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#incorrect ocs
incorrectjiiquotes · 39 minutes ago
Dreamfinder: People who sleep without socks on make me worry.
Doc Channing: People who sleep WITH socks are not to be trusted.
Illumine: People who sleep are weird.
Figment: I was a sock once.
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incorrecthick · 5 hours ago
Izzy: Oh, here’s my award for the most rules broken! Natasha: That’s not an award, it’s an angry letter from the government. Izzy, hanging it on their wall: Well, it has the word ‘most’ in it, so I’m calling it an award!
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a-chaotic-dumbass · 5 hours ago
Hideyoshi: do you have any shaving cream?
Lilith: no, i dont like the way that it tastes.
Hideyoshi: wait, you eat shaving cream?
Lilith: no, why would i eat it if i dont like the taste?
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ivyprism · 12 hours ago
Ivy: Cross my heart... Hope to die... To my lover, I'd never lie.
Prism: Ivy... Is she singing about Stretch again?
Tessora: You'd sing about Slim.
Prism: Shut up...
Ivy: He said "be true", I swear, I'll try! In the end, it's him and I.
Prism: He's out his head.
Ivy: I'm out my mind! We got that love... The crazy kind!
Prism: *Scoff* Hm.
Ivy: I am his and he is mine.
Prism: In the end?
Ivy: It's him and I.
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ivyprism · 13 hours ago
Prism: What did you do?
Ivy: I-
Prism: No, let me guess. You dropped your phone in the water again?
Ivy: No- I-
Prism: Dumped water on your laptop?
Ivy: No!
Prism: Cracked the screen of your switch?
Ivy: No-
Prism: Broke the television-
Ivy: No! I just broke my earbuds.
Prism: Oh. Yeah, I'll buy you some more.
Ivy: Well, now I don't want you to...
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pepsi-is-dumb · 17 hours ago
Doch: Everyone’s having their mid-life crises at like 19, what's happening?
Kolombien: Since it's impossible to know which period of my life is the middle, I've decided to have an ongoing crisis.
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incorrectjiiquotes · 21 hours ago
Dreamfinder: Rules were made to be broken
Doc Channing: They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken
Dreamfinder: Uh, pinatas
Nouilles: Glow Sticks
Illumine: Karate boards
Rosado: Spaghetti when you have a small pot
Figment: Rules
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fandom-fander · a day ago
Luka: There’s no i in team but there is one in pizza.
Ryan: So, you’re not gonna share-
Luka: I’m not gonna share.
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incorrectjiiquotes · a day ago
Nesenir: You’ve made an enemy this Friday.
Dreamfinder: It’s Tuesday
Nesenir: Good to know
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fandom-fander · a day ago
Jacklyn: I’ve looked everywhere for my shirt, and I can’t find it.
Katerina: Everywhere you say?
Jacklyn: Yes.
Katerina opening his drawers and immediately finding the shirt:
Jacklyn: That drawer wasn’t there a minute ago.
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fandom-fander · a day ago
Jacklyn: Why are you smiling?
Katerina: What? Can’t I just be happy?
Luka: Ryan tripped and fell in the parking lot.
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fandom-fander · a day ago
Aaliyah: Here you are Tal, nice hot cup of coffee.
Talon: Uh, it’s cold.
Aaliyah: Nice cup of coffee.
Talon: It’s horrible!
Aaliyah: Cup of coffee.
Talon: I’m not even sure this is coffee.
Aaliyah: Cup.
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