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#it ends with us
pdffare · a day ago
It Ends with Us
#ItEndswithUs #DownloadFreePdf #FreePdf #FreeEbooks
Download It Ends with Us: A Novel Pdf For Free Book Name/Tittle:- It Ends with Us: A Novel Author:- Colleen Hoover Date Of Publish:- 2 August 2016 Genre:-Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary romance Short Description:-‘A brave and heartbreaking novel that digs its claws into you and doesn’t let go, long after you’ve finished it’ Anna Todd, author of the After series’A glorious and touching…
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urfavbookworm · 5 days ago
I just finished reading it ends with us. I don’t even know what to say.
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azrielsbaby · 5 days ago
I just finished it ends with us by Colleen Hoover and ....yh
Tumblr media
I went in reading the book knowing Ryle was a douchebag but not the exact details of what he did so I never felt attached to him or broken that he never fixed up but it still hurt to read and empathise with lily and feel the pain ryle inflicted on her. But man I love atlas sm like he is everything a man should be, he had so many chances to have lily but he never took them because he didn't think he was good enough. he waited and waited and let fate bring them together when both of them were the best versions of themselves and when he finally deemed he was worthy of lily. Yh my new standard is Atlas.
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r66-12 · 7 days ago
It ends with us by Colleen Hoover has got me sobbing at 2 am
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oveliagirlhaditright · 9 days ago
There’s a part of me that wants to write Joshua and Rhyme fanfiction again (but not as a pairing).
Because listen: I think us Joshyme fans were onto something, back in the day, in thinking these two would be good for each other in some ways. Because, yeah: Sunshine Girl Rhyme always saying positive things would probably help out this jaded god. But Joshua would actually show Rhyme that some people aren’t worth it? And to not be naïve and let herself be taken advantage of? It works. It works well, imo. 
I think the only thing you need to watch out for, was when we were accidentally making Rhyme too perfect and a Mary-Sue.
But there are definitely reasons you could write Joshua and Rhyme interacting, imo, since he brought her back to life when he really didn’t have to (since she lost the Game). And many theorize that Rhyme comes back to life without her dreams (since she didn’t win), and I’ve at least read one fic where she confronted Joshua for that reason.
And in Dream Drop Distance, Rhyme seems to like Joshua. And Joshua insults all the guys in that game (Sora, Riku, Neku, and Beat), but not the girls (Shiki and Rhyme).
There’s also that part in Another Day when Joshua figures out that Rhyme’s the spy, and she says she knew that he was the smart one. LOL
#back on my joshyme bullshit in 2021? it's more likely than you think. but just as friendship#I want to see these two as friends dangit. man if Neo gives this to us or something i'lldie#I almost died with the Joshua and rhyme interaction in ddd#twewy spoilers#spoilers#the world ends with you spoilers#basically they're a more extreme version of neku and Shiki. but not romantic#though a lot of people think maybe neku could help Joshua this way given the time and chance. and that works too#I guess Joshua saved her life in ddd too. like he saved neku shiki and beat's#and even though it wasn't his intention... he maybe kept her safe from the dream eater boss#when he grabbed her to get her dreams to use for the portal#and rhyme seemed to feel safe with him in ddd#she also laughed at all his jokes. despite some of them being at her brother who she loves' expense#and seemed excited when he joined them in the ddd credits#there's also that whole spiel Joshua one into about dreams and dreamers in ddd#and clearly rhyme's dreams are big if they were her entry fee and were the key to the portal in ddd#and Nomura said that part of the reason they put rhyme in ddd was to better figure out her personality for a sequel#so maybe her seeing Joshua as a friend could be canon#and joshyme used to be so big that it was even mentioned on the twewy tv tropes page#maybe Square Enix noticed this and decided to do something with it#companies do sometimes do this#like when the madoka team put Charlotte in rebellion after all the fan ideas about her#though there was a bit more to it than that#there's really a lot that can be done with Joshua and rhyme if one thinks about it
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wild-desert-highway · 10 days ago
Anytime I bring up doubting my faith people tell me to just trust in God. I get they are well meaning, and I get that trusting God is important. But I think this may be me phrasing myself poorly so I want to try and explain better.
I actually like questioning things. I approach life to dissect it. It makes me happy to understand how and why things work the way they do. To me, it is a sign of how much I care about something that I want to take the time and energy to learn more about it and question what brought us to those conclusions. I love science and I love the intersection of science and faith. I love exploring how complex God's creation is and how we can see Him reflected in it.
I guess I should rephrase that I am not doubting the existence of God. I have no doubt God is real. But I do doubt that Christianity as a whole is entirely right in its depiction and approach to God. Outside of faith alone, I am constantly questioning every other aspect of life and existence and I see that as something both positive and worthwhile. I don't consider it a bad thing to question the structures we generally accept - I just want to know WHY we're doing it that way, and if there might be a better angle. Beyond that, I just think it's fun! I want my faith to have personal meaning to me, and I can't do that if I am expected to take it at face value. At my core I am more of a scientist than a follower of a religion. It is not a matter of trusting God, it is wanting to have a thorough understanding of the conclusions other people make about God before following along.
My love of tearing things apart is not an absence of trust, it is a presence of myself in my own faith. It is a source of joy for me. These approaches can and do coexist and people are quick to assume that's not the case. I guess it would be more accurate to say I don't doubt God, but I do quite often doubt other people.
#does this come across as rant like??? i really cant tell#anyway a side effect of always wanting to know the many sides of s situation means i end up overexplaining myself a lot#i dont want to leave out any important information bc i assumd people will misunderstand me if i dont but then the lack of clarity#bc what i wrote was too long and tangential ends up making it confusing anyway#and i kind of dont want to post this cause it does feel pretentious. but its true#and i wish people would stop trying to make everything so black and white. everything is more complex than you're giving it credit for.#me saying one thing isnt an implied exclusion of another thing! i just happen to not be discussing it at the moment!#and it's frustrating cause this happens in every conversation#not just faith related#whyyy do people always assume its a vital life or death situation for me to agree with them#is this an autistic thing? does everyone do this? based on how people respond it is really starting to feel like not everyone does this#they are MISSING OUT it would be a lot more fun if they were ok with asking questions#i am a young child at an aquarium and God is the tour guide patiently listening to me talk about bigfin squids.#we're just vibing not sure what the rest of y'all are doing#i feel like if God took the time to make everything so complex wouldnt he want us to explore it? why would it be fun to just take it as is?#if i took the time to make things that lovely i would want someone to notice#queer christian#christian#religion#exvangelical#progressive christianity#leftist christian#tw religion
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whataswift · 11 days ago
@/colleen hoover please stop breaking my heart
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balaroo · 12 days ago
Desperately want a comic relief chapter where the students find out about the UA traitor and suddenly everything everyone does is seen as suspicious by the others but it keeps getting disproved in increasingly hilarious ways
Like sero is shiftily sneaking boxes from the kitchen to his dorm room in the middle of the night? Turns out he's just hoarding the poptarts bc denki always eats all of them
Or they keep hearing weird sounds from tokoyami's room but the doors always locked and his explanations never make any sense but it's because he runs an ASMR channel on youtube
No one's secrets are safe- for some reason mina has dozens of audios on her phone of the others snoring, iida's secretly writing a play, and uraraka's suspiciously long runs are because she keeps challenging stray cats to staring contests. It's chaos
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sherjoy-blog · 12 days ago
"I can't be upset that I'm not enough to make a guy want to remap all of his life goals. Besides, I have my own life goals to worry about now." - Lily Bloom (It ends with Us, pg. 75 p 4,5)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hopeless-weakness · 16 days ago
2021 Books I’ve Read
Tumblr media
It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover
My April reading challenge, "Love is in the Air" book 1
This is officially the heaviest, most powerful book I've read so far in 2021! This is the third Colleen Hoover book I've read. She's got this amazing talent of writing lighthearted stories, full of love and life, while also piling on LIFE in a way that really could swallow you alive if it wasn't for the humor and wit. You got an idea of the possibilities this story could go with Lily's backstory. But the story was presented in a way that the twists really felt like an unexpected attack on your heart. Based on the title alone, you make assumptions about Lily and Ryle's ending. But they're wrong.
9/10 Young Adult
6/10 Romance
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blackandwhiteflow · 20 days ago
I'd like to leave now please
I wish to be out of this uncomfortable state of mind
I feel overwhelmed with how singled out and paralyzed I seem
I don't enjoy this phase of my life one bit
Am I even loved or is this just you expecting me to be someone in your life that you've bestowed upon the honour or feeling obligated to have feelings for
Is it because we're intimate? Because we've said the sacred 3 words? Because we have similarities and similar morals?
What do I do?
Is this me being cautious or scared? Is there a difference?
I tell you how much you mean to me(everyday), I'm aware that actions speak louder than words but if you can trust that the stories I tell you of my past is the truth why can't you understand that my conundrum is not because I don't love you... But because I'm scared that I may lose you in the wrong step
But I'm seemingly losing you now regardless of my steps... Oh well, my standstill
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