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keeperkeys · 32 minutes ago
Letting go...
Letting go…
Good morning. It’s a weird day when I find myself awake this early. My dog woke me up around 5AM and I just haven’t been able to fall back to sleep since. I even did some chores I’ve been neglecting aha. Currently, I’m laying in bed again, looking around at my room. For those who may not know, I made the decision in February to move abroad soon. And by “soon”, I mean in a couple years. Tryna…
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kcdoessl · an hour ago
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A marvelous mini dress and heels by Gloss. Suzanne Dress -Minipack & Suzanne Heels -Minipack a perfect combo with the dress trimmed in white lace and styled with an ultimate sexy bodice and the heels in all their strappy sexiness you can surely give off all the attitude and confidence you desire to. The dress is fitted for Kupra (Bimbo, Low & Original), Belleza (Freya & Isis), Slink (Hourglass & Physique), Maitreya & Maitreya Petite, Legacy & Legacy Perky. The heels are for Kupra, Belleza and Legacy. Both of these Gloss designs can be found at Girls Heaven which began May 2nd and runs until May 26th, I have provided transportation for you.
My Flickr:
~ Credits
~Catwa hdpro~Slink
Hair: pr!tty - Brittany
Attributes: .:Queen Shapes::. Queen HDPRO w/Jade Eyebrow, !Lumae :: Eirtae - T5 Skin and .euphoric ~Secret Love Eyes Applier~
Accessory: Dahlia - Kissy - Clutch
Pose: Kokoro Poses - Asuma 3 w/cigarette
Girls Heaven:
Main Store Location:
Market Place Page:
Facebook Page:
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missguomeiyun · 11 hours ago
❆ SEATTLE (ep5): SAM pt.2 Highlights
This Seattle Art Museum post will feature random but interesting highlights that I saw at the SAM. They are in no particular order; just ones that I thought are worth sharing =]
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I love black & white stuff, so this synthetic polymer paint on canvas piece called Women’s Dreaming really caught my attention!
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Carved wood panels pieced together to create a large motif. What do you think the meaning is of this piece?
I personally find it interesting that the artist chose to portray the ‘downward’ growth of the roots here. Usually when you think growth, esp when applied to plants, people think of leaves & new branches. .. but roots underground are also growing & spreading, & thereby strengthening as the above-ground portion grows *shrugs*
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I see a colourful door & a brown/dark framed window. (They’re 2 separate works; however, I can’t help but see them as one.. .)
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This was a hallway that lead to another gallery.
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These pieces were simple but very visit, as you can see. I think assembling them into a large wall mural by piecing them together would look cool on the side of a building.
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Mixed media figure 1
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Mixed media figure 2
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Guess the song! ;)
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I didn’t understand this but it stood out against the other art work.
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A ball of wire
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Tried my best to see if the light was a word but nope.
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“ChimaTEK: Virtual Chimeric Space” by Saya Woolfalk
This was inside a very dark room, & the lighting was focused on the figures, while the background was a changing light ‘show’, so the patterns changed every now & then. The eyes on the faces also blinked, making them seemingly like they were alive. Cool kaleidoscope-like concept but I felt so stuffy in there :S it was weird. Like it almost created discomfort for me??? I was really not a fan of the blinking eye movement on the digital figures; it was creepy :S
(There is a religious context behind this piece, & I’m sorry if I offended anyone. I just didn’t like the fact that the digital figures were ‘looking’ at me. & also the idea that the digital faces were changing too- it was like.. . “many eyes on me” type of feeling.)
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There was a small section that displayed European sculptures. This was my fav one!
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Selca on the 2nd floor feat. the Middle Fork.
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allthingseurope · 14 hours ago
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Haarlem, Netherlands (by Dutchflavour)
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