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musette228 hours ago
Good morning, Minnie! I hope you will have a great day! I only have one quick question. After looking at, Sebastian's shocking weightloss for Tommy Lee, I started wondering.... Did he gain weight for Devil All The Time? I always assumed it was just a costume, but HECK NOW I AM NOT SURE.
Hi my love! It's been a good day so far, thank you, spending it with family for Father's Day! 馃挍 Hope yours is great too!! For TDATT, Sebastian actually wore a fake belly, so he didn't gain all of the weight, but he did say in an interview that he deliberately ate as much fast food etc. as possible to prepare for the role, because he wanted to get the appearance of someone who didn't have the healthiest lifestyle, or something like that. I think they also put something in his mouth to plump up his cheeks a little, though!
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sarge-barnes-sir11 hours ago
I would just like to take some time and say Happy Father's Day to my daddies 馃槍馃槍馃槍
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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buckysbrattybug14 hours ago
Can we still send something in for bratty saturday馃ズ? I don't know if you're comfortable with this and I'm kinda new to exploring this but either daddy Lee or daddy Charles wanting to feed their little with a bottle and you are not having it so daddy holds you firmly on his lap while guiding your head, and tells you what a little baby you are n how you can't do it yourself but it's okay because daddy will do it for you.
i have a whole fic about this type of thing so i鈥檓 more than comfortable darling!
Tumblr media
鈥渂aby, eat.鈥 lee coos, pushing the teat of the full bottle of milk against your lips.
鈥渄addy, no.鈥 you whine, pushing the bottle away and pouting, your lip jutting out.
鈥渂aby, you need to eat.鈥
鈥溾榤 a big girl, daddy! wan鈥 real food!鈥 lee sighs, pulling you roughly onto his lap and guiding you down to lay across him. you try to squirm away but he holds you tightly.
鈥渙pen your mouth, bug. you鈥檙e too little for real food. you can鈥檛 eat by yourself because you鈥檙e too little, but it鈥檚 okay, let me help you.鈥
鈥渟hh, little one.鈥 he shushes, 鈥測ou鈥檙e just a baby, c鈥檓on, drink.鈥 he pushes the bottle against your lips and you part them tentatively. 鈥渢hat鈥檚 it, daddy will help you.鈥 he coos, kissing your forehead as you start to suckle.
by the time you鈥檝e finished the bottle, you鈥檙e dozing quietly against lee鈥檚 chest, soft snores escaping your lips as your full belly makes you drowsy. lee slips a pacifier between your lips and you resume suckling, falling into a deep, dreamless sleep in your daddy鈥檚 arms.
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mianortha day ago
Could I please request dark daddy!lee and a little with Stockholm syndrome?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(GIF not mine)
Thank you for the requests!
|||Drabble|||warning: dark!Lee, abusive relationship, abusive!lee, naive!reader, face slapping, manipulation, toxic relationship, abuse, sexism.
The lady cashier scanned your items, she pushed in different buttons to the stuff that you've bought; meat, vegetables, canned foods, candies. Her beautiful pinned-up hair was probably done at a salon, her make-up lightly done with her tinted cheeks spread with some pink blush. She chewed on some gum quite loudly, and it annoyed you but it did not ruin her gorgeous image. Even the work apron looked pretty on her basic dress.
鈥淓-Excuse me?鈥 You fiddled nervously with the straps of your purse, gulping when she looked up as her chewing stopped. Her green eyes made you nervous. 鈥淒o you- uh, d-do you hire?
She scanned the last item and pushed more buttons to open the register. Then she pulled out a pen and paper from under her desk and placed it in front of you.
鈥淵ou'll have to talk to our store manager, ma'am, and he ain't here now. But if you can write your name and I'll make sure to tell him you applied,鈥 Her thick southern accent was soothing, like a song that made every old person in town get up and dance. You were not from here, you're a city girl that had to blend in; sometimes you'd even fake the accent, but they caught you, which made you feel embarrassed to the core. 鈥淵ou can come back tomorrow.鈥
鈥淭hank you,鈥 You let out a breath, giving her a small smile.
鈥淪o, paper or plastic?鈥
You hummed a tune as the sounds of the meat sizzling in the background, along with the crickets singing from outside. It was late, the sun already set; the sky dark, and the stars were bright, which you loved. Ever since you were a little girl you always loved seeing the stars, but they seemed to be brighter in Knockemstiff than in the city areas.
The thought of working was terrifying, not because you're going to do a bad job, it is because of Lee. If he found out that you've applied for a job he'll surely chain you to the bed and make sure you never leave the house. But he does that because he cares about you, he wants you to relax and let him to all the hard-working things. However, recently you've felt as though you were close to madness; always sitting in the house, cleaning every corner, and watching TV. You even mesmerized every commercial.
You've already come up with a lie. To tell Lee that you're going to do activities with the other housewives. They have activities every day and have also invited you to join them, but you did not accept their offer. Their activities made you feel uneasy, mostly because they seemed controlled.
But it was a good lie. Lee would never bother listening or engaging in the housewife stuff. Because that's your work.
鈥淓ach time we quarrel, it almost breaks my heart. 'Cause I'm so afraid that we will have to part.鈥 You sung or mumbled quietly to yourself. A teenager in love. A song that you could listen to repeatedly on the radio.
The door slammed shut making you gasp, and suddenly the crickets stopped singing. The sound of meat sizzling got louder and Lee's footsteps were heavy, as usual, but much more spine-chilling than ever, and you knew that something was wrong. It made your stomach churn, your hands started shaking and you had to put the knife down for a second; scarred to continue cutting the carrot. You hoped to keep him in a good mood, as you wore his favorite dress along with some makeup.
鈥淗ey, angel,鈥 He said, and you turned around to face him, leaning your back on the counter. 鈥淲hat始cha cookin始?鈥
鈥淛ust...Just some steak with potatoes,鈥 You mumbled, hands behind your back. 鈥淗ope that's alright.鈥
He nodded, and you felt a bit relieved. His face didn't have any sort of annoyance nor anger, which was good. Whenever he'd come home with tension it would lead to him taking it out on you, much likely in the bedroom. Nothing relaxes him more than your face down on the mattress as he drills into you.
Sometimes pleasurable, sometimes it ached.
鈥淵eah, sounds good, baby,鈥 He licked his lips, and pulled a chair out to sit on. He removed his hat, placing it on the table before patting his thigh with an open palm. 鈥淐始mere, I've missed you.鈥
Before heading over to sit on his lap, you turned the stove off and let the meat cool off. Whilst seated on his lap sideways, he wrapped his arms around your waist and leaned back a bit on the chair, spreading his legs further. And he let out a big sigh.
鈥淚 went down to the bar today,鈥 His fingers played with the hem of your dress, the fabric moving between his digits. 鈥淢et Dale Jones there鈥 you know who Dale is, baby?鈥
It took you a minute to think, probably because of the hunger you felt. It made your mind feel a bit slower than usual.
鈥淲ell, do ya?鈥
You shook your head.
鈥淣o? Let me tell you who he is,鈥 His fingers were gentle, and they moved down beneath the skirt of your dress and he rubbed your thigh ever so lovely. His voice was calm. 鈥淒ale is a store manager, sounds familiar?鈥
You looked forward, at the open window. Of course, he would find out, why wouldn't he? He has connections everywhere, even out of town and it would be impossible for you to step out of this life.
But do you really want to?
He gives you everything.
鈥淚 give you everything you need,鈥
He makes sure to love you.
鈥淚 don't let a single day pass by without lettin始 you know that I love you.鈥
He always takes care of you.
鈥淚'm the one who takes care of you, like a good husband.鈥
Then, you felt a burn on your right cheek, making your head turn to the side facing him.
鈥淲hy the fuck can't you be a good wife who listens? Huh?! I ain't asking for much.鈥 His voice had a slight tremble in it, probably out of anger.
鈥淣ow you want to address me the wrong way?鈥 He tutted, and he stood up abruptly which made you fall to the floor with a gasp. 鈥淲hen will you learn?鈥
鈥淒addy, I-I didn't mean to鈥 I just wanted to do something while you-you are at work.鈥
鈥淏y earning money?! Get a place out of Knockemstiff and leave for good?!鈥 He shouted, the walls booming with the vibrations of his voice.
鈥淣o,鈥 You shook your head feverishly. 鈥淣o, no, no that's not it! Not at all!鈥 You plea, sitting up on your knees as you grab onto his pants. 鈥淒on't say that, I love you, daddy!鈥
He scoffed, looking off to the side. 鈥淚 don't believe you.鈥
The tears began to build up in your eyes, and you hugged both his legs in sheer desperation. What if he left you for being a bad wife? You could not live without Lee, no matter how much you thought about leaving or running away before, you see now that he is all you need in life. He gives you a life that every woman wants.
鈥淧lease, believe me, daddy! I don't wan始 a job, I just want you!鈥 You sobbed, hoping it'll get through to him. 鈥淚 promise to be a good girl, daddy! I promise, I promise!鈥
You chanted along with loud cries, hiding your face into the fabric of his pants, which got dark with your tears. But he didn't seem to care, he actually enjoyed it. He crouched down, bending one knee as he shushed you, wiping the tears away.
鈥淪hh, shh, sweet girl. I ain't mad at you, just disappointed,鈥 He had a small grin on his lips. 鈥淎nd I gotta punish you for this. You know that, right?鈥
You nodded, sniffling as the last tears fell.
鈥淎nd I expect you to go back there and tell 始em that you don't want that job.鈥
鈥淚-I will, daddy!鈥
Lee stroked your cheek, the one he had slapped, before placing a peck on it.
鈥淕ood girl.鈥
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mianortha day ago
hey!! i hope you're doing fine and safe! you're my fave ddlg blog! 馃グ would it be ok if i send in a request about lee relaxing with his baby girl sitting on his lap as they watch tv and she's feelin extra lovey dovey, she just lays her head on her daddy's shoulder while staring at him and stroking his chubby cheeks with her small fingers as she admires him and from time to time she softly whispers the sweetest things like "i love you daddy" "you're so handsome daddy" "i like your nose daddy they're cute as a button" "your face is so soft daddy" ? thank you so much!! 馃グ馃グ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ahh you guys know exactly what I love, some soft!daddy!Lee馃挏馃挏馃挏Thank you!!
You giggled as Bugs Bunny taunted Elmer, running away from the human as both their feet moved fast, so much that you couldn't make out where their legs were. They spun in circles. The background noises of Lee chopping up some fruit in the kitchen made you curious as to why he was taking so long. Usually, he serves a plate of your favorite snack in mere minutes, but now he's been there longer. You wonder if maybe he is doing something special this time.
鈥淒addy,鈥 You called from the living room, gazing at his back from where you were sitting on the couch. The open wall between the kitchen and living room made it easier for the two of you to have contact, also it gave the house more space. 鈥淵ou're missing Bugs Bunny!鈥
鈥淚'll be right there, angel.鈥 He said, without turning his head.
Whilst he had his back towards you, it gave you some time to admire his gorgeous figure. The manly and strong form that always made you feel safe in his presence. He only wore a white tank top, along with his usual blue and white striped pajama pants, making the outline of his cock.
鈥淒addy, don't forget the juice!鈥 You said before turning your attention back to the cartoon, but instead, you were met with a commercial, making you pout.
Lee came into the living room, holding a tray of many different snacks and cold glasses of juice. You gasped at the variety of foods, he had even brought some Raspberries, which was difficult to get this time around.
鈥淎ll for me, daddy?鈥 You asked, still staring at the plate as he set it down on the coffee table before sitting down beside you.
He grinned, 鈥淎ll yours, baby.鈥
When he leaned back on the couch, you wrapped an arm around him, laying your head on his chest, and closed your eyes. You truly appreciate the way he takes care of you and spoils you in every way you want. Whether it's with food or affection.
鈥淭hank you, daddy!鈥 You leaned up to press a kiss on his cheek, nuzzling your nose close to his face.
He chuckled, leaning forward to grab the plate and placing it on his lap. 鈥淚t's nothin始, baby. Open up.鈥 He held a slice of apple close to your lips, and you took a bite out of the sour, crunchy fruit with a glad hum.
鈥淒addy, daddy, it's starting!鈥 You said with a mouth full as you pointed at the cartoon. 鈥淒addy, Elmer looks like you!鈥
Lee grumbled under his breath, mumbling something about how Elmer is bald, and he isn't.
You giggled, seeing the similarity between the cartoon man and your daddy. Both had similar stomachs that you loved so much, but Elmer was much shorter and had less hair than Lee. 鈥淏ut daddy you're much more handsome.鈥
Lee smiled, and booped your nose.
鈥淎nd you're the cutest little girl in town.鈥
You grabbed his hand and began to inspect everything about his fingers, the slightly darkened hairs sticking out, and most importantly, the gold ring. He's your husband, your best friend, a person you can be whoever you want around with no shame.
鈥淒ada, you're all mine, right?鈥 You said, still staring at the ring.
Lee's free hand brushed your cheek and he leaned in to press a kiss on the corner of your lips.
鈥淚'm all yours, angel.鈥
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buckysbrattybuga day ago
Happy bratty Saturday馃コ馃挆鉁
There are so many perfect daddies (Andy, Ari, Steve, Bucky, and Sam) but for some reason Lee Bodecker is just the ultimate daddy/caregiver in my mind. So we all know Lee has a very shady life, does very shady things, and when he meets you he is literally shocked because you show interest in him. He doesn't really get it bc to him you are an angel while he is.. the opposite, and he's probably subconsciously waiting for the day you leave him. But you never do, and you love him very much, just as he loves you- so Lee really gives his best when it comes to taking care of his little one. He might also like the power aspect (not in a creepy way tho) he just loves that someone needs him, depends on him, and follows his orders; not the other way around (oops the shade馃憖) Now I don't think I have it in me to ever be a brat but something about teasing Lee makes my brain go brrr... imagine flinging your food at him while giggling bc that's totally funny馃え thank you very much, and he is warning you but that just spurrs you on more. A baby carrot lands straight on his chest. Lee is ticked off and pulls you upstairs into his bedroom. Punishment ensues but let's be real that was the goal anyway馃槱 ta-da!!
i love this!!! daddy!lee rlly gets me going like i鈥檇 be such a brat to him oops馃檴馃挒
and i love the whole throwing food at him bit that鈥檚 so cute
Tumblr media
^^ the look he鈥檇 give u when u push ur luck馃槼馃槡
you鈥檇 throw a chicken nugget first and lee would glance you up and down warningly.
and his reaction makes you giggle, so you do it again.
and again.
and again.
until you鈥檙e crying with laughter and he looks royally ticked off.
and then you flick a baby carrot off of your fork, hitting him square in the chest, and his jaw sets, eyes darkening as he stalks towards you.
鈥測ou鈥檙e a little brat, aren鈥檛 you?鈥 he chides, pulling you out of your seat and dragging you up the stairs for a punishment.
鈥渘o! daddy, no!鈥 you scream, but your brain is going oh it鈥檚 fucking go time.
and he spanks you raw. like until you can barely walk, raw. you collapse in on yourself after he鈥檚 done, sobbing, but the wet patch growing in your panties says otherwise.
鈥測ou liked that, you little slut.鈥 he growls, giving you the exact reaction you鈥檙e after.
and in the end, you get exactly what you want.
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starshipsofstarlord4 days ago
饾檹饾櫇饾櫄 饾檸饾櫇饾櫄饾櫑饾櫈饾櫅饾櫅 饾櫀饾櫍饾櫃 饾櫓饾櫇饾櫄 饾檲饾櫔饾櫑饾櫃饾櫄饾櫑饾櫄饾櫑
饾憙饾憥饾憻饾憽 饾憜饾憱饾懃
Tumblr media
Summary; lee revels in the affects of his mistake, guilty with the knowledge that he once, in his younger years, would have never treated you in such a way. He has broken that trust, and he is urgent to get it back, though, he has yet to make amends
Pairing: Lee Bodecker x reader
Warnings: angst, alcohol consumption, smut, fingering, threatening, mention of disappearance, flashback, fluff
Word Count: 2675
Masterlist Link
The Sheriff and the Murderer Masterlist
He had gone where the night took him; to the bar. There was a fire in his veins, and a jolt in his crotch to which had poised you with great insult. Lee didn鈥檛 know who he was anymore, he was well aware that he was the sheriff, everyone knew of that title that followed him around like a raven taunting the deaths of the town before his face. But being a well elected pointer of the society of Knockemstiff came with a price, no matter whom the eyes belonged to, all were judging him. He missed the good old days, where he thought only about your opinion. If word to spread about him fooling around with a married housewife, then all would crumble around him. It was an addiction, to be close to you, to have you as his own, to protect you at all costs. But now, he had colleagues whose respect he had to attain, and there was Simon鈥
That sickly man still had yet to appear out from the shadows of a dark alley, or from the crescent current of a river, dead or alive. When he had asked you, there had been defence in your tone; though now he understood his presumptuous mistake. He shouldn鈥檛 have fucked you first, it was demeaning, and whilst most men did that, he resented being like your husband in any way. He hadn鈥檛 raped you, but he had sourly taken advantage of you and he felt a sick flavour pooling onto his tongue. His task by law was to uncover Simon鈥檚 whereabouts, and as much as he wanted him to remain gone, the pressure was lathering down upon him. There was another victim of the man鈥檚 illegal antics; a woman who was high in the society, and as much as he wanted to arrest him for all that he had done to you, that wasn鈥檛 enough, and seemingly, you wouldn鈥檛 allow it.
His knuckles gripped the steering wheel with a frustrated might, he had yet to leave his vehicle. He could see the many silhouettes inside of the bar, smoking cigars and laughing. The man sighed as he left his cruiser, slamming the door shut as he steadily plodded towards the entrance of the establishment. Eyes fell to him as he went inside, it was expected, he was the sheriff after all. And thus he slumped in a stool, waving his hand over to the man with a moustache who tended the bar. He came over, sliding a glass of mount whiskey over to Lee, throwing the rag over his shoulder. 鈥淪een Simon Priot around here?鈥 Lee asked after taking a swig from the crystallised glass that was far too fancy for the dim scenery of the workspace.
鈥淐opper over there asked the same thing.鈥 The bartender nodded his chin into the corner, and as Lee turned, he saw him. Deputy Reeves. A smirk coiled onto said man鈥檚 face, making Lee鈥檚 own stoic and containing a writhing of anger. 鈥淣o sign of him, hasn鈥檛 appeared in days. He missing or something?鈥 Lee offered him a 鈥榥o鈥, wanting to keep things under wraps as he abandoned his beverage, heading towards his associate, patting his hand down on the table before Reeves. A cigar was lit, the smoke ceremoniously wafting into the sheriff鈥檚 face, to which he hit away with his palm. There was an unimpressed expression on his face, he sat down, putting his weight down in the seat, as he stole the bottle of scotch that was in the middle of the set, and gulped down a large amount.
鈥淵ou asked misses Prior yet? If not, then I may have to pay her a visit, hasn鈥檛 even filed a missing person鈥檚 report yet. I鈥檇 say that鈥檚 suspicious. You know who else didn鈥檛 like him? Your sister Sandy. It鈥檚 like your boxed in by suspects in your life, for all I know, you could have killed him. Did you Bodecker, I know you鈥檝e done some dirty shit to people before. A bullet in the head often stops the word, this could be your pursuit of jealousy, we all know that you adore that lovely housewife. Know you visit her. Too bad she鈥檚 married, right?鈥 Reeves sneered, and Lee huffed. He was putting him on the spot, and speaking this impossible scenarios that had his skin crawling. Y/n was far too scared to do anything to Simon, and Sandy was too busy with her partial road trips.
鈥淭his is over your head Reeves. Shut your trap, or else I鈥檒l get you suspended, you intolerant vermin.鈥 Lee spat, grasping the majority filled bottle in his hand, and fleeing the scene, leaving the mess to remain in its seat, tensing the bridge of his nose as he stomped away, abandoning his cruiser as he took steps and steps, until he ended up at a recognised door. He knocked ravenously on the door until he earned a reply, and when he did, Sandy looked disappointed in his presence. She cocked the door ajar for him to enter, and he found himself having memorised his direction to
A bottle was pursed in his steel grip, as Sandy ran around the kitchen, cleaning up the mess that had become of her home. She was usually in a rush, but Lee was not only the sheriff but her brother, no matter if she were busy fooling around, he was welcome. Though he was not so sure he would be if he told her of his grave mistake, he had broken her best friend, been kicked out of her home, all because his hands made a stride at her, before his mouth opened.
He was utmost certain that she would give him a well deserved whack, you were her best friend after all. And thus here he was, wallowing in his own self pity, whilst participating in a notion of regret, chugging alcohol as though he were a teenager once again. It was an issue; he had to drink to rid himself of all his self quarrels, and the thoughts of all he hadn鈥檛 strode towards. Despite being the town sheriff, lee bodecker was a coward, and a pathetic one at that. If he found simon, he would punch him directly in the face, cursing him for all the harm that he had sentenced into his life.
Authority was his ordeal, he revelled in the power that it granted him, though, he was not always one to use it in the correct ways, he sought fortune, in the resemblance of respect, and cash for booze; however one thing that he had never earned himself was the love of a woman. he had eyes for no other, than the one whose heart he had just cracked, as though he were a hammer clattering down destructively against the exterior of a vase.
He still remembered the days of old, whence he would watch you adoringly, to everyone鈥檚 noticing dismay, licking his chapped lips as he had thoughts that were a branch off obscene. Yes, it was true, not all of his mindset had been, nor was corrupted by primal and masculine hormones, sex wasn鈥檛 the priority that escalated his behaviour. Not at all, harboured honest care for you, since he was a boy, he enjoyed your company, and found it to be a calming medication to ease all his resenting stress.
Lee blinked, awakening into his reality, parting from the wildness of his dreams. There were things that he had seen, a sheriff鈥檚 badge, and a wife, whom he had met before, under many circumstances. She was supposed to be off limits, she was his sister鈥檚 best friend, though he had already traipsed that walk, under countless instances.
Sandy was your best friend, and to say her brother was not a severe distraction, that would be a foreseen lie. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 get it, why don鈥檛 we just kill him?鈥 She sighed, as you sat on her family鈥檚 porch, and you raised a brow at her inclined speech, crossing your arms almost judgementally.
鈥淣ow I see which one of us is going to become the homicidal killer.鈥 It was a flimsy joke, as you turned another page of your chemistry book, glaring down at the torn paper, and the spewed ink that reckoned waves of black across the page. your feet tapped on the wooden deck, your dolly shoes clasping a clipping noise upon the surface.
鈥淪erial killer.鈥 she corrected you, shrugging nonchalantly. 鈥淎nd mr andrews will be my first victim. i hate him so much, i can鈥檛 believe that prick failed me, i swear to our holy father imma dig a ditch and bury him in it. you鈥檒l help, right?鈥
A smile appeared on your face, loving how dramatic your friend could be, it was quite the amusement, especially when she would cause a ruckus in the classroom. Though you were certainly not the loudest in school, everyone knew of whom you were due to sandy鈥檚 big mouth. before you could answer, the front door swung open, revealing the brunette that you had been awaiting to see.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think mother would like you making such inappropriate promises in the lord鈥檚 name.鈥 Lee spoke, his youthful face opting to carry a smirk, as the boy crossed his arms, leaning against the entrance to his home. Sandy could only roll her eyes at his presence, throwing her own guide of study towards him, to which he dodged.
鈥淗ave you been listening to us this entire time? Can you maybe not perv on my best friend when i am not here. just yuck!鈥 Her hands flew in a flurry of annoyance, all aimed at her sibling. 鈥淪cram would you, i want to enjoy the last of the sun without your body ass blocking it.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 not perving if she consents, isn鈥檛 that right daring?鈥 His attention turns towards you as sandy made a well versed gagging sound. 鈥淧erhaps we could study in my room, it seems that my sister doesn鈥檛 need distractions, and your elegant face serves as one.鈥
鈥淥h just go with him, and study, as he calls it. I cannot be dealing with his presence if all he鈥檚 gonna do is hover if you鈥檙e nearby. I鈥檓 gonna have to feed you to the wolves, i am truly sorry my dear friend.鈥 She rested her hand upon your shoulder, though you knew her words were false. she knew that you were eager to do so, and she wouldn鈥檛 hold you back if that was indeed what you desired.
Though you hardly vocalised anything in regards to your relation with her brother, sandy was well aware of what the two of you were like. Not only could she hear the sounds through the wall separating their bedrooms, but it was easy to tell, from the way that he looked at you. He was enamoured, all his attention prompted towards you.
鈥淲ell this wolf is going to be eating well.鈥 Smirked Lee, huskily grasping your hand, lulling in the sensation of your fingers wiggling against his palm, as he dragged you into his home, your feet managing to keep up with his own to some miracle. 鈥淒id i tell you how pretty you look today darling?鈥
His lips mumbled against your own, as his free hand cast a gentle hold onto the small of your back, as your y/e/c eyes snapped to behind him, instinctively pushing him away. 鈥淕ood evening mrs bodecker.鈥 You greeted her, watching as she wiped her soil engrossed hands on a towel.
鈥淗ello y/n.鈥 She spoke in return, grimacing as dirt resided below the primitive surface of her nails. 鈥淕osh, every time i pursue gardening, i think of that poor man buried in the woods. It was just short of north, by the sign directing people away from knockemstiff. What a terrible end to have met with our local sheriff."
"It was the sheriff?" You asked, surprised by the fact, your brows raised as sweat beaded upon Lee鈥檚 forehead, you not noticing how fear trembled through his veins. That was the target of all his hard work, and he supposed that perhaps one day it would be his duty to deal with such circumstances, but not that someone in his targeted role would be condemned to such tragedy. 鈥淛eez, that鈥檚 terrible. is there any idea of whom may have condemned such a vile act?鈥
鈥淣ot one. They鈥檝e been searching for a while, but it took them a moment to find the body; it was cut into pieces and then buried. Happened just outside o鈥 town, sure that is gonna scare some people off wanting to join the force.鈥 Dorine spoke, her gaze flickering over to her son, whom was clearly growing antsy from the unfolding talk. The mother cleared her throat, taking note of his digression in mood, and walking back over to wash some plates. 鈥淚鈥檒l let you two talk.鈥
Lee practically dragged you towards the stairs, and you tried to sample his neck with kisses. Though he lightly pushed you away, causing a furrow to adjourn your face, as you became confused by the sight rejection. 鈥淭here鈥檚 something you need to know before anything happens between us; you could change your mind, and I鈥檇 rather get your opinion first doll.鈥 He was not only scared of the future that laid in front of him, but also the way in which you would react. 鈥淚鈥檓 going to be leaving for a little while, I am going to be training to be a cop. And I don鈥檛 want to lose you, but the distance is going to be hard.鈥
鈥淣o it鈥檚 not, we can handle anything Lee Lee. I could come with you, there鈥檚 surely gotta be a cotton factory or something alike around there somewhere. It鈥檒l be manageable for the both of us, we can both work, and grow together.鈥 Lee was shocked by your sentiment, he found his mouth gaping open in surprise. There was a rapid beating in his heart, he realised that he loved you. The emotion was always there, but now he could recognise it, it was staring him right back in the face, as were you.
鈥淵ou鈥檇 do that for me honey?鈥 Lee breathlessly asked, reaching his hand up to cup your cheek. A fragrant nod stirred from your head, as he leant in to kiss you, gripping your hip with his other hand, as he daringly dipped his tongue into your mouth, stirring a hun out from you. The calling of Dorian stating dinner restricted the pair of you from venturing to his room just yet, and thus, you walked to the table, sitting beside each other, Sandy and Dorian opposite. There was a chicken to be split on the table, small piles mounted on each plate, as Lee patted his hand on your thigh.
鈥淭his is lovely Mrs Bodecker.鈥 You complimented her on the meal she had prepared, sending Lee a smile, that was until he dared to move his intimate grip higher upon your flesh, dipping beneath your skirt, as he swirled the pad of his finger over your panties. He aimed for your clit, causing you to whimper, drawing Dorian鈥檚 eyes to you, and Sandy quirked her brow. 鈥淪orry, I accidentally caught my ankle on the chair leg.鈥 You excused, smiling lightly as you took a drink of water, your lashes fluttering as he pushed your cotton underwear to the side, spreading your slick, before delving his finger within you, causing your nails to tap silently upon the table.
Lee hummed as he took a bite from his dish, stirring his finger inside of you. He looked at you out from the corner of his eye, staring at your beauty. There was an attractive clench to your jaw, as you groped his hand with yours atop, soothingly making circles upon his skin. You were ready to give up everything, your life for him, and years later, he didn鈥檛 know that the times would have changed; that he would have changed.
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kelieah5 days ago
omgg yay requests are opennn ! okay so can i do a arvin request where he鈥檚 been rlly stressed about something lately (you pick !) and reader tries to comfort him but he accidentally takes it out on her & she gets a bit distant馃ズ but it ends in fluff (sorry me and angst dont do well haha)
stubborn assumptions (arvin russell x reader)
word count: 1.9k
warnings: language, fluff, arvin being as stubborn as a bull and as blind as a bat
edited: idk how but i turned the stress he has into jealousy whoops
a/n: i miss arvin (been saying that for how long omg) but fr, i luv him a ton. pls send more arvin request i don't mind. i'm lowkey happy i opened my requests so yay!
arvin russell masterlist
Tumblr media
The drive to the diner is quiet and not in a comforting way. You can tell by the furrow in his brows and the slight frown on his lips, there's something wrong. But Arvin's never one to open up, the stubborn boy. You let out a soft sigh and lean your elbow by the window, your cheek gently resting in your palm.
"What's wrong with you?" he asks and from your peripheral vision, you can see him glance at you with slight annoyance.
"I could ask the same," you turn your head towards him and look at him straight in the eyes.
"None wrong with me," he dismisses you and looks back at the road.
"You sure about that, Russell?" you pout and lean your head on his shoulder.
"Yes," he grumbles and shrugs you off, causing you to let out a little gasp.
"I think a milkshake will cheer you up, I'll pay," you tut and lean away from him. He sighs but cracks a slight smile at your sass.
Once you two arrive at the diner and got a booth, you ordered a shake and a side of fries. You're now trying to make conversation, "So, how was work?"
"Nothing new or special," he says and leans back against the booth, adjusting his cap.
"Arvin, tell me what's wrong," you sigh and lean forward, taking off his cap to put it on like you usually would mess with him.
He glares at you and snatches it back, putting it on aggressively. "Don't do that."
"Sorry," you murmur and fold your hands in your lap. "You just worry me sometimes when you get like this."
"Get like what? I told you I'm fine, doll," he retorts, a slight hiss to his voice that stabs you in the heart.
"Never mind," you sigh and smile timidly at the waitress who brings over your food.
You place two straws inside and slide the drink towards the middle. "I don't want some anymore," he tells you.
Before you could take a sip you look up at him a bit shocked, and frown. "Oh, okay. You could have some of the fries鈥"
"Don't want that either," he shrugs and crosses his arms, eyes scanning all over the place.
"Okay," you squeak out, suddenly intimidated by his defensive and stern demeanor.
"Don't get all weak," he rolls his eyes and averts his gaze back to you.
"Excuse me?" you frown and avoid his chilling stare, sipping slowly at the sweet substance.
"You do this thing when you don't know what to say and get all quiet and shit."
You don't respond and stare at your food, a pang of unsure guilt and fear filling your bones. Maybe you did something wrong or maybe something happened to his family. You don't know what to do because, at this moment, you feel like any decision you make is wrong in his eyes.
"So, are we still going to go to the lake this weekend with Lenora?" you finally decide to break the rising tension.
"No..." he hesitantly responds.
"Oh. Why not?"
"Don't you got a date with somebody?"
"No?" you tilt your head.
"Yeah, right."
"I don't, where'd you hear that from?" you laugh and munch on a fry.
"You know, I really don't get you sometimes," he suddenly raises his voice, catching your attention almost immediately.
"Well, I don't get you sometimes either," you mumble and roll your eyes.
"No, you don't get to say that because... Look. How long have we've known each other? We're basically tied at the hip when you're not at school yet now I'm hearing you're diddly daddling with some other candyass fuck and I'm at your side like a sad puppy waiting to be noticed and when I finally think I have a chance with you, Y/n. I don't. So, why couldn't you just tell me you don't like me back after all this time instead of going behind my back with other boys and leading me on like a fool!?" he fumes at you, his face red with frustration and eyes piercing into yours.
You didn't realize how teary your eyes became until you felt a tear slip out. You exhale and wipe the tear away, fumbling with your school bag by your hip. You take out a couple of cents and slam it on the table, standing up abruptly. Some people look your way but you ignore them and slide out of the booth. "You're unbelievable, Arvin," you spit and make your way out of the diner.
"Wait鈥 Y/n, shit," he stands up to follow but stops as you begin to run. He places his hands on his head and groans, walking out to his car.
Later that day, after picking up Lenora from church, she as well checks on him once they walk up to their porch. "What happened?" she asks and hugs her bible to her chest.
"Nothing, Len. Go on inside, I'm gonna have a smoke," he mutters and takes out a pack.
"Well you're not, cus I'm staying until you tell me what happened with Y/n," she shrugs and leans against the wall.
He snaps his head over at her as soon as she mentioned your name, "How did you..."
"What did you do?" she asks, a slightly teasing tone to her question.
He scoffs and shrugs, "I didn't do nothing but tell her what you told me."
"What's that mean? You asked her out?" she gasps and stands up straighter.
"No, course not. Why would I when you told me there are other boys in the picture," he shoves his hands in his pockets and leans on the porch railings.
"When did I ever tell you that?" she frowns but then remembers their conversation from not too long ago.
"You like her a lot, I can tell," Lenora hummed as she prepared breakfast for the family.
"You can't tell nothing, shut up," Arvin grumbled in response and set up the table.
"Watch your mouth, boy," Emma chuckled and walked over to help out Lenora. "She's right though, I don't remember the last time I didn't see you with Y/n," she commented.
Arvin leaned against the kitchen opening and sighed, "I don't know what y'all are talking about, she's my best friend."
"That's the best person to have as a lover," Lenora added.
"How would you know?" he retorted and crossed his arms.
"Books," she giggled and poured scrambled eggs out from the pan onto the platter.
"Well, them books are just stories. Fake stories, she don't like me like that anyway. Trust me, I know," he muttered.
"Cause you don't do nothing but treat her like a friend, if you'd start treating her more like a lady and a lover maybe you two could be more than best friends. Plus, I think you should hurry up before them other boys from school snatch her up," she shook her head at the thought.
"What that's mean?" he frowned and glanced at Lenora with sudden interest.
"What I said," she shrugged.
"That Sunday a week ago or something, you said something about other boys," Arvin reminds her.
"Lord, Arvin. You bout duller than I thought," she sighs and shakes her head. "I didn't mean she's with someone, I meant鈥"
"It don't matter anymore, she probably don't want nothing to do with me anymore. I-I yelled at her earlier and said some stupid stuff," he mumbles, regret flowing through his veins as he thinks back to how he raised his voice at you.
"Arvin..." she whispers seeing him tear up. He shakes his head and rushes on inside their home before she could say anything else.
Days pass by and you grow distant from Arvin, you walk home and stay inside after school instead of usually being picked up by him and spending the rest of your day doing whatever the two of you did.
Arvin comes home late from work one day, his house quiet and cold. He sighs and slumps over to the bathroom to rinse up before bed.
You're still of course friends with Lenora, so little did he know you're currently only a room away. "Before he falls asleep, just knock on his door. Talk to him, okay? Let me know how it goes tomorrow morning," she says, hearing him finish up his shower.
"Okay," you exhale and turn towards her door. "Wait, why tomorrow morning?"
"I have a feeling it'll go well, and you'll probably be staying in his room," she shrugs and grins at you.
"Lenora!" you gasp and send her a flustered glare.
"Well, nothing like that!" she giggles quietly and motions you to go on. "Come on, go get your lover."
"Shush you," you whine and open her door slowly. You hesitantly and carefully walk over to his room, trying not to step on any creaky wood steps. You tell yourself a couple of words of reassurance before knocking on his door. Then, before you could knock he opens the door, a tired but now shocked expression on his face.
"Hi," you whisper.
"W-What are you doing here?" he mutters lowly.
"Can we talk, please?" you murmur and push him into his room.
He nods slowly and takes a couple of steps back, closing his door once you fully enter. "I-I should apologize," he starts.
"Yes, but first let me do this," you hold up a finger and quickly hug him before he could protest. He tenses but soon melts at your arms wrapping around him and holds you close, sighing out with relief.
"I am so sorry, Y/n. I-I was just so jealous and upset when I heard you're with somebody else. But I know you're your own person and鈥 and you're not obligated to be with me just cause we're really good friends. I shouldn't have been so stupid and I never meant to hurt you," he rambles on and shakes his head as he continues on.
You cup the side of his face and shake your head. He goes quiet as you open your mouth, "I accept your apology. Yeah, you shouldn't have got so upset and took it out on me, and yes you should've talked to me about your feelings. But on my part, I should've too. Because I like you too, Arvin. I mean of course, I do, because you were absolutely right. We're tied at the hip and I wouldn't have any other way but it was wrong for you to assume that I was with someone else and was leading you on. But please, you stupid boy, talk to me if there's something you're unsure about us or me," you groan.
He laughs weakly and pulls you flush against him, spinning you around until he sits on his bed to pull you onto his lap. You let out a quiet squeal at the sudden change of position and feel your heart rate quicken once he places on top of him, on his bed. "I am so sorry, sweetheart. Never again, I swear to you and if I ever do anything stubborn and stupid again you're allowed to hit me or something."
"Arvin! I'd never," you laugh and hide your face in the crook of his neck.
"I know, but still," he chuckles and lies down, rubbing gentle circles on your back. You adjust and curl up into his side, smiling uncontrollably as he holds you. "I'm so sorry, for being an idiot and taking it out on you. Really fucking sorry..."
"I know. I accept your apology," you mumble into his shirt and drape a hand onto his chest. "If."
"If you could start calling me yours and I could start calling you mine," you whisper against his as you lean towards his ear.
He gulps and turns red at your request, nodding eagerly. "Of course, doll. I'd be fucking honored."
You smile tiredly and press a kiss below his ear, feeling yourself drift off to sleep as he brings you closer toward him.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading and let me know what you think!
tagging some mutuals <3 @evermoreholland @bi-lmg @heavenlyholland @ptersmj @peterbenjiparker @kickingn-ames @msmarvelsmain @ms-misery @parkerpeter24 @celestialholland @asonofpeter @selfcarecap @greenorangevioletgrass @waitimcomingtoo
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the-witty-pen-name5 days ago
Tell Me You鈥檙e Mine, Darling
**Sneak peak**
Western AU (18+ ONLY)
Lee Bodecker x F!Reader
Warnings: smut, sex work, cursing, implied smut聽
A/N:聽No taglist for this one cause it鈥檚 just a quick preview of one of the works I have coming soon! lmk what you think!聽
Tumblr media
The player piano echoed throughout the whole saloon, bouncing off the walls as patrons moved about the crowded room. The peppy music was perfect for dancing as a few of the men threw back shots of liquid courage and asked some of the women working tonight for a dance. It was a night where the people who came in through the batwing doors could forget about their troubles and the existence of sins, and partake in merry drink and debauchery. The night air hung heavy and the room smelled of sweat, cheap liquor and even cheaper perfume.聽
The women were scantily clad in dresses only slightly less revealing than their undergarments, and the men still in their clothes from long days of travel. Cowboy hats, rugged trousers, and boots that lost their shine years ago. Girls carried around large trays of shots and lagers, passing them around to the drunk souls who struck rich for a night and opened tabs at the bar.聽
It was a busy night both downstairs in the saloon, but also many of the girls were leading men upstairs to their beds, for a warm place to lay their head and anything else they can afford. That was the secret that kept this dilapidated building up and running. The music and the watered down liquor wasn鈥檛 enough to keep the sheriff from closing and condemning the building.聽
If the owner was honest, he knew what kept the sheriff from coming and toting him away to rot in one of the two cells down at the jail. Not only was the sheriff partial to a drink or a few each night after the sun goes down, but he was particularly taken with one of the girls who worked there. Sure, the sheriff must鈥檝e had his turn with every girl in the joint, but there was something about you which made the sheriff absolutely smitten. Of course, no one dared admit to seeing his obviously growing affections but the owner knew as long as you were here, and his glass was refilled, he had nothing to worry about. No one quite knows what happened. He went from coming in every Saturday night asking for whichever girl is free and then it went to asking only for you, every week without fail.聽
People theorize that maybe it鈥檚 your honeyed smile or the sweetness in your voice. The ability to deceive every man into thinking they鈥檙e the only one to ever touch you. The ability to put on the act of the farmer鈥檚 daughter while having the dirtiest mouth on this side of the Mississippi. No matter what drew him in, the sheriff had declared you his girl and anyone with half a brain knew better than to try to say different.聽
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thefanbasewhore6 days ago
Could you write something for Lee and his girlfriend coming to visit him at work because he's been stressed out seeing as the elections are coming up. Just basically porn with no plot 馃槀
Summary | Lee's peach comes to brighten his day.
Content | strictly 18+ content, minors DNI, oral (m receiving) but no actual act!!
Paring | Lee Bodecker x female reader
Side note | thanks for the request, this is my first Lee fic!!!
Currently accepting Drabble requests!! Can request here.
Check out the rest of my work! - masterlist
Tumblr media
The knock against his office door earns a grunt from the dark haired man who doesn't bother to look up, eyes glued to the papers. The person enters without a work and he scowls, "I told you I didn't want to be bothered -."
His mouth snaps shut the moment he sees you, an adorably pink dress reaches your knees, small little cherries against the fabric matches your ruby colored lips. There's a container, no doubt something from dinner he had missed hours ago. He tried to give a small smile but even that fails but you still reach over the small space with a hand that grips his chin.
"Hi, sheriff."
"What are you doing here, peach?" His baby blues never leave yours, the belly of his masseter popping as he clenches his teeth.
"Wanted to come keep you company, missed you."
"I'm not in the mood, peach." Despite the harsh tone, his hand crosses over the distance to hold your own, softening the words, "Go, home, I'll see you there."
With a gentle smile you step closer, nudging good thighs apart to drop to your knees and rest a hand on his chest. Lee's eyes darken, pursing his lips as you bite down of the fat of your bottom lip. "I don't wanna go home."
"No, darlin'? What do you wanna do then?"
A much smaller hands then his open tugs on his belt, eyes twinkling with mischief as he shifts in his seat, "Want you to relax, Lee. Wanna suck your cock."
And just like that his breath hitches as blue eyes twinkle in interest. He doesn't speak a word, silent as ever as he watches you undo his belt, eyes flicking to the unlocked door but he couldn't care less.
"Do you now, peach?"
"Yes." Tugging the pants down his legs to reveal his creamy thighs, a pair off black briefs cut into the pudge of his thighs as you skim your fingers teasingly along the band, "You're so stressed out, baby. Wanna make it better."
The moment your bottom lip curls into a pout he wants to reach over and sink his teeth into it but instead leans further into the chair, "Make daddy feel better then, sweetheart."
Lee tries to hide the way your red lips staining his thigh with sweet kisses affects him. A tongue runs along the band of his boxers and he huffs, fingers roughly knot into your hair and pull your face towards his clothed, throbbing erection. "Suck."
Deciding not to test him any further your fingers curl under the hem and pull them down to meet his pants around his ankles. His erection bobs in front of you, tip touching your lips that the saltiness of his pre-cum smears against them. He hums, one hand in your hair and the other tilting your head back to look at him with a single thumb. That same thumb collects the thick substance from your lips and slips past your lips to press the appendage into your tongue, you don't miss the way he smirks. "My pretty peach, daddy's so lucky to have you."
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darkbucky6 days ago
Tumblr media
the sheriff's leather encased hands trailed a path down your arms; goosebumps forming at the surface of your skin.
your head lolled to the side, showcasing your neck to his hungry, steel blue eyes. it took all of his willpower not to attack your pulse point, to leave behind a scattering of violet patches.
instead, he leans in close 鈥 the scent of whiskey clouding your senses, 鈥渨hen you're in bed at night, with that sorry excuse of a partner, you'll be reminiscing about what I've done to you... how my touch alone can leave you a shivering mess.鈥
Tumblr media
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mianorth7 days ago
can i please request for more pregnant!little with daddy!lee where his little starts to cry because she cant sleep and she's in pain because the baby keeps kicking 馃ズ
Thank you for the request!馃ズ
You groaned, an arm over your eyes as the feeling hit, yet again. Suddenly, the mattress felt uncomfortable, your clothes became way too suffocating, Lee's snores sounded like sirens to your ears, and worst of all, the baby kept kicking. Non-stop. They were sure active during the night, and not letting you sleep. Everything felt hot and you began to sweat, probably making the sheets wet as well.
It was all so uncomfortable, nothing about having a living thing inside you, moving and kicking was fun. You felt tears wanting to spill, pain in your back and air was all of the sudden so hard to get.
You let out a slow exhale, removing your arm from your eyes as you stared up into the dark ceiling.
In...and out.
In...and out.
You tried to control your breathing, your brain desperate for oxygen but you couldn't seem to get it. It was way too noisy, and it was all Lee's fault. You wish he could stop his snores.
Then, the baby kicked.
And you let out a sob.
Tears streaming down, chest heaving, and the lump in the back of your throat made you almost choke on your own spit. Sniffles, sobs, whines, and cries were heard loudly, making the man laying beside you jolt and lean on his forearm. Lee's eyes were baggy, narrowed with sleep as he groggily spoke.
鈥淗ey, hey, easy now,鈥 He let out a soft grunt when he sat up, turning the bedside lamp on and rubbing his face with his hands, to get rid of slumber. 鈥淎ngel, what's wrong? C始mere.鈥
You were still laying on your painful back, crying, hitched breaths leaving your lungs. Lee carefully helped you to sit up, resting you against his body. He tried to shush your cries, but it didn't help, only made it worse. And you hated the fact that you couldn't express your feelings to Lee, because you knew that he wouldn't understand, even when he says he does. You hate it when he says 'I understand'. He does not.
鈥淚 ju-just wan-wanna sleep!鈥 You sobbed, chest tensed as you tried to breathe. 鈥淏ut this-this baby is kicking so goddamn much!鈥
Lee nodded, he wanted to tell you to simply lay back and breathe but he knows that would only damage the situation. Instead, he pulled your nightgown up, moving down to press his lips against your stomach.
鈥淕o. To. Sleep.鈥 He mumbled against your skin. 鈥淚'm excited to meet you too, buddy. But you gotta let your Mama rest, she's been doin始 so good these few months. Now, for the love of God, go to sleep.鈥
You smiled, your tear-dried cheeks stretching. He had told the baby to sleep, not you. And somehow, it worked. The baby's small legs finally stopped kicking, and your chest felt lighter as you could finally breathe. You leaned back against the headboard; sweat and tears pouring out of you.
鈥淯gh, at least we know now that our baby has a favorite parent,鈥 You said with a small chuckle. 鈥淪he's a daddy's girl.鈥
Lee smiled, placing a kiss on your tummy before moving up to hold you, wrapping both his arms around you.
鈥淵ou mean he, it's gonna be a boy. I know it.鈥
You smiled and closed your eyes.
鈥淵eah, yeah.鈥
With Lee right by your side, you knew that everything would be just fine.
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missnxthingg8 days ago
Is the title in another language? Because it looks funny
yes! it's in portuguese
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sinisterspidey11 days ago
Will you write for Arvin?
depends on the request. idk if i'm in the mood to write for him rn tbh
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avintagekiss2412 days ago
Does anybody know of a Lee Bodecker tentacle porn fic?? It鈥檚 relatively new I think and for the life of me I can鈥檛 remember the author. I started it the other day, thought I liked it to keep track so I could come back to it but clearly, I did not.
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the-witty-pen-name17 days ago
Can you imagine going on a first date with Lee? 馃ズ He鈥檚 all nervous and starting to sweat because he wants everything to go perfectly, and he can hardly believe that a girl like you said yes to him that he鈥檚 overthinking everything. He鈥檚 so uptight and a bunch of things keep going wrong and he鈥檚 freaking out that you鈥檙e having a terrible time and regretting it, but at the end of the night you just giggle and kiss him and tell him how much fun you had. He鈥檇 be beaming the whole drive home. 馃グ
Lee needs to sit in his car for about five minutes when he gets to your house to build up the courage to go up to the door. His mind races with thoughts that are results from his insecurities, wondering if you only agreed to go out with him as a joke, or maybe just out of pity. It took the man nearly three months before he had mustered the courage to ask you on a date. His palms were sweaty and he remembers barely being able to spit the question out.
鈥淚 thought you weren鈥檛 ever going to ask me,鈥 you said with a smile that made his heart leap out of his chest.
When he finally makes it to the front door, he worries you can see how much he feels like he鈥檚 sweating. He worries if he should鈥檝e worn something other than his uniform. At first, he felt so confident about it, and now as he hears your footsteps approaching the door, he鈥檚 ready to run back to the car before you open the door and laugh at him.
鈥淵ou look handsome,鈥 you say, and your voice melts all the apprehension he has in that moment. You鈥檙e looking at him like he鈥檚 the only man in the world, and it doesn鈥檛 stop when you鈥檙e sitting in the restaurant. Every time he makes you laugh, one less thing he was worried about just seems to float away.
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