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#haikyu x reader
autumnantonson · 23 minutes ago
Oikawa x reader ch. 12
Sorry for the angst this chapter 🤭 Hope you still enjoy though!
Kuroo flicked me hard on the cheek. “Wrong again! Damn, this isn’t that hard.” 
I groaned, burying my face in my hands. “Chemistry is so boring!” 
Kenma looked up from across the table briefly from his game. “I wouldn’t say that, Y/n-san. Kuroo is a chemistry nerd. He loves it.” 
Bokuto laughed loudly in agreement, Akaashi snapping at him to get back to work. 
It was Sunday afternoon, and I sat at Kenma’s dining room table with Kuroo, Bokuto, Akaashi, and Kenma. Exams were coming up, and all of us were cramming as much studying in as possible. I had decided to tag along with the captains and setters of Fukurodani and Nekoma, knowing that they could help me with some of my work. 
I let out a pathetic moan, shoving my science homework aside. “I can’t! My brain is fried, it’s too much!” 
“Take a break,” Akaashi suggested. “Come back to it later.” 
I sighed, sliding out of my chair. “How about I don’t come back to it later?”
Kuroo chuckled. “I hope you know you’re never going to pass your chemistry exam, sorry.” 
I flipped him off, turning to Kenma. “Wanna play Mario Kart?” 
The Nekoma setter glanced up from his game, eyeing me. “Really?”
“Dude I love Mario Kart, why wouldn’t I want to play?” The long haired boy moved faster than I had ever seen. “Ok, I’ll set it up.”
Bokuto whined. “Akaaashiiii please let me play? I don’t want to write this anymore.”
Akaashi sighed. “Bokuto-san, you’re failing English. You need to study if you’re going to pass.” 
“Fine, but only twenty minutes.” 
Bokuto whooped, and I covered my mouth to hide my smile. I noticed red staining Akaashi’s cheeks, and I glanced at Kuroo. The black haired captain was smirking as he surveyed the two Fukurodani players, and I resolved to ask him about it later. 
Bokuto and I raced to the living room, where Kenma sat cross legged on the rug. A few controls were already laid out, and I positioned myself next to Kenma. 
As we played, we got insanely loud, even Kenma. The short boy won every round, but I got kind of close on our third game, which caused him to start shouting louder than I had ever heard. Bokuto was the worst, flipping off the road more than actually driving and laughing giddily as he collided with other cars. 
After our fifth round playing, I threw down my control in defeat. “Dammit Kenma, can’t you just let me win one??” He smiled a little. “No, definitely not.” 
“Are you guys done?” Kuroo called from the kitchen. 
I scrambled from my spot on the floor, grabbing Bokuto’s arm. “Time to get back to work!” 
The Fukurodani captain groaned but followed me back into the kitchen, Kenma trailing behind. 
As I took a seat at the table, my phone dinged. I pulled it from my pocket, feeling my stomach leap as I saw Oikawa’s name across the screen. I opened the message, smiling a little as I read it. 
Hey Y/n-chan! R u free this saturday? 
Ya why? 
There’s apparently a big volleyball club party happening in the city
Oh cool with all the local teams? 
Yeah, and its at this big club 😱
Sure ill come :)
Do you have a ride? I can drive you
R u sure? I can drive myself
No I want to drive u
Haha ok if you say so
Ill pick you up at 6 on saturday
I laughed a little, setting my phone down, only to find everyone at the table staring at me.
“What?” I asked. 
“Who were you just texting?” Kuroo asked, and I blushed furiously. 
“No one.”
Before I could blink, Bokuto snatched my phone off the table, clicking the screen and reading the last text from Oikawa. 
“OHOHOOOO, Mr. Pretty Boy from the beach!” He yelled. 
“Seijoh’s captain?” Kuroo asked. 
I groaned. “Stoppppp, he was just asking about a party this weekend.” 
“Then why are you blushing so much, Y/n-san?” 
Everyone at the table laughed and I buried my burning face in my hands. 
Apparently the party at the club was going to be huge, even bigger than the beach one. Karasuno was going, as well as Nekoma and Fukurodani. 
I debated for way too long on what I should wear, eventually facetiming Kiyoko for support. She was wearing a glittery gold cocktail dress, so I didn’t feel bad about wearing my skin tight black body con dress. 
I usually didn’t wear much makeup, but I ended up putting on shimmery eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lip gloss, dressing the whole look down by wearing my adidas sneakers. 
At 5:46, I was so nervous, I felt like I was going to puke. I paced around my room, tugging on my dress and second guessing everything I was doing. God, I needed to calm the fuck down. It was just Oikawa, and it wasn’t even like we were going alone. 
I looped my bag over my shoulder, jogging down the stairs. I snatched my phone from the charger on the kitchen table and scrolled through my snapchat. Kiyoko was already at the club, proven by a video on her story of Tanaka and Nishinoya dancing together in the middle of a crowd, lights flashing different colors in a confusing blur. 
As I clicked over to instagram, I heard a knock on the door and froze. I practically fell out of my chair as I scrambled over to the door, flinging it open. 
Oikawa leaned against the side of the house, dressed in jeans, black shirt with a matching black bomber jacket, a pair of glasses sliding down his nose. My heart thumped, and I pressed my hands together to keep them from shaking. 
“Hey,” I said, smiling. 
Oikawa looked up and froze, eyes wide. “Y-You-”  His gaze moved down my body, his lips partying slightly as he let out a breath. “You look great.” 
I bit my lip and laughed a little. “Thanks. You do too.” 
He raked his hand through his hair, looking slightly flustered. Clearing his throat, he smiled radiantly. “Are you ready?”
“Yup! How long is the drive?” We walked together to the car, and he opened the door to the passenger side for me. I tugged down my dress as I slid onto his leather seat, and Oikawa set up directions on his phone to the club. 
“How is the rest of the team getting there?” I asked. 
Oikawa shrugged. “No clue. I think most of them are hitching Ubers so they don’t have to worry about getting drunk.” 
“Very responsible,” I grinned. 
“Speaking of responsibility…” he whipped a joint and passed it to me with a lighter. I took it, sticking the end in my mouth, lighting it, and taking a large hit. “Hey save some for me!” He cried. 
As we drove, top down, we blasted Harry Styles at full volume. I stood up with my hands in the air, the night air whipping across my skin and making me feel like I was flying. 
It was a way shorter drive than I expected, but parking took forever. Cars were lined up all down all the surrounding blocks, and we had to find a spot a few blocks away. As we walked, Oikawa smoked the remainder of the joint and we poked fun at each other. 
As we approached the club, there was a line of people out the door and down the block. I groaned when I saw it, but Oikawa spotted Iwaizumi and a few other Seijoh players closer to the door, so we slid down the line to be with them. 
“Woah, Y/n, you’re looking fine as hell!” Yuda smirked. I felt Oikawa stiffen beside me, but I laughed out loud. 
“Thanks Yuda, that means a lot.” 
As we got closer to the doors, music echoed into the night, practically shaking the sidewalk. My adrenaline was spiking, and I bounced on my heels in excitement. 
Iwaizumi looked a bit more stoic, and I leaned over to him to whisper in his ear. “Hey Iwa, how are you doing? Is your mom ok?” 
Iwaizumi smiled and touched my arm, nodding. “Yeah, thanks for asking. She got back from the hospital yesterday, and she’s doing a lot better.”
“Oh that’s great to hear!” 
He nodded, and I looped one of my arms with his, the other with Oikawa on the other side. “I’m glad you guys are here with me,” I said, smiling. “I’m glad I met you.” 
“Aw, chibi-chan, no need to get so sentimental,” Oikawa smirked, poking my shoulder.
I pushed him lightly, but sighed. “I’m serious. I really thought that Aoba Johsai was going to be a terrible fit, but I’m so lucky to have you guys as friends.” 
I didn’t notice the slightly pained expression on Oikawa’s face, or the pitying one Iwa shot his friend, practically screaming friendzoned.
Iwaizumi ruffled my hair. “I’m happy you ended up coming to Seijoh and becoming our manager too. I wish you had joined earlier so we could have spent more time with you in high school.” 
Oikawa opened his mouth to add something, but we reached the front of the line. By that point, the music was so loud that we had to shout to be heard over it. The bouncers at the front waved us through after we showed our student IDs, marking us as part of a local volleyball team. Apparently one of the local players had rented out the entire club for this party. 
As I entered the club with Iwaizumi and Oikawa on either side, I was momentarily overwhelmed. The huge dance floor was covered with people, colored lights flashing wildly across their writhing figures, smoke hovering in a cloud over the entire scene. The music pounded so hard, it was like I was feeling it in my chest. 
My body automatically began to move, dragging me towards the mass of people. I grabbed Oikawa’s hand, pulling him along behind me as we entered the chaos. 
“Call on Me” by Starley and Ryan Riback began to pound through the speakers, and I jumped up and down wildly, holding Oikawa’s hands and laughing until I was practically wheezing. 
“Y/n-chan?!” I looked over to see Daichi and Suga emerging from the crowd, both of them looking a little breathless. I laughed giddily and hugged both of them, still dancing to the music. Oikawa also reintroduced himself, which was a little awkward over the volume of the music, but they were all civil. 
“There’s a karaoke bar downstairs!” Suga yelled over the music, having to repeat himself a few times for me to finally hear him. 
“Karaoke? Ooooh, fun. Oikawa, wanna go?”
“Yeah sure, and I can show you my amazing singing skills!” 
“You’ve already shown me, and they were terrible, Oikawa-chan.”
“So mean!” 
We made our way out of the crowd together, wandering through some twisting hallways and getting lost multiple times before we finally found the stairs. A huge group of people were gathered down by the karaoke machine, and I spotted Kuroo, Bokuto, Akaashi, and Hinata among them. 
“Hey guys!” I cried, joining them. Hinata glared at Oikawa when he noticed him, but for once I was glad Kageyama wasn’t with him. At least that tension could be avoided for the time being. 
“Y/n-chan!” Bokuto crushed me in a hug. “You ready for some karaoke?” 
I smirked, tossing my hair. “Of course! Not to brag, but I’m a pretty good singer.” It was partially the truth; my mom had forced me to take singing lessons throughout junior high, and I had kept it up a bit in high school, so my voice was decent. Definitely not what could be considered very good though. 
Bokuto ended up singing a slow Adele song to Akaashi, completely wrecking it with his horrendous voice. The Fukurodani setter seemed touched though, so I didn’t make fun of the captain that much. 
I didn’t notice Oikawa disappear from beside me as a few more songs went by, but he reappeared after only a few minutes, grabbing my arm and tugging me to his chest. 
“Wanna do a duet?”
I laughed. “Of what song?”
“Juice, by Lizzo,” he smirked. “Basically describes me, so it’s perfect!”
“But that’s not a duet--!”
I heard the beginning of the song starting on the speakers, and my eyes went wide as saucers. “You already requested it?!” 
He shrugged. “Yup! Now let's go!”
He practically dragged me to the front, where we were handed two microphones. Oikawa began to sing almost immediately, his confidence making up for his horrible voice. The ridiculous way he wriggled around made me instantly more comfortable, so I threw caution to the wind and became his backup singer. 
“If I’m shining everybody wanna shine…” He belted out. 
“Yeah I’m goals!” I screamed. 
 “I was born like this, don't even gotta try--” “Now you know!”
“I'm like chardonnay, get better over time.”
 “So you know!”
“Heard you say I'm not the baddest, bitch, you lied!” 
The song ended, and I wrapped an arm around his waist to keep from collapsing from laughter. We stumbled off the stage together, making our way back to Kuroo, Bokuto, Akaashi, and Hinata, who all applauded us as we approached. 
“I have to send you this video, Y/n-chan! It’s classic,” Kuroo said, gesturing to his phone, where a video of Oikawa and I’s performance played. 
“HA! Please do.” 
Oikawa turned to me, checking his phone. “Iwa is wondering where I am, so I’m going to try and find him. Want to come?”
I nodded. “Yeah, just one sec. Can I meet you up there? I’ll call if I can’t find you.” 
Oikawa nodded, flicking me on the nose. “Don’t get lost, chibi-chan.” 
I ended up staying with Kuroo, Bokuto, and Akaashi for another ten minutes. Kenma had apparently flat out refused to go to the club, and Kuroo had decided not to force him. Akaashi handed me a few different drinks as I talked to them, so when I finally decided to head back upstairs, I was walking a little crookedly. 
Miraculously, I found Iwaizumi almost the instant I got to the second floor. “Heyyy, Iwa!” 
“Y/n-chan, there you are! Oikawa was just going to look for you,” he grabbed my arm so I wouldn’t stumble. “Damn, you’re wasted.” 
“Do you know where Oikawa went? I-I want to find him--” 
Iwaizumi gave me a knowing look, a small smile on his lips. “Yeah, he went that way. Just try not to say or do anything you’ll regret tomorrow. ” 
I giggled, face flushing. “I’ll tryyy.” 
Iwaizumi patted me on the head, pointing towards the crowd again. “He’s somewhere over that way. If you can’t find him after a few minutes, come back. I’ll be waiting right here, got it?”
I nodded, already turning away. All my fog filled brain could think of was finding Oikawa and telling him...something. Did I really want to confess how I felt? My sober brain screamed absolutely not, but my drunken head said YES. 
The second I entered the crowd, it was like entering utter chaos. I was bumped from all sides by dancers who paid me no attention, the smoke in the air making everything hazy, the smell of sweat and marijuana reeking from everything. I could barely make out the faces of the people around me because of the darkness, the only lumination coming from the colored flashing lights above our heads. 
I pushed on, not paying any attention to the people around me. My eyes scanned the dark shadows for a familiar figure, but it was too confusing to be able to tell who was who. 
“Y/n!” I whirled around to see Kiyoko squeezing between two people, her gold dress flashing as she moved. She gripped my hands, a wide smile on her face. “I’m so glad I found you!” 
“Kiyoko, how are you doing!” 
“Good! This is hella fun!” Her usually reserved way of being had been completely overturned, probably by alcohol. 
“I know right? Hey, have you seen Oikawa?” 
Kiyoko’s glasses flashed. “Oh my god, yeah actually! He was just looking for you!” “Really? Which way did he go?” 
She pointed, and I hugged her tightly. “Thanks! I’ll try and find you later, ok?”
She nodded, and I moved in the direction she had indicated. “Gas Pedal” by Sage the Gemini came on, and I laughed out loud as girls all around me began shaking their asses. 
I pushed past a line of four people grinding on each other, and my heart leapt as I finally found Oikawa. He had ditched his jacket somewhere, and his hair was pushed back and messy as he danced. Iwaizumi and Kiyoko had said he was looking for me but…
I felt all the blood drain from my face as I watched a tall, skinny girl with long black hair wrap her arms around his neck, one of her hands trailing down his chest. He smirked down at her, eyes dark and greedy, and I took a step back. I suddenly felt cold stone sober, and my hands began to shake. 
 As I watched, unable to tear my eyes away, as the girl turned around and began grinding her ass against Oikawa, and he grabbed her hips. 
The music pounded through my brain and I finally forced myself to move. Whirling around, I almost fell as I crashed into another person. 
“Oh-sorry,” I gasped, looking up and blinking in surprise. 
“Hello again.” The guy from the beach, with the serious expression and olive hair looked down at me. “Are you ok?” I swallowed, forcing back tears as I focused on the guy in front of me. “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m so sorry, I think we’ve met but I don’t remember your name.” 
“It’s Wakatoshi Ushijima.” 
“Right! I’m Y/n L/n. It’s good to see you again, Ushijima.” 
He nodded, eyes sweeping down my short dress, and he tilted his head. “Do you want to get out of this crowd?” 
I paused, feeling something in my chest tighten. No, I wanted to turn around and smack the girl Oikawa was with in the face. I wanted to shake my captain and ask him why didn’t he look at me like that? 
But there was another attractive guy right in front of me, and he was looking at me with a slightly glazed expression. I smiled up at him through my lashes, licking my lips and nodding. “Let’s go.” Ushijima’s hand was fucking gigantic as I pulled him through the crowd, keeping my head down so hopefully no one I knew would recognize me. 
I noticed Iwaizumi by the wall where I left him, and I walked by quickly, praying he didn’t see me with Ushijima. I told myself it didn’t matter even if he did; I was allowed to have as much fun as I wanted. I had no obligations to anyone. 
It didn’t take very long to find a hallway away from the party where no one was, and I glanced up at Ushijima. He stared down at me, his eyes intense, and I leaned toward him, my hands going to his chest. 
The second I moved, his broad hands wrapped around my waist and pushed me up against the wall. I gasped as his mouth crashed against mine, and I squeezed my eyes shut, hands running through his hair. I shoved all thoughts of Oikawa from my mind and let myself get swept away. 
Oikawa POV:
I moved through the crowd of people, eyes scanning for Y/n. I hadn’t seen her in awhile, and I was suddenly worried. 
The tall girl with the black hair tugged on my arm. “Baby, I’m not done with you,” she purred. 
I gave her a death glare, tugging out of her grip. “Fuck off, that was a mistake. I’m looking for someone right now.”
She pouted, but I was already moving away. I spotted Iwa by the wall, and sauntered over to him. “Iwa-chan! You don’t look like you’re having much fun--” “Oikawa, did Y/n find you?” He said, eyes serious. 
“Huh? No, I was looking for her…” “She came up here asking about you, so I pointed her in the right direction.” “I haven’t seen her, but she’s probably around here somewhere.”  I could see clearly something else was on his mind. “What’s wrong?” 
“She walked by just a second ago. She looked upset and....she was with Ushijima.” 
I felt my stomach drop. Oh god no. 
“Which way did they go?” I said, by voice completely blank of emotion. 
Iwaizumi pointed, and I began to move quickly, shoving people out of the way in my haste. 
I ran down a hallway, turning the corner and feeling my entire body go completely numb as I finally spotted her.  
She was pushed up against the wall, hands running through his hair as she kissed fucking Ushijima. The tall ace of Shiritorizawa had one hand on her waist, the other running along her ass as he let out a low groan. 
I moved without thinking, so angry I could barely see. I ripped Ushijima off of Y/n, shoving him as hard as I could, so he stumbled backward. He was bigger and stronger than me, but I had the element of surprise. While he was still off balance, I charged him, knocking him on his back and punching him as hard as I could in the face. He grunted, and I felt something crack under my knuckles. 
Y/n was screaming behind me, trying to pull me off, but it just made me more furious. Was she trying to defend him? 
Ushijima was attempting to cover his face, but I began to slam his head into the floor over and over. 
“Stop Oikawa, you’re going to kill him!!!” I felt a pair of strong arms grab me around the neck in a chokehold, dragging me off of Ushijima and throwing me against the wall. Iwaizumi pounded me on the chest, his eyes furious. “Look what you’re doing, Shittykawa! You’re scaring her.” 
My eyes moved to Y/n, her eyes filled with tears and her hands over her mouth in horror. Ushijima lay on the ground a few feet away, face covered in blood. All I could see was him kissing her. 
Iwaizumi let go of me, and I slammed my fist into the wall as hard as I could, feeling my skin tear and knuckles crack. Y/n let out a sob, and I turned and strode away down the hall. I was too angry to be here anymore. 
As I walked away, I heard Iwaizumi behind me. “I’ll take care of Ushiwaka. You go stop Oikawa before he does something else completely stupid.” 
Y/n POV: 
What had I done? Ushijima lay on the ground, his face completely fucked up, and Oikawa stalked away down the hall, blood dripping from his knuckles. It was utterly my fault. 
I was terrified, but not of Oikawa. No matter how angry he was, I didn’t think he would do anything to hurt me. I decided not to second guess that assumption as I spirited down the hall after him. Now was not the time to be afraid. 
“Oikawa!” I yelled, but he didn’t pause. “Oikawa, stop!” I grabbed his wrist, and he whirled around, eyes furious. 
“Get the fuck off me,” he snarled. 
“No! What the hell is wrong with you?”
“With me?” His eyes were wild as he raked his hands violently through his hair. “You’re the one who was about to fuck Ushijima!” 
I gaped at him. “I wasn’t...wait, you know him?”
“He’s the captain of Shiratorizawa!” He yelled and I felt my stomach drop. Oh god, I didn’t know…
“I-I didn’t--” “Who gives a fuck! Who it was doesn’t matter anyway!” “Then why do you care so much if I kissed him?” I shouted, clenching my fists. “You don’t give a fuck about me, so why the hell did you have to beat the shit out of him if it wasn’t because of who he is?”
“I don’t give a fuck about you?” Rage was boiling beneath every word. 
“No! Go back to that dumb bitch you were with before if you want to feel better about youself!” 
“What the fuck are you even talking about?” He snarled. Realization suddenly dawned in his eyes, almost instantly replaced with fury. “Maybe I will! Even she’s not as much of a whore as you.” 
I felt like I had been slapped. A whore? That’s what he thought of me? Tears pricked behind my eyes. “You fucking asshole.” I stepped back. “You act like you’re better than everyone all the time, like you’re so perfect, but really you’re just a piece of shit!” 
“God, you couldn’t possibly be any worse,” he hissed, eyes dark. 
Tears spilled over my cheeks, and took another step back. “I-I am done with you. Stay the fuck out of my life.” 
I whirled around, not looking back as I ran down the hall. 
The rest of the night passed in a blur. I somehow found Kiyoko and Daichi, but I was crying too hard to explain exactly what had happened. Apparently, Karasuno had been about to leave anyway, so I left with an entourage of tall, angry boys surrounding me like bodyguards. Yamaguchi held my hand tightly, and Kageyama looked like he was about to murder whoever had made me cry. 
I noticed Suga talking to Iwa as we left, and an ambulance pulled up in front of the club. Hopefully Ushijima was ok. I couldn’t find it in myself to care very much. 
Asahi drove Kiyoko, Tsukki, Yamaguchi, Tanaka, Nishinoya and I home, but I was silent the whole ride back, entering some form of shock. 
Kiyoko walked me up to my house when we got dropped off, holding my hand so tightly it hurt. “Y/n, Suga told me what happened. Breathe ok? I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think.” 
I felt my body begin to shake. “K-Kiyoko...I think I just…” I clamped a hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t throw up. “I think I just completely ruined my friendship with the guy I’m in love with.” 
My friend looked momentarily shocked, but she began to shake her head. “No, no, that’s not true, Y/n-chan. He’ll forgive you.” 
“No,” I began to sob. “He thinks I’m some sort of horrible slut. Oh god, he hates me.” 
Kiyoko hugged me tightly, quickly opening the door to my house and pulling me inside. “Ok, ok, it’s ok just get it out.” 
She led me upstairs, helping me strip out of my party clothes, washing off my face and gently brushing out my hair. For once, I was happy that my parents were so busy most nights. 
 It was 4 in the morning by the time she ushered me into my bed, curling up next to me and hugging my tightly. I fell asleep to her murmuring in my ear, but I couldn’t help but think how much better it would feel if Oikawa was there instead. 
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alpaca-fanfics · 39 minutes ago
This is entirely Self Indulgent because I just got done with a 7 hour photo job at a ball(it is now 11 pm) and I am in ✨pain✨ SOOOO....
Coming home from that to a very tired Kyotani who is kinda clingy and cuddly bc he misses you and couldn't properly sleep without you
Beautiful Boy||Kyōtani
Tumblr media
You sigh, throwing your head back in exhaustion. It was a tiring day, to say the least. All day, you wanted nothing more than to come home to your beloved husband and to just... Sleep.
You quickly slip your shoes off at the front entrance before shuffling through the apartment. You had half expected Kyōtani to be passed out in the bed, snoring away. However, you were met with a grumpy pout and disheveled sheets when you opened the door to your bedroom.
“Finally... You’re home-“ His words were quickly interrupted by a loud yawn that bubbles in his throat.
“Yeah, I’m home baby. Did you miss me?” You smile lovingly, slipping into the spot next to him. You couldn’t help but chuckle when he tightly wraps his arms around you, burying his face into your hair.
“Miss you... so much...” Before you could open your mouth to speak, he was out. Soft snores fill the room as he subconsciously wraps his legs around your waist.
“Goodnight, my beautiful boy.”
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minidarkslayer · 40 minutes ago
Can I request a haikyuu matchup? My pronouns are she/her, I'm bi (kinda male leaning) a Pisces, ISFP. I’m 5’0, generally petite. I wear glasses, have medium length dark brown hair and eyes, I always have winged liner. My style is either pastel goth or royalcore, it depends how I feel that day. I'm quiet, reserved and introverted around those I don’t like but witty, sarcastic, stubborn and kind of a smug little shit around those I’m comfortable with. I am smart but at the same time a dumbass. I’m very dense (if you like me, you have to grab my shoulders and explicitly say “hey, I have a crush on you” cause I am the big dumb) and very affectionate with my friends, but if that affection is returned, I’ll combust. I often tease those I care about, (with love ofc 💕) I love to draw, bake, cosplay, play video games and I recently became a seamstress as a hobby (mainly to make ball gowns and dresses from Barbie movies oop) Thank you in advance.
Your splendid matchup isss…. (initiate fanfare sound effects)
Tetsurō Kuroo!!!
Tumblr media
Even though he may be a big extrovert, he will for sure take you under his wing and make sure that you do get out and socialise every once in a while but he will make sure to respect when you need to have your alone time
And he will for sure put up with all your sarcastic and witty comments because he will throw some of those comments right back at you haha. He will also make sure to return your smug looks to you since he will drag you to all of his matches, and after every point he scores he’ll find you in the crowd and give you a big cheesy grin
When it comes to more alone time though, he is very much a thick but intelligent person too so you will be in the same boat, might struggle when it comes to telling each other that you like one another since he also needs to be told very directly
But the piece de resistance of all of this is that. He. Will. Try. On. All. The. Dresses. You. Make hehehe. Your own personal fashion model because deep inside we all know that no matter what the scenario is, he loves being centre of attention, even if that means he’s strutting down a catwalk in a barbie inspired dress 😊
Apologies for taking as long as I have! I hope you really like it though, I really enjoyed thinking about Kuroo strutting across the place with a dress and wearing it like an absolute boss hehe
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side-writes-things · 40 minutes ago
Haikyuu Osamu Miya x reader incorrect text messages
Website used: Incorrect Quotes Generator
Writing Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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alpaca-fanfics · 49 minutes ago
Ice Hockey!Kyotani and Figure Skater!Y/N?
Ice Hockey!Kyōtani W/ Figure Skater!Reader
Tumblr media
Okay so I hc that the reader like has this deep hatred for ice hockey-
Like no one knows why
But they do
And one day, after one of their practices, the reader’s skating partner begs them to go to this ice hockey game
Poor Y/N can’t bring themselves to say no.
But they catch the eye of blonde hockey player.
During a break, he skates over to the side that the reader is one and just
Stares at them
Like 🧍
And the reader is like 👩‍🦲
But he just winks at them
And suddenly they love ice hockey
He finds Y/N after the game and asks for their number.
Totally has skate dates
Comes to each others performances/games
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This is just a basic idea you can change it however you want. But for context this would be the start of a fwb relationship.
Being friends with Kyotani and he almost gets into a fight but its somewhere he can't afford to, maybe a job or a college, and you pull him away but he can't seem to calm down and wants to go back so you tell him to take his anger out on you and immediately kiss him to show him exactly what you mean by that
A/N: I’m so sorry for the delay- I’ve been working on this request for over a week 👩🏻‍🦲
Warnings: Smut, Biting, Friends With Benefits, Implied Bullying, Swearing
Anger Management||Kyōtani
Tumblr media
You weren’t for sure how you ended up here. All you knew was you couldn’t afford to let Kyōtani ruin his reputation once again. He was doing so well, managing his anger and watching his tone, but today was different.
The two of you had been friends since birth, both of your mothers being best friends. Kyōtani felt as if you were the only person he could trust seeing him vulnerable, and with your help, he put his Mad Dog persona behind him.
You walked down the halls of your university, shoulder to shoulder. Kyōtani simply shook his head or let out a small hum here and there to signal that he was still listening to you ramble. His eyes widened slightly when he noticed you were no longer beside him.
His eyes flickered to the ground where you lay, groaning in pain before lifting his head to lock onto the culprit. “Oi, who do you think you are?”
“What’re ya goin to do about it, huh? You mad that I hurt your little whore?” The senior smirked, his friends laughing behind him.
“You fucker!” Kyōtani growled, raising a fist to give these dickheads a taste of their own medicine. The group of boys only smirked wider when the contact never came. Your hand gripped the faux blonde’s wrist tightly.
“Leave it, Kyō.” You glared, giving him arm a small tug.
“What? No! These shithead’s need to learn a lesson.” He grumbled, eyes having the same fire to them from high school.
“I mean it, Kentarō. It’s not a big deal. You can’t afford another suspension. This could ruin your career.” You reasoned, his resolve faltering. With a glare and an angry huff, he turned on his heel, dragging you behind him to your dorm.
I suppose, that’s how this all started.
“What the hell were you thinking, Ken!?” You groaned, running a shaking hand down your face.
“I was trying to take up for you, you dipshit!” He pouts, his body trembling with anger. He wanted nothing more than to march right back to those fuckers and rock their shit.
“Don’t use that fucking tone with me, Kentarō.” Your gaze darkened, standing to face the 20 year old. “You know what?”
His fierce gaze softened as he looked at you, cocking his head in confusion. “What?”
“Take your anger out on me.” You mumble, averting your gaze.
“Are fucking insane? I’m not going to hit you-“
“No, you dumbass. I mean- Ah, fuck it.” And with that, your lips were on his. You tightly screwed your eyes shut, afraid of the rejection to come.
It never came. He didn’t pull away. Instead, he tilted his head, gripping the base of your neck, deepening the kiss. He was shocked, at first, but he quickly recovered.
With a soft moan, you move to straddle him. Grunting, he allowed his hands to wonder to your hips, pulling your clothed core closer to his own.
With a gasp of air, you reluctantly pulled away from the heated kiss. “I’m sorry-“
“What the hell was that for? I ain’t complaining, but damn.” Kyōtani smirks, his fingers rubbing the skin underneath your shirt.
“...No strings?” You mumble, staring at his lips.
“No strings.” He crashes his chapped lips against yours in another fight for dominance. His tongue roughly presses against your bottom lip. Before you could grant him access, he grips your chin, forcing your mouth open.
The next thing you knew, you were sprawled out against your bed, naked. His tight grip on your thighs makes your cheeks burn in embarrassment. With a smirk, he pulls your thighs apart.
His lithe finger quickly makes contact with your sopping cunt, desperate for his touch. With a soft sigh, you allow your eyes to close as you melt against his touch.
“So wet for me, how dirty.” He chuckles darkly. “Who knew you were such a slut for me, huh?” His words were filthy, but the sound of your wet pussy squelching around his fingers was even filthier.
He slowly inserts a finger into your hole, beginning a ‘come hither’ motion. Soon after, he inserted another finger, brushing against the spongey spot inside you.
With a moan and jerk, your legs begin to shake at the pleasure he’s giving you. “Come on... please stop teasing me!” Your whine quickly fades into a high pitch moan as his thumb brushes against your clit.
“Whatever you say, princess.” He smirks, removing his hand from your dripping pussy. He quickly aligns his thicker-than-average cock to your entrance, before thrusting in until he was balls deep inside you.
“Fuck-“ He curses, letting his head fall into the crook of your neck. His thrusts started out slow, allowing the anger he felt moments before to seep back into his core.
With a growl, he pulls his cock out until only the tip was inside you, before snapping his hips roughly. You squeak in shock before bracing your hands onto his shoulders.
The pace was ruthless. Kyōtani shown no mercy for your poor pussy as he drills his cock deeper inside you. You asked for it.
Your eyes rolls into the back of your head as you feel his sink his teeth into your shoulder and his thumb circling your clit.
Soon, your cunt was clenching selfishly around his cock as you came shamelessly. Your body convulses as he continues to overstimulate you.
He was close. His ab muscles clenching to the point it was almost painful, his knees digging into the mattress with every thrust his body gave. God, he was so close.
Before he could spill his seed into you, he’s quick to remove his twitching cock before wrapping his hand around it, pumping it quickly. With a loud moan, one that was more pornographic than he would like to admit, he came. Thick spurts of white cum leaks from his tip, onto your sweat clad body.
This was the beginning of something interesting.
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two-player game (atsumu miya x reader)
dating atsumu was a game- a hard, difficult, exhilarating game. and though it was all fake, it felt like the most fun you had in a while.
Tumblr media
genre: enemies to lovers, fake dating, fluff, a lil angst at the end but not a lot
tw: nothing :)
synopsis: you and atsumu have started fake dating due to you being a famous actor who needs the clout and him being a fmous volleyball player who... needs the clout. but you still hate each other- how will it work out?
Tumblr media
Fake- dating Miya Atsumu was really a game.
First came the rules that his, and your, manager made.
You had to go to his volleyball tournaments, and he had to go to your openings and premieres. At least one act of PDA was required every day.
It seemed like every single day with him was a new level, a new boss to fight, a new obstacle to pass. Every single time you were forced to go on a dinner date with him, it felt like a boring side quest that you had to do to earn more XP; every single time you had to put up with his untidiness and general chaos was another time you'd lose another life; every single time you got woken up by him barging around the house in the morning, scrummaging around for his equipment for early morning practise, was another badly-animated cut scene you had to sit through.
But gosh was it an addicting game.
Every time he sent a petty text while you were on the other side of the table, trying your hardest for the camera, trying your hardest to smile, to look like you were enjoying, you'd send him a witty remark back, curling your lips just a tad more. Every single time he'd left his clothes on the floor in the hallway that connected your separate rooms, you'd kick them away, hide them in absurd places, and stain them, just for the fun of it. And every time you were forced to watch his volleyball games, you'd watch intently, cursing under your breath when he wasn't able to receive a ball well, and smiling widely when he managed to score a point.
You weren't exactly sure why you did that last action. You hated him. You hated the way he'd make your life absolutely miserable- often missing your events and causing you to need to clean up his mess. You hated the way you'd genuinely smile and laugh when he told jokes, but you could clearly see that his eyes were cold and detached. Why were you still cheering for him, still supporting him?
No. You didn't like him. You didn't like the way his body glistened after a good match, you didn't like the way his smile would reach his eyes when they'd won, you didn't like the way his arms would flex under the tight shirt.
No, you were just supporting your country. You were just keeping up appearances for the cameras.
You really wished you could say that didn't bug you, that that didn't sting.
You really wished that it didn't hurt whenever his eyes lingered on someone on the streets for too long, whenever he'd look at you in public and his eyes were distant and darkened, whenever the two of you sat away from each other in the same room.
But you couldn't bring yourself to accept those feelings- not when he was the one that caused you to work harder than humanly possible during university, not when he still had that cocky attitude, not when he simply couldn't care less about you.
It was the same on his part, though.
He really did love the way you'd smile at him after he made an amazing serve, he really liked the food you'd occasionally make, he really did love it when you had no choice to talk to him about some of your interests when you were seen out together.
But he also hated your attitude- sure, you'd been in the city for a majority of your life, but that didn't make you better than him, who were you to judge him? And it didn't help that some of your fans were leaving comments on his pages, saying you were way out of his league.
And as much as the two of you wanted to conjure up some meaning to the lingering touches and the distant gazes, you both knew- this was all just a game, just a facade, and whoever caught feelings would lose.
The first time you'd gone to a public event together, he said to you, just before you left the apartment, "Don't worry. This is all just a game. Hit the right spots, say the right words, and it'll all be okay."
He instantly ate his words as he stood at the foot of the red carpet, the cameras flashing and clicking and the chatter loud.
“Alright, Atsumu,” you comforted, looking at him with a comforting expression, trying to soothe the nerves and the thoughts that were crashing onto him. "We're a team in this, alright? I know this is all fake, but for now, I'm talking to you as a partner. A player two, if you will. You've got me, I've got you. We'll make it through this level."
You let a small beat of comfortable silence pass between the two of you before you grab on to his hand and ask, "You ready?"
If this red carpet was a game, the two of you were some of the worst players on the planet.
It wasn't a secret that the two of you were dating- you'd been caught in pictures almost weekly, but as the people saw the two of your hands intertwined, they instantly pounced, swarming around you. You thought you were used to being picked apart by people, being watched by everyone at every moment, but it felt like everything was amplified in that moment.
It wasn't a large function- it was smaller than what the two of you had grown accustomed to over the years. But as the two of you stood before the cameras, waving and smiling, your formal attire fitting the two of you like gloves, accentuating every single beautiful feature on the two of you, it seems like the building stretches out towards America, and your hands can't help but start sweating, and you can't help but grab on to Atsumu, your feet barely budging as you were pushed forward towards the next set of cameras.
But in all honesty, after the first few interviews and photos, it really just seemed like a game- an easy one, actually.
As you got to the fifth interview, you weren't tugging at the hem of his suit sleeves anymore, you weren't awkwardly smiling and laughing at each of Atsumu's answers- you were smiling widely and your head was held up high.
"So... how did this all come about? Japan's favourite volleyball player and Japan's favourite actor!"
"Well, we were rivals back in senior high, but this man right here had a little crush on me, and decided to ask me out for coffee. Years late, no less, but he was charming, and he was nice, and the rest is history."
"Well... it wasn't all me. Our sweetheart over here also liked me- do get that on record- it's why they did that volleyball show a few years ago!"
"Alright, alright, babe." The name rolled off your tongue easily, but your brain was resisting- it felt like a betrayal of your entire body as you just said it. "You win, alright? I liked you first."
"When did I ever say this was a competition?"
"It always is a game with you, 'Tsumu."
He crosses his arms, lips pouting with furrowed brows, “Not always.”
"Awww......the two of you are so cute! Do you mind if we get a photo?"
"Well, what's the purpose of us being here if we aren't being taken pictures of?"
"That's right, that's right."
A few clicks and lights flashed around you in those few seconds, Atsumu's hand wrapped around your waist and his cheeks hollowed out in the most model-esque fashion, but it suited him so well. You really couldn't argue with the fact that he was handsome, and yet you also hated it.
"Do you mind... kissing each other for the next shot?"
This was all just a game. This was all just fake.
So why did it feel so good when his lips met your cheeks?
You were woken up at midnight by your stomach growling so loud your ears started ringing.
Tiptoeing down the hall as to not wake Atsumu up, you grabbed a cup of instant noodles and boiled the water- you hadn't had any food since that morning, since you were promised food at the event, but you'd been dragged around to so many interviews, unable to get even a bite of food- you were now famished.
"Hey..." Atsumu's voice ringed next to your ear, drowsy and groggy.
"Why are you awake so late? Don't you have practise tomorrow morning?"
"It got postponed. Our coach got called in for an interview or somethin'. It's pushed to two."
You hummed in acknowledgement, head finally turning to look at him- he was leaning on the kitchen counter, one hand on his hip and the other hanging next to his body. Dang it- even with his tufts of hair sprawled over his face, he was so attractive. So god-forsakenly beautiful.
"Aren't you going to say something? Or sit down?" you asked, your head gesturing towards the chair next to you.
He obliged, sliding into the chair, placing his now interlocked hands onto the kitchen counter.
You had to say, Atsumu was a great actor- second only to you. It must’ve been the result of needing to hide his emotions to trick the other teams during competition. And you’d admired him for it- the way he could effortlessly communicate with his teammates without actually communicating. But now, it was just frustrating, as he stared at the cup of shin ramyeon you were slowly slurping up.
“Do you... want some?” “Are ya free this weekend ?” the two of you said in unison.
“Sorry... um... yes, I’m free,” you replied, taking the initiative to continue to conversation. “Why?”
“Well... um.. I don't want any, I'm good... Anyways, I’m goin’ back on Saturday to see my family, and was wonderin’ if ya wanted to go with me. They really liked ya back when we were lil’ kids, and they’re so excited to see ya again.”
You were about to reply, impulsively, that you would love to see his family again- you loved their cooking, and they were some of the nicest people you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and you’d love to be in the Miya’s family home, looking through Atsumu’s childhood photos, but you were interrupted with Atsumu continuing, “Ya don’t have’ta if yer not comfortable- this is all fake, after all.”
Ah, the ever unwelcome reminder. It was a good one, though, allowing you to collect your thoughts and not show him just how far you’d fallen. “No, it’s fine. Their cooking is great, I’m sure I’ll have fun even if my partner is barely tolerable.”
“Pride and Prejudice reference?”
“So you have been paying attention to the movies I put on!”
“So... when did’ya lovebirds get together?”
Atsumu’s hand was on your thigh, so to most people, it would’ve seemed like a loving gesture, but in reality, your legs were shaking out of anxiety and he was just trying to calm you.
“About a month ago-“
“So... is he treating ya nicely? He loves talking about ya when he calls us."
"Okaasan-" Atsumu whined, causing you to gulp- not a good idea, considering you'd just drank a big mouthful of hot tea. "Not now."
"What... can't Y/N know how much you like their movies? I don't think they even know how much ya liked them back in senior high- comin' back every night just to rave about your receives and stuff-"
Looking at Atsumu, his lips were pursed and a bright red has started to form on his face- it could've been because of the lighthearted mood in the room due to you being near some of the most comforting figures in your life, or it could've been because you realised Atsumu didn't hate you as much as you thought he did- because you smiled at him. A genuine smile, not holding back. Not afraid that his eyes would look back at you and feel nothing.
And when you finally did make eye contact- your body started heating up- his eyes were like diamonds- so beautiful, so perfect. And he just had to make it worse.
“So do ya like my volleyball skills?”
“Course I do!”
“See, ‘Tsumu? Y’all are perfect.” In an instant though, her eyes were widened and aflame. “I’ve got to show ya these pictures of ‘Tsumu back when ya were gone!”
"Aww... 'Tsumu! You were so cute."
"Shut up."
"So, be honest. Why all this? Why me?" you asked as the two of you lay on his bed, your arm gesturing towards the space around you.
"What d'ya mean?" he countered, dropping his voice to a bare whisper. You knew it was because he didn't want anyone around to hear, but it didn't stop the butterflies that started forming in his gut.
"You've got so many fans out there that would kill to be in my position. We hadn’t even talked until that day," your lips were now grazing his ear, and he would be lying if he didn't want your lips to come even closer.
"Ya know I don’t care about those other fans, sweetheart. I never really did." The way his voice dropped an octave with the last syllables made you gulp and bat your eyelashes, flustered. “But ya were just the most famous person on my contact list.”
"And that's it?"
"That's it."
That wasn't entirely true. Those years after senior high, Atsumu’s fingers kept hovering over your contact, yearning to see you again. So when his manager gave him a week to find someone “suitable”, he instantly suggested you. So that didn't stop the large pit in both of your stomachs to grow larger and larger with each breath you made.
The tension in the room was thick enough to be sliced through with a knife, causing the two of you to scoot back to your own pillows. But after a few moments, you grew impatient again.
"Do you really like my movies?"
His head turned around on the pillow next to yours, his beautiful obsidian eyes making contact with yours again.
"What parts?"
"You're just saying that. Did you even watch the movies?"
"Uh-huh. And I'm not lyin'. That monologue ya did at the end of your latest one? That was good. Almost made me cry."
Snorting in the corniness of his statement, as well as his sappy tone, you grabbed the pillow he was lying on and slapped his stomach with it- but his reflexes were fox-like, instantly grabbing onto it before you could make contact, and gave you a pout.
"And ya? What did'ya like about my volleyball games?"
Sighing, you didn't think you had to hide anything- not like before. It felt like a weight had been lifted, and you didn't feel like you had to keep any guards up, so you just said, "You."
"Ah, ya don't have to do that."
"No, really. I love your sets. I know everyone says that- but you adapt, and you do everything so quickly, so well. Pity we were rivals in senior high, or else I could've asked you to teach me."
"Well, without ya, I wouldn't've tried as hard as I did back then. Ya made me a better student and a better volleyball player, ya know?"
"Alright, stop with the sappiness."
"Alright, alright. Ya know- yer not as bad as I thought you'd be."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean- I thought ya'd still be stuck up and show-off-y like ya were back in senior high. Sure, yer annoying at times, but I like that. I like a bit of spice in my life."
"Hah- really? Never would've pegged you for that kind of person."
"And ya? What d'ya think of me?"
"Eh, you're still a brat."
"Well, why'd ya agree to this then?"
"You forced me to! You said you'd pay for my stuff this year- and I still haven't collected on that, mind you."
You could tell that wasn't the answer Atsumu wanted, so you let yourself speak the truth again. "I really liked you, you know? You were so good at volleyball, and you were funny, and witty- it feels good to be friends again."
A few nights after, the two of you went out for dinner again- Atsumu got to pick, this time, because he'd "so graciously" allowed you to pick three nights in a row already. And of course, he wanted sushi, and of course, he wanted chutoro.
Everything seemed to go well after that night you spent in his childhood bedroom, which you teased him constantly about, even picking up a few of his early diary entries and mocking him, liberally changing up the words, though the meaning was definitely the same.
"June 1st, 2013. Y/N beat me in volleyball today. I love them soooooo much. They're so smart- I even saw them tutoring this poor second-year kid in math!"
In the middle of the dinner, though, Atsumu had to go off to the bathroom, but he was just taking too long. You could use the lame excuse that you didn't want the cameras thinking the two of you had any problems, but being completely honest, you were just worried about him, so you made your way to the bathroom.
Wrong move.
"Gosh I'm so tired'a fake-datin' Y/N."
His hand was grasping his phone tightly, his gaze moving up and down the hallway to the bathroom, his voice barely a whisper. Apparently he also didn't want anyone catching on.
You couldn't hear who was on the other end of the line, but it could only be his manager or Osamu, since they were the only ones in on the secret.
"It's so tirin'- Every day I need'a put on a show for the camera. I just wanna be myself. Be real."
Hearing those words, your breath quickened and you puckered your lips- you shouldn't be angry, you shouldn't be sad about this. This was all just a game, a facade, why were you almost on the verge of tears? He made it clear, time and time again that he really could not care less about you.
"I'd much rather be doin' this with some other person- ya know that girl, Megumi? From junior high? She's decently pretty now- it'd be easier than dealin' with this situation for longer."
With those words, it seemed like your brain played every interaction between the two of you right in your eyes.
The first time you'd met Atsumu, all those years ago. He was practising volleyball with Osamu, his eyes widened and his smile so bright- he was just so in his element, with the person he loved the most, doing the thing he loved the most.
But apparently, he had the worst first impression-making skills, because he threw the ball right in your face.
"What the hell- why were ya standin' there?"
"This is a public court- it's not like ya own the place- I can stand wherever I want."
Osamu, ever the peacemaker, jogged up to you, a smirk plastered on his face. "'Tsumu- apologise."
"Why should I apologise? It's not even my fault."
"Just do it."
"Fine," he huffed. "Sorry."
Instantly, Osamu pulled you in to join them in practising, and ever since that day- until you left for Tokyo- the three of you had been inseparable.
"Y/N's so dang annoyin', ya know that? They can't seem'ta show off every chance they get-"
Another memory flashed by.
This time it was just mere months ago- the two of you had picked a movie that both of you were anticipating, and decided to go check it out- good press and all. But he'd gotten tired at the halfway mark, and his head started to dip, eventually finding its place on your shoulder. The smile that ended up on your face was nothing less of beautiful- whether it was because his hair was tickling your chin, or because he was so adorable, so vulnerable there...
After a few moments, he sat back down, smiling that god-forsaken smile again. "Sweetheart," he drawled. Ah, that sweet name. You'd gotten used to it through your relationship- originally a sarcastic, mocking name, but slowly evolving to an endearing one- at least you thought so. "Let me get the bill- then we can go."
You gave him the largest smile ever possible, not letting him know what was running through your head in that moment.
If love was a game to Atsumu, two could play at it.
And you were going to win.
Tumblr media
part 1
yoooo anyways i planned this to be a three-part series but i suddenly wanted to make this longer because... why not? i think i'll be posting once a week until june, since i have ap exams which are taking up a majority of my time. 
 i really hope you liked this, because enemies to lovers and fake dating is just my JAM. im so excited to write more for this- sorry BMHA readers you're going to have to wait-
taglist: (send an ask or comment to join!) @brokencoinlocker @rkiveinmarvel @crapimahuman @for-rebloggery @cutie-aquarius @swan-chan @amesstm​
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Living With A Chronic Illness: Osamu Miya
Hey everyone, I start a new Haikyuu mini series about our Haikyuu boys/girls dealing with a s/o having chronic illness. How would they react founding about it?
Characther: Osamu Miya
Illness: Chronic Pneumonia
Warnings: Illness, Hospitalization
Living With A Chronic Illness: Atsumu Miya , Tetsuro Kuroo , Keiji Akaashi , Hajime Iwazumi
Tumblr media
"Tsumu, I don't know what to do..." Osamu says worried, trying to stop the tears. You passed the weekend with the twins in a beach location to have some quality time. What it could be just as a common cold catched due to the summer rain, it ended up after a month where during PE you passed out in the arms of your boyfriend due to the lack of oxygen. You were now in the hospital with CPR. "Are you her family?" the doctor says as soon as he gets out of your room, "No, I'm her boyfriend, but she lives alone in here because her mother works abroad. I can refer her since our mother is her friend." The doctor nods and says "Well, it seems that she passed out because she couldn't breath on her own. We took out all the eccess of liquid which gave her complications, but her lungs are damaged and I think it will be hard to total recover. She will have to take medicines daily and aerosol twice a day. She's young, I'm optimistic that with the right treatments she can live just like she always did. She just need to follow the cure and come to check-up once in a while. I reported everything in her clinic cartel, I expect you and your mother to bring her next week after we dismiss her. It's a chronic pneumonia", Osamu nods seriously and turn to his brother and says "I can do it, the doctor expects me to help her!" Atsumu nods to his brother determination and says "Yeah I know Samu, we will help you through everything. Beside Y/N being your girlfriend, she's my best friend and a daughter to our old geeze. We must help her together!".
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haikyu and romance tropes
hinata, tsukishima, iwaizumi, oikawa, akaashi, bokuto, kuroo, and sakusa x reader
Hinata: childhood friends to lovers
He doesn’t get it. He’s known you practically all his life, so why now, what changed for him to think you look… pretty?
Tsukishima: love triangle
His ever growing feelings for you were never much of a concern for him. After all, he had time to gather his thoughts and confront them. Wrong. Because now, there is someone else who is interested in you, someone who makes Tsukishima feel threatened and he hates it.
Iwaizumi: fake dating
He doesn’t object to your plan to make your crush jealous since you agreed to help him pass his class that semester. But, he thinks his mind and heart are playing tricks on him when suddenly holding your hand makes him blush and anyone else looking at you angers him. It’s all pretend though… right?
Oikawa - the famous bet
He only agreed to it because he was bored and could use the extra cash. But now, none of that mattered because he fell in love with you and knew damn well things would get ugly once he was busted.
Akaashi - past lovers
You’ve never met, but why were you so familiar? No matter what, he can’t shake the feeling that he knows you from somewhere, yet he’s never seen you in his life… well, at least not this one.
Bokuto - soulmates
You two are destined to be together, and he’s willing to bet his entire life on the fact that meeting you was fate.
Kuroo - unrequited love
How cruel it was to watch him fall in love with someone else, when you were convinced the two of you would make it? He was pretty stupid to not notice you loved him more than anyone ever could.
Sakusa -  hanahaki
He never had any interest in you before. But now that your lungs are drowning in petals and blood he can’t help but want to love you. 
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Kageyama Tobio as Your Boyfriend
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not going to lie, it would be very shocking for Kageyama to be in a romantic relationship considering how passionate and invested he is in volleyball.
When Kageyama falls for you, he would fall for you hard and you would mean a lot to him. Getting into a relationship with him would take a lot of time and trust as friends before.
It may be hard and takes forever but it would be worth it anyway as Kageyama would be loyal to you like a dog and only have a soft only for you.
At the beginning of the relationship, Kageyama usually keeps his head high when around the people or at the court, all confident yadadada but becomes a complete stuttering mess when it comes to you.
You would definitely be his first partner so he has zero experience when it comes to romance. But don’t worry, Kageyama is a quick learner and makes progress with the relationship with you smoothly once you take the initiative and help him learn.
Kageyama would be still timid and hesitant because he is not used to this attachment and affinity but would gradually be used to it soon. His face would be in fire when you are being affectionate to him like holding hands and kisses on the cheek.
Once he overcomes the awkwardness after some time, he would find it easy to talk with you or seek your affection. He is such a touch-starved dork that will always follow you around like a lost puppy.
When Kageyama has his first kiss with you, he basically melts like an ice cream under the hot summer, like wow. He never knew your lips would be so gentle and tender. The first few kisses with him would be filled with shyness but it will soon become natural for both of you.
 Like Fushiguro, Kageyama won’t be a perfect boyfriend but would be a good boyfriend to you that you would feel secure and fuzzy on the inside with him. He would always be attentive to what you say. It could be how your day is, what do you eat today, or the movie you just watch yesterday that makes you cry, and so on.
He would also let you cry on his shoulder or let you talk about what makes you upset today and he would just listen to you without any judgment. Probably thinking about killing that bastard that makes you cry.
When Kageyama feels needy and clingy, he would tug your shirt gently with a visible pout on his face, a sign to tell you that he wanted your attention. But if you continue to ignore him, he would act all petty and then ignores you too, but still wanted you to know how he is feeling now.
You would take notice of how to act and quickly gives him what he wanted. Kageyama would become all giddily when you do even though he tries to hide it.
PDA would be an absolute NO for him because his team would tease to death like “ooooooooooooo Kageyama and y/n under the tree all kissy faced” So he would usually hold his hands or kiss when you both are away from the people.
Speaking of his volleyball team, it will take a long time for Kageyama to introduce you to them because they for sure are going to tease him. When he does though, he immediately regrets his decision as they all are just hogging your attention to them from him.
He would be pissed if you were close to some people like Hinata. His senpais are proud of him for getting a girlfriend and some probably are a little jealous of Kageyama getting a girlfriend before them like Nishinoya and Tanaka.
Kageyama would be the happiest when you come to his game to cheer him even though he tries to hide it. Nevertheless, he is just glad that you support his passion. He would return the favor to support what you are passionate about and maybe try it.
He won’t scream your name and cheer you on loudly but he would definitely look at you with adoration and brags about it to his friends.
You got to HELP him with his studies because this dude is so engrossed in volleyball that he ignores his studies. Fortunately, you are extremely smart and strict with him which makes him able to go to his games and he would forever be grateful for your help.
He will bring you milk whenever he gets one for himself. Is his little way to show his appreciation to you.
Kageyama would be protective over you. Nobody would want to look or talk down to you because they will soon receive a spine-chilling glare and a threat from him. He just wants you to feel all secure and safe.
Kageyama's love language would be Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts, and Quality Time.
Words of Affirmation: Because of what happened to him in the past where his former team left him for his cynical and demanding action, he would be very worried about how you would think of him and thought that you are faking your love to him out of pity. So always reassure him that you won’t leave him and that you would help him with what he lacks. Even your smallest sweet words would put him at ease, knowing that your love for him is genuine and sincere. Kageyama would start practicing communication with you so he can improve himself. He would also do the same thing to you so you won’t feel insecure
Receiving Gifts: Kageyama is not good with his words so he would show his love and appreciation to you through gifts. He would give some stuff that he finds while shopping with his sister like bracelets and promise rings. Kageyama would always remember the details of what you like so whatever you said you like that thing, he would just buy it for you. He is just sweet like this.
Quality Time: When Kageyama finally finishes his games, he would want to spend his remaining time with you. Volleyball would be his favorites thing in his life but you are also his most favorites human being so he would want to create memories with you.
In conclusion, Kageyama would be difficult at first because of his hot-headed nature but once you have broken through his walls, Kageyama would always support and loves you dearly. There will be some bumps along the road but he still wants to do what he can to provide for you as his lover.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading and have a Good day!
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bokutosfrypan · 4 hours ago
being a manager for karasuno
okay so i thought i’d give this a go and honestly had fun writing these cute headcannons!! tbh imaging being a manager for these boys fills me with serotonin so just lemme enjoy it.
gender neutral reader x karasuno (platonic)
w.c: 0.6k
Tumblr media
okay well karasuno already has two managers so I bet you're wondering why they needed another? because all those boys are chaos™ so the more managers then the better lol.
you didn't really know what to expect when your friend shoyo begged you to join, but hey, you liked a challenge!
and it was a challenge. trying to round up twelve (mostly) rowdy boys was not an easy task. but there's two other managers? right? how hard could it be? ....just take my word for it.
let's start with nishinoya and tanaka or as I like to call them, 'your personal hype men'. these boys worship you respectfully and will probably start barking as soon as anyone else comes within a 5m radius of you. probably good to invest in some leashes. but you know they mean well! but get the damn leashes anyway
you and daichi always had a mutual respect for each other acab and he knew he could always count on you to help keep the team in line. he's also slightly scared of you but wouldn't admit it. he made the mistake of accidentally knocking over your milk once and has not since recovered. oops.
you and suga are basically joint at the hip! you are both equally chaotic and together you're both nightmares. poor daichi deadpans every time he sees you both together knowing that you're plotting something. for example, when suga and yourself thought it would be a good idea to scare asahi on an occasion that you three were tasked with cleaning up the gym. the pair of you hid behind a bin of volleyballs and jumped out when he was walking past, leaving him a mess and daichi refusing for the two of you to be grouped together again.
tsukishima is a tough one to crack. you make it your mission to try and crack his tough emo boy™ exterior but it hasn't worked yet. you've gotten close a few times before! like when you accidentally tripped kageyama once when he was walked past you for something. poor boy was so embarrassed he just ran the way he came. you still wonder what he was supposed to do that day.
and yams is just such a sweetie he just makes you feel joyful 24/7. he always offers to help you fill up water bottles or with your other manager duties but you don’t like to bother him.
now let's talk about game days. oh boy. if you thought tanaka and noya were bad normally, wait until other teams are around suddenly you have a pair of body guards you didn’t ask for. but honestly, all the boys are protective over you and don’t want to see you hurt! however they are well aware you can stand up for yourself too!!! they got to witness it.
yeah so one time you got lost because those arenas are so damn huge ok! and you didn’t know where you were going until some weird blonde guy with piercings came up to you yeah terushima slander lol deal with it. he kept asking you questions and at first while you felt overwhelmed, you knew you were strong and independent! but it also helped that you carried a dog whistle that daichi gave you incase you got lost and boy did you blow that!
next thing you know you had two arms scoop you up and away from blondie (who just stood there kinda shocked). it was safe to say you wouldn’t get lost again, after all they installed a y/n tracker onto your phone so you weee basically a walking gps lol.
but no fr these boys love and appreciate you sm!!! they know it can be a lot to deal with and at times a lot of pressure!! but they always help support you as much as you do for them!!
Tumblr media
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stormcastello · 5 hours ago
Her Voice - Atsumu Miya
Masterlist 👇
7 - Later' Hoe <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Y/N and Atsumu face timed till 3 am. Then Osamu had to come and cut the call. Suna is a softie for Y/N. She will be posting her new music video soon on her channel.
Taglist - @bakugouswh0r3 @mariyeahh
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tsukkiskitten · 5 hours ago
Getting Vitamin D from sun coz I won't be getting any D from Kuroo tonight :)
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sunnysidekisses · 8 hours ago
Serenity in silence
A/n: welcome back to me!! Here is my returning gift to you all. Ilysm bubs, good to see you again.
Soft patters came from the roof, rain still falling despite the hours that have passed since it started. Some would say they're the years of a diety, personally you believed that untrue.
Passing moments like this were often few and far between, the peace of night blanketing the thoughts running through your head.
Night time, while peaceful, stood vigil over secrets about ourselves even the sun didn't know. The sun was there to watch us smile and grow.
The moon was here to watch us rest and think. The moon watched many, but of course it was always a comforting prescence among the stars.
Suga was snoring softly to your right, lost to his dreams while you were lost to your thoughts. Thinking of stars, galaxies, and smaller things too.
Past arguments, words you wished had not fallen from your lips. Nothing to be done now, though as you stared out the large window next to you.
The wall was comprised of glass, and while rain was running down it you could see the city lights too. The activities of the nocturnal passing by to those unaware.
The silence does whisper of secrets, if you listen. If you even knew how. A skill, that you and many others didn't possess but could learn.
Another day, maybe. You had rest to catch up on and a boyfriend to cuddle.
The patters of rain eased off with your consciousness, a silent goodnight to you from the moon.
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should i start writing for hq? :)))
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jream-23 · 11 hours ago
so in honor of my requests being swallowed i am writing my own stuff i think of in this adhd pea brain and this will be my first haikyuu work:)
tanaka headcannons, relationship + general shenanigans:
⚠️ warning: pure chaos up ahead 😫
Tumblr media
first off this gif is mmm he is so FINE
- my mans has licked bird shit before idk why he has but it was an accident when he did so and noya holds it against him
- contemplated dying his hair flaming red before just cuz, he’d certainly ask his lover to help him too and eventually he’ll want cool designs like flames or cheetah prints so lets pray your artistic
- he’s not allowed by toasters and this is suga’s rule
- he religiously listens to ‘Day N Nite - Kid Cudi’ cuz he thinks he is so effortlessly swag when doing so
- noses are the most attractive part of someones face to him, he likes the ones that have the hump in them and are a lil big so if you have that prepared to be booped 400x a day
- will simply never shut up about his “number one bae” as if he has others??? to the team and tsukki tells him to shut up when in reality he thinks its cool tanaka is dating someone
- yamaguchi and him are actually such good friends but it only took them a while to get close bc of tsukkis piss boy demeanor. but no they literally go get smoothies/coffee/whatever like every weekend at some point tell me otherwise
- hinata makes him do his hair in like little itty bitty ponytails or put clips in it or something and tanaka loves it, its their bonding thing outside of playing
- tanaka doesnt just get matching couple necklaces or shirts oh no no no he will get you matching shoes with the same tracksuit to go with your matching sunglasses and your matching bedsheets-
- he has a love hate relationship with snow
- despite how horny/desperate of a guy he is i feel like he doesnt really watch porn maybe occasionally but its just not something he really thinks he needs
- begs for you to wear is clothes literally its one of his favorite things in LIFE
i hope these all make sense here bc it works in my head yknow. aNYWAYS feel free to send me requests since like i mentioned before mine were all devoured, thanks tumblr 💪🏼💪🏼
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megumiisee · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
hi could I rq yamaguchi w the haikyuu event? basically he’s all flustered and red bc the reader keeps getting closer to him and complimenting him? Ty <3 also congrats on 30followers (;
Tumblr media
Ship: yamaguchi x gn! reader
Genre: fluff
A/N: This baby deserves more than he needsh dinsie... I apologize for the late post but hope you enjoy this.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The sky was clear and blue, the wind breeze was cool and students were enjoying their time outside. It was clearly lunchtime, by the looks of it were a lot better than they expected. Yamaguchi and his best friend were one of those students enjoying their time, but what Tadashi didn’t expect was a certain someone to join them.
Clearly shocked at how nonchalantly Kei let  the person join them was mind boggling, and that person was someone who he has had a crush on for a few months now, after noticing their present and admiring from afar after a month of school.
He only thought that they only joined them because of his best friend, as seeing their smile after Kei agreed to their request.
Little did he know, Kei knew how lovesick Y/N is to his best friend. But nevermind those secrets cause the next thing he knew, they were next to them, staring like he was the stars to their galaxy, complimenting him with utmost genuine words that made his heart leap and beat a thousand times faster.
Red as a tomato, his best friend could only stifle his laugh and turn the other way. 
He was not use to these kinds of attention, growing up he was used being Kei’s shadow, people pointing out his insecurities no matter how many times his best friend told him not to mind the words of those stupid people, but one person can’t  help but still insecure about those things. But for someone that he has liked a long time to complement him with truly felt genuine words made him happy.
Tumblr media
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215-luv · 13 hours ago
hii i hope u have a great day ! and don't forget to drink ur water ^^
can i request haikyuu boys (you choose ^^) with s/o that has chubby cheeks and cute hehe thankyou!!
you can ignore this request if you already do it ^^
a/n: this is so cute!! thank you baby <3 have a great day too-!!
OSAMU: king of biting you, and much more especially when he’s inlove with your chubby cheeks. the both of you are cuddling and randomly he just leans over you and bites your cheek?? like, samu, what was that for lol - that wasn’t the only time tho. it almost happens everyday and the most unforgettable one is when he surprises you from behind by biting your cheek and you yelped in surprise, gaining the attention of everyone in the area. please give him a wack on the head.
KAGEYAMA: honestly ?? he doesn’t know what to do with your cheeks but he will definitely notice them especially when you’re eating with your cheeks full? mans felt like the whole room got hot because that was so cute wtf - but he wouldn’t want to be a creep, but definitely, you notice the way he’s been stealing glances of your cheeks from time to time.
BOKUTO: A BABY. couldn’t get enough more of how cute you are because omg his huge hands are over your cheeks!! mushing them together so he could get a good look of your adorable, squished face and he couldn’t help but giggle with a mumble of mixed words- “that’s so cute! baby, you’re so cute! I LOVE YOU.” “i-i love you too, bo-”
HINATA: the both of you are so adorable oh god, he’ll stare directly at your cheeks while you were occupied over something else, not paying attention to what he’s about to do - and suddenly he uses his finger to poke your cheek, then screeching over how he realizes how chubby your cheeks are with a blush evident on his face- brain malfunctions for a good five seconds before poking your cheek over and over again with his eyes sparkling in interest.
MATTSUN: will notice every inch of your body and one of his favorites are your chubby cheeks! doesn’t even hesitate to poke fun at you by pinching your cheek hard just to get that adorable whine of yours and that pout which never fails to make him grin. don’t worry tho, he’ll definitely make it up to you by exploding your cheeks with a ton of kisses!
SUNA: he absolutely loves them! sometimes the both of you would cuddle occasionally and he’ll have your cheeks between his fingers as he’s scrolling through his phone, pinching and massaging them cause he loves the feeling of your cheek on his hand lol. though he’s an asshole for surprising you with a painful pinch and now he’s chuckling as you move away from him, only to be stopped by him flopping on top of you, a hand going through your cheeks once again </3
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