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lili-mj · 2 minutes ago
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lili-mj · 3 minutes ago
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jules-is-gay · 11 minutes ago
*cough* I would like some Damien and Toria headcannon please? Hand them over!!!
YUS! to anyone reading this randomly, it’s just a side thing i do, however i’m happy to explain it if anyone is for some reason curious-
Aight, pre-WKM!
-Damien is a crybaby
-And Toria is a mom friend
-so quite the pair we’ve got here
-Damien gets stressed real easy, especially since he works in the law
-so Toria will give him a lot of reassurance when he needs it
-which... he needs it a lot
-this man literally cries when he sees a cute dog
-he’s the definition of a gentle giant
-however, Damien has to make sure Toria stops fucking working for once
-queen never gets a break
-and oh boy, did they both get worse after Julia was born-
-sleep is in the negatives
-thank god Celine or William would babysit for them
-but fr, they were goals
-everyone shipped it
-oh boy did everything change
-Damien is... barely himself, in little words, he barely even went by Damien anymore obviously
-cold hearted, quick and hot tempered, reserved, avoids human contact at all costs, etc
-and kinda a huge asshole
-man isn’t afraid to manipulate anyone he needs to, seduce anyone in the way, kick anyone, even colleagues, to the curb after one slip-up
-basically the worst
-and Toria was shocked when she saw this, he wasn’t the man she had married anymore
-of course, people change over years, including her
-she was incredibly jumpy after getting out of the mirror, pretty much always shivering either from being cold or from fear
-it was overwhelming to be thrown almost 100 years in the future with no warning
-Damien was able to adjust since he witnessed it, but she hadn’t a clue that everything had changed so much
-speaking of which
-Toria witnessing Damien’s newfound behavior was the worst reality check she’d ever seen
-the reality that nothing was the same anymore and it never would be again
-but it was saddening that the once kind man she knew was no longer himself
-but deep down, of course he still loved her, he had just lost how to show it
-and Toria was still willing to see him out
-and as the trope goes, he has a soft spot for her
-for example, if, for example, Google, called him Damien
-he would most likely almost be murdered
-but if Toria did, he would have no extreme reaction, it would just be usual
-and oh ho ho
-he’s so much gayer now-
-Damien was already bisexual since about high school
-but he had only actively dated a man once
-h o w e v e r
-as i said, Dark became seductive when needed
-which led to him dating both Wilford and Anti for a time
-dating Anti was a mistake
-it only lasted a few months anyways
-Anti is the worst to date, sorry fangirls
-that’s a self callout
-as supportive as Toria is (also being bi), she was not happy
-but Wilford is so silly and lovable, how can you stay mad at him-
-next one!
-Toria grew fond of Ethan very quickly
-Damien had kinda taken him under his wing, having a spry ally could be useful for catching that pesky pansexual Actor Mark
-(you didn’t read that)
-but Damien grew fond of him
-and so did Toria!
-he proved to be quite a helpful person in planning, while also being live bait
-but why, you may ask, did Damien want to catch Actor Mark so desperately?
-cuz he dun child-napped his daughter Julia after the events of Who Killed Markiplier
-wiped her mind clean, created fake memories for her, and warped basically her entire old personality
-so now Julia is a huge bitch
-a mini Actor Mark
-Toria had seen her a few times and it crushed her inside
-they would usually send Ethan to track her down, which usually resulted in him getting beat up
-but they got her eventually-
-they both tried to be so huggy with her
-they got punched
-but once again, the gay parents got their gay child
-”Hey Mum, Dad, I’m gay...”
-”You thought we weren’t????”
-and when they saw Julia had cut her hair to be very androgynous, Damien was like “k ur my child, not my daughter???”
-and Julia cried
-Toria was beyond confused
-so they had to explain what non-binary was
-that was a nice conversation
-but they’re a good ol’ fam
-not a functional one
-but they certainly are a family
-...then the egos fuck shit up
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iamdadio · 29 minutes ago
If music speaks the language of Love that brightens up that smile in you; listen up, WHY YOU BY DA DIO!!! #whyyou #GbesumomiDance #theboyisgood #superstar #dadiowillbethere #musicisme #singer #dancer #songwriter #recordingartist #performer #actor #model #afropop #versatileartist #entrepreneur #entertainer #mtvbaseafrica #soundcloud #audiomack #reverbnation #recordlabel #signtheartist #fire #blessed (at Lagos, Nigeria)
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sa-ma-ea-la · 37 minutes ago
SAG-AFTRA Male Actors Casting Notice 1621388725645
SAG-AFTRA Male Actors Casting Notice 1621388725645
Hello gentlemen, it’s 69° with clear sky over Hollywood. NEW Extras Alerts Los Angeles Background Casting Notification. Posted at 6:45 PM Pacific on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 SAG-AFTRA Male Actors Category Updated… Continue reading
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ba-ea-la · 38 minutes ago
Background Actors Casting Notice 1621388725645
Background Actors Casting Notice 1621388725645
Hello background actors, clear skies and 69° now in Hollywood. Extras Alerts Los Angeles NEW Casting Notification For SAG-AFTRA Male Actors Category. Posted at 6:45 PM Pacific on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.. Continue reading
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freeyourmindfilms · 40 minutes ago
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#filmmaking #shortfilm #indiefilm #filmmaker #race #dream #independent #media #movie #sport #cinema #digitalart #cinematography #film #yes #artist #awesome #power #actor #love #romance #hate #newyork #queens #nightmare #dark #relationship #Boxing #nyc #trailer (at Amc Loews Village 7)
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lili-mj · 42 minutes ago
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gonnabreakhisheart · 48 minutes ago
I just watched the second season of The Flash and let me tell you, I really love this show but I’ve started to lowkey hate Barry this season. He’s just a cruel and selfish mess this season. He continued to date Patty after she almost killed one of his teammates? And he never even brought it up with her?? He selfishly involved himself in his doppelganger’s life for no reason, and got E-2′s Joe killed, and then acted like Harry was in the wrong when Harry told him to stop it? He didn’t gaf about E-2 for like three months, and then SUDDENLY remembered that Zoom had kidnapped a teenage girl, after Patty dumped him and he needed a distraction from his feelings? Everything he did was so selfish, and he didn’t give a single fuck about E-2 or E-2′s people until he was BORED and then used it as an excuse to self-righteously judge other people for being pragmatic. Like, he literally goes from killing E-2 metas left and right, to being all “I’m the only one who cares about that world” after the whole team literally ignored and mocked Harrison’s situation for months. And don’t even get me started on “yeah, your kid is being tortured by Zoom, but we just don’t care because we’re selfish idiots who haven’t mastered object permanence yet” versus “better give up my speed and condemn the futures of two worlds by leaving them completely at Zoom’s mercy because Zoom took Wally for literally ten minutes” UGG. And I officially gave up on thinking Barry might be a good person when Barry was like “guys, stop pressuring me to fix my mistakes, jeez, maybe I don’t want to get my powers back and would rather that everyone on Earth get killed by Zoom? It’s my decision!!!!” Gross. 
For the record, I love Caitlin, Harrison, and Crisco. I just want to slap Barry and occasionally Joe. 
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fantasists-co · an hour ago
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Nam Joo Hyuk by Kim Hee June – Marie Claire Korea (June 2021)
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fantasists-co · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Nam Joo Hyuk by Kim Hee June – Marie Claire Korea (June 2021)
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