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#tsukishima kei
haikyuu-bb · 11 minutes ago
[letter for Tsukishima Kei form me]
(I would love to join in this request!I hope you take care of yourself and don’t overwork too! Stay hydrated and get some sleep. All about your blog is amazing. Thank you to you too❤️)
To : Saltyshima Kei my pretty boy :p
I read all of your letter that you wrote for me before and I was like oooh~ how can someone be this cute and care for me but never admit it. Like you know I have a lot of insecure lately about my body, my ability and my habit? I've never loved myself in my entire life. but I love you instead.. jk hope you don’t mind I try to distract myself TT
Your letter made me feel loved. I cried, but at the same time I smiled. Look likes a creepy one Ig.. I love you a lot, you changed my world and maybe you don’t know this but I fell in love with you every day! So you can talk to me about your day, your practice or just your favorite song that day. I’ll listen to you
If I can be next to you right now I wanna hug you. I won’t be a nuisance! I’ll just stay quiet so you don’t feel like I’m there. But anyways thank you again that you care for me. I feel more relaxed now. Take care and don’t be too hard on yourself. You deserved to be love too. Don’t you dare forget that! Love you Kei <3
— The love of your life >_<
You're so cute!! Ilysm😩! Thank you for supporting me, it really means a lot😔💕. I love making people happy with what I do so I'm really glad you like the blog❤️.
Thanks for writing Tsukki a letter! He wrote you back so be sure to read it and have fun (◠‿・)—☆ @dreamyoumsk
Hey dummy,
It's Tsukishima Kei for the last time... Why do you keep calling me weird nicknames... And I'm not cute... I don't know what possessed you to call a six foot guy cute...
Do you think I'd ever admit writing you a letter? Frankly, I'm offended that you'd think that. You know me too well to think that was a possibility. But... I won't deny that I care for you... You know that.
Look, I know you're insecure about many things and I wish I could fix it all in an instant but it just doesn't work that way. If it did then you'd always be happy no matter what it cost me. Right now, I'm strong so I'll be the one keeping you from giving up and giving in to all the things that get to you. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I'm here for you. And I won't even try to hide it. I don't care what other people think of me. I'd never hide the fact that I'm in love with you. Who in their right mind would even try to hide their relationship with the most perfect person in the world?
I don't care what you say. You're perfect to me and that's that. You can't say anything to oppose me.
I know you love me but, you should love yourself just as much too. How can you love me if you don't love yourself dummy. If you can't love yourself then I'll have to love you twice as much then. Up to the point where I smother you with all the cheesiness and lovey dovey yuck in the world. You should really rethink your decisions before you turn me into a clingy idiot. Just watch what happens when I become one of those cringe-worthy sappy idiots. I think it's possible because of you. Tch... Why do you have to be so important to me...
I bet you looked ridiculously cute when you cried while smiling, dummy. But I'm happy that you know that I love you...
My days are the same as always everytime so I don't know what you're talking about. Get up, go to school, volleyball practice, home. Repeat. The end. I don't do anything in the weekends but talk to you, homework, read, and listen to music I guess.
Actually, there was no school today so I watched dinosaur documentaries and had a Jurassic park and world marathon. I wish you were there with me so you could ask me what the name of each dinosaur was like you always do. I love telling you about them. It's so cute when you ask me what the names of each and every dinosaur in every single scene is. I find it really adorable... After that, I thought of texting you to see how you were doing but I didn't send it because I thought I'd be a bother and because I was too much of a freaking tsundere to text first... "I miss you, how is your day going?" Was what I meant to send, but didn't... And I also heard a song today that reminded me of you. I made a whole playlist for the songs that reminded me of you. I added the song "we could happen" by AJ Rafael to that playlist today. When I heard it today for the first time, it reminded me of when we were still dating unofficially. I really wanted to tell you everything I felt but I was just too chicken to say it. That sounds pretty pathetic huh. I'll send you the playlist so you really know how I feel about you. But really, not even the most perfect song could describe how in love I am with you... Darn it.. I really wish I could say it in person, straight to your face. But right now I'm too much of a coward to. Maybe some day...
And if you wanted to freaking hug me then why don't you? tch. Nobody's stopping you.. and I never said that I didn't like it when you're around and clinging onto me... And it's not like I get annoyed so easily so I don't exactly mind.. if you cling onto me... I like listening to you. Your voice calms me and makes me feel safe and I don't even know why... So you can talk to me anytime dummy.... Darn it, why am I even telling you this...
I... Love you...
Don't feel so smug about me admitting that in this letter. Just because you managed to make me fall in love doesn't mean I'll let you off easy if you piss me off. You know what'll happen if you do. You won't be able to get away from me when I cuddle you for hours straight as punishment. So don't even think about it. Love yourself the way I do. If you could see yourself through my eyes you would. I love you.
- Kei.
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kimbapisnotsushi · 31 minutes ago
anyways. sendai frogs trio is so much funnier when you realize that tsukki was probably the one to tell kogane, "hey yeah the position is open you should come try out" bc tsukki can grudgingly admit they are friends and that he and kogane sync up really well bc of three fucking years of mock training camp. tsukki is also a little shit who DEFINITELY knew that if kogane made it, their energy would be UNSTOPPABLE and they'd win more matches by simply being the most irritating wanna-deck-you-so-bad team in existence by virtue of him, kyoutani, and kogane being able to send you through the five stages of grief all at the same fucking time. basically don't mess with the sendai frogs or else you'll have three blonde shitsticks you'll immediately want to drop-kick but can't bc they could probably beat your ass. that's it thanks for coming to my ted talk!!
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shokami · 2 hours ago
anti - romantic ; iwaizumi hajime
synopses ; “. . . during the final year of college, iwaizumi decided to end things with y/n to focus on his upcoming career in the music industry. y/n held onto their resentment. years later after moving on, they come face to face.”
previous | next . . . series masterlist
chapter three that wasn’t very cash money of you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
authors notes and hcs ; don’t mind me, i’m just testing posting times with this late asf chapter lmao </3
spoiler alert: yn and mattsun don’t sleep together despite it sounding like that, he just knew that they probably needed someone to talk about the iwa situation with
^^ it would’ve been the the matsuhana duo and or oikawa, but issei was definitely the only sober one
VD??? possibly getting back together? this is news
CLOSED! @mirakeul @stellumi @boosyboo9206 @lilith412426 @schleepyflocci @moonlightaangel @whorefornoodles @daphnxy @zukoslosthishonor @leetucethesauce @kachuuha @faithfulferns @girlyluke @kodzurin @jesstetsuro @anngelllla @ellesalazar @sakusasimpbot @mahitocity @tendo-sxtori @peepeepoopoot @tetsuswhore @kodzuken-blog @bbyhaji @emsdesu @onlyonew @msbybrainrot @miyadarling @ahtsuwu @vinjayeet @sugawaras-simpsquad @beeps-beeper @ak-may @cirtruss @inu-makki @em0mik4s4 @a-moon-fairy @bakugouswh0r3 @seashells26
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved by SHOKAMI. Do not modify, repost on any platforms, plagiarize, or claim as your own.
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daddyjackfrost · 3 hours ago
Intertwined— K. Tsukishima
Tumblr media
tsuki x gn!reader (734 words)
warnings: fluff, mentions of food, crowds, use of the word ‘hell’ & ‘asshole’
a/n: requested by @h-grangerstudies ! (val remember when you requested holding hands after reading a webcomic? well here it is bae) & dedicated to @kyuuni (because she loves tsukki)
Tumblr media
“It’s so busy today,” Tsukishima mumbled, pushing past bodies with his tall frame.
You nodded, tightening your grip on the end of his sweater. “Maybe we shouldn’t have picked a weekend to come here.”
“It was your idea, y/n.” 
You pressed your lips together, ducking your head behind Tsukishima’s back. “I know that, Kei.”
A body barreled into you and Tsukishima grabbed your hand, pulling you into his chest. “Watch it, asshole.”
You blinked, biting your bottom lip to stop you from smiling. Tsukishima intertwined your hand with his, keeping you close. “Let’s just get to the food court, I don’t wanna lose you in this crowd.”
You glanced at Tsukishima, your eyes filled with love. “We can leave, Kei.” 
Tsukishima faced forward as you both walked, a small scowl on his lips as he sent dirty looks to the crowd. “No, I promised you we were coming here,” Tsukishima slipped your intertwined hands into his sweater pocket, squeezing once, “so we’re not leaving until you’ve ridden every ride twice.” 
Your lips pulled into a full blown smile and Tsukishima glanced at you from the corner of his eyes, his lips twitching into a smile at the sight of yours. 
“Thank you, Kei”
Tsukishima just shrugged, but you saw the small blush on his cheeks. Despite popular belief, Tsukishima was a romantic at heart, and he would do anything for you. 
You let your eyes wander. The carnival was at its busiest, as it was Saturday afternoon and the second last day before the carnival would move to another town. There were kids screaming, loud music coming from different directions, and the smell of popcorn wafting through the air. When you heard of the carnival, you had begged Tsukishima to come with you, but he refused everytime, except today. 
Your eyes landed on a cotton candy stand and you gasped, halting Tsukishima mid-step. “What’s wrong with you?”
You pointed at the stand. “Kei, look!” 
Tsukishima turned his head and let out a small sigh. You pulled your hand out of Tsukishima’s, wanting to get in line, but Tsukishima’s pinky caught yours. You were pulled back, and you let out a surprised yelp. 
Turning your head with wide eyes, your eyes took in Tsukishima’s disapproving eyes, but the small smile on his lips told you he found your stumble amusing. 
“Kei! What the hell?” 
Tsukishima lifted your linked pinkies. “Where do you think you’re going?”
You blinked a few times, your throat suddenly dry.
“What do you—I was just—cotton candy.” 
Tsukishima sighed, taking a few steps towards you. “I told you, y/n.” He brought your hand to his lips, pressing a soft kiss on your knuckles, “I don’t wanna lose you in this crowd.”
With your mouth on the floor, you let him pull you towards the cotton candy stand. 
Tsukishima avoided eye contact with you as you stood in line, so you poked his stomach, watching as he winced and then glared at you. 
“What the hell was that—”
“What’s wrong with you?”
You both stared at each other for a moment, beforing snickering. Tsukishima used his free hand to push up his glasses, his eyes darting to the side. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
You shook your head and grabbed the end of his sweater again, pulling to get his attention. “Are you okay, Kei?” Tsukishima’s golden eyes glanced at you and you eyed his faint blush. “You’re so clingy today.”
Tsukishima scoffed, dropping your pinky to cross his arms. “Fine, stay four feet away from me.” 
You rolled your eyes, grabbing his arms as you stood in front of him. “S’not bad, Kei, you know I love you.” 
Tsukishima pretended to gag. “That’s disgusting, y/n.” 
You let out a loud laugh, “yeah it is, now give me your hand.”
Tsukishima stared at you for a few moments before sighing and grabbing your hand, lacing your fingers together. “I’m not clingy, y/n,” Tsukishima stressed, “I’m being affectionate.”
As you moved up the line, you let out a loud laugh. “Kei, please, you’re killing me.” 
Tsukishima turned his head in feigned annoyance. “Don’t even talk to me.” 
You laughed, getting on your toes to press a kiss to Tsukishima’s cheek. “I love you, Kei, clinginess and all.” 
Tsukishima turned his head back, his eyes softer than before as he took a deep breath. “Yeah. Me too.” 
Tumblr media
taglist (open): @tetsuhoes @kailleis-sunshine @elektrosonix @hyunsamour @tobi-momo @iwasumi @hotgirleren @oracleofdin @borpcorp @ackerpotato @megumeee @kyuuni @h-grangerstudies @fail-big @addicedtoeverythinganime @asterroidd @bokuatsubro @aghashiii @howcanyoubreathewithnozaire @trvncyz @tooru-luvs @ohajime @mikaa7 @kouushiii
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kockichiouma · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tsukki is the perfect height to give Tadashi forehead kisses. (Also @deanpendragon ‘s fic on ao3 has given me tsukki with piercing's brainrot) 
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Tsukki: *sticks guitar pick in his hair*
Yamaguchi: How the fuck did that stay in?
Tsukki: idk, *runs hand through hair and pulls out guitar pick*
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giggly-squiggily · 6 hours ago
Hello :) coukd you do 7 and 16 with lee tsukki and ler bokuto and maybe kuroo <3
Ooo! Good choices! I gotcha covered, anon!
“Tickling is totally cheating!” Tsukishima backed away from the approaching captains, arms raised in defense as he was cornered.
“All’s fair in love and volleyball, Tsukki-poo!” Bokuto teased, wiggling his fingers threateningly. “You knew what you were getting into when you agreed to play, Tsukki!” Kuroo added, his Cheshire grin brewing with mischief. “Get em!”
The blocker didn’t stand a chance. Before he could attempt to run, Bokuto pounced, hands latching onto his sides and squeezing. Tsukishima immediately bit his lip, trying to push down the growing giggles threatening to spill.
“Come on, Tsukki-poo! You know you want to laugh!” Bokuto teased, a playful grin on his lips as he moved from the blondes waist to his ribs, laughing when Tsukishima grabbed his wrists. “Ooh, is this a bad spot?”
“Tsk, no Bokuto. You’ve got to go for his stomach!” Kuroo quickly jumped in, ten fingers poking and prodding along said spot. “That’s how you get the best laughs- see?”
Tsukishima sank to the ground, loud bouts of laughter erupting from his lips as he tried to curl into himself. “GAHHAHAHHAHAHA! STAHAHAHAP YOHOHOHOU JEHEHEHEHHERKS!” His cheeks were bright pink, eyes crinkled with mirth as he squirmed and squealed.
Bokuto fake gasped, turning to Kuroo with wide eyes. “Us? Jerks? Can you believe him, Kuroo?” The Nekoma captain nodded, eyes heavy with feign disappointment. “I can’t. Our Tsukki here has given us sass! We must correct this immediately.” Both grinned simultaneously and moved to the blocker’s legs, grabbing one each and squeezing Tsukishima’s knees and thighs. “Tickle tickle, Tsukki-poo!” Bokuto teased, relishing in the hilarious cackles and squeals coming from the blonde.
“STAHAHHAHAHHAP IHIHIHIHIHIT!” He cried, tears of mirth forming behind his askew glasses, threatening to spill down his red cheeks. Laughing, Bokuto and Kuroo finally stopped tickling, letting the blonde catch his breath. “I think he’s had enough, don’t you, Kuroo?” Bokuto asked, smiling. The other captain nodded, reaching out and ruffling Tsukishima’s hair. “Yeah, I think so too. Had fun, Tsukki?”
The blonde only blushed and looked away, unable to deny the fun he had. “Sure I guess…” he muttered, earning more laughter from the pair.
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toru-oikawas-milkbread · 6 hours ago
The Haikyuu Boys Responding to you Asking Them For Nudes | Pt.3
Pairing: Haikyuu boys x f!reader 
Notes: In this chapter I have: Akaashi, Bokuto, Hinata, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Daichi, Sugawara, and Terushima! 
If you want to check out my masterlist for the texting series posts as I make them, you can follow {this link} to the page! I’ll be adding them on as quickly as I can. You may notice a few things changing in certain chapters if you were around on my old blog, but for the most part I’m trying to keep things as similar as they were before! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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seijoh4whore · 7 hours ago
☀︎︎ //Haikyuu characters reacting/responding to:
— but it’s the names I think they would write in a death note
⚠️ // Warnings: uhh death 🧍🏻‍♀️
This is a little cracked please don’t take it seriously ✨
🤍 Characters : Oikawa Toorū, Kageyama Tobio, Tsukishima Kei, Nishinoya Yuu, Terushima Yuuji, Bokuto Koutarou
Oikawa Toorū ↴
➪ He would definitely write Ushi. Please he wants to go to nationals so bad and he doesn’t even believe it’s real so he’s genuinely not expecting anything to actually happen. Poor baby, he would end up feeling so bad he wouldn’t want to go to nationals anymore.
Kageyama Tobio ↴
➪ He would write Toorū but he wouldn’t write anything specific. Because he doesn’t write anything specific Toorū would die of a heart attack and Tobio would just think it’s a coincidence and blame it on Toorū over working himself as usual.
Tsukishima Kei ↴
➪ He would 1000% write Akiteru and you can’t convince me otherwise. Please, he still holds onto the fact that Akiteru didn’t tell him the truth, Tsukki can hold a grudge like never before. I think he’d feel a little bit remorseful once he realized what he did.
Nishinoya Yuu ↴
➪ He would write Tanaka after finding out that Tanaka and Kiyoko are getting married but then cry and try to erase it immediately skdhsk. Alternatively he and Tanaka would write each other’s names as a joke and go out like homies ❤️
Terushima Yuuji ↴
➪ This man would write his own name after trying for the second time to get Kiyoko’s number and still getting shut down. He thinks he’s lost his touch and has no chance with anyone else, he’s heart broken, completely devastated 💔
Bokuto Koutarou ↴
➪ Poor Bo, he would find it and think it’s a joke and show it to Akaashi and be like “look it’s not real” and write “Kashi”. No one tell Bo it just didn’t work because he didn’t put “Akaashi”, he’d cry forever knowing he brought Akaashi that close to death..
Requests closed for this thread I’m sorry ♥︎
Please give me a follow and let me know what other threads you want to see!
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lovelyt0bio · 7 hours ago
kageyama: hey what does idk, ly, and ttyl mean?
tsukishima: i don't know, love you. talk to you later.
kageyama: oh, okay. i'll ask someone else. i love you too by the way.
tsukishima: wait what—
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lord-luciel · 8 hours ago
how they would react if you canceled the wedding (but not for what they think) Part 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Description: It was your big wedding day, but just as you were about to walk in the door someone else walked in saying the wedding had been cancelled leaving your fiancé worried. Did you regret it?
part 1 | 2
Tumblr media
Characters: Tsukishima Kei x gn! reader
Genre: angst to Fluff ; established relationship
Warnings: kei calling you angel,  marriage (canceled), timeskip!,  (if I forget anything please let me know)
A/n: I love this so much, hope that you enjoy! (lol I'm thinking of doing the version that you let them for real) sorry for making only one character, I haven't had much time. anyway, surely the third part will be of kenma and kuroo.
masterlist | rules
Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei:
Oh... So it's over, is it? It was obvious that it was going to happen at some point, but he wished it wasn't so fast, or else... on your wedding day.
Now he was sitting on the bench of your shared bed, with tears in his eyes, but he refused to let them out, maybe it was a dream, and he was going to wake up, and you would be in his arms... 
What happened? Why did you leave? It was selfish to wish you would stay, he wasn't the best partner, sometimes he didn't treat you or give you the attention and importance he should, so this was something that was going to happen but still he wondered why if he knows he could avoid it, he still didn't do anything.
But this was just a bad dream, right? A tear now falling down her face.
And now what? It was all over? What had you done? You were on a fifteen-hour flight with no battery in your cell phone and surely a fiancé planning to end it all if you didn't show signs of life soon. This was the end, wasn't it?
 What was he supposed to do now? The hours passed slower than he would have liked and after all the tears were gone, when he had prayed to the moon to wake up soon, when he realized that this was real life, just then, when he thought it was a lost cause, with new tears in his eyes, he decided to dial a phone number. 
 You had already arrived at your destination, charged your cell phone and even slept for a couple of hours, you had already tried to call Kei, but he didn't answer, you thought it was a fair thing to do, after all you had stood him up on your wedding day, you decided to call his friends, but even Yamaguchi didn't know where he was. 
 A knock on the door of your room brought you out of your thoughts, and you slowly approached to open the door. 
 "Hello angel"
Maybe it wasn't too late for the inevitable future to become a reality, but he would do whatever it took for that to happen after death separated you, since he had already understood how heavy it was to breathe and how lonely the mornings were when you weren't by his side.
Tumblr media
all rights reserved © lord-luciel. All fanfictions belong to me, please do not copy, translate or repost any of these fanfictions without my permission. Thank you for understanding.
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lovelyt0bio · 8 hours ago
ennoshita: who's the most jealous one in your relationship?
tsukishima: kageyama.
kageyama: no i'm not!
tsukishima: you got suspended for attacking a student. the same student that confessed to me.
kageyama, muttering: so what? i dont like sharing.
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luuveart · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
->characters:osamu miya, shoyo hinata and kei tsukishima
a/n:being honest i am in a phase of loving kei,why??? no ideas, i just start loving more than the usual recently and needed to write for him, also hinata and osamu are so cute! so they are here too
Tumblr media
->everyone ship you two since the beginning, atsumu was the first one, seeing his brother and some girl cooking together was something to tell his teammates
->you bring him sweeties everyday so he can taste it, and sometimes you bring to the whole team and asked if taste good, and everyone would nodded their heads while smiling
->he acts like he doesn’t care, but when you have him a strawberry shortcake during the weekend, you saw him smiling for the first time, and what beautiful view was seeing him like that
->he helps you bake during his free time , and loves when you bite your lips when you are focused, he could stare you forever but will denied of you asked
->he was jumping of happiness when he find out that you could bake, and almost died when you bake him a birthday cake to him, what a happy boy!
->he also loves baking with you and even better when natsu helps both of you and decorate the cake and cupcakes with your initials, how adorable!
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nobili-bee · 9 hours ago
two questions for y’all about the tsukki fic:
1. all lowercase or proper capitalization
2. “y/n” or give the character a name
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Yamaguchi: come on, you play guitar, why not learn guitar, you already play ukulele
Tsukki, 5 days later: Welcome to, "My Fingers Wouldn't Fall Into the Soundhole" a complaint about guitar picks
All of Karasuno, who listened to the rant: i have enlighted by this anger.
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megumifushigirosgf · 9 hours ago
haiii is it okay if you write for tsukishima with an s/o thats childhood bestfriends with eachother thanks
yeahh! thanks for your request haven't wrote for tsukishima in so long also idk if u wanted to lovers but i added a few more at the end just in case :))
childhood best friends with tsukishima - hcs
gn reader | sfw | fluff | just very sweet
Tumblr media
tsukishima and yours parents went to university together and are really good friends, which somehow ended up in you too being neighbours and the best-est of friends
from a young age, tsukishima was like a brother to you, you found yourself spending way more time with him than anyone else
you guys had sleep-overs where you tried to stay awake all night but knocked out after 1hr
you guys ended up going to the same elementary, middle and high school
your friendship is very precious to eachother bc both of you know and have seen stuff about eachother that no-one else knows or will ever know of
you were there when tsukishima started playing volleyball, as much as you didn't understand what he liked about it, you enjoyed helping him practice. and when the whole situation with his brother happened, he shut every single person out except you and i'm pretty sure if it wasn't for you he would've dropped volleyball
its hard for him to open up about stuff in general but whenever he talks to you he finds it just slipping out
high school was you, tsukishima and yamaguchi as a trio, and as much as you miss it being just you and kei it wasn't so bad having yamaguchi around
you three where the elite trio and did anything and everything together
we all know tsukishima's personality is just very salty and mean, but towards you he's somewhat sweet and it's hilarious because the way he acts with you is a full 180º from how he acts with any of the other first years
he finds himself being quite protective but not in a suffocating way but just an older sibling
tsukishima as a best-friend loves gossiping and chatting shit: 85% of your conversations are just gossip but it's always so fun with him
i feel like he loves tagging you in tiktok's... but way too much honestly all your notifications are 'keitsukishim4 tagged you in'
a texter who never misspells anything and never answers facetimes
you guys have probably not hugged once in your entire friendship and tsukishima doesn't plan on it any time soon
i can see you guys being really good friends even into the farrr future, like little lunch dates and cheering him on in his games.
your bond is unbreakable no matter what he always seems to be the tsukishima kei who lives next door
you guys are soulmates
to lovers from here
your song: untitled - rex orange county
i think tsukishima was the first one to catch feelings, and it was pretty early on. he fell in love with the person you made him feel and then he fell in love with you
as much as this man sucks at emotions his crush on you is painfully obvious... his whole team knows and yamaguchi and hinata are constantly teasing him
he gets flushed whenever your name gets brought up and whenever he's with you he is almost always fiddling with his fingers
yamaguchi is the only person who knows about your crush on him, and he swears never to tell but the amount of times he nearly slipped up is comedic
sometimes yamaguchi will just leave in the middle of a conversation with an excuse hoping that you guys will finally confess but when you guys both realise what he's doing neither of you can form a full sentence
its funny because you guys have been friends for 15 years and just now you suddenly you have nothing to say,
and even though he's seen your face countless times before every time he sees it now its like he's meeting you for the first time
i think there's something in tsukishima's brain just clicks and he just confesses out of nowhere, its happy and embarrassing and you start laughing, this just makes him so confused and you ask how long has he liked you and he says "i don't know it just happened but definitely longer than i knew"
you guys make a really cute couple nonetheless
heres the hcs for a relationship with tsukishima
Tumblr media
i miss haikyuu...
i hope whoever requested this enjoys it and i'm painfully sorry it took me this long
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Tsukki is the king of Jackbox games
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4aloysius-porteu · 13 hours ago
i really wish i hated you || tsukishima kei
masterlist | 2 | 3 | chapter 4
Tumblr media
It was past 6pm and I'm still cramming to finish my reviewer because I was too occupied on drawing him, and my pinky is starting to hurt.
"Hey!" The librarian called, "The library is closing in 15 minutes."
"Y-Yes! I'll finish as soon as possible!"
The last letter was written on her notes. Whoo! I'm done! I quickly gathered my notebooks and pencils in my bag, returned the borrowed books, and did a little stretch. Then, I caught sight of something under the table. It was a yellow gampus notebook.
I picked it up and turned the pages where I was greeted by clean and decent handwriting. It was a little bland but everything was kept simple. All the notes are fairly organized with a proper writing format and different colored pens on each page, far from my notes that are full of highlighters and drawings. The back was clean too, but a name was written there.
"Tsukishima... Hotaru?* No, this is Tsukishima Kei!"
Realizing who's notebook is this, I looked left and right, hoping a sign that he'll come back for this, but it was already 35 minutes since he left the library, and the librarian was preparing to close the building! I ran out of the library to avoid being accidentally locked up inside.
"He doesn't seem the one to always leave things accidentally but here's his notebook! What am I supposed to do with this?" I sighed and contemplated while walking away from the library.
Did he not check his things right after he got home?! That's stupid! Should I wait for him to come back? No, it's cold and it doesn't seem like he'll realize he left his notebook any sooner. So, what do I do?
Eh, what am I thinking? It's just a notebook and it's not my business, might as well leave this in lost and found but the whole building is closed now and the guards are out for dinner. It won't hurt to not do anything, right? I have my own circumstances to take care of. Besides, I barely know him. He's just a stranger but I'm sure he'll be fine. He isn't stupid and he's a diligent student at that, so maybe he doesn't need this. He memorized everything he needs to know for his exams in one sitting. Yes, that's possible...
"OF COURSE NOT, WHO THE HECK DOES THAT?!" I blurted out in the middle of a quiet street where everyone looked at me, "S-Sorry..."
"Wait, exams... Didn't he mention that he's taking entrance examinations in Karasuno?" My eyes widened. 
Oh, shoot.
I panicked in his stead. This notebook must be his reviewer and he's about to take a test without reviewing this! That's a disaster! And I have no idea when is that! His exams could be in 3 days from now, maybe next week. He could go back here if that's the case, but what if it's scheduled tomorrow? Especially tomorrow morning?! He and I won't make it!
He definitely needs this! Why the hell am I the one getting stressed?!
I don't know where exactly he lives, but I followed him on his way home once, so I figured out that we must be in the same neighborhood. I checked at the nameplates of the houses and went a little far from my address but no one bears the surname Tsukishima. I might've missed some areas that are particularly dark and unfamiliar. It's hard to search when the only source of light is the moon and a couple of street lamps.
I was about to turn left but I saw seven stray dogs glaring at me and slowly walking towards me. Terrified, I walked backward and tried to shoo them away but they snarled, "Hey, e-easy... I-I'll go home so please stay there and be a good boy..."
The dogs didn't listen and barked at me, so I shrieked, "P-PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!" I picked up a pebble, threw it at them, and ran away. Their barks became louder and I heard a number chasing me! Do I look that suspicious that they want to tear me apart?!
I managed to sprint back to my house in one piece after I shut the door. It was really scary and I was breathless. I leaned on the door and let my body fall to the floor. I'm sorry, Tsukishima. I wasn't able to give this notebook to you right away.
The more that I think that his entrance exams maybe tomorrow, the more I got worried. If I were the one who left my reviewer and the tests are tomorrow, I'll scan my remaining books and rely on stock knowledge while drowning in panic all night, and I doubt I'll be able to answer properly once the papers are in front of me. What a horrible situation.
I'll look for his house tomorrow early in the morning in case his exams start somewhere between 8-10 am. Hopefully, I'll find it quickly.
— The next morning, 6:00 am —
I barely got any sleep last night because my brain is flooded with thoughts of failing entrance exams. I hate that my mind's specialty is overthinking.
I combed my hair, dressed up, and went out to look for Tsukishima's residence. After 15 minutes, I found his place that was situated on the left street 3 blocks away from my house. There was a huge sakura tree in front of it. If only those rabid dogs didn't get in my way yesterday!
The door opened after I knocked thrice. It revealed a tall, blonde male, but it wasn't Tsukishima, but he looks like Tsukishima, though an older one.
I bowed and greeted, "G-Good morning! Is Tsukishima Kei here?"
"Kei?" He looked to his left, "Kei! Someone is looking for you!" He looked back at me and smiled, "Good morning too. I didn't know Kei has female friends."
"I'm not exactly his friend... more like an acquaintance. I'm sorry to disturb you so early, I'm here to return something from him."
"Don't worry, it's no trouble at all."
"Who's that?" A familiar voice approached.
"An acquaintance of yours. Have a good day, miss!" I smiled at him as he went back inside.
Another figure loomed in front of me. There he is, thoroughly questioning my presence. "What are you doing here?"
"Uhm, so, first of all, good morning to you. Secondly, please don't look at me like I'm some sort of vermin."
"I didn't do such a thing."
"Yeah, whatever. I'm here to give you your reviewer. You left it in the library and you didn't even realize it right away. You didn't check your things?" I handed him the notebook.
"I was sure I had everything with me, so I didn't bother to check. Are you sure you didn't secretly take it from me?" He said while turning the notes' pages.
I gasped, a little offended, "I went through the trouble of looking for your house in the dark last night and this morning when I could've left it in the library and you tell me that! You're cruel!"
"I was kidding."
"That wasn't a joke."
"I was wondering why didn't you just leave it there," Tsukishima said.
"Aren't you taking entrance exams? I don't know when is that, and I was thinking that maybe it's tomorrow AND YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR REVIEWER. That dilemma sucks. I'd be a nervous wreck if that happened to me, but I have no idea when it comes to you."
"I see. But if it was me who found your notebook, I won't bother to find your house, and I'll leave it in the lost and found area."
"I mean, I get it, that'd be reasonable. I am just an embodiment of kindness~"
"Now what I said is a joke."
He let out a sarcastic remark "Indeed. I am cackling very loudly. ha ha ha."
I sighed and I saw what was he wearing, "You're dressed for the morning. Wait, were you going to the library?"
"Yes, until you showed up at the door with the reviewer. Thanks."
"Don't mention it. So when're your exams?"
"Next week. Wednesday."
"What is it?"
"It's the same day as mine too. Looks like I was worried for nothing. I have to go now, have a good day!"
"Yeah. Bye."
I skipped my way out of their yard and went home. I was relieved. I'm glad to be of help and it leaves a great feeling.
I spent the next days reviewing for the tests that are particularly hard because this is Shiratorizawa we are talking about. Tsukishima and I still met and talked for a bit whenever we visit the library to review a couple of times.
The fateful day has come. The day where my future is decided, the day where I figure out if I'm worthy of continuing my high school education or if I'm destined to live in the streets— I slapped my cheeks for having such an overreacting monologue, and to slap back the focus in my brain. I'll have to remember things and formulas.
I was memorizing vocabulary while walking to the school, not minding the people who could hear me murmuring to myself. It was pretty early but there were a number of students walking around me. It wasn't rainy today but for some reason, there was a shadow behind me...
I turned around and recognized the person towering right away, "YOU!"
Tsukishima was wearing a headset in his ears, but my voice was loud enough for him to notice me. He took off the one in his right ear. "Oh. It's you."
"Good morning!" I smiled at him.
He reluctantly replied, "Good morning."
There was nothing but silence between us while walking. I kept on memorizing and he continued to listen to music since there was really nothing to talk about. We're nearing the road that'll separate our ways.
"Good luck with your tests."
"Hm. Good luck to you too."
"Thank you."
"Because you might fail." He snickered.
"Why would you say that, I reviewed enough!" I frowned.
"You never know that."
"Then, if I happen to fail, I'll go to Karasuno instead."
"Why not?"
"I don't want to put up with the likes of you."
"Likes of me?"
"Oh, klutz. Says the one who left his reviewer in the library days ago."
"You're the person who kicked a ball to my face and shattered my glasses, that doesn't compare to what you did. The memory still irritates me."
"I apologized and paid for it!"
"As you should. Because I will sue you if you didn't."
"Fine, I can be super clumsly, but I'm doing my best to do things properly. Besides, you don't seem to be the one who always leave your things behind, I'm sorry for trying to call you one."
He looked at me before speaking, "I'm surprised you know how to judge people right."
"Not every time." I paused, "This is sudden, but can I..."
I hesitated as I realized it was embarrassing to ask for it.
"You know what, nevermind.
"Tsukishima narrowed his eyes, "What was that?"
"It was nothing... I was just wondering if you'll give me your number if I asked for it."
"Did you think that I'll give it to you?"
"That's why I hesitated, I have no reason to get your number, except that if you happen to forget your notebook in the library again, it'll be easier for me to contact you."
"Unfortunately, that's not going to happen again."
"Right..." I brought out my phone, "Will you take my number even if you have no reason to take it?"
"No." He replied, but I felt my phone slip out of my hand.
"Hey! I thought you won't give it to me?"
"I didn't say that. You're one of the few people who asked for my number, so it wouldn't hurt to give it to you. I'll block you if you send me nonsense messages."
My eyes sparkled, "Thank you!"
I got my phone back and tucked it back to my pocket after I saw his name.
"I'll go this way now, good luck to your tests again!" I waved at him and went to the left road.
He nodded and went to the other direction.
And thus, the entrance exams begin.
Random Tsukishima Kei fact:*The character for his name (蛍) means firefly and can be read as either Hotaru or Kei, which is the reason why Tsukishima's concern is dealing with people who asks about how the character of his first name is read.
Tsukishima might not reply to text messages :>
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