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samwellwinchesterthebrave34 minutes ago
Do you like monster stories and urban legends? What about mermaids, ghosts, witches, sirens, and selkies? What about sapphic stories of all of the above?
Check out Shadows and a Touch of Magic 馃挏
From shadows that can be savior or destroyer to the creation of the first mermaids, Shadows and a Touch of Magic is a collection of monster stories and urban legends聽featuring women who love women聽full of fear, of love, of the strange, and of the whimsical.
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Tumblr media
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blueandblueran hour ago
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Movie thoughts by Bloo
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wordboundan hour ago
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// Checking for interest!
I鈥檝e been dying to roleplay in BBC Ghosts, over tumblr or discord.聽 Anyone keen?
I鈥檇 also be happy to rp with characters from Yonderland, Bill, or some HH!
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ghostquest-usa2 hours ago
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Have you guys checked out my latest #spooky #GhostStory about #Disneyland in Anaheim, #California? 馃懟
Click here to see my full list of #GhostStories, #haunted locations, and #folklore tales in
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cierics2 hours ago
the high priestess, the tower, the hierophant!
the high priestess - what is your dream date?
hmm... depends how well i know the person, but the fair on a summer evening CANNOT be beat. candyfloss and janky ferris wheels and getting lightheaded on the teacups, that鈥檚 what it鈥檚 all about babey!
the tower - favourite colours to wear?
cream, green, blue, yellow, and red!
the hierophant - do you believe in ghosts?
...sort of? i鈥檓 pretty skeptical of most 鈥榰nexplained鈥 stuff, but i definitely think that a place can hold memories and feelings for years. like. i鈥檝e never actually seen a ghost? but i鈥檝e definitely felt Vibes, and i know several people who swear they鈥檝e seen something, and i believe them.
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likeabloominspaceship2 hours ago
The ghosts favourite type of music!
Captain - Basically anything 30s or 40s era
Thomas - 2010s pop songs specifically about romance
Fanny - Classical music
Kitty - Anything Alison would listen to
Pat - 70s and 80s British people I.e. Elton John or queen
Julian - Songs about sex from any time period but mainly 2000s
Mary - Doesn鈥檛 really listen to it much but 60s songs
Robin - Rave songs with no/few lyrics
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oochilka2 hours ago
I have so many Yonderland characters in mind who I want to draw and some prompts too and every time I get home from work I barely have time to draw anyone it's so frustrating aargh
send more prompts my way though I love a challenge
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searchingseries2 hours ago
The ghosts told me their names.
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mostlynobutalittlemaybe3 hours ago
Julie and the Phantoms AU
Random idea off the top of my head, but it鈥檚 jatp but time travelers instead of ghosts.
So basically, Reggie, Luke, and Alex are time travelers who accidentally found out they can jump from 1995, their time, to 2020. Only these two dates, weirdly.
All of them jump forward when Julie pulls them through using their demo (like in the show) and find out about the future. Their future. And then they start jumping back and forth, to both live their present lives and see Julie in their future lives.
Since they don鈥檛 die in 1995, they鈥檙e still all alive today, as famous musicians like Trevor was. They鈥檙e all both nervous and interested to see what their future is like.
They all decide, after meeting Willie (another time traveler, maybe? Idk I didn鈥檛 get that far) that time traveling and seeing their future is too dangerous. But they all continue to do so, despite the danger. Luke wants to keep seeing Julie, Alex wants to find Willie and talk to him, and Reggie wants to be Julie鈥檚 big brother.
And then Caleb comes and things go down and I鈥檓 really not sure, I didn鈥檛 think about this enough.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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rolypolypellmell3 hours ago
Tumblr media
鈥淕aseous鈥 was a hard one, so I went with misty/smoky. She may or may not be a ghost...
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thingsghostsdo3 hours ago
Ghosts but they play lullabies for the baby eliksni
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鈥淭here is a psychological fact that, I believe, provides a powerful incentive for people to cling to genetic theories. We human beings don鈥檛 like feeling responsible: as individuals for our own actions; as parents for our children鈥檚 hurts: or as a society for our many failings. Genetics - that neutral, passive, impersonal handmaiden of Nature - would absolve us of responsibility and of its ominous shadow, guilt. If genetics ruled our fate, we would not need to blame ourselves or anyone else. Genetic explanations get us off the hook.
The possibility does not occur to us that we can accept or assign responsibility without taking on the useless baggage of guilt or blame. More daunting for those who hope for scientific and social progress, the genetic argument is easily used to justify all kinds of inequalities and injustices that are otherwise hard to defend. It serves a deeply conservative function: if a phenomenon like addiction is determined mostly by biological hereditary, we are spared from having to look at how our social environment supports, or does not support, the parents of young children and at how social attitudes, prejudices, and policies burden, stress, and exclude certain segments of the population and thereby increase their propensity for addiction. The writer Louis Menand said it well in a New Yorker article:
鈥淚t鈥檚 all in the genes鈥: an explanation for the way things are that does not threaten the way things are. Why should someone feel unhappy or engage in antisocial behavior when that person is living in the freest and most prosperous nation on earth? It can鈥檛 be the system! There must be a flaw in the wiring somewhere.鈥
Succumbing to the common human urge to absolve ourselves of responsibility, our culture has too avidly embraced genetic fundamentalism. That leaves us far less empowered to deal either actively or proactively with the tragedy of freedom. We ignore the good news that nothing is irrevocably dictated by our genes and that, therefore, there is much we can do.鈥
- Gabor Mat茅, In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction.
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its-davidrmorgan-stuff3 hours ago
Self-Isolation by David R Morgan & Tobias Morgan
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adoravel-fenomeno3 hours ago
Ty playing with Irene for @arangiajoan鈥 !! Requests are currently closed.
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[ID: A drawing of Tiberius Blackthorn holding a little laser beam to play with Irene. He is under a blanket fort, with his laptop next to him on top of a chair. Irene is in front of him, looking at the laser. Ty is wearing a red hoodie with the word聽鈥楽cholomance鈥 written on it, and black jeans. Books, notebooks and post-it notes are scattered around the room. /End ID]
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