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l0vly-sh0rti25 minutes ago
Another day off and I鈥檓 slowly getting better. I just need to keep my mind off of things and start to slowly go back to reality in life. Knowing that I鈥檓 behind in certain things but I do know that I can get it all together and back to track fast. Good night.
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idkabdlan hour ago
All diapered up and no one to play with. 馃槶馃槶
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khloepisces3 hours ago
Grind on your pillow
Well I鈥檓 definitely planning on doing that tonight 馃槈馃挦
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los3amigasscm3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Nothing beats a book and late nick strawberry snack! 馃崜馃崜馃崜
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khloepisces3 hours ago
Stick 2 fingers in your pussy and finger fuck yourself
I would but my acrylics are too long 馃槶馃槶馃槶
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dark-daddyx3 hours ago
The urges to throat fuck you are so strong right now.
I dont give a fuck if you cant breathe I want you choking and gagging baby. I want spit pouring from that pretty little mouth.
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little-girl-xoxo4 hours ago
Hey, is everything ok ? I just wanted to ask because it鈥檚 been a few days since your last post. Sorry if it feel invasive to be asked this kind of question ^^ Have a nice day (or night depending on when you read this)
This literally made my day. Thank you for checking in, that鈥檚 so sweet of you. Yes I have been doing okay. Just been busy with work and going to bed early because I鈥檝e been tired. Thanks again for asking! 馃挍
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stonieekitten4 hours ago
im so needy for daddy it鈥檚 pathetic
i don鈥檛 want to do anything myself, I can鈥檛 I鈥檓 too little. daddy makes me feel so safe when he takes care of me. i can鈥檛 help but think about his massive bulging cock pounding my little tight pussy, reminding me that I鈥檓 his and could never survive without him as my daddy. i need him more than my stuffies & coloring books. i need him to teach me only things a daddy could! i need need need need him! i鈥檓 nothing without him. nothing
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just-wet-it4 hours ago
She was right with doing a
And I said I don't need change 馃檮
Now she put another Stuffer in my
Completely soaked diaper so
I cant forget I'm wearing one
And what's best for me..
They'll probably leak Again but
that's part of the process she said.
At least she decided to add some
Plastic pants...
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lilunicornprincess5 hours ago
I love it when Daddy explains things to me. Like yes please keep talking I love hearing your voice. Yes please explain things my little baby brain doesn鈥檛 understand. Yes PLEASE 馃憠馃徎馃憟馃徎
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