both his hands to grip my waist while he pounded into me.
the glass started fogging up, the only viable thing being that handprints that i was painting across it. "i love how you wrap around me baby. don't you think i fit inside you perfectly?" he thrusted into me, placing his hands above mine for support.
"yes wakatoshi, yess." i moaned against the glass. he was in control of my body now. his dick curved inside me, hitting my soft spot repeatedly. my murmurs were turning into screams by now. "right there toshi, fuck right there!"
i arched into him more but he pushed my head down, bending me over completely. i held onto the shower railing for support while he slammed his dick into me. "oh that's your spot? hm, didn't even know." he said smugly. he knew. of course he knew.
i looked back at him, watching him give me backshots. the water ran down his toned stomach, dripping onto my ass. he slid in and out of me with ease. "fuck- you're dripping. like a fucking whore." his fingers dug into my skin.
"you think you can take it all ?"
"go ahead, i'm a big girl." he pulled me up by my hair. he took me off of him, this time picking me up and turning me too face him. he held my body against the glass door, putting my legs on either side of him shoulders, getting himself ready to enter me again.
"ready? fuck, your pussy is so swollen." he put two fingers in, pumping them inside me but taking them out shortly, sucking his fingers and pulling me into a kiss.
"i'm ready ushi."
"there she is, my cocksleeve." he slid into me again and i clenched around his tip, loving the feeling of being full of him again. "fuck, keep doing that."
my arms hooked around him but he removed them, pressing them back against the glass and above my head. "ushi nooo-" i whined. he grabbed my face with his hand, squeezing my cheeks tightly.
"take it." was all he said before his hips bucked into me. i screamed out as he gave my pussy the deepest strokes possible. i felt my stomach tighten up and i clenched around his dick. "no no baby, don't cum yet." he whispered.
his drenched hair stuck to his forehead. he pulled my legs up that were sliding off his shoulders slowly and began fucking me senselessly. he slammed me down on him, pushing the entire thing inside of me. squelching sounds filled the shower and his thumb worked circles around my clit.
it was all too much for me and i couldn't take it anymore. "ushi- i'm gonna-" he released me hands and i instantly slung them around his neck. he wasn't holding his moans back anymore, being as vocal as possible.
"y/n- fuck! keep clenching like that, that's right baby." he fucked me until we both reached our highs. his seed filled me up and my own juices were dripping down his cock and down to his thighs.
"you made a mess, clean it up. fucking whore."
he let me down, pushing me onto my knees. i slid my tongue across the underside of his dick, making him moan loudly. i kissed down his thighs too, licking up my own cum. "good girl. let me get you cleaned up now."
he pulled me to my feet and took the soap and washcloth running it down my body. he didn't miss a spot. "aht, don't touch my hair wakatoshi."
"come onnn." he whined. "i know how to do these types of things."
i laughed and gave in to him. squirted the shampoo in my hair and ran his fingers through it. "okay this isn't bad."
"see. stop doubting me. let's hurry up, the waters getting cold." he pulled my head back to give me a kiss. we finished up in the shower shortly and we were out in no time. he tried me off in our room and picked out some pajamas for me.
"im not a child wakatoshi."
"i just think these are cute!"
i took them out of his hands and put them back down on the bed. "i'm not ready to put them on yet." i got on my knees in front of him, taking him in my mouth.
"you really are a slut aren't you? just never losing steam." he smirked.
someone knocked on the door and ushijima yelled for them to come in. semi.
"hey wakatoshi, you got your lighter you? mine got lost-" he stopped in his tracks and leaned against the wall. the other boys followed him in, all with the same expression on their faces. shirabu, tendou, goshiki, and kawanishi.
"yea it's right there on the dresser." he noticed them staring and gave them a smug look. "are you staring at my slut? she's good isn't she."
the boys couldn't take their eyes off of me. they watched me bob my head up and down. ushijima held my head down on his dick, making me gag on him. i finally came up for some air and my face was a mess.
"i have some things i've been wanting to try with her, should i boys?" he told them.
i took my mouth away from his dick, looking over my shoulder again and staring right at them. "wakatoshi, how about you let them join us."
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kags-cumslut · 3 hours ago
𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐚𝐜𝐲 - 𝐖.𝐔𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐦𝐚
Tumblr media
🖉 Paring: Mafia!Ushijima x Stripper!Reader
🖉 Warnings within chapter: none
🖉 Description: Ushijima comes to see you, two nights a week at the local club you strip at. You two have been messing around with one another for a while, however you never pursue a relationship due to his mafia affilation and your stubborness, yet its all about to change.
🖉 Word Count: 1398
Tumblr media
───*ૢ✧✩ ⋆ ཻུ۪۪. · *         . ✵ ˚ + · * *    .   * ·    * ⊹       ✫ *   . ·    * * ✵
"so y/n right? that's such a pretty name." yukie said to me. she had taken me, alisa, and kiyoko on a special tour around cabo since she knew the place so well. she traveled frequently with bokuto and akaashi so she said she's been here practically thousands of times.
"yes, it's y/n." i smiled.
"and she's a stripper, that's like so hot." alisa said from beside me and kiyoko. we sat at a bar on the beach. we had just sat down to order food and have a few drinks.
"maybe you could strip for us one day hm?" kiyoko said, she nudged me and i gave her a playful eye roll. "the boys said the same thing you know."
"well of course, you're so goddamn cute." she told me again. i couldn't stop smiling, which made them laugh at my gushing expression. it was reaching sundown by now so we decided to finish up at the bar and head back now.
we got up, making our through the sandy beach. we were just joking about what the boys could be doing by now. whether it was a game of pool or killing someone, they were seriously unpredictable. i was scrolling through my phone when i saw the three girls join together, whispering and giggling in front of me.
yukie came back, locking arms with me. "so y/n, have you ever done anything with a girl." i looked over to her with a confused expression.
"stop! you're gonna overwhelm her yukie-san." alisa laughed. "don't mind her she's just so fucking horny."
"oh please ushijima-kun won't minddd." kiyoko pulled her off of me and hit her arm. i laughed at her and pulled her back towards me.
"i've never done anything with a girl... i wouldn't mind you being my first though." i said into her ear. her eyes widened and she stopped in her tracks.
"oh my god, y/n you're such a tease!" she squealed.
i was joking with her but a part of me was starting to think that she was serious. a part of me started to think i was serious.
we continued to walk until we reached the resort, checking in at the desk and we went to our common room to see the boys. they were lounging around talking. it must have been about something important because when we walked in we heard their chatters fall silent.
ushijima's face lit up when he saw me. a smile was plastered across his face and he put his hands out for me to come to him. i walked over, hugging him and he placed me on his lap. "i love this bathing suit, and this cover up, its to pretty."
"thank you daddy." i smiled, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and wrapped a single arm around my waist.
"did you have fun with the girls today? you finally got to spend time with them, and it wasnt during a shootout!" he exclaimed, making me laugh.
"you should have let us have some more fun. god your girlfriend is hot." kiyoko groaned, throwing her head back. she was sitting in tanaka's lap while he attacked her with kisses. she tried to get away but he held his grip tightly onto her.
"oh really?" ushijima said. he licked his lips. "i guess i'll just have to get used to sharing with the girls too." he suddenly got an incoming call on his cell, and my heart dropped once i saw it. nekomata.
"shit. sorry baby i'll be right back."
i watched him walk out of the room, and go to the garden area. the boys ignored it and continued talking to one another. i would die if ushijima knew who i really was. he might think i'm a traitor, or that i'm just using him to get information or something.
my father, was completely dead to me. i didn't even look to him for financial support. it wasn't as if he cared anyways. i spent my teenage years growing up in a abusive home, being ruled by a tyrannical mother and father, with no siblings or family members to look to either. i hated my father just as much as he did.
he came back from outside, coming to me and helping me off the long sofa. "i want you to go to bed okay? or go with the girls, i'll be back shortly okay?"
"okay." i gave him a kiss and he walked me out.
·         ·     ✺ ˚   ⋆ .     . ✹    ˚ ✦ *   ✫   +      ⋆ ˚ . * ·.         * * . .      * *·         ·     ✺ ˚   ⋆ .     . ✹    ˚ ✦ *   ✫   +      ⋆ ˚ . * ·.         * * . .
"kuroo, a word?"
he got up from his seat and we walked out the room and down the hall together. "what is it now? what does he want?"
i sighed, wiping my eyes and tried to gain my train of thought back. every time i talked to nekomata my brain got foggy from his fucking nonsense. "he wants you to increase security at the trafficking boarders."
"does he know what that would cost?"
"don't worry i'll pay for it."
"ushijima, what? i'm not going to let you pay for nekoma's defenses. you've lost a lot of valuable money already from your product."
i looked over, smirking at him. "we got it back. it was right under our noses. but it was almost as if someone wanted it to be there."
"who though? and why?"
"that's what we still need to figure out. in the mean time i sent it all out. it's back on the streets, selling how it should."
he nodded and we continued walking down the hall in silence, until we reached a dead end. "so kuroo." i said, placing my hands on my hips. "what did you talk to my girlfriend about?"
"i'm pretty sure you already know ushijima, might as well just spit it out." he said, smiling.
i knew. i knew who y/n was. i couldn't tell semi, he'd hate her even more. y/n didn't know that i knew, but i had a feeling she didn't even want me knowing. i hated her father so much, but she was the opposite of him. she didn't have any of his snaky tendencies or his unintelligent opinions on things.
he'd flip if he knew i was fucking his daughter the way i do.
"how did you know?" kuroo asked.
i shrugged. "i'm in love with her, why wouldn't i know everything about her." i told him.
"also, he has an unhealthy amount of pictures up in his home of her." i laughed. anyone who walked in could know who she was. i had recognized her from the pictures once i got to the club that one night. she was even prettier in person. i was just seeing her as a way to brag to nekomata and make him furious. but he didn't know that i fell in love with her, and soon i stopped seeing her to make him mad. instead i started seeing her for me.
"hey, you know i won't tell right?"
"yea kuroo, i know you won't. i just don't need him trying to kill me right now. that'll just at add onto my plate."
we finished up our talk and parted, saying goodnight and going to our rooms. i saw y/n sleeping, the moon was showing her face in the most beautiful light i've ever seen. she was such a goddess. i took my things off, getting into bed with her. she jumped a bit, tensing up until she felt my hands. i pulled her closer and trailed kisses down her arms.
"don't scare me like that wakatoshi." she mumbled to me.
"i'm so sorry love."
i know she hated her last name, and i knew she went by a fake one. one day it would be the least of her problems though, because she'd have my last name.
we're just gonna ignore the fact that i didn't even try to match up the time zones bc japan and mexico are 12 hours apart yet i put it all in the same setting 😀
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marshieee · 4 hours ago
We just changed
Tumblr media
Timeskip osamu x fem! Reader
Warning⚠️: angst
A chance to be with you again, my love has never changed.
Do i still love you?, i want my love to change.
Tumblr media
It’s been two weeks since osamu encountered you, the way you look never left his mind. He’s glad that you’re doing well and it seems like he doesn’t have to worry anymore.
He was at the bar currently with atsumu, it was hard inviting him since atsumu still hates his guts but he eventually accepted his invitation. Now here they are sitting quietly, osamu offered that he’ll pay so atsumu can order whatever he wants.
“I met y/n”
He knows atsumu is mad at him but he has the right to know that he met y/n since they’ve been very close ever since.
“Well if she already told you about it then—“
“She didn’t”
Atsumu chugged down his drink and ordered another one, atsumu was frustrated out if all people he has to hear it from his cheating brother.
“Maybe because she still thinks that since you’re my brother and she didn’t want another heated argument to combust again hahaha...”
He hates it how you’re still so considerate, like you can be selfish sometimes you know?
“So? What happened?”
“Nothing really she looks fine, it looks like she moved on”
“Good for her”
“And i tried talking to her”
Atsumu scoffed, like what would they even talk about? Cheating?
“Oh yeah? Did you?”
And then they went silent, atsumu glances at his brother, he admits that he is worried about osamu’s well being since he’s one of the people who can see through osamu’s facade and he can tell that osamu is struggling right now, trying to show that he’s ok.
Sure he still can’t forgive him for breaking your heart in the most disgusting way but like you said osamu is still his brother.
“What are you gonna do anyways?”
“I wanted to apologize...she deserves an apology, i won’t ask her to forgive me but i just want to at least say sorry”
Atsumu knows that osamu was being serious, he just looked at osamu and then focused on his drink again. Osamu was sad as he lowkey expected for atsumu to at least answer but hey he understands him, atsumu slammed his glass on the table making osamu turn to look at him.
“Then apologize”
Meanwhile you were at the shopping district AGAIN to buy whatever attracts you well you could say you’re impulsive buying today.
You got a couple of things already not sure if you can even use it. Walking down the busy street something caught your eye.
“Aj do you know her?”
You just noticed she wasn’t alone, aj smiled at him and grabbed the bag he was holding.
“Yep she’s my friend”
“Oh? Is that so? Well i have to get going then, I’ll see you tomorrow”
They waved each other goodbye as the guy started to walk away, aj sighed.
“Good thing he can read the room”
“Were you...”
“Hmmm? On a date? Well i really didn’t consider it one but i think so”
“If you don’t mind me asking who was that guy”
“Just some guy from work actually i didn’t know him but he just suddenly introduced himself and asked if he could treat me for lunch”
“Why did you agree all of a sudden?”
“Well it’s free food! Food tastes great when it’s free don’t you think?”
“Ah well yeah”
You can’t believe that the two of you were having a normal conversation, aj is like a woman oozing with confidence someone who knows what they have and what they’re capable of doing, the ones you’ll get shy when you talk to them. It’s not like you have no confidence in you or whatever but aj has this something in her that can both attract you and intimidate you at the same time.
“You know we should catch up! Teru has been telling me about you”
“Hmmm how bout we grab some coffee then?”
“That would be great”
“Then how about we go there? A friend of mine told me they have an amazing menu”
You two went to a cafe, it wasn’t packed and it was just small but it has a great ambiance with a good aesthetic. You two ordered your drinks and sat down.
“So how are you?”
“I’m doing great! I got a apartment near from where i work so i don’t have to take the bus or subway, and i got a new job!”
“That’s great! May i know what’s your new job?”
You looked around and then gestured aj to come closer.
“I’m lev haiba’s manager”
She looked at you and then laughed a little. You took this as her not believing you just like iwaizumi.
“I’m telling the truth!”
“I believe you I believe you”
“But you were laughing”
“No it’s just that i know lev”
You were shocked, just how many does this girl knows? She even knows lev and by looking at her reaction she looks totally cool to that fact.
She sipped her coffee and smiled at you.
“Well you could say me and his sister had a history”
“With alisa?”
“Like THE alisa?”
“Uh huh the alisa haiba herself”
You looked at her as she happily sipped her coffee, confused you almost asked her what kind of history is she talking about.
You two sat there in silence the only noise that you can hear is from people who are chatting inside the cafe. And without a single beat the words smoothly fell out of your mouth.
“I met osamu”
She looks at you and got the hint that she’s waiting for you to continue. You gulped and took a deep breath.
“He asked if we can talk”
“That’s expected, what did you do?”
“I— ran away.”
“Am i wrong?”
Aj shooked her head and smiled at you.
“No you’re not, it’s quite understandable why you did that”
You bit your lips and stared at your coffee. Something doesn’t sit right with you and you don’t like that, didn’t you move on already? So that means you’re ok talking to him right? Why?
“Do you still like him?”
“Do you still have feelings for osamu?”
You cursed yourself ‘answer dammit’, you just looked at her unable to move your lips and answer her question.
“...i don’t know”
Do you still like him? Love him? Was it really that hard to get over a 6 years of relationship? Well apparently. All those nights where you question yourself, all those days you said you’re already okay turns out you’re not.
You thought you were but you’re not.
“Were you expecting a closure?”
Yes, yes you were. You knew that sooner or later closure or a proper talk would be appropriate for the two of you.
“were you?”
“What would you ask if you two had the chance to talk?”
Aj paused for a moment and looked at you, she can already sense the thousands of meanings and thoughts behind that one word.
“Then that means you haven’t moved on yet”
“What do you mean?”
“Do you still question yourself thinking that you’re not enough?”
“Darling, why do you even think that you’re not enough? Don’t you have the confidence to say “I am enough and he wasted it”? The fact that he cheated on you still haunts you and makes you look down on yourself”
And that hits the spot, bulls eye. This confirms that you are in denial about things, is it really that hard to move on?
“I think you should talk to him, clear your thoughts, ask questions, get some answers. This way you may get the peace of mind that you’ve been wanting....that you’ve been trying to get”
You look down at your again, suddenly taking an interest in the steam that’s coming off of it. She’s right you need to talk to him, to be completely honest you’ve been wanting to talk to him since the day of that fight but as times went by you became scared. Scared of what?
His reasons, his answer.
What if his answers wasn’t the ones you were expecting? What if you were really not enough?
“Don’t push yourself”
You looked at aj who was staring directly at you, she was serious yet still gentle with her words.
“Talk to him if you’re ready to talk, don’t push yourself to far just for the sake of closure”
She finally gave you a smile.
“Take all the time that you need y/n, closures are not that easy”
“How do you know?”
Aj gave you a surprise look before looking down at her coffee, smiling a little.
“You could say that i knew it in a hard way...”
You just stared at her, it was the first time you saw her wearing that kind of expression. Aj look up to you and smiled again.
“That’s all that i can say to you y/n, it’s up to you if you want to talk to osamu or not”
You just nodded, you’ve made up your mind, you know what to do. A sudden thought came across your mind, immediately beaming at aj.
“How are you and teru?”
Aj coughed her coffee upon hearing your words, now this is amusing. Resting your face on both of your hands, you waited for her answer. Aj was flustered and panicking a little as she was trying to answer your questions.
“W-We’re good, doing good...why are you asking?”
“Eh? Just good?”
“....w-well— yeah just good...haha”
You pouted, no way in hell are you going to be satisfied with that answer.
“What re your thoughts about teru?”
And in a second aj smiled.
“He’s a nice person, caring in his own silly way, a very thoughtful man, he always understands and i really like that. He knows how to treat a woman, a real gentleman indeed. He loves to make his customers smile and have a good time which is by the way is cute and-“
Aj looked at you as she noticed that she’s been talking too much already. While you on the other hand was smiling ear to ear.
“Go on, and?”
“T-that’s all...i think”
As much as you want to see cute flustered aj, you’re just gonna stop teasing. It’s not your place to butt in whatever they have at the moment, you have to deal with yourself for now.
You immediately grabbed your phone.
Osamu already let his workers go home early and volunteered to clean the shop. It’s been awhile since he got a good time for himself in his empty shop. As he was cleaning the tables his phone chimes at the counter.
He didn’t mind it at first and just continued cleaning the tables. When was finished he went and checked to see who texted him, only for him to your name displayed on his screen. Furiously wiping his hands on his apron, and then immediately grabbing his phone.
Mentally preparing himself he opened your message
Tumblr media
You closed your eyes after turning your phone off.
Maybe this time self care, self worth and self love would be the first priority. To achieve that a clear mind is needed.
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kaathefriendlysnekk · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
"Hello, Tsukki!"
Tsukishima blatantly stares at the beauty in front of him. Yamaguchi's hair is unruly as ever, the tips of those two flyaway strands fluttering in the gentle breeze.
"You're in a dress," he plainly states, like it isn't obvious. The dainty little red dress looks fierce on him.
"I am!" Yamaguchi grins. "Asahi-san helped me choose it! Do you like it, Tsukki?"
Tsukishima nods, "I love that."
"I got matching heels, too!" Yamaguchi gives a twirl in order to show off his red heels. "My first time wearing them!" It's true, Tsukishima has noticed how Yamaguchi's posture is a bit awkward, like he's still not used to those.
"They're pretty," Tsukishima extends a hand, holding the picnic basket tight in the other.
Yamaguchi takes his hand and slips his fingers between his own, humming an excited, "Thanks!"
You ask your friend on a picnic date to the local park and said friend turns up in a cute dress and heels.
What do you do?
Tsukishima holds his friend's hand a bit tighter than usual, that's for sure. He also thinks back on that black skirt he secretly tries on at home sometimes. It barely comes down to the middle of his thighs, fuzzy golden brown hair covering the rest of his legs as far as he can see in the mirror.
The hair doesn't bother Tsukishima. It's him after all. The hair is him as much as the skirt is.
"Tadashi?" He takes a paper napkin to wipe the side of Yamaguchi's mouth that is smeared with the grease from his fries.
"Hm?" Yamaguchi pays him no mind and keeps on munching on the ham sandwich Tsukishima had made this morning before leaving.
Another soft breeze blows, and Tsukishima lets it pass before he says quietly, "Do you feel good?" He eyes the dress.
"I do!" Yamaguchi smiles through a mouthful of his sandwich.
Tsukishima can't see his own face, but he knows his smile now matches Yamaguchi's.
Maybe, just maybe, wearing the skirt outside can feel good, too.
// end.
If you think I'm paying attention to online classes, no, I'm not. I'm drawing Yamaguchi in a skirt instead.
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babeiwa · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
pairing: semi eita x gn!reader
w/c: 592
genre: fluff, drabble, sfw
a/n: i am in love with semi eita (24) government employee, band musician.
event: after you've read angst w/ @teesumu
Tumblr media
"good morning, dork. i have a couple gigs set up through the day again, so i can't pick you up from work. come see me play today at midnight, i wrote the address on the back of this note. i love you."
those words were written on a sticky note that was placed on top of your phone. it was the first thing that you saw when you woke up that morning. well, aside from the empty spot next to you on the bed.
semi eita was a great boyfriend. he'd take you out on cozy dates and always compliment you, he didn't fail you as a boyfriend.
though, lately, you haven't been able to spend much time with your dearest boyfriend. he'd always be busy at his studio preparing for a new gig or practicing with his band, so you'd only usually see him during the evening when he'd come home for the night.
you pulled up to the address and once you opened your car door, you were immediately welcomed by the booming music that played throughout the entire area.
it was an average place for a concert. the stage and wide open area, speakers were laid out everywhere.there were groups of people everywhere, and after walking around for a little, you were found yourself wandering close to the backstage.
you met eye to eye with your beloved boyfriend who had been connecting his electric guitar to the amp.
he gave you a warm smile, "(y/n), you made it! sorry about being so busy lately, this is the last gig of the month though."
after telling him that it was alright, he gestured for you to come closer to him, you walked over and semi placed a hand on top of your head, gently ruffling it.
"i'm singing lead today and playing the electric guitar. i know you're going to love the first song."
he pulled you in for a hug.
"so.. watch me, okay?"
nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck, you felt him place a soft kiss under your chin.
after chatting for awhile, you walked over to the audience and found a spot closer to the stage.
fidgeting with your fingers while you waited for your boyfriend and his bandmates to settle their things down. once they've connected everything to the speakers and made sure that it was all working, semi found his place at the center of the stage. he carried his red electric guitar, it was supported by a strap that hung off his body. his hair was neatly parted and the necklace around his neck would catch your eye immediately. it was one of the gifts that you had given him for his birthday. it brought a smile to your face, knowing that he was using it.
after finding you in the crowd, he introduced himself, "thank you all for coming! my name is semi eita and i'll be your lead singer and guitarist for today's first song."
you noticed that even while he was introducing himself, he maintained eye contact with you. even when his band started playing, he maintained eye contact with you. even when he sang, even when he played, he never broke eye contact. it was like he was performing just for you.
his eyes never left yours. his eyes never looked at anybody else.
it really looked like semi's eyes were full of joy. they were full of pride. with confidence, with admiration.
semi eita's eyes were full of love.
for you and only you.
Tumblr media
-END reblogs are appreciated <3
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verymuchbabey · 5 hours ago
OK. Well I've been dying for this scenario hope you write it! So it's basically Sakusa w/ an affectionate so though since she respects him, always tries to keep physical contact at min and she never told him that she would love to be nearer to him and closer with him and how she longs for his touch she always acts like she's all good n chill. K what would happen if Sakusa find out about it? I've always dreamed that he would find out when so's friends like 'even we see you are touch starved'
Oooo I like this idea! Thank you for requesting and srry for it being so late! I hope I wrote it the way you wanted :) ❤️
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi x reader
genre: fluff!!
synopsis: Sakusa realizes that you have been holding yourself back from giving him affection due to his hate of germs and even though he's very grateful for it, he starts to yearn for your affection and soon realizes that it's also vice versa for you.
Tumblr media
Having a relationship with Sakusa was a bit tough at first. You had to hold yourself back most of the time since you didn't want to make him uncomfortable or anything.
Usually you're friends would notice how much you held yourself back from being affectionate with Sakusa, like the straying hand that was held at the side of your hip always aching to reach out and hold onto his hand just right next to yours
Or the way you would restrain yourself from giving Sakusa a hug when you got extra happy over something like a good test score, all you could do was give him a smile as your way of showing how happy you were
Everyone understood why you did this because they knew how much of a germaphobe Sakusa was, but they still felt bad when they realized just how touchstarved you would become.
Sakusa also noticed later in your guy's relationship how much you would hold yourself back when you were with him and as much as he was thankful for it he would also grow jealous of how you gave everyone else all your affection and he knew that's just who you were but he ended up starting to yearn for that affection too.
He kept it to himself for awhile but he felt like he needed to tell someone, vent to them as to why he felt this way and hopefully come to a conclusion and a solution on how to deal with this because he never liked the idea of hugs, holding hands, or stuff like that so why does he now? why does he all of a sudden want to share all this affection with his partner?
So he choose the one person he trusted the most, his cousin Komori.
Komori was actually one of your best friends and probably the main reason you and Sakusa ended up together and he knew about the way you held yourself back when around his cousin.
So Komori listened to Sakusa's troubles and actually wanted to laugh that Sakusa didn't figure it out sooner.
"You're touchstarved Kiyoomi. And it's a good thing because y/n is too"
Sakusa didn't fully understand what Komori was telling him.
To say he was confused was an understatement and he was glad Komori noticed and started to explain what it meant.
"You both want each other's affection so bad that you don't even notice the other wants the same" Komori chuckled watching Sakusa's face contort from confusion to realization
It was after practice for Sakusa and he was exhausted after all the training his team had endured, but seeing you waiting by the benches made the aches in his muscles seem like a memory.
"Hey Kiyoomi! Are you ready to go?" You asked with a smile that made his heart do circles everytime he saw it.
"Yes, my love." He said as he walked to your side and started the walk to your house.
It was the routine for the both of you by now, for Sakusa to walk you home after practice since you would often come watch him play.
He always insisted to walk you though, even after brutal practices when all he wanted to do was lay down in bed and go to sleep.
He just needed the reassurance that you got home safe and waiting for a simple text that you did get home would cause too much anxiety for him so he took the next option, which was to walk you there himself.
As you both walked you started talking about your day explaining how your seat partner got in trouble trying to pass a note to you asking for the homework answers.
"Then she read it to the whole class! I was so embarrassed and I made sure he got an earful once class ended." You looked over at Sakusa to see if he was following what you were saying but you instead saw him looking a bit conflicted.
"Kiyoomi? Is everything okay?" You started to reach out for his hand but stopped yourself bringing your hand back to your side, and Sakusa had most definitely noticed that.
"Have you always done that? Restrain yourself from touching me?" He inquired softly and saw the way you had tensed up but you then slowly relaxed yourself and put on a smile for him.
"You don't have to phrase it like that you ding dong" You chuckled, crossing your arms around your chest.
"You avoided the question." He stopped walking and led you to a nearby bench. He needed to talk to you about this now because he knew it was eating you up on the inside just like it was for him.
He sat you down with him taking off his mask and taking hold of your hands. You looked at him in shock about to pull your hands away but he held onto them, shaking his head. "Can we please talk about it?" He whispered out hoping you would understand what he is trying to do.
You paused, looking at how carefully he held onto your hands making you feel a bit more calm about the situation before answering him
"Okay but promise me this isn't making you uncomfortable or anything." You said back at him and smiled when he held out his pinky.
"I promise." He said taking a hold of your own pinky and then letting it go. You laughed at him taking his hand in yours once more. "I've always thought pinky promises were the best kind of promises."
"Yeah I think you've rubbed off on me" He said with a chuckle then looking at you with a smile.
"Love, please know that if you want to be affectionate with me that it's alright. I know that I can be very pushy about the germs but I want us both to be happy in this relationship" He said and when you looked at him you could tell he was being genuine.
"Omi you're seriously going to make me cry, I love you and I'll try to communicate with you better" You assured him by giving his hands a gentle squeeze.
His smile still remained getting bigger at your words. "I love you too y/n and if I'm being honest I was getting jealous of all the affection you were giving everyone else but me." He admitted with a slight blush forming on his face that was made noticeable from the street lamp illuminating the both of you.
You laughed "Oh really? I'll definitely make up for that." You leaned forward and leaned your forehead against his with a huge smile that replicated Sakusa's.
"Can I give you a hug?" You whispered to him making sure that a hug wouldn't be that big of a step for him.
He hummed moving away from you, letting go of your hands and opening his arms indicating that it was alright with him. You immediately wrapped your arms around him almost knocking the wind out of him before he chuckled hugging you back.
You let go of him after a couple of seconds and reached for his hand, intertwining your fingers together. "I think it's time we leave before my parents start to worry about me." You said standing up with him following you and putting his mask back on.
You started talking about your day again while Sakusa nodded along with what you were saying this time, enjoying the way your hand felt in his.
Tumblr media
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moondaius · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
title. microcosmos pairing. sakusa kiyoomi x reader wc. 1k plus-ish  summary. Love stays with you as the new constant in his life. a/n. this is the first time i joined a collab (with these amazing and lovely writers!) show us some love <3  can you tell i'm obsessed with this man send some help
masterlist | collab masterlist 
Tumblr media
Sakusa first meets you in one evening, when you knock on his door asking if he could help to fix the tap in your kitchen. Purple sky, yellow clouds. 
It's about time for dinner.
His mind whirls in an attempt to puzzle out a decline, hesitates when he lays his eyes on you to have a proper look. Unfamiliar. Sakusa tends to recognize most of the people staying around, after all it's not a high-rise but one has 5 levels with 8 units each at the quiet side of the city.
He isn't a total asshole, despite what Miya Atsumu calls him every time he ignores his stupid jokes. He bites down the unwillingness on his tongue and grabs all those necessary tools from the box, leaving those dinner’s ingredients on the countertop with his door clicks behind.
The process of fixing isn't going as smooth as he thinks. Half an hour later, he finds himself sitting on your couch with a fresh, white towel in hand, water still dripping from his strands of hair. He accepts your invitation to stay for dinner, the better option from monetary repay. He’s not a plumber though.
He leaves after one hour or more, stepping back into his house in complete darkness. It’s the first time he engaged in a conversation with a total stranger. The conversation neither special nor interesting, but the way your voice trailing at the end of each line reminds him of the touch of a falling pink petal.
He wonders when will be the next time.
That's when he decided to knock on your door again and drop an extra pair of his shoes at your genkan under your surprised gaze, saying that it's for your safety living alone.
The day ends with his phone number added to your contact list and yours sitting at the top of his (which he realizes both of you don't really need later.)
Love sprouts when he bumps into you at the store, while you're scratching your head over which tools to buy for the broken toilet flush and beating yourself up internally. Living alone can be tough sometimes.
His footsteps are a tad hesitant, his throat is a little dry, he walks towards you nevertheless. Your thumb hovers on ‘Dad’ at a noise under his breath.
“Hey.” He says.
And he finds himself in your house for the second time—in the toilet filled with the scent of cherry blossoms. Potted plants on the windowsill opposite to the bag of tools sitting beside the entrance. His eyes skim through the little space and briefly halt on the pink bottle sitting at the corner, but he pays no mind to it at the moment.
And so nods turn into simple greetings, smiles are returned with small talks. Sometimes you talk about the weather, or he'll ask about how the kitchen tap is doing, and it somehow leads to the next dinner and the next and the next.
Sakusa doesn't know much about love, he sees it through the voids on the baby crochet cardigan by his mother; tastes it through the first heartbreak in youth; caresses it through the death of his first pet. He knows love isn't something that comes easily—one of the things he recalled from many of a conversation with his grandmother—
“When it does, it'll stay.”
Like the callus on his palms and friend who's one call away or the pink bottle’s image stuck on his mind when he passes by the shampoo aisle.
He wonders the meaning of 'us' to you—when his shampoo starts to smell like you; when your name pops up too often in the locker room. Everything starts with the bento in his duffle bag, and it continues with the omamori he brings wherever he goes and it is unstoppable when he accidentally overshares. His teammates make fun of him calling you an acquaintance, evident on his face a smile Atsumu named it ‘foolish grin’.
He wonders if you want to redefine the boundary in between because friends and neighbours and acquaintances don't talk with a heart beating in their throat.
Love grows in the frequent trips to the grocery store. It’s the piling snacks in his drawers and extra apples in the fridge. You talk about the shiba inu on the street, or how you fight the urge to buy extra taiyaki from the stall, or how cramped the bus gets at peak hours. Nothing special but he listens to you, with the tap of the knife against the board covering up his occasional chuckle.
His life has been constant, a ritual —the visits to his grandparents on weekends, the movies on saturday nights, the runs around the neighbourhoods. That’s life before you enter. But a late night rendezvous or an impromptu drinking session feels good, refreshed, and alive.
Love flourishes under the waterings in the mornings for a summer, a fall and a winter. He chides you for leaving the asparagus fern too long under the sun but already striding off to the balcony before you get up from the couch. He knows you love to watch the show playing a bit louder for the night but he lets you be. He doesn't mind when he sees the crescent adoring your features that only belongs to the night sky, the smile you give at times he has a bad day. And in all willingness, he wants to capture and keep it in the left pocket across his chest for a lifetime. He decides to tell you that.
“Move in with me.”
Says he, when dishwashing isn't unbearable as before, when the yellow light in your kitchen is slightly dimmer than the night before.
Love stays in the space between the intertwining fingers, the two toothbrushes in the cabinet and the half-opened boxes in the living room.
Love stays with you as the new constant in his life.
Tumblr media
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peachy-oiks · 8 hours ago
Struggling with inspiration to write, please feel free to send in requests!!! It can be for one character or multiple :) I write for Haikyuu, Attack on Titan, and Jujutsu Kaisen!! <33
*note: I don’t write anything nsfw*
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riess · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“When was the last time we never quarreled over something?”
— numerous questions are asked starting with the word when.
pairing: tsukishima x gn. reader
words: 700
contains: timeskip!tsukishima, angst (it’s not that sad), arguments, not-so-amazing things are said by both tsukishima and reader, breakups, post-breakup
a/n: don’t mind me giving you guys some angst and comfort fanfics. i’m not really in the best mind-setting at the moment. </3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were unable to recall the last time you and Tsukishima never quarreled over something so negligible.
From the most diminutive burdens to the serious issues, a blasting contention consistently emerge from both of you as a matter of course. Taking into account that you were a stubborn hothead, with your significant other being a provoking lover who got a adored to push your buttons; many thought about how both of you were still together.
In the event that you were being straightforward with yourself, you didn't know by the same token.
Perhaps it was on the grounds that you two consistently attempted to resolve your problems together in the wake of allowing your fuming anger to simmer down? Or then again perhaps in light of the fact that Tsukishima never liked having conflict between the both of you?
Not once did Tsukishima at any point intended to offend you, yet you were beginning to persuade yourself in any case.
Today wasn't any different from the past ones. The petty bickering turned into an entire other quarrel.
Everything began when you returned home following a debilitating day of work. Drowsily you entered your common home, your eyes wanting to flutter close at the same time, muscles throbbing in the wake of conveying burdens and heaps of desk work at the same time also; you simply needed to get some rest, to snooze of into wonderland when you arrived on your bed.
However you realized that Tsukishima would be home shortly, and you needed to at any rate make him some supper, realizing that he also was depleted from a taxing day of volleyball training.
Obviously, he just had to return home extra crankier than expected. His stress from today was over the rooftop; and he just had to let it out on you.
You don't recall what both of you were squabbling over, yet at that point you understood; perhaps the time had come to give up.
Saving your pride, you realized that it both of you would be better to be separated than to still be together. Altogether, both of you separated multiple times, just for similar explanation of trivial contentions.
You love him, you really did. Be that as it may, to this point you truly couldn't bear it any longer.
“I'm done…” It came out more of a bare whisper than you had planned, this made him go to look at you confounded. Tsukishima inclined toward the kitchen island, waiting for you to continue.
“We won't ever work. We're simply compelling ourselves on each other.” Sighing, you folded your arms over your chest, taking a gander at Tsukishima with pained eyes.
His hypnotizing brilliant eyes broadened at your words. Something got trapped in his throat, he wanted to say something, to say that he didn't mean all that he had said.
“If you’re going to be a nuisance to me today, (Name), just leave me alone.”
That was just one of only a handful few things he had said that got engraved to you. There was bounty more.
“At the point when?” You began, turning your back against him to wash the remaining dishes on the sink.
“When was the last time we never quarreled over something?”
“When was the last time we slept in the same room together?”
“When was the last time we said I love you’s to each other?”
He remained quiet the entire time, just the clanking of the glasses and running water was heard all through the entire kitchen. Tsukishima felt his heart drop at that idea; the prospect of your innumerable fights together.
He loves you, and you love him.
In any case, the other just needed to give up, an stubborn hothead and an provoking volleyball player wasn't the best match out there.
Tsukishima whispered to himself, a two years had passed after both of you had formally separated for the better. His highlights were praised by the glimmer of the evening glow above him, knees tucked close as he delivered a soft- yet regretful sigh.
“When might you return to Japan?”
Tumblr media
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karmasuna · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
“if you wanted a picture of me you could’ve just asked.” 
suna’s eyes stay on his phone, amused lilt creeping into his voice. slim, calloused fingers drum against the device gently, matching the pitter patter of your racing heart. 
“wasn’t taking a picture of you,” you tuck trembling fingers into your sleeves, “not my fault the waitress put the dish right there.” 
“right.” he obviously doesn’t believe it, knowing smirk humoring your frail attempt at lying to him, of all people. “whatever you say.” 
“rin, stop. i look horrible right now.” 
your attempt at intimidating him into putting his phone down is feeble. it’s not exactly easy to be scary half-awake at six in the morning, toothbrush still in your mouth and muffling your words.
suna stares, completely straight-faced, “i was taking a picture of the toothpaste, you know.” 
for a brief moment you seriously contemplate throwing your wet toothbrush at him. “your phone isn't even angled at the countertop.” 
“huh. can’t believe you noticed that.”
“i’m not stupid, you know.” 
“with how you were trying to take that picture the other day it really convinced me otherwise.” 
he sees the pout on your lips and laughs, finally putting down the phone to pull you in by the waist. 
“don’t worry, i’m into your type of stupid. unfortunately.”
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dontattackmeplease · 9 hours ago
"you want me, bitch. fuck you!" I snarled at him. when, all of a sudden im pushed up against a wall, with a hand around my throat. face to face with him.
"dont fuck with me, princess. I will not hesitate to fuck you right here" he tightened his fingers blocking my airflow and making me feel slightly light headed. I stared into his cold and lifeless eyes, especially as they bored through me. I shook in anger. I reached up and grabbed a fist full of his hair before tugging his face away from me.
"your pathetic, really. if you wanted to fuck me then all you had to do was ask. bunny."
honestly, I expected him to lash out at me but I did not expect him to let out a breathy whine.
I might keep him...
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teesumu · 10 hours ago
—a fluff drabble for my “after you read angst” collab
Tumblr media
Sakusa is upset.
Thoroughly so, and he can’t wipe the pout off his face, eyes wide and pleading as they stare up at you. You sigh and cup his cheeks. Dramatics were one of his strongest suits, and your heart’s ability to soften for him was one of yours.
But not this time.
“Please,” he begs— correction, whines— while you squeeze his cheeks together in assurance.
“Baby, it won’t be that bad,” you promise, and he’s deflating on your lap.
“Pretty please?” He grabs your hand, placing it on his chest for you to trace patterns into like you always do, looking at you expectantly.
He thinks he’s got you cornered, but he overestimates himself.
“Omi, we can’t,” you state firmly, and he wilts, rolling over so his face is now digging into your stomach, a long groan leaving past his lips, muffled into your shirt.
“But she’s so mean to me,” he insists. “She’s such a hag,” Sakusa grumbles, and he looks at you in disbelief when you swat his shoulder rather harshly.
“Don’t speak about you sister that way, Kiyoomi. It’s one dinner—”
“But her kids are so annoying,” he interrupts. “And, her husband talks so much, y/n, you have no idea. He literally never stops. And she always lectures me about not calling enough, and how I don’t update on Facebook enough. No one even uses that anymore. And the other day, she told me I needed to part my hair better,” Sakusa stares at you, waiting for you to come to his defense.
“Your hair’s beautiful,” you promise.
“You think I’m handsome right?” His ego soars when you nod instantly.
“The most handsome man I’ve met,” you confirm. He grins in triumph, kissing the back of your hand at your words.
“Can’t wait to tell her that. Can we also tell her you’re sick though—”
“She FaceTimed me today. We’re not canceling.”
“Tell her I’m sick then.”
“Omi, baby, you can’t avoid dinners at your sister’s house forever. Be a good brother, and uncle, and take one for the team.”
Sakusa Kiyoomi, stoic and reserved, was his family’s youngest— and by default, brattiest. But it was rather cute to watch his seriousness crumble every once in a while, a whinier and poutier version of him surfacing so that he could get his way.
“But those kids are so loud,” he grumbles, pouting up at you as you comb through his hair. You lean down and kiss his jutted lips, moving up to kiss his cheek gently too, peppering more kisses in a small trail until you reach his nose. He tilts his head up, closing the small gap between your lips and his nose, earning himself another kiss.
“You love those kids,” you smile knowingly, tracing the moles on his forehead with your thumb. His eyes soften just a bit. “When we have our own kids, I hope they all get your cute little moles,” you whisper, booping the tip of his nose gently. He blushes, swatting your hand away.
“I don’t want kids with you, you’re mean like my sister,” Sakusa mutters, giving you a cheeky smile when you glare at him. “I’ll want kids with you if we skip—”
“Fine,” he groans in defeat. But slowly, he laces his fingers with yours, a small giddy little smile on his face as he looks up, eyes soft and dazed as he meets yours. “We’d be good parents don’t you think?” Laughing, you nod, and you find you don’t mind the idea of dealing with another pouty face if Sakusa’s by your side.
“Yes, and then you’ll learn how annoying whiny little babies are.” He pouts at that.
Tumblr media
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tobi-momo · 10 hours ago
PAIRING: Suna Rintarou x Reader
GENRE: Fluff | Crack | Suggestive
WARNINGS: cursing | suna being a little shit | us being a little shit as well | suggestive!!
Tumblr media
"Why didn't you order food?" He asks curiously as he sets his keys on the counter.
"Uh, I wanted"
He snickers lowly while slowly walking towards your frozen figure. "With flour and frosting all over your face?"
"Uh, well, it wasn't supposed to be like that," you mumble, scratching your neck. He takes another step, sliding his hands gently around your collarbone and gliding up your nape, gripping the strings tying your apron, and pulling them apart, releasing the extra fabric from your body with a grin. "Rin?"
"What were you making?" He asks while dipping his head down to let his lips skid across the supple skin of your neck, teasingly pinching it with his teeth.
"Um," you stutter, not knowing what to do. "just a cake."
"What kind?" He continues to nip at your skin, inciting tiny jolts and little gasps of air.
"Just something basic, I think—" you reach your head over to the counter to look at the sheet of instruction laid out, "—it was vanilla. Yeah," you nod.
"Mm," he hums, the vibrations of his voice tickling your throat. "Sounds good." He leaves open-mouthed kisses along your collarbone as he caresses your cheek with his nimble fingers.
"Yeah, it does," you reply breathlessly.
"Too bad you can't cook for shit," he breaks his composure against your frame— head falling in the crook of your neck while his shoulders shake in laughter. Your playful smacks only make him guffaw harder, his breath refusing to enter his lungs.
"You motherfucker," you wheeze, gripping his hair and pulling his head away from you, only to push him away. "You can't say shit! You can't even make ramen right! At least I made an effort!"
"Okay, okay, fine." He puts his hands up in surrender, backing away. "Although, next time, try to keep the ingredients off your face," he gestures with his forefinger to round his face, sliding his tongue across his top teeth before turning around.
"Oh— my— God. You know what, Rintarou?!" You loudly stomp on the floor to grab a handful of flour, rushing over to him and watching him turn around in surprise as he sees your hand dump the "All-Purpose Flour" on his head.
"You fucking didn't."
You couldn't contain your laughter, cackling openly while taking your five-second head start to your advantage, running to your shared room.
"You won't be getting away with this, Baby," he calls, following you to the door you shut.
Oh, you're in for it.
Tumblr media
reblogs are VERY appreciated!
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tsukishumai · 11 hours ago
pairing: sakusa kiyoomi x gn!reader
wc: 700+
genre: angst
a/n: prompt request for @gossamerisms (ILYSM) <33 wanted to get this out before u left us ): i wuv u 1tooru
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Sakusa knows he is not an easy person to deal with, he knows.
His standard for cleanliness and hygiene had been irritating enough for the average person to live up to, but his sharp tongue and short temper was yet another obstacle one had to go through in order to uncover the “good” inside.
Though, Sakusa wonders if there is even good inside left to find.
They say it’s easy for us to hurt those closest to us, because we know that no matter what, they’ll love us regardless.
Perhaps Sakusa had taken this a little close to heart.
He had grown accustomed to a family that accommodated his habits — good and bad — all his life. Komori was always there to steer him in the right way, oftentimes apologizing on his behalf for any curt or rude things he might have said. His parents could care less about his attitude, they were hardly there enough to catch it.
He’d been boxed into the mindset of “this is just the way I am,” and nothing anyone did could have changed that.
Not that you ever really tried. You were yet another blessing undeservedly thrown his way, one that he had no idea what to do with.
You looked at him like he had sewn the stars into the night sky, and you promised to love him as he was. And in return, he took everything you had to give and spat it back down on the ground.
Because even when he never bothered to take you out on dates, and routinely forgot birthdays and anniversaries, you smiled and told him it was alright.
And though he’s refused to hold your hand in public, and didn’t make an effort to get to know your friends, you still stood beside him as if he was all you needed.
Because you loved him right? You said you always would.
Sakusa was an ambitious man. If there was something he wanted, he went out there and got it. That’s all he knew how to do — take, take, take.
He didn’t notice when your eyes started to dull in color, or why you slept so little that the bags on your eyes turned purple. He couldn’t say when you stopped smiling around him, or what made you shrug away from his touch.
Was it when he would come home hours after practice ended, and snap when you’d ask where he’s been? Or could it be when he’d bring home his frustrations from practice, and greet you with venom-laced words that struck at the core of your being?
Was it the screaming matches that lasted until four in the morning, and leaving you to deal with apologizing to the neighbors that banged on your walls?
You loved him, this Sakusa knew, and he loved you too.
And he couldn’t tell when it had gone so badly. But he could remember the day when love had stopped being enough.
“Can you shut up for once in your life?”
He had felt the anger dissipate with every word that slipped out of his mouth, but it had been down. It was like a switch had been clicked, and the dimming light that had shone for him in your eyes had promptly extinguished.
He hadn’t meant for those to be the last words he’d ever say to you. He didn’t know that it meant he’d come home, and any sign of your presence would be gone.
He didn’t mean it.
Sakusa knows he’s a difficult person to deal with, but he hadn’t realized it until he lost you.
He’s changed now, he thinks.
He doesn’t blow up at Atsumu or Bokuto at practice when they goof around too much. He’s learned to control the tone of his attitude, and Komori said he’s gotten better at communicating his concerns.
He wanted to show you that he wasn’t the same man, and a small part of him always thought he would get that chance.
But as he stares across the court, and watches you brush Suna Rintarou’s hair away from his face in a way that Sakusa never allowed you to, he’s forced to sit in the consequences of his actions.
“You ready for the game, Omi?” Atsumu pats his back, jumping on his toes as he prepares to begin the match.
Sakusa tears his eyes away from the kiss you placed on his opponents cheek.
“As ready as I’ll ever be.”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
rbs v appreciated <33
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