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#haikyuu x reader
kodzureads · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
not my type.
⤷ tooru oikawa x f!reader
Tumblr media
tw. profanities, suggestive themes, violence, blood
synopsis. having yet to experience his one true love, oikawa is surprised to know that he seeks that from you the moment he sees you. but you, sadly, only have eyes for your oblivious best friend.
genre. romance, fluff, angst, post-timeskip!setters (and some other characters), unrequited love, pining, musician!au, college!au, love triangle!au,
status. coming soon
a/n. i was just listening to some music from childhood and just thought it was perfect for an idol/musician au. this will feature the pretty setters squad and i'm not really sure who is entirely in there so please don't mind if other setters are included. and i couldn't find a nice/good name for them so i'm sorry if you cringe 'cause i did too.
Tumblr media
the band: pretty for you.
mc + others.
Tumblr media
chapter one:
chapter two:
chapter three:
chapter four:
chapter five:
Tumblr media
© all rights reserved. all content belongs to kodzureads 2021. no translations, reposting and modifying of this fan fiction is allowed without my explicit permission.
Tumblr media
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usamikii · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐭 𝐦𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐬 ?
⸙͎ paring : kita x  gn!reader
⸙͎ genre : fluff !
⸙͎ wc : 521
⸙͎ warning(s) : none !
⸙͎ a/n : this is just a repost from my old blog ignore how bad it is shhhh
Tumblr media
-> Kita Shinsuke, known for being rather cold towards others and being a bit harsh with his comments
-> But when it came to you, Kita would treat you with so much care, almost as if you were glass.It had been a long day at school and the only thing you were looking forward to was spending time with your boyfriend, Kita. 
Tumblr media
You decided to message him, asking if he could come over.
shiiin can you come over? :’>
Shin <3
Of course love. I’ll be there in a few minutes. 
You smiled softly at this, he always made sure to use proper grammar, even when texting you. You decided to backread through your messages for a bit, he asked you everyday how your day was going. It never failed to make you feel a bit warm on the inside.
Shin <3
How are you doing today, love?
im doing great ! thanks for asking shin :}
Shin <3
I’m glad today is going great for you.. <3
It was as if everything he did manage to make your heart flutter. As you continued to backread through your messages with Kita, the door opened revealing your grey haired boyfriend holding a bouquet of flowers.
He always made sure that he had brought at least one flower for you whenever he visited. 
“Shin!” You exclaimed happily before he pressed a soft kiss on your lips. You smiled at this, wrapping your arms around his frame. 
“Careful, you might crush the flowers, love” Kita said softly and moved you a bit to cup your face, brushing any stray hairs away from your face. 
The two of you let go and walked over to your couch, sitting down. He handed you the bouquet, giving you a small kiss before doing so.
“Awww, Shin you really didn’t have to bring this, y’know?”
“I know, but they reminded me of you” 
You looked at the bouquet. They were all forget-me-not flowers. 
“They mean true love” Kita stated before smiling at you. Your heart swelled at this, he always made sure his gifts for you were as meaningful as possible. 
“Oh, there’s one more thing there, love” You tilted your head at his statement, looking into the bouquet and finding a neatly folded piece of paper. 
You slowly opened the paper, seeing a long letter. Your eyes had widened at this.
A beautiful profession of his love to you, written in neat cursive. You always loved his handwriting, no matter how long you two were together, you were constantly reminded of how much he loved you. Not like you minded.
Tears slowly welled in your eyes, the amount of work he puts in to remind you how much he loved you constantly filled you with content. 
“Love, why are you crying? Was the letter okay?” Kita asks worriedly. 
You try to wipe your tears as much as you can before putting the letter and bouquet down. Moving closer to your boyfriend and hugging him tightly.
“I just love everyth- I love you and everything you do” 
Now it was Kita’s turn to have his heart swell.
Tumblr media
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fushigurohearts · 26 minutes ago
[2:45 AM] - suna rintarou
Tumblr media
"So.. it says.. describe me in 2 words or less.” you giggle out the end; you and your husband were currently taking those couple quizzes featured in trashy magazines. You both chuckled at the idea of two married people proving their love via a magazine, but suna couldn't help and agree to your antics; everything with you was fun. Everything, he thought. He couldn't even begin to describe you. You were anything but describable; his words would put your bright soul to shame. He still remembers first realizing he was in love with you. 
You both were lying under the stars; you two were just friends at the time; what you both didn't realize was how subtle glances at each other were not so subtle. 
“Why do you think stars are made?” you turned your head to him and asked.
“Stars? I don't know- uhh cause the moon gets lonely?” he chuckles, staring up at the sky; he grew attached to your random questions; he loved the way you were so curious about life, eager to learn the secrets of the universe.
“Hm... you know what I like to believe?”
“Sure..not gonna lie, I’m curious.”
“Okay..” you giggle, “Don't laugh, please- but... I like to believe each star is assigned to someone on earth. Everyone in the world has a star; that way, you'll never be lonely! I mean, even if it's not true, it's nice to think about, don't you think?” 
“..Yeah, it does sound nice, never being alone.. by that logic, which star is yours?” he turned his body to you and rested his head in his right hand, eyes shimmering entirely in curiosity and hope. 
“The thing about my idea of the stars is that each star represents your deceased soulmate, I believe everyone has one, but not everyone gets to be together-- and... I believe my soulmate is here on earth, you know?” 
No matter how hard his heart was beating, he had to remain calm. He wanted to be the person you ran to whenever you had a question about the universe, even if he couldn't solve it. He wanted to be there when you uncovered a new secret, and he wanted to be your star. 
“Hm, yeah. Any idea who?” he knew it was stupid; it was a foolish way to try and confess, but what else could he do? He wanted to know if he even had a chance. His friends constantly teased him about the looks you gave him; they weren't lying either; he noticed your longing glances when you thought he wasn't looking, but what if your love was just infatuation? 
You knew what he meant; you weren't stupid. You saw the looks he shot at you when you “weren't paying attention,” but you always paid attention when it came to Suna. Everything he would do for you never failed to surprise you, his minor progressions of affection: giving you one extra gummy worm when he shared snacks with the team, purposely running into you when you told him you were at the store, claiming his mom had sent him to pick up milk, him driving to your house in the middle of the night because you told him you were bored. How were you supposed to tell him you thought he was your soulmate? 
“Yeah, actually, and listen-” 
“I want to be your star.” fuck it, he can't handle losing you due to his cowardness; he wasn't the only one that was interested in your heart--and he was anything but okay when it came to losing you. 
“Babe? uhh, earth to Rinnie, I wanna know how you would describe me!” you half shout, “Are you okay?” 
He hadn't even realized he spaced out for a couple of minutes; whenever something involved you, he couldn't help but get lost, like the stars in space.
“Yeah, I have the words.” he turns closer to you and cups your face.
“My star.”
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uwurakax · 27 minutes ago
♡ ghostin (hq smau)
Tumblr media
♡ synopsis: unable to cope with the loss of your first and only love, you’ve spent the last two years sending his number text messages. but on that one fateful date, your life changes, again. will you be able finally find and learn to love again?
♡ masterlist | prev | next
Tumblr media
♡ chapter fourteen: the pain of yesterday
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You drew closer, recognising the back of brunette locks. Oikawa’s back was facing you, leaned over and looking down. You stopped walking, closing your eyes and inhaling deeply. You tried to steel yourself, knowing that this conversation could essentially ruin whatever you had with Oikawa. You had never felt this way before, and deep down you knew you never owed anybody anything, especially not something like this.
You drew closer, recognising the back of brunette locks. Oikawa’s back was facing you, leaned over and looking down. You stopped walking, closing your eyes and inhaling deeply. You tried to steel yourself, knowing that this conversation could essentially ruin whatever you had with Oikawa. You had never felt this way before, and deep down you knew you never owed anybody anything, especially not something like this.
You drew closer, recognising the back of brunette locks. Oikawa’s back was facing you, leaned over and looking down. You stopped walking, closing your eyes and inhaling deeply. You tried to steel yourself, knowing that this conversation could essentially ruin whatever you had with Oikawa. You had never felt this way before, and deep down you knew you never owed anybody anything, especially not something like this.
You couldn’t help what you felt though. You weren’t even sure what it was, but this was just like a bandaid. It was better to rip it off quickly. Oikawa could make his own decisions, and in the end it would be better this way. It was better to let him cut it off now before either of you got too attached. It was completely pessimistic, but it was hard. Hard to believe that you could be this lucky. What was the deal? Was this going to be another sick joke the universe played on you?
Either way you weren’t laughing.
“Hey” you softly muttered. It was so quiet you weren’t even sure if Oikawa had even heard you. He did though, and turned around the moment he heard you. He smiled at you, so warmly and radiantly, it was a marvel that he could be even be more gorgeous. The rays of the sun enveloped him in a golden glow that made him absolutely ethereal.
“Hey” he responded, bringing you out of your staring and daydream. You knew this was going to happen, you had the entire time coming here to steady and ready yourself for this talk. The kind of talk you never got to have with anyone else before because you were just too caught up in your past to let anyone close. Yet here you were, just near the start of this relationship, with Oikawa and he already climb your walls. It was scary how easy he scaled the protective barriers around your heart, just resting now at the peak.
He led you to sit down beside him, taking note of your facial expressions. Whatever you wanted to say to him clearly weighed on you, and he felt scared. It felt a little unreasonable for him to feel this way, but it couldn’t be helped. On contrary to belief, Oikawa wasn’t actually good at the whole ‘dating’ thing. He got attached too easily and too fast. It was the reason why Oikawa never actually let anybody close to him. Being hurt before by the few girls who did manage to form a relationship with him was a blow. Not only to his heart, but to his pride.
It was just much easier to play the part of Oikawa Tōru, pretty boy athlete with a Prince Charming personality.
Building walls was a defence mechanism; one that the both of you shared - and unknown to the other, you were slowly but surely tearing down those walls.
Oikawa was patiently listening to you as you told him about your late lover. It was hard, not actually voicing that he was really gone. In a way, talking to Oikawa just reinforced the idea that Atsumu Miya was really gone and never coming back.
You retold how Atsumu was your boyfriend since high school. How just 2 years ago you lost the love of your life in a tragic accident.
He had died on his way to see you, missing the speeding car that turned on the corner and had killed him instantly. It was a loss that you’d never get over.
And you told him how on the date of the second year since his passing you met him.
Maybe it was a bit too much, because you saw the look on Oikawa’s face the moment you told him that. You didn’t want to put that much pressure on him.
“O-Oikawa.. it’s fine! There’s no strings and no pressure! I just wanted to tell you so-“
He cut you off, pulling you into an embrace that stopped any further words from spilling. Your jaw hanging open and slack at the surprise hug. His arms felt warm around you, his scent with the slight smell of cologne soothed you. It felt foreign and strange at how comforting Oikawa was.
“I’m sorry” he whispered low into your ear, and the tears that you tried so desperately to hold back earlier came flooding out.
You cried into him for a good while, definitely soaking the shirt he was wearing. You’d apologise for it later, when you weren’t in such a state and could think properly. And Oikawa just held you for as long as you needed, rubbing shapes on your arms, shoulders and back to ease you.
He didn’t understand the pain you went through. The pain you were going through. He felt lucky that he’d never faced losing in what he deemed as a soulmate in such a way.
No, Oikawa Tōru would never understand the pain you were going through, but he’d hope that even just this little bit of attempted comfort would soothe you, no matter how minimal it was. If it helped even just in the slightest, then it was enough for now.
Tumblr media
♡ facts:
~ can’t think of any sorry t—t
♡ notes: yikes somebody hit tumblr bc i had this in drafts and then the app kept closing when i tried and i didnt have my laptop 🥴 then hit me bc i had to make a new draft anyway hejsjsjsjjsisjsjjs. sorry it took way to long! also wondering if i should do a rewrite. like this story but written; ngl i did this as an smau bc i was lazy but i feel like it doesnt convey the type of emotion i could possibly garner if i had actually decided to make this a type of fic or wtv. id continue this, but consider it like, an alternate telling of the story. we’ll see but anyway this smau is back and i dont wanna let it go that long ever again
♡ masterlist | prev | next
Tumblr media
♡ taglist: @asdfghjkl7things @memekingofwwiii @deimmortales99 @its-the-aerieljeane @ems1des @ikigaitooru @crescenttooru @heyatsumu @glyxiebear @llamakenma @alienvarmint @kweenregent @starryleafy @hi-kenam @sunasarchive @elephantloser @calumsfringe @hawkssnugget @kookie-doughs @riceballsandanime @darlingkuroo @atria-avior @putmeinyourdeathnote @fatsumu @greasywall @curiouslilbeast @immxnty @nachotrash @rintarawr @bakugouswh0r3 @hajimeiwaswife @ermahgerd-larry-and-ziam @ghoulgirlradio @larkspyrr @renhold-nightspear @twistedvalkyrie
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hvnlydmn · 48 minutes ago
hey hottie 🙄 , i saw this tik tok trend where the wife pretends she’s sleeping when she knows her kids n husband r gonna come in the room until they leave?? ( i tried to find the tiktok but i couldn’t i’m so SORRY WDJEOKE) can u do that with our fav three boys and whoever u want?? tysm<33
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, bokuto kōtarō, iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsuro, miya osamu
a/n — warning ⚠️ f! reader, use of word “mom” hope you enjoy my love ! this is soooo cute <33
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU you lay back on the couch when you heard the front door opening, hearing your husband and twins return home from shopping before they dropped the bags in the kitchen, venturing deeper into the house to look for you. you almost laugh when they both come bounding into the living room, only for your husband to stop dead and let out an overexaggerated “shhhhhh” when he notices youre ‘asleep’ even though he proceeds to whisper shout after “yer mommy’s sleepin’ so ya gotta be quiet!” “but we wanna cuddle!” “a wanna cuddle ya all too but ya gotta be quiet alright?” you hide a grin as you hear them tiptoe towards you, feeling the couch dip before you feel two tiny figures squeeze in next to you before you’re being gently guided onto your husbands chest as he tries to fit on the already small couch. “ya gotta remind yer daddy ta get a bigger couch for cuddles.” he’s snoring moments later.
☾ BOKUTO you heard their shared footsteps running up the hall as you pulled the blanket over your body, closing your eyes just as they burst through the door, closely followed by a gasp from your husband before your son copied him. “oh no buddy, mommy’s asleep so we gotta be quiet okay?” “bu’ you said we should never sleep with no goodnigh’ kiss.” you want to laugh at how loud they’re both talking while also trying to be quiet “you’re right! good job remembering champ!” you hear them begin to approach you before there’s a silence “okay you go first then i’ll go!” you want to smile when you feel your sons lips press against your cheek before he pulls away again, whispering as he does “goodnigh’ mommy” followed by your husbands shortly after “goodnight baby.” you hear them leave after a very quiet high five “wanna play a game now?” 
☾ IWAIZUMI you hear his keys jingle in the door before it opens, your daughter skipping into the living room only to shhh her dad a few moments later “mommy sleeping!” “you’re right, princess.” his voice is quieter, a lot deeper before you hear his heavy footsteps approaching you “give your mom a kiss and i’ll take her to bed okay.” feeling a soft kiss placed on your forehead by your daughter before hajime’s arm is hooking under your thighs, the other supporting your back as he lifts you bridal style with a groan. “stay here, i’ll be back okay so behave.” feeling him carry you carefully into the bedroom before he lays you on the bed, tucking a blanket over you before you feel him place a gentle kiss against your forehead “get some rest, doll. you deserve it.”
☾ KUROO you hear him gossiping to your daughter who’s only a toddler when they return home, hearing her gasp at his words as they get closer. “kitte— oh?” it’s silent for a few seconds before you hear him whisper “looks like your mom’s taking a cat nap, baby kitten.” you hear kuroo’s footsteps approach you before theyre by the side of the couch, crouching down slightly before he places a gentle kiss to your cheek, lips lingering on the skin as they move against you “really kitten? i thought you knew me better than to pretend to be asleep” you almost jolt when he whips the blanket off of you with a gasp “awake? all this time? baby kitten i just don’t think they wanted to watch movies with us.” watching him turn to your daughter with a hand on his hip, yes you’re roped into it, not that you’re complaining.
☾ OSAMU you hear your husband’s chuckle as he returns home from picking up your daughter from school, your daughter rambling about what she learned before they enter the living room, noticing you asleep on the couch before samu shushes her “ya can tell me all about it in the kitchen alright? ya don’t wanna wake yer mom.” it’s silent for a moment until you hear a cabinet close, feeling the familiar touch of your husbands lips on your skin when he leans down to place a gentle kiss to your forehead “sleep well, angel.” samu draping a blanket over your figure before tucking you in, allowing your daughter to kiss the same place he did before she’s copying her dads movements and tucking you in more. “ya got it! good job, princess. ya wanna help me make ‘em some tea hmm?” hearing a whispered “yes” before they move quietly to the kitchen.
Tumblr media
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cxsmixkeiji · an hour ago
best boys pt 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
atsumu, suna, and osamu met (y/n) through bokuto!! osamu is very smitted with mai and isnt shy about it. atsumu and suna are really good friends with (y/n) and geniuenly dislike hana and kuroo.
bokuto and akaashi are good friends with (y/n) and kuroo both, but if it comes down to it they’ll side with (y/n) over kuroo.
oikawa is coming home for the Olympics next year, but has decided to visit home early to visit his friends and manages to snag an invite to (y/n)’s upcoming birthday party through iwaizumi. oikawa always had a huge on (y/n) during high school, but thought she was mai’s girlfriend </3
iwaizumi is a super good friend of (y/n) and pretty quickly catches on to hana being sketchy.
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cxsmixkeiji · an hour ago
best boys pt 1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
okay!!! tendou and ushijima stayed very close with mai and (y/n) after highschool and talk regularly, while semi started drifting from the group after his break up with (y/n) and he threw himself into his music. tendou and (y/n) are just best friends, but tendou and mai have definitely kissed a few times.
kuroo and kenma remained super close and lev has constantly wormed his way into the duo, making it a trio. the three often hang out with the hot girl bummer group along with bokuto and akaashi!
kenma quickly catches on to the fact the kuroo is being secretive and suspicious, but elects to keep quiet which is gonna cause a rift between him and lev. 
semi is still deeply inlove with (y/n) and has a book of songs the two of them wrote together during their relationship, he is releasing a few of them on his album.
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cxsmixkeiji · an hour ago
hot girl bummer + hana
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ahhh! okay so (y/n) and mai have been best friends since middle school and managed shiratorizawa together in high school! them + tendou were inseparable, even when (y/n) started dating semi eita around her 15th birthday, up until he left for france. 
(y/n), alisa, and mai often work together for shoots and became super close after a drunken after party. kiyoko came into the picture not long after when she met the girls through iwaizumi, who is also a good friend of (y/n)
(y/n), mai, and kiyoko are 24-25, alisa is 26!
hana sato  is a manager for MSBY and managed to worm her way into being a JPN national team manager as well, she had a huge crush on atsumu until she saw kuroo for the first time.
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cxsmixkeiji · an hour ago
love now, cry later
haikyuu!! smau. title credits: lil peep- skyscrapers (love now, cry later)
summary: as one of the best fashion and sports photographers in Japan, you can consider your young life very successful! and why wouldn’t you? you have an amazing job where you can do what you love, the best friends a girl could ask for, an incredible boyfriend who is always so understanding. but what happens when your boyfriend starts acting different when a new girl enters the picture? and to make matters even harder, your first love is releasing a new album with a handful of songs about you. what’s a girl to do?
starring: kuroo tetsuro, oikawa tooru, semi eita, iwaizumi hajime, tendou satori, ushijima wakatoshi, kozume kenma, lev haiba, bokuto kotaro, akaashi keiji, miya atsumu, miya osamu, suna rintaro, alisa haiba, tanaka kiyoko
genre and warnings: angst, fluff, humor, suggestive themes, cheating, assault, mention of dead parent to cancer, crack, smut in written parts, more to be added later!
status: on going!
schedule: no set schedule yet! hopefully every other day staring may 23
taglist: open!
inspired by: out of everyone else by @snflwrkenma​ !!!! it is so so good! i highly reccomend!
reblogs are always appreciated!
Tumblr media
intro: hot girl bummer + hana | |best boys pt 1| best boys pt 2
prologue (coming 5/15/21)
tendou is home! (coming 5/15/21)
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hopeandvolleyball · an hour ago
Tumblr media
sakusa sat on the other side of the table, cheek in one hand and a highlighter in the other. he kept skimming through his norton anthology for authors to check on. lips curled into a slight pout which kimiko evidently found adorable as she stared at kiyoomi with the sweetest of hearts in her eyes. he only noticed this look in her eyes the moment he tilted his head up, the strain of the book on his eyes requiring a break. he blinked and furrowed his brows in a sour expression at kimiko which sent a chill down her spine. 
“why are you looking at me like that?” sakusa frowned. kimiko sat up, pulling her long black hair behind her shoulders, trying to pretend that his tone didn’t irritate her. 
“i just thought you looked cute,” kimiko crooned sweetly, placing her chin in her hands looking at him with desire in her eyes.
sakusa’s frowned etched deeper into his features and kimiko didn’t like this one bit. not at all. her expression matched his, though with an added annoyed twitch to her brow. sakusa blinked her way, unsure of what he did to earn such a drastic shift in emotions.
“what?” he asked, seemingly unaware of the nasty look he gave kimiko subconsciously.
“you know i’ve set up the perfect mood for us, nice study music, romantic lights-” kimiko was cut off. 
“the led lights are making it hard to study and work on our project,” sakusa grumbled, rubbing his eyes, the red of the room irritating his eyes. kimiko growled and turned the leds to a normal light. 
“everyone told me you were going to ask me out,” kimiko huffed. sakusa sighed, running his long fingers through his black curls, tugging at the ends a little. “and do you know how embarrassing it is to wait for you to ask me out only for me to find out through twitter that you were dating y/n from class.” 
“i was going to but feelings change, kimiko. i like y/n a lot,” sakusa defended, irritated at the sudden attack on his relationship with you.
“but not in two weeks, sakusa. and you liked me first,” kimiko was getting more indignant, slamming her hands on the table which caused sakusa to jump. “everyone told me you were gonna ask me out. bokuto, atsumu and you didnt!”
“i don’t control what bokuto-san and miya-san say to you. i never once told them i was going to ask you out.” sakusa’s glance tightened on kimiko. her face fell, she looked so crestfallen and he hadn’t meant to upset her so greatly. kimiko gripped her chest.
“you... weren’t going to...” sakusa shook his head at kimiko’s blubbering. “but you had a crush on me? yes?”
“if it will ease your mind, yes. but please. can we just work on the project with no mention of my previous crush on you or my relationship with y/n?” sakusa asked. kimiko could only sigh and nod. 
they went on to study and work, the atmosphere tight and suffocating. the only words spoken to one another were about the project and potential authors, until sakusa asked to use the restroom. kimiko told him where it was and he got up for a few minutes. his phone went off, which startled kimiko. it had been going off all session, him only answering texts once. why did he leave his phone here? but she was so curious. and she had to open the text messages to see. what she saw gave her a devious grin and she took pictures of what she saw.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i bet on losing dogs
x. babooshka
series masterlist
a.n. thank you guys so much for over 200 followers!!! i appreciate you guys so so so so much <3
Tumblr media
taglist- if your name is in bold i cannot tag you
@elianetsantana @speakfrenchbetweenmythighs @sakusasimpbot @lunix-galaxissal @lilith412426 @porcolie @hogwarts-imagines @thestarcatcher7297 @its-the-aerieljeane @ivana-an-iguana @yourstarvic @hisokaoncrack @maadaaaa @triniteaaa @e-wwis @yamayoomi​ @dingdongitsbees​ @camcam1617​ @thechaosoflonging​ @borpcorp​ @akaashisdarlin​ @youcantstandit​ @frogkinnie​ @pansexualproblemchild​ @bakugouswh0r3​ @brokyuuu​ @alpaca-fanfics​
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curapiikt · an hour ago
warnings: truth or dare, mentions of masturbation
Tumblr media
i’ve had this truth or dare ushijima fic in my draft for monthssss but i’m finally working on it and will proly finish it soon, so here’s a small teaser.
completed version will have smut
this snippet is unedited obvi
Tumblr media
“So we just pick truth or dare and it comes up with something?” You ask taking a sip of your wine.
He nods and hands you his phone to make a decision.
You clicked truth and the question popped up, “Y/N, try to guess when Wakatoshi masturbated for the last time.”
Your cheeks felt hot as you read the question, you looked up towards Ushijima who also had a small blush dusting his cheeks.
“Maybe the last time you were traveling? So like... a month ago?”
He smiled softly and looked down at his lap, “it’s crazy how well you know me.”
Ushijima took the phone back from you and clicked truth as well, “Ushijima, which part of Y/N’s body do you like most?”
“You better not say my tits or ass,” you warned as Ushijima opened his mouth.
Tumblr media
want to be tagged in the finished piece? read this before sending an ask
Tumblr media
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avtso · an hour ago
FUCK ur requests r open hehe hi.. can I request angst/comfort, hc of suna comforting his girlfriend after she sees someone flirting with him!
a/n: PLS WHY IS THE TAG SO LONG anyway OMG THIS IS MY FIRST REQUEST hi bff this idea so fucking cute ty 4 requesting i hope you enjoy these !! these are more towards fluff and comfort instead of angst because i just can’t get myself to write anything close to angst LMAO
i hate to say this but suna has fangirls 😐
and they’re like the miya twins’ fangirls but even crazier
even though they knew you and him were dating all the chaos and daily confessions didn’t stop they were HIGH-KEY i said HIGH-KEY ignoring the fact that suna already has a gf that he’s so deeply in love with.
i like to headcanon inarizaki is a school filled with really hot people like literally everyone there are super duper hot cmon LOOK AT THE INARIZAKI VBC LOOK AT THEM AND YOU YOU ARE LITERALLY A GODDESS
yeah suna LOVES im saying LOVES PDA and he likes how his fangirls glare at him (you) when he does it he just wants to make it EXTREMELY clear that YOU are his gf
when a girl comes up to him when he’s with you he would have both his arms wrapped around you, he’s standing behind you, his chin resting on your shoulder, kissing your neck and he just stares at the girl who’s trying to confess to him he just wants to make her jealous LOLLL
you just stand there and kinda feel bad for the girl but there’s no way you’re feeling bad for her actually fuck her she knew damn well you were dating suna so why did she even try to confess in the first place LOL stupid bitch she dumb as hell
this happens all the time - arriving at school, during breaks, before during and after vb practices, after school etc
he’s not mean to his fangirls he lowkey loves the attention but he loves your attention the most duh
when he’s alone when someone confesses to him he LITERALLY pulls out his mfing airpods and listens to music
and when the girl is done confessing he just takes his airpods out and say “i love my gf have a good day” and walks away pls he’s so uGHHhHhhHgghGhhhh
he doesn’t understand why people won’t stop with the confessions when he literally says that all the fucking time
when he receives chocolates and stuff he would give them to the twins because they say suna’s ones taste better and his fangirls put more effort into it
samu takes some as a sample and he tries making it on his own
yeah yeah that’s the usual shit until one day suna was casually walking around the school compound and a girl grabs him by the necktie omg the fucking necktie and drags him somewhere
poor baby suna he isn’t aware of his surroundings 💔💔💔💔💔
he’s like “he- HEY let me goooooo!!”
the girl stops when they end up standing awkwardly behind the school compound
suna corrects his tie as the girl starts talking to him (not confessing mhm 😟)
he finally looks at the girl when she grabs his jaw all of a sudden and he realised her shirt was kinda exposed so yeah #exposedcleavage
but suna’s a good boy (your one and only good boy) he doesn’t stare at it because he knows what the girl was doing
he listens to what the girl was saying - she was saying stuff like how he doesn’t have good taste in women and OH MY GOD something like what ume kurumizawa from kimi ni todoke said “you’ll never find someone as cute as me” PLEASE LMFAO i was laughing my ass of when she said that
anyway oh my god you also happen to be walking somewhere there and you spot the girl flirting with your bf >:(
suna saw you and his eyes immediately soften and kinda signal you to come to him which you did
he pulls away from the girl and instantly grabs your neck with his hand and kisses you makes out with you
yeah mhm with the whines and moans as well because pls he’s so good at kissing aaaand he smiles/smirks in the kiss
he heard the girl huff and stomp away which made both you and him happy
he finally pulled away and pecked your lips before draping his arm around your shoulder and walking somewhere else
you asked him “so what happened back there?”
he’s like “just witnessed the worst form of flirting” and you’re laughing which made suna’s heart melt because he’s glad that even with girls swooning over him it didn’t affect you one bit
“you know i love you right” he randomly says it and you just hum and he says “i love you so much” and you look up at him like :0
“where is this coming from?” you stare at him innocently, those eyes that always made him weak in the knees but he wasn’t gonna give up just yet so
he “is it wrong for me to say i love you 😐?? AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN SAY IT BACK HMPH 😠!!”
you’re still like 😮 and then you give him a warm smile before standing on your tippy toes and wrapping your arms around his neck, placing kisses on it <3
a silent i love you more from you tugged his heart
and suna wraps his arms around you AW
the next day SURPRISINGLY no one dared to come up to suna and confess to him you’re surprised too because like no one?? was?? confessing?? to?? suna??
turns out miya atsumu was filming the wholesome shit of you and suna yesterday and posted it on the tea account with the caption “you guys have no chance” or “and girls still confess to him? embarrassing 🤣‼️”
also the tables turn now they’re all rooting for you and suna to get married.
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thinking about mafia!kita, and his big desk. thinking about going under on my knees for his big dick, and easily sucking him off during one of the inarizaki meetings 😌
Tumblr media
in this house we combine and conquer 😌
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, oral, a lil exhibitionism
Tumblr media
“you seem on edge, Kita-san.”
that voice belongs to Ushijima, the head of the Shiratorizawa Syndicate. they’re a ruthless bunch, power easily on par with Inarizaki’s. 
he’s not wrong.
you do kind of feel bad for ambushing your husband like this, but he’d been away for so long, you’ve gone without sex for an entire week and something simply must be done about it.
perhaps he feels the same way.
because instead of pushing you away when he sat down—his knee hit the underside of his desk in shock from the discovery of you under his desk—Kita just scooted his chair in, nudging you further back so the members of Shiratorizawa sitting in the guest chairs wouldn’t see you.
“don’t try to change the topic, Ushijima-san. i don’t take this deal lightly.” Kita’s voice, normally so calm and low and sweet towards you, is authoritative, commanding. and that only has the hot coil in your stomach tightening even more. 
“neither do we. and that’s why we took the time to meet here, despite the risks.”
you relax your jaw so you can take Kita down further, despite the ache- you’ve been in this position for nearly half an hour now. his heavy cock rests on your tongue, one of his hands on your head. his fingers are flexing, likely because of how much you’ve been teasing him since you started, kitten licking and sucking with barely any pressure. he’s painfully hard, his angry erection twitching and leaking onto your tongue as you bob your head shallowly, smiling when his thighs twitch under your hands.
“very well,” Kita says, voice sounding a little strained, but you’re probably the only one who can tell. he’s very good at controlling himself, after all. “let’s continue then.”
the discussion goes on for a few more minutes, with you continuing your ministrations, until Kita must not be able to take it anymore and you’re blindsided when his hand fists into your hair and shoves you head down, forcing his cock all the way down your throat. you’re horrified when you can’t stop the choking sound that spills from your throat, only slightly relieved when Kita coughs loudly into his hand to drown out your gagging noises, “apologies. i’m feeling a little parched.”
his thick cock is now buried in your throat, fine hairs tickling your nose as your eyes water and you desperately try to breathe around the intrusion in your mouth. maybe you should have thought this through a little more because now the fear—and excitement—of being caught is very real. his hand eases up on your head, though only to pull it back and push it down again in a gesture that tells you: suck. 
you finally start to bob your head with more vigor, swirling your tongue around his tip and lapping at the underside of his cock. your thighs squeeze together and you slide a hand between them, desperately rubbing circles into your sensitive nub. the pressure’s building in you, and it must be building in Kita too because even though he’s speaking—something about monthly payments or whatever—he’s breathing a little faster now, a little shallower. drool dribbles down your chin, dripping onto the ground as you continue to suck on his cock.
you’re given a little warning this time, his muscle thighs tensing under your grip, hand tightening in your hair, as he cums with a sharp inhale, spilling his hot load down your throat. you do your best to swallow it all, gulping it down almost greedily.
Kita completes negotiations while climaxing in your mouth.
Tumblr media
the redhead standing before you is smiling at you. there’s a wild look in his eyes, and Kita’s arm around your waist tightens at the sight of it. 
“i had a very nice time,” Tendou’s voice is lilting, suggestive, his eyes on you the whole time, and you have a sinking feeling that’s only confirmed by his next words.
“i hope you did too, Kita-san. both of you.”
Tumblr media
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Calling Them By the Wrong Name
Genre: angst to fluff 
Characters: Kuroo x reader and Suna x reader 
a/n: I know this has been done before but here's another version anyway and I’m sorry if this is bad I literally did this at like 3 in the morning and please give me some ideas anyways enjoy!
Tumblr media
Suna barely ever gives you any reaction when you pull a prank on him
But you do them anyway
So when your friend sent you a video of a girl doing this to her boyfriend you wanted to try it out
Now Suna can get very jealous but he won’t ever show it
So you thought maybe you’ll actually get a reaction out of him this time
You two planned on getting dinner together since you haven't seen each other in a while due to Suna’s busy schedule. He was already at your house hours before he was supposed to pick you up and was now scrolling through his phone looking for places to eat while you were getting ready.
“Just pick a place Rin”
“Yeah I’m gonna pick a place then you're not gonna like it and bitch about it the entire time”
“Fine do whatever you want to”
A few minutes passed and you saw Suna still scrolling through his phone.
“Did you pick something already?”
“C’mon Kenji it's not that hard”
“Why don't you do- wait what do you just say?”
“I said c’mon Rin it's not that hard”
“Do you think I’m dumb?”
“Who the hell is Kenji?”
“What do you mean? I don't know a Kenji”
“I literally said Rin”
“Don’t play dumb with me princess, I literally heard you say that”
“You know what I'm gonna go, why don't you call Kenji and ask if he wants to take you to dinner?”
“Babe wait it was a joke”
“I’m so sorry Rin it was a prank”
“iT wAs a PrAnK stfu”
“Aww did my baby get jealous”
“Go away y/n”
When you pull a prank on Kuroo he will always somehow find a way to tease you about it
He's a bully
Jealousy has always been your boyfriends weakness
That's why you were excited to see pull this prank on him
You two were having a chill night watching a movie together, your feet on his lap while he was munching on snacks
“Daiki pass me the popcorn”
You can feel his body tense a little but he doesn't even look your way.
After a few minutes you try asking again
“Babe I asked for some popcorn”
“Oh you asked me I thought you asked Daiki”
“No I didn't I don't even know who that is”
“I’m not stupid kitten I know for a fact you said Daiki”
“I did not! I literally said Tetsu”
“No you didn't, you said Daiki”
“My name is Tetsuro”
“T- E-T-S-U-R-O”
“Now say it with me”
“Oh my god Tetsu it was a joke”
“I didn't find it funny”
Tumblr media
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Hiii u should do iwa protecting u when some weirdo gets too close or is just being a creep, i feel like iwa’s protective side would come out soooo fast i love him stop
a/n: i love this sm because he would get so so protective over you okdmgjs enjoy love😩
my man does not play any games when it comes to you, your safety and health matter so so much to him and as long as you’re safe and happy then he’s content. this day you two were going shopping :) it was fun and a good way to spend time together! iwa has a habit of keeping you close to him whenever you go out he didn’t want you getting lost nor did he want anything happening to you, currently you guys were in target! you were looking at albums (wink wink) while your beloved boyfriend had gone to the bathroom and had left you scavenging for your items, while browsing you noticed a man had been following you around but shrugged it off as a coincidence and continued your search. distracted your hadn’t realized the man who had been following you was getting closer and closer, “now what’s a beautiful girl like you doing all by herself?” startled you quickly turn around only to be faced with the guy who had been following you, nervous you stutter out a response “o-oh! haha actually i’m not here by myself, my boyfriend is here with me” giving him an awkward smile you gently backed away realizing that he was a little too close for your comfort. “oh is that so? well where is he? cause i don’t see him” eyes widening at the question you nervously look around “h-he’s here i swear! he’s just in the bathroo-” “you’re not lying to me are you?” cutting you off he walks closer to you, face practically shoved in yours “n-no! i’m not lying!! but p-please just leave me alone” whimpering you close your eyes afraid of what was gonna happen next. “yo back the fuck up!” a deep voice yelled before you heard something hit the ground, opening your eyes you see your boyfriend breathing heavily while looking at the ground “h-haji?” voice barely above a whisper he quickly opens his arms and walks towards you, “my god baby are you ok?! i’m so sorry i took so long the bathroom was packed, but still that’s an excuse i should’ve been here sooner i’m sorry my love” shaking your head you quickly run into his arms “n-no baby please don’t blame yourself, i’m ok just a little shook up” looking down at your figure he holds you closer to him placing a tender kiss to your head. “are you sure you’re ok? you didn’t get hurt or anything right? he didn’t do anything to did he?” noticing his grip tightening you quickly shake your head “i promise i’m ok haji, c-can we please just go home?” clinging onto his shirt you look at him with pleading eyes “of course baby cmon let’s go” softly smiling at you he gathers your items before grabbing your hand. suddenly coming to a stop you frown once you realize your boyfriend had let go of your and walked back to where the man was, lowering himself down to his level he looks at him with dark eyes before grabbing him by the collar of his shirt “you ever mess with my girl like that again and you’ll fucking regret it, got it? now run along before i do something to your pathetic ass.” quickly nodding the man runs away practically shaking in his shoes, getting back up iwaizumi walks towards you again mood completely changing as he holds out his hand “shall we?” speachless you nod and grab his hand, on the drive home he treats you to some food constantly asking if you’re ok, you don’t know how you managed to get so lucky but you wouldn’t trade it for the world.
a/n: i really hope this turned out how you wanted it to! this is my first time writing something like this so i don’t know if it turned out the best but nonetheless i hope you still enjoyed!! <33
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they’d get flustered. their cheeks dusted with a light pink or their face turning really red. most likely to stutter when they grab the flowers from your hands. — yamaguchi, ASAHI, akaashi, kenma, LEV, semi, kageyama, YAMAMOTO, yaku, IWAIZUMI, hanamaki, aone, GOSHIKI, futamata.
is literally the most happiest person on earth. they’ll pick you up and spin you in circles, repeatedly shouting “thank you’s”. most likely to get you something in return towards the end of the day. — nishinoya, BOKUTO, hinata, tanaka, koganegawa, hoshiumi.
teases you throughout the whole day. they be like “oh, y/n you got me flowers? you must really like me that much huh?” they will tease you until they feel like you’ve had enough. but deep down though they really appreciate the gesture. — kuroo, OIKAWA, atsumu, konoha, matsukawa, futakuchi, TENDŌ, daishō.
is blank about it. they don’t really know what to do except accept the flowers. but their hearts are literally beating out of their chest. they’re too awkward to do anything thing after. they can barely even make eye contact with you. — SUNA, tsukishima, fukunaga, kyōtani, SHIRABU, ushijima (?), sakusa, ōmimi, KUNIMI.
they’re pretty normal about it tbh. they’ll accept it with a smile and be barely flustered. they also get you something in return. — aran, KITA, daichi, SUGAWARA, kai, osamu, meian, HIRUGAMI. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━© HAJIBUN 2021 — all rights reserved. please do not copy or repost my works and claim as yours. thank you :)
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can i request friendship headcanons with bokuto pls ? (do you need a description of me ?)
Description: i can be really loud when i am with people i trust , otherwise i am an introvert ( a really quiet one ) , my main hobbies are drawing and animating , it still embarrasses me when i receive compliments and i have no idea of how to respond to them , i usually demostrate how much i care for others by spending time with them or texting them or telling them nice things , i'd say i can be a clingy person and i sometimes feel self conscious about talking to my friends because i feel i bother them
I'm really sorry this took a while! It's finals prep week at my school, but I finally got free time!
So here we go!
Friendship HCs with Bokuto
For someone who's introverted at first, it's a good thing bokuto is extroverted- he really does not mind starting up conversations with you, so long as he knows you don't mind him there
He enjoys meeting new people, but also respects boundaries
But holy hell the fun you'd have once you open up, the energy is immaculate
Tbh, because he speaks to you often he wouldn't really notice the difference of exactly when you speak up more
But every now and then he likes to look back and really admire the change
He'd absolutely hang out with you any chance he gets, inviting you to his lunch table, sitting at yours, catching up to you after volleyball practice, high fives in the hallway, anything
Kinda reminds me of the super talkative senior/junior that everyone knows and can walk into any teachers room and start a conversation. But bokuto is a bit less annoying an obnoxious
He absolutely loves watching you draw or animate, and would probably try to copy you or do what you do from time to time, to get a peek at what his friend enjoys doing so much
And he'd like it a lot! He likes drawing and animating too, perhaps not as much as you. But he's more than happy to just sit and watch, and see the final product. He finds it amazing when the piece finally comes together
He wishes you were a bit more open to compliments and see how great you really are, but he understands that can take a bit of time
He still compliments you any chance he gets, trying to boost your confidence a bit more and to help you find ways to react to such things
And this guy will never make you feel self conscious about speaking, he will respond with so much enthusiasm everytime you text or speak to him, he's happy to just hear from his friend
He tries to hang out with you whenever he can and if not always responds to texts
He's also a firm believer in rain checks (I hope that's how it's spelled-) and will probably keep track of them. Anytime you start feeling guilty about being to clingy he'd shush you saying that he owes you a hang out session and he will go out with you one way or another
The overly aggressive borderline threatening supportive friend
Also picks up on how you show care through words and quality time, and he lives up to that
He's actually quite sharp with social cues, and he understands all of his friends care displays and tries to demonstrate it back in the same way
He def texts you asking about your day or wishing you luck on an event if you hadn't texted already
And he tries keep a couple hours of free time every week just in case you want to spend time with him, so he doesn't have to turn you down for too long
10/10 recommend being friends with bokuto, he really cares and tries to understand all his friends, and he usually does a great job :)
Tumblr media
Ok, it is 11 pm on a school night, I am running solely on monster energies, and I didn't edit this before posting, so if anythings wrong let me know please! I will gladly fix it!
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seiyasabi · an hour ago
Trouble In Paradise
(This is a Yandere Kyoutani x Cute Fem Reader x Yandere (Platonic) Older Bro Iwa-chan  fic :)) This takes place after high school, in a universe where everyone still plays volleyball. 
TW; Jealousy!, turns into dubcon/noncon!!!!, !unwanted choking!, As I’ve said in the past-every character I write for (in my head) are like two feet taller than you!, Possessive behaviour!, he’s highkey soft for u but is still a bastard lol (love him), marking kink!, creampie!, daddy kink!, mentions of Oikawa lowkey being a Yandere too, etc.. 
Kyoutan deserves the world ;)) I love him ajadskhafkah also, sorry if my use of ‘chan’ is cringey, I think it’s funny af tbh, and since I’m Japanese, I’ll do what I want lmao. Anyways, sorry if this sucks, I tried like 5 different ways to write this, and this was the only one that ended up being somewhat decent. ) 
Skipping to the loud gym, your skirt swishes against the fat of your thighs. Your cute ass can be seen peeking out from under the pleated fabric, leaving those around you to coo at your pretty self. Without meaning to, you catch the eye of those around you. 
Seeing the gym’s doors, you push them open with an excited vigour, happy to finally be with your big brother and boyfriend. 
Immediately when you enter, you see Oikawa being swarmed with his fanclub, leaving a straight shot to the rest of the team. Spotting your bad-boy bf, you squeal in delight, gunning at him at top speed. He’s currently sitting on the bleachers, your brother seemingly scolding him for his RBF and bad attitude, but his eyes snap up in an instant, recognising your voice from anywhere. 
An uncharacteristic smile is present on his pierced face, standing to his feet, he readies himself to catch you and twirl you around. That’s a plus of being in shape; picking up your supes cute gf whenever you please! 
That is, until a certain pretty boy steps in the way. 
Tooru has his arms out, in a stance that will allow him to catch you with ease. Before you could slow down and avoid him, he yoinks you up and off of the floor, holding you in a tight embrace, “(Your Name)-chan! I knew you’d come visit me! I’ve been waiting all day for you, Cutie!” The glares from your boyfriend and brother are instantaneous. 
Iwa looks ready to scalp the brunet, whilst Ken looks ready to scrap-possibly even catch a body. Oikawa’s fans look absolutely bloodthirsty, jealous of your cute self being in the arms of the equally cute male. 
Pouting, you push at the pretty boy’s chest, “Put me down! I’m not here for you!” He coos at you, moving in to kiss you on the cheek, only for you to push him away by his face, “Stop it, you’re being weird! Put me down, I wanna see Ken-Chan!” 
By this point, your boyfriend and brother have made their way to you, ready to rip him to shreds, “Put my sister down, Shittykawa! Don’t be a perv!” He karate chops the starlet on the head, causing him to drop you in surprise. 
“Iwa-Chan! You’re so mean to me! Now look what you did, (Your Name)-Chan is hurt-” Kentarou catches you in an instant, cradling you in his scarred arms. Oikawa’s mouth gapes in shock, brain not computing the fact that the dyed haired male moved at lightning speed. 
“No, she ain’t,” He gruffs out, smooching you on the cheek. You giggle, hugging the tatted male tightly. Your (size) breasts smoosh against his buff chest, as you start to pepper kisses all over his face, “She ain’t ever gettin’ hurt if I’m here,” He places a kiss on your lips, relishing how you immediately kiss back. 
“Ken-Chan! I missed you so much!” He rolls his eyes, the tips of his ears turning red. Readjusting his hold on you, he cradles your ass instead of your thighs, causing you to gasp, “Kyoutan, don’t be a perv!” 
He smirks, readying himself to respond, only for your brother to beat you to it, “Yeah, ‘Kyoutan,’ don’t be perving on my little sister!” Redirecting his smug look, he sticks his tongue out at your fuming sibling. 
“Bite me.”
The look on Hajime’s face is priceless, “Biting you isn’t the only thing you need to worry about-” 
“Haji,” His attention immediately snaps to your sweet face, which is currently pouting, “Don’t threaten him! He’s precious to me!” Before Kyoutani can say something smart, you rest your head against his neck, practically nuzzling him, which also shuts him up. 
The spikey haired ace is immediately offended, “I-wha-(Nickname), aren’t I precious to you? Aren’t I your most wonderful older brother?” You giggle, nodding your head. 
“Yes! But Ken-Chan is baby-”
“(Nickname)-Chan, aren’t I baby?! I feel so left out!” Oikawa and his fangirls are off to the side, watching the interaction. Whilst Oinks looks positively offended and left out, the girls are angry that you’ve stolen the captain’s attention. 
“No, you’re the ugly side character,” Hajime states nonchalantly. 
“Yea, yer uglier than the dirt under (Your Name)’s shoe,” Offended noises and indignant hand movements follow their words, as his fans start to shout in anger and shock. 
You lightly whack Kyoutani on the shoulder, scolding him with your eyes, “Haji, Kyoutan, don’t be mean! Tooru is pretty,” The setter preens in delight, “But, he’s dumb. So, he’s the dumb, but pretty, character!” 
His hands grasp his chest as if you’d stabbed him, “(Nickname)-Chan, my heart, it’s breaking-” He fake gags, causing your brother and boyfriend to roll their eyes, “The only way to fix it…. Is to get a kiss!” He bolts towards you, causing you to shriek in surprise. Placing you on your feet, you’re quickly placed behind the dyed haired man, ‘Mad Dog’ making an appearance. 
Practically frothing at the mouth, he snarls at Oikawa, whilst Hajime sticks out his foot, effectively tripping him. Once falling, the pierced male yanks him up by his shirt collar, and hauls him up to his feet. Now face to face with the scary male, Oikawa gulps in fear, “I’ll kill ya, put ya in the ground, Pretty Boy. Once yer dead, Iwaizumi’ll dance over yer corpse.”
“Yes, I think I will,” Hearing his bestie agree with the sentiment, Oinks finally realises that he messed around too much. 
“Now, yer gonna apologise to (Your Name), or I’ll shave yer head,” Now fully standing, Kyoutani moves out of the way, allowing the setter to apologise face-to-face. 
Dropping to his hands and knees, he starts to bow at you as if you’re royalty, “I’m sorry, (Your Name)-Chan! I promise I didn’t mean to offend you! Please don’t let Mad Dog-Chan and Iwa-Chan kill me!” Giggling at his over the top words, you nod your head. 
“It’s okay, Tooru-Chan,” You pat his head reassuringly, “I know you love your fangirls more than me,” This causes the gym to erupt into cheers, as the other girls start to swarm the male. You can hear him scream in fear, but are quickly pulled away from the crime scene, and taken out to the car park. 
Your brother holds you close to him, glaring at your boyfriend who looks equally as angry. There’s a heavy silence between the three of you, as you’re squished into a hug by your brother. 
“Haji, why’re you holding me so tight? Don’t you have to get back to practice?” He doesn’t answer, instead speaking to your boyfriend. 
“Take her home, Kyoutani. I’ll deal with him now, you can deal with him later,” He nods, taking you from your older brother’s arms, and practically carrying you to his motorcycle. Setting you on the back of the bike, he opens the back hatch of the bike, and pulls out your pastel pink helmet. Placing it onto your head tenderly, he flips the eye cover up, allowing you to see him clearly for a moment. 
Smiling up at him (he can only see your eyes crinkle), you speak, “Hi!” His pissed off face immediately dissolves, causing him to smile at your cute self. 
“Hi, Baby,” Grabbing his rough hands, you interlace your fingers between his. 
“Aren’t you going to practice, Kyo-Ken?” He rolls his eyes, but gives your hands a squeeze. 
“Nah, I gotta take my Baby Girl home, so I can show her who she belongs to,” He gives you a wink, leaving you to splutter in surprise. 
“You-you can’t say that in public!” Chuckling, he releases your hands and flips your eye cover down, before chucking on his own helmet, and settling on the front of the bike. 
Pulling Your arms around his waist, he waits for you to settle against him. He relishes your tight hold, as you practically cling onto him for dear life. 
Starting up the engine, he kicks up the kick stand, and speeds off to your shared apartment. 
Your body bounces off of the mattress, as you let out a small scream. A giggle escapes your lips, as you smile up at Kyoutani, “Ken-Ken, are you still mad?” He nods, his hands pulling off your cropped sweater, and pushing up your skirt to expose your pastel yellow panties. 
“That ugly bastard should’a know better than t’a put his disgusting hands on ya,” He practically growls, undoing your bra and letting your pretty tits flop out. Kissing up your neck, he sucks hickies onto the previously unblemished skin. A small moan leaves your lips at the feeling, as he starts to pinch and twist your nipples. 
“Daddy!” He releases your neck with a ‘pop,’ smirking down at you. 
“Yes, Princess? Do ya need something?” He rubs the skin on the inside of your thighs, purposefully missing your dampening cunny, “Do ya need yer Daddy to touch yer Princess parts?” 
Nodding, you plead with him, “Yes! Please touch me!” 
Chuckling, he pulls your panties off of you, letting the cool air of your shared room caress your cunny. Running a single finger up your slit, he barely taps your clit, causing your hips to jerk up and off of the mattress, “Yer such a sensitive baby, I love ya so much.”
“I love you too, Daddy! Please fuck me!” He hums, mulling over your words. 
“Want me to show everyone who ya belong to?” You nod your head rapidly. 
“Yes! Yes, please!” Kissing you on the lips sloppily, he reaches down to pull out his cock from his Adidas sport shorts. His tip is pierced, and when he rubs it against your clit, you practically see stars. 
“My good, cute, polite girl,” He gathers your slick on his tip, before he pushes in. Your walls burn as you try to accommodate to his thick size, practically sucking the air from your lungs. A wanton moan is heard from you, as he waits for you to accept him comfortably, “Relax, Princess. Let me int’a yer pretty cunny.” 
“Da-Daddy,” Your arms wrap around him, clawing at his shirt covered back, “You’re too big!” He shushes you softly, rubbing your clit with two fingers. Your juices slowly drip out of you and onto his cock. After a moment, he begins to move, practically rearranging your guts. 
“You’ve taken me before, Princess. I know ya can do it, just let me in,” He starts to thrust into you at a medium speed, rubbing your clit at the same pace. Your eyes glaze over, practically rolling into the back of your head. 
His cock is heavy and girthy inside of your slick walls, spearing you open with each thrust. Moans and keens leave your throat, as you grip onto him. Your hips meet his, your juices spraying onto the both of you. 
“Look at my pretty baby, so fucked out already,” He uses the hand that’s not on your clit to grasp your throat, causing your body to go rigid and eyes to go wide. 
“Ken-” He shuts you up with a kiss, swallowing your words. You try to push his hand off, but it’s to no avail. He continues to fuck into you, your cunny still sucking him in, even as you’re scared of his actions. 
“Fuck, yer practically milking me for all I’ve got,” He removes his lips from yours, his grip becoming a bit tighter, “Ya want yer Daddy to cum in ya? Yea ya do.”
Now, you’re really pushing against him. You’re not on the pill, “Ken, pull out!” He shushes you, rubbing on your clit even harder than before, trying to make you cum before him. Kentarou relishes the small tears at the corner of your eyes, loving how cute you look. 
Without you wanting to, you cum with a small gush of liquid, a whine echoing through your chest. He follows not long after you, filling you to the brim with his virile cum. 
With a grunt and a huff, he pulls out of you, loving how his cum looks leaking out of you. Removing his hand from your throat, he looks down once more, realising that you don’t look very happy. 
“You didn’t listen to me,” You rub the hand mark around your neck, as you sit up, moving away from him. 
“Awe, don’t be like that, Baby,” He reaches out for you, but you move away from him. 
“I don’t want to be near you right now, Kyoutani. You didn’t stop…” Moving off of the bed, you stand to your feet. Going to your dresser, you grab a week’s worth of clothes, including your work uniform. Pulling on a new shirt, you fix your previous outfit, as you start to cry. 
“Wait-I-ya-ya aren’t leaving me, are ya?” For once, the spitfire male is at a loss for words. 
“No, I just need time away from you. You say that Tooru is bad, but you hurt me a lot just now. I’m calling Haji, and I’m going to stay with him for a little while,” Your brother has your daily items there, just because you’d sleep over sometimes, so you aren’t too worried about not having soap and such. 
Grabbing your phone from your purse by your bedroom door, you call him, Ken watching you with wide eyes, “Haji, please pick me up. Kyoutani and I got into a fight.”
Hajime helps you into his car, before turning to the still shocked male you call your boyfriend. He hasn’t said a word, if anything, he looks shocked beyond anything else. 
Shutting the car door, your brother finally speaks, “I knew you were no good for her. Your jealousy got the better of you.”
“I didn’t mean to, it-it just-”
“Got out of control?” Your brother raises an eyebrow, arms crossing over his chest, “Yeah, I’ve noticed. You hurt my little sister,” He moves closer to the dyed haired man, eyes flashing with anger, “You choked her out. Why? Because Oikawa made you jealous? Despicable.”
“It isn’t like that! We-we were having se-” He holds up a hand, stopping your boyfriend from continuing. 
“I don’t want to hear it. Just know that if you come near her without her allowing you to be in her presence, I’ll kill you. I never wanted you to be with her, and you just proved my fears correct.”
Realisation dawns on Kyoutani, “Wait- is this why ya wanted me to come home with her? So I could fuck up?” 
Hajime smirks, “Of course. My little sister is too good for you. Now, fuck off, before I do something you won’t like.” 
Ken watches as you go, tears brimming his eyes. He should’ve known your brother would find you too precious to be with him. He most likely asked Oikawa to help him, seeing as the pretty boy was in the car with you, looking as perfect as ever. 
He fucked up, and now Hajime has won their rivalry. 
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