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academiquewilde · 50 minutes ago
I was listening to a very peaceful playlist while reading a book for our bookclub and I felt so disconnected to the real world. I read a lot of pages in just a few minutes because the story is so interesting.
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decaffeinated-musings · 3 hours ago
Nothing you do is insignificant !
Last week, I was surfing the Internet with great intensity and re-reading some of my books to find something to share, a story or an anecdote, related to this topic which just randomly popped up in my mind that "Everything we do, whether regularly or not so regularly, has some significance to it in our life".
So, it was with this scenario, I came across this little piece of story on the Paulo Coelho's blog that was taken from his book - "Manual of the Warriors of Light" which was titled Ninja Training.
The story goes as:
The Ninja warriors go to the field where some wheat has just been planted. Obeying the trainer’s command, they jump over the places where the seeds were sown.
Every day the Ninja warriors return to the field. The seeds turn into buds, and the warriors jump over them. The buds turn into small plants, and the warriors jump over them.
They do not become bored. They do not feel it is a waste of time.
The wheat grows, and the jumps become higher and higher. In this way, when the plant is ripe, the Ninja warriors still manage to jump over it.
Why? As a result of their jumping over what many may have seen as insignificant, has allowed them to be keenly aware of their obstacles.
Nothing we do is insignificant in life, we may not notice its importance or feel bored of repetition, but it continues to fulfil its purpose in our life and carry on to improve us and make us a better version of ourselves.
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amateurlywriting · 3 hours ago
i. about
hello! my name is molineux, i use vey/vem pronouns, i am a minor and i’ve been writing for a really long time! i used to be fairly active on writeblr which i hope to be again now, though i took a long enough break from writing and now from posting that i felt a new blog was very much needed, though i do miss my mutuals and hope to maybe have more soon :)
ii. works in progress
Ameliorate (LGBTQIA+, Fantasy), 
Beloved Boulevard (Slice of Life, LGBTQIA+), 
Dream SMP Reimagined (LGBTQIA+, Action & Adventure, Magical Realism),
DCEU Reimagined (LGBTQIA+, Action & Adventure, Superhero),
Only In #%$*# (LGBTQIA+, Action & Adventure, Superhero),
Citizens of the SMP (LGBTQIA+, Action & Adventure, Magical Realism),
The Addams Family Extended (LGBTQIA+, Magical Realism, Supernatural, Dark Comedy)
Barbie Cinematic Universe (LGBTQIA+, This Is Barbie It’s Every Genre)
The OC House (LGBTQIA+, Short Story Collection, Slice of Life)
Doves Overhead (LGBTQIA+, Mystery, Gothic Horror)
these will all get longer introductions themselves, as well as characters individually.
iii. links / other places
archive of our own // wattpad
iv. taglist
this is for writing and tag games and things like that,
@imthatwannabeauthor @imthefutureauthor @coelakanths @twifox-the-queer @tadofvylad
(ask to be added or removed)
v. other
some of my other blogs include @donteatdeaddoves for fandoms like the witcher and the addams family, @brucewaynesboyfriend for all things dceu, and @syndicatemybeloved for all things minecraft (inlcuding hermitcraft and dream smp but also general minecraft things), all these blogs are also to reblog things i’ve written to maybe get more exposure to my things or any writing that fit into the categories in my brain
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midweekblues · 11 hours ago
I think many of us Little Terrors are getting hyped for The North Water so here's a PSA since I've just finished the novel (I thought it would be cool to read it before the show came out)
If you disliked The Terror by Dan Simmons, or found it triggering, problematic, disgusting, whatever you wanna call it,
Do not even attempt The North Water by Ian McGuire
I'm not judging anyone's taste in media, nor the book itself. (Btw I quite liked it even though it was a Rough read and the ending fell kinda flat for me) I'm just saying that I've seen the kind of stuff people on here disliked about The Terror novel, and in case anyone's read a blurb of The North Water and is thinking "Oh this might be good, maybe it will be like The Terror minus the disgusting parts", IT'S NOT. Actually it's more as if you cut 500 pages off The Terror and left Mostly the disgusting parts and then added Some More. So, you do you.
If you're curious though, feel free to hit me up for content warnings and such 💙
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mossyshadows · 12 hours ago
i really liked your book talk! do you have a good reads or a story graph??
ah hi ! storygraph is yenna , i’m one who’s been reading wuthering heights for an age.. ugh can’t wait for my post exam reading time :-( and not active on gr anymore but if you just want to have a nosy, yenna on there too or /mossyshadows . mwah do feel free to talk abt books w me whenever, love hearing what everyone is reading and their thoughts !!! <3
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readersmagnet · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Stations of the Risen Christ: Resurrection Meditations, a book by Frank Heelan, encourages readers to pray and think on the biblical texts on Jesus' resurrection and subsequent appearances to over 500 disciples. This book contains fourteen vignettes from John, Luke, and Matthew's Gospel narratives, each with a brief meditation to encourage Christians to pray and understand these heavenly mysteries that will soothe the soul, heart, and intellect with its message of inspiration. 
Enlighten yourself and get inspired with this book, and visit to learn more.
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itsdanyy · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
I wanna make this into a movie
Atonement inspired
My heart is already aching
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mysticalrambling · 14 hours ago
I might never be able to tell you in person.
But I am sorry,
Sorry for abandoning you.
I know I promised to never leave,
But I had no choice.
Just know that no one can ever replace you.
I hope that you move forward.
Even though I can’t.
I hope you find someone else,
Someone who will fulfill all of these promises.
Goodbye, bitch.
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superspookyjanelle · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
FIC COVERS; 𝐋𝐎𝐒𝐓 𝐆𝐈𝐑𝐋 ━━ 𝘵𝘦𝘦𝘯 𝘸𝘰𝘭𝘧
Riversong Clifford is what one may call a lost girl. She is lost upon a sea of emotions after the death of her mother, leaving her with no one left in her life. Now, it’s up to Riversong to learn to cope with her grief and pain as time goes on. But, what no one could have prepared her for is the sudden, not to mention quite violent, exposer to the supernatural. Riversong’s life, which was already in utter shambles, is further destroyed as her fate gets twisted with the dark nogitsune. The dark nogitsune activates something that is so vastly ancient and dangerous within her. It’s something forbidden. Something completely mystical that should have been lost to time. But, hey, what’s a girl to do with a sudden pregnancy, newly activated abilities, a whole new world that is filled to the brim with supernatural creatures, crippling grief, and what fills like the weight of the world on her shoulders.
TAGGING; @witchofinterest @fiercefray @sweetenemyfire @eddysocs @perfectlystiles
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itsshewhowrites · 16 hours ago
A pure word we use to describe the woman who nourished us with her love and affection.
But to me, this simple word holds an enchanting devotion.
My mom.
The woman who feels the sting of agony when I get harmed;
the woman who holds my tears in her eyes;
the woman who's done so much without asking for anything return;
the woman whose words go unspoken;
the woman who solely yearns a simple "Thank You;"
the woman who breathed life into me for nine months;
the woman who's given me
so much of herself and still has more to provide;
the woman who's as beautiful as a rose;
the woman so innocent and cute like Tom & Jerry;
the woman who knows me more than myself;
the woman who tolerated my wrongs and rights;
the woman who goes through so much trouble and stress because of me;
the woman who's love defies all odds;
the woman who's stronger than tough;
the woman who's God himself;
the woman who I proudly call my mother.
- mother by yashvi shah (“poet me”)
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sapphena · 16 hours ago
do you have any writing or planning tips? it's amazing to me how you're starting another novel and idk i wanna be able to do that too but sometimes i think i get overwhelmed
ahh hi!! i completely understand feeling overwhelmed; it’s so much easier to look at the big picture. however, what i learned is that you shouldn’t be writing to finish it, you should be writing to experience it. that helped me a whole bunch, and although it took me three years to finish the rough draft of my first novel, it was a very accomplished three years. i changed my mindset on writing within the last year of finishing, and that helped mr have fun and finish it. i bet if i had thought differently from the start instead of towards the finish line, i would’ve finished my rough draft a lot quicker haha! besides the outlook, it’s also helpful to set a goal! i use amount of words, but you could use pages or chapters. my goal was at least 500 words a day. every once in a while i would give myself a break when i felt like i was burning out. another thing is to carry a journal with you, or even use your notes app! i would write down experienced in my life that would be fun in a book, or cool places i went to, or dynamics in people that i could put into my characters. put the real world into your book so more people can relate and so you can get that word count up!
and for plot, i would suggest using either a notebook or a separate document. write down the general plot line: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion. with that basic outline done, you can work on the plot for chapter to chapter. i honestly winged it and just wrote what came to mind, and then when back through each chapter to make sure nothing’s snooze-worthy and that most of it is about forward movement rather than being stagnant. for example, my big issue with stagnancy was conversation. i would write dialogue that never led to anything. so for that, it’s good to think about what you want to come out of that conversation: new information, character development, or a lead-up into a bigger conversation later.
i hope this helps and happy writing!! treat yourself with kindness and always keep water by your side when writing. stay hydrated!!
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some-times-a-writer · 16 hours ago
Tumblr Pride Month Challenge
Day 23: read up on intersectionality in the LGBTQIA+ community
Here's some books I've been recommended (but don't have the money to read yet)
1. The Gay Agenda: A Modern Queer History & Handbook
2. Queer: A Graphic History
Here's some I have read:
1. Transgender History, second edition: The Roots of Today's Revolution
2. The ABC's of LGBT (really good if you need a basic overview of a ton of different identities
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jade-island-lives · 17 hours ago
The Nimbus Saga: The Long Winter: 6-23-21
Tumblr media
Aither’s vision finally came to him, though the ringing in his ears persisted. His lower spine lit up like firecrackers on a warm summer’s night, hot quick and brighter than the stars.
 Something hurt worse, he wasn’t too sure where, however. It was at his hips, his abdomen. Every inch of him ached from his temple to his toes, and when it didn’t ache it flared into something sharp, almost stinging.
Aither’s eye hurt worse however, his left one. Reaching up to touch it, he hissed at the pulsing swell that was gathering towards his eye. Sure, there was no blood, but oh how it ached.
Using the overturned coffee table, he sat up against as leverage, Aither slowly staggered to his feet, fighting back the urge to scream though the pain crackling upon his lower back.
 Aither should have been used to that pain at least, but alas he wasn’t.
The glass of the many picture frames and what used to be figurines of pure crystal crackled under Aither’s white sneakers. Though his vision blackened and blurred in places, he could see the widescreen TV overturned with its black screen cracked into star like pieces. The console holding it turned over with it, along with everything it held broken beyond repair.
Holes in the plaster drywall, knives and forks scattered about, some of them stained in dry blood.
Aither placed a hand on his gut and felt something warm and wet. Looking at his fingers, he didn’t need his sight to note the glint of fresh blood in the dark.
She…she stabbed me with a steak knife…didn’t even see it coming.
 Aither gripped the wall tightly as he hobbled along slowly across the room, every step sending waves of pain up the back of his legs and up his spine.
Gripping the frame to the entrance of the kitchen, he noted the granite counter top was littered with rose petals and the remnants of spilled champagne dripping onto the grey tile into a massive puddles muddled with bits of broken china plates and crystal glasses. The mahogany kitchen table had a small honey glazed ham with green beans and fingerling potatoes, long cold and ruined.
The gravy boat had shattered and now had its contents congealing on the floor along with all the silverware and plates.
 Aither felt so ill as he inspected it.
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academiquewilde · 17 hours ago
Whenever people say they find it so interesting that I can hang out by myself or read books all the time instead of going to parties because they make me highly uncomfortable I just don't find it interesting at all. Society standards? I don't know them. I want people to express themselves in the way they want to live like.
There is nothing wrong with me enjoying my time alone, you just shouldn't be so close to society standards and start enjoying your life like you want it to be.
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writing-prompts-re · 18 hours ago
Your parents are ordinary people, or so you thought! Then yesterday happened. You and your father found your mom’s old villain costume, and he confessed having known already but asked that you not mention it to her. Today, you accidentally find your father’s costume, just as your mom walks into the room.
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OK OK i'm fairly new to witchcraft, and i have a question for a bit more experienced/educated witches (i would send this to a specific blog as an ask but atm i don't know of many witch blogs lol). i've ALWAYS been super in-tune to energies, and now that i'm a witch, i can decipher those energies.
and lately when i've been walking my dog, there's been this cluster of gnats; same place. every day. bigger swarm at the same hours every day. literally the same exact circle everyday. and to me thats weird. why would the swarm not travel? there's nothing there to attract them. literally a few inches of grass, a sidewalk, and a road. thats it. no trees, no animals, no weird sticky thing on the sidewalk they like to nibble on.
so what im wondering is if that could be a cluster of energy? just a place with a lot of attractor energies? and if so what could i do with that? COULD i do something with that?
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