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#haikyuu smau
itoshibaby · 6 hours ago
𝟎𝟔 - 𝐬𝐦𝐚𝐮𝐬 𝐢’𝐦 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 + 𝟎𝟒 + 𝟎𝟓
Tumblr media
171. Watch me (Daichi)
Tumblr media
𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 | ♢ - 𝘥𝘪𝘴𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘶𝘦𝘥
305. Collaboration (Suna)
306. Yet another sleepless night (Kenma)
307. Start up (Oikawa)
308. Hinata & Y/n’s Cupid Service
309. Safe haven (Oikawa)
310. The Gods are always watching (Shinsuke)
311. My brothers best friend (Matsukawa)
312. Girl (Konoha)
Tumblr media
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tetsvhoe · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#8 putangina siomai rice lang kami ah
– yn introduced iwa to legmaballs on their gen ed sub together
– legmaballs usually eat lunch during morning break and leave campus during lunch to vape, tambay, sleep in the library etc. sometime they don't come back to campus when there's only a subject left.
– oikawa, mattsun, and makki all followed yn on twt after seeing her post and were gossiping about her nearly all day. iwaizumi still hasn't talked to them.
taglist | anitwt
@dewberry-and-honeystarz @lady-tokugawa-of-mikawa @bakugouswh0r3 @aizameow @mirakeul
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moonlit-mizukage · 8 hours ago
Chapter Twenty seven:  What are you saying EIta?
Summary: Popular punk band, Skull crusher, had to find a new drummer due to the sudden disappearance of the last one. As band manager and lead singer, Semi Eita’s girlfriend, Y/l/n Y/n brings Kyotani, a rising internet drummer they found online into the picture. Everything was great at first, then Kuroo, the lead guitarist, started getting creepy messages and presents. Y/n is determined to find out who is trying to sabotage the band when things only take a turn for the absolute worst. Who could be the mysterious stalker really be? Is it their new band mate? Or could it be a close friend of one of the members?
Tw: Death, murder, blood, mentions of past kidnapping, abuse, swearing. 
An: This story will be finished in a few days as well!! I have 4 more chapters to post!! 
Tumblr media
Third person POV 
Y/n struggled to open her eyes. Her eyelids felt heavy. She pulled on her arms only to notice something was holding them down. 
“You can keep struggling or you can behave Y/n.” Semi said from a chair next to the table. 
“Eita, what is happening? Why did you tie me up like this?” She asked frantically
“I think you should just shut the fuck up honestly Y/n. After trying to kill ME of all people. You have nerve and I must say killing Daichi for changing you was very satisfying.” 
“Please Eita, we can just forget this happened.. Please.” She begged.
“No, you see I did so much work just for us to be together and you go off behind my back and love another man?” He let out a deep sigh. “I’ve done so much for you. I have even killed for you Y/n. I love you so much I risked it all just for us to be together.” Kuroo began to panic in his chair as Y/n turned her head slightly to see him sitting a little farther than arm's distance away.
“What are you saying EIta?” Y/n asked. 
“I was hoping you’d finally ask me about this one day. Only I hoped it would be after we had a few kids, but Kuroo and Daichi fucked up my plans.” He ran his hand down the side of her face. “It all started back in highschool….” 
AN: This is Semi remembering his first kill, with the backstory.  
Semi and Iwaizumi we're hanging around Reon’s locker waiting for him to go to volleyball practice together. 
“Hey guys! Did you get invited to some weird creepy shrine tonight by Atsumu? Osamu said it will be a lot of fun, but it kinda sounds like a bad idea if you ask me.” Reon said. 
“Yeah we were just talking about it. I think we should go. It will be a fun team building experience.” Semi said. 
“I think it would be better if we invite some girls.” A voice recognized as Daishou said. 
“Invite us where?” Y/n asked from behind Semi now. He turned around and felt his face heat up. Semi had the biggest crush on her, but still had yet to admit it. 
“Out to the cursed shrine. A team building exercise if you may.” Atsumu said as he walked up. 
“You had me at cursed! I do have one question though, will the third years be there?” 
“Do you want them there?” Iwazumi asked. 
“I definitely don’t. Kaori might though.” Y/n said, looking at the books in her arms. 
“Nah, second years only tonight!” Daishou yelled in the halls. 
“I will go tell Kaori and Runa!” Y/n ran off. Reon was the only one left standing with Semi now as he looked over to him. 
“You should just tell her dude, before someone else does.” Reon said. 
“Maybe I will do it tonight.” 
After their volleyball practice they all agreed to meet at 9pm outside the shrine. Semi texted you the time as he smiled at his phone. 
Semi arrived at his house and went right up to his room. He walked in and tossed his bag down as he opened his closet door. He pulled out a box from his closet and opened it. Inside the box were hundreds of pictures of Y/n sitting inside. He pulled up one of her missing gym shirts and held it to his nose. He knew how he felt about her was unnatural, but he couldn’t help it, not when you were just so perfect.
Later that night Semi walked up to the outside of the shrine and saw you and the other two girls already standing outside the shrine. Semi waved to the girls happily as he walked up to them. 
“Looks like we are the first ones here!” Y/n said excitedly. A large figure was seen jumping from the bush behind them that caused Y/n to scream and fall flat on her butt, catching her arm on the chain link fence on the way.  “IWA! I am bleeding now you idiot!” She shouted at him/ 
“Oh I am sorry, I just meant to give you a scare.” 
“I brought gauze cause I figured you idiots would get hurt, or hurt someone else.” Reon said. 
“Reon! You came!” Atsumu and Osamu shouted from behind him. The others just waited for Daishou as they agreed to walk to the front steps of the shrine through the forest together. 
“Are you okay Y/n?” Semi asked her. 
“Yeah, my elbow hurts a bit. It’s okay! I know he didn’t mean it though!” Y/n said brushing it off. She didn’t notice Semi curling his fist with anger at Iwaizumi for hurting his girl. 
They all walked to the steps and looked at each other. 
“I think we should split up.” Daishou suggested. 
“That sounds like the worst idea actually.” Reon said. 
“Why? Are you scared?” Atsumu mocked. 
 “No, I just think someone may get hurt, lost, or worse and if we aren’t together then how will we know?” Reon said. 
“Easy, we split up. I’ll take Kaori.” He said with a sly smirk. 
“I’ll go with Y/n. I don’t want to be alone with any of you.” Rena said as she stuck her nose in the air. Semi was never too particular about Rena. He didn’t see why someone so nice and angelic could like someone as bitchy as her. 
“I’ll go with the Semi.” Iwaizumi said. 
“You should come with us, Reon. You don’t want to get stuck with the prankster twins out here.” Y/n suggested. He agreed as the pairs broke off to explore the shrine and surrounding woods. 
“Can I ask you something?” Iwaizumi spoke to Semi as they were confidently far away from the group to not be heard. 
“What’s wrong?” Semi asked. He just knew he was going to hate whatever this man had to say to him. 
“Do you like Y/n? I want to ask her out and you haven’t made a move so I wanted to ask if you liked her?” 
“Are you asking my permission to ask her out?” Semi asked. 
“No, I was going to ask her out anyways, I just wanted to tell you first.” Iwaizumi said. 
“Oh, I see.” Semi began curling his fist again. The two walked up a path on a hill as it began to rain.The rain began to pick up and in no time it was pouring. Iwaizumi was still blabbering onto Semi at the time all about Y/n. Semi felt his phone vibrate so he pulled it out to check his messages. 
“I just got a text from Daishou. Said we should head back because of the rain. We might slip and get hurt and stress out poor Reon more.” He ended with a little chuckle.
“Oh good point.” He pulled out his phone and sent a message back saying he was on his way. As he went to put his phone away, Semi slapped it out of his hand. His phone went over the side of the hill into the darkness below.  “What the hell man!” He shouted angrily. The rain drowned out most of the noise, so he was barely heard by Semi who was right in front of him.
“I hope your death is painful.” He said before he punched him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Semi then shoved him off the steep hillside watching him smash his head onto a few rocks and continue rolling. Semi waited a few seconds as he shined his flashlight on him. Iwaizumi wasn’t moving. Semi smiled to himself as he began to walk back. 
Semi climbed up the stairs looking worried as he called for Iwaizumi. The others that were already there looked at him with worried expressions. 
“Have you guys seen Iwaizumi? He said he had to go to the bathroom. I turned around and he was gone. We were up on that hill. I thought maybe he got your text Daishou and came back already.” Semi said, acting innocent. 
“He texted me not too long ago saying he was on his way. He didn't mention he was with you though.” Daishou said.
“Should we go back and look for him?” Osamu asked. 
“I checked around where we were but I didn’t see anything with my phone’s flashlight.” 
“We should just go home and call the cops to come look. He could have gone home as well already. You know he’s got a short temper. Let’s meet back outside the gate tomorrow at noon to look for him if nothing comes about it then.” Daishou said not to worry. Kaori was holding on to his arm, shaking. The other agreed with the plan he set and agreed on the possibility of Iwaizumi going home.
“Okay, who’s calling the cops then?” Atsumu asked. 
“I can do it. My dad knows a few police officers so I am sure things can be solved easily!” Kaori said. 
“How about I walk you home, pretty lady?” Daishou asked Kaori. She agreed as the others went back down to walk off in every direction back to their homes.
“Can I walk you home, Y/n?” She shook her head vigorously at Semi. 
Semi was a true gentleman to her all the way home. He walked her right up to the front porch. 
“Yes, Semi?” She said biting her lip, 
“I know this is really bad timing, but I have liked you for some time now, I was wondering if you would do me the honor of being my girlfriend?” She smiled at him brightly and pulled him into a kiss. She pulled back and saw his eyes had grown in size. 
“See you tomorrow, boyfriend!” She said happily as she walked in the front door of her house.
“You killed Iwa! You monster!” Y/n yelled as she tried to get herself loose from the rope. 
“You killed all your friends for Kuroo? Of ALL PEOPLE KUROO!” He screamed as he bent down to her face. 
“Shut up PLEASE! I killed him cause he was trying to keep us apart. What don’t you get about that Y/n? All I did to him was push him down a hill. That’s not even as bad as what happened to the others!” She gulped at his words. 
“The others?”
“Yes my love, I guess since we have time. I can tell you about them as well.” Her lip quivered. She remembered perfectly the next day how they waited outside. The police had roped it off and no one knew what happened to him for three weeks. They said he tripped and bled out in the cold dark night all alone. Y/n remembers crying and how Semi was putting the blame on himself. Y/n grew closer to him comforting him. Telling him each time it was dark and stormy, that it could have happened to anyone off them. Iwaizumi’s death brought them together faster, and it was all part of Semi’s plan.
At that moment, she began to feel her heart break. 
Tumblr media
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itsthe-grim-reaper · 9 hours ago
SUNA with the letter W
W: Wildcard!
He loves to record your sessions, especially when there’s wet sounds and your begging. He will take sound over video so he can visualize you right there on top of him when you aren’t around.
Send a character and a letter or two?
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maizumis · 10 hours ago
LOVE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE - suna x fem!reader x osamu smau
Tumblr media
part 24: goodbye suna
summary: after years of not talking to each other, your childhood best friend decided to reach out again, how will everything go?
note: yes, double updates bitches ;) oh God hsisjsuj notice how Y/N changed suna's name!! step by step she is gonna get up again! night mode is osamu
series masterlist - playlist - part 25
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist [open]: @arrogantsonofabiscuit @sakusasbitch @souco @sunasexual @boba-duckie @discountkiyoko @shoyotime @sunalma @kuroohoeee @triniteaaa @zukoslosthishonor @iheartkuroorin @kac-chowsballs @akaashiwife @lilith412426 @loveprisms @eunoiwa @gladly-olus @its-the-aerieljeane @smackmyasslikeavolleyball @bakugouswh0r3 @erens-piss-cleaner @call-me-lulu @peachyaeger @omisemi @megumiisee @almondeupeach @lady-tokugawa-of-mikawa @whorefornoodles @togesslut @singularly-gifted-witch @art-junkie-13 @usernotcool @whoreuc @schleepyflocci @tetsuhoes @tatiquichi @starylust @bakudummy @akaashis-wife @mysterystarz @mysticstrawberryballoon @rinsangel @gumisluvr @givingeraserhead @srkuv @lyzzklm @shrimpypenis @psycho-nightrose
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bakuhoes-dumbass · 11 hours ago
Exciting, Big Announcement!
Hello everyone!
I have gathered you all here today to bring you this super exciting news! I’m super happy to announce our first ever COLLAB
Who is the collab with, you ask? AMAZING QUESTION! I am very very pleased to announce that I will be collabing WITH the super talented, amazing, creator of Out of Everyone Else~
@snflwrkenma !!
Bun and I are very pleased to bring you a brand new HAIKYUU smau that will be hitting this site soon! We are both so very excited for it and it’ll definably be a good one. A rollercoaster of emotions, lots of tears and gut wrenching moments!
Please stay tunned! Masterlist will be dropping soon!
(Also, go read her smau. It’s absolutely incredible.)
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maizumis · 11 hours ago
LOVE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE - suna x fem!reader x osamu smau
Tumblr media
part 23: I don't think it can get worse
summary: after years of not talking to each other, your childhood best friend decided to reach out again, how will everything go?
note: sorry the delay loves!!! I was super busy today but I finally finished! enjoy the new chapter, expect some osamu and suna the next one hehe, sexing taglist after I get out of the shower
series materlist - playlist - part 24
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist [open]: @arrogantsonofabiscuit @sakusasbitch @souco @sunasexual @boba-duckie @discountkiyoko @shoyotime @sunalma @kuroohoeee @triniteaaa @zukoslosthishonor @iheartkuroorin @kac-chowsballs @akaashiwife @lilith412426 @loveprisms @eunoiwa @gladly-olus @its-the-aerieljeane @smackmyasslikeavolleyball @bakugouswh0r3 @erens-piss-cleaner @call-me-lulu @peachyaeger @omisemi @megumiisee @almondeupeach @lady-tokugawa-of-mikawa @whorefornoodles @togesslut @singularly-gifted-witch @art-junkie-13 @usernotcool @whoreuc @schleepyflocci @tetsuhoes @tatiquichi @starylust @bakudummy @akaashis-wife @mysterystarz @mysticstrawberryballoon @rinsangel @gumisluvr @givingeraserhead @srkuv @lyzzklm @shrimpypenis @psycho-nightrose
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moonlit-mizukage · 11 hours ago
Chapter thirty: The wedding 
Summary: Y/n and Tendou are deeply in love. Living on the other side of Tokyo now, the Monsters are still up to their old shit. They even opened a few businesses for Tax reasons. Even though it’s been almost three years later, Y/n still has never been able to understand how they have avoided the law several times. When Tendou’s Mother reappears in his life, Y/n is confused as Tendou claimed she is dead. Finding out Tendou is being forced to take over the family business by his Mother, she soon learns the truth behind Tendou’s reason he never gets in legal trouble is his family business. His mother is quick to decline Y/n as his future wife and tries to set up Tendou with someone she sees more fit. What will happen to Y/n and Tendou? What will happen to Tendou’s “family business”? What does this mean for the future of the Monsters?
TW: Death, blood. swearing guns 
Tumblr media
Third person POV 
“Are you nervous?” Mei asked Y/n. Y/n was currently sitting in front of a large vanity looking at herself in the mirror. 
“Not really today is just the next chapter of my life but I am legally married to the love of my life.” She smiled at her sister's reflection in front of her. 
“It’s my little baby girl’s big day!” Y/n’s father shouted as he busted in the doors behind them. 
“You made it!” She jumped up from her chair and wrapped her arms around him. 
“Of course I would come. Just cause I don’t agree with your choice doesn’t mean I would be selfish enough to not show up.” He said as he held her. 
“Hey! Don’t be tearing up Y/n! You just had your face done!” Mei yelled dramatically. 
Shirabu came inside the room now to join the others. 
“Wow Y/n, you look beautiful.” He said. 
Inside the other room, Tendou was standing with Matsukawa and kyotani. 
“Can you believe someone captured the heart of our little guess?” Matsukawa said as he playfully nudged Tendou. The two laughed as the door suddenly busted open. 
“Call off the wedding!” Suna yelled as he hunched over to catch his breath. 
“If this is you telling me you you’re in love with Y/n, I will not hesitate to-” 
“No, it was a call we got.” Kenma interrupted Tendou as he walked in. 
“What the fuck do you mean?” Kyotani asked. 
“I got a call and when I answered all they said was call off the wedding or you will regret it.” Suna answered. 
“I won’t let some little threat hurt my special day.” Tendou spat. 
“Did you check the location of his mom?” Matsukawa said as he gestured towards Tendou. 
“She’s still in Osaka. All of her men are as well. I have been monitoring them all morning. I have guys watching over all the doors. No one will get in without us noticing.” Kenma said. 
A low knock on the door suddenly startled the men. 
“Hey, it’s Yamaguchi and Tsukishima. Can we come in?” The voice they recognized as Yamaguchi asked. Suna opened the door to let them inside. They entered the room and closed the door behind them. “We just wanted to see if everything was okay. There are people at every door asking for our ID cards.”
“Just a precaution with our jobs.” Matsukawa said. 
“Don’t you guys own a motorcycle shop?” 
“No, those two do. I run a funeral home.” Matsukawa said. 
“Why do you need security if that's your job?” Tsukishima snapped. 
“The fucks it to you?” Kyotani growled. 
“Cause it’s my best friend you're putting in danger with your selfish acts.” Tsukishima said with a raised voice. 
“You don’t know what you are sayi-” 
“SHUT UP!” Tsuki yelled in Kenma’s face. 
“I think you’re the one in fact who needs to fucking shut up Tsukishima.” Shirabu said standing in the doorway with a worried looking Suna. “Actually, why don’t you tell us all how you ignored her for her first year in University or how you constantly go against her choices and fight with her. If anything, every single person in this room except you two,” He gestured to Yamaguchi and Tsukishima, “are her best friends, WE are her family. So don’t get it twisted Tsukishima Kei. She is smart enough and clearly strong enough to make her own choices. So why don’t you get the fuck out of the room and go put on a fake smile and pretend to be happy for someone who’s not yourself for once.” Shirabu opened the door and gestured for him to leave. As Tsukishima walked by him, he whispered in his ear, “Don’t threaten Tendou or I’ll tell y/n and SHE will dispose of you herself.” Tsukishima glared at him as he left the room with Yamaguchi close behind. 
“Well on that note, let’s get this wedding started!” Matsukawa shouted as he fist bumped the air. 
Tendou laughed as he walked out of the room and outside the building. He watched the others all walk out in lines as he waited for them to be seated in the front rows. He started down the aisle they made with flower petals, with the biggest smile on his face as he got to the end under the arc. Tendou turned excitedly towards the back doors as Y/n and her father exited the building. The two made eye contact as they felt their heart rate pick up. 
Y/n walked up and stood beside Tendou under the flower arc, holding hands. The two had written their own vows for the ceremony. Kenma was registering the website. He bought a license for this from a  website just for this occasion.  
“Y/n, please read your vows first.” He said. 
“I, Y/l/n Y/n vow to take Satori through everything life can throw at us. I have never felt more in love, important or even as loved as you make me feel. I want to wake up everyday with you at my side and go to sleep every night in your arms. When we fight I promise to never go to bed angry at you, I promise to always be there when you need me. Nothing will stop me from being your rock. We have a hard job, but together we can make it easier on one another.”  
“I, Tendou Satori, vow to always love you. Every moment we spend together I fall more and more in love. You are the only one I want to be with and without you I think I would go crazy. I never want to lose you. You are my forever and always. I know neither of us are all that good at expressing our emotions through words so I thought this would be a better way too.” He stopped and pulled her in instantly for a passionate kiss. 
“Okay kiss the bride I guess. Congratulations, you're married.” Kenma said as he sighed. The two were still kissing as Matsukawa began to howl. The two didn’t break apart till Kyotani stood up, walked over and pulled Tendou backwards. 
“Oh sorry, I forgot there were others here.” He laughed as Kyotani went and sat back down. Tendou grabbed Y/n’s hand and slip[ped her ring on her hand as she did the same to him. He smiled at her as he noticed a red dot appear on the back of her white dress. 
“GET DOWN!” Matsukawa yelled as he noticed it too. Tendou quickly jumped on her, knocking them both to the floor as a shot rang out. Tendou pulled two guns from the back of his belt, passing one to Y/n. The other members pulled out their guns as they became on edge. 
“You didn’t think I would actually let you get married to this whore did you?” Kohaku yells from the doorway. 
“Get the fuck out of here Kohaku. You should be in Osaka, you bitch!” Tendou screamed. 
“I tricked your little asshole computer guy!” She said with a laugh. 
“Last chance, get the FUCK out of here. It’s 4 versus over 100 in this room alone. You won’t win.” He snapped back, holding y/n.
“I don’t have to win. Just go out WITH A BANG!” She screamed as two men came in with guns and began shooting at the guests. Matsukawa and Kyotani were quick to get to them, successfully shooting them in the head to kill them. Kohaku was running up at Tendou and Y/n as some of the other men were ushering the guests to a safer area. Kyotani, Suna and Matsukawa ran in to find the sniper. Kohaku made it to Tendou and Y/n by this time and was throwing punches at Y/n left and right. Y/n was trying her best to shoot her but she kept dodging. Tendou was quick to throw this plan as he shoved Y/n out of the way. She fell to the ground and smashed her head against the arc, reopening her previous head wound. 
That’s when it happened. 
Everyone froze and turned to Tendou as he looked down and touched his chest. Blood poured out of the fresh wound that was too close to his heart to be ignored. Matsukawa found the guy in a window in the building a few floors up. The window crashed open the same time Tendou fell to the ground. The sniper guy was now falling three floors to his death with bullets following close behind him. 
“You BITCH!” Y/n screamed as she shot Kohaku in the head multiple times. After she was sure she was dead she tossed the gun away and fell to the ground. She moved over beside Tendou. She tried to place her hands over his wound to stop the bleeding herself.
“Satori, please don’t die on me.” She said through tears. “CALL 911 CALL 911!” She was yelling hysterically. Her blood was dripping down her face onto his suit. 
“Y/n,” he reached his blood-covered hand up to hold her cheek. “You’re ruining your pretty white dress.” He smirked up at her. 
“Satori please, please you can’t die… please… I need you.. I love you... please.” She grabbed onto the hand on her cheek whimpering. His blood flowing out all over her once white gown as she let out sobs of agony. “Please Satori.” 
“Y/n, you will always be my forever. I love you...” With that he closed his eyes, leaving her with his 
                                          Famous last words.
Tumblr media
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AN: Y’all I made myself cry dhbvgbsfkha Please send in asks, comments or dms about how this chapter made you feel! I am super curious and love to get interactions from my followers!! 
Taglist:  @satan-ruler-of-hells @atria-avior​ @freakydeaky226 @ems1des @idontknow-whatto-callthis @maer-333 @bruh-kill-me @elianetsantana @tanakasimpcorner @babyshoyo​ @ash-levi​​ @ifilosemyselfagain​ @wisteria-wooseok @ashytoes101 @fantasycantasy @angstyclowns @johnnysactualgf @putmeinyourdeathnote @sunflow3rbab3 @black-rose-29 @sageinlove @mykuronekome @mus1caln0tes @stormcastello​ @zlatanakermann
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a-minion · 12 hours ago
Birds of Prey: The Great Horned Owl
In which petting and hugs can bring world peace ✌
Warning: Just a reference to a misunderstood sexual innuendo.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Masterlist | previous | next
AN: It was never clear to Bokuto (or anyone who knew) when he actually started liking Y/n. Could have been the time she mistakenly insinuated that she wanted to do the nasty with him, could have been earlier. What everyone in Fukurōdani knows is that he's both obvious yet oblivious about it.
Trivia: Bokuto's name is taken from the Horned Owl (I'm pretty sure we're all aware of that by now) and he looks like one 😅.
Next Chapter: The managers form a support group
TAGLIST: @theblueslytherin @magical-fandoms @multi-fandom-fanfic @kotarousbabyowl @bakugousflowerprincess @random-fandom-girl-24 @kirakirasaku @mushimoon14 @gblubrry @ysatrap @moi-bunni @sakusasimpbot @jewlmin
**still can’t tag the ones in pink**
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zellieisnthere · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
(asahi azumane x black y/n)
chapter 7: aquarium date on saturday:D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*sneaks away seggsily before y’all can k!ll me*
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aiiwa · 13 hours ago
single father! iwaizumi hajime x tattoo artist! female reader.
Tumblr media
chapter 7: “when are they gonna stop eye-fucking each other.”
warnings: cursing, suggestive themes, sakusa interactions, smooth iwa again.
note from author. i missed you guys! i hope you enjoy, let me know your thoughts hehe. thank you to nifa baby for beta-ing for me <333.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
while most of your busy morning was spent with back to back clients — somehow in the small breaks between, you managed to keep texting your new ‘friend’.
hajime…you thought, sighing to yourself softly. something you were doing more often than you realised.
he was nothing of the same as your first impression of him, far from an asshole indeed. to be fair, now that you knew him a little bit better, you could understand why he had acted that way — just like a worried father. a very handsome, charming as fuck, smooth-talking father.
a real dilf, your favourite dilf rather.
even if he was the only dilf you’ve ever interacted with.
stretched out on your dark leather sofa pushed against the back wall, sakusa seated at the end, you scowl at him. raising your leg to kick his side - only for him to catch your foot easily, lifting the other to allow both your legs rest over his lap.
stretched out on your dark leather sofa pushed against the back wall, sakusa seated at the end, you scowl at him. raising your leg to kick his side - only for him to catch your foot easily, lifting the other to allow both your legs rest over his lap.
stretched out on your dark leather sofa pushed against the back wall, sakusa seated at the end, you scowl at him. raising your leg to kick his side - only for him to catch your foot easily, lifting the other to allow both your legs rest over his lap.
“you’re so mean to me, omi. i don’t make ugly noises.”
“are you sure about that?” he chuckles lowly at your pout; a deep rarity that was only indulged in your presence alone. “don’t worry, i know all about your pretty noises.”
rolling your eyes, you struggled to fight off the smile tugging at your lips — attempting to hide it with a loud slurp of your drink. discarding your phone, losing it in the cushions, you miss the muffled buzzing of your notifications.
“don’t you have more clients coming in?” you ask, completely relaxed as his inked hands smooth over your calves.
“not ‘til later, so i’m free for now.” he hums. “you’re usually out of here once you’re done.”
“mmm yeah, free to bother me more like it, but-“ pausing, you take another sip of your coffee. toying with the straw between your teeth, your words become muffled. “-wash g’nna shtay back ‘nd work wit’ sho for a while.”
“that’s good, hinata does his best when he works with you.” sakusa complimented honestly.
“he’sh come a long way, ‘m sho proud of ‘im.”
sakusa’s long fingers press into your legs as the furrow between his dark brows deepen. “stop biting your straw like that.”
taking a second to contemplate, you smirk before answering with a simple; “nah.”
in a swift motion, he snatches the cup from your hand; ignoring your whine as he holds the beverage close to his face. pinching the tip of the straw with his thumb and forefinger, he returns the plastic into its semi-former state — taking a sip of the iced coffee for himself.
“god.” he groans, disgust marring his features. “how the fuck do you drink that every day?”
“hey! gimme that back, it’s my lunch.”
“please, by all means keep it away from me. and eat some real food.”
when he hands back your cup, you’re quick with a tight grip to hold it close to you. “well then you should feed me.”
“then let’s go.”
his decisiveness brings your gaze to meet his. locked in a stare down, a silent conversation between the two of you. but it’s interrupted by a loud, obnoxious, six-foot-two fake blonde.
“oi!” atsumu exclaims, bursting through the door with trouble painted across his face.
with matching looks of shared irritation, sakusa and you turn to face your brother simultaneously.
“what do you want, ‘tsumu?”
“me? i don’t want anything.” he leans against the doorframe, arms crossed as he smirks at your confused expression.
“then why-“
“you, my dear sister, have some visitors.”
“visitors?” you parrot.
“clients?” sakusa questions, sliding your legs off of him and standing up. “there aren’t any booked in for either of us right now.”
he stalks towards the exit, with you following behind closely. until atsumu grabs for sakusa, halting him in place and letting you walk out of your studio first. the first sight of your visitors shocks you. pleasantly so.
“hey, pretty girl.”
the sight of iwaizumi standing before you is all consuming. a grin pulling at your pretty lips, giddiness pumping through your body — you don’t even hear the scoff from behind you.
unlike the night you first met him, this time the afternoon sun makes his tanned skin glow; dark hair cropped close to his scalp and green eyes glittering as he smiles at you. iwa is crazily built, all bulk and lean, taut muscles. he almost looks too small in blackjack’s waiting room. when you realise you’ve been staring at him like an idiot, your cheeks warm — burning once you realise he’s been looking at you just the same.
“hajime.” you breathe out in greeting. “what are you doing here? not that i would ever be complaining.”
he chuckles at your rambling, the sound is deep, sweet in a way. he raises an arm, showing the little box in his hand. “thought you wanted some dessert?”
you’re sure there are little hearts dancing around in your eyes, a soft gasp of disbelief leaving your lips. when you had replied to him about wanting dessert, it was mainly a joke, a tease rather, yet he had still brought you something. wow.
“oh no, makki, they’re eye-fucking again.”
“what the fuck, not without me.”
pulled out of your iwa-induced trance, two familiar figures make themselves known. the pink haired loud-mouth from the night before, and his dark-haired companion; the two of them towering over you.
“you really are pretty.” pinky compliments, earning an elbow from his counterpart.
“we never got to apologise for the other night, we’re really sorry.”
“yeah! let us say sorry by paying for a tattoo from you of course!”
“oh, well-“ you’re cut off when sakusa makes his presence known.
“blackjack doesn’t accept walk-ins. appointments only.”
you don’t have to turn around to know he’s glaring. you can almost feel sakusa’s aura wrapping around your body, his words final. yet you still find yourself pushing through it. just like only you can.
“it’s okay, omi. i’m free of clients for the day, i’m sure i can work with them.”
you grin at the duo, letting them thank you as you usher them into your studio. iwa passes by you too, the smell of his rich cologne alluring you; he nods at sakusa stiffly, respectfully, before walking into your studio with his friends.
“omi, you’re free too, aren’t you? we can work on them together?” you offer, turning to the man in question. his face is blank, expressionless as he stares you down.
“no, i’m busy.”
and just like the he struts away from you, leaving to hide away in his office.
“well, i guess i can help you, sis.” atsumu offers, looking all too smug. “aren’t i such a good brother?”
“get. out.”
shoving him out, with a little struggle, you manage to slam your door shut. sighing and catching a moment to collect yourself, you turn around to see iwa’s friends nosying about your sketches and him standing before you sheepishly.
“i’m sorry about makki and mattsun, they weren’t meant to be with me.” he apologises, scratching the back of his head, biceps straining against the material of his polo shirt.
“it’s okay, i’m just really happy to see you here.” you smile softly at him. “you’re spoiling me, bringing two desserts.”
“two? i only brought one.”
“give yourself credit, hajime. it’s you and this slice of cake.”
you can’t help but giggle at the light pink brushing across his cheeks. it was cute to know he could be flustered by you too. and it was really, truly sweet of him to be here.
“mattsun, when are they gonna stop eye-fucking each other.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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— most of yn’s day was spent giggling as she texted iwa. even one of her regulars asked if there was someone new in the picture.
— yes yn and sakusa go way back.
— they’re really close, he’s the one who got her hired at blackjack, and they spend a lot of time together.
— more about their history will be explained.
— makki and mattsun designed their own tattoos. and yn felt it necessary to add that detail in when sharing their tattoos on twitter.
— iwa is too smooth. i can’t handle it.
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callmeaster · 13 hours ago
Yet Another Sleepless Night- A Kenma Kozume x Reader SMAU
Introduction chapter
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"hey guys!" i greet the camera, waving as i start up my stream. "i'll just be switching games every hour or so, Bokuto's here too obviously!" i continue, gesturing to my side.
"hey hey hey!! i'm player two," he says. "Tsukidude and 'Kaashi couldn't make it though,"
"yeah, sorry if streams are fewer and far between for a while, we're getting moved into college and stuff so that's a bigger priority," i explain, reading the live chat as thousands of viewers begin watching.
a few hours pass by and we've effectively beaten multiple games. Bokuto sighs irritably as i've won against him once again, setting the controller down and glancing at me.
"me too, Kou. alright guys, i think we're gunna end off here- oh, thank you Kodzuken for the raid! really appreciate it!" i state, watching as the chat is spammed with emotes and kind words.
"Tsukishima and Akaashi say hi says Kodzuken," bokuto reads aloud from the chat. i gasp.
"those FAKE ASS HOES left us for another streamer? im astonished. im bewildered. im shaken-"
"wait wait he's streaming, let's see if they're there." Bokuto cuts in, clicking on Kodzuken's stream.
the screen displays four men, two of which are obviously Tsukki and 'Kaashi and two that i don't recognize.
"oh hey Kenma! hey Kuroo!" Bokuto says cheerily.
"hey," the blonde one mumbles into his mic.
"you should've come too!" a man with dark spikey hair states.
"nah, i'm hanging out with Y/N today! we played variety games," Bokuto replies, slinging an arm around my shoulder with a smile.
"we know, we were watching for a bit before we started stream, and hey Y/N i'm Kuroo! this is Kenma, but he doesn't talk much." the spikey haired guy, Kuroo, says cheerily.
"Kuroo, this is literally my channel-" Kenma starts, but drops his sentence with a sigh. "i'll have someone send you my number, let's be mutuals since these idiots are all friends," he continues once again.
"sounds good! i'm 'gunna head out now, see you all!" i reply. everyone says their goodbyes and i close the stream.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some stories start at the beginning but yours starts a bit later than that. thank you for reading the intro to Yet Another Sleepless Night. Chapter One coming soon :)
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yourstarvic · 13 hours ago
Warning: Nudity and suggestions contents 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Tsumu?” You called out as you entered his apartment with the spare key he gave you. Closing the door behind him, you heard noises in the kitchen. Jogging excitedly to the kitchen, you smiled as you couldn’t wait to tell him the news. “Tsumu! You will bit believe-Oh! You’re not Tsumu!”
“Hi!” The naked lady smiled at you as she closed the fridge. You quickly dart your eyes away as you stood in the kitchen, not wanting to see her naked form. With her nakedness not bothering her, she walked up to you with a wide smile, “You must be Atsumu’s friend! It’s so nice to meet you.”
“Hi!” The naked lady smiled at you as she closed the fridge. You quickly dart your eyes away as you stood in the kitchen, not wanting to see her naked form. With her nakedness not bothering her, she walked up to you with a wide smile, “You must be Atsumu’s friend! It’s so nice to meet you.”
Don’t look at them. Don’t look at them.
With her in front of you nodding your head, your eyes quickly darting to her chest and then looking away.
Why did I look…
“I am,” You chuckled nervously. “I should get going…”
“Nonsense!” She waved you off, “Please stay! Is there anything I could get you?”
“Oh no,” You shooked your head, feeling awkward. “I just need to tell Atsumu something but it seems like he’s busy…”
“Oh,” She pouted, taking a step, “I could go get him?”
“No!” You stopped her, “It’s fine! I’ll just-”
“Cana!” You heard Atsumu's voice yelled out and hearing his footsteps coming closer. Did ya get the whipped cream and the-(Y/n)!” Coming into the kitchen was Atsumu, fully naked as he stood before you. You looked at him with wide eyes as you saw him naked, surprised written on your face. Finally remembering he had nothing on to cover himself, Atsumu quickly covered his private area with his hands, embarrassed with the situation. “W-What are ya doing here?” Atsumu voiced croaked.
Looking away as you blinked your eyes, you tried to ignore how your chest tighten at the thought of the random girl and Atsumu together. Gulping down your awkwardness, you stuttered out, “I-I was going to tell you something but s-since y-your busy… I should come back later.”
“Oh!” The girl chuckled, “We’re not busy now! We were just taking a little break, tell him what you need to say.” Walking over to Atsumu, she slapped his butt as she walked by, “I’ll be waiting for you.”
An awkward tension filled the air as she left the kitchen and went back to the bedroom. Atsumu stared at you with wide eyes and his mouth dropped, swallowing as his mouth suddenly became dry. Atsumu panicked as you refused to look at him, given he was naked, Atsumu wanted you to look at him in the eye to express how he was feeling. “She’s just-”
“I should go,” You stopped him before he could say anything, swallowing your pain. “I can tell you later.”
“Wait!” Atsumu called out to you, trying to stop you from leaving.
But you quickly left, leaving him in the kitchen as he watched your figure leave. Leaving his apartment and heading to the elevators, you clicked the lobby bottom. As the doors closed, you quickly wiped the few stray tears escaping from your eyes as you cured yourself as you realized your feelings. “Dammit,” You whispered. “Why did I have to have a crush on him?”
Tumblr media
NOTES: hehe (Y/n) just figured out she liked him :)
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darlingimawitch · 14 hours ago
hey hey hey !
can I request a Oikawa smau ...
hey hey! ofc <3 since u didn't specify anything i just did random bf! oikawa texts! i hope that's okay<3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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atsumwaah · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
23. not fair at all
masterlist • previous • next
fun facts
suna has come to terms that kita > suna
actually everyone has come to terms with kita > anyone else it's just am unspoken fact so no one can actually get mad at him
it is simping kita hours all aboard ♡
the next part is gonna have a timeskip ,,, like a month?? maybe <33
taglist : closed <3
taglist : @akaashiwife @itoshibaby @its-the-aerieljeane @kazewo @call-me-lulu @rintarovibes @hxked @chantalkate16 @lilith412426 @rinniesbbygirl @bakudummy @myherotrashbin @jewlmin @achoomoos @oikawacooru @hotaruaizawa @bakugouswh0r3 @kac-chowsballs @daphnxy @drown-in-your-smile @valeriwa @oldassbatkane @erinoikawa @renhold-nightspear @sakusasimpbot @shionin @satorinnie @sunarintarouscrustysock @iheartkuroorin @malxoxo @namyari @ssuna @erens-piss-cleaner @succublunts @90s-belladonna @agasheeee @anime-meme-sanctuary @a-creepy-beauty @newestro @moonlightaangel @faithfulferns @ntimacy @gladly-olus @eveyams @schleepyflocci @peepeepoopoot @sassyglassesbunny @rinschuupet @iwasunshine @sumebreaks
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🎥; See You Again
Act 12. wrong account
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The atmosphere was light and cheerful around the two as they ate what they had ordered.
There was a light in the bar that made the girl in front of him look even more beautiful and unreal.
"Are you excited about the qualifiers?"
The girl’s voice brought him back to reality. She sipped her cappuccino while waiting for his answer.
"Of course, we won’t lose. We’ll go to nationals."
Iwaizumi’s answer made her look up to meet his beautiful green eyes. It was the same answer Hinata would give, or Kageyama, that’s when she realized her heart would break anyway. Because both her friends and the boy in front of her could have lost.
A sweet smile illuminated her face "let’s give our best then"
Iwaizumi smiled in turn, promising that regardless of the outcome of the matches, he would not drive that girl away.
And without realizing it, he shook hands and they just stood there, chatting and laughing until the last sip of coffee.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist: @bakugouswh0r3 @chantalkate16 @sharin-gone @greatcatblaze @tanakasimpcorner @succulentmom @tdntu0 @wonhyuksstuff
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splitontendo · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
pairing: osamu miya x f!reader
synopsis: in honor of your friends birthday your friends and you all decided to get high. buying the drugs from no other than osamu miya. the most attractive dealer you’ve ever laid eyes on.
22| deja vu
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Tumblr media
the nights breeze flew passed your bare legs, sending a chill up your back as your eyes burned holes to the back of osamu’s head.
“i have to get out of here y/n.” it was evident in how tremulous he spoke that he was upset.
“then let’s go, but we leave together.” you said the last bit grabbing his hand. that was what finally made him face you.
his thick eyebrows furrowed when he saw a tear escape your soft eyes, but you also took notice at how glassy his eyes looked under the small light the moon gave you two.
he wipped the tear away, grinning and nodding when you lean into his touch awaiting for his reply.
hand in hand you two made your way in the direction to his car.
he opened the passenger door for you, closing it once you were inside. once again like the first night you stepped foot into his car, the smell of weed was strong, and you couldn’t help but turn your head to the backseat, feeling embarrassed at the events that had transpired back there.
“should i drive you home?”
no, i wanna be with you.
“yeah that’s fine.”
the car ride was silent, and he tapped his finger impatiently on the stirring wheel every time the car came to a stop at a traffic light.
getting annoyed at the silence you clicked on the car radio, adding a quick ‘i love this song’ to whatever trendy pop song came through.
you rested your head against the window, zoning out while you looked at the city lights from afar.
“turn lef-”he knew, he remembered from last time.
you collected your items, opening the car door, you froze when you saw him getting out the car as well.
“lemme walk you to your door.”
reaching the white door to yours and alisa’s shared apartment you unlocked it but before opening it you slowly turned on your heel. looking up at osamu who even a few steps away still hovered over you.
“good night.” you mumbled and he responded with a faint kiss to your forehead.
you had your back against the door, looking up at the ceiling. it’s fine, we’re fine, don’t cry. don’t cry.
you repeated to yourself, steading your breathing, and unclenching your fists. there was a soft knock on the door that made your heart skip a beat in hope.
turning the knob to the door you were met with gray eyes that had to be reflecting the same unspoken pain your own eyes held.
“can i come in?”
Tumblr media
“sorry this is all we have.” you handed him an empty ceramic bowl that he laughed at but took. placing it on the window ledge next to your bed, and emptied out the tobacco from the cigar.
“hey get the bag and grinder.”
“where is it?” you asked looking around your bed.
“my pocket.”
you scooted closer to him, reaching into the pocket of his jeans. feeling your eyes burning into him he turned over smirking at you. “you feel it?”
“the grinder and the bag,” he furrowed his eye brows in faux questioning, “you got them?”
“you’re so mean!” you half shouted,quickly pulling your hand out his pockets with said items.
“grind the weed up for me, please.” osamu tried to change the subject, failing miserably to not laughing at the look on your face.
he examined how your hands opened the seal to the plastic bag, pulling out a bud, and placing it into the silver metal. why does he feel like he’s seen you do this before? he swears you guys done this before.
he walked you step by step on how he prepares his blunts. with a bit of small talk, where you call him out on staring to which he just replies by poking fun at something you did.
the times you two spend together was always so normal and natural. with no conversation ever forced, you both made one another feel comfortable and welcomed.
it was a feeling you hadn’t felt with any one before and you wondered if he could say the same.
Tumblr media
“you think we knew each other in a past life or something?” you laid back on your puffy comforter, taking a puff than passing the blunt to osamu who was laying right next to you.
“yeah, you’re high” he said laughing, almost choking on the smoke. could you hear his thoughts?
you sat up abruptly, looking down at him. “i’m serious!”
he scanned your face, you really were.
“wanna tell me why you think that?” he asked curious on what was making you think that.
“i mean, i just feel like i’ve known you for so long, or met you before.”
“that’s just the weed.” he looked away, deciding on looking past whatever this weird feeling you both were experiencing.
he saw how your eyebrows furrowed and you looked off to the side, with your lips pouted.
“i get what you mean,” he pulled you down to his chest. “sorta like deja vu right?” he asked running his hand up and down you back soothingly.
you agreed with a weak hum, mind foggy because of the drugs in your system along with the smell of your boyfriend’s cologne that you were inhaling.
“my bet’s still the weed though,” he chuckled when you sat up to glare down at him.
“yeah yeah, keep lying to yourself.” you playfully rolled your eyes.
what was he hiding from you? you didn’t want to say anything in case he gets upset again. you know you have to ask him about it sooner or later, in order to avoid any future problems in your guys relationship.
“stop pouting,” he moved to place the blunt into your mouth, “you’re making it really hard to not kiss you right now.”
osamu smirked at the look on your face. he must of worn the same look the night you used those words on him.
“then do it.”
Tumblr media
fun facts!🍃
atsumu rode with osamu to the party, so had to go home with suna and ginjima along with alisa 💀 let’s just say it was a very awkward car ride.
alisa and you have been living together since your last year in highschool.
there might be a smut chapter to follow up after this one. if i’m feeling up to write it fjandnaj, keep an eye out for that!!
taglist <3 can’t tag white :(
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trvth · 15 hours ago
prologue pt.1 | next
Tumblr media
࿏ warning: swearing
࿏ important note: this happened beginning/middle of the last year of high school, 2-3 years ago (before the main story) / messages w aiko (your best friend) is the day after
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i feel its kinda rushed lol,, oh well
ne wayz im new to hq so i pray i dont make the characters ooc or anything :-|
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trvth · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
࿏ as a famous musician, it wasn’t uncommon to collaborate with other artists. but what if this certain artist happens to be your ex?
࿏ suna rintaro
࿏ famous!au / smau / drama / angst / crack
࿏ warning: swearing / mentions of cheating / suggestive themes / aged up
࿏ important note: reader and oikawa are cousins / i’ll try and edit the warnings accordingly as i go,, but lmk if i missed any! / this is a rewrite even tho i barely had any chapters out lmao (used to be for bnha) / new to hq! 
Tumblr media
prologue pt.1 | pt.2
introductions pt.1 | pt.2
Tumblr media
im plotting and writing as i go lmfao its a hot mess in my drafts rn
updates will be inconsistent
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callmeaster · 16 hours ago
Yet Another Sleepless Night
a kozume kenma x reader smau
reader's pronouns: she/her
genre: best friends to lovers
you're one of the bigger streamers on the internet, but living in a dorm room with your friends while juggling college and your career can lead to interesting situations. that's how you ended up meeting Kodzuken. he and his friends are quite the bunch, but kenma sticks out the most. what happens when a friendship becomes a best-friendship becomes more? can you handle it?
chapter index
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