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#incorrect star wars quotes
hipvanlinde · 2 hours ago
Robbery: *Fails*
Dutch: Wait, how could this happen? We're smarter than this!
Arthur: Apparently, we're not.
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chiss-ascendancy · 2 hours ago
jaina : *accidentally hits anakin*
jaina : *torn between saying 'i'm fucking sorry' and 'are you okay'
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ellie-you-idiot · 3 hours ago
Anakin: Obi-Wan sucks. His accent is pretentious and he uses way too much hair gel. I wish Ventress had blinded me just so I didn’t have to look at his stupid face every day.
Some shiny: Haha yeah, he’s so annoying
Anakin, immediately going Vader Mode: What the FUCK did you jus
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mandofury · 3 hours ago
Obi-Wan: Violence is never the answer.
Ahsoka: Violence is the question, master.
Anakin: And the answer is YES.
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Plo: So what’s the tea?
Mace: Well apparently Agen got lost again, Depa is chasing Kit because he called her a diva, and Obi-Wan is crying to the rhythm of an opera song again.
Plo: I meant what flavor is your tea but I think you need some alcohol, my friend.
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echos-newlegs · 4 hours ago
Things my brothers have said as incorrect clone wars quotes; part 1? Idk if I'll do it again lmao. I just wanted to share this experience.
Hardcase: Why does he get shotgun?
Fives: Safety protocols. If we crash I go flying through the window.
Hardcase: What if the car explodes?
Fives: Didn't you say you liked explosions like a week ago?
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Aayla: Please bring home PURIFIED water with NO minerals added for taste. NONE.
Voolvif: I got spring water.
Aayla: NOT
Voolvif: With EXTRA minerals. It's like licking a stalagmite.
Voolvif: Mmmmmmm, cave water.
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huffleclawrox · 5 hours ago
obi-wan: *about to do something reckless*
cody: general, no
rex: general, no
all of the 212th and 501st: general kenobi, no
anakin: *getting ready to join him* obi-wan no
ahsoka: obi-wan yes!
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incorrectswtor · 6 hours ago
Kaliyo: What? I'm not aggressive!
Imperial Agent: Last Tuesday, you wacked me with a pair of crocs and stole my chocolate chips?
Kaliyo: Survival of the fittest, bitch
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anakin: personally, i’m just a huge fan of ignoring the problem until it goes away.
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starwarscabinpressure · 8 hours ago
Ferus: Must you sit at the back, Anakin?
Anakin: I always sit at the back.
Ferus: But there's only two of us in a lecture theater with five hundred seats.
Anakin: Some of which are at the back.
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blueekenobi · 9 hours ago
ahsoka: is stabbing someone immoral???
anakin: not if they consent to it
rex: depends on who you're stabbing
obi wan: YES???????
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padme: i’m cold!
anakin: [sets the world on fire]
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incorrectswtor · 9 hours ago
Smuggler: It’s not gonna work, I’m not a snitch
Cop: Fine, let's try something else. Tag a friend you recently committed a crime with
Smuggler: Lmao @CorsoRiggs
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Thorn: If you’re murdered, at least someone thought you were important enough to need to not exist anymore.
Bail: That’s… not as comforting as you think it is.
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