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hoboren · a minute ago
this whole time, ive been reading quotes from the book white fragility and agreeing with the ideas (even considering buying the book) since they are so spot on but its so dissapointing to me that robin diangelo isnt a person of color? like i didnt even realise she was white until i googled her name recently. this white woman is literally profiting off of the trauma of poc (specifically black people). it genuinely rubs me the wrong way. like do some of the things she says hit on the nail? definitely. but it still rubs me the wrong way.
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nerdpiggy · 2 minutes ago
i rly need anti anxiety stuff lmao
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darkhopping · 3 minutes ago
my posts arent showing up in the bps songs of war tag even though im the only one living there at this point smh
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jesuisgourde · 3 minutes ago
i forget how massive peter actually is until i see a photo like the one the libs insta just posted where his hand is the same size as carl’s entire head
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technoloci · 3 minutes ago
Organic Cotton Is an Easy Way to Make Clothes Sustainable
Organic Cotton Is an Easy Way to Make Clothes Sustainable
There has been a shift within the fashion industry of late. Thanks to 2019’s spotlight on the climate crisis, consumers are more aware of the fact that it is one of the most polluting industries in the world and one that contributes significantly to global warming. However, people’s shopping habits aren’t going to be curbed overnight. So then how can we make sure our wardrobes are more…
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dainty-yet-daring · 3 minutes ago
the best part about me being on my period is having to choose: would i like to take a painkiller for the cramps or for the migraine? can’t have both :)
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sensationofnectar · 5 minutes ago
You hold on
to the heartbreak all day
its heaviness an anvil
on your chest
waiting for the hours to pass
for night to come
to release the tears
you've held at bay
dare not
the light of day
see their cascade
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elliemoonee · 5 minutes ago
i love searching 4 rei ayanami character playlists on spotify and seeing everyone put rät at the top of them. nice
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skskamm · 5 minutes ago
totally forgot that wtfock always posts while i'm having lesson
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