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v1ct1m1zed · 38 minutes ago
thirst ; dumbification if you squint, light puppy play, praise
!! lowercase intended !!
Tumblr media
i want my dumb puppy boy bokuto. i want him to wear a maid dress and little puppy ears and serve me. i want him to sit between my legs and look up at me with his pretty, pleading eyes, begging me to tend to his hard cock. and god do i want to fuck him stupid, hold his thighs back against his body and tell him how gorgeous he looks when he's stretched out for me. tell him what a good boy he's being.
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omi-omiworld · 57 minutes ago
Happy Birthday, Hinata 🎉🎉❤️❤️
Tumblr media
It's our sunshine birthday 🎂
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kitastowel · 58 minutes ago
—timeskip did him good mmmm
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
from chapter 375
Tumblr media
moots who might like this: @waka-chan-out @ellesmain @moondaius @tsukeshima @karasunowo
Tumblr media
Likes & reblogs are greatly appreciated ♡
※ All manga panels/scenes from the anime are redrawn for personal use. Do not repost.
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saffron-nova21 · an hour ago
Ice Cream Dates Pt. 2
Remember Me Masterlist
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Warnings: Mentions of fighting with family members, mentions of feeling inferior to your brother, mentions of favoritism,
"Rintarō, if you don't give me back my ice cream, we're going to have issues." You narrow your eyes at him, crossing your arms over your chest.
It was far too cold for you both to be out, in reality. You both should be inside, in one of your beds, surrounded by warm covers and pillows. Though, you couldn't resist the calling of your sweet tooth and Suna couldn't resist the smile you flashes him when you wanted to convince him to do something. So here you both were, shaking like leaves every time a slight breeze swept over the both of you, at two in the morning.
And there your boyfriend gives you that stupid, stupid lopsided grin of his and you can only imagine what he has planned. "Oh yeah? What kind of issues?"
Letting a deep sigh escape your lungs, you find yourself smiling, despite your feigned annoyance in your boyfriend. It was so far to keep a smile from your lips when gave you that grin of his. "Shut up, you're such an idiot."
"An idiot that your dumbass fell in love with," poking your cheek with the ice cream-filled spoon, he smears the frozen dessert across your cheek, eliciting a gasp from you.
You bring your hands up to grasp the napkins that you'd shoved in Rintarō's sweater pockets, quickly wiping it off of your cheek, all while the male in question snickers at you.
"You're such an asshole, Rin," you flip him off whilst taking your ice cream back, sticking your tongue out at him as you take a bite of the dessert, enjoying the moment. That was until Rintarō decided he wanted you in his arms, reaching for you and easily pulling you into his grasp.
With your back pressed against his chest, you're enveloped in not only his arms but also the natural warmth of his body. His lips brush your ear, warm breath trailing down your spine and making you shiver. "Like I said, an asshole you're in love with," his teeth nip at your ear, causing you to shiver, once again.
"Shove it." You manage to shove him off, a playful smile flitting across your lips... Well, the smile stays, until your phone begins to ring, your happy expression quickly falling. You didn't have to look at your phone to know who was calling.
Seeing the shift in your demeanor, Rintarō sighs, "You two are fighting again?"
With a scoff, you glance at your boyfriend, "Don't tell me that you're going to take his side in this." When met with silence, you continue, pushing your boyfriend away from you and taking a step back so you can look at him, "Look, I'm not in the mood for a lecture from you too, Rintarō. Every damn time anything happens between me and my family, everyone is involved. Aran, the twins, Hitoshi... Everyone acts like it's their business, and to pile on more, everyone acts like it's my fault, every time.
"I know I'm not perfect, okay? I know I don't even have a definite position on the team, because yeah, I can play almost all of them, but I'm not exceptional at any particular one. I know no one is going to choose me over anyone else on the team. I know that no one is going to choose me, out of a lineup of good-looking people. I know that. But don't tell me that now, after I finally think someone did choose me, over my brother, you're going to change your mind."
Maybe you sounded dramatic, though to be fair... It was how you felt in the situation. Everyone always chose Shinsuke over you. In every team, when you both were growing up. Your grandmother always chose his side, in arguments. Even the team you were on now, with some of the people you trusted most, you still felt like you were in Shinsuke's shadow. And you hated the feeling.
Because maybe you weren't the most talented at volleyball. But you were a damn good and hard-working player.
Maybe you weren't the most attractive person in the world. But you knew damn well that you were, indeed, attractive, nonetheless.
You were just as good as Shinsuke and you deserved to be treated that way. You'd thought Rintarō, if all people, would see that.
After a moment, Rintarō raises his eyebrows, "Are you done?" He asks, "Or do you need to get the rest out, as well?"
Letting out a quiet breath, you size him up, before shaking your head, "I'm done."
"Good." Rintarō, once again, pulls you into his arms and puts his chin on your head. "Because you know I'm always on your side... Do you want to talk about it, or go back to my place?"
"I just don't want to go home."
Nodding, he moves away from you, wrapping his arm around you. "I'll text him to let him know that you're safe and you're with me, so you don't have to. But we're going to talk about this in the morning."
Rolling your eyes, you nod, "My prince charming. Of course." You plant a kiss on his cheek, leaning your head against his shoulder. "You'll really always be on my side?"
"Of course," though his face didn't change much, his eyes flickered to yours, the same warm, found look that he always held when he was around you, shining in them. "And I'll say it as many times as you need, you know. I don't think of you as my Captain's sister. I think of you as my lover and as an individual. I'm not comparing you to anyone, but even if I did, you would be second to no one."
He wasn't always good with words, but sometimes, he knew just what to say to warm your heart, to remind you why he was your boyfriend in the first place.
And thanks to him, eventually, your phone stopped ringing and you were able to fall asleep, knowing that you weren't the only one who knew your importance.
Kita was always your parents' favorite, as well. He was the quiet, easy baby, and you... Wanted to be just as loved as he was, but nothing you did was ever enough for them. And even living with your grandmother now, you struggle to be 'good enough'
Of course, you know your own worth. You are a wonderful person who deserves to know how amazing you are, whether or not other people can see it.
Suna knows you struggle to be 'good enough' in other people, though he makes sure you know that you never have to do anything more than be yourself for him to love you.
Sigh... Let's hope this posts... And let's also hope it's good. It's not my best work, but I promise that the story will get better from here. Anyways, I hope you're all having a wonderful day and staying safe.
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saffron-nova21 · an hour ago
I. Ice Cream Dates Pt. 1
Remember Me Masterlist
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Warnings: Strong Language, slightly OOC Kita
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kita Shinsuke said some... Rather hurtful things, during a fight, earlier, that will be disclosed later.
Suna ignored his texts, too, knowing Shinsuke was just being nosy.
Shinsuke has a tendency of doing things that hurt you (even if he doesn't mean to, he just doesn't quite realize the impact of his words), so this isn't really anything new.
??? I hope this actually publishes this time? I had to shorten it, because it wouldn't publish all weekend, but no worries, chapters in the future will be longer and more in-depth. Not to mention, I'm attempting to post a written chapter as we speak, but I'm not sure if it will or not. The WiFi's been weird this weekend.
Anyways, though, I hope you all enjoyed and are staying safe, this weekend and through this week! 🤍 Stay hydrated and don't forget to eat!
General Taglist:
@kookie-doughs @halesandy @ermahgerd-larry-and-ziam @its-the-aerieljeane @onlyonew @kac-chowsballs @saltylettuce @thathoneybee3 @daninaninani @akkeyomi @vintagexparker @fucktheworlddude
Remember Me Taglist:
@javj @ash-levi @babyshoyo @hiraeth-z @random-fandom-girl-24 @kodzuklutz @tsukkiswifeey @thollandx @pandauniverse @starylust @calumsfringe
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raceyatothemoon · 3 hours ago
so apparently it’s been one (1) whole year since I started Moonlight Densetsu, and to celebrate that, i figured i’d open writing and drawing requests! so same business as usual, anything haikyuu related i’ll do, but y’all know what i’m best at
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nothingbuthaikyuu · 3 hours ago
I Know You Got Daddy Issues
Reader: F Character: Keiji Akaashi Rating: E Summary: “You know, today is about me.” Akaashi said Warning: Smut, Daddy Kink, Sugar Daddy AU, Bondage, Spanking, Belts, Degradation, Hard Dom!Akaashi, Brat Taming, Punishments, Impact Play, Hair Pulling, Blindfolds A/N: Happy Father’s Day Ask Box: Open | Check Out ThreadytoGoDesign | Join me on Patreon 
Tumblr media
  “You know, today is about me.” Akaashi said as he sauntered over to the bed, wrapping his tie around his hand. The deep blue material clenched in his fist. His piercing eyes looked at you as you sat there knelt on the bed with your hands tied behind your back with pretty pink rope. 
  “I’m sorry, daddy.” You responded, your gaze met his. Your bottom lip wobbled as he approached the bed. It was father’s day, you were supposed to be away from things that would distract you from him.  But instead he caught you working. 
  “I know you haven’t had much of a male presence in your life. And you never really celebrated father’s day. But that changes with me, I’m your daddy.”
You bowed your head, “Yes, sir.” 
He put one knee on the bed and leaned in. He tied the tie around your eyes, effectively blindfolding you. He traced your bottom lip with his thumb when he was done. He sighed, “Shame, and here I was going to take us out somewhere nice tonight. Maybe see the Skytree all lit up, but instead I have to bind you to keep you from disobeying rules.” He undid his belt and got to your behind and pushed you down onto your face and shoulders, unable to brace your impact against the bed. 
He curled the belt up and got a good look at your ass, “Safe word?” He asked. 
  “Peaches.” You responded. Even if the safe word was an option, it wouldn’t get you out of trouble. You’d just have to sit in time out or get your credit card taken away. The safe word was just if you became overwhelmed. 
And with a loud crack in the air, he slapped the brown leather belt against your ass. He left a welt behind and watched you jolt forward, further burying your face into the soft blue covers. 
He rubbed his hand roughly against the welt, “Mmm.” He said,”This could do some damage. Maybe after I’m done with you, you’ll have learned your lesson. Today is daddy’s day, not just for the Dilfs of the world, but also the daddies who have a habit of over spoiling their baby girls until they forget the rules. But that’s okay.” He smacked your ass again, “I love to put you back into line.” 
He smacked your ass two more times, watching the skin turn shades darker. He rubbed each welt roughly, feeling raised skin under his finger tips. At one point, he dug his nails into one of the welts on your left cheek and you lurched forward. 
  “Daddy! No!” You gasped, feeling the pain rush through your body. You hated that your pussy became wetter with each slap of your ass. You knew you’d be throughly bruised by the end of the punishment. 
He laid two more smacks across your ass, the sharp line of the belt across your skin. He smirked to himself and pushed his glasses up to see how wet you were becoming. Maybe he should’ve just made you write lines instead, but he wanted some satisfaction too.
He smacked the belt against his palm lightly as he watched your shiver at the sound. He smirked to himself, his cock getting hard in his slacks. He continued to smirk as he leaned over and ran the warm leather against bound back and lightly smacked your bound palms behind your back. 
  “Hmmm, what a lovely colour. Deep and rich, perfect for a baby girl who is trying to repent.” He said to himself before he landed a hard smack across your right cheek, creating another welt on your skin. 
You lurched forward once more but he reigned your back you in by gripping your hair and yanking you back to him. 
  “Such a dirty girl.” He sighed, “Such a dirty, filthy, whorish girl. Maybe I’ve spoiled you too much, you’re rotten to your core now. A selfish little brat, but don’t worry. I’ll make you the good little girl I know you are once more.” He took a handful of your ass and leaned over you, “No orgasms for you tonight.”
  “But daddy!” You yelped but were met by his palm slapping against your ass. 
  “No buts, you’re being punished. Now I’d had to clamp your clit to prevent you from cumming, so why don’t you be a good girl for once and not cum.” He then pulled away from you. He started to undress at the sight of you. He licked his lips as he let the belt hit the floor. The sound of leather hitting the floor made you clench.  He grabbed your hair once more, forcing you to press your back up against his bared chest, “Are you going to listen, or are we going to misbehave again?”
You whimpered, “I’m going to listen. I’ll be a good girl, daddy.”
He kissed you on the cheek, “Good girl.” Now nude, he was able to get a good taste of your sweet pussy. He pushed your thighs apart and put you back down onto the bed, your ass in the air once more. 
He saw the welts he left on your body. He gripped the ropes and pushed his cock into you. He felt your tight heat and groaned to himself. He said, “You like being used and abused by daddy, letting him do whatever he wanted to do to you. I know, honey. It’s because someone’s daddy didn’t love you enough growing up, now you find older men to rough you up. That’s the only way you can get off, but you’re not getting off tonight.” He palmed your ass with his other hand as he started to move against you.
The sounds of your bodies slapping together filled the air. He grunted while you whimpered, your face buried in the bed. You gasped as your body was moved back and forth across the bed. Your pussy was tight around his heavy cock, pleasure filled your brain, leaving you breathless. 
But you had to listen to daddy, no orgasms tonight.
He smacked your ass a few more times, not as hard as before but the lingering welts made them hurt even more. Your eyes rolled back a little bit as he hit your ass, bruising you even more. 
  “Maybe you’ll finally be my good girl. Listening to daddy once and for all.” He grunted, “You’re such a fucking slut, you love when daddy is rough. You bring out a monster in me, I want to ruin you in every sense of the world. Break you apart and put you back together, tame the brat that lives inside of you.” He scraped his nails down your back until he reached your bound hands. He left deep lines in your skin and the feeling made you clenched harder around his cock.
  “Happy father’s day to me.” He chuckled, “I bet you love this more than any other year. Because you love calling men daddy and letting them fuck your useless little cunt.” Akaashi had a habit of being a sadistic fuck at times. He loved to say things that struck you to your core, that made your pussy wet with lust. The first thing he learned about you was that degradation was something that brought you to your knees. 
  “Please daddy, ow.” You whimpered. 
  “You’ll take it.” He said, “You always take it. Nothing is stopping you right now except for your own brattiness. But you’re not going to ruin today by being a whorish brat who doesn’t know when to stop working. Today is about daddy.” He smacked your ass once more and you clenched around him tightly. 
  “Fuck.” You whimpered into the bed, preventing yourself from orgasm. Your thighs quaked as you tried so hard. You were moved back and forth roughly on his cock like a rag doll. 
  “See, stop yourself from cumming. Be a good girl and not cum, I’d hate to see the punishment I’d give you if you did cum.” He growled as he continued to forcefully fuck you, giving you burn on your knees and cheek from the movement across the bed. 
  “Please daddy.” 
The sound of sex filled the air as you continued to fuck or rather him pounding his cock inside of you. His hands on your hips as he got the best angle to take you. He huffed and groaned with each hard thrust, his glasses fogging up with his hard breathing.
It wasn’t long before he shoved his entire length inside of you and with a loud groan, finished inside of you. His nailed dug into the meat of your hips as he came. He hissed through grit teeth and started to slow down.
You were nothing more than a rag doll at the point. Limp against the bed, your pussy aching from the force that he fucked you and also the lack of an orgasm. You managed to stave it off, but at the loss of pleasure in your body. 
  “That’s it.” He said lowly as he pulled his cock out of you, He rubbed the area that he pulled your hair, “See you can be good.” And rested on his heels to watch globs of cum drip out of your abused pussy. He landed one last smack across your ass and the clench of your pussy made more cum drip out. He smirked to himself, “Good girl.”
  “Thank you daddy.” You said weakly, it felt like your mouth was full of cotton. You’d hate to admit it, but this was probably the best father’s day. 
He started to undo the rope. Letting you become flush with the bed, relaxing from the intense punishment. He knew you were still wound up, but if you stayed on good behaviour for the rest of the night. Maybe he’ll let you have one little orgasm, maybe he was spoiling you but wasn’t that the role of a daddy. To cover up all the daddy issues. 
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astheroid · 3 hours ago
A few things that made you fall in love with the one and only Oikawa Tooru.
Tumblr media
Oikawa looks hot while he’s stretching, and he knows it. Whether it be warm-ups on the court or rolling his shoulders after a study session, he’s sure to send a wink and a glance your way.
He spends at least 30 minutes styling his hair in the morning, so he’s a bit of a pro. It’s soft and wavy and he always lets you run your fingers through it (even though he complains about how you’re “messing it up”).
Oikawa is world’s most thoughtful gift-giver. He goes out of his way to buy anything and everything you want, no matter how expensive it is.
As soon as you feel a little bit down, Oikawa is there to save the day with a hug and snacks. He’ll sit you down and listen for as long as you need while offering advice (if you want it). He’s the first to know when something is wrong and the best at cuddling you until you’re alright again.
You’re the first person Oikawa looks at when he’s doing something important; this includes serving the ball. He’ll glance up at you for a reassuring smile and serve, the cheers of his fans fading until all he can hear is you.
Tumblr media
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rintah0e · 4 hours ago
🔖 writings and such - haikyuu imagine
the one
pairing : *insert any haikyuu boy* x reader
genre : fluff, a bit of hurt at the end (not rlly that hurtful but yea)
tw : none
Tumblr media
do u believe in soulmates or the one person who truly is ur other half and u can’t see urself without them? he felt that way about u. from the first time u guys met and he saw ur radiating smile across the classroom, he knew u are the one for him. so with as much courage as he got, he stride up to u and introduced himself. u did the same and he noticed how lovely ur voice sounds. that’s when he blurted out the question “do u wanna go on a date with me?”.
his eyes became wide as he registered what he just asked u. he just introduced himself to u and he’s already asking u on a date, ‘the fuck is wrong with me’ he thought. when he was about to apologize for making u uncomfortable, he heard u giggle and as he looked u in the eyes he didn’t see any uncomfortableness. no, he saw amusement and maybe even adornment? “u know, i never met someone who asked me on a date right after introducing himself. but yes, i would love to go on a date with u.” u said with another radiating smile and after hearing what u just said, he himself began to crack a genuine smile as well.
the date went amazing and u guys had a lot of fun. turns out u guys have a lot in common, which made the whole date not awkward. after he took u home and u two we’re standing in front of ur door, he asked u if it’s okay for him to kiss u. you nodded yes and he placed his hand on ur cheek, going behind ur neck as he stroked ur cheek with his thumb. ur faces inched closer to each other as u both closed ur eyes, and just like that u felt his soft lips press onto urs. a sparkling kind of sensation going through ur body as u kissed him back. the moment he felt u kiss him back is when he smiled against ur lips, leaving behind one last peck before ultimately moving his face from urs to put his forehead against urs. “i had a lot of fun with u” he whispered. “i did too” u responded back.
when he came back home and was lying in his bed, he couldn’t get over the feeling that today felt way to perfect. u felt way to perfect. it felt like a dream he never wanted to wake up from. it left him not only feeling giddy and happy, but in the back of his mind their was a feeling of dread that something just doesn’t add up. how come he never saw u before? did he just never payed u attention? were u a new student who enrolled when he was sick the first few days of school and he just never noticed u until today? he couldn’t quite put his mind into it, until the next day when he went to school and he was excited to see u again.
he was a bit late as he overslept thinking of reasons why he never saw u before yesterday and as he rushed inside the classroom and apologized to the teacher for being late, he searched the room for ur face, but the thing is that he didn’t see u. what he did see was ur empty seat at the back of the classroom, near the window. ‘they must be sick then’ he thought as he resumed to his seat. when the teacher wasn’t looking, he asked his friend behind him where u were, but his friend looked at him as if he grown two heads, stating that their is no one called f/n l/n in this class. before he could argument back, that yes u were a student in this class, the teacher called him out for not paying attention and he begrudgingly did so.
as the day went on and he asked more of his friends and random students if they know u, it became clear that nobody did. this made him very confused, cause he swore u exist. i mean, who the fuck did he go on a date with yesterday, if not u? but the moment he came home and hours had gone by, with him trying to contact the number u had given him, supposedly ur number. he couldn’t get any message or call go through, for his device told him the number he messaged/dialed isn’t correct. he layed in bed staring at the ceiling, not understanding what is happening, until he eventually fell asleep.
night became day and as he opened his eyes, he was back in the classroom. the date being the same as the one two days ago, but the only difference is that u weren’t there and that’s when he started to understand the truth. u were never real.
[a/n] : lmao first time to write a short story like this, after so many years of not writing anything. i didn’t know which haikyuu boy to put here, as i became very indecisive. that’s why i let u decide who u want to imagine this being. i hope u like it and maybe i will write another short story if i can feel a bit more confident in my writing, for i think it’s still very mediocre and predictable *sigh*
© rintah0e 2021 - all rights reserved. please do not copy, modify, or repost my works and claim it as yours.
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mortedeveles · 4 hours ago
best friends
summary: Yamaguchi Tadashi is a selfish guy. What he wants, he’ll get. No matter the consequences.
pairing: yandere! Yamaguchi Tadashi x fem! reader. (fem!reader isn’t explicitly specified though) 
genre: yandere, angst, NO HAPPY ENDING (well i’d say so). [ONE-SHOT]
tags + TW’s: PLEASE READ THIS! This is a yandere fanfiction, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Yandere themes, stalking, kidnapping, physical and graphic violence, emotional manipulation, description of blood, character death (not reader!), body multilation, IT’S A BIT BLOODY + GOREY, PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Slightly suggestive (?) But no sexual content. Also, 1 year age gap between reader and Yamaguchi. He also might be OOC, I’m not sure if I did his character justice :,,)
word count: 3.8K words (3,863)
A/N: I wrote all of this in an hour today, kinda proofread? So it might be a bit rough. But anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it!! Please make sure to reblog, comment and like if you enjoyed it!! <3
edit: I forgot to mention, (C/N) means Character/Name! So you can name the C/N whatever you’d like :) 
Tumblr media
Yamaguchi Tadashi knows you like the back of his hand. He knows you better than you know yourself- and there's no doubt in his mind about it. You wake up at 5:30 in the morning, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, get dressed, and then you walk to Karasuno high school, decked up in your manager tracksuit. He's got an entire notebook dedicated to your weekly schedule, he writes down any differences that happen in your schedule, has your likes and dislikes written down and so much more; he knows everything about you.
He first met you in his second year. After the third years had left Karasuno, Yachi was the only manager of the boy's volleyball club- until she recruited you. She began to train you so you would fulfill your duties independently once it was her time to leave.
The moment his eyes met yours, he was breathless. Your eyes were bright and wide, with a face so welcoming and friendly but at the same time, unbelievably beautiful, he swore he felt his face grow red. And then you smiled shyly and waved at him, and Yamaguchi swore he forgot how to breathe. Smiling shakily, he returned your wave. 
You've been friends with Yamaguchi since you joined the team. Everyone welcomed and embraced you like family, and you quickly became friends with them. Throughout the school year, the two of you have grown so close together that one could even say that other than Tsukishima, you were Yamaguchi's best friend. He knew you also appreciated him dearly as a friend, but you didn't feel anything beyond that. But that was okay. Soon enough, Yamaguchi would make you see him more than just your best friend. 
You knew of his affections towards you as a friend but didn't know any further than that. You were completely unaware; oblivious, to his true, perverted nature. Unaware of the sickly love and thoughts that swarmed his head whenever you were with him. And even when you weren't around, he followed you home nearly every day. After a tiring day of practice, he would help you pack up, wait for you to head out, and then follow closely behind. You had never noticed, and it made Yamaguchi wonder what else he could do without you noticing. His face warmed at the thought.
Tsukishima quickly became aware of the....crush, Yamaguchi had on you, but he was oblivious to the extent that the green-haired boy's affections. And as the third year of high school quickly descended upon him and you became a second-year, Yamaguchi begins to consider the situation with more seriousness. Last year, he's only fooled around, scared off some potential threats to his future relationship with you, and learned everything there was to your life and personality.
As the newly appointed captain of Karasuno, he knows that he'll be spending more time with you, and the thought makes him giddy.
There are gentle, small voices in his head that giggle with excitement and agree with him. They only fuel his determination further, and he begins to plan. Next week, he's going to confess to you; in front of the whole team, so you'll feel cornered and have no option but to accept if you don't want to break your poor captain's heart. And although he's only a year older than you, he's sure he can use his power and authority to fully convince you. After he's cornered you and intimidation has fully swept over you, Yamaguchi's sure that you'll be in his arms soon enough. And if not, he's a patient man. He's already waited one year- what's a little bit more of time? But it's the last year of high school, and he needs to cage you in before you spread your wings and fly away from him.
''Hey. Are you coming?'' Tsukishima's bored voice snaps him out of his thoughts and Yamaguchi shakes his head before grinning and nodding.
''Sorry, Tsukki! Let me just pack up and then we can leave.'' 
Your eyes feel heavy and you're barely able to keep them open as you tread tiredly around the gymnasium, taking out the volleyball net and preparing it for the team. You weren't able to get much sleep last night since you stayed up, giggling and grinning at the thought of the handsome boy who you had been texting with this past week. (C/N), had been your childhood friend until he moved away. But now he's contacted you after years of silence and he seems keen on reconnecting with you. And really, who are you to complain? It doesn't help that you've already found him on social media, and he's become quite an attractive guy; much different from the little boy with chubby cheeks that lingers in your childhood memories. He had asked you out on a date last night and you were ecstatic. You quickly agreed, and you were to meet him today after school at a local ice cream parlor. As you prepared the court's equipment for training, there was a dreamy smile on your lips. You were so entertained in your fantasies you didn't notice when Yamaguchi and Tsukishima stepped into the gymnasium, nor did you hear when the green-haired boy greeted you.
It was until you felt a gentle tap on your shoulder that you returned to reality, blinking rapidly.
''-/N? Y/N, are you feeling okay?'' The concerned tone in Yamaguchi's voice snaps you awake and you drop the volleyball you were holding, smiling sheepishly and rubbing the back of your head.
''Ah! Sorry Yamaguchi, I was distracted.'' You shoot him an embarrassed smile, but his eyebrows furrow in concern.
''You look tired Y/N, did you sleep well alright?'' Your friend's voice is dripping with concern, eyes wide and it makes your heart pang with guilt.
''Oh it's okay, I'm sorry for worrying you. But yeah, I didn't get much sleep,'' you frown and bend down to retrieve the volleyball, staring at it. ''I was...busy.'' And then the giddy feeling returns to your chest, and you force down an absurdly excited smile. 
''Oh? Is everything alright? Do you need help with anything? I'm always here if you need something, Y/N.'' The boy smiles warmly at you, and you smile back, appreciating his kind gesture. Yamaguchi truly is a thoughtful friend, you think to yourself. 
''Yes, everything's okay. Thanks for the offer, but I'm fine. Nothing that a good night's sleep can't fix.'' You laugh nervously, although you're not sure why you feel slightly nervous.
''Oh...okay,'' Yamaguchi walks at your side as you pick up volleyballs from the floor, carrying another bunch of volleyballs.
''Listen, I want to tell you something important, so could you stay a little bit of time after school?'' You're about to quickly reject his offer, but he's looking at you with a pair of puppy eyes that make it hard to say no. You sigh and nod, and the boy cheers in victory.
''Great! Thanks, Y/N, you're the best.'' He smiles and pats your shoulder, and a small shiver runs through your body as his hand lingers a second longer than expected. And for a split second, there's an unsettlingly sweet smile on his face but when you blink, it's just Yamaguchi and his normal, kind smile. The one he gives to everyone.
''No problem...'' You murmur as he walks away and chats with Kageyama and Hinata, who had just arrived. There's a feeling of dread bubbling in your stomach, and you're not sure why. With a sigh, you shake your head and resume your activities, hoping it'll quickly go away. 
Much to your dismay, the feeling of dread that's been distracting you doesn't go away. It clings to you throughout the day at school, and it only grows stronger when the volleyball team finishes the second session of practice after school, and it's time to pack up and go home. A gut feeling tells you that you need to rush out of there, but Yamaguchi wants to talk to you, so you brush away the gut feeling. Maybe you're just on edge today, but you'll get over it soon. Besides, it's Yamaguchi; your trusted friend. What could go wrong?
''Y/N!" Yamaguchi calls you over, where he's talking to the other third years; Yachi, Tsukishima, Kageyama, and Hinata.
''Hi,'' you smile at the others and then look at your friend, swallowing nervously. ''What's up, Tadashi?'' You don't miss the way his eyes widen and his cheeks grow red at your use of his first name- and you instantly begin to regret it. The feeling of dread pools in your stomach as you slowly begin to piece together what's about to happen. 
''I...I wanted to tell you something,'' the boy scratches his neck nervously. He takes a deep breath, looks at you directly, and smiles nervously. 
''Ever since we met, Y/N, I've always thought you were a very beautiful girl,'' his voice is nothing but sincere, but your smile drops instantly. ''And my opinion hasn't changed. You're an amazing friend- and a great manager!'' He laughs nervously. ''I appreciate all the work Yachi and you do for us. But anyway, I want to get to the point,'' his face grows redder and your feeling of dread grows tremendously. ''I've liked you- like, like you, for months now. Would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend, Y/N?'' He holds out his hand expectantly, staring at you with wide and pleading eyes. The first and second years are whooping and cheering in excitement, and when you turn to look at the third years, Yachi and Hinata are smiling encouragingly at you with raised thumbs. ''Go for it!'' You see Yachi mouth silently. All the commotion is beginning to overwhelm you and nausea begins to take over your body. Yamaguchi's still holding out his hand and he's still smiling at you.
''I....I....'' Everyone grows quiet as you open your lips to respond, and then you feel a dozen of eyes pinned on you. It's overwhelming, you can't focus and everything's too loud.
''I'm sorry,'' you manage to choke out. ''I like another boy-,'' you silently curse yourself for mentioning C/N- it's going to make Yamaguchi feel worse! ''I can't accept your confession.'' You hear a few gasps from the second and third years, but they say nothing. 
Yamaguchi's smile falters, but you're quick to place a hand on his shoulder and force a strained smile on your face. Even if you feel you're about to throw up.
''Tadashi, you're an amazing friend. I love you so much, and you've been nothing but supportive and nice to me. But I'm sorry, I truly am, but I don't feel the same way. Don't beat yourself over it, okay?'' Your voice slowly becomes tiny and you want to curl into a ball. ''You're an amazing guy but I'm not the right one for you. Trust me, you'll find someone one day who'll appreciate you for who you are and love you with all their heart. But that....that isn't me. I'm sorry.'' Your eyes are burning with tears as you rush to grab your bag and flee from the gym, pushing past crowds of students and racing out of the school. Your heart's beating rapidly, stomach twisting, and mind swarming with an overwhelming amount of emotions. Everything's too much- you can't focus on anything- god, it feels like your heart is about to combust. 
You sit down on the sidewalk, dropping your bags on the ground, and bury your face between your knees, inhaling sharply. You don't know how much time you spent there, trying to calm yourself down, but soon enough, your heart stops beating so harshly and settles down, and so does your stomach. Once you've regained your composure, you take a deep breath and reach for your phone- but you freeze.
Your phone's gone. It's not in your pockets, and as you search desperately in your bag, it's not there either. You've lost your phone. You don't know what time it is, either. What if you've already missed your date with C/N?! Shaking your head, you frown as you notice the street you're standing on. Your house is still at a considerable distance, and you need your phone back as soon as possible. With a sigh, you begin to trudge back to Karasuno High School, hoping you won't bump into anyone on the way there. The school's empty by the time you get there, which makes you exhale with relief, and you begin to walk towards the gym, feeling much more relieved. You won't have to deal with Yamaguchi then. As you pull out your keys and unlock the gymnasium's doors, you raise an eyebrow. You hear a muffled voice- wait a second...was that a scream? Hesitantly, you stand still and strain your ears; but the noise has gone silent. You continue to unlock the doors and swing them open, but the sight ahead of you makes you drop your school bag in shock.
It's dark and only a few LED lights are on, shining on a person that's sitting on a chair. Their head is hung low, and you can spot ropes binding their feet to the chair.
''What....what on earth is going on?'' You whisper to yourself. At the sound of your voice, the person raises their head. A shocked and fearful gasp leaves your lips and you quickly slap your hand over your mouth, cringing. 
Only a few feet ahead of you, C/N sits on the chair, face bloody and bruised. His eyes widen when he spots you and he groans in pain. 
''Y/N?'' He murmurs, eyes half-closed. ''Y/N!'' His eyes grow wide and he begins to shake his head and trash in the chair. ''You need to leave, now! Run!'' 
''What?'' You stare at him in disbelief. ''No! You're hurt! What's going on?'' You rush to his side and begin to assess his appearance, holding his face gently. 
''No, no! Forget about me!'' He pauses as the both of you hear approaching footsteps. C/N thrashes in his chair and shakes his head. ''Run!'' He hisses before his chair is dragged into the darkness. You scream and fall on your back, quickly turning around and running towards the exit. But before you can take a step forward, a hand covers your mouth as another hand wraps around your ankle. Your screams are muffled and you thrash around in the person's grip, but it's no use. Their grip is insanely strong, and they won't even budge. They stop and sigh, and all of the gymnasium's LED lights are turned on. You whimper in protest and your eyes burn with the sudden invasion of light but you continue to thrash until you catch a glimpse of green hair. You freeze in your place, feeling your blood run cold. A familiar chuckle echoes behind you and the person loosens their grip as if they've noticed your reaction. 
''Well, well,'' Yamaguchi's voice is harsh and taunting as you slowly get on your feet. ''Took you long enough, Y/N,'' he purred as he slung an arm around your shoulder, forcing you to walk forward with him. ''I was starting to think you wouldn't show up, and poor C/N over here would've died without seeing you for one last time.'' He snickered, and you gulped.
''Yamaguchi?'' Your voice is barely louder than a whisper, and the boy clicks his tongue in disapproval.
''Yamaguchi? You were so lenient on calling me Tadashi earlier, where did that go?'' There's a wicked grin on his face that makes you whimper. 
''Tadashi...'' you say. Maybe complying will avoid more conflict, you think. ''What are you doing- why are you doing this?''
He scoffs and walks over the C/N, whose head is once again hung low- but something tells you he won't be waking up for a while. The thought makes your heart drop to your stomach.
''What am I doing?'' He shakes his head. ''What does it look like I'm doing?!'' From his pocket, he pulls out a long and shiny knife, stained with blood. You swallow audibly.
Yamaguchi shakes his head and smiles at you, twirling the knife in his right hand.
''You should've just accepted my confession, Y/N. Why did you have to reject me?'' His voice grows pained and you notice that his eyes begin to water, but you quickly shake your head. Snap out of it! You tell yourself. He's trying to manipulate you.
''Am I... Am I not enough for you? You said I'm an amazing guy- you said you love me! So why....'' He's hiccuping by now, tears spilling down his cheeks. ''Why won't you be with me?'' 
He sniffles and rubs at his weeping eyes and you bite your lip, taking a slow step forward. ''Tadashi...'' You hold up your hands, attempting to appear non-threatening. ''You don't have to do this. We can talk this out, okay? Just let C/N go, and we can talk.'' 
At the mention of the other boy's name, it's like you flipped a switch in Yamaguchi. He grows ominously quiet, and his grip around the knife tightens. When he looks up, he's brushed away all his tears and all that's left are red-rimmed, bloodshot eyes. 
''Let him go?'' He scoffs and grabs C/N by the jaw. C/N's eyes are slowly beginning to flutter open and your eyes widen-isn't he supposed to be unconscious?
''I didn't hit him that hard if that's what you're wondering,'' Yamaguchi laughs. ''I mean, earlier, I did. I punched and struck at him until there was blood dripping from my hands. I'm still not sure who's blood it is.'' He giggles a little too cheerful for someone who's just kidnapped a person, and you feel sweat slowly roll down your forehead. 
But then his giggles die down, and you watch C/N wince as Yamaguchi's grip on his jaw tightens. ''The last thing I'm doing is letting this bastard go. He nearly stole you away from me, you know? I saw your messages. He told you all types of things. I'm glad I took your phone, lord knows what would've happened if you met up with him today.'' Your eyes widen and your jaw slackens. You can see your phone, neatly tucked away in Yamaguchi's front pockets. ''And what can I say? After reading the messages, I can see that C/N is truly a gentleman,'' the green-haired boy cooed, before delivering a punch to C/N's face. You let out a gasp of distress, eyebrows furrowing. You want to rush forward- but you can't move. ''You disgust me,'' he snarled and brought the knife closer to C/N's throat. 
''Stop!'' You're on the verge of the tears, but you hold them back. ''Tadashi, please stop. You can have me- I'll do whatever you want,'' One by one, the tears begin to seep from your eyes. ''Just please don't hurt him.'' 
Yamaguchi begins to lower the knife, and he smiles. You swallow as he begins to walk towards you, and your knees begin to tremble. 
''Are you-are you gonna hurt me?'' You nearly sob out the words as Yamaguchi pulls you into his arms, burrowing his face in your neck. He chuckles, the vibrations making you shiver. His breath is warm on your neck, and you bite down a whimper of distress as he presses a soft kiss on your exposed skin.
And then he pulls away, smiling with disbelief. ''Hurt you? Sweetheart, what part of this makes you think I'm going to hurt you?'' Yamaguchi gently raised his hand to your forehead, brushing away stray pieces of your hair. ''I'd never lay a hand on you,'' he murmurs. But then C/N groans behind Yamaguchi, and your body tenses. And so does Yamaguchi's, as he pulls back his arms and sighs. Your heart skips a beat as he pulls out the knife again and kneels in front of C/N, tutting in disapproval. 
''Alright. Off you go then.'' Yamaguchi begins to cut at the ropes with his knife, and soon enough, C/N can stand. He's unstable on his feet, but he's free. 
''Hey, Y/N?'' Yamaguchi calls out to you from C/N's chair.
''Yes...?'' You respond hesitantly, eyes still locked on C/N's trembling form.
''You should know better than trying to make a deal with someone like me.'' 
Before you can ask him what he means- his knife swoops in and slashes across C/N's neck. You scream as blood begins to spurt out of his throat and C/N drops to his knees. You rush towards him, but Yamaguchi holds you back. He glares at you with a silent warning; stand back. Hesitantly, you step back but you can't tear your gaze off C/N. He's spluttering, gurgling as he chokes on his blood. 
''You promised-,'' you feel tears rush to your eyes again. ''Yo-you promised...'' Yamaguchi tuts as he wipes the knife on C/N's shirt, before stepping on his chest with an impossibly wide smile. He presses down on his chest so hard that you hear a slight crack and your mouth widens in horror.
''I promised?'' Yamaguchi keeps his eyes on C/N, but his words are directed to you. ''I never said shit. And really- you're so naive, Y/N. What makes you think I'll let go of this piece of trash after I've fucked him up? He knows too much. He needs to go where he belongs- in the fucking trash.'' And without a second to spare, Yamaguchi raises the knife and stabs it right in C/N's left eye. You drop to your knees, sobbing and trembling, and instinctively close your eyes. You can hear the disgusting squelching, Yamaguchi's heavy breathing as he continues to stab C/N. You're still trembling by the time it's quietened down and you're too afraid to open your eyes. Something wet reaches your shoes, and you peek open one eye. On the ground, C/N's body lies limp as a doll, his head tilted to your direction. You sob as his right eye is still open and lifeless, staring at you; and the left one is brutally damaged and bloodied. At this point, you're drenched in sweat and the need to throw up grows stronger the longer you look at C/N.
''Hmmm...'' Yamaguchi kneels next to you, observing C/N's body. ''You were the last person he saw before his death, how romantic.'' He chuckles. The wet liquid you'd felt earlier continues to stain your footwear and you slowly look down. C/N's blood surrounds your body, pouring from his body and flowing towards you. Yamaguchi dips a finger in the puddle of blood and stares at it intensely, eventually sighing. 
''Glad that's over.'' He looks over at you and smiles. He doesn't say anything as he pulls you towards him, his hands gripping both sides of your face. They're stained with blood; you can feel it on your face. His lips descend upon yours, and you can taste a tinge of the metallic taste of blood. Tears continue to flow down your cheeks and it makes your lips taste salty, but Yamaguchi doesn't seem to mind.
''No one can take you away from me,'' he murmurs between kisses. ''No one.'' 
Tumblr media
A/N: ahh!! this is my first time writing for gucciman, i hope it was okay :,) please reblog + like if you enjoyed!! it supports me greatly and it’s a way you can support me <3 hope you guys enjoyed! 
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🦊 Miya foxes doodle 🦊
Tumblr media
Stress relief bc my head empty, only Miya Twins🧎🏻‍♀️😩💖💖 planning a 5 chap fic really has me💀💀
Please ask for my permission if you want to repost!
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fansxdom · 6 hours ago
So, mi amor...when you said that Haikyuu pic is not enough to get you to forgive me about tjat oikawa jazz.....
That did not stop me. 🔪😤🔪😤
HAHAHHA so ive come back with another apology letter, and this's irresistible cuteness 💕🥺💕🥺
Also this video is so cute and it always brightens my day (like you and Sylvia) and i hope this video will bring you joy 24/7 bcs u deserve happiness ❤️
You just--
You made me smile :') ily both sm :') Shitheads :')
Tumblr media
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jeijeigp · 7 hours ago
It's already 21 in Japan, so let's celebrate his birthday from now on. happy birthday to my sunshine boy 🥺♥️ in cannon, today he turns 25!
Tumblr media
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00: 𝑖𝑚𝑝𝑜𝑟𝑡𝑎𝑛𝑡 𝑖𝑛𝑓𝑜
01: 𝑑𝑎𝑛𝑐𝑒𝑟𝑠 𝑑𝑜𝑛'𝑡 𝑟𝑢𝑛
02: 𝑐ℎ𝑒𝑎𝑡
03: 𝑟𝑒𝑐𝑜𝑣𝑒𝑟𝑦
04: 𝑟𝑎𝑔𝑒
05: 𝑎𝑙𝑚𝑜𝑠𝑡 𝑜𝑛 𝑝𝑜𝑖𝑛𝑡𝑒
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Tumblr media
finding you
prompt- write a about an instance where the reader and character fiercely combat a person or situation that prevents them from being together.
cw- Hajime iwaizumi x f!reader, oral (f receiving), sex, praise kink, little bit of breeding kink, unprotected sex, slight sub/dom themes, fluff, smut, all characters are 18+
a/n- this is my collab with @ackerfairy I had so much fun doing this! I don’t know if this completely fitted the prompt but I tried lol!
Tumblr media
Hajime always found himself at the same diner every Saturday. The food was good- not great but he came for a different reason, you. You were quite possibly the cutest girl he had ever laid his eyes on.
He adored the ways your hips swayed when you walked to him holding his tray of food. Your thighs looked amazing in the tiny skirt you were required to wear by your not-so-great boss.
Hajime always went home disappointed, he wanted to ask you out so badly but unfortunately your boss always kept you late. Your shitty boss took advantage of your kindness, you hated saying no to people so when he would ask you to work another shift you always ended up agreeing.
Hajime despised seeing you all sleepy from working your endless shifts. Anger filled his chest when he over heard your boss say “I need you to close again today, you’ll do that right?” “Y-yes! I will” you responded nodding your head up and down.
You scurried over to Hajime’s table, “here’s your check! It was nice to see you as always” you said smiling. “Thanks... I overheard your boss, why are you taking that extra shift?” He asked. “Well I feel bad saying no so I- I just want to be helpful” you replied feeling your heartbeat pick up.
“If you don’t want to you shouldn’t, do you even want to take it?” “No- not really I mean...” Hajime felt frustrated, he hated seeing you do something you obviously hated. Your body shifted as Hanjime angrily got out of his chair.
“Hey man- stop making y/n do all of this shit for you” he said raising his voice at your boss, “she obviously has no problem with it she works extra shifts all the time” he said chuckling as if what Hajime was saying was ridiculous.
“Hajime you don’t have to do this...” you whispered grabbing onto the sleeve of his sweater and lightly pulling. “I know but I care about you, you know that right? I don’t like seeing you being treated unfairly.”
Your face heated up at his words, you always thought Hajime was such a sweet and kind customer. You always looked forward to seeing him on Saturday’s. Over time you formed a little crush on him, you couldn’t believe your ears when he said that he cared about you.
With a wave of confidence pumping through your body you said “I quite!” Hajime and your boss both turned to look at you. “What no your not” your boss said shocked. “Yes I am- I’m over this! And the food here sucks!” You yelled rippling off your apron throwing it onto the ground.
Grabbing onto Hajime you dragged him out of the restaurant where your boss was hurling insults at you. Before the door could close Hajime had to make sure he flipped him off.
As your adrenaline began to slow down you quickly began to panic. “I can’t believe I just did that” you said frantically as your chest raised up and down a little too fast.
“Hey, I’m really proud of you for standing up for yourself” Hajime said giving you a soft smile. As you looked up at him your heavy breathing began to go back to normal and the pit of nervousness quickly disappeared within your stomach. Instead, little butterflies erupted in your tummy, with the small amount of confidence you had left you reached up so that your lips met his.
Hajime graciously accepted your kiss quickly becoming the dominate one. You felt a heat start to pool in your panties as his tongue entered your mouth. Honestly he couldn’t believe this was happening. The cute waitress he had been crushing on for the past 3 months was kissing him. Your lips were so soft and smooth. He couldn’t help but notice the little moan you let slip out of your mouth when his tongue touched yours.
And fuck did his dick twitch when you pulled away whispering “mm need you Hajime” with a little pouty face “whatever you want cutie, wanna go to my place?” You quickly nodded getting into the car with him. He kept his hand on your thigh the whole drive, this only made you crave him more.
The two of you stumbled through his apartment, knocking into the side table, hitting the wall causing a picture frame to fall. You wanted to reach down and fix the fallen photo but you couldn’t seem to take your hands off him.
“Your so fucking sexy I wish if I did this sooner” he groaned picking you up and throwing you onto his bed. “Please Hajime I need you” you whined rubbing your thighs together to try and relieve the ache in your pussy.
Soon enough your skirt was hiked up and your panties and bra had been torn off. In the process Hajime had removed his shirt, his muscular chest and abs had you melting in his touch. Your eyes drifted from his chest to his lower region, you couldn’t help but stare at his v line.
“Fuck- your already drenched and i haven’t even touched you yet” he chuckled looking at your dipping cunt. It was embarrassingly true, you couldn’t help it though! Hajime was just so intoxicating.
His mouth trailed down from your mouth and to your breasts. Making sure to spend extra attention to your nipples, lightly tugging and sucking on them while his hand massaged your inner thighs.
“Such a pretty little girl…” he mumbled against your skin as he left marks all over your body. The room felt so hot, was it this hot before? You breath hitched as you felt his tongue finally reach your sensitive little bud that was begging for attention this whole time.
“Keep going! It feels so good Hajime!” You said moving one of your hands to grip his silky hair. The only noises in the room were sounds of your high pitch moans and the smacking of Hajime’s mouth against your pussy.
“Shit- angel- you taste so sweet” he praised as he watched your eyebrows furrow as your began to reach your peak. “I know you can do it cutie, common- be a good girl and cum for me.”
His words alone were enough to send your body into overdrive as you came over his face. Hajime made sure he didn’t waste a single drop as he continued to lick and suck sending your mind into a hazy state.
“Hajime… please- want your cock” you whined, “that’s what you want? Want my cock? Where do you want it cutie?” He persisted grinning as his body towered over you.
“I- I want it in me, please…?” You begged looking up at him. “Well fuck. I’m not gonna deny you from what you want angle” he said chuckling as he swiftly removed his briefs letting his cock finally spring free. His dick was big, his angry red tip was oozing with beads of pre cum begging to be touched.
His thrusts were perfectly patterned, fast and hard enough to have you a moaning mess but not violent enough to drown out the pleasure. “Your cunt feels so good- tightest pussy I’ve ever been with” he said mid thrust.
“It’s so deep” you cried as his tip kissed your g spot. You weren’t sure how much longer you were going to last, Hajime was thinking the same thing when he felt your gummy walls begin to squeeze him.
“Are you gonna cum?” He asked bringing one of his hands to your hip for better grip. “Y-yes! so so close” you squeaked as your mind began to go hazy again. “Are you birth control?” “Yes! Hajime- please want you to fill me up!”
“Yes fuck- I’m gonna fill you up, your gonna be so full” he groaned as he began to get closer to finishing. When you finally came your mind went blank, nothing but pure pleasure pulsing through your body. Hajime also came and you felt his warm cum trickle down from your cunt and onto your thighs and the bed.
“So messy cutie, I’m gonna have to wash the bedsheet now but before I do that I’m gonna run you a bath.” He spoke as he gave you a kiss on your forehead.
Honestly Hajime couldn’t have been happier, after all this time of searching to be with you he finally found you.
Tumblr media
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kuroowo · 11 hours ago
🏐 Team Japan Atsumu 🇯🇵
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Y’all know that photo of ‘Tsumu with the rest of the Team Japan members? That’s this 🥴
Please ask for my permission if you want to repost!
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