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#incorrect oc quotes
eclectic--assassin · 5 minutes ago
Jacques and Shay: [fighting with each other]
Jacques: [getting beat up considerably]
Annabelle: …We should do something.
Gist: Yeah. Looking good, Jacques!
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Sky, finding a halo from DFY after being blacked out: WTF, is this allowed?? Wtf..
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Lloyd, rolling unsteadily on heelys: FIRST MASTER TAKE THE WHEELYS—
Nya: ... Lloyd, NO-
Kai, slowly rolling past on his own heelys: *casually flips Nya and Ruth off with both hands*
Also Kai: *subtly speeds up in case Lloyd falls*
Ruth: *offended Princey noises*
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 51 minutes ago
Elspeth when Mira and her husband were expecting their first child: words of the wise, Mira, never get any baby clothing monogrammed until the ink has dried on the birth certificate.
Elspeth: I know from personal experience.
Elspeth, pouring herself a glass of vodka: Octavian's name went through seventeen changes through my entire pregnancy, and he wasn't even named the one I settled on.
Elspeth: his father got to the birth certificate first, and I was too drugged up post birth to do anything about it.
Elspeth, chugging the entire glass down: still... it suits him. And Octavian Lawrence Windroe does make for a good monogram.
Mira, sipping tea and opening the present that Elspeth got them: ... thanks, Mrs Windroe...
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cinnamonzor · 55 minutes ago
Tharn: I learned some very valuable lessons from this.
Khoshekh: I'm guessing they're all horrible distortions on the lessons you actually should have taken away?
Tharn: Death isn't real, and I'm basically god!
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rebellion-scoundrel · 56 minutes ago
Juggernaut: Wanna see what kind of trouble we can get into?
Echo: Oh god, we're gonna die again aren't we?
Juggernaut: It's Tuesday, I know how to restrain myself.
Hunter: You absolutely do not.
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kurokiesimping · an hour ago
Ace: I got an Ace!
Deuce: On sport?
Ace: No
MC: On chemistry?
Ace: No
Grimm: On Language?
Ace: No...
MC: Then what is it?
Ace: My name
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asatsuyo0204 · 2 hours ago
Kishi: *Catches a wasp under a cup*
Pawaki: *Puts two more cups down*
Kishi, shaking: No
Pawaki: *Starts shuffling*
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pinceauarcenciel · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
That’s how BFF work~
✏️ Text transcript: Chise: Why are Maribel and Carol sitting with their back to each other? Lewis: They had a fight. Chise: Then why are they holding hands? Lewis: They get sad when they fight.
_________________ • Text from @scatterpatter‘s​ Incorrect Quotes Generator • Kokoro♡Clock Precure, fanseries by @rainbowmiraclestar & @pinceauarcenciel​ (More infos on the FancureParadise wikia)
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chaoticspacelesbians · 3 hours ago
Aria (DS! Consular): Would you just trust me? Have I ever put you in an unsafe situation before?
Vano (LS! Warrior/Alliance Commander), hands on her hips: Yes, all the time!
Aria, huffing: Well, then you should be used to it by now.
Source: @incorrect-quote-templates [x]
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mantas-oc-emporium · 4 hours ago
Isaac: I'm kind of crushing on someone, but im worried about telling you who it is
Melanie: just rip the bandage off
Isaac: its loch.
Melanie: ... put the bandage back on
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incorrecthick · 5 hours ago
Izzy: Oh, here’s my award for the most rules broken! Natasha: That’s not an award, it’s an angry letter from the government. Izzy, hanging it on their wall: Well, it has the word ‘most’ in it, so I’m calling it an award!
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mantas-oc-emporium · 8 hours ago
Loch: anoushka , my old arch enemy...
Melanie: I thought I was your arch enemy?
Loch: I have a life outside of you, melanie
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darknightfrombeyond · 9 hours ago
Oliver, tending to Amy's wounds: How would you rate your pain?
Amy: Zero stars. Would NOT recommend...oof!
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darknightfrombeyond · 9 hours ago
Oliver [to Dig]: Amy was banned from the chicken shack, so we had to go out of town to get some.
Amy: Well, they shouldn't have said 'all you can eat' if they didn't mean it.
Oliver: Ames, you ate a chair.
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darknightfrombeyond · 9 hours ago
Oliver: Hey, Ames. Can I get a sip of your water?
Amy: It's not water.
Oliver: ... since when d'you drink vodka?
Amy: It's vinegar.
Oliver: Wh-wha-
Amy: It's vinegar, COWARD.
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can-of-pringles · 9 hours ago
Marigold: Ugh! I was trying to print my recipe for pancakes but the printer messed it up
Peter: How?
Marigold: It says 'Marigold's pan' instead
Peter: Well, it's not technically wrong...
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ivyprism · 12 hours ago
Ivy: Cross my heart... Hope to die... To my lover, I'd never lie.
Prism: Ivy... Is she singing about Stretch again?
Tessora: You'd sing about Slim.
Prism: Shut up...
Ivy: He said "be true", I swear, I'll try! In the end, it's him and I.
Prism: He's out his head.
Ivy: I'm out my mind! We got that love... The crazy kind!
Prism: *Scoff* Hm.
Ivy: I am his and he is mine.
Prism: In the end?
Ivy: It's him and I.
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