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#sheriff lee bodecker
sheriffbodeckerlee · 3 hours ago
Could you do Stepdaddy!Lee giving little!reader a bath and feeding her a baba(bottle) please? 🥺
Ahhhh this is so cute!! Thank you for requesting 💖
Tumblr media
You had a rough day at work and all you wanted to do was go home and slip into littlespace. On rough days like this, it could be hard to function within your littlespace and take care of yourself when it came to hygiene and nutrition.
Thankfully, when you got home, your Daddy could tell you had a rough go of things. No matter how well you thought you could hide your emotions, Lee could always see right through you, reading you like a book. He was in the kitchen making himself a sandwich where he had a perfect view of the front door. When you came in, you took your shoes off and headed up to your room. He dropped what he was doing and followed to find you face down on your bed like a starfish.
He left the doorway of your room to head to your bathroom, turning on the bathtub faucet, letting the water run on his hand until it turned warm. He plugged the tub and went back to you. He sat on the edge of bed, rubbing your back softly, "Hey, sweet pea, why don't we take a bath?" It wasn't a question more so than a statement.
You groaned into the sheets, not really wanting to move, yet the sound of a warm bath was calling your name. You got up slowly, looking tired and a few stray tears had fallen down your face. Lee's heart broke with how tired you looked, he rubbed your cheek with the pad of his thumb as he held the side of your face, "Oh baby girl, let Daddy take care of you, okay?"
You nodded, no energy in you to argue. He smiled lightly and stood up, picking you up under your armpits and placing you against his hip, your legs wrapping around his torso. He walked you into your bathroom and set you down on your feet. He took off your clothes and helped you into the bath, which made you relax a bit as its warmth enveloped you.
Lee got out your small collection of bath bombs, letting you choose your favorite one. He kneeled at the side of the tub, so he could drop the bomb in, the sound of fuzzing filled the room, the bath water turning into a pool of rainbow.
You began slipping into little space further when Lee placed some Winnie the Pooh bath toys on the edge of the tub. You instantly brought them into the water, your eyes lit up when Lee grabbed Tigger and pushed him around the water, making little boat engine humming sounds to make you laugh. You could feel the childlike joy in you sparking with Lee in your presence.
After playing for a bit, he grabbed the baby shampoo and washed your hair, having you close your eyes and lean your head back, grabbing the shower head to rinse your locks out. He then took a loofa and put soap on it, rubbing down your back and arms gently, making you lean back and enjoy the feeling. He chuckled, "you're such a good girl, peanut."
You smiled and laughed shyly, "Thank you, Daddy."
He winked at you and smirked, making your cheeks heat up at his flirtations, "Anything for my baby."
It didn't take long for your hair to be wrapped up in a towel as Lee used another to dry off your body. He unwrapped your hair, squeezing the last bit of water out with the towel and grabbing your brush to detangle it. He got out your lotions and took his time to moisturize your body before slipping on a fresh pair of panties and your cozy onesie.
Lee brought you back to the bed and turned on your television, putting on a Pixar movie. He slipped downstairs quickly to make you a bottle, bringing it back upstairs with him before cradling you his arms. He draped a light blanket over you, bringing the bottle to your lips, rubbing the nipple over your bottom lip in order for your lips to part and accept your drink. You preened at the feeling of the warm formula filling your belly. He held the bottle as you played with his fingers with one hand, the other grasping at his shirt. Your eyes were on the television.
You were only halfway through your bottle when a strong wave of drowsiness hit you. You were so relaxed in Lee's arms that you fell asleep suckling. Lee laughed silently at your cuteness before grabbing your paci and slipping it in your mouth, watching as you latched to it instantly, suckling on the nub lightly.
He held you for more than an hour, marveling at how cute and special you were to him. My perfect little baby girl, he thought. He eventually tucked you into bed, kissing your forehead and whispering goodnight.
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sheriffbodeckerlee · 4 hours ago
I'm glad you're in a fluff mood because I am&have been in a fluff mood for a while too🥺 (I dunno if inbox open = requests open, so if not then feel free to ignore this!)
Could you possibly do a Daddy!Lee x reader where he has been super stressed with work, and it's very obvious to his little so she wants to take care of him for once💕 Maybe lots of kissies and assurance (from the little)
Yay! Fluffy-mode friends 💛✨ Aweeee this is so sweet! Taking care of caregiver!Lee is so important!! 💖🥺 This is kind of short, but I hope its sweet nonetheless!
Tumblr media
Lee had been coming home later and later from work, the bags under his eyes only getting deeper. You could tell he was stressed out, but being in little space at nighttime meant that you had a difficult tie in understanding how to help your Daddy. You wanted to take all of his pain and stress away with the snap of a finger, but sadly, it was more complicated than that.
So, when Lee got home that night, as distressed as ever, you had a plan... a plan of attack that is. When he opened the door, you hid inside the broom closet in the hallway, waiting for him to grab a beer from the fridge and sink into the couch like he did most nights. Once you heard him settle in the living room, you sneaked out and ran to where he was sitting on the couch.
You hopped on him, straddling him and peppering his face with sweet kisses. You heard him chuckle at your eagerness, "Alright, baby girl! Alright!"
You giggled too, leaning back, your arms still wrapped around your Daddy's neck, "I just missed you a lot Daddy," you said shyly, tucking your head into his neck.
He started rubbing your back, holding you tightly against him, "Is that it, peanut? Missed your Daddy?"
You gave a little kiss to his cheek, "and I wanna make Daddy happy again."
He cooed, "Awe, Princess, you're too sweet to me. You're all I need to make me happy, sweetheart!" He gave you a kiss on the cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, and lips, "I love you."
"I love you too, Dada," you repeated the pattern of kisses he gave you, making him smile.
After going to your shared bedroom, you two took a bubble bath, then got changed into comfy pajamas. You two cuddled as you watched your favorite movie. The whole time you were peppering kisses on Lee's face while telling him how much he meant to you, how much you loved him, and how much you needed him. That night Lee couldn't have been more grateful for his little girl and her exception ability to make his world alright again.
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overr-written · 8 hours ago
Just want to say happy father's day for our daddy Sheriff🥰😘
Tumblr media
Happy Father’s Day!! 🥳
Tumblr media
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sheriffbodeckerlee · 9 hours ago
Stepdaddy! Lee catching his little after having lots of grown up juice with her friends. She spills the beans about their sexual relationship in front of her mother. The drama in that scene would be crazy ❤️😂
Dramarama!! 🔥 This is a drama friendly household! Thank you for this- I hope you like it 💛✨
Tumblr media
warning: 18+ always; mentions sexual stuff; intoxicated little
You didn't mean to get drunk, but your friends kept handing you drink after drink, telling you it was fruit juice. They knew you were like a kid when it came to that stuff, so they kind of tricked you into drinking. In any case, you liked the taste of the beverage and it wasn't long before you were feeling intoxicated. It was a foreign feeling, but your inhibitions were too gone to care.
It wasn't until you saw your step daddy, Lee, that you realized that you were truly drunk... and in trouble. His cruiser pulled up to the fire pit that your friends had in the middle of a field. You usually didn't go out at night, but your friends insisted that it was an abandoned field and no one would find out, but clearly they were wrong.
Lee told all of your friends to go home. As they scattered he turned to you, who was sitting on a log, with a calm look on your face. You were a bit nervous, but the special juice mellowed you out a bit. He looked down at you, he was upset that you had put yourself in danger like this, "What were you thinking, little one?"
You giggled, "We were just hanging out and drinking juice, Dada." Being drunk pushed you into little space hard, especially now that your caregiver was in front of you.
Lee shook his head at your slurring of words and grabbed you by your arm. You haphazardly followed his lead as he brought you to the backseat of his cruiser. He pushed you in and shut the door, making his way to the driver's seat to drive home.
Once back home, your mother was in her bathrobe in the kitchen, she looked worried, but a wave of relief hit when she saw you, "Oh my goodness, y/n, where have you been? Its almost one in the morning!"
You giggled as you clinged to Lee's side, you shrugged nonchalantly, "just hanging wit fwends." You spoke in a baby voice.
Lee kissed your head as he led you to the fridge, getting you some water. A wave of sexual tension came over you and you began to rut against Lee's thigh as he stood pouring water into a cup for you. You didn't even think of you mother's presence in the room while Lee tried his best to push you off discreetly, "Dada! My cunny is tingly!!" You practically yelled, not gauging the power of your voice.
Lee got angry, but he knew you couldn't help it under the influence, so he tried to remain calm, "Baby, you know you can't stay stuff like that to me. That's inappropriate." He tried his best to safe face in front of your mom, who was standing there shocked at your behavior.
"y/n, what is wrong with you?! That is your stepfather!" Your mother exclaimed.
You continued to ignore her, looking up at Lee and tugging on his jacket covered arm, "But, Daddy, I want your tongue on my clitty like last night."
Your mother gasped as Lee huffed, he was caught red handed. Your mother's face got heated, "What kind of sick, twisted relationship is going on here? You- You-...ugh, you are disgusting Lee!" She stormed out of the room and back upstairs. It wasn't long until she slammed the front door, a suitcase in her arms, as she got into her car and drove off. Probably going to her sister's, Lee thought.
Quite honestly, Lee didn't care about your mother's opinion. Him and your mother hadn't touched each other in nearly 4 months, and you had only developed a sexual relationship with Lee a month ago. Lee was your caregiver and his role in your life was more important to him than being a good husband to your mother.
Lee's thoughts were interrupted when he felt a growing wet patch on his thigh thanks to your needy humping, you looked up at him with doe eyed, "Dada.....please."
He rolled his eyes and kissed your forehead, "Come on little one, let's get you to bed."
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sheriffbodeckerlee · 19 hours ago
lunch date
Tumblr media
synopsis: a socially anxious (and secretly little) secretary who has an issue with eating in front of people hides herself away during lunchtime, but lee ends up finding her and forcing her to be his new lunch date
warnings: 18+ always, nothing sexual, a nervous nelly little!reader interacting with a bold lee; good lord, the anxiety in this one
author's note: it is late and i am tired. i will spellcheck this in the morning, so excuse my mistakes
Tumblr media
You were one of seven office workers at the police station, all of whom were women. Being a small town, the police station wasn't that busy when it came to random people walking in, so all of the secretaries took their lunch break at the same time to gossip and complain about their lives. You weren't a part of this group, rather choosing to leave the office during your lunch break. You told your coworkers that you went home to walk your dog, but it was a lie. Rather, you would drive to the local park and eat lunch in your car.
It wasn't that you didn't fit in with the women you worked with, but you were socially anxious and you could never bring yourself to sit and talk with a group of people. On top of that, you were very uncomfortable eating in front of people. At lunch you just wanted to relax, so you found that this was the best solution, even if it made you an outcast at work.
A lot of your work stress stemmed from being Sheriff Lee Bodecker's personal secretary. All of the Sheriff's had their own secretaries, but you were stuck with the hardest one to work for. You had only worked there for three months, yet you were the longest running secretary that has ever worked for Lee. He had a lot of paper work that you were forced to do, so being overworked was an understatement. But, also, he would try to make small talk with you sometimes and it stressed you out. You've always had trouble conversing with men, so you could get very nervous around Lee. You would stutter over your words and sometimes lose thought mid-sentence which made you look dumb in front of your boss. So, you would try to interact with him and the rest of your coworkers as little as possible in order to keep your stress as low as possible.
It was a rather regular day and you were had just parked your car at the local park. It was a chilly fall day, so there wasn't anyone there which was nice. You grabbed your lunch box, which was a colorful pink holographic donut you found in the kids aisle at Target. You always left your lunch in your car, along with your small dolphin stuffy in order to keep your little side outside of work and have be secret. You knew if anybody found out it would spread quickly around the small town of Knockemstiff and lead to you being branded as a weirdo forever.
Thankfully, in the protection of your car, you didn't have to worry. You could munch on your sandwich and goldfish in peace with your stuffy in your lap. You also had a sippy cup filled with juice that you sipped on from time to time. For the hour you could slip into littlespace and relieve any pent up emotions or stress. You could be the little kid you wanted to be until your timer went off on your phone and you had to snap back to the adult world.
Your attention was too focused on your phone playing an episode of Peppa Pig to notice that Lee had pulled up in the parking section behind you. He knew it was your car and could see your phone propped up on the dashboard playing a video. He felt bad watching you eat lunch all alone in your car, knowing that the ladies in the office ate lunch together. Did they not like you? Were they mean to you? Anger bubbled within him at the thought of them treating you poorly. You were the best secretary he ever had being that you always did your work perfectly and you didn't try and flirt with him like all of his previous secretaries had. Sure, you were a bit shy... scratch that- painfully shy. Sometimes you could barely get a word out, but, hey, he couldn't complain- you were a great worker.
Lee was just patrolling the town, so not seeing anybody else in the park but you, he drove out and back to his usual route. The thought of you eating lunch alone bothered him for some reason, a thought that was on his mind for the rest of the day.
The next day, you went back to park as you usually did. However, Lee chose to start his patrol late, staying behind to secretly confront the women in the lunch room. He walked in, pretending to be in there to make a cup of coffee. There chit-chatting continued softly with him in the room, but he interjected as he turned to leave, "Doesn't y/n eat with you guys?"
One of the older ladies of the office rolled her eyes, "No, she's too good for us to do that." The rest of the ladies laughed at her statement, but Lee's blood boiled under the surface.
Without thinking Lee said, "Yeah, maybe she is." The older woman looked at him dumbfounded as Lee walked out of the room, dumping his coffee on the way out of the station.
Lee didn't take his usual route, heading straight to the park to find you. Just as he thought, you were parked in the same spot, watching a show on your phone while eating. Again, there was no one in the park, but Lee caught your attention when you heard a knock on your window. You were startled and you heart dropped to your stomach when you saw Lee staring at you. You put your lunch on your passenger seat and rolled down your window, "Um... hi Sheriff," you weren't sure what to say.
He peered down at you, one hand leaning on the roof of your car. He peaked down and saw the childish cartoon you were watching, "What's going on in here, Miss y/l/n."
You gulped, "Umm... I-I was just eating lunch, Sir."
There was something that stirred inside of Lee when you called him Sir, but he ignored it, "I see, but we have a staff room for that, darlin'. No need to eat all alone in your car."
You peered down, hating the pressure he was putting you under, it was almost too intense to take, "I like this." It was all you could manage to explain with his bright blue eyes glued to you.
"Why don't I join you then," he said as he walked around the front of your car to the passenger side. You grabbed your lunch and set it in your lap as he invaded your space, settling himself in the passenger seat and closing the door.
The car was silent for a moment as Lee took in his surroundings inside of your car. It was very clean, but he wasn't surprised as you were always very neat. He did a double take at the child sippy cup in your cup holder and dolphin stuffed animal in your arm. He could see that your lunch box was a child's lunchbox. He didn't think it was weird, more so it was cute that you were a bit childish and girly- everything being pink and sparkly.
"Hmmmm," he mumbled. You squeezed your stuffy a little tighter into you, thinking that he was judging your little supplies was making you begin to get emotional.
He looked up at you, "So, what are we eating?"
It took you a second to register what he just said, but it wasn't quick enough for Lee as he tapped the top of your lunch box open, "Come on, young lady, show me what you got in there. Sharing is caring, you know," he joked.
You opened the lunch box to reveal a sandwich cut into two parts and a majority of your goldfish gone. "Oooo, looks good. May I?" he asked as his hands were already grasping at one half of your sandwich.
Lee took a bite and moaned at the taste- peanut butter and jelly. You were still stunned, just watching him scarf down a portion of your sandwich. Lee looked over at you and chuckled at your oggling self, "You better eat the other half or I'm gonna eat if for you!"
You looked at the sandwich and stuttered, "I-I umm." You didn't want to eat in front of him, and being forced to eat in this stressful situation wouldn't be good on your tummy.
He shrugged at your lack of action, "Suit yourself." He grabbed the other half and ate it just as quick as the first. You closed your lunchbox and sipped it, being that there was nothing left for him to eat. You wanted to cry at the forcefulness of Lee, but your stomach spoke for you as it made known your hunger.
Lee chuckled again, still chewing, speaking through his partially full mouth, "I'm sorry, little one. Let me make it up to you, let's go to the diner, get you a good meal."
He opened the door, walking around to your side, and opened your door, "Come on, let's go. I'll drive."
He didn't give you an option, so you quickly got out. Lee didn't shut your door, instead looking towards your seat at your dolphin plush laying on it, "Aren't you gonna bring him with you?"
You could tell Lee wasn't trying to make fun of, and that he was honestly asking, "Oh- yeah." You quickly grabbed your stuffy and held it tightly against you, your nerves being relieved somewhat by its presence. It stayed in your lap as you sat in the passenger seat of Lee's cruiser, as well as when you sat in the diner booth opposite your boss.
Little to your knowledge, this intense interaction wasn't going to be the last. Lee was going to get you to talk to him and be comfortable eating in front of him wether you liked it or not. He knew there was incredible things going on in that brain of yours that you didn't let others experience easily, and he was going to do everything he could in order to know you. He felt a sense of protection and responsibility over you that he couldn't figure out. But, what he did know, was that you were now his permanent lunch date.
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sheriffbodeckerlee · 22 hours ago
Could you write about the first ever time Stepdaddy!Lee sees reader in little space please? Tysm! :)
This is interesting, omg he would be so confused tho lol but i feel like there was already a daddy/caregiver festering inside of Lee before meeting you! 💛 Thank you for this idea!
Tumblr media
You knew your mom and stepdad were at work, so you had the freedom to decompress and slip into littlespace. You figured you had a few hours to yourself, so you grabbed your paci, baby blanket, and favorite stuffy and brought it downstairs into the living room. You sat on the couch, turned on the television to nick junior and got comfortable while watching Peppa Pig.
About thirty minutes in, you got thirsty and went back to your room to get your sippy cup that you kept hidden in the back of your closet. You brought it downstairs, cleaning it off a bit before filling it with apple juice. Again, you curled up on the couch and sipped on your juice. It wasn't long before you found your eyes getting droopy, you were in desperate need of a nap and you were too tired to not give in.
You woke up to the feeling of someone adjusting the blanket on you, you opened your eyes to see your stepdad tucking you into your blanket. He looked down at you and gave you a small smile, "Hey, didn't mean to wake you, you just looked a little cold."
Your eyes widened when you realized your paci was on the arm of the couch, your Disney Princess sippy still beside you, your arms cradling a squishmallow. He noticed your shock of being caught with baby stuff all around you. You were in your 20s, so it was surely weird to him that you not only owned baby things, but also used them.
He chuckled as he looked around at your little things, turning back to see Peppa Pig on the tv screen, turning back to you, "Is this what you do when we're not home?"
You gulped, you felt so ashamed, thinking he was making fun of you. You started to tear up, gathering you things in your arms, heading upstairs with your shoulders heavy with guilt. Lee caught up with your swift movement and held you by the arm, "I didn't mean to upset you, your secret is safe with me, darlin'."
You looked up at him with glassy eyes and a confused look on your face, "What? Really?"
He smiled down at you softly, rubbing your shoulder gently, "Yeah, it's okay. I won't tell your momma."
You sighed a bit in relief, "Thank you, Lee."
You headed upstairs while Lee went to the kitchen to get a snack. Lee was still curious about your behavior when they weren't home. Why would she need a pacifier and a bottle, she's not a baby? Lee was a bit worried, he did care for you and hoped that this wasn't some cry for help. That night he did some research, trying his best to utilize Google to give him an answer as to what exactly you were experiencing. This is when he discovered what being a little was and what littlespace was. He then started reading things about caregivers and their important roles in a little's life. It didn't take long for him to realize that he wanted to be the one in your life to take care of you and love you like you should.
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sheriffbodeckerlee · 23 hours ago
Could I request step (or just regular) daddy Lee dressing and taking little!reader to church?
This is so soft and cute omg, thank you for this idea! 💖 I'll do step daddy!Lee cause he's my fav haha
Tumblr media
From the moment you woke up Lee was helping you go through your regular morning routine with the objective of getting to church on time. If he left you to get yourself ready in littlespace, it would probably take all day and get you upset. And, to be honest, he loved and preferred to help you get ready. Even though your mother hated the way he doted on you, she didn't say a thing, knowing that Lee would yell at her for objecting against his caregiving.
The first thing he did after he woke you up was cuddle you, helping to ease you out of your sleepiness without making you upset. He managed to do this successfully, slipping your slippers on your sock covered feet and helping you walk to the bathroom. He helped pull down your panties and sleep shorts, sitting your bum on the bowl. He turned his back to you, telling you he'd 'give you some privacy' while you relieved yourself. Once you were done, he helped you wipe yourself and wash your hands.
Lee led you down the stairs, holding your hand along the way, making sure to pay attention to your tiny steps, as you tended to be off balance in little space. Lee sat you at the kitchen table, tucking a napkin into your night shirt as a makeshift bib. He had already set up your plate of eggs and cut up pieces of fresh fruit before coming up to wake you. He poured chocolate milk into your sippy cup before sitting next to you and feeding you your breakfast piece by piece.
After your meal was finished, he brought you back upstairs and helped you pick out your church outfit. Before getting changed, you washed your face with Lee to dry it with a towel, making you laugh when he rubbed the towel spastically over your face gently. He brushed your teeth for you, holding your chin so you wouldn't move your head too much. He also brushed your hair, spraying in some fruity smelling detangler spray to make the job easier. He brushed your hair back into a pony tail, tying it with a scrunchie. He went into the cabinet below the sink and pulled out a bin filled with bows and other hair accessories, he picked out a sparkly bow and placed it on the side of your head. You looked in the mirror and gasped, "I look so pretty, Dada!"
He chuckled at your enthusiasm, leaning down to kiss your forehead, "You are always Daddy's pretty girl, right?" to which you nodded proudly.
Being that you were clean, he helped you undress, replacing your pajamas with a fresh pair of panties and your new dress. He had you sit on your bed while he slipped on your frilly socks, tickling your toes after each one. You couldn't help but giggle with your Daddy being so silly with you this early in the morning, but it did help in getting you ready.
Lee brought you back downstairs, slipping a light cardigan over your arms and sat you down on the bottom of the stairs, so he could put your shoes on. He gave the bottom of your feet gentle kisses before carefully putting your shoes on, checking to make sure your tootsies were comfy cozy. It wasn't long before he got his own shoes on, grasping your tiny hand in his large one, walking you out to the car.
Your mother was waiting in the passenger seat of Lee's car as he buckled your seatbelt for you. You looked to the side of you and found one of your favorite stuffies laying on the seat, which Lee allowed you to leave in the car for when you were traveling. After Lee shut your door, he got back into the drivers seat and headed with his babygirl to church.
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sheriffbodeckerlee · a day ago
Oh how do you think Daddy!Lee would handle a bratty drunk peanut? The couple go to an event where she starts off fine and in adult space. However, she starts to get little, bratty and frisky after a few too many free drinks. Do you think Lee would be upset with her for breaking his rule of only having 2 alcoholic drinks for the night? If so, would a spanking and further punishment be in peanut's future when they get home?
ooooooo.... spicy! Lee would be pissed if you were getting a bit too rowdy for his liking in public, especially as he had to keep up appearances as Sheriff. I think he would be more lenient on punishment if it was your first time being drunk, but would nonetheless discuss your wrong doings once you were sober. 💖😳
fyi- i have never been drunk before so if this hangover stuff isn't accurate that is why haha
Tumblr media
You woke up with your head pounding and mouth bone dry. You could barely open your eyes, the harshness of the morning light streaming through the windows eclipsing your vision. You groaned and pulled the cover over your head, turning to your other side. Before you could doze back to sleep, your Daddy came into the room, his boots making loud steps on the wooden floors.
He placed a glass of water and some advil tablets down on the nightstand. You felt the bed dip as he sat on the edge, his side pushing against your back. He leaned down and pressed soft kisses from your forehead, to your temple, and down to the crux of your neck. You groaned instead of giggled as his kisses tickled you. He chuckled softly, knowing you would be feeling your mistakes from last night.
Ahhh..... last night.
Lee had specifically told you that you could only consume two alcoholic beverages, as anything more would surely get you too drunk for a public function. But, you being the brat you are, decided to ignore his rule and drink nearly five drinks. You had ended up grabbing his crotch multiple times in front of everyone at the police department fundraiser. Also, you kept using your little girl voice when you spoke, the alcohol running through your system pushed you right into little space.
Lee was embarrassed to say the least of your drunken shenanigans, but mostly mad at how you purposely defied his ruling for you. He did everything he could to keep you safe, and part of that was setting rules for you, even when you didn't like them. He was worried that you might end up doing something drunk that would make you upset, or even physically hurt yourself on accident.
He was so worried that he left the fundraiser early. It was easy to lure you home because all you did was cling to Lee like a koala. He ended up having to hold you in his lap while he drove home because you wouldn't let go of him. It didn't take long for you to fall asleep on his chest, drool seeping through his dress shirt.
When you both got home he took you right upstairs and tucked you into bed. He was able to undress you and put you in one of his t-shirts without waking you, leaving you in your panties and a baggy shirt that went to your mid-thigh. He smiled at how cute you were as he got ready for bed himself. Once he got on the opposite side of the mattress, you instantly found his body in your sleep and cuddled into him. Even when you were drunk, you were such a Daddy's girl, he thought.
As cute as you were it didn't make Lee forget what happened last night. You needed to be punished surely, but it wasn't going to be the regular punishment of a spanking or a time out. Rather, your own body was going to be punishing you enough- making you vomit, sneer the smell of food, and give you a near migraine.
All morning long, well into the afternoon you were feeling the effects of your drinking. You were very apologetic as you hovered over the toilet bowl, going back and forth between the bathroom and the bed. Lee had taken care of you the whole time, though with little sympathy as he knew you needed to understand how you should have listened to him. He rubbed your back and held your hair as you puked, and tucked you back into bed afterwards. He made sure you were hydrated and helped you take a bath. Later in the day, when you finally developed an appetite, he made you some soup and a grilled cheese, carrying you to the kitchen where he sat you in his lap and fed you spoonful after spoonful, bite after bite until you grew tired again.
It wouldn't be until the next day, when you felt like yourself again, that he would have a stern talk with you about your behavior. He forgave you and didn't give you any spankings, which was a relief to you. You promised Lee and yourself that you would always listen to Daddy... and that you would never drink again!
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starryevermore · 3 days ago
like a bear ✧ lee bodecker
masterlist | taglist | send in a request (consult request faqs first)
pairing: dad!lee bodecker x mom!reader
summary: you and lee take your little angel out for a day at the zoo. 
word count: 1,303
warnings?: lee being a sweet dad, lee spoiling his daughter rotten, nicknames for daughter (baby, sweetie, munchkin, bub), daughter being a daddy’s girl, daughter calling lee and reader “daddy” and “mommy”, pet names (baby and honey) not proofread
Tumblr media
“Wakey wakey,” you whispered, pressing a kiss to your daughter’s forehead. She stirred, her little eyes blinking open, whining as she adjusted to the light streaming in from the hallway. “C’mon, baby, it’s time to get up.”
“Don’t wanna,” she protested. 
“Sweetie, don’t you remember what we’re doin’ today?” She screwed her eyes shut, turning over so her back was facing you. “Baby, we’re going to the zoo!”
“Too early!””
“You’re telling me.” You turned, seeing your husband in the doorway. He came into the room, going to the other side of Grace’s bed, kneeling down and whispering, “I know you don’t wanna wake up, but if you get up and get dressed, you can go back to sleep in the car. Can you do that for me, bub?”
Without another word, Grace was bouncing out of bed, walking over to her dresser where her clothes were laid out. You shook your head, smiling, and whispering to Lee, “I swear, I think she loves you more than me.”
“Good,” he teased. “I’ll go get the car started, and you make sure the munchkin is ready?”
“I’ll do my best, but if I’m not down in fifteen, I need some backup.”
Lee only chuckled, shaking his head, before going to start the car. You, meanwhile, attempted to wrangle the rowdy six-year-old into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, which proved to be quite the workout. Then, when that was said and done, you practically chased her out the door with her velcro tennis shoes in hand, her jumping into the arms of your husband, who’d come to help you, crying that you were trying to put her feet in prison. 
He gave you a mock-offended look, scolding you, “How dare you put my little angel’s feet in prison!”
“Oh, hush, Lee, and get her in the car. We’ll worry about the shoes when we get there,” you laughed.
“No shoes! No shoes! No shoes!” Grace chanted, Lee quickly joining in as he carried her out to the car, strapping her into her car seat. 
Thankfully, though, her energy died down the second the car started moving, lulling her back to seat. Lee drove, one hand on the steering wheel, the other resting on your thigh, his thumb rubbing circles on the skin exposed from your dress. The drive was long, and you eventually fell asleep, too, only waking when you arrived at your destination.
“Nice nap?” Lee asked, taking the keys out of the ignition.
“Was alright, woulda been better if I was snugglin’ you,” you said, leaning over and kissing him.
“Ew! Gross! Mommy, stop that!” Grace said from the backseat, pretending to gag at your display of affection.
“Hey now, let Daddy get some sugar in peace,” Lee said, before he got out of the car and went to get her out of the backseat. “Oh, I know what it is. You’re just jealous, ain’t ya? You want your Daddy’s attention all to yourself. Don’t worry about that, munchkin, you’re my number one girl.”
She giggled as he pressed kisses around her face, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck as he lifted her onto his hip. Your heart swelled at the sight. There was just something about seeing Lee with Grace that filled you with joy. When you’d first met him so many years ago, he was real rough around the edges. But, as you got to know him, you started to melt the iciness in him, revealing the teddy bear that rested beneath the surface. Granted, he only ever acted that way for you and Grace, but still, it made you feel all bubbly every time you bore witness to it. 
Once you were in the zoo, it was as if you were dealing with two children. At nearly exhibit, Lee did his own little animal impressions. He pretended to roar like a lion, making little claws with his hands, pretending that he was gonna scratch Grace. At the gorilla exhibit, he started grunting and probably would’ve gotten down on the ground to walk on his knuckles if it wasn’t for the back that the exhibit was overrun with children. When you looked at the flamingos, he taught Grace how to stand on one leg and then they got into a competition of who could stand on one leg the longest (Grace won, mostly because she pushed Lee and made him stumble, but he gracefully accepted his defeat). 
Your favorite, though, was when you got to the grizzly exhibit and Grace took one look at the papa bear who was roaring at the guests but turning all soft to the mama and baby bears, and loudly declared, “Look, Daddy, it’s you!”. Lee practically melted, picking her up and swinging her in the air, her a bundle of giggles while he pretended to be a big scary bear trying to warn off any other people from getting any closer. 
As you left the exhibit, another mom grabbed you by the sleeve, looking at your husband and Grace, and said, “You’re real lucky to have a man like him. I can’t even get my husband to pretend to pay attention to our kids.”
And all you could do is smile and say, “Yeah, I still can’t fathom how blessed I am to get to call him mine.”
Eventually, though, it was time to leave. But you couldn’t go without making a pitstop at the giftshop. Lee insisted on getting matching t-shirts for all of you, purposely getting Grace one that a little bigger than she needed so that she could wear it for a few years. You focused on picking out a cute magnet for the fridge, before eventually settling on a grizzly bear magnet. Grace, though, was a girl on a mission as she tried to pick out the most perfect stuffie. 
“Remember, Grace, you can only get one,” you told her while she looked. 
She browsed the stock as if she was reading the most important document. She would pick one up one at a time, cradle it, squeeze it, turn it over in her hand, before setting in back on the shelf, muttering about how it wasn’t right. 
And then Lee grabbed her by the hand, leading her over to the other side of the shop. You rolled your eyes when you saw what he was doing. A giant floppy grizzly bear was on display, and Grace’s eyes lit up when she saw it. You almost chided him for saying she could get it, but...Seeing him all excited to get her the bear, seeing her all giddy, made you bite your tongue. 
Grace insisted on carrying the bear to the register, practically dragging it on the floor. You and Lee walked behind her, his hand on the small of your back as he whispered, “We won’t get her another stuffie for the rest of the year.”
“You don’t mean that. We both know you’re gonna come home on Monday with another one ‘cause you can’t help but spoil her,” you laughed. “If you think I’m mad, I’m not. I love how you treat her so well. But, I gotta ask for something from you.”
“Yeah?” he asked, his brows furrowing together as if he expected the worst.
“I was thinking that it’s about time we had another. Whaddya say, baby, wanna give me another baby?”
He leaned over, growling in your ear like a bear, “Oh, honey, I’ll give you as many babies as you want. Just gotta give me the word.”
“Then whaddya say we get started after we put Gracie to bed?”
“Can’t wait,” he said, his hand slipping down to your ass and giving it a squeeze. “We’re ‘bout to have so many kids that we’ll have enough to make our own goddamn zoo.”
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sheriffbodeckerlee · 3 days ago
Hi may I request some extreme cute domestic stuff such as coloring with stepdaddy!Lee ❤️❤️
Sure, I love this idea! I literally just bought a disney baby coloring book and crayons today 🥺💖
Tumblr media
"Dada, you wan color wit me?" you asked, peering up at your Daddy from the floor of the living room. He was sitting on the couch, his eyes glued to the nightly news on the television screen. Your mother was in the kitchen, baking away for the local bake sale that was tomorrow. You had finished dinner about an hour ago, but was getting bored before bedtime.
"Sure, sweetie," he smiled, and so did you as you hurried up to your bedroom to get the massive stack of coloring books that was neatly placed on your desk, along with the big bin of coloring utensils.
Your tongue stuck out as you focused on balancing your coloring supplies in your arms without dropping it, making your way back to the living room. You splayed everything out of the floor and looked up at your Daddy who was already getting on his knees to sit on the carpet with you. You handed him a Toy Story coloring book, to which he smiled and thanked you.
You watched as he opened it to a random page and grabbed some colored pencils out of your bin. He started to lightly color in the forms. You laid on your stomach and started working on a Frozen picture. You scribbled all over the place, not caring about staying in the lines.
You colored Olaf three different colors, a rainbow-like pattern to it. Lee looked over at your work and gasped lightly, "Wow, peanut! That looks incredible!"
You felt the head rise on your cheeks and you kept your head down as you smiled, "Thank you, Daddy." He chuckled at your shyness.
"You wanna see what Daddy drew?" You looked up instantly and nodded, interested to see his progress.
He turned his book to you and you saw a perfectly colored picture of Buzz Lightyear. You looked to the side of the character and saw two stick figures with arrows that said 'Daddy' and 'Daddy's Little Girl'. You laughed, "Daddy? Is that supposed to be me and you?"
He laughed with you, "Of course, had to add me and my baby in there!"
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sheriffbodeckerlee · 3 days ago
What would little!reader be like when she’s pregnant?
Also BONUS - how do they navigate little space when the baby’s born?
aweeeee 🥺🍼 lee's caregiver instincts would be on overdrive. he would almost treat you like a doll, he was so gentle with you
Tumblr media
little! while pregnant:
Your round belly matched your fuller cheeks and chubbier legs. No matter how big you got, Lee would insist that you sit on his lap for snack time.
Right after you found out you were pregnant, you kept getting upset that after you had the baby you wouldn't be Lee's little baby girl anymore. He would hold you, cradle you, and give you any and all reassurance that you will always be his little peanut.
Lee would shower you with extra snacks. Whenever you two went out he would pack enough snacks for three people, he wanted to have enough nutrients, just in case you were extra hungry.
Once you were in your third trimester things got rougher. Your feet were swollen, your back ached constantly, and you would have headaches often. Lee would give you foot/back massages multiple times a day, he was like an on call massage therapist.
You would also have to pee more often, which meant more pull-ups. Lee was able to find pull-ups specifically for pregnant adults, so they would still be comfortable on you. He wouldn't mind changing you multiple times a day, he loved being able to take care of his little girl.
He would always compliment you throughout your pregnancy at how good of a girl you were and you were making him so proud for caring his child.
He would often rub your belly and whisper to your unborn child, giving your belly soft little kisses.
little! after pregnancy:
the first months were rough, to say the least. you hadn't been able to go into little space with the baby crying constantly
you told Lee you were scared to be in a little headspace and potentially neglect your child
after multiple heartfelt talks, Lee convinced you to allow yourself the comfort of little space for a few hours while he took care of the baby
he brought you both into the living room, turned on a baby tv show, and set out toys for you to play with. he set your newborn down on a play mat while you were setting up dolls for a tea party on the rug.
he kept cooing at you and giving you kisses, happy to have his little baby girl back
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chrisevanseagletattoo · 3 days ago
Does anyone know where I can buy or custom order a case in this style of Lee Bodecker?? Thanks Lovelies
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sheriffbodeckerlee · 4 days ago
Stepdaddy Lee having to deal with a scared baby, like maybe she had a nightmare or Smth
Drama! we love that in this house! okay- i hope you enjoy (its not actually that dramatic of an imagine, so my apologies) 💛
Tumblr media
You hated storms, both in a big and little headspace. It caused you so much stress and you would shake like a chihuahua. Tonight was one of those stormy summer nights, mother nature unleashing her fury on the small town of Knockemstiff, Ohio.
You were curled up in bed and at peace until you awoke to a strong clap of thunder that rattled the windows of the house. The house was silent, the only sound was water rushing through the gutters and the sound of your stepdad's snores. Even though he was down the hall in his bedroom with your mom, he snored like a freight train and it was impossible to not hear it in the dead of night.
You envied his ability to sleep through anything and everything. However, whenever he heard your cries, he would instantly wake up and search for you. Almost, like the instinct a mother has with a newborn infant. So, when you started to whine and curl up into a ball and cry fitfully, he was fully conscious and got up to see where you were.
When Lee got up abruptly, your mother was already awake because of the storm and trying her best to go back to sleep, "Where are you going, Lee? Lay back down."
He was disheveled, only in his boxer briefs, but he went to the bedroom door and unlocked it, turning to your mother who was about to annoy him again with complaints, "I can hear y/n crying, she hates storms. I'm gonna see if she's okay."
"Oh, Lee. Come on, she's an adult. She can deal with it herself," your mother said before Lee ignored her and left the bedroom.
Lee didn't even knock on your bedroom door, just barging in to find you laying in your bed. When he found you curled up with tears streaming down your face, he wanted to pull you into him and hold you forever... and so he did. He got your blanket and swaddled you, cradling your figure in his lap while he laid back against your headboard.
Another crack of thunder hit and you cried and started to bunch your fists into Lee's chest, needing skin to skin contact. He held you closer, your head smushed into his neck, he kiss your forehead and started to rock you, "Shhhh, it's alright baby girl. Daddy's here, he's got you, you're safe."
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starryevermore · 4 days ago
his candy girl ✧ lee bodecker
masterlist | taglist | send in a request (consult request faqs first)
pairing: lee bodecker x fem!reader
summary: you’re his candy girl, and you got him wanting you. 
word count: 975
warnings?: reader is sorta manipulating lee but not really? (she kinda Pavlov’s him into liking her, or so she thinks), pet name (buttercup), sexual innuendos, sexual fantasies (nothing that’s very explicitly described), not proofread, i wrote this in about an hour do not judge for its shittiness
Tumblr media
It started with a sucker. A harmless little gift to the sheriff as he stopped by the bank, coming to withdraw some money. He always chose you, calling you his favorite teller, leaving you a giggling mess. No man had ever made you feel the way Lee did, all eager to do whatever it took to keep his attention on you. You weren’t keen on the idea of having to soon marry, to settle down and start a family, but if you had to, you knew that Lee would be a great choice. He would treat you right, you were sure of it. And you wanted to treat him right, too. So, when he came around to the bank on a lazy Friday afternoon to withdraw some money, you decided to give him a little treat. 
It was no secret that the sheriff had a sweet tooth. Everyone knew it. The ladies down at the grocery store would make little bets about which pack of sweets he’d pick up. And you? Well, you listened, internalizing all of his favorite candies and flavors, carefully picking out what you were sure he’d love. So, when you counted out the twenties, laying them out in front of him, you reached into the little dish you kept beside you, placing a little cherry sucker right on top. 
His tongue darted out, licking his lips, as he looked down at the candy. “That for me?” he asked.
“It sure is, sheriff,” you said. 
“You do this for every man who comes to make a withdrawal?” 
“Only for the sweet ones.”
He chuckled, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “Keep this up, and next time I come, it’ll be to make a deposit.”
The innuendo was not lost on you. For as sweet as Lee was to you, you knew of his escapades with other women around town. You couldn’t fault him for it, though. What was it that your momma always said? That men have needs, that they don’t settle down til they absolutely have to? Well, if that was the case, then you would have to make sure that you gave Lee every reason to settle down with you.
“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, buttercup?” he asked, eyes raking down your body as you hid a giggle behind your hand. 
“Oh, sheriff, you know I always love when you come down here,” you said. “Doesn’t matter what it’s for.”
“Then I’ll make sure to come just for you, buttercup,” he said, popping the sucker into his mouth while he put the twenties in his wallet. He moaned at the taste. “Lord, wonder if you’re almost as sweet as this sucker.”
“Keep coming back, and you might just find out.”
Lee knew exactly what you were doing, and he loved every second of it. He’d been sweet on you for as long as he could remember. You were a rare piece of goodness in Knockemstiff, and he’d been determined to make sure no one had ever dulled your light. He chased off any would-be suitors of you, explaining to your momma and daddy that those men would bring nothing but pain for their darling little angel. Swore he’d marry you, with their permission, if they’d just give him time to get you a nice ring. They agreed, and why wouldn’t they? The wife of the sheriff is something any woman would die to be. But only one woman was fit for the role. 
Now he knew that you wanted him just as much as he wanted you. Why else would you get him some of his favorite candy, have it just ready for him to pop by the bank? Yeah, yeah you wanted him. And he’d make sure you got everything you ever wanted. All you’d ever have to do is say the word. 
It was time, he decided, to finally propose. That’s why he’d been at the bank, to withdraw the money to get you the perfect ring. He’d been scouting out the local jeweler’s for months now, trying to decide what diamond would look best on your pretty little finger. And he was sure he found the right one. It glittered and gleamed, sparkled just as brightly as you. 
And, as he looked down at it as he sat his cruiser, he couldn’t help but imagine what it’d look like on your hand as you stroked him while you look him in your mouth. How it’d feel against his scalp as your gripped his hair. How he could look down at it as he traps your wrists in his hands, taking you from whatever angle he wanted. Hm, would it be too soon to go back to the bank now, get down on one knee right in front of everyone?
No. No, he should do this right. First, he’ll go to your daddy, show him the ring and officially ask for your hand. Then, he’d get a reservation at the nicest restaurant in town, woo you with the best meal he could afford (though, he was sure that whatever you could cook would be a thousand times better). And, as the night would wind down to a close, he’d get down on one knee, profess his love for you, and you’d have no choice but to say yes. He wondered if he could get some free dessert if he did it in the restaurant. Yeah, yeah that would be good. He’d probably go for a chocolate cake, be all sweet and feed it to you. Yeah, that was what he was gonna do.
He passed by the bank as he drove to your house, glancing over at it with a smirk on his face. Oh, if only his sweet little buttercup knew the life he had planned out for you. He couldn’t wait for it all to begin. 
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sheriffbodeckerlee · 4 days ago
May I request stepdaddy! Lee having “playtime” with little!reader in a place where they could easily get caught by someone (and maybe they do get caught 👀)
I feel like Lee would be the type to be like 'I don't care who sees us, I own this town'.... that's hot af haha! thank you for this idea 🥰
Tumblr media
warning: 18+ always; SMUT; public stuff; pretty much Lee is rubbing your clit until you cum at a diner
"Please! I really want fluffy cakes, Dada," you begged.
Lee couldn't help but find your doe eyes adorable, adorable enough to bring you to the diner and have your favorite pancakes, "alright, sweat pea, we will go, but you gotta be a good girl!" You nodded and smiled, happy that you got your way.
Once at the diner, Lee brought you to the booth tucked in the back corner. You slid in and Lee followed, sitting right next to you. It didn't take long for the waitress to take your order and to bring you a large plate of fluffy pancakes. You were like a kid in a candy store.
Lee cut your pancake stack into bite size pieces and put the syrup on for you, stating, "if you put too much on you won't go down for your nap in a few hours." You begrudgingly agreed and dug into the sweet meal.
After you were done, you had syrup all over your face, of which Lee was prepared to clean off with the packet of wet wipes that he brought. You leaned back with a huff, you managed to clean off the whole plate. You rubbed your belly and leaned into your Daddy's shoulder as he was still only half way through his plate of eggs and toast, "Dada, I'm all done."
Lee looked to your plate and his eyes widened with delight, he kissed you on the crown of your head, "What a good girl! I think you deserve a little treat, don't you?"
You beamed and nodded, making Lee laugh at your eagerness. He looked over to see if anyone was watching before adjusting his right hand so it was sitting high on your thigh, under your skirt. You giggled at him as he tickled your bare thigh a bit, "Daddy, what are you doing?"
He looked at you and gave you a small smile, "I think my peanut deserves some play time, what do you think?"
Your eyes ogled at him and you blushed, "B-but what if someone sees?"
He disagreed, "No one will see honey bee, it'll be our little secret, but you have to stay quiet, okay?"
You would have said no to his idea, but his massaging on your thigh made your princess parts tingle. You nodded, "Okay, Daddy."
He kissed your head, telling you, "good girl," before slipping his hand inside your panties, cupping your mound. You gasped at the feeling of his fingers running through your folds, your thighs instantly separating more, allowing him as much access as he needed.
You took in a sharp breathe of air when he brought the wetness accumulating near your hole up to your clit, "Just breathe, Princess, you're doing so good for Daddy."
You gave a little moan that only he could hear. He started to softly rub circles over your nub, it swelled at his ministrations. You melted into his side and closed your eyes, whispering, "D-daddy, it feels s-s-o good."
He smiled as he ate his meal with his fork in his left hand, his right hand making smooth circles in your panties. You grabbed his wrist and jolted up a bit when he started to rub a little harder. You could feel more wetness seeping out of your hole, threatening to soak down your thighs. You could feel yourself getting closer to the edge, "D-daddy, I want cummies....please," you whimpered.
He cooed at you, "Awe, look at my little baby getting all worked up. Go ahead, cum for Daddy."
You shivered and your pussy squeezed around nothing as your orgasm hit you. You hid your face in Lee's shoulder, trying to muffle your moans. Lee's fingers played softly around your clit, letting your orgasm fade out slowly. He dipped his finger in your hole before bringing his hand out of your panties, capturing his glistening finger in his mouth, he hummed, "Oh, princess. You taste delicious, might just have to eat you up when we get home."
You giggled and snuggled into his side, you clenched your thighs together at the thought of your Daddy's tongue against your princess parts. You felt the slickness in the apex of your thighs, "Daddy, I'm all sticky."
He chuckled, taking his last bite of toast, "I know baby, let's get you home so I can clean you up with Daddy's special kisses."
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starryevermore · 4 days ago
to have and to hold (2) ✧ lee bodecker & ari levinson
masterlist | taglist | send in a request (consult request faqs first)
request: Hello ❤️ hope you are eating and hydrating! I was wondering if you could gimme another part of Holding Her Heart 🥺👉👈 absolutely loved the first one ❤️❤️❤️ - @the-soulofdevil​
pairing: alpha!lee bodecker x omega!reader; alpha!ari levinson x omega!reader
summary: your little family is about to grow. 
word count: 2,642
warnings?: a/b/o dynamics, pet names (bunny and little lady), fluff with a touch of angst (very minimal, you should be proud of me), ari bonds with reader, reader’s birthday, pregnancy announcement (if literally anyone asks, i’ll make a blurb about who the father is), not proofread
Tumblr media
Lee didn’t like sharing, but he didn’t mind sharing your nest with Ari. Well, he did mind. He didn’t like it all that much. But, you had moved the nest back into the master bedroom, where it belonged. And for that, he was grateful. He had missed having you in his arms, your face tucked into the crook of his neck while you let out quiet snores. Yeah, he was a fool for ever seeking out another. How could he ever think he would be happy with another omega when he had a brilliant diamond in his midst? But he’d been an idiot, and now your heart belonged, in part, to another alpha. 
Some days, he wished he had just taken Ari straight down to the station, locked him up and threw away the key. But other days, he would remember that bright smile on your face when he told you that he would let you keep Ari in your life, that he was willing to share, that he would be loyal to only you. He’d remember how you threw your arms around his neck, peppering his face with soft kisses, whispering your gratitude and love for him. And he’d remember how Ari had leaned against the kitchen counter, arms crossed over his chest but a smile on his face, as he watched. Ari had given him a nod, a quiet affirmation that this was going to work.
It hadn’t been easy, of course. He had jealousy issues to sift through, and a lot of them at that. It took everything in him in the early days of this arrangement to not pull you out of Ari’s arms into his, to shut it all down and keep you for himself again. But he knew he had to put you first. It was what you deserved. For far too long, he had been thinking of only himself and he had hurt you in the process, had pushed you to another alpha because he couldn’t get his own head out of his ass. He could never forgive himself for that. 
And, so it seemed, neither could you. 
Well, you could forgive him. You’d never been good at holding grudges. But you’d built up so much pain, suffered through so much, because of him and his idiocy. He never realized how far it had gone, he never had to truly address the pain he caused. Not until Ari came into the picture, anyways. 
You practically blossomed under Ari’s love. Your smile grew brighter, you gave love more freely. When you greeted him as he got home from work, there was actual love in your eyes. He often wondered if it was love for him, or if it was love for Ari. A lot of the time, he wondered if you loved Ari more than him. He didn’t know what the man didn’t for a living—truthfully, he didn’t care enough to ask; his relationship with Ari started and ended with you—but he knew that Ari spent a lot of time with you alone. It was hard to stop the jealousy from bubbling up, but he knew better than to pull some stunt in front of you. 
He grew to tolerate Ari, eventually. It helped when he finally convinced you to move your nest back to its original place. It was still the place you preferred to sleep and, given that Ari had moved in shortly after the arrangement had been made, it annoyed Lee to no end that Ari got you all night long. He said as much to Ari, who promised to talk things over with you. Within time, you moved the nest back to the master bedroom, adding little touches of both him and Ari, before declaring it perfect. Yeah, it helped that Ari was around, even if it meant that the three of you were squeezed into one bed (not that you’d ever complain). 
But, for as good as things were, there were still things that had to be said. The air still needed to be cleared. 
The three of you were tucked into your nest, your back pressed up against Ari’s chest, his lips ghosting over the crook of your neck. It had been many months since Ari had entered yours and Lee’s lives, and Lee finally relented that Ari could mark you, make the arrangement permanent. But, damn Ari for drawing this out so long. 
“This what you want, bunny?” Ari asked. 
You gasped, your head lolling back. “Yes,” you hissed as he nipped at your soft skin.
And, though they both knew it was what you wanted, there was an undeniable hesitancy to your voice. There was something you wanted to say, something you weren’t sure of. Lee reached out, grasping at your hand, kissing your knuckles as he whispered, “You can tell us if something’s wrong. We’ll fix it. We just gotta know.”
“I-I don’t think I can do this,” you whimpered. Ari immediately pulled away, and you seemed to realize what you’d said, that it wasn’t what you meant. “I mean, I want this. I do. But...I just...I don’t know, I feel like I gotta say somethin’ first.”
“What’s that? You know you can tell us anything,” Lee said. “We’re s’posed to take care of you after all.”
“It’s just...It wasn’t always like that, and I don’t know...I can’t stop thinking about how bad everything was after you were bonded to me, Lee, and I-I’m just scared that it’ll happen all over again.”
“Would it help to talk about it, bunny? Tell Lee about everything you’ve been building up?” Ari asked. 
“I think so...”
“Then go ahead, bunny, tell him how much he hurt you,” Ari said, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “It’s not good for a sweet little thing like you to pent up your emotions so much. The only way things can get better is if you let it all out.”
You looked over at him, your eyes brimming with tears. “I don’t think you understand how much it hurt, Lee...To know that I wasn’t good enough for you. To know that nothing I did could’ve ever made you happy.”
His heart ached at your admission. “Y/N...”
“I did everything I ever could to make you happy. I made everything in this house exactly to your liking. I made the food you liked, always had your favorite candy in the cabinet...I made sure your clothes were always laid out, your shoes always nice and shiny. And I tried...I tried to make sure we could have a happy family. But then you—” You choked on a sob. 
He lunged forward, wiping your tears away with the pad of his thumb, nuzzling his nose against yours. “I didn’t mean—”
“—you left me, when I needed you most. You weren’t the only one hurtin’ when I lost those pups, Lee. But you didn’t care about me. You didn’t care about me until someone who threatenin’ to take me away. And I still can’t believe that you care about me now. I just keep waitin’ for you to change your mind, to hurt me all over again, and I can’t stand this kinda fear anymore.”
“I’m not leavin’ you, I promise,” he swore. “You’re my little omega, and I’ll spend the rest of my life tryin’ to make up for the mistakes I made.”
“I don’t know if I can believe that.”
“I know. I know it’s hard. But...that’s why you got Ari. ‘Cause if you ain’t sure if I love you, I wanna make sure that you know you are loved. Even if it means that you’re loving another alpha. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything, little lady, and...I know I messed up for a long time. And nothing I do could ever change that. But I’m tryna change for you, to be a better alpha for you.” He pressed a soft kiss to your lips. “And I don’t want you to feel like you gotta hide stuff from me anymore. You can tell me these things. Or if you feel better tellin’ Ari, do that and we both know he’ll set me straight.” Your lips quirked up in a smile. “I love you so much.”
“I love you, too, Lee.” You looked back at Ari, who was smiling down at you. “And I love you, Ari. I-I’m ready if you are.”
“I’ve been ready the moment I set eyes on you, bunny.”
Ari’s head ducked back down to where your neck connected to your shoulder, pressing kisses to your soft skin as he looked for the best place to put his first mark on you. Lee held onto your small hands, kissing your knuckles, you squeezing his hand hard as Ari’s teeth sank into your skin. You cried out, your back arching against Ari, the initial pain quickly melting into pleasure. Ari pulled away, your blood staining his teeth, whispering how you’re the perfect little omega for him, for Lee, how they’ll take care of you for the rest of your life.
That night, Lee made sure that you knew he loved you, that you knew he would never leave again. It wasn’t enough to make all your worries disappear, but it was a start. It was a start to mending the damage he had created and, really, that was all he really wanted. 
Tumblr media
The only thing Lee really wished for nowadays, other than finding out that you were carrying his pups again, was that he didn’t have to work as much. That he could stay at home with you like Ari did. But Lee had to make money, had to keep that roof over his family’s head. So, begrudgingly, he went to work everyday, counting down the minutes until he could pull you back into his arms. Today, the urge to be back home was stronger than ever. 
It was your birthday, the first one since Ari came into the picture. And Ari had decided that he and Lee were going to make you feel special. Or, at least, more special than you usually do since, if they were being honest, they’d come to spoil you rotten in a friendly competition to see who could get the most affection out of you on any given day. He and Ari had spent the better part of a month planning everything, and it was finally time for their efforts to come to fruition. 
And he could hardly wait. But first, he had to work.
Or, try to work, he mused as Ari walked into his office, hands shoved deep into his pockets. Lee looked up from the paperwork he was filling out. He set the pen down, leaning back in his seat, asking, “What can I do for you, Levinson?”
“It’s bunny’s birthday today.”
Lee fought the urge to roll his eyes. “I know.”
“Is everything set up?”
“Do you doubt my ability to take care of my house?”
“Our house. And bunny’s the one who takes care of it.” Ari’s lips twitched up into a smirk. “You’re just the sweethearted benefactor who pays for it all.”
“Don’t say it too loudly, Levinson. Got a reputation to keep up here.” Lee chuckled, his tongue darting over his lips. Lee had gone real soft for his omega lately, but none of his men needed to know that. No one except you, and Ari, needed to know how sweet he was on you. That was between the three of you and no one else. “Yeah, everything’s taken care of. Everything going to plan on your end?”
“Just got back from dropping her off at the spa. Will everything be ready when I pick her up?”
“Course it will. Already told my men that if they even think of botherin’ me after I finish my rounds, I’ll be lockin’ ‘em up and throwin’ away the key.”
“Good. Just wanted to check before I finish everything else I’m supposed to do.” Ari turned to leave, before pausing. “I’m glad you’re...taking care of her properly again. I know I wanted to take her away before, but I also knew doing that would break her heart. As hard as it is on the both of us, she does love us both.”
“Well, as much as I hated this, too,” Lee said, “I’m glad you came along. Showed me I had everything to lose. Really put my ass in gear.”
“Someone’s gotta do it,” Ari chuckled. “Alright, that’s enough with the sappy-ness. Gotta save that for bunny tonight, yeah?”
“Yeah. See you at home.”
“See you at home.”
When the clock finally struck 4:00, he was practically sprinting to his cruiser to get home. Or, well, technically to get to the store to pick you up a nice flower arrangement then to the bakery to get a nice cheesecake for you. At home, Ari had cooked a nice meal for you, setting out all of your favorite dishes on the fine china you’d gotten when you first bonded with Lee. Yeah, it was perfect. All they needed was you. 
Lee got home first, setting the flowers in the center of the table and putting the cheesecake in the fridge to chill until it was time for dessert. Ari arrived home shortly after, having just picked you up from the spa day that they’d sent you on. Ari was guiding you into the dining room, his hands covering your eyes as you giggled. When Ari pulled his hands away, you gasped at the scene set before you, tears pricking at your eyes. 
“Oh, I don’t know which one of you I should kiss first!” 
“Me,” Lee said, stepping in front of your, cradling your face in his large hands. He pressed his lips against yours, mumbling, “Happy birthday, little lady.”
“Okay, okay, it’s my turn,” Ari said, pulling you away from Lee and spinning you around to face him. Your giggles only increased as he swiped his tongue over your lip, his hands tangling in your hair.  “Give your alpha some sugar, bunny.”
“Alright,” Lee said, sinking into one of the chairs. “Don’t spoil your dinner with our sweet omega.”
Ari pulled away, winking down at you before taking his own seat. You, however, remained standing. You fidgeted with your hands, looking down at the floor, as if you had something you wanted to say.
“Something wrong?” Ari asked. 
“I, uh, I...I really appreciate what you’ve done for me today, but I own present for the two of you.”
“You didn’t have to get us anything, bunny,” Ari said. 
“No, no, it’s not...I didn’t buy anything.”
“Then what’s our present, little lady?” Lee asked. 
“I wanted to wait until I was further along, make sure I wouldn’t lose ‘em again,” you said, tears almost spilling over. Lee pulled you into his lap, pressing a kiss to your soft cheek, worry growing in him as you stalled your announcement. “I-I’m pregnant.”
Lee’s heart hammered in his chest. “’re gonna have our pups?”
“Yeah, I am,” you said, “I am, for real this time.”
For the first time in a long time, Lee felt like crying. This...He hadn’t ever expected he could be this blessed again. So many months ago, he was sure he’d lost you forever, that another alpha was gonna take you away. But now? Now, he had you, you were gonna have his pups (or Ari’s, but Lee...he would be grateful you were having a pup regardless of which alpha furthered them), and you were happy. His family was complete.
“I can’t wait for our family to grow,” he said, kissing you until you were breathless.
“Hey, if I wasn’t allowed to spoil my supper, you aren’t allowed to either!”
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sheriffbodeckerlee · 5 days ago
You think Lee would purposely humiliate his girl if she's acting bratty? Kind of put her in her place from degrading talk to any psychical forms?
Eeep! He would 100% be into degrading his little girl if she got on his nerves enough (this is also considering the his girl was into that kind of thing). I feel like if his girl was sensitive to that kind of talk- he wouldn't do it, but he might do it if she really needed to be put in her place. 💖✨😏 i'm not familiar with writing in the bondage or degrading talk arena, but i hope i did okay?
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+ smut, SMUT, bondage, light spanking, harsh words
Today was just not your day, everything was going wrong. Your hairdryer broke so you had to go to work with wet hair; better than that, it was ungodly humid, so it frizzed up like a poodle. Then, you spilled your coffee on your brand new dress during lunch. On the way home, right when you pulled into your driveway, a nail popped your tire. Just great, you thought as you made your way into the house.
You weren't one to talk about your emotions out right. That was mainly to not put anymore stress on your husband, Sheriff Lee Bodecker. You knew he was up to his neck in work and you didn't want your problems to topple it. So, you kept quiet. This didn't help you one bit, as the annoyance within you festered into an attitude that was projected onto Lee.
Ever since you came home that day you had been a complete brat. You refused to cook dinner and told Lee to make it for himself for a change before heading to the bathroom for a bath. Although you cleaned yourself and tried to relax as you lie back against the tub, you ended up getting annoyed because you ran out of bath bombs, so the bath wasn't as enjoyable as usual. At this point anything and everything was annoying you.
While you got out, you turned on the radio nearby and it was quite loud. Lee barged in, already annoyed with your attitude earlier, telling you to turn the music down. You rolled your eyes at him and turned it down a minuscule amount, not helping Lee at all. You knew that rolling your eyes would piss him off, he always says it's one of the things he despises the most, something about it being completely disrespectful.
You couldn't hear your thoughts over the music until Lee yanked the plug out of the socket, "I asked you nicely, and you roll your fucking eyes at me?"
Letting the annoyance take ahold of your actions, you rolled your eyes at him once again, "and what are you gonna do about it? Spank me?" Your words were dripping with attitude and Lee had had just about enough of it.
He walked into the adjoining bedroom and you hear him ruffling about through drawers. You weren't really paying attention as you were drying off your hair with a towel. Lee came back to the doorway, his shirt was off, his trousers still on. He held two rolls of rope and your stomach dropped at the sight, "Get on the bed now." His voice was low and even though you had an attitude before, you knew you had to listen. He held those ropes with a tight grip- he meant business.
You did as you were told, as you were about to lay back on it, he corrected you, "Starfish, on your belly."
Your naked body shivered in the cool air of the bedroom, but you laid on your stomach in the middle of the bed, stretching your arms and legs like a starfish. He was silent as he started to tie your ankles and wrists to the bedposts. You were completely exposed to him as he stood at the foot of the bed, his eyes devouring your curvy form. You remained quiet, your head turned to the side, waiting for his next move.
You felt him grab your butt and begin to roughly grope it, you moaned at the feeling. He gave a harsh spank to your left cheek and you squealed at its sharp sting, "You don't get to be brat and get away with it," you felt another slap to your right cheek, "I guess I've been neglecting to put you in your fucking place, doll."
He kneeled on the bed behind you, you didn't realize he had gotten completely undressed. You felt his hardened cock rub up and down on your exposed slit, he chuckled, "you're all bark and no bite. So fucking wet, such a slut for her Daddy."
He didn't wait to push into you all the way, filling you to the hilt, his tip kissing your cervix. You moaned loudly at his intrusion, "D-daddy...please," you didn't even know what you were begging for, feeling both pleasure and pain.
He slowly pulled back out, leaving his swollen tip inside of you before slamming harshly back into you again, "Oh, what, now the baby wants to beg? How cute."
He began to trust in and out of you at a fast pace, his force rougher than you've ever felt before. There was a painful stretch that you could still feel, yet the constant pressure against your g-spot made it bearable, and admittedly enjoyable.
You began to moan, "Daddy...slow down...please." Tears started to form in your eyes, some slipping out and down your cheeks, soaking into the sheets below you.
He slapped your ass harshly causing you to clench on his cock, he groaned at the feeling of you momentarily tightening around him. Lee looked down at his member spearing you again and again, he could see the creamy white mixture of your juices coating his dick and he smiled to himself, "Slow down? Your pussy loves this, doesn't it? Your pussy is soaking my dick, you whore. You're Daddy's whore, aren't you? Huh? Answer me."
Your mind was reeling at his words, they were making you wetter by the second, you could hear the squelching noises getting louder, "Y-yes, Daddy. I'm yours- I'm your whore."
He grabbed your hair in his fist, wrapping it around, so he could pull you back as far as your body would let you, which wasn't much with the restraints. The pleasure you felt in your pussy dulled the burning ache Lee was causing on your scalp, "That's right, this pussy is mine." He growled.
Lee was hitting your spots so perfectly, and you knew he was getting close. Lee could feel you begin to clench around him, your orgasm inching closer with each powerful thrust, "go ahead and cream on Daddy's cock, you fucking slut."
You screamed out his title and you came hard, your pussy spasming around his impaling cock. Lee spanked your ass a few more times, the delicate skin now red, "Good fucking girl," he moaned out roughly, "see. That's all that my little slut really wanted, Daddy's fucking cock."
You felt him give a number of harsh thrusts, pushing as much of his cock into you that could fit, his tip hitting your cervix with delicious pain. You felt his cock twitch and heard him grunt as he spilled his cum into you in spurts. He laid on top of you for a second, his breathing heavy in your ear, his chest sweaty against your back, "fuck, I love you. You are such a good girl."
You were spent, but your belly swelled with pride at his words. He chuckled a bit and got up, taking his cock out of you with a pop, you groaned at the loss. He got off of the bed and took the restraints off of your ankles and wrists, giving them soft rubs to ease the pain.
You rolled over, as you heard him go into the bathroom and turn the tub on. He came back into the room and leaned down to give you a quick kiss on the forehead and lips, "stay right here and relax, i'm gonna get you some water."
You nodded, it didn't take long for his return. He had you sit up and he held the water bottle up to your lips, offering you small sips as you tried to steady your breathing. After he decided you were somewhat hydrated he scooped you into his arms and stepped into the bath, bringing you down on top of him, so your back was against his chest. He grabbed a loofa and put your favorite body wash on it, he started to scrub your body while giving you small kisses here and there, "How are feeling, little one?"
You were in such a relaxed state, your annoyance long gone, "really good, Daddy. I'm sorry I was so rude, I just had a really bad day today."
He grabbed your chin and gave you a deep kiss, "When you feel that way you tell me, okay? Daddy's here to make things better, I know what you need."
You nodded and he smiled, ".... and bedside I think we were both in need of a good fucking."
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darkbucky · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
the sheriff's leather encased hands trailed a path down your arms; goosebumps forming at the surface of your skin.
your head lolled to the side, showcasing your neck to his hungry, steel blue eyes. it took all of his willpower not to attack your pulse point, to leave behind a scattering of violet patches.
instead, he leans in close – the scent of whiskey clouding your senses, “when you're in bed at night, with that sorry excuse of a partner, you'll be reminiscing about what I've done to you... how my touch alone can leave you a shivering mess.”
Tumblr media
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sheriffbodeckerlee · 7 days ago
little!reader runs into daddy!Lee's ex
Tumblr media
synopsis: you get intimidated and upset when lee's ex girlfriend captures his focus for longer than you'd like
themes: ddlg; light daddy!lee bodecker x little!reader; reader with self-esteem issues (avpd compatible)
warnings: 18+ always; lol nothing much... just angsty af (surprise, surprise); fluff at the end
The annual church gala was the event of the year and you were over the moon about going for the first time with a man on your arm. Usually you would go alone and sit by yourself while all of the other girls in town danced with their dates. You were forced to go by your mom, but there was always a spark of hope that one year a guy would ask you to dance, but it never happened.
This year was a new year, however. You were going with your boyfriend, the Sheriff, Lee. You had been dating for nearly 11 months and things were getting quite serious. He was your dream boyfriend, but he was also your caregiver and Daddy. He was extremely accepting of your little space and loved to take care of you. He was the perfect boyfriend in your eyes.
At 6:30pm Lee picked you up for the gala, as promised. He was dressed in a black tux with a cute bow tie, and you ogled at how handsome he looked. He chuckled and gave your cheek a kiss when he led you to the car, he had you twirl once on the way, giving you a once over, "My, my, little one. You look gorgeous, every man in the room tonight is gonna be jealous of me!"
You blushed and smacked his arm playfully, "Yeah, right."
He gave you another kiss before opening the passenger door for you to slide in. The ride to the community center was short, being that it was such a small town. When you pulled up there were numerous couples in their best attire heading inside.
When you stepped inside there was a bunch of decor, a dance floor, plenty of tables, and waiters serving. You two found your seats and chatted amongst yourselves and with other couples. Lee had just been re-elected Sheriff, so there were a lot of people coming up to say congratulations.
Once you guys got a break from it, you excused yourself to the ladies room. When you got back you went back to the table, with Lee nowhere to be found. You sat down and look around the room to find him sitting at a different table, your heart dropped to your stomach when you saw who was making your boyfriend laugh and smile- his ex-girlfriend, Florence.
She was the prettiest girl in the room, no doubt. She was Ms. Ross County four years in a row in high school. She was the most popular girl in town, everyone wanted to either be her friend, date her, or be her. However, You wanted nothing to do with her. She dated Lee for nearly 3 years, they had been broken up for quite a while before you and Lee started dating.
There was an uneasy feeling in your stomach watching her grab onto his arm and giggle in his presence. You watched on as he kept talking to her. It felt like you were watching a couple flirt with each other. It hurt your heart, he must like her more, you thought. He would probably rather spend his time with the prettiest girl in town rather than you, your mind started to spiral with negative thoughts.
You started to feel like how you always felt every year you were left sitting alone, watching everyone else have fun around you, waiting for your prince charming to sweep you off your feet- a moment which never came. Your throat felt tight and eyes started to gloss over with tears, it had been nearly 30 minutes of them talking, and Lee never took his eyes off of her. You felt terrible, so you got up and walked out of the venue quietly.
You were only a few minutes down the side walk when you heard the sound of someone running up behind you. You turned to see Lee headed your way, "Woah, woah, where are you goin' peanut?"
Your tears were obvious and you were sniffling, "I need to go home."
Lee scrunched his eyebrows, clearly confused, "what do you mean go home? The gala just started."
You looked down at your toes, "I know you'd rather spend the night with Florence. I get it."
You turned to keep walking and Lee grabbed your arm, turning you around to face him, "What do you mean? You get what?"
You rolled your eyes and tried to shove his arm off, but he held onto you tightly, "Florence is the prettiest girl in that room, Lee. There's no way in the world you'd rather spend the night with me rather than her. It's fine, I get it. I'm not as good as her and you deserve somebody on your level. I'm just gonna go home. Go back to the gala, Lee."
Your lip trembled, and his grip loosened on you, but not enough to let you go. He then pulled you into his chest, his arms wrapping around your form, he leaned his cheek on your head, "Oh, little one, if you only knew how beautiful you really are."
He pulled back, looking down at your face, your eyes still glossy, a few tears escaping. He cradled your face in his large hands, his thumb softly rubbing against your left cheek, his blue eyes looked into yours, "Florence is my ex, she's the past, nothing more. You are the only woman in the world that I want, the most beautiful, kind, smart, and funny girl I have every met in my life. Not to my mention, you're my little baby girl, peanut. You're mine... forever."
You blushed profusely, your mind in a whirl at his worlds. He could sense you were overwhelmed by your feelings, so he held you close once again, kissing the crown of your head, "Let's get back to party, baby. Gotta show off my Princess."
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sheriffbodeckerlee · 7 days ago
Ooooo I know you love a bit of angst so how about daddy!Lee having to protect his little girl from the Preacher. We all know how sleazy and entitled he is when it comes to women and I feel like little!reader would be so naive until he starts trying to do things only her daddy gets to do!
my love for angst is probably unhealthy, but i am glad that its obvious 😂 ooooo.... okay but this is a super unique idea! he would be LIVID at the preacher. like- he's gonna kill him type of livid 🥺 but i think y'all know i go for a softer type of Lee, so maybe just beating him up✨
Tumblr media
warnings: mentions of physical violence and blood, sexual assault/groping, lots of crying, angst upon angst upon sadness upon violence upon redemption
From day one Lee had a bad feeling about the new preacher. Lee could read people like a book, catch onto energies real quick. It was all thanks to his line of work, dealing with low-lives and criminals on a daily basis made sniffing out people with evil intent easy. However, this gut instinct didn't deter Lee from letting you go to church every Sunday. You were a good girl and liked to spend time with the lord and local community on these mornings, but as long as Lee was sitting by your side to protect you- he was okay with it.
During most Sunday sermons, the preacher would amplify the idea that young people should spend more time at church and speaking to the lord. This led you to want to go to church after you got off work at the local diner. It was only a few minutes away by foot and you knew Lee was working, so he would never find out. Lee had a rule that you had to tell him where you were going at all times, but Lee had been ranting here and there about how he didn't like this new preacher. It was getting on your nerves as you didn't think the new preacher was too bad of a guy, he was only trying to spread the words of the Lord, right?
So, on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, you clocked out and hung up your apron, making your way to the local church. It was a small building surrounded by tons of land with gravestones sprouting every few feet. Walking up the driveway, you found the front doors of the church to be wide open. When you walked in you found the preacher sitting in a pew, his head was down and he was flipping threw a bible. You tried to be silent as you walked in, but to no luck, the preacher turned and a smirk appeared on his face when he caught sight of you, "I was hoping you were gonna show one of these days."
You smiled shyly, "Oh, umm... I just figured I'd take your advice and start spending more time with the lord."
He chuckled, "That's wonderful to hear, I'm glad you listen so well to my words, darlin'," he stood and started walking towards you, "you know, the best way to get to the lord is by spending quality time with a preacher."
You shook your head, "I-I didn't know that." His looming presence began to make your stomach churn, but you ignored your gut feelings.
He smiled down at you, getting even closer, "Yeah, so why don't we take a ride, my car is just out front."
You looked behind you, through the open doors and saw a bright and shiny Cadillac. You were in awe at the sight of such an expensive vehicle, you didn't know how a preacher could afford such a luxury, "Sure," you mumbled, still marveling at the ride.
You both got in and he started the engine, the car drove like a dream. He brought you only a mile away, in a wooded area near a small stream. He rolled the windows down and all you could hear was the buzzing of bees and the water rushing through the stream, it was relaxing and peaceful.
The preacher took out his bible and flipped to a bookmarked page, "I want you to read this aloud."
You took the book and began to recite the passage while his hands landed on your chest, gently massaging you, "I need to get a good feel of you in order to connect you with the Lord."
You started to fumble on your words as his hand massaged your breasts, "Um..I-I...please stop touching me there."
He ignored your words and kept going, one hand kept groping your breast while the other slid down and cupped your clothed mound. You gasped and slammed the book down, the words of Lee floating through your head reminding you that only your Daddy can touch your Princess parts. You quickly unlocked the door of the Cadillac and ran. You heard the preacher yell for you to stop, but you kept running, the sound of his voice getting quieter the further you got.
Your eyes were tearing up and your mind was a blur, you didn't even know where your legs were taking you until you saw a bunch of cop cruisers parked in a row and the big Sheriff's station in front of you. You were sobbing at this point, face red and puffy, soaked with tears. You opened the door to the station and a cool wave of air hit you, you started to hurry down the hallway to where you knew you could find your Daddy. A few secretaries at the front tried to stop your intrusion, but you didn't hear them above your cries.
You got to Lee's office door and opened it quickly to find him sitting at his desk talking on the phone. Lee was taken aback by someone barging in, but he instantly slammed the phone down when he saw your sobbing self. His baby girl was beyond upset and his heart broke. He got up and brought you into a big bear hug, he kissed the crown of your head, "my goodness, peanut. What's going on? Are you hurt?"
He pulled you back for his eyes to exam your body and make sure you weren't physically injured, thankfully he couldn't find a single scratch. Your sobbing quieted down enough for you to speak, "N-no.. the preacher...he touched me and I didn't like it.." speaking these words made you start sobbing again. This time Lee brought you into his chest and let you cry out the pain. He rubbed your back and whispered, "everything's gonna be okay, my love. Daddy's got you, Daddy's here. Everything is gonna be okay now, I promise."
There was part of him that was proud that you sought him after such an ordeal, an ordeal he still has yet to wrap his head around. But, the other part of him was thinking of all the ways he could torture and kill the new preacher. He knew it, the guy was an absolute creep. It was killing him that he didn't protect you enough from him, but he also realized you broke one of his major rules. However, he wasn't going to bring it up today, you were in too much anguish to be given a punishment.
After a few minutes of crying, he calmed you down and you found yourself cradled on his lap while he sat in his office chair. He had his assistant get you a glass of water before leaving you two in the privacy of his office again. He held the glass for you as you sipped it, hoping it would hydrate you enough to makeup for the lost tears.
After you finished a good amount of it, he started to slowly question what happened. You told him all about how you went to church after work and the preacher told you he wanted to take you on a drive. You told Lee where he took you and showed him the areas where the preacher touched you. You also apologized because you knew that you broke a sacred rule, you cried that you'd never break another rule again as long as you lived.
Lee was trying his best to remain calm- he wasn't mad at you at all, he was mad at the preacher on a level he didn't even know existed within himself. You could tell by looking at Lee's face he was absolutely livid, his face was flushed and his forehead and neck veins were bulging with rage. He kissed your temple sweetly while saying in a rough voice, "I'm gonna take care of him, peanut. Don't you worry."
He also added, "I am so proud of you for remembering what Daddy said and running away from him."
Tumblr media
That night, after Lee had made you dinner, gave you a bath, rubbed lotions on your body and cuddled you to sleep, he went outside quietly to his cruiser and started the engine. He had a club in the back of his car for 'emergencies' and knew it would get good use tonight. He tried to back out as slowly as possible as to not wake you.
Once on the road, he drove speedily to the preacher's home on the other side of town. It was a modest two bedroom home on a small plot of land facing the highway. When Lee parked he got out, slamming the door, and grabbing the club out of the back. He walked to the front porch of the house just in time for the preacher to open it, wanting to check out what the commotion was in his front yard.
Lee kicked the door open, the preacher hitting the wall will a thud. Lee held the man against the wall, kicking the door closed. He looked the preacher in the eyes, their faces close enough to where the preacher felt Lee spit as he spoke, "How dare you touch my little girl, gropin' her like she's a little toy."
The preacher held his hands in the air, and huffed, "Touch her? She came onto me Sheriff."
And with that Lee punched the preacher hard into the jaw, the thin man falling to the floor. Lee took this opportunity to begin beating him with his club. Lee didn't know how long he had been swinging the club at the man for, but long enough to break a sweat and begin to wheeze at the physical exertion.
The man laid still on the floor, Lee checked his pulse, he was fine, Lee thought. He looked down at his club, it was bloody, but whatever. Lee kicked at the man, his body rolled over so he was laying on his back, Lee really did some damage. Lee spat on his face and yelled, "You so much as look at my girl again or think about her, you're gonna be six feet under... you understand?"
All that the preacher could do was let out a groan. A groan of pain or understanding, Lee didn't know and, quite frankly, didn't care. He needed to get cleaned up and get back home.
Tumblr media
Next Sunday, you still wanted to go to church, even with what happened with the preacher. Lee kept asking you if you were sure as you got ready and drove to the tiny building. You assured him that you would be okay, you had prayed that the preacher would find the Lord's forgiveness one day. Not only that, but you did want to warn the other young ladies at the church to not see the preacher alone.
In any case, once you arrived you sat down in your regular seats near the front. Lee's arm draped over your shoulder, he held you tightly against him as you all waited for the preacher to make his appearance.
You looked up when there were a few gasps, you gasped too when you saw the preacher's face. It was swollen with bruises everywhere. He had cuts along his cheek and eyebrow, his one eye almost completely swollen shut. You turned to look at Lee to see his reaction. He leaned back with a smile on his face, he whispered in your ear, "told you I'd take care of everything, Peanut."
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