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#skywalker family
dswcp · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Another stunning panel by the incomparable Al Williamson. No other artist frames such delicately tiny characters in such extravagant settings. The dinosaur on the right reminds me of this awesome panel by Janine Johnston.
Star Wars Newspaper Comic Strip: “The Bounty Hunter of Ord Mantell.” February 13, 1981. Writer: Archie Goodwin. Illustrator: Al Williamson.
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offworldcantina · 18 hours ago
so if bb8 is like poe’s son, then k-2so is cassian’s salty teenager.
and r2-d2 is luke’s crazy uncle; who teaches bb8 curse words just for fun.
and c-3po is luke and leia’s older brother who’s constantly worrying & knows too many foreign languages
and d-o is the skywalker family dog
and chopper is overly-hyper college kid who still lives with his parents
and bd-1 & cal are the distant relatives of the skywalker family who are always traveling to obscure planets and trying not to get killed
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dswcp · a day ago
Tumblr media
Happy Father’s Day to the manifestation of terrifying paternal obsession!
Storyboard drawn by Ivor Beddoes during the late 70s as preproduction for The Empire Strikes Back. From “Storyboards: The Original Trilogy,” edited by J. W. Rinzler and published in 2014.
“Beddoes did not know exactly what Vader would say at this point in the film, as this part of the script was top secret. His note reads ‘Beelzebub offering the world...end of dialogue.’”
“Beelzebub offers the world” would be super cool on a t-shirt! Demonic associations with Anakin are awesome!
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leiainhoth · a day ago
Tumblr media
I was going through my notes this morning to plan and plot 29 and came across the head of my notes for the third act. I can’t wait to share the next chapter with all of you!!!!!
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positvityprincess · 5 days ago
Boba and Han being forced to hang out, because of Din and Luke getting married, and absolutely HATING it is my new favourite thing.
So here is some Dinluke fam Han vs Boba drabble inspired by my Austrian family:
Din and Luke had gotten married. This in of itself was not a problem, in fact it was pretty great. They're both so disgustingly in love and ridiculous happy with eachother. The problem lay in the fact that, as best friends of one half of the happy couple, Boba and Han had to interact, hang out even, and they hated every minute of it.
Every interaction between Boba and Han turned into an argument, a competition and constant petty comments. But they never got in a physical fight, purely out of love for their friends and not for lack of wanting or opportunity. So taking childish swings at eachother it was.
This time Boba and Han were on Tatooine with Din and Luke assisting in trying to retrieve some jedi texts (or was it artifacts?) which apparently had been hidden by Kenobi somewhere near his house. They had been digging in the sand, only someone who had never lived on Tatooine before would do something as stupid as burry something in the sand, for most of the day with the relentless high summer sun's beating down on them. Finally, they retrieved it and could head back to the ship, return to Mos Eisley and get a large glass of ice cold spotchka.
Han opened the hatch to the ship and was immediately hit with an intense wave of heat. "Dank farrik its hot in here. This planet is a nightmare."
Boba aggressively pushed past Han and into the body of the ship, "I always knew you were weak Solo, but I didn't think you were so weak you couldn't handle a little heat" he tilted his head and leveled Han with a helmeted stare, "nothing compared to spending days in the sarlacc pit during the Tatooine summer."
"Oh, it's not too hot for me" Han immediately countered, despite being able to feel Luke's pleading gaze on the back of his head, as he approached Boba "I was just saying it to let Luke know since he's wearing all black and if he got a heat stroke you mandos would blame me."
"Well, you did refuse to buy the sun reflecters-" Din started at the same time as Luke exclaimed that he did live on Tatooine for most of his life thank you very much, and could definitely handle the heat better than anyone on this ship. Niether Boba or Han took any notice of them and continued their staring match.
"In fact," Han continued, "I was thinking of turning the central heating on."
Boba leveled Han with one last stare before turning to the control panel on the near by wall, "an excellent idea Solo. But do let me know if it becomes too much for your sensitive constitution, I'm sure being frozen in carbonite has affected your ability to tolerate heat."
"Right. Din and I are going to the cockpit to take us back to Mos Eisley. You two" Luke gestured losely towards the current stand off with his gloved hand "can continue what ever weird pissing contest this is. And I will not be helping either of you if you pass out." With that Luke marched away with Din following close behind. Just before the door shut behind them they heard Din say "Cyar'ika we both know that's not true." And then the two brother-in-law/mortal enemies/petty children were left alone.
Boba raised the heating system by another level, "still good Solo?" Han moved towards the cupboard where he knew the emergency supplies were kept and pulled out the jacket he had worn on Hoth. Han had been forced to add it to the emergency supplies after Mando stated that you never know when you might get stranded on an ice planet, and after the Hoth experience Han wasn't one to argue.
"Oh I'm fine" Han zipped up the coat, "just a bit chilly is all."
Boba increased the heat by another level. "You sure about that?"
Han was very much not okay. The heat of the room was stifling, it felt hard to breath and he was all too aware of his sweat drenched clothes sticking to his skin. But he would rather die than let Boba have this.
"What about you bucket head? How's that armour feeling?"
"Oh its wonderful."
It was not wonderful. Mandolorian armour was incredible in battle and saved his life countless times, but after a day of manual labour in the Tatooine heat? In a metal box? With a constant increase of hot air from the vents all around? A small part of him wished he could dress in the loose clothing of the Tatooine people, or at the very least strip to his flight suit, but he would be dead before he let Han have any sort of upper hand.
By the time the ship arrived at Mos Eisley the heating was on the maximum level and Han had kept adding layers of cold protective clothing. Both Men could barely breath through the stifling heat and had even stopped trading insults. They just stared at eachother, waiting for the other to drop.
Luke and Din made to leave the ship but the minute Din opened the cockpit door he was hit by the most intense wave of heat he had ever felt, it was like Tatooine and Jaku had merged into one cursed microcosom in his ship where the only inhabitants were two complete morons. Din could feel Luke lean his forehead against his back in defeat (or maybe it was just to absorb some of the coolness that the beskar had retained from the air-conditioning in the cockpit).
Boba and Han's heads immediately turned to the two. Han moved, as if to say something, before promptly collapsing on the floor.
"Ha. I won." Boba got out, his voice dry like the sandpaper that was currently lining his throat, before also passing out.
Din rolled his eyes at the scene and turned the heating off and air conditioning back on while Luke rushed to tend to the two idiots.
Back at Jabba's, well Boba's, palace Han and Boba were starting to return to consciousness. The first thing they saw was Din, standing with his hands on his hips and radiating *I'm not angry I'm just very disappointed*.
"You two di'kuts are lucky you have a friend who is not only from Tatooine but also a Jedi otherwise you probably wouldhave died from heat stroke."
Han and Boba remained silent.
"Can you please stop this stupid feud. It is not worth your lives."
The silence stretched on but was eventually broken by Boba's scratchy voice,
"I did win though"
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beehacked · 6 days ago
a most important gala: swoon june day 15
prompt: masquerade pairing: anakin x padme words: 875 warnings: nothin :) a/n: i reached a milestone writing my oc fic today and for some reason got HUGELY insecure. so i tried to cheer myself up with skywalker family fluff!!
It started with an old holofilm that someone had gifted them. It continued with pleading twins, relenting parents, and a trip to the craft shop. It had ended up with the Skywalker family sitting on a flimsi-covered floor with paint, glitter, sequins, and anything else that Leia could get stuck in her hair.
In the holofilm, the main characters dressed in extravagant ballgowns (“like the ones mommy wears!” Luke had said) and wore intricate masks (“they look like Auntie Soka’s face!” Leia had said). Needless to say, the twins were enamored, and who were Padme and Anakin to deny them?
“Do you want the glitter glue, or just the glitter?” Padme asks Luke. His mask is slathered in black paint because he wanted the colour “to stand out.”
“Can I have both? Please?” 
Padme resists the urge to wipe the paint from his cheek. “Of course.”
Luke starts sprinkling blue glitter onto the mask, most of it coming down in clumps. “What about your mask, mommy?”
Padme looks at the mask in her hands. It’s blank -- she hasn’t exactly figured out how she’s going to decorate it. She and Anakin had decided to make a mask for each other, and judging by how he’s hunching over the mask on the other side of the room, Anakin already knows what he’s doing. 
“I’m not sure yet, sweetie. Do you have any ideas?”
Luke pauses, green glitter coating his fingers more than his mask. “Artoo.”
Padme laughs at the idea of Anakin dressed up like the astromech -- actually, she laughs more at the thought of Artoo laughing at Anakin. She leans over to get a cloth for Luke and tucks her necklace into her top. “That does give me an idea though…”
When the kids are cleaned up, a fancy dinner of tiny jelly sandwiches and little egg cups served, and the masks are dry, it’s time for the masquerade to begin.
Padme and Anakin sit on the couch, waiting for the twins’ grand entrances. As per their instructions, Padme is wearing one of her senate dresses -- deep red with gold designs. Anakin is in his Jedi robes, as usual, but they’re the “nice” ones -- not as marked up and torn as his others. 
“You ready for this?” Anakin asks with a smirk. He’s leaning back with his arm on top of the couch, just behind Padme’s head.
“I’ve been to a lot of galas,” Padme admits, “and I think this one has the highest stakes.”
Anakin reaches down and twirls a lock of Padme’s hair fondly. “Good thing we’re good under pressure.”
“INTRODUCING,” Leia yells from the other room, “THE HONOURABLE LUKE SKYWALKER!”
Luke jumps into the room, dressed in Anakin’s old Jedi robes that are wrapped around his waist, legs, shoulders, and chest several times in order for them not to drag across the floor. His mask -- that they can hardly tell is black under all the glitter -- has curlicues drawn in every colour of glitter glue that the Skywalker family owns. Padme and Anakin clap theatrically, and Anakin comments on how much Luke looks like a Jedi Master.
“Thanks, daddy!” Luke bounds over to the couch and lands on his dad’s lap.
She struts out, wearing one of Padme’s skirts as a dress that’s still a fair bit too long. Her mask, unsurprisingly, is painted the colour of Ahsoka’s skin, with her face markings painted in white. On the mask’s forehead, though, she’s added two dark blue triangles that Padme and Anakin immediately recognize as the jaig eyes from Rex’s helmet. Finally, she’s drawn Anakin’s scar over her eye.
After accepting their praises, Leia stands in front of them with her hands on her hips. “Okay, now you put on your masks.”
Exchanging smiles, the two parents pull out their masks and hand them to each other.
“What is it?” Luke asks, looking at the mask in Anakin’s hands. It’s painted the colour of sand with black designs. There’s a square in the centre, squiggly lines going out from its corners, and swirls in the spaces. To anyone else, it looks random, but Anakin just grins. 
Leia gives an exasperated sigh. “It’s the necklace mommy wears!”
Padme dangles her necklace for Luke while Anakin puts on his mask.
“What did daddy do for you?” Luke asks.
Padme turns the mask over in her hands and finds herself staring into her own face -- albeit one from many years ago. Anakin has painted the mask with the distinct face makeup that Queen Amidala wore -- white with red dots under the eyes, and the iconic red stripe on the bottom lip. 
“You were queen when I met you,” Anakin says, meeting Padme’s beaming smile. “I thought it might be nice to have a queen at our gala.”
Padme stands and puts her mask on, accidentally wearing a dress that so closely resembles a red dress that Queen Amidala wore. Under Anakin’s gaze, she spins around and shows off her royal demeanor. Anakin gets up to join her, taking her by the waist and dipping her with what Padme just knows are mischievous eyes behind the japor snippet mask.
“Okay, hold on,” Leia says. “Princesses are above queens, right? Because if not, I want to be a queen too!”
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shukruut · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the sequel to this drawing
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silvereddaye · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Tinies: The Lightsaber, Part 1
This went better in his head, but what else was going to happen when you give two siblings long stick-like objects?
The Tinies Master Post
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hacked-wtsdz · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Asshole with a heart of gold and low self-esteem issues
Tumblr media
A really sweet character who is capable of murder and also has self-esteem issues
Tumblr media
Incredibly cool character who is the only one with a brain cell
Tumblr media
Sassy and hiding pain
Tumblr media
Furious bisexual
Tumblr media
And finally:
Emotional support himbo
Tumblr media
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phoenixyfriend · 10 days ago
Please note that every time I write Anakin having babies and small children to take care of, he is the “guy with sword holding a cat” post.
You know. This one.
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coalmine301 · 12 days ago
Anakin: L is for the way you look at me.
Padme: O is for the only one I see.
Ahsoka: V is very very extraordinary.
Obi-wan: Egg.
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barbs-batgirl · 12 days ago
⛩️⃞𓂅 ♯ :: 🅠꒤ꏂꏂꋊ 🅐ꪑⅈᑯꪖꪶᥲ ꗃ 🄸𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬 𓂃𖧧
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dswcp · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
It’s Anakin Week! He’s so adorable and they know it.
“Choose Your Destiny: An Obi-Wan and Anakin Adventure.” March 19, 2019. Writer: Cavan Scott. Illustrator: Elsa Charretier.
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