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#the prequels
Obi-Wan: Master Ti, I think I'm hallucinating because I'm pretty sure I just heard your biceps mocking me.
Shaak Ti: No, that's possible. My biceps mock a lot of people.
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doodlerh44 minutes ago
i literally only play fire emblem heroes everytime a new three houses character arrives other than that i do not see馃挃
well you prolly be playing Every new banner smh
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stardustscavenger6 hours ago
Just because鈥et to know me, SW version! I was asked some of these but wanted to just answer them all because I love talking Star Wars! 馃挅 thanks to @jumpingtohyperspace for coming up with these questions.
1. Favorite movie
My favorites are the thirds of each trilogy, so top three are 1) Revenge of the Sith, 2) Rise of Skywalker, 3) Return of the Jedi.
2. Favorite trilogy
Was already *actually* asked this, so I鈥檒l keep it short. It鈥檚 tied between the PT, for nostalgic childhood reasons, and the ST for bringing my love for the franchise and fandom back in full swing.
3. Favorite main character
I鈥檓 so bad at picking favorites, but my absolute favorite is Rey. She鈥檚 followed very closely by Obi Wan Kenobi and Leia.
4. Favorite side character
Threepio got to be really funny/charming as the movies went so I really like him. Idk what constitutes as a 鈥渟ide鈥?
5. What is one thing you never understood about any Star Wars movie (plot holes, why a certain character did something, etc)
Also been asked this鈥 so besides my obvious answer about the Rey/Ren kiss at the end of TROS鈥鈥檒l say why in the heck were those other 3 Jedi masters taken out so easily by Palpatine in the arrest scene? They could鈥檝e lasted a little bit longer. They go out like chumps who don鈥檛 know how to block anything and it bothers me. I get they were trying to make Palps look like 鈥渙h he鈥檚 so powerful, he can take out Jedi masters like that鈥 but like make them look good too ya know? Then he looks even better. Not like 鈥渨ow this old man can indeed hit three staring, flailing, targets.鈥
6. What is one quote that has resonated with you the most/is your favorite?
Was asked this previously too. My favorite quote is from the book Master and Apprentice by Claudia Gray. It鈥檚 a Qui Gon quote about choosing the light because it is the light. Search it up, it鈥檚 beautiful.
7. How were you first introduced to Star Wars?
I was a super young kid and my whole family took me to see Phantom Menace in theaters. I had never seen any other Star Wars and it blew my little mind. I had Star Wars everything from then on. My first bike was a purple Amidala one. We continued going to the premieres of the PT鈥檚 as I grew and after ROTS, is when I cared to delve into the original trilogy.
8. Favorite score?
Ouch this is tough. Because it鈥檚 a classic it would have to be the Force theme. Other favorites are Across the Stars, Rey鈥檚 Theme, March of the Resistance, Jyn Erso/Hope Suite, Luke and Leia鈥檚 Theme, Rise of Skywalker Theme, Victory Celebration鈥nd at this point I鈥檓 just naming everything, aren鈥檛 I? Lol
9. What planet would you want to live on?
Naboo would be my absolute go-to. It鈥檚 gorgeous.
10. Favorite actor/actress from the franchise?
Actor: Ewan McGregor. Actress: Daisy Ridley. Hands down.
11. Thoughts on Solo?
I don鈥檛 hate it. It wasn鈥檛 a bad movie, it鈥檚 just personally my least favorite in the franchise at the moment. I think the actors did a good job, it鈥檚 fun to watch, and the story is intriguing. It鈥檚 just that, for me, Han was never one of my absolute favorite characters. So, when choosing between a rewatch of a Skywalker led movie or a Solo led鈥 would tend to go with the Skywalker one out of personal preference. Though, I would watch a second Solo if they put it out there.
12. Favorite SW tv show?
Mando and Bad Batch are tying for me right now. Give me those found family, positive parent/child relationship themes, and I eat it up lol. I also love that they鈥檙e both answering linking questions of the trilogies their closest to and the transitions of political powers.
13. What is one plot hole/time period you would like to see be explored with either a tv show or a movie?
The time period between ROTJ and TFA. I wanna know how all of that went down and how everything in the ST got set up. Who was doing what, when, and how it affected the story we have. I would love a step by step of how each of our OT heroes got to where they are in TFA. I wanna see Rey鈥檚 parents and how all of that came about.
14. Favorite Jedi?
(And then also Obi Wan and Leia and Luke and Anakin and Qui Gon鈥n that order)
15. Favorite Sith?
16. What ship do you love most?
Han/Leia has my heart.
17. Least favorite SW movie?
Solo. But I really do like all of them. Even the ones I have problems with aspects of.
18. What is a scene that always makes you laugh?
When Artoo saves Luke/Leia/Han/Chewie from the trash compactor and they all yell and scream in celebration and Threepio says 鈥淟isten to them Artoo! They鈥檙e dying!!鈥
19. Do you like the sequels or wish they never happened?
I LOVE the sequels and I鈥檓 happy enough with them. Nothing is perfect. There are things I wish had been done different but ultimately what we got is what we have and I鈥檝e found a lot of things that touch my heart in it and got a ton of new characters and relationships that I adore out of it.
20. If you could have three characters that will always fight for you, who would they be? (Essentially your dream team.)
Gotta go with Rey, Leia, and Obi Wan. My favorites are my dream team.
21. Favorite hairstyle?
Between Rey鈥檚 signature 3 buns or Padme鈥檚 picnic hair from AOTC.
22. Who has your favorite overall style?
Gotta be the fashion queen Padme, baby. But I will say that Leia鈥檚 cloud city outfit (maroon with the sleeveless embroidered cape) is my overall favorite outfit in the series.
23. Favorite SW video game?
Battlefront II because I love flying the awings and I鈥檓 actually really good at it. I sucked at the only other two SW games I鈥檝e played.
24. Favorite battle (not 1v1)?
I鈥檓 assuming this means space battle? In which I will say the battle in the last third of Rogue One.
25. If you could change one thing about the SW universe, what would it be?
About the in-universe universe? Literally nothing. If I could change anything in canon, I would鈥檝e had finn train with Rey and lead a trooper uprising.
26. Favorite lightsaber fight?
Ani vs. Obi. It has everything. Technique, speed, spectacle, dramatic music, and EMOTION.
27. Whose character arc is your favorite?
28. Rebels, empire, or mercs?
If I have to choose, I鈥檒l always be rebel scum.
29. What would you choose to get around the galaxy?
Padme鈥檚 slick Naboo royal cruiser OR the Tantive IV
30. Would you prefer more standalone films like Rogue One or more tv shows like The Clone Wars?
The theater Star Wars experience is incredible and one of a kind and I miss it so much but I鈥檓 loving having Star Wars content in long-form that I can look forward to every week. It can delve into characters, arcs, and lore in a way that movies simply don鈥檛 have the time to, so I say tv shows.
锟31. Favorite SW book or comic?
Anything by Claudia Gray are my favorites. Bloodline is a standout.
32. What color would your lightsaber be? I鈥檇 love green or purple.
33. What species, other than human, would you like to be?
Could I be a droid? Lol
34. What character do you see most in yourself?
I love Rey and she鈥檚 my favorite because I see a little of her in me and vice versa. So much about her and the relationships she has with her friends and family around her, and her longing to keep and protect those connections, resonate really deeply with me.
35. What is your most unpopular SW take?
Don鈥檛 get me wrong鈥 DO like Ahsoka even if what I鈥檓 about to say sounds completely opposite. But she LOGICALLY should鈥檝e died at Vader鈥檚 hands in Twilight of the Apprentice. Filoni created a whole new aspect of lore, that could disrupt a lot of canon if played with, just to find a reason she could possibly survive. Because of that, I鈥檓 tired of seeing her pop up in basically every story set after that point. I don鈥檛 like it. I鈥檓 not thrilled she has her own show coming. I didn鈥檛 love her showing up in Mandalorian. I鈥檒l be pissed if they shoehorn her into Bad Batch. She has worse than plot armor鈥攕he has creator鈥檚 baby armor and I鈥檝e lost some of the love I had for her character because of that.
If you read all this, wow thanks! I鈥檓 always up for Star Wars asks, discussions, and opinions. It鈥檚 my favorite thing to do on this site. Message/ask if ya want! 馃憤馃徏馃槉
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rainwater-pearls7 hours ago
Some people literally cannot keep what events in star wars happen in the correct order.
My mom and I have been watching clown wars the series and the movies a lot. The original trilogy came out when she was in highschool. Keep that in mind.
We start The Force Awakens because she swears she hadn't seen it. Then she mistakes kylo rent for Vader and then I explain he isnt Vader, that Vader is dead
"Wait hwo did he die? In the movie we jsut watched earlier we jsut saw him become Darth vader. You'd think they would have made a movie showing him at least doing stuff."
I literally explained that the storyline wise, the order is the prequels, the originals, then disney. She cant comprehend it.
I'm not upset with her. I'm jsut.... I cant.its simple and to the point how the story goes and I've had to explain it 3 times. And had to explain twice within 10mins how Vader died.
My brain is shutting down. She was in highschool when the saga began. How does...she not...comprehend any of this....but can comprehend that Rey is Palpatines daughter without having watched Rise of Skywalker.....
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misskirby8 hours ago
22 for the ask thing but with someone else saying it to anakin?
鈥淭hey won鈥檛 take you away from me ever again.鈥
Tumblr media
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theasexuwhalestuff8 hours ago
Liam Neeson on what Qui-Gon's force ghost would tell Obi-Wan
"Keep on trucking Obi-Wan! Keep on trucking baby, and may the Force be with you always."
I am SOBBING, this is so freakin' adorable. Can you imagine Obi-Wan on a self-imposed exile on Tatooine, watching over Luke while dealing with his mental health and all the bullshit life sprang him, and he's barely coping, but then he hears Qui-Gon's force ghost saying this with so much affection. 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
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jjmaybank11 hours ago
hey, i saw you posted about finding a title for your book, and that's so exciting! I didn't know you were writing a book, could you share anything about it??
hi!!! okay okay well since forever i鈥檝e loved writing and i鈥檝e always wanted to write and publish an ACTUAL book one day 鈥 even if no one actually buys or reads it, i wanted to say that i was a 鈥減ublished author鈥 hahaha sounds so dumb but it鈥檚 always been a dream of mine. i鈥檝e been writing my own fiction since i was 14 but never quite got the 鈥榬ight鈥 idea for an actual full-length novel鈥ntil now !!
so the book is gonna be called 鈥渁fter us comes the fire鈥 and it鈥檚 set around 200AD in a fictional world that鈥檚 kinda greco-roman but is politically inspired by the french revolution ?? (can u tell i鈥檓 a history teacher lol)
anyway so it鈥檚 a young adult adventure/fantasy novel about a girl (daughter of the emperor), a boy (assassin), their comrades (ex-slaves who have become assassins and freedom fighters) who end up taking down the empire 鈥 partly on accident, partly because of a greater freedom movement. there鈥檚 romance and tension and betrayal. the core themes are the blood ties that hold them together 鈥 both physical blood, through family, and blood oaths of brotherhood through friends (if that makes sense).
i feel like that summary sounded super boring and confusing but i鈥檓 still figuring it out haha. i鈥檓 reaaaaally enjoying writing it so far! i鈥檝e been using scrivener as a writing program and WOW i am in love
i might make a writing tumblr in case anyone wants to follow my writing journey ??? let me know if you鈥檇 be interested in the replies hehe
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phoenixyfriend12 hours ago
I dont know how much you know about Star Wars Legends, but imagine, if you will, young Anakin Solo (aptly named because hes basically his namesake Without The Heaps And Heaps Of Trauma (at least at first)) being flung back in time to either the Clone Wars or shortly before, and meeting Anakin Prime. Like. Boy would spill the beans, and probably cause at least one council member to have a heart attack because HOLY KRIFF THERES TWO (also, just discovered your blog and I love it to bits)
That's one of the Legends babies, right? I'm afraid I know like... Nothing.
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Cin: Just so you know, if you go to prison, I won鈥檛 wait for you
Tholme: You won鈥檛 have to, I鈥檒l escape.
Tholme: We both know this.
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banitesithbossbich12 hours ago
I wanna say that bitches were The Force Unleashed level of overpowered in The Rise of Skywalker.
For instance, Sidious is my favorite character and bru all I gotta say is that is Sidious is pretty strong, but the shit he was doing in TROS was not in his wheelhouse.
Sidious is a bad bitch but he鈥檚 also mere human. Dude could barely move without an crane and you expect me to believe that he has ultra force electricity so powerful it can disable starships yet so precise it only hits the ones he wants?
Nah bro I鈥檓 sorry but he wasn鈥檛 even that powerful in a game where the force powers were amped up to a non-canon degree for everyone.
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amypound13 hours ago
5 times Scrooge and Goldie Kissed to save the others' life
And the one time they kissed just for themselves (and admitted it).
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tomicaleto13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Shadow Padm茅 AU
Inspired from a brainstorm session in the NSWC server, the whole concept was more or less the following: Padm茅 dies but Palpatine actually brings her back with Sith magic or something. But it鈥檚 not actually Padm茅, only a shadow of what she was.聽
Vaderkin still grows attached and becomes extremely protective of her. As time goes by, she develops her own personality, different from Padm茅鈥檚 and they both become friends.聽 At one point, they take down Palpatine and let the Rebels take care of rebuilding the Republic.聽
Some details here and there: Shadow Padm茅鈥檚 belt is inspired by all the imagery we see in Star Wars that is very Force related, the flowers are a space version of real flowers associated with mourning. Her sclera is black and the cracks in her skin show the remains of the dark side used to create her聽 聽 聽
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