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joebert-padata · 42 minutes ago
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mattchase82 · 47 minutes ago
June: Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
June 1 - 30
O dearest Jesus, Whose Most Amiable Heart excludes not even the greatest sinners if they turn to Thee, grant, we beseech Thee, to me and all penitent sinners a heart like unto Thine;
That is, a humble heart that even in the midst of temporal honors loves a hidden life, a life little esteemed by men;
A meek heart that bears with all and seeks to be revenged on no one;
A patient heart that is resigned in adversity and happy even in the midst of most trying circumstances; A peaceful heart that is ever at peace with others and with itself;
A disinterested heart that is always content with what it has;
A heart that loves prayer and prays often and cheerfully;
A heart that only desires that God be known, honored and loved by all His creatures;
That grieves for nothing except when God is offended,
Despises nothing but sin,
Wishes for nothing but the Glory of God and its neighbor's salvation;
A pure heart that in all things seeks God alone and desires to please Him;
A grateful heart that does not forget but duly values the benefits of God; A strong heart that is daunted by no evil but bears all adversity for the love of God;
A heart liberal to the poor and compassionate to the suffering souls in Purgatory;
A well-ordered heart, whose joys and sorrows, desires and aversions, Nay, whose every motion is regulated according to the Will of God.
Prayer of St. Clement Mary Hofbauer, C.S.S.R
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dukeofriven · an hour ago
So Scott Cawthorn has announced his retirement for specious reasons (he wants to spend more time with his kids and is not at all upset at the blow-back that he financially supported traitors and monsters. Reagan was friends with gays and actively made the AIDS crisis worse, why can’t Scott fund the same level of harm and still be beloved?), and I just have to say:
The scope and scale of the FNAF fandom baffles and confuses me. I have been confused and baffled by it ever since a friend approached me for help because she found FNAF porn on her daughter's computer (just some really, really bad CGI gifs of smooth furry robots grinding), and I didn’t know how to help her... or entirely understand what help she was looking for, admittedly. (This ranks up there with the day my boss’ wife turned to me and asked if i knew what furries were.) I go forward now no less goddamn confused about what emotional fulfilment so many people were getting from the What If Chucky Cheese Murdered People game.
"Man FNAF was already there when I needed it-" People say, to my puzzlement. I played that game: it's you trapped in a badly rendered room with some cursory game mechanics and jump scares. How is this a deep emotional well of comfort?
But obviously my total fucking ignorance on the subject doesn't matter, because it clearly matters to these people anyway. Anyway, I just wanted to specifically say to all the fans bemoaning Scott’s retirement because of your love for the franchise and the vicissitudes of cancel culture (and this is not all of you): This is the dude who made the What If Chucky Cheese Murdered People game, why is this the cornerstone of your personality, why are you defending the bad behaviour of the What If Chucky Cheese Murdered People Game Man, what the hell is wrong with you?i Parasocial relationships are weird, y’all.
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yomeliah · an hour ago
The narratives of the miracles of Jesus Christ on the earth to strengthen the faith in the everlasting life (Part 2) Jesus Christ heals a leper
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"There also came to him a leper, pleading with him even on bended knee, saying to him: “If you just want to, you can make me clean.” At that he was moved with pity, and he stretched out his hand and touched him, and said to him: “I want to! Be made clean.” Immediately the leprosy vanished from him, and he became clean" (Mark 1:40-42). (To read the whole article, please choose your preferred language):
Orisha :
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bookofmormondaily · an hour ago
Alma 4:6-7
“6 And it came to pass in the eighth year of the reign of the judges, that the people of the church began to wax proud, because of their exceeding riches, and their fine silks, and their fine-twined linen, and because of their many flocks and herds, and their gold and their silver, and all manner of precious things, which they had obtained by their industry; and in all these things were they lifted up in the pride of their eyes, for they began to wear very costly apparel.
7 Now this was the cause of much affliction to Alma, yea, and to many of the people whom Alma had consecrated to be teachers, and priests, and elders over the church; yea, many of them were sorely grieved for the wickedness which they saw had begun to be among their people.”
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thebestsellingbook · an hour ago
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As a Christian, we should not believe in the concept of luck.
We don't rely on luck, we rely on God.
If you ever receive something good, you're not lucky because it is given to you by God. If something bad happened to you, you're not unfortunate because it is a trial from Him.
So, instead of saying good luck, why not say God bless.
Instead of saying, "Yes! I'm so lucky," why not say, "Lord, thank you!"
Instead of buying things that you believe it attracts luck, why not buy things that can glorify God.
Always remember that all things that you receive is from above. Only from God and not from luck.
James 1:16, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”
Share this with your family and friends, you might change a life.
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lecliss · an hour ago
Also like. At the end of Xillia, Alvin was the only one mad at Milla's decision to become Maxwell for real. Jude was sad, but he accepted it. Alvin was the one that said something like "you never told us this" in an angry tone, like hes genuinely pissed she's choosing to leave them to lead the spirits. Rowen, Leia, and Elize accepted it just fine. It was Alvin of all people that wanted his found family to stay together and I think thats cuz he felt like he found his real home and without even one of them it would feel broken now. He found his place and he's clung to it and if it shifts even slightly he doesnt know how to adjust. But weirdly enough it only seems to be a momentary thing? Since in the 'where are they now' portion of the ending hes doing just fine without everyone. But I guess he managed to get over it/accept it between the two scenes. But still!!! The fact that as soon as he claimed them all as his family he lost it all over again is like. I got no words for it!!!! I just feels things man!!!!
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regulusmasamune · an hour ago
Dearest fellow Christians.  The LGBTIA+ community is not your enemy.  But we are your victims. And BTW, being ‘cancelled’ or ‘silenced’ means people are actively trying to make you stop believing in Jesus, usually with violence, and suppressive laws, and justifiable murder. What’s actually happening is you are being told to stop using your religion to justify your hate. Last I checked, Christ called us to love one another as he loved us. No exceptions.  Homophobia is a form of hate.  Our ‘religious beliefs’ are actively getting people kidnapped, arrested, attacked, raped, murdered, imprisoned and tortured.  Its high time to reassess what we believe. 
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zootopias-world · 2 hours ago
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#quelledeslebensfinden #Jesus #love #God #bibel
يونان ٩:١ انا خائف من الرب اله السماء الذي صنع البحر و البر
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zootopias-world · 2 hours ago
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#quelledeslebensfinden #Jesus #love #God #bible
يونان ٩:١ انا خائف من الرب اله السماء الذي صنع البحر و البر
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heartborrow · 2 hours ago
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♡     @lingeringscars​  ...  TYLER LOCKWOOD   :  “ stay with me tonight. ”
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it’s a tempting offer.   wobbling on tall heels that felt infinitely more solid some hours ago is the least of her problems.   sweat beads on forehead,   a strong feeling of icky from the top of her head to the tip of her toes.   she’s not at all convinced she’ll make it back home without puking,   but she knew what she was getting into before she was in it.   knew about the impending ‘tequila is not my friend’ feeling and had been willing to accept it.   a small price to pay for reprieve,   a few hours out of her head.   when she wakes up tomorrow she’ll be many things   ;   survivor,   victim,   reformed mean girl.   she’d rather keep being a stranger on the dance floor,   light and open and without a care in the world.
there’s no shortage of people around her,   she should’ve guessed her stranger facade wouldn’t quite encompass everyone.   ❛   ty,   ❜   it’s not the first time she’s seen him tonight,   not even the second or the third,   lost and found again and again in the crowd.   he’s caught her by the door this time,   though,   and she wonders if he’s been keeping an eye on her after all.   it would be like him,   to care even from a distance.   abruptly,   she throws an arm around his neck,  pulls him down into a hug and smacks a kiss onto his cheek before he’s let go.    ❛   trust me,   the last thing you need is a total buzzkill.   ❜
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tototavros · 2 hours ago
peak trying to find a place to rent experience has been being told that i have 1 day to sign a lease that wasn't actually sent to me via a broken link
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youtubeswordsofwisdom2 · 2 hours ago
Mike Brown: *still talking about Forza*
Amelia: *Beaker noises*
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ceruleangold · 2 hours ago
“Can I just use salt water [instead of vegetable broth?]”
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andwhentheangelscome · 2 hours ago
I don’t miss my ex-girlfriend.
I miss living with someone. I miss living with someone who is my girlfriend.
But I do not miss living with my last girlfriend.
Living with her was in fact worse than living by myself,
and living by myself kinda sucks ass.
it’s got its pros and cons,
and I’m sure that the next time in my life that I don’t I’ll miss some parts of it,
and I also definitely DONT want to “just live with roommates” (meaning: they’re not people who are already my friends) because that is TOTAL ass,
but yeah.
Thaaaaaaat is a change, I guess.
I was crazy about her, and now it’s over, in literally every way.
I don’t even miss it.
In a way, that’s the real end to me.
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dreadfulcalendarwoman · 3 hours ago
it’s so hard to pin down the emotion i’m feeling right now. i was just talking to a friend of my dad’s, meeting them for the first time, and i haven’t felt so wrongfooted in a while. for the last three or four years i’ve been effortlessly cordial with people i don’t know well -- chattery, polite, bubbly and whimsical in a way i would certainly describe as charming. absolutely all of that came from the fact that the only thing i was trying to do was to get them to like me, and that there was no attempt on my part to know or care about them. 
and granted i get why that was the case at the time! in high school, making sure that a new person liked me was more often than not a safety concern: if a friend of my bio mom’s didn’t like me, they could pass the message onto her, and she would immediately take that out on me. makes sense that that would then translate to EVERY social situation i found myself in, yk? that i would go from person to person with my only objective “do they like me” because if they did not like me, i would be in danger. i can defs think of some situations in college where that was the case as well. (my freshman year of college...i hid it from pretty much everybody, including myself, but i was making a string of really fucked up and self destructive choices that might have continued if not for covid.)
but the point is: i was talking to a friend of my dad’s, and i found that what i cared about the most was making a good first impression as me. it was very weird and i was shy and stuttery and i felt more like myself than i have in a long time. i am shy and stuttery around new people. i take a while to open up. most of the people who have my heart have had it for years, and some of them i’m still a little weird around! it puts a lot of stuff into jarring perspective.
i’m glad i’m here. i guess that’s what i’m trying to say. i lied so gracefully and proficiently in high school and in college to keep myself alive, and this last year i found myself safe enough and stable enough that i no longer need to do that anymore. 
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