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#jace herondale
jiminie-chimmy · 43 minutes ago
@cassandraclare can you please answer why Will’s connection to Tessa is not mentioned in TDA?
It’s already painful enough that he’s no longer around. I mean yes I’m really happy Will got to marry Tessa and live the rest of his life with her and had kids with her and died peacefully with her in his arms but she’s still alive and Jem is still alive they’re still part of the current story with the new main characters while Will is not around and not only that but he barely ever gets mentioned and even when he does it’s so vague i don’t get why.
Every other characters relationship status’ is stated clearly in TDA even irrelevant side characters but when it comes to Will and his connection to Tessa it’s always so vague. I just don’t get it? It’s not like it’ll spoil the events of TID since it’s already spoiled big time.
What’s even more frustrating is that there were so many moments when it made no sense for Will’s connection to Tessa to not be mentioned. Like when Tessa was talking to Kit in the last book of TDA when he asked her why she’s taking him in it made no sense for her not to at least let him know she was once a Herondale. How could she not tell him?
Also when Emma saw that photo of Will and Tessa why didn’t she say in her inner monologue that this was Tessa with her husband? Or when Jace was talking to Kit why did he never state that Tessa was actually Will’s wife? There are so many moments where it could’ve easily been stated but it almost seems like you’re purposely not stating it and i would like to know why.
Also how come we see Emma interact with Jem a lot yet we never saw Tessa interact with Jace? Like Tessa is Jace’s only blood relative yet we never see them interact.
I am deeply invested in your books if i wasn’t this wouldn’t affect me so much. I’ve been a fan for almost ten years and I want to stay attached to this amazing universe you created but this is the one thing that really keeps bothering me and ruins my enjoyment of the series so I really hope in the wicked powers Will’s connection to Tessa is no longer vague not only it gets clearly stated but it would be great to know that the other characters (Jace, Clary, Simon, Izzy, Emma, Julian, Kit etc) know that too.
Like I said it’s already so painful that Will is no longer part of the current story while Tessa and Jem are still around and interacting with all the main characters while these main characters barely even know anything about Will let alone that he was Tessa’s husband.
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clace-supremacy · 3 hours ago
Once I tried talking like Jace for a day and let me tell you it was the best experience ever. You all should try this
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incorrectidris · 6 hours ago
jace : alec, i screwed up big time
alec : jace, given your daily life experiences, you're gonna have to be more specific
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takaraphoenix · 8 hours ago
Do you like movie or show jace more?
Show Jace, definitely show Jace. I love Dom and I love the way Dom plays Jace and genuinely I will never stop writing Jace with heterochromia due to Dom.
Though I also think it's an unfair comparison, considering Dom had three whole seasons to show what he got and what spin he put on the character, while Jamie only got one movie. I would have definitely loved to see at the very least the first trilogy in movie form.
And I definitely do have a soft spot for Jamie's Jace. He was the first Jace I met, after all. The one that got me hooked on the character.
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i adore opposite couples. yes this is an excuse to write about kit x ty what of it.
christopher herondale like his cousin is a tall tanned blonde. he is a total dork despite his preppy appearance. and at fifteen has lost almost every important person in his life all while the believing he is impossible to love. not to mention that he is desperately in love with someone who he believes doesn’t love him back.
tiberius nero blackthorn is unusually tall with pale skin that contrasts his dark hair and grey eyes. he is quiet and thoughtful and clearly intelligent. he loves mysteries and despite the ableist fuckery of the clave becomes a centurion.
ergo the image of ty (tall dark and handsome) using kit (lights up a room) as an arm rest and ruffling his boyfriend’s hair. the sun brooding with the moon teasing him.
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khaleesiofalicante · 16 hours ago
I was thinking after what you said in the reblog of my post about how Valentine probably applied many runes too Jace when he was very young (which is canon with the voyance rune).
So I bet he did apply runes very early because he assumed that because of Jace's extra angel blood he'd be fine, after all he survived his birth because 9f the angel blood. So I bet Valentine did to see if he could handle it at such a young age. He probably wanted to test it.
And we know Jace survived, but we also know marks that are applied too early can give the person who was given them nightmares. So this could be why Jace has such bad nightmares. But also I don't like to think about the pain he was probably in.
And this only adds to the proof that Jace was really nothing more than an experiment to Valentine.
And that's why I'm thankful he went to Alec, who always seems to be gentle and careful when applying runes to Jace. And I almost wonder if it's because Alec knows.
That’s a very interesting theory.
Other than the application of runes, I think basically everything Valentine did to him might have contributed to his nightmares.
And I’m so glad he found Alec and the Lightwoods too.
It’s literally the ONLY decent thing Valentine did in his entire life.
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simply-ellas-stuff · 22 hours ago
Can yall stop posting shit about Clary and Jace being incest, they're literally not even remotely related.
The storyline was a wierd fucked up choice, yes but for fucks sake the jokes old. Move on.
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