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sunflowershouto · 24 minutes ago
if your family was toxic - headcanon (oikawa, kuroo, ushijima, bokuto)
𝐚/𝐧: ty for requesting, anon! this turned into bokuto brainrot towards the end ngl i hope you enjoy. -leo
𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭: "hello! could you please do oikawa, kuroo, ushijima, and bokuto when their s/o's family is toxic?"
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: hurt/comfort, fluffly endings, toxic family members (specific warnings also added individually before each character)
my haikyuu masterlist
Tumblr media
warnings: rocky sibling relationship
✰ You were incredibly nervous about bringing Tooru home for Christmas that year. He'd met your parents a few times before, but that wasn't what you were really worried about.
✰ It was only inevitable, but you'd finally reached the point where you could no longer avoid Tooru meeting your older sister.
✰ Things with her had been tense since you were kids; she always felt a need to compete with you or tear you down in order to make herself look better.
✰ Your past romantic partners had been no exception; she always found a way to taunt you for the partners you chose.
✰ Oikawa plays it cool, but he's really touched to get to spend Christmas as part of your family; it makes him feel even more closely connected to you, and he sees it as something that really symbolizes that you're a big part of each other's lives.
✰ Tooru is looking forward to it, but he can tell that you're nervous before you even leave to your family's house, and he's not shy about asking you about it.
✰ You had planned on warning him before about your sister, but every time you thought it was a good time to have a discussion about it, you chickened out.
✰ What if she ruined things between you somehow? Or what if he decided that he wouldn't want to spend time around the rest of your family just because of her?
✰ You tell him about it, and he's super understanding. He gently asks questions as you explain how things are with her, and is patient with you while you try to find the words to describe your dynamic.
✰ You leave the house actually feeling really confident now that Oikawa has assured you that nothing your sister could say or do would make him love you any less.
✰ Internally he's kind of in fight mode, but he keeps it cool cause he doesn't wanna make you think he'll start problems with her.
✰ When you get to the house, it doesn't take her long to start her usual routine.
✰ "Oikawa Tooru?" she sneers. "Isn't he that playboy volleyball star?" She really leans into the playboy part of his reputation, implying over the course of the evening that he won't be faithful or that he's just stringing you along.
✰ He wants badly to say something, but he can tell that you don't want confrontation at Christmas in front of the rest of your family, and tries to respect your feelings even though he's dying to put your sister in her place.
✰ You're at the dinner table when Tooru finally has enough.
✰ "Wasn't your last girlfriend like, a super hot model?" she asks him, then pointedly glances at you.
✰ "Can you please just-" You're cut off when Tooru interjects, placing a gentle hand over yours as he cuts in.
✰ "Look, I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to imply," he started, lying through his teeth and trying to stay as composed as possible. "But I want you to understand that whatever ideas you have about my relationship with Y/N are completely wrong. I love her very much—I wouldn't be here if I didn't. So I'd appreciate it a bunch if you could stop saying such nasty things, alright?" His hand tightens over yours and he gives her a strained smile, pretending to be his usual cheery self.
✰ You'd never really seen that side of Tooru before, and you can tell that he must be absolutely furious, with how intently he seems to be focused on keeping his cool.
✰ That seemed to shut her up for the rest of the night.
✰ As soon as you two are back out in the car after everything is wrapped up, Tooru finally drops the facade. "What a bitch!" he whined, slumping back into the seat. "I really wanted you to pour your drink on her or something!"
✰ "Thanks, Tooru," you murmur, leaning over to kiss his cheek.
✰ He catches your chin at the last second with his hand and turns to kiss you fully. When you pull back he's giving you his usual trademark smirk.
✰ "I guess that whole speech was pretty suave of me, wasn't it?"
✰ "It was until you said that."
Tumblr media
warnings: food shaming
✰ You'd been dating Kuroo for a little over a year now, and he'd met your family quite a few times.
✰ You always seemed nervous about it, but they seemed nice enough, and he'd never seen you have any problems with them before, so he was eager to accept when you told him that your parents had invited the two of you over for dinner.
✰ It occurred to him then that he'd never eaten a proper meal with your family before, and now he was eager to make a good impression.
✰ the original outfit he had planned was way too formal and you had to convince him to change because "Tetsu- It's just a casual dinner! You're not going to the frickin' Oscars!"
✰ He could tell that you were a little antsy about the whole thing, but when he asked you what was up you sort of danced around the topic. He took note of it, but decided not to press any further.
✰ You got to your parents' house, and everything seemed normal until you sat down for dinner.
✰ "See, Y/N, this is what a meal with vegetables looks like, not the crap you usually eat," your sister teased, nudging you as she walked past you.
✰ Kuroo is slightly irked by the comment because he knows how much you worry about what you eat, but he notices the way you awkwardly laugh it off and tries not to let it sour his mood.
✰ You're halfway through the meal when you reach out to take another piece of meat from the pot at the center of the table, and your dad scoffs.
✰ "Seconds, really? That's why you're so unhealthy, you know," he mutters to you, and you frown, dropping the food back into the pot and setting your utensils down.
✰ Kuroo is so fuckin' taken aback. He just blinks at your father and his face is the literal definition of "whatthefuckdidyoujustsay?"
✰ "Excuse me," Tetsuro addresses your father, a polite smile on his face. "But I didn't hear what you said. Could you repeat yourself?"
✰ Tetsu can feel you grabbing his sleeve to try to get him to stand down, but he's legitimately pissed off, and he plans on making it known.
✰ "All I said was that she didn't need seconds," came your dad's curt reply.
✰ "I think that she can decide that for herself, don't you?"
✰ "You haven't seen how she eats, it's-"
✰ "Her decision. And I do see how she eats, considering I live with her. And I don't see a problem with it."
✰ "I didn't know your boyfriend was so disrespectful," your father muttered in your direction.
✰ "Sorry, sir," Kuroo apologized, bowing his head slightly, before pointedly adding, "I should have known to watch my mouth when it came to matters that are none of my business."
✰ Your entire family is just staring at Kuroo in shock—part of you is dying inside because you really wanted them to get along, and the other part of you is honestly super relieved that he stood up for you so quickly.
✰ As soon as the conversation passes, Tetsu goes back to being his usual charming self. He helps your mom with the dishes, entertains your younger siblings, and sends the occasional passive aggressive stare in your father's direction.
✰ Miraculously, his standing with your family seems to be mostly unharmed, but you can tell that there's now some animosity between him and your dad.
✰ You get back to your place and shut the door, sliding your shoes off in the entryway. "I'm sorry, Tetsu, I didn't think he'd-"
✰ "Don't apologize, kitten. How can you even stand that guy?" he sighs, kicking his shoes off before moving to wrap his arms around you from behind, resting his head on your shoulder.
✰ You run your hand through his hair and he's quiet for a second before he speaks again. "Why didn't you tell me?"
✰ "I just... Didn't want you to think badly of my family. They can say a lot of hurtful things, but I do love them."
✰ Tetsu frowned, holding you a bit tighter and pressing a soft kiss to your neck. "That's not right. You should say something. But look... I think you're beautiful, and I don't want you to listen to whatever crap they've been spewing at you. Your eating habits should be whatever makes you happiest, alright?"
✰ "Thank you, Tetsu."
Tumblr media
warnings: divorced/separated parents ✰ Your parents had been separated for close to three years, and honestly you were getting pretty sick of dealing with it.
✰ Both of them were still lashing out at each other, being petty, and trying to get you to choose a side.
✰ As much as you loved them both, they could drive you absolutely insane.
✰ You were hoping that they'd be able to get it together and act like adults for just one day. You knew that they'd both want to come to your engagement party to Wakatoshi, and you really did want them both to be there.
✰ What you didn't want was all the drama that would end up following them.
✰ Toshi was already quite familiar to the resentment between your parents, but he had assured you that things would be fine.
✰ "Your parents are both adults, Y/N," he had promised you the morning of the party. "They'll know better."
✰ Unfortunately, that had not at all proved to be the case.
✰ "Dad, I thought I told you not to bring your girlfriend," you whispered, pulling him aside before he entered your apartment, where the rest of your family was already gathered.
✰ "She's part of the family, Y/N! You need to stop excluding her."
✰ "You've only been dating her for like a month!" you snapped, bringing your hands to your temples. "Just try not to start any problems with mom. Please? For me and Toshi?"
✰ "I'm not the one who starts the problems," he deflected, before stepping past you.
✰ Great.
✰ Toshi can tell when you walk back in that you're on edge, and he makes sure to stay by your side, arm protectively around your waist as you introduce him to some of your more distant relatives.
✰ You can hear the sounds of bickering from the kitchen, and you sigh as you realize that your mother must have spotted your dad with his girlfriend.
✰ As discretely as you can, you excuse yourself from the room, leaving Toshi to entertain your guests while you head for the kitchen.
✰ "I can't believe you! You bring a different girl to every holiday, it's ridiculous! She wasn't invited, so why is she here?"
✰ "I'm sorry for trying to stay connected to my child!" your father snapped at your mother.
✰ "Oh, bullshit! You only started caring about her once you wanted to take her away from me!"
✰ You don't even know where to start, and you can't get a word in edgewise; they're practically at each other's throats, and that's before your dad's girlfriend started chiming in.
✰ "Will you all stop it?!" you finally shout, not caring if the rest of your guests can hear. "Today was supposed to be for me and Wakatoshi—Why can't you just be happy for me?"
✰ You regret your words, because now both of your parents are angry with you, shouting over each other to chastise you.
✰ "Really, Y/N?! After everything I've done to support you, this is the thanks I get? You've always supported your father over me, and now you won't even defend me!"
✰ "Ever since I split from your mother, you've been cold to me! You want me to support your marriage, but you won't even let me bring my partner to your stupid party?"
✰ You can't speak around the lump in your throat, and they won't stop yelling at you. Panic starts to set in as tears well in your eyes, and it takes you a moment to register the firm hand on your shoulder, and the way that both of your parents have trailed off.
✰ "I would appreciate it if you would stop berating my fiancée," Ushijima tells them, his voice steady and monotone.
✰ You can't see the look on Toshi's face, but it must be pretty terrifying, because both of your parents look as though they've seen a ghost.
✰ "I invited you into our home because I assumed that you would be able to set aside your differences for the day in order to celebrate Y/N's happiness. I see now that I was wrong, so it's time for you to leave."
✰ Toshi's hand moved from your shoulder and slides around your waist so he can pull you into his side.
✰ "B-But—"
✰ "Was what I said unclear to you?" he asked, tilting his head. "Leave."
✰ Ushijima tells you to stay in the kitchen while he escorts your parents (and your dad's girlfriend) to the door. When he comes back and sees that you're crying, he pulls you into a hug.
✰ He's never been good with words, so he just holds you until your tears slowly come to a stop. "Are you ready to go back to the party now, love?"
✰ You nod, sniffling and wiping your eyes. "I look like a real mess, don't I?"
✰ He just shook his head. "Not at all. You're beautiful as always."
Tumblr media
warnings: overbearing extended family, judgemental cousins
✰ Bokuto is somehow both super chill and also super protective.
✰ He'll do stupid shit with you like railing surf down a staircase, but if anyone looks at you funny his hands are rated E for everyone.
✰ And he means everyone.
✰ Bokuto is super chill with your direct family. He loves your parents and siblings, and they all love him.
✰ However, once your uncles and aunts and cousins get thrown into the mix, things get a little dicier.
✰ Bokuto's never met them before, but he's heard you tell a few stories about your bitchy, mean-girl cousins who look down on you for not being an academic prodigy or some kind of super-genius.
✰ Your extended family is quite a bit wealthier than your direct family as well, which just adds another layer of separation between you.
✰ When you told Bokuto that you wanted him to come to your family's New Year celebration, he was super excited.
✰ Honestly just so happy that you wanted him to be at a family event, because that meant you thought of him as family and he just adored that thought.
✰ Does his hair extra special that morning while you're getting ready, making sure that his spikes are extra spiky.
✰ He's in a great mood as you drive over, tapping his hands against the steering wheel and humming while he drives.
✰ You're pretty excited too, but a pit forms in your stomach as you see a luxury car parked in the driveway of your parents' house. You didn't know they would be there, and you weren't exactly happy about it.
✰ Kou's torn between being impressed by the car and getting prickly because he knows the cousins are going to be there, and he wants to size them up for himself.
✰ "Relax, Koutarou," you laugh softly, taking his hand. "I'll just ignore them like always."
✰ "Hmph. I am relaxed!" He squeezes your hand back before knocking on the front door.
✰ Your mother opens the door, and immediately your younger siblings come running to see Bokuto, and he disappears somewhere to go play with them.
✰ You go to sit down in the living room, and immediately you can feel two unforgiving gazes drilling into the back of your head. You shudder slightly, but turn to give your cousins a polite smile.
✰ "It's nice to see you again, Ena, Minako." you tell them, gritting your teeth as they give you their usual fake greeting.
✰ "Our mom told us you were dating someone eccentric," Kimi laughs, "but we didn't think he'd be that much of a-"
✰ You clear your throat, your smile dripping with venom as you cut her off with a pointed glare. "Wonderful guy? Yeah, I know, right? I really am lucky, aren't I?"
✰ You'd smile and grit your teeth through whatever they had to say about you, but you made it very clear that you wouldn't be allowing either of them to speak badly about Kou.
✰ Bokuto comes back into the room after a while and takes a seat next to you, giving your cousins a smile. "So you must be Ena and Minako, huh?" he asks, trying his best to seem casually intimidating. "I'm Bokuto Koutarou. I've heard so much about you."
✰ You would have teased him for it if you weren't rooting for it to work.
✰ They practically ignore him, brushing off his greeting with nothing more than thin smiles. "Y/N do you remember New Years in middle school when that boy stood you up to visit the temple?" Ena asked, quickly changing the topic.
✰ "I do remember that, Ena," you mutter, jaw clenching. "I was there."
✰ "It was so funny, Koutarou," Minako adds. "She told everyone that she had a boyfriend and then he didn't show up!"
✰ Bokuto blinks at them, and internally his respect for you multiplies by like a thousand for not having committed murder in all the years you'd grown up around these girls. "What's the point of telling me that? What the hell's your problem?"
✰ "Huh? We don't have a problem! We're just telling you a story about Y/N!"
✰ "Yeah, a mean story! No one's allowed to embarrass my girlfriend except for me!"
✰ "She's good enough at embarrassing herself," Minako snapped, not used to being stood up to.
✰ "The hell did you just say?" you snap. Before you can defend yourself, Bokuto is on his feet, staring down at your cousins.
✰ "Hey. I don't know if you think I don't have ears, or if you think that I won't stand up for her, but you damn vultures better listen: Maybe you should think about why Y/N has a boyfriend and you don't before you say anything else about her. That's my girlfriend you're talking about, so watch it!"
✰ Your cousins leave the room, and you can tell that Kou is proud of himself.
✰ "Bo, that might be the most badass thing you've ever said," you tell him, resting your head on your shoulder.
✰ "Bad...Ass...?" he whispers in awe, going starry-eyed at the compliment. ♫ "HELL YEAH! I'm a badass!"♫ he sings, throwing his arms around you and peppering your face in kisses.
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souichieatr · an hour ago
wanna be yours , ch 20
suna x f!reader , apple cider
Tumblr media
where two opposites fall in love
a/n: omg ch 20 aa
ch.19 i will ,
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
facts !
y/n recorded the cover while the band was making the set list
the guitar in the vid is one of semi's
suna really liked the cover and his heart did a flip<3
@applekenm , @xhanjisungiex , @astronomyturtle , @sirachano0dles , @yn-tingz , @killmepls-uwu , @bakugouswh0r3 , @kageyamas-love , @samtheweirdhuman , @kac-chowsballs , @etheraliwa , @ssunasimpp , @lovelykaia , @yamayoomi , @satomiis , @tsukkisboo , @heyheyheyhaikyu , @tycrackculture , @kotwd , @erinoikawa , @xstormiii , @calumsfringe , @fucktheworlddude , @weeb-mp4 , @thatonegeekchick , @kurootrash , @howcanibreathewithnozaire , @onlyonew , @navymacaroons , @rethinking-life-choices , @luvjain , @moonlightaangel , @daphnxy , @akkeyomi , @lucacangetthisass , @yqshirov , @koifish69 , @tsukibaby , @yesuraloser
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fushiguroll · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
GENRE:: slice of life / lowkey fluff
WARNING:: ⛔️ mentions of unwanted physical and verbal (sexual) advances
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤷ AKAASHI Keiji watches the lip gloss wand glide across your lips. “Is something bothering you?” He knows you like the back of his hand. The furrowing of your brows, the pout that ghosted your features all day today, Keiji etched it all in his heart. Coming up from behind, he wraps his arms around you as you lean back against his chest. “what’s wrong, sweetheart?” he murmurs against your ears. “a colleague at work touched me today.” At your words, Akaashi stiffens, an incomprehensible feeling erupting in his heart. “touched you where?” “Oh it was just my hands. We shook hands but he wouldn’t let go until I told him to.” Akaashi turns you around, looking you in the eyes, “what do you mean “it was just my hands?” That was very inappropriate of him and I’m so sorry you had to go through this. I’ll bring you to work tomorrow and maybe have a little chat with him.” “babe, you don’t have to.” “I know, but I want to.”
⤷ SUNA Rintaro “are you ready, princess?” Suna absentmindedly looks up at you from his phone but your frown catches his attention. “what’s wrong? do you not want to go out anymore?” You turn around and your husband could immediately tell something was on your mind. In one large stride, he’s towering over you, one hand tenderly picking up yours, the other tucking in a piece of stray hair behind your ears. “what’s wrong?” he asks again. “remember Kai from work?” Suna nods, a sinking feeling in his stomach. Of course he remembers Kai, your co-worker who got a little too friendly at the last happy hour that Suna picked you up from. “He came up behind me today and said some really inappropriate things. I won’t repeat it because I don’t want to think about it anymore.” Suna doesn’t say anything, not because he doesn’t want to, more like he doesn’t know how to. Suna does nothing except pull you into his chest, hoping you’d understand and excuse him for his inability to protect you. You understand of course. Your relationship has always been one that transcended words. “I’ll crash your happy hours from now on. We’ll never give him a chance to make you uncomfortable ever again.”
⤷ USHIJIMA Wakatoshi doesn’t understand why you keep averting his eyes today. He’s been trying to talk to you all evening, but you looked at the wall, the clock, his fingers, anywhere but his eyes. Having enough, he gently tilts your chin up to look at him. “did I do something? why won’t you look at me?” he asks, a thousand concerns in his eyes. “I'm sorry,” you blurted out, hiding your face in your hands. Ushijima is taken aback by your actions, “what are you sorry for?” “a guy groped me today on the metro while he was passing me by. And I-” you found it hard to continue, being riddled with guilt, “and I- I- didn’t say anything. I was scared, I’m so sorry.” Ushijima gently removes your hands from your face, leaning down to look at you. “why are you sorry?” he asks, a gentle thumb wiping away the tears from your cheek, “it’s not your fault. It’s the man’s. Don’t ever blame yourself. I promise you, this won’t happen again.”You look at him in confusion, “what do you mean?” “I'll drop you off and pick you up at work from now on.” “but you’ll be late to practice.” He shakes his head, “it’s fine, I'll just talk to the coach about. You’re my priority Y/N and you always will be.”
⤷ OIKAWA Toru You walked through the door and as soon as you saw your husband sitting on the couch, you could no longer hold back the tears that’s been threatening to fall from your eyes since this afternoon. Alarmed, Oikawa stands up and immediately walks over to you, “hey hey, what’s wrong?” His words only makes you cry harder as you choked out incoherent words, “Toru, he touched...he made-he.” Oikawa feels his blood run cold. While others might not’ve been able to understand you, your husband did. He understands you the best. “who? who touched you? where?” The seriousness in his voice calms you down a little. “My boss. He hit on me today even though he knew I was married to you. I rejected him of course but as he was leaving hands grazed my chest.” Oikawa pulls you into a hug, holding you close as you continued to sob about your uncomfortable experience today. Once he feels your tears subside, Oikawa leans back and looks at you in the eyes, “This is completely up to you, but do you want to report this incident to the HR?” “no one will believe me.” Oikawa winces at your words, “I believe you, you know that right?” you nod as he continues, “let’s just try it tomorrow and if it doesn’t work, quit. I’ll help you find a new job.” You nod again, grateful to have your husband. “it’ll be okay,” he murmurs, pressing a kiss to your head, “even if no one believes you, you’ll always have me. It’s us against the world, right princess?”
⤷ KOZUME Kenma “Babe, do you mind if we postpone today? I don’t really feel like hanging out with Kuroo now.” Your Kenma looks at you confused, “but you’ve been looking forward to this all week? weren’t we just talking about this yesterday?” You look down, “I don’t feel well.” He eyes you with concern, “what’s wrong with you? Do you need me to run out to grab some Advil?” You sigh, “no, I just-someone hit on me today and said some really weird things about my body and I don’t really want social interactions right now.” Kenma pulls you onto his lap as you hide in the crook of his neck. “okay, I'll text Kuroo later. Do you want to talk about it?” His hands are on the small of your back, drawing gentle circles. “no, not right now, but maybe later. Just hold me for now?” He tightens his arms around you, “Okay, later. Or whenever you’re ready. And you don’t even have to ask. I’ll hold you forever if I could.”
⤷ TSUKISHIMA Kei glances at you suspiciously at the way your smile this entirely afternoon never seem to quite reach your eyes. “Kei, would you quit looking at me like there’s something wrong with me?” Tsukishima doesn’t avert his stare, “well, I'll quit when you tell me what’s wrong with you.” You smile, but he catches the little quiver on your lips. You’re about to speak up when he cuts you off, “don’t tell me you’re okay. I can tell when you’re not.” You sigh, “I really can’t hide anything from you. Fine, someone hit on me today okay? I didn’t want to tell you because it’s not a big deal.” “If it’s not a big deal, why are you upset?” He gestures for you to come over and as soon as you’re within reach, he tugs on the hem of your shirt, pulling you down to him.  “it’s okay to be upset, Mrs. Tsukishima. I’m sorry this happend to you today. I’m sorry I couldn’t stop it from happening.” You snuggle against his chest, “it’s okay Mr. Tsukishima, it’s the thoughts that count.” You don’t see it, but Tsukishima grins, relieved you could still kind of joke about it. “Maybe I should just follow you everywhere now. You’re too pretty to be left alone on your own.” “Maybe you should.” “Maybe I will.”
Tumblr media
stay fetch, xoxo!
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haikyuu-bb · an hour ago
[letter for Tsukishima Kei form me]
(I would love to join in this request!I hope you take care of yourself and don’t overwork too! Stay hydrated and get some sleep. All about your blog is amazing. Thank you to you too❤️)
To : Saltyshima Kei my pretty boy :p
I read all of your letter that you wrote for me before and I was like oooh~ how can someone be this cute and care for me but never admit it. Like you know I have a lot of insecure lately about my body, my ability and my habit? I've never loved myself in my entire life. but I love you instead.. jk hope you don’t mind I try to distract myself TT
Your letter made me feel loved. I cried, but at the same time I smiled. Look likes a creepy one Ig.. I love you a lot, you changed my world and maybe you don’t know this but I fell in love with you every day! So you can talk to me about your day, your practice or just your favorite song that day. I’ll listen to you
If I can be next to you right now I wanna hug you. I won’t be a nuisance! I’ll just stay quiet so you don’t feel like I’m there. But anyways thank you again that you care for me. I feel more relaxed now. Take care and don’t be too hard on yourself. You deserved to be love too. Don’t you dare forget that! Love you Kei <3
— The love of your life >_<
You're so cute!! Ilysm😩! Thank you for supporting me, it really means a lot😔💕. I love making people happy with what I do so I'm really glad you like the blog❤️.
Thanks for writing Tsukki a letter! He wrote you back so be sure to read it and have fun (◠‿・)—☆ @dreamyoumsk
Hey dummy,
It's Tsukishima Kei for the last time... Why do you keep calling me weird nicknames... And I'm not cute... I don't know what possessed you to call a six foot guy cute...
Do you think I'd ever admit writing you a letter? Frankly, I'm offended that you'd think that. You know me too well to think that was a possibility. But... I won't deny that I care for you... You know that.
Look, I know you're insecure about many things and I wish I could fix it all in an instant but it just doesn't work that way. If it did then you'd always be happy no matter what it cost me. Right now, I'm strong so I'll be the one keeping you from giving up and giving in to all the things that get to you. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I'm here for you. And I won't even try to hide it. I don't care what other people think of me. I'd never hide the fact that I'm in love with you. Who in their right mind would even try to hide their relationship with the most perfect person in the world?
I don't care what you say. You're perfect to me and that's that. You can't say anything to oppose me.
I know you love me but, you should love yourself just as much too. How can you love me if you don't love yourself dummy. If you can't love yourself then I'll have to love you twice as much then. Up to the point where I smother you with all the cheesiness and lovey dovey yuck in the world. You should really rethink your decisions before you turn me into a clingy idiot. Just watch what happens when I become one of those cringe-worthy sappy idiots. I think it's possible because of you. Tch... Why do you have to be so important to me...
I bet you looked ridiculously cute when you cried while smiling, dummy. But I'm happy that you know that I love you...
My days are the same as always everytime so I don't know what you're talking about. Get up, go to school, volleyball practice, home. Repeat. The end. I don't do anything in the weekends but talk to you, homework, read, and listen to music I guess.
Actually, there was no school today so I watched dinosaur documentaries and had a Jurassic park and world marathon. I wish you were there with me so you could ask me what the name of each dinosaur was like you always do. I love telling you about them. It's so cute when you ask me what the names of each and every dinosaur in every single scene is. I find it really adorable... After that, I thought of texting you to see how you were doing but I didn't send it because I thought I'd be a bother and because I was too much of a freaking tsundere to text first... "I miss you, how is your day going?" Was what I meant to send, but didn't... And I also heard a song today that reminded me of you. I made a whole playlist for the songs that reminded me of you. I added the song "we could happen" by AJ Rafael to that playlist today. When I heard it today for the first time, it reminded me of when we were still dating unofficially. I really wanted to tell you everything I felt but I was just too chicken to say it. That sounds pretty pathetic huh. I'll send you the playlist so you really know how I feel about you. But really, not even the most perfect song could describe how in love I am with you... Darn it.. I really wish I could say it in person, straight to your face. But right now I'm too much of a coward to. Maybe some day...
And if you wanted to freaking hug me then why don't you? tch. Nobody's stopping you.. and I never said that I didn't like it when you're around and clinging onto me... And it's not like I get annoyed so easily so I don't exactly mind.. if you cling onto me... I like listening to you. Your voice calms me and makes me feel safe and I don't even know why... So you can talk to me anytime dummy.... Darn it, why am I even telling you this...
I... Love you...
Don't feel so smug about me admitting that in this letter. Just because you managed to make me fall in love doesn't mean I'll let you off easy if you piss me off. You know what'll happen if you do. You won't be able to get away from me when I cuddle you for hours straight as punishment. So don't even think about it. Love yourself the way I do. If you could see yourself through my eyes you would. I love you.
- Kei.
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itskierrababyy · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
pairing: atsumu & osamu miya (not shipping)
genre: crack fluff, cute brotherly hcs
wc: idk
a/n: also sakuastu, and osasuna is mentioned! i was bored and i wrote these.
Tumblr media
- when they were kids atsumu fell of his bike, and osamu cried and blew on his cut bc he didn’t know what to do
- atsumu likes vanilla, and osamu likes chocolate. and they argue abt it all the time, but they both agree on strawberry
- their mom bought them matching watches, atsumus was silver, osamus was gold. they secretly switched cause they wanted each other’s
- osamu’s ear is pierced on the left meanwhile atsumu’s is pierced on the right
- they both had braces, atsumu always got that teal colour everyone gets, osamu just got black
- their handwriting is so similar, and their cursive signatures are both spot on. they could forge each others.
- as 17 year old boys they still sit in shopping carts, together
- they’ve tried to switch classes, and have failed every time
- they dye their hair the other ones colour on April fools, and people actually don’t notice unless they speak to them.
- timeskip: atsumu picks up osamu’s daughter early to get ice cream on Fridays, and he does that up until she graduates from high school.
- considering the twin gene they both carry, atsumu’s kids are the one that end up getting it — he has two boys, a new set of miya twins. their names are kiyo (sakusa picked that one), and kojiro. best believe those boys are playing volleyball, kojiro is a setter like his father, and kiyo is a libero. but osamu does have a daughter with suna, her name is maori, and she’s a middle blocker. THEY HAVE TOURNAMENTS EVERY OTHER WEEKEND.
- i feel like atsumu’s sons would be scorpio’s, meanwhile osamu’s daughter is a gemini
* they DEFINETLY have kita, aran, and suna over for like movie night, and they constantly fight over what to watch. they settled on reality tv — specifically too hot to handle.
- atsumu is lactose intolerant, but osamu is allergic to gluten. they ‘flex’ ice cream and bread in front of each other
- these boys are 100% raised by a beautiful single mother, mama miya awe. she’s very proud of them.
- osamu was asexual until his third year, and atsumu just didn’t like girls, he found them annoying (not in a misogynistic way)
- because they share a room, you cant tell me they haven’t walked in on each other doing some sort of nasty shit. by them selves or with sakusa and suna.
- THEY BOTH LIKE GREYS ANATOMY AND WATCH IT TOGETHER, spoiler warning: when lexie, and sloan died they were both sobbing.
- atsumu is always cold, but osamu is always hot so they argue over the thermostat, spring and fall are their fav season because it’s perfect temperature
- these mfs eat so much, and so fast. they’ll eat dinner and be back for seconds in 5 minutes.
- atsumu finds it repulsive that suna, osamu, and kita enjoy room temperature water
- atsumu’s middle name is alexander, osamu makes fun of him for it. this is my favourite hc.
- in 2017 suna introduced them so magnolia by playboi carti, and they would blast it in kita’s car in their 3rd year
- they dated a pair of best friends, terrible idea. they ended up dumping them.
- they find hikaru and kaoru fucking hilarious, because they just don’t understand how, like they’d pucker up their lips and face each other and just start bursting out laughing because they just could never do that shit
- osamu slaps atsumu when he laughs, and atsumu just wheezes quietly with his eyes closed
- as athletes their mom buys them like two packs of nike socks each year for volleyball. they end up fighting becuase they couldn’t tells who’s was who’s, so from that day on osamu’s socks were black, and atsumu’s were white.
- they might argue but do not talk badly about one to the other, you will get verbally assaulted
- they both watch bnha, and jjk. osamu has the biggest crush on megumi, and neijere. atsumu has a crush on nanami, and todoroki, LOL.
- and lastly i hc they have a younger sister, and they let her bandage their faces with hello kitty band-aids when they have fights
Tumblr media
itskierrababyy 2021
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sunamour · 3 hours ago
back where we belong
⊹ suna x f!reader | 1.2k words ⊹ fluff, reconciliation | you and suna have been apart for what feels like the longest time, and after getting to the peak of your careers, you both realise the same thing: you are never complete without each other. ⊹ hi! so listened to my anon and made a short part two where suna and y/n meet again back at the place they first met. <3
< thin lines
Tumblr media
“wanna go out with me?”
confident, flirty.
that was what suna first asked you in homeroom class in your junior year of high school. you found it hard to believe at the time; the suna rintarou wanted to ask you out? the same guy that had many other girls pining for him?
you never ever found out what it was that made suna want to ask you out. as far as you had known, there was nothing special you could offer, unlike the many other more popular girls that seemed to throw themselves at him.
that exact moment was where your love story began, and then so many things happened—you still remember the breakup of five years ago. the bittersweet ending to what was supposed to be your forever, crashing and burning into ashes.
you had been a hundred percent sure he was the right person. the happy moments you had were many, and they far outweighed the bad. he could be too tight-lipped sometimes, and hot-headed others. but as much as he made you upset in some moments, he always tried ten times harder to make you smile.
(he could see how much effort you were putting in too, but sometimes no matter how perfect things seemed, the relationship just wouldn’t work out.)
neither of you could explain it, you just both felt like you hit a dead-end.
at the time.
then you had to watch from afar as he continued striving for his volleyball dreams and you weren’t even sure if he held the same curiosity for you as you did him.
so naturally, you find it hard to believe now too, that he, the same suna who broke up with you, is asking you the same thing.
“wanna go out with me?”
(it feels almost like deja vu, given how you’re both standing in the same classroom that you first met each other.)
it still holds the same flirty lilt, but he sounds a little more sheepish this time, as though he’s nervous. (he is, but only because he’s not sure whether you’re still the least bit interested in him—he doesn’t know whether or not to trust atsumu’s words.)
you look out the window, the same view that you’ve seen countless years ago not that much different even now. looks like atsumu had something in mind when he asked whether you wanted to come back to visit inarizaki high during their sports festival. (atsumu was apparently invited to entice the freshmen to join volleyball.)
“is this silence supposed to be a good sign?” suna muses after a moment of your silence, taking a seat at the desk in the corner, where he was seated that first day of school, the first day he saw you.
so are you, now seated diagonally in front of him, just as you were all those years ago. you turn around, trying and failing to suppress a smile, “i think this is the part where you wink at me.”
suna chuckles, the memory still freshly inked into his mind, cheek coming to rest on his balled up fist, gaze fixed on you. the wink comes slowly, and you feel like a high school girl all over again. “how’s that?”
“very handsome, suna rintarou.”
“i’ll take that as a yes, then?” his smirk grows wider as he spots the grin creeping up your lips. it’s practically his victory, and he knows it. looks like atsumu was telling the truth after all.
you purse them to stop from betraying your mood but to no avail. “that’s a yes,” you confirm, your cheeks growing hot with embarrassment.
(suna finds that adorable. he always has.)
slowly, quietly, he calls out your name in a whisper, and you raise your brows in question. he rarely ever sounds like that.
as you wait for him to continue, you make your way to the seat beside you, right in front of him, turning your body to face him, and you’re greeted by his warm hand anchored at the back of your neck, his thumb gently caressing your left cheek.
for a brief moment you see his nostrils flare as you catch him swallowing the lump in his throat. your gaze floats past his lips and up to his eyes, his clear green eyes, and you smile, leaning into his touch.
“i missed you,” and gently, suna calls out your name once again and you only now realise just how much you missed hearing his voice, being around him, feeling his presence.
you close your eyes, a hand coming up to cover his own on your cheek, “i missed you too.”
suna leans forward, his lips immediately crashing onto yours, as passionate and with as much fervour as he had when he was younger, and you reciprocate in kind.
in a split second, you’re taken back to the first moment you kissed, underneath the vast sky littered with new year fireworks, the perfect backdrop you offhandedly wished for and which suna had heeded. now you’re reminded of just why you craved him so much—he’s intoxicating, and it’s not limited to his kisses. it’s the way he’s so undoubtedly loyal to you, so much so that you were never worried of unfaithfulness. it’s the way he can be so brutally honest to you at any moment, but could provide you more comfort than you ever thought possible.
it’s the way he is... him.
he pulls away for a second, just a fragment of a moment, to tell you one thing, “i’m sorry i left you.” his eyes are still closed, face so close to your own that you can feel his eyelashes against yours.
“don’t be,” you assure him, feeling his hot breath fanning against your lips, and you yearn to get closer to him, much closer than being in the school allows. “we both agreed to it, it wasn’t anyone’s fault.”
“you always were such an angel,” suna chuckles softly, and he pulls away slightly more, just to get a better look at you. 
“i have one condition though,” you tell him before he can say anything else.
he pulls away more, a little stunned. “what is that?”
“if we go on this date,” you begin, referring to his earlier question. “you are technically agreeing to be stuck with me all over again,” you grin.
he laughs, now leaning back against his chair. “you say that as if that’s a bad thing,” he remarks, and you cock your brow further for an answer. he puts both his hands in the air, “of course i agree, it’s you.”
you giggle, unable to hide your mirth.
“oh,” suna exclaims, as though he suddenly remembered something.
“i have one condition too,” he tells you, his expression serious.
“okay, what’s that?”
“this time i get to keep you for life,” he grins, and it makes your heart skip a beat. “deal?”
he already knows your answer, but still his heart drums loudly in his chest waiting for the words to leave your lips.
you don’t miss a beat. “deal.”
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kiyownme · 3 hours ago
Jerking Suna off in the car is all I think of now because of you >:/
Tumblr media
a/n: yes as you should ;) as you absolutely should (referring to this post)
warnings: slight exhibitionism
Tumblr media
Suna’s hand lay on your thigh, the other effortlessly turning the car around the curb as he continued gliding over your plush skin as though it were second nature. Suddenly, his hand trails over to yours, grabbing your wrist and guiding it towards him, plopping it down onto his lap. You looked at him with a raised brow.
“Rin, what are you doing?” His eyes don’t leave the road, shoulders simply shrugging.
“Jerk me off,” he says simply. You stare at him, mouth agape, trying to process his words.
“Jerk me off, I’m tired of driving,” he insists. “Since you never wanna drive, make yourself useful.” He glances at you for a moment, looking at you expectantly. Blinking, you shake your head, but you can’t fight the anticipation. The suns barely starting to set, and you’re sure if you stop a red light the neighboring cars will likely realize what’s going on, but it only adds to the thrill.
“Fine,” you mumble. “You’re insane.”
Slowly, your hands trail to his crotch, palming him him through his pants, watching through hooded eyes as his breathing becomes shallow, chest starting to heave slightly. A tent starts to form in his pants, and you keep at it as he slowly gets harder.
“Get on with it,” he says through grit teeth, making you look at him with a wide grin.
“Patience, Rinnie,” you chuckle. The sharp glare he sends your way makes you squeeze your thighs together. Unzipping his pants, you reach into his boxers, freeing his member as he hisses at the cool air. His hands grip the steering wheel tightly, knuckles turning white as you rub your thumb over his slit, collecting the pre cum. Gripping his member firmly, you start a steady rhythm, jerking him off as he continues to drive, trying his best to keep his grip on the wheel from turning shaky.
“F-fuck,” he groans, fighting the urge to throw his head back and closing his eyes, forcing himself to keep his gaze on the road while your squeeze him tighter, move up and down his dick at a quicker pace. “Nghh— fuck, go a little faster, baby,” he moans, chest falling and rising rapidly as he ruts his hips slightly to meet your rhythm.
“Not much fun in that, now is there,” you teased, eyes sparkling as his shoots you another glare, his jaw clenching tightly.
“Y/n,” he warns, cutting himself with a long drawn out groan when your thumb swipes over his slit once more, shuddering slightly at the sensitive feeling. “K-keep going— fuck— like that,” he spurs you on. His biceps flex at how tightly he’s holding the wheel, making you bite your lip as you watch. With a hitch of his breath, he starts thrusting into your hands with a little more force, sweat starting to form on his forehead. “O-ohh— fuck,” he cries as he cums, his load shooting and covering his thigh as you angle his dick so his car won’t get too soiled. His voice cracks as you continue to stroke him through his orgasm, moans getting whinier at the overstimulation.
“We should do this more often,” you grin. “I like this idea.” Catching his breath, he turns his head to look at you, eyes narrowed as they meet yours.
“Yeah, we should,” he agrees. “But first, I’ll teach you a lesson when we get home about being a brat.”
Tumblr media
once a brat, always a brat xoxo
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daddyjackfrost · 4 hours ago
Intertwined— K. Tsukishima
Tumblr media
tsuki x gn!reader (734 words)
warnings: fluff, mentions of food, crowds, use of the word ‘hell’ & ‘asshole’
a/n: requested by @h-grangerstudies ! (val remember when you requested holding hands after reading a webcomic? well here it is bae) & dedicated to @kyuuni (because she loves tsukki)
Tumblr media
“It’s so busy today,” Tsukishima mumbled, pushing past bodies with his tall frame.
You nodded, tightening your grip on the end of his sweater. “Maybe we shouldn’t have picked a weekend to come here.”
“It was your idea, y/n.” 
You pressed your lips together, ducking your head behind Tsukishima’s back. “I know that, Kei.”
A body barreled into you and Tsukishima grabbed your hand, pulling you into his chest. “Watch it, asshole.”
You blinked, biting your bottom lip to stop you from smiling. Tsukishima intertwined your hand with his, keeping you close. “Let’s just get to the food court, I don’t wanna lose you in this crowd.”
You glanced at Tsukishima, your eyes filled with love. “We can leave, Kei.” 
Tsukishima faced forward as you both walked, a small scowl on his lips as he sent dirty looks to the crowd. “No, I promised you we were coming here,” Tsukishima slipped your intertwined hands into his sweater pocket, squeezing once, “so we’re not leaving until you’ve ridden every ride twice.” 
Your lips pulled into a full blown smile and Tsukishima glanced at you from the corner of his eyes, his lips twitching into a smile at the sight of yours. 
“Thank you, Kei”
Tsukishima just shrugged, but you saw the small blush on his cheeks. Despite popular belief, Tsukishima was a romantic at heart, and he would do anything for you. 
You let your eyes wander. The carnival was at its busiest, as it was Saturday afternoon and the second last day before the carnival would move to another town. There were kids screaming, loud music coming from different directions, and the smell of popcorn wafting through the air. When you heard of the carnival, you had begged Tsukishima to come with you, but he refused everytime, except today. 
Your eyes landed on a cotton candy stand and you gasped, halting Tsukishima mid-step. “What’s wrong with you?”
You pointed at the stand. “Kei, look!” 
Tsukishima turned his head and let out a small sigh. You pulled your hand out of Tsukishima’s, wanting to get in line, but Tsukishima’s pinky caught yours. You were pulled back, and you let out a surprised yelp. 
Turning your head with wide eyes, your eyes took in Tsukishima’s disapproving eyes, but the small smile on his lips told you he found your stumble amusing. 
“Kei! What the hell?” 
Tsukishima lifted your linked pinkies. “Where do you think you’re going?”
You blinked a few times, your throat suddenly dry.
“What do you—I was just—cotton candy.” 
Tsukishima sighed, taking a few steps towards you. “I told you, y/n.” He brought your hand to his lips, pressing a soft kiss on your knuckles, “I don’t wanna lose you in this crowd.”
With your mouth on the floor, you let him pull you towards the cotton candy stand. 
Tsukishima avoided eye contact with you as you stood in line, so you poked his stomach, watching as he winced and then glared at you. 
“What the hell was that—”
“What’s wrong with you?”
You both stared at each other for a moment, beforing snickering. Tsukishima used his free hand to push up his glasses, his eyes darting to the side. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
You shook your head and grabbed the end of his sweater again, pulling to get his attention. “Are you okay, Kei?” Tsukishima’s golden eyes glanced at you and you eyed his faint blush. “You’re so clingy today.”
Tsukishima scoffed, dropping your pinky to cross his arms. “Fine, stay four feet away from me.” 
You rolled your eyes, grabbing his arms as you stood in front of him. “S’not bad, Kei, you know I love you.” 
Tsukishima pretended to gag. “That’s disgusting, y/n.” 
You let out a loud laugh, “yeah it is, now give me your hand.”
Tsukishima stared at you for a few moments before sighing and grabbing your hand, lacing your fingers together. “I’m not clingy, y/n,” Tsukishima stressed, “I’m being affectionate.”
As you moved up the line, you let out a loud laugh. “Kei, please, you’re killing me.” 
Tsukishima turned his head in feigned annoyance. “Don’t even talk to me.” 
You laughed, getting on your toes to press a kiss to Tsukishima’s cheek. “I love you, Kei, clinginess and all.” 
Tsukishima turned his head back, his eyes softer than before as he took a deep breath. “Yeah. Me too.” 
Tumblr media
taglist (open): @tetsuhoes @kailleis-sunshine @elektrosonix @hyunsamour @tobi-momo @iwasumi @hotgirleren @oracleofdin @borpcorp @ackerpotato @megumeee @kyuuni @h-grangerstudies @fail-big @addicedtoeverythinganime @asterroidd @bokuatsubro @aghashiii @howcanyoubreathewithnozaire @trvncyz @tooru-luvs @ohajime @mikaa7 @kouushiii
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cloysterbell · 5 hours ago
I need you to know that as I was driving home from work, FLY HIGH!! came on and halfway I started to cry from just LOVING IT SO MUCH and my second thought I had (after telling myself to chill tf out) was “I bet cloysterbell would appreciate this”
Oh dude listen, because I cope with things ending by spending obscene amounts of money on merch I feel the exact same way every time I look at my HQ calendar or mugs or stack of the first 39 volumes on my bookshelf or Tsukishima figurines or
(Also you should watch this video)
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xenonation · 6 hours ago
Kenma Kozume
Tumblr media
✩ Kenma would ask you to come over to play video games or Uno cards (or any card game) and call it a date. He can't be bothered with setting up nice dates because that's too much trouble. Sometimes, if he cooks something nice and would ask you to come and eat with him. Though there are times Kenma would take you on little dates, could be at the cat coffee shop, could be at the arcades.
✩ Kenma loves to hold you from back, lazily wrap himself around you like a blanket. He likes to rest his head on your shoulder too. Quietly hum and leave little kisses on your neck. Another thing is, he likes to pull you on his lap when he's playing video games. He doesn't even give a warning when he does that. You could be on your way to bathroom and suddenly you are sitting on his lap. You aren't supposed to disturb him though. Just sit and watch him beat enemy's ass.
✩ Kenma, especially time skip Kenma, loves to shower you with gifts. He would be your boyfriend and also your sugar daddy. Not just ordinary gifts, the lavish ones. Cloths from renowned brands, expensive perfumes, jewelries and accessories. That's not all though. Expensive gadgets, cars, vacation plans and what not!
✩ Kenma isn't a fan of living up to others' expectations. However it's different in your case. He'll put some effort to keep up with you. That includes making time for you, checking up on you, ask about your day and actually show interest in your matters. For someone so anti social like Kenma, these are pretty big things.
✩ Kenma gets jealous easily but refuses to admit it. Kenma isn't comfortable around many people but he finds comfort in you. So he gets real mad when someone else invades it. He will never ever admit it. He'll play it like he doesn't care even though he's dying to smash the skull of whoever gets too close to you.
✩ Kenma's love language is spoiling you with gifts. Student Kenma would bring you little heartfelt gifts that makes no sense to anyone but you two. He'd bring you a leaf because it looks like a cat. However, time-skip Kenma would spoil you will all the expensive things, dresses, diamonds, devices, exotic foods, vacation plans and all those rich people things that I already mentioned.
✩ Kenma strictly sticks to calling you 'baby' or by your name. He thinks nicknames are kind of cheesy and he definitely doesn't like cheesy things. But if you want, you can call him by the cheesiest nickname and he'll vibe with it.
✩ Kenma hates hates hates PDA. It makes him super uncomfortable. Holding hands is already a big deal for him. Anything more than that will send him into panic mode. He loves to hold you, but, not in public.
✩ Kenma does a lot of compromises here and there for you. It could be anything from quitting his game to give you company, skipping practice, ditching Kuroo to hangout with you, try to be social with your friends just so you don't feel uncomfortable when they meet. It's the little things, really.
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peachysamu · 6 hours ago
“What do you love about me?”
You turn over and lay on your back, head pushing itself further into Osamu’s lap. He glances down at you but picks his attention back up to the TV.
“What kind of stupid question is that?”
“I don’t know.” You mumble and you fixate on the square pocket of his shirt to distract you from whatever you’re feeling inside. The tips of your fingers trace over the embroidery. Silence fills the room aside from the low lull of the TV. You feel Osamu staring down at you, giving you a hard gaze. He knows something is wrong because you would have replied back with a smart retort rather than forcing him to figure out what you mean with the words you left lingering in the air.
He cups your cheek and tilts your head so that your eyes match his. Your fingers stop. “Tell me what’s wrong baby.”
He’s always so direct with your emotions. Always gets right to the point and you know it’s because he loves you. You know it’s because he can’t stand seeing you upset in any way. But your heart is rather fearful of such pointed things. It likes to evade, shy away, break in tiny pieces before breaking in half. It doesn’t do well handling confrontations like this.
“I’m just feeling a bit down.” You finally find the courage to mutter when he brushes your cheeks. He waits patiently for you to gather your thoughts. He doesn’t say a word and the rhythm in his fingers stays steady and calm. Finally, your heartbeat slows to match with his. “About life I guess. Life’s been a bit hard.”
A small chuckle reverberates from his chest that relieves the tension in yours. “Life’s a bitch sometimes, ain’t it?”
You nod to agree, “So can you remind me what you love about me?”
“Everything.” Osamu answers immediately but it is so unsatisfying. He sees that and kisses the bridge of your nose, the one that you mention is a bit too small in the morning. He places a warm hand on your stomach, the one that you spend time grabbing at after a shower. “Everything.” He promises, “But most importantly, everything that you don’t love about yourself.”
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nothingbuthaikyuu · 7 hours ago
Reader: Gender Neutral Character: Osamu Miya Rating: G Summary: The bustle of work life left you little time to get a good night’s sleep. From working overtime to the commute to late night drinks with co-workers, you rarely got home at a decent time to just relax. Warning: Fluff Ask Box: Open | Commission Me! | Join me on Patreon 
Tumblr media
The bustle of work life left you little time to get a good night’s sleep. From working overtime to the commute to late night drinks with co-workers, you rarely got home at a decent time to just relax.
It started with the first yawn as you scanned your pass to get onto the train home. The sun had long set and it was the tail-end of the end of day rush. You practically dropped yourself onto the train seat once you got on and clutched your back close to your chest.
Another yawn escaped your lips and you smacked them together. The lull of the train made it hard for you to keep your eyes open. You thought maybe you were coming down from a caffeine crash after about the six cups of coffee you consumed that day. 
As the train swayed down the tracks you felt yourself grow more sleepy. You yawned again and thought you’d just rest your eyes for a moment. When you didn’t expect was the feeling of something hard hitting your cheek.
Your eyes flew open and you pulled back, beside you was a man around your age, wearing a tight black t-shirt and jeans. He had a baseball cap on with the logo for Onigiri Miya. He was blushing as he noticed your sudden awareness. 
  “I’m so sorry!” You yelped. 
He chuckled and scratched the back of his neck, “Don’t worry about it. It seems you’re really tired, huh?”
  “Too many late nights, didn’t even get dinner in yet.” You sighed.
  “Well the next stop is mine, how about we go to my shop and get some food into you?” He suggested, the tips of his ears pink with a blush, “If you want something to eat of course. I’m the owner of an onigiri shop, my name is Miya Osamu.” He held his hand out.
You shook it and gave him your name, “You’re offering me food?”
  “Yep.” He smiled, “Seems like you need some good rice, seaweed and barbecued chicken in ya. Don’t worry, it’s on the house.”
You yawned and nodded your head, it sounded better than the instant ramen you were going to eat before bed. You replied, “That sounds great.” And with that the next stop was called. 
Osamu got up and held out his hand to you, “I’ll even get you some instant coffee from the back, looks like ya need a boost.” 
  “Oh shush.” You chuckled and blushed. Surprised such a handsome man was offering you dinner. You took his hand and your bag then left the train once it reached the station.  
Osamu talked about his shop like it was his pride and joy. He happily asked questions about your work. When he saw the neon of the onigiri sign in the distance he walked faster, holding onto your hand as he sped down the street. 
  “I promise this is the best place in town.” He said happily, “That’s a promise.”
  “I’ll hold you to it.” You chuckled. 
When you got to the storefront, he held the door open for you and got you seated near the window. He told you he’d be right back with a menu and a coffee from the back. 
The place was quiet, mostly businessmen and women eating mid-evening dinners. Usually with a beer to pair with it. But when Osamu came back he looked as proud as ever. Cup of coffee in hand and menu under his arm. 
He handed you a menu, “I’d suggest the chicken. Protein and all.” Then sat across from you.
  “Don’t you have to do business stuff?” You asked as you went through the menu. 
  “It’s quiet tonight, so quiet I was able to step out to go visit my brother for a bit. So don’t worry, you have my undivided attention.” He smiled at you, “Anything you want, I’ll get.”
  “Do you do this to everyone who falls asleep against you?” You asked as you peeked over the menu.
He shrugged, “Only the cute ones. But there haven’t been a lot of those in a while so. I guess you’ll have to do.” He said cheekily.
You playfully kicked him in the ankle, “Good first impression, and here I thought this was a date.”
His eyes went wide, “Well I mean, if you want it to be. It can be.”
You put the menu down and smiled, “Then get me the chicken onigiri, two to be exact. I haven’t eaten since noon.” 
Osamu got up and took the menu, “Comin’ right up, beautiful.”
You hate how hard you blushed when he walked away. He was starting to grow on you, the random man from the train who took you out to dinner at his restaurant. It was almost endearing, and as you go a good look at his ass in those tight jeans. You knew you were going to enjoy his company. 
Especially on this little impromptu ‘date’. 
As he retuned with the plate, you sipped on your coffee. He smiled at you, a blush still light on his cheeks. He placed the plate down and you felt close to his pecs for a moment. 
  “Service with a smile, huh?”
  “On the best.” He winked, “Holler if you need anything, I’m going to go grab some paper work. Don’t miss me too much, or fall asleep at my table.” 
You rolled your eyes, “Fine, I’ll find another man to fall asleep against.” 
He laughed, “Good luck, and enjoy.” He waved you off before he went to the back. 
You watched him leave again and as you bit into your food. You realized how good it was, and how much you wanted to talk to Osamu again. But not that you’d ever tell him, he was growing on you. And you were interested to see more of Mr. Miya and his amazing onigiri. 
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c0rncheez · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Characters ~ Aged up!Kageyama, Oikawa, and TimeSkip!Atsumu
Synopsis ~ The one where Y/n has to put her man in his place because he got the RIGHT one [u go bitch]
Cw ~ Lil crack, Lil fluff, Lil Angst? & hurt+comfort, BossBitch!Y/n, Fem!Y/n, they say something kinda rude to you, Strong language, Simp!Boys, Slight Manga Spoilers With Atsumu, Alcohol Consumption, They love you very much, This Y/n energy>>>>
A/n ~ as much as I love a stuttering shy y/n I also love a y/n who’ll beat a nigga up if she had too 💁🏽‍♀️👑
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You sat patiently in the gym as you waited for Kageyama to finish up his practicing. He had come a long way from being the accursed “king” but even in his 3rd year he still had his moments.
You glanced up at the top of your phone to check the time before giving an exaggerated yawn.
“Kags, Baby, It’s getting pretty late,” you informed as you stood up from the bleachers and collected your belongings.
“I’m still gonna stay behind and practice some more,” He quickly muttered while retrieving another volleyball to set.
You slightly rolled your eyes as you walked closer to him, “You’ve practiced all day, I promise you’ll have time tomorrow so come on let’s head-“
“Just get out, Y/n,” He coolly snapped, not even glancing at you, “This is my future, there is no time for tomorrow so just walk yourself home.”
It was eerily quiet as a couple of the first years that overheard your conversation stared at you both wide-eyed.
But you weren’t perturbed. You didn’t cry. You weren’t embarrassed. You also didn’t take your eyes off the back of Kageyama’s big head before sternly saying-
“Can everyone please leave, I need to speak to Kageyama alone.”
There were murmurs of whispers and shuffling of feet until the final slam of the gym door left you and Kageyama unattended.
He gave a frustrated grunt before finally turning around to look at you.
“What, Y/n. What-“
“Be quiet.” You said smoothly.
Your words and tone caught him off guard. His furrowed brows loosened a little before he finally offered you his undivided attention.
Several seconds passed as you stared him down before you decided to speak up.
“I understand that volleyball is very important to you, but I also understand how much you over work yourself”
He looked at the ground instead of holding your eye contact at the second half of your sentence. But you held his jaw firmly as you made him return your gaze.
“Look at me. I just want you to rest and take care of yourself but,” your grasp grew tighter, “ you will never, in your LIFE, talk at me like that ever again”
Kageyama desperately sputtered for a way to respond but you cut him off while walking to the exit of the gym.
“Am I clear?” You asked over your shoulder.
You heard the sound of him putting the volleyballs away.
“Y-yes,...Y/n I’m sorry, l-let me walk you home.”
You humphed before promptly striding out the gym.
The few first years that dawdled behind to clean up got a very rare view of their Senpai chasing after you like a lost puppy.
“What could she have possibly done to get through to him?” they thought.
That night he shared his favorite snacks with you as peace treaty for projecting his stress on you. Also gave you many kisses and cuddles.
Tumblr media
Oikawa was a very eccentric lover but somehow you found your place by his side regardless.
You were casually talking with Iwaizumi outside of their gym while Oikawa finished putting everything away for the night.
When you finally heard the slam of the gym door shutting you happily spun around to greet your boyfriend. But instead of coming straight to you he zipped to the swarm of fangirls already surrounding him.
“Shittykawa,” Iwaizumi muttered before rolling up his sleeve to go and punch him.
You held his arm and sweetly said, “It’s okay, let me handle this.”
You glided over to Oikawa and placed a gentle hand on his lower back which caused him to jump lightly.
“Ah Y/n-Chan…,” he realized sounding oddly… dissatisfied?
You ignored the red glares coming from his fangirls in favor of tugging Oikawa’s bag.
“Come on, we had plans tonight and I even bought-“
“Ugh were you always this clingy?” He rolled his eyes.
You immediately froze at his sentence but he already turned around and went back to appeasing the snickering girls.
Iwaizumi lifted his arm back up ready to fight but you promptly held out a hand to pause his movement.
You tapped Oikawa’s shoulder before he whipped around with a groan.
“Y/nnnn what-“
You swiftly grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and pulled down to your level.
“I know you get all cocky when people are around but don’t make me embarrass you infront of all your damn fans” you whispered icily
You saw his lips move trying to speak but you quickly sliced in before you heard a peep.
“I’m the clingy one? Huh, yet you can’t fall asleep with hearing my voice? When I’m out of town you cry every night because you miss me, and yet I’m the clingy one?”
He softly grasped your wrist immediately regretting ever letting those words fall out of his mouth.
“Baby, I’m sorr-“
“Oh I know you’re sorry, because you’ll never speak down to me like that ever again,” you finished off before letting him go and pushing past him.
“Iwaizumi, can you please walk me home? Oikawa seems busy” you asked as you walked off confidently.
Oikawa couldn’t keep the astounded expression off his face as he watched you go. Iwaizumi even gave him a mocking smirk and he caught up with you.
He nervously murmured , “I have to go, now” to his fangirls before scampering off after you.
He showered you in apologies and foot rubs that afternoon. Everytime you got up to do anything he pouted and begged you not to go. I think it’s safe to say you got your little pretty boy locked down!
Tumblr media
The MSBY Black Jackals were having a team dinner in which the players spouses were also invited. You of course took your seat next to Atsumu. You watched him talk animatedly with Hinata and Bokuto with a warm smile on your face.
It was just a normal team dinner for everyone to relax, spend time together, and eat food. You’ve been to plenty of these so you already have friends amongst their significant others.
You occupied yourself with talking to a good friend of yours who just so happened to be in a relationship with Sakusa.
You vaguely noticed Atsumu getting kind of heavy with the alcohol but you just let him relax and have a good time. But now looking at it, he definitely had one drink too many.
Him and Hinata’s bantering were becoming quite obnoxious to the point that Meian urged them to quiet it down. Seeing his failed attempts you decided to try to help him out by speaking with Atsumu yourself.
“‘Tsumu, Baby, “ You whispered affectionately into his ear as you caressed his shoulder, “You’re getting a bit loud, remember other people are in this restaurant as well-“
“Oi, will ya stop buzzin’ in my damn ear!” He loudly complained.
His tipsiness made his exclamation come out much louder than intended and now everyone at your table quieted down as they looked at you both.
You felt a dark shadow hover over your eyes as you felt anger bubble inside of you. But regardless of the situation you took a deep breath and placed a convincingly fake smile upon your lips.
“Atsumu,” you cut your eyes towards him as he hesitantly looked back.
You could see he was already sobering up from not only his actions but your tone as well. But the damage was done and now it was your turn to speak. And loudly as well! Since it was only fair to make sure everyone could hear just like he did.
“I’m going to continue enjoying my dinner, as should everyone else because I know for a fact that you were not talking to me like that.”
“B-babe-“ he uttered as he sheepishly tried to hold your hand.
But you curtly evaded him, “Don’t. Because we all know if you were talking to me like that I would’ve been long gone since yesterday!” You sarcastically chuckled.
You took a long sip of your wine as Atsumu desperately babbled apologies to the side of your face.
“Oh, you’ll show me your sorry when we get home, but right now you need to apologize for disrupting everyone’s dinner” you chided while absentmindedly looking at your nails.
Atsumu quickly nodded and turned to give his deepest apologies to everyone at the table. They were all amused at how obedient Atsumu was being but eventually the pleasant murmur of conversation returned to the group.
You continued speaking to your friends, half-ignoring Atsumu’s incessant staring and soft touches.
He knows that you only get this detached when you’ve been sincerely hurt. He could see the slight tremble of your jaw and clenching of your fists as you pretended to not be bothered by the situation. His eyes started to burn as it finally hit him how much he had disrespected you.
You felt his heavy head nestle into your neck as he shakily whispered, “Y/n… I’m suh s-sorry”
You felt your heart squeeze at his earnest apology so you gave him a kiss on the forehead to reassure him. You were still mad but you both were okay.
The next day trending photos of Miya Atsumu prancing around half naked in a maid constime hit the internet.
Apology accepted!
Tumblr media
A/n ~ HAHA I love a sharp tongued woman, anywayssss which was ur fav bbs ;] Tagging ~ @sunfloweroranges @sunatooru @bunny-xoxo
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lotsoffandomimagines · 10 hours ago
Whether it’s night or day, I hope it’s been going well and that you’re feeling good! :) I would like to request what it would be like if Sugawara Koushi had an s/o with a bad temper
sugawara koushi with a s/o with a bad temper would include...
Tumblr media
warnings: anger problems, possessiveness
As if Tanaka and Noya weren’t all ready enough or a handful...
Not that you’re in likeable or anything but sometimes Daichi and Asahi wonder how Suga’s able to control you
Truth his Suga kind of thinks it’s hot how temperamental you can be. His heart races a little when sees that dangerous look in your eyes
Besides, it’s not like you ever snap at him. Honestly Suga has this ability to bring out this soft side of you that not a lot of people get to see
It’s really cute actually how sweet you are with him around. Suga is really good for you
When your rage flares up Suga always knows exactly what to say to help you calm you down. He makes you feel so much better
That’s not to say Suga hasn’t had to hold you back multiple times. Often when you get mad he has to grab on to you before you pounce on someone
It’s really funny how loud you can get at Suga’s volleyball games. Sometimes the team can hear you yelling in the stands about how an obvious penalty wasn’t called
One time you even got kicked out of a game because of the way you were acting lmao
Because of how quick you are to anger, you’re very protective of your boyfriend which he loves once again
It kind of feels nice to have someone fight over him, you know? And again you’re hot when you get all possessive
Suga, although he keeps you grounded, can get a little rowdy too at times and when that happens you work each other up
When that happens... all I have to say is poor Daichi and Asahi. The things they have to deal with lol
masterlist | buy the author a coffee
tags: @curlyhairedblueeyedangel / @thingsforimagination / @zeldafreak688 / @natasha-danvers / @simonsbluee / @ravenmoore14 / @rabeccablake / @bonnisimpparker / @sunflowerirl / @czarinera / @sirkekselord / @tvwhoresblog / @leighbechilling / @curiouslilbeast / @taurus852 / @styxiasstuff / @goldenhoney-cas / @crapimahuman / @hp-hogwartsexpress / @nnmesis / @xspideyboyx / @lsiscool / @chesirekittycat / @laudthingcat / @duhsies / @akuri-shinsou / @mangoessassafras / @issamomma / @poe30 / @aaprilshowers / @cutie-aquarius / @kpopiskpopyunho / @asainpersuasion / @alienoresimagines
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luuveart · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
->characters:osamu miya, shoyo hinata and kei tsukishima
a/n:being honest i am in a phase of loving kei,why??? no ideas, i just start loving more than the usual recently and needed to write for him, also hinata and osamu are so cute! so they are here too
Tumblr media
->everyone ship you two since the beginning, atsumu was the first one, seeing his brother and some girl cooking together was something to tell his teammates
->you bring him sweeties everyday so he can taste it, and sometimes you bring to the whole team and asked if taste good, and everyone would nodded their heads while smiling
->he acts like he doesn’t care, but when you have him a strawberry shortcake during the weekend, you saw him smiling for the first time, and what beautiful view was seeing him like that
->he helps you bake during his free time , and loves when you bite your lips when you are focused, he could stare you forever but will denied of you asked
->he was jumping of happiness when he find out that you could bake, and almost died when you bake him a birthday cake to him, what a happy boy!
->he also loves baking with you and even better when natsu helps both of you and decorate the cake and cupcakes with your initials, how adorable!
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gourmetrat · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎ ‎ ‎ FALLING FOR ANOTHER.
Tumblr media
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎ ‎ ‎ Chapter 2: Breakfast
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎ ‎‎ prev. | m. list | next
Tumblr media
warnings: forced vomiting, assassination attempt 
word count: 1,901
author’s note: sorry for posting this late when i promised it would be posted monday!! if you’re enjoying the fic so far, comments and rbs are always appreciated! and feel free to send in an ask if you want to be added to the tag list
Tumblr media
Tomorrow was in fact not better.
You had only managed to sleep for a few hours before your maid came to wake you up. The bed felt foreign to you, you probably could’ve fallen asleep on a bench from home faster than you did on this large, lonely bed. 
Only half coherent due to your lack of sleep, you mumbled a thanks to your maid as you made your way into the washroom. You splashed your face with the warm water she had brought. You stared at yourself in the mirror, not only did you feel like shit— you looked like it too. Your eyes looked more sunken in than usual, your lips were slightly dry and cracked as you ran your tongue over them, only worsening the problem.
You stood in the bathroom a little while longer, doing your best to make your hair look presentable.
“Your dress,” your maid said stepping into the bathroom, “would you like help putting it on?”
You nodded, “please, the ties in the back are always so hard to do by myself.”
And so she dressed you. You grunted as she pulled the ties at the back of your dress, she quickly mumbled an apology as she fastened the ties into a neat bow. You contorted yourself in front of the mirror to look at her handiwork, “it looks great, thank you.”
The two of you turned at the sound of several sharp knocks on your bedroom door.
“Princess Y/N? It’s Tooru, we need to head to the dining hall soon.” he called out loud enough for you to hear.
“I’ll be right there!” You shouted back. “I’m sorry for the mess in here,” you apologized, gesturing to the clothes you had left scattered in the bathroom from the night before.
“It’s no problem at all, please, go enjoy your breakfast,” she said kindly, smiling at you.
You smiled back as you rushed out of your room to slip your heels on. You opened the door to see a well dressed Oikawa. The teal accents throughout his clothing bringing out his eyes. 
He laced his arm with yours as the two of you made your way towards the dining hall. 
“How did you sleep last night?”
Like shit.
“Really well, the bed was very comfortable, thank you,” you replied politely.
“I’m glad. Don’t tell anyone, but my father made a huge fuss to make sure you had a top of the line bed waiting for you here.”
You felt a bit guilty hearing that. It was an objectively good bed, but it simply felt foreign against your body. You hoped that with time it would start to feel like your own bed instead of a strangers, and that your surroundings in general would start to feel like home soon. 
The dining hall was grand, to say the least. There were eight vertical tables for commoners who were invited to celebrations. The eight tables were divided down the middle by a grand red carpet leading to where royals and nobles sat. The table was perpendicular to the others allowing for anyone who sat there to look out upon the eight tables at the guests. But today, it was just you, Oikawa, King Irihata, and several knights standing guard behind the king— including Iwaizumi. 
You and Oikawa walked down the red carpet to be seated, you sat to the left of the King while Oikawa sat to his right. 
“How was your first night here?” The king asked, “I know it’s probably not what you’re used to, but I hope in time you’ll start viewing it as home.”
“Oh no,” you rushed, “the room is lovely. I couldn’t be more grateful.”
Irihata chuckled and smiled before the chef brought out breakfast. The chef presented before the three of you a grand feast, something you were not used to despite being of royal blood. Up north, in Karasuno, everyone had to ration their food since the harsh, cold environment was not favorable for growing crops. Of course, being nobles, you and your family had always enjoyed slightly more rations, not once going hungry. But the feast before you made your eyes widen in hunger.
Placed before the three of you were plates full of colorful fruits, some even cut into fancy shapes. The hot bowl of porridge placed before you warmed your face as you watched the chef place the cooked boar in front of the king. The chef expertly began carving meat off of the animal, placing it onto plates to be served to the three of you. 
“I hope you all enjoy this feast,” the chef said as he turned to you, “we are all so happy to have you here, Princess Y/N.”
You nodded in thanks before placing a spoonful of hot porridge into your mouth. It was slightly sweet, tasting  of dates and a hint of cinnamon. The chef retreated out of the dining hall, most likely back into the kitchen area. The three of you continued eating, you sat in silence and listened as Oikawa and Irihata talked about the current politics of Aoba Johsai. 
Iwaizumi had been watching the three of you eat from behind. He was always on high alert, being head of the knights of Aoba Johsai. His fellow knights had always told him being so on edge all the time would send him to an early grave. It undeniably made him feel awkward when they would tease and prod at him. He knew they meant no harm, but he had always felt the need to be on guard ever since he was recognized as the strongest. 
It was now one of those times that he was glad he was always so high strung. He had moved his attention towards you and noticed you had your hand on your chest. You were leaned forward, your heavy breathing evident from your back rising up and down. He rushed over to you, placing his hand on your back, “are you okay, my lady?”
You shook your head no, barely able to choke your words out to the spinning of your head and the nausea building up in your body, “don’t feel good.”
He didn’t know what possessed his body to do so, but he shoved his fingers into your mouth, using his fingers to prod at the back of your throat to make you expel the food you had eaten. You coughed around his hand, your bile covering his hand and yourself as he continued his actions, wanting to make sure you had thrown up everything.
Iwaizumi barked at the other knights of Aoba Johsai who were watching in shock, “go arrest everyone in the kitchen! Put them into cells for questioning!”
They immediately ran out of the dining room, the clinking sound of their armor quickly fading away with each step they took. 
Oikawa quickly got up to run out of the dining room as well, he yelled back behind him once his mind caught up with his body, “I’m going to go get a medic!”
King Irihata watched, horrified at the sight before him. Iwaizumi held your upper body up with his soiled forearm as you panted from the exertion of vomiting. 
“Sorry,” you panted out to Iwaizumi. Despite the circumstances, you were disgusted at yourself for throwing up on him and yourself.
He shook his head, looking down at you in worry, “please don’t apologize my lady. I should be apologizing for doing something so crude without warning you.” 
Iwaizumi opened his mouth to speak more but Oikawa had barged back in with the medic in tow. The medic was a short, old man with silver hair touching his shoulders. “Please take the princess back to her quarters and make her comfortable. I will be taking samples of the food and drinks here for testing and then I will bring the appropriate medicine.”
Iwaizumi nodded, readying to carry you back to your room.
Iwaizumi had been sitting next to your bed, watching you sleep for the past several hours.
Your maid had come by after he brought you to your room. She helped you clean yourself and dressed you in a comfortable night slip. 
While he waited outside your bedroom door to give the two of you privacy, he was informed by your advisor, Ennoshita, that during questioning the head chef had confessed to slipping poison into your porridge in an attempt to assassinate you. Apparently, one of his children had died in an infamous Karasuno snowstorm 
He hoped that the son of a bitch would get the harshest sentence possible during his trial for trying to poison you. 
After the confession, the medic had personally delivered medicine that would make you feel nauseous and cause you to throw up to ensure that all of the poisoned porridge would be expelled from your body. He had also praised Iwaizumi for his quick actions, and that he had most definitely saved your life by having you vomit the poisoned food almost immediately.
Iwaizumi had held your hair back as you retched into the bowls your maid held out for you. Iwaizumi’s chest ached as he watched you heave so forcefully, causing tears to stream down your face from the exertion.
He sighed as he leaned back in the wooden chair he had brought over from the table in your room, thinking about what you had said to him hours earlier.
Your maid had just left the room to go clean the buckets you had been throwing up in. You were sitting upright in bed, feeling slightly better since you hadn’t thrown up in awhile. Your maid had said to Iwaizumii to call her back if you started up again. 
He stood by the door of your bedroom watching you sit and stare at your hands, “are you okay my lady?”
“I was just poisoned in an assassination attempt,” you said quietly.
Iwaizumi’s face flushed at his insensitive question, “I’m sorry, that was a stupid question.”
You nodded, moving to go lay under the covers, “it was.”
He watched you lay down with your eyes closed for the next ten minutes, making sure you were asleep. He was getting ready to leave to go talk to the other knights and your advisor about the interrogation when you had called out to him, “please don’t go.”
He was glad his back was to you so that you couldn’t see his face. His face immediately fell at how little your voice sounded. He couldn’t even begin to imagine having to move so far away from your home to marry a stranger from a foreign kingdom, only to have someone make an attempt on your life on your second day there. He took a deep breath to wipe any semblance of emotion from his face and turned around, “would you like me to stand guard outside your room, my lady?”
You shook your head no, pulling the covers up closer to your chin, “can you stay in here? I’m scared I’ll throw up in my sleep and choke.”
He nodded in understanding, pulling a chair over to sit by your bed.
You closed your eyes again once you made sure he was sat next to you, and wouldn’t be leaving. “Also,” you mumbled, your eyes still closed, “you don’t have to use honorifics when talking to me. I don’t like them.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✗ @168-cm-png @feiwelinchen
Tumblr media
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kageyamatobiyogurt · 11 hours ago
calling haikyuu boys pretty
a/n: i’m a believer in being the personal hype man to your s/o. pretty boys deserve to be reminded and yes oikawa included even though he needs to be humbled lmao - his actually made me so soft wth
- also writing this as a thank you for 200 followers in advance! a small present, if you will. currently at 196 so i figured it’s good to have this ready heehee!
includes: tendou, oikawa, sakusa 
Tumblr media
he was flipping through a manga while you two sat in the kitchen
his hair was a little flatter that day, a lot more relaxed and especially because he was with you
you could assume that something more serious was going on in what he had in his hands. his eyebrows were furrowed while his eyes darted back and forth between the pages
he didn’t realize you were watching him in moments like these as he was too caught up in another world
soon enough his face relaxed a little and you could assume the action must have died down 
in the gentle afternoon light, his face looked softer and his nose looked as cute as ever. your eyes glanced over his lips which were now pursed as he continued
“satori you’re so pretty, you know,” you told him 
“but you’re the prettiest y/n,” he replied without missing a beat. he wasn’t just saying it, he always meant it. it’s what he believed with all his heart
he even placed his manga down to look at you, “c’mon look at you baby,” he grinned, “i’m the luckiest”
but you didn’t want him just to flip it to you as much as it always felt nice; it was his turn 
“satorii,” you said slowly, pulling you chair closer to his while facing him 
he instinctively positioned himself to face you too
you gently held his with your hands, thumbs caressing his cheeks. then you leaned forward to peck his nose 
“you know i adore your nose, hm?” you told him. at the mention of it he scrunched it while shaking his head
he tended to brush off compliments, always managing to look away 
“i mean it,” you continued, “something about the way it points like this,” tracing the bridge of it with a finger
“i love your eyes too,” you said, watching them flicker back to your face 
it was so easy to list everything you loved about him, it all rolled off your tongue without an effort 
“even the way your cheeks become rounder when you smile,” you grinned, “i love it all” 
tendou didn’t consider himself pretty that often, he always found himself flustered and unsure how to react when you told him he was. the way you looked at him with fixated eyes put him in wonder and gratitude at the same time 
“mhm, okAy,” he chuckled, pink dusting his cheeks then
“satori seriously,” you whined jokingly, “who gave you the right to look so good?” 
his smile was a little wider then. he reached out to you am to pull you into a tight hug, “okay baby, c’mere” 
you two met up for coffee and cake at your favorite cafe
he was just casually taking a sip of his drink, eyes looking around without much thought 
it was a sunnier day, and the cafe had large windows that brought a warm light inside
the light was hitting oikawa perfectly, making certain curls look closer to amber than its usual brown 
his skin managed to glow and he was just so achingly pretty without even trying 
“you’re so pretty right now, tooru,” you commented, resting your chin on a propped hand 
his eyes travelled back to you at the sound of your voice
what you didn’t expect was for his eyes to narrow
“what do you mean ‘right now’ y/n-chan, is your boyfriend just uglier all the other days?” he asked this dramatic hoe i swear 
“you’re pretty everyday, but there’s something about right now,” you replied
his expression softened when he saw how you were looking at him 
your eyes were so focused and full of love that it caught him a little off guard 
“though i can never really get used to you, yanno,” you continued, oikawa being further surprised. his eyebrows were raised now 
“i mean, every time i see you i get butterflies because you’re so pretty, then i remember you’re mine and my stomach does that flip all over again” 
“y/n,” he began, his voice small
“and even right now my mind is still wrapping itself around you,” you smiled, “you’re an enigma” 
he didn’t know that sitting in a cafe could bring out words like this from you. words that managed to tickle his insides in ways he hasn’t felt before
it wasn’t very often that you could see oikawa bashful. sure, he received compliments a lot, but never with this much weight behind them
the way you spoke without hesitation squeezed his heart and all he could do was look back at you in awe
“you’re very pretty, tooru,” you chuckled, sealing in your words 
he wasn’t even sure how to reply by this point, but all he wanted to express some kind of thank you. a thank you in a way that wasn’t just those two words, something a little more 
so oikawa leaned over the table, placing a thank you kiss to your forehead before tilting your chin upwards to thank your lips too 
“you’re the only one to make me lost for words, you know?” he smiles
ah another one who doesn’t know how to take compliments 
you two were watching a movie he chose and while it was alright, your boyfriend had the ability to steal your attention without trying
you were both snuggled into each other’s sides, and soon enough his arm was wrapping around your waist, a small squeeze
he ran his free hand through his hair totally unaware of how good he looked right then 
“you’re so pretty, omi,” you blurted 
he casually turned to you, torso and all, eyebrows raised
he already paused the movie, pulling you closer so your chest was basically facing his 
“where’s this coming from?” he asked, cheeks pink 
you leaned forward and gave him an eskimo kiss, making him blush even harder
you wrapped your arms around his waist, “you’re just pretty, omi, i couldn’t help it” 
“y/n you know you’re-”
you kept going anyway, “your curls are so pretty with the way they just, they just” you gently reached up to boop one near his cheek,”you know?”  
“and these, omi,” you said, one finger going up to gently touch his moles above his eyebrow, “i adore them being uniquely yours”
he chuckled and glanced away, your words made his insides warm and tickle
“no look at me,” you said softly, so he did
he saw the sincerity that was so obvious in your eyes. you were marveling at him, and what for?
“you’re so pretty, i can’t believe you’re mine,” you gushed, noticing the way the corners of his mouth turned up. so you placed small kisses in each, purposefully teasing
he even pouted, but didn’t say anything else when he saw you ready to speak again
“gosh,” you almost whispered, unsure of what to say next, but even in such an average moment he was so beautiful
before anything else, he placed a hand under your chin to tilt your head up, placing a slow kiss to your lips
his hand travelled from your chin to rest on the nape of your neck as you further leaned into him
he mumbled a small iloveyou against your lips for sure
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elektrosonix · 11 hours ago
🤧hey bae if u wanna write this please do, a angst where tendou, atsumu, or noya who ever u feel like writing for falls out of love😏 like just woke up one day and didn’t feel the same. If u want it to have a happy ending then have them realize that they really do love u or sum😆
-> angst-fluff. noya x foreign!gn!reader, 500 words.
Tumblr media
nishinoya opened his eyes, the memory of his dream fading. he didn't want to lose it for whatever reason, and he focused very hard on trying to remember what it was. something about being back in japan. back - with.. with someone he used to love.
kiyoko. he smiled fondly at the memory of her. she wasn't you, but... she'd been so beautiful, and kind, too. such a sweet person. absolutely gorgeous. she was kiyoko. she'd been...
noya glanced to his side. you were still asleep.
why he'd married you while still in love with and thinking about kiyoko, he didn't know.
why he'd thought this would make his old feelings go away, he didn't know.
you were fine. he didn't dislike you. but you weren't her.
nishinoya ran his hands through his hair, staring at you. this wasn't fair to either of you and that was entirely his fault. he didn't love you. he didn't know what love was. he was still thinking about someone in another country from nearly another life of his.
and then you stirred.
"hm? yuu, are you okay?"
your adorable accent pulled him out of his trance. he pulled his mouth into a drowsy smile. "good morning, my love."
"are you okay?"
you weren't kiyoko.
but then, kiyoko hadn't once looked in his direction. she hadn't touched him tenderly like you had. she never smiled at him like she couldn't believe he was real, like you were doing right now. she had been someone he had admired a ton -- but had she been someone that made every inch of him want to be close again, warm and happy? further than attraction he'd had with kiyoko, what had there been? but with you he had everything and he gave and recieved everything.
you weren't kiyoko. but you were everything to him. he longed for you, even with you in his arms.
it was time that he let go of the past. and as he became more awake and felt the dream leave him, he knew he hadn't been thinking clearly. the dream had been a relapse of dreams he'd had in high school. unrealistic, and definitely not something he should judge his feelings off of.
he did know what love was. it was you. the person he'd met on the other side of the world. in another country. you hadn't known a word of japanese but somehow the two of you had become so curious about each other that you learned each other's languages and weren't disappointed.
fate. not a coincidence, like attending the same high school or being part of the same club.
you weren't kiyoko, but you were his beautiful, unintentional, perfect fate. every -- every piece of you was meant to be his, and every part of him was yours.
"i'm happy," he said, leaning over you and placing several kisses on your mouth and jaw and neck. you were so perfect. he couldn't ask for more. "you?"
you smiled. "i'm good."
"yeah," he agreed. "you're good, just like that. you don't have to change a bit."
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bibi-ii · 11 hours ago
Suna rintaro x reader
Contains: fluff, gn reader
Warnings: none
WC: 458
You and suna have been dating for about 5 months.
It started when suna saw you reading under a oak tree, the weather was warm and just enough wind. He was immediately interested.
After a couple weeks, you guys became friends and were very close.
The twins and aran always teased you and suna, saying you guys should be together already.
After 2 months, suna gathered his courage and confessed to you under the same oak tree where he first met you.
You guys started dating but decided to keep a secret.
You and suna rarely showed pda unless you were alone
Suna walked to the gym and he was the first one to arrive so he texted you to go over to spend some time with him
“Rin!” You ran over as suna’s arms were open, waiting to catch you in his arm.
He caught you and spun you around gently before giving you a quick peck on the lips.
“I missed you” he mumbled as his arm were around his waist and head on your shoulder.
“We saw each other at lunch 2 hours ago” you said as you played with his hair and rubbed his back.
“That was so long ago”
“Where’s the team?” You asked
“They told me to come earlier today for practice but they’re the ones late”
He suddenly tugged your shirt
“Can i just skip practice today? I want to take a nap and i want cuddles”
“I wish you could bubs, but I’m not trying to get on kita’s bad side”
You kissed him lightly on the lips, hoping to appease him
Little did you guys know, the Inarizaki team already got there and was hiding behind the gym equipment door.
“what are yer guys doing?!” Atsumu shouted
You and suna, startled, quickly let go of each other.
“When did yer guys start dating?!” Osamu adds
“Erm.. 5 months ago?…”
“What?!” The whole team shouts
“On top of that, i never knew suna could be so gentle and soft” aran adds as the twins nod in the back
The team starts laughing
“I just remembered, i have a video of the twins falling off a tree trying to get a volleyball”
The twins’ eyes widen and immediately stopped talking
“Anyways, congrats” kita says
“Wait, is that why you called for a practice on the team’s day off?” You asked
“Well, we’re leaving, i want to take a nap” suna takes your hand and walks out of the gym
“Well, I’m glad the cat’s out of the bag” You tell suna as you walked to his house
“Now i can show everyone that you’re mine” suna says and holds your hand tightly.
You walked towards the sunset, hand in hand
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