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#gen fic
tua-masked-author · 9 hours ago
Entry - How can you learn to live if you're constantly waiting to die?
Title: How can you learn to live if you're constantly waiting to die? Ao3 URL:
Rating: T Characters: Diego Hargreeves, Allison Hargreeves Warnings: Choose not to use warnings Complete or WIP: Complete Chapters: 1/1 Wordcount: 2541 Description: Diego had always hated the thought of getting sick. No, not hate, that’s the wrong word. He’s terrified at the thought of getting sick. Like properly truly sick. The thought is constantly at the back of his mind, no matter how badly he tries to ignore it.
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skellebonez · 10 hours ago
How #67 with Mei and her parents? don't see much content with them. - Pixel Anon
Considering we haven't seen Mei's parents since episode 3 and we have no idea what their relationship is actually like now, I decided to do some canon-divergence and have them take initiative to be more involved in Mei's life. And since it’s fathers day... eh, why not do a little something with her dad in particular since I never really write her parents? (I got another anon for a fill involving Mei and her dad, but unfortunately Tumblr seems to have ghosted it into the ether, and i fused it into this one.)
My father may look like the scary one, but it’s my mother you need to be afraid of.
"Uh... hi mom?" Mei said in surprise, looking around when she heard the sound of someone clearing their throat from behind her and finding that it was indeed the two of them alone in the garage. "Where's dad?"
"He's a little tied up in business, but he’s home," Mrs. Long said with a sigh, moving to stand behind her daughter and look down at her project with a look of confusion and mild dismay. "What... are you working on, dear?"
Mei looked down at her current state, coated in engine oil and grease with scattered parts of one of the many many cars laying around her. Like a gutted fish but much shiner and louder.
“Oh, uh...” Mei started with an awkward chuckle. “After, you know, the whole break in and everything I’ve been fixing up some of the cars that were still mostly in one piece and, uh...” she gestured to the one in front of her, jazz hands waving slightly enthusiastically. “Ta da?”
“... Oh!” Mrs. Long said when she registered what Mei meant, a small smile finally forming on her face. “You didn’t need to do that on your own, Mei, but...” She moved forward, inspecting the car with a careful gaze. “This is quite impressive! You’d never know it was damaged at all. I thought...” She frowned again, looking back to her daughter. “Well, I thought you were only interested in motorcycles so I wasn’t expecting this.”
“Oh no!” Mei laughed, wiping her hands on her work overalls. “Motorcycles are my specialty, but I know enough about most vehicles to give them some good care!” There was an odd expression on her mother’s face that fell over her at these words, something far off and somewhat sad. “Mom? You ok?”
“Yes,” her mom replied, just a bit too fast before she smiled again. “Actually, I think your father was almost finished when I came in to check in on you. He wanted to talk to you himself, why don’t you see if he’s done? He should be in the tea room.”
“... sure...” Mei said slowly, bending down to start picking up parts before her mom placed a hand on her shoulder.
“Don’t worry, dear, just leave those there in case you want to come back later. Just... change into clean clothes and wash your hands for now.”
Now... that was odd. Mei’s parents had always been clear on keeping the house as tidy as possible once you needed to leave a room (barring her own bedroom). But ever since that one Bull Clone (General Ironclad she thought she heard Red Son call him once) broke into her house for the Dragon Blade her parents had been acting different. Not extremely different, but noticeably so.
But instead of bringing this up Mei nodded to her mother and headed to wash up.
“Dad?” Mei called out, cleaned up from her car repairs and in clean clothes once again. “Mom said you wanted to talk to me?”
He was right where her mother had said he would be, in the tea room. Strewn about in front of him were papers upon papers, some seeming to be insurance forms for the multitude of broken objects strewn about the house and others repair bills. She was certain some of them, all on one side of the table, were research papers of some kind. And sitting at a seat in the middle of the long table was her father, small space cleared before him as he drank a fresh hot cup of tea. There was another, equally fresh cup across from him.
“Ah, Mei!” Her father said brightly, but there was an odd tenseness to his tone. “Yes, come in, sit down! There are a few things that we need your input on.”
Well that was vague as hell. But Mei did as requested, taking the seat across from him and picking up the tea before her. “I wouldn’t think this is something you’d be doing here in the... tea room.”
“Yes, well,” her father shrugged, glowering down at the paperwork with a sigh. “Sometimes you put aside convention to be comfortable. And with my office out of commission this is a much more relaxing place to work on papers than the dining room. If I don’t replace those chairs as soon as possible remind me how uncomfortable they are!” He shuddered dramatically, the action making Mei relax just a tad bit. The chairs had always been uncomfortable, she and her mother had told him as much before, but the three of them had never sat in them long enough for them to become bothersome. “But that’s something to worry about later! First, the main reason I wanted to talk to you...”
He put down his cup, reaching over to grab some paperwork on the right side of the table and slide it to her.
“As you know most of our cars in our collection were not salvageable after the break in.” Mei tensed a bit at that, frowning down at the paperwork in front of her. And her eyes widened. “And, well, we never really had reason to drive them anyway. Refilling the garage with new cars just seems silly at this point, so your mother and I were talking about possibly restructuring it and making the empty 3/4 of the garage into a sort of...” He paused for a moment, humming before snapping his fingers. “A workshop, I suppose is the correct term! For someone who liked to collect a lot of cars at one point I don’t know much about them, that was always more your mother’s interest even if she always insisted we only needed two. But you’re always working on your motorcycle and I thought giving you that space would be a much more reasonable use for it!”
Mei set her teacup down, picking up the papers as he talked and looking over them with wide eyes.
They were blueprints. For a garage workshop. For her motorcycle. For her.
“I-I!” She sputtered, gesturing to the papers with a shake of her head. “You... but this is-! I don’t-!”
“Mei,” her father said firmly, but gently, holding up one of his hands. “I know that we paid for you to live on your own in your own pent house and that you have a workshop outside as well, but this house is still your home as well! You have a room here, after all. But you don’t have to agree to having a workshop here if you don’t want one, they’re just blueprints at this point, and we can always find other uses for the empty space in the future.”
“... ok, what happened?” Mei asked, deadpan and looking at her father with suspicion. “I mean, I love the idea! I’d love to have a place for my vehicle work here! But ever since the break in you and mom have been acting really weird, dad!”
Mr. Long tensed, looking away from his daughter for a moment before bowing his head to look down into his tea.
“We... had a conversation with Mr. Tang,” Mr. Long said after a moment of silence, making Mei look at him with surprise. “... actually, no, it was more like we were given a lecture by Mr. Tang.” He chuckled, ruffling his hair and looking back up to Mei. “We may have many years on him, but he made us feel like teenagers being yelled at by the principal again. Your mother and I... we realized after your reaction of surprise that we haven’t been the most open and communicative parents. We’ve treated our house like more of a museum than as a home ever since you were a child, and when you moved out and we helped you get everything you had no access to while growing up here... we didn’t realize that it would feel even more so like we were trying to uphold that image.”
“Mr. Tang talked to you about that?” Mei winced, remembering the multiple times she would rant at her family friend who had been there for her since she was just a little girl. Multiple... multiple times. He’d been sworn to secrecy, naturally, but it seemed that this was the last straw for him.
“Yes,” her father confirmed with a nod, twisting his fingers. “We never meant for you to feel unwelcome in your own home, but with how busy we always were and how proud we were of our family history we lost sight of the fact we were. Even if you only stay here when we’re gone to watch the house we want you to feel comfortable, Mei. I can understand if you’re still apprehensive of this, however.”
Whatever Tang has said to the Long family heads must have been something to behold. And Mei couldn’t help but grab the paperwork and move to the side of the table her father sat at, sitting beside him instead of across from him.
“Well for starters, lets make this less ‘business meeting’ and more ‘dad talking to kid’, ok?” She said lightly, laying the papers in front of both of them. “And... car upkeep is more mom’s thing? Since when?” Mei raised a brow with a smirk,
Her father looked at her with surprise before chuckling, moving to half face her and the table with a far more comfortable smile. “She hasn’t really had the time to work on them since well before you were born, but...” he leaned in closer, whispering conspiratorially. “She used to be a street racer too!”
“WHAT!?” Mei exclaimed, covering her mouth when her father raised a finger to his lips in a shushing motion. “Mom was a street racer?”
“One of the best, right around when she was your age too!” Mr. Long laughed, a far off look in his eyes. “You and her have a lot more in common than one would think at first glance. You’re smart, good with vehicles, not to mention our dragon powers are from her side of the family- I only earned my own through being close to her over a long period. Why, sometimes I think the only things you got from me were your skills in video games and amazing sense of hair style!”
“Dad!” Mei laughed, gently shoving her dad’s shoulder tentatively. When he only laughed more at that she softened, relaxing against the table. “Guess I have a lot to learn about you both, huh?
“As long as you want to,” her father offered, spreading the blueprints between the two of them.
"I do,” she agreed, looking over the papers again. They could definitely use some... fine tuning. But they were a good start. “But I guess I was right about one thing!”
“What’s that?”
“Every time someone saw you guys they thought you were the one to be worried about,” she admitted with another chuckle, shaking her head. “I’d always correct them saying ‘my father may look like the scary one, but it’s my mother you need to be afraid of’ and now... well, if mom used to race the way I do on my bike I was way more right than I thought I was.”
“Oh, Mei, your mother was far more reckless than you ever were. You should have seen some of the catastrophes she used to cause.”
“... are they on the internet?”
Her father frowned for a moment before watching the door... and a conspiratorial smirk overtook his face.
“Want to find out together?”
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tua-masked-author · 11 hours ago
Entry - Obedience Suite (in A minor)
Title: Obedience Suite (in A minor) Ao3 URL:
Rating: T Characters: Vanya Hargreeves, Hargreeves Siblings Warnings: No archive warnings apply Complete or WIP: WIP Chapters: 1/? Wordcount: 4372 Description: “I heard a rumour, that Vanya will always be obedient.” Those ten little words were all it took to ruin Vanya’s life.
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tua-masked-author · 13 hours ago
Entry - Rubbing Salt in a Wound
Title: Rubbing Salt in a Wound Ao3 URL:
Rating: T Characters: Diego Hargreeves, Grace Hargreeves, Dr. Pogo Warnings: Mild reference to violence/reference to getting stitches Complete or WIP: Complete Chapters: 1/1 Wordcount: 1952 Description: Diego gets stabbed and kinda-sorta-lies to a monkey.
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tua-masked-author · 15 hours ago
Entry - Comfort
Title: Comfort Ao3 URL:
Rating: G Characters: Five Hargreeves Warnings: No archive warnings apply Complete or WIP: Complete Chapters: 1/1 Wordcount: 830 Description: Number Five Hargreeves muses about comfort as he tries to survive in the Apocalypse
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mirakeul · 15 hours ago
‘m gonna start a fic tracker just so i can see how long i finish this HAHAHAH i started writing a suspected traitor! midoriya izuku fic last april 25, and since the school year just ended last may, i wasn’t really able to focus on writing it. anyway, right now, june 21, i’m 3k+ words in and about an eighth through of what i’ve planned?
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tua-masked-author · 17 hours ago
Entry - Who’s The Monster This Time?
Title: Who’s The Monster This Time? Ao3 URL:
Rating: G Characters: Ben Hargreeves, Allison Hargreeves, Luther Hargreeves, Diego Hargreeves, Klaus Hargreeves, Vanya Hargreeves Warnings: No archive warnings apply Complete or WIP: WIP Chapters: 1/6 Wordcount: 467 Description: In one timeline, Ben Hargreeves loses control of The Horror, resulting in his own death. In another, it's his and his siblings' father who doesn't make it back from that fateful mission
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nekoma-2-0 · 18 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Haikyuu!! Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Miya Atsumu & Miya Hiroaki Characters: Miya Atsumu, Miya Hiroaki, Original Male Character(s) Additional Tags: Fluff, Family Fluff, Based on a song, Song: Little Lion Man (Mumford & Sons), Short & Sweet, Father-Son Relationship, Father's Day, Fatherhood, Fluff and Angst, Bittersweet, theyre dumb i love them, Sad Miya Atsumu, Miya Atsumu Needs a Hug, Miya Hiroaki Needs a Hug, Depressed Miya Atsumu, Depressed Miya Hiroaki Series: Part 30 of Nekoma 2.0 Summary:
Atsumu reflects on fatherhood and his relationship with his son, Hiroaki.
Happy Father's Day!
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tua-masked-author · 19 hours ago
Entry - Chef Five
Title: Chef Five Ao3 URL:
Rating: T Characters: Number Five | The Boy, Dr. Pogo, Grace Hargreeves, Luther Hargreeves, Diego Hargreeves, Allison Hargreeves, Klaus Hargreeves, Number Six | Ben Hargreeves, Vanya Hargreeves Warnings: No archive warnings apply Complete or WIP: Complete Chapters: 1/1 Wordcount: 1898 Description: Five is cooking breakfast for his siblings. And he is failing miserably. Why is he doing this anyways?
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ravensblood18 · 21 hours ago
Star Trek TOS Season 4 Episode 2
 Between The Walls - “Captain’s Log.We are in orbit around Outpost Zero, long considered to be part history, part space legend. The most mysterious of the Romulan outposts during the war, presumed destroyed…But apparently intact."
Investigating a long abandoned Romulan Outpost is bound to be interesting, but soon it turns out that the outpost is not as abandoned as it seems... 
Another of the TOS Season Four imaginary scripts.
McCoy: They were using this place for weapons research, weren’t they?
Kirk (joining Spock): That’s one of the ideas. No one was really sure – weapons research,  prison,  VIP vacation spot… Almost everything we know about Romulans from that time is plain speculation.
Science lieutenant (alarmed): Sir! Life signs!
(Everyone turns towards him.  Kirk, Durga and Garrovick draw their phasers instinctively.)
Kirk: Report, lieutenant!
Lieutenant: Romulan life signs, sir. It came out of nowhere! That direction.. (points to indicate)
Spock (now checking his own tricorder, swiftly readjusted to scan for lifesigns): A single Romulan, captain.  Feeble, fading.  As Lieutenant Summers said, it seems to have…just appeared. Certainly, it was not present during the orbital scans or our more detailed scans on initial landing.
McCoy: Whoever it’s is dying, Jim. We’ve to hurry. (Moves in the direction indicated.)
Kirk: It could be a trap, Bones. Where one hid, there could be more.
(Communicator beeps)
Kirk: The captain here.
Uhura (Offscreen):  Enterprise to Landing Party. Captain, the scans picked up a life sign – one that, according to ensign Chekov,  appeared from thin air.
Kirk: We spotted it. Only single? Is that certain?
(Some indistinct sounds from the communicator as Uhura asks Chekov something.)
Uhura: Yes, Captain. Very close to you – it looks like he’s in the next room. No sign of force fields or shielded areas he could’ve come from.
(The landing parties tricorders have shown the same result. Durga and Garrovick have their phasers aimed at the door separating them from the Romulan. Kirk steps to the door.)
Spock (raises an eyebrow, looks puzzled): Captain, whoever it is..They’re sobbing. I can hear them.
(Every one stares. A Romulan, sobbing?)
McCoy (takes another look at the medical tricorder): Jim, let me go in.
(Kirk motions to Durga and Garrovick. They fire phasers at the door, keeping the power at low level, carefully so that the beams won’t go through the door to hit the already wounded Romulan. The door melts open to reveal a hallway. A figure is huddled against a wall, curled into fetal shape, and yes, shaking with choked sobs.)
Garrovick (shaken): What the hell?
(McCoy goes to the Romulan without  a moment’s hesitation. He’s in full-on doctor mode. The hallway is in much the same shape as the room they have left. Corroding, falling apart. It looks  downright eerie.)
Kirk: Bones?
(The Romulan looks up, seeming to become aware of them for the first time. Kirk winces at the glimpse he got of the man’s face – what remains of it. It’s mostly a green bruised mess, the only living part of it being one dark eye that looked up at him, wide and terrified.)
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junietuesday · a day ago
Bro ok re: ur last post: that is legit my worst nightmare and the exact reason I don't let anyone touch my stuff. However I've even still been there- I had a very very self indulgent zelink fanfic that was most definitely Not ok for a young child to read (not like smut but, you know how my writing can be) open in my notes app when i went to bed and when I woke up there was a NEW note open from my 10 year old sibling saying they liked my FNaF phone wallpaper and I nearly died then and there lmao-
Tumblr media
god the notes thing has happened to me, i fell asleep writing and in the morning i found that it was edited, so either i touched the screen in my sleep or someone read my shit and accidentally edited it and that still haunts me and is the exact reason why i locked all of my notes w an encoded password kfhsjdh. and holy shit i applaud you for still being alive for that second thing i would literally melt into a puddle of goop and cry
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0ssianic · a day ago
there are many fic ideas ive been meaning to work on rattling through my head all at once so im gonna sort em a bit
Higher Interest
-natsuyuu/hikago crossover - natsume and hikaru bond over fleeting but meaningful relationships with supernatural beings (for natsume week in a few weeks) (oneshot)
- p5 - into the tomb of her heart - futaba & goro half-sibling au. current obstacle: how and why do they meet? what’s the initial tone of the relationship? the backend of this fic has more written than the front end (multichap)
-hikago - you’re sai? - canon divergence au, touya finds hikaru in the computer cafe and hikaru proves ghosts are real (oneshot w potential for a sequel that follows the effects through)
-13 sentinels - some kind of hijioki story that focuses on hijiyama’s feelings. i have the seeds of a potential small story, but less of an idea on the specifics (oneshot?)
Lower Interest
-hikago - touya and waya move into an apartment together, waya learns to sympathize with the younger boy (oneshot)
-hikago - go moms but a dad is involved in this one -  hikaru’s mom goes to one of his events to watch her son play, she gets lost/has a hard time following the game when a nice man (who just happens to be touya-meijin) helps her (oneshot)
-p5 - akechi time loop au - after defeat on shido’s ship, akechi wakes up in a velvet room and is sent back a month; playing with the game over mechanic (multichap?)
-13 sentinels - family meal - post canon bonding between okino and his mom (oneshot)
-hikago - honinbou-sensei - hikaru & kuwabara honinbou chaos, student & mentor dynamics. there are people subscribed to this one and i want to know where it goes too, but i dont yet (multichap)
-13 sentinels - snippets - work more on the small ideas (especially ones where its an unusual combo of characters) and get them out there (series of itty bitty oneshots)
-old kingdom/natsuyuu crossover - reiko is the abhorsen and takashi is the abhorsen in training. reiko goes missing and takashi has to save her (oneshot?)
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mauds-lemon-pie · a day ago
Summer Fic Rec List
Hello my fellow My Hero Academia readers! I am Maud and I…have a hoarding problem. It’s the beginning of summer, and over the course of last couple months of my school year, I managed to save 164 MHA fics that I told myself that I would read..and ended up putting on the back-burner.
So I decided to make a Summer Reading Fic List to share for anyone who’s interested! I’ve gone through and tagged the authors of these fics! So you can see their other works and send them love through tumblr. I tagged everyone that I could and If I missed any please tag them or message me so I can!
Important Note: This list is divided by 6 Sections and in order it’s:
Authors - Dadmight - Gen - Fluff - Angst - Romance
If any fics are in the incorrect section please let me know, some of these fics I haven’t read and I sorted these fics based on the descriptions and tags.
- Gen Fics are all the fics that I personally wasn’t sure would fit into Angst or Fluff.
- All the Serious Angst Fics with are tagged so that if the topic it covers makes you uncomfortable you can avoid it!
- The Dadmight section was made for @aconstantstateofbladerunner so thank them and you’re welcome my fellow starving dadmight stans
- To any authors that I tagged, if you want me to remove you’re tag from the post just let me know! I hope you enjoy! Have a great summer everyone!!!
UPDATE: So, To any anyone seeing this a second time. I apologize. I recently nuked my old tumblr account and the original fic rec post was lost with it. I wanted to repost it onto my new blog for those who still are interested.
- Thank you so much @aconstantstateofbladerunner, because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be able to repost it. Please send them lots of love, and read all their fics twice.
NickitheLamest - I love you friend, and I want to read your fics…so of course you are here. I just think that a lot of these fics are neat!
@krisington22 - Kris is wayy to good at writing soft Dadmight. I’m so sorry the Ziggurat corrupted you into writing angst…
@621titus - I love a lot of the fic premises and want to like….all of them.
@starcloud-nova - I like all of your fic premises. I’m so excited to read them!
@aconstantstateofbladerunner - I just love your fics. I will be reading all of them….again.
Orkestrations ( Del Strudel )
@autisticmidoriyas - I love you but also like…..this library of fics is blender worthy
Missing Everything by Haptronym
On the Path to Somewhere by @onafreckledsunflower
Heroes,Villains and, Babies by The_confused_writer
The Wails in the Walls by @aconstantstateofbladerunner
And Again by @birdantlers
a taste of home by @queenangst
Take My Hand and Hold it Too by @withstarryeyes
Quirk Development Theories by @krisington22
If I Gave You Everything by @krisington22
The Stars Shine Brighter With Your Eyes Upon Them by @krisington22
A promise from peace to hope by @thefluffyvillain-fluffmaster
Fake News by SonoSvegliato
Why Are We Here Again? by cloud_nine_and_three_quarters
Earn It by @lightningknight713
“I Didn’t Know You Had It In You.” by Kiyoshi_Ito_Aizawa
Missing Everything by Haptronym
Not in the Job Description by IidaRei98
Expletive by Carbie-Draws
Voices of Flowers by @mistyrosewriter
Dignity and Yaruki by @samcaliburs-eternal-cave
All Might Adopt’s Dabi Series by @junistired
Are You Valued by @cyber-phobia
Sincerely by @owlf45
The Little Cabbage Series by I_am_Eli
On the Path to Somewhere by @onafreckledsunflower
Analysis lesson, and consequences thereof by ElaneTheTired
The How Much Crack Can Lilly Crack When Lilly Commits To Crack by Authoress_Lilly
By Blood by @boss-the-goofball
The Capture Scarf Caper by DarkWolfMoon
Dichotomy by MonkeeBratz
Class 1-A at your Service! by icashi
Schrodinger’s Heist by @passionoo
Laughter in a Time of War by @slitherin-away
Heroes,Villains and, Babies by The_confused_writer *
This Just In! Local Angry Hobo Smiled!  by @starcloud-nova and Authoress_Lilly
The Wails in the Walls by @aconstantstateofbladerunner
And Again by @birdantlers
The Gran-Pa Torino Series by Starrbomb
can i try again? again? again? by @scarmiles
a taste of home by @queenangst
Take My Hand and Hold it Too by @withstarryeyes
Polish, Popcorn, and Perfectionism by @autisticmidoriyas
Quirk Development Theories by @krisington22
If I Gave You Everything by @krisington22
The Stars Shine Brighter With Your Eyes Upon Them by @krisington22
Ne Plus Ultra by @itsclydebitches
bury my future behind by Sitaray
A promise from peace to hope by @thefluffyvillain-fluffmaster
When Flowers Bloom (And Wilt Away) by @squinting-but-ace
Bad Moon Rising by @littlekysworld  
TW: Kidnapping, Poisoning
The Syzygy Series by @autisticmidoriyas
TW: Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Abusive Bakugou Mitsuki, Implied/Referenced Domestic Violence
Fun fact: Syzygy is an astronomy term, basically when three celestial bodies are in alignment (for example, eclipses)
Compass by @autisticmidoriyas
-Kestrel is very good about tagging their fics by chapter, I have written down the tags for the first chapter here TW: Blood, Death, Minor Self Harm, Minor Dissociation
The Fuguelike Series by @autisticmidoriyas
TW: Mild Gore, Blood, Death, Descriptions of Dead Bodies, Dissociation, Panic Attacks
Into The Unknown by @cornflowerbluewrites
TW: Blood
I’m home by Powered_By_Spite
told you not to worry, but maybe that’s a lie by @cultured---trash
Stuck in our Own Cages Series by PixieUnicorn1112
Pushed Over The Edge by PixieUnicorn1112
TW: Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Implied/Referenced Abuse, Implied/Referenced Suicide, Suicidal Thoughts, Canonical Child Abuse, Character Death, Human Experimentation, Body Horror, Suicidal Ideation
What We Lost to the Fire by Syrabite
TW: Child Abuse, Domestic Violence
running in circles by @spiritusrex
TW: Implied/Referenced Suicide, Blood
everything stays by @spiritusrex
For Nothing At All by NickiTheLamest
Green Light by journalxxx
Without an honest heart as compass by @faelwenholdsthelight and @manlyprospering
TW: Body Horror, Non-Consensual Body Modification, Child Abuse, Childhood Trauma
Brighter than a Diamond Sun by @faelwenholdsthelight
TW: Body Horror, Body Modification, Body Modification, Non-Consensual Body Modification
Watch Your Step by Nartothelar
‘Cause You Have No Clue by @granny-griffin
A Logical Bruise by @granny-griffin
TW: Child Neglect, Emotional Manipulation
The Rain of Regretful Reminiscence by Psychotic_Ambition and Rivveren
The Red Lily Hotel by @wolfsrainrules
TW: Implied/Referenced Murder
All for One, All for Him by @auresalia
Flightless by Emberblaze
TW: Suicide Attempt
dissolve by neeash
TW: Eating Disorders
Scorpions and Chains by @sevenrenny
TW: Bullying, Mentions of Suicide, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Psychological Torture
Fractured Mind by @sevenrenny
The Family is Everything (but you get to choose your family) by Mr_UnSmiley
TW: Rape/Non-con Elements, Abuse, Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Abusive Relationships, Physical Abuse, Rape Aftermath, Underage Rape/Non-con, Past Rape/Non-con, Past Underage Sex, Past Sexual Abuse, Past Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence
a change of conditions by not really
TW: Blood, Gun Violence
For A Moment In Between by @krisington22
Locked In Digital by @roguedruid
TW: Psychological Horror, Blood and Gore, Guns, Non-Consensual Body Modification
Saudade by @pocketramblr
The Better Safe Series by @eliza-dearest
TW: Implied/Referenced Suicide
Better Sorry by @eliza-dearest
TW: Graphic Description of Corpses, Mild Gore, Blood, Claustrophobia
The Breaking Point Series by Blackwolfhunting
TW: Emotional/Psychological Abuse,  Physical Abuse, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Past Child Abuse, Child Abuse, Bullying, Past Abuse, Abuse, Alcoholic Mitsuki Bakugou, Abuse, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Neglect, Canonical Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Spousal Abuse
Digging Dreams Out Of The Fire by the_crownless_queen
those hardest to love need it most by @awake-my-oceans
The Silent Shadow Series by @tunafishprincess
TW: Human Experimentation
dog teeth (you’re all over me) by everlarklane
TW: Rape/Non-con Elements, Rape Recovery, Rape Aftermath, Child Abuse, Transphobia, Self-Harm, Suicidal Thoughts, Suicidal Ideation, Self-Destruction, Hypergymnasia (an eating disorder characterized by excessive and compulsive exercise),
The Lichtenberg Scars Series by DumbassAquarius
TW: Child Abuse
Like Father Like Son by freakyanimegal
Trusting by @midoriyasbones
TW: Noumufication (My Hero Academia), Psychological Trauma, Dissociation
The Butterfly Continuity Series by @aconstantstateofbladerunner
TW: Body Horror,  Blood, Gore, Gaslighting, Psychological Horror, Child Abuse, Child Death, Psychological Trauma
The Pottery Series by @thatghostofadeer
TW: past bullying
Dawn 'Till Dust by @aavocadochan
TW: Suicidal Thoughts, Self-Harm
Don’t Blame it on the Kids by @silver-jackdaw
TW: Bullying, Past Abuse, Implied/Referenced Homophobia, Eating Disorders, Ableism, Implied/Referenced Sexual Harassment
When the Wind Blows by @birdantlers
TW: Implied/Referenced Suicide
Little Acts of Kindness by TheDeadGirlRisen
TW: Past Non-Con, Non-Consensual Touching, Disturbing Imagery, Mild Gore, Body Horror
The Punishment Series by @lostintheclouds321
TW: Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con,  Implied/Referenced Suicidal Thoughts
Animal Cannibal by QueasyBuddy
TW: Human Experimentation
The Inheritorverse Series by bard_linn and Kiraya
TW: mention of Sexual Assault,  Implied/Referenced Sexual Assault, Interrupted Sexual Assult
Indefinite by @owlf45
TW: Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Past Torture
Down the Rabbit Hole by ShadowedSword13
Forged By Nitroglycerin And Spite by Sif
TW: Child Abuse, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Emotional Manipulation, Mental Instability, Dissociation, Child Neglect, Non-Consensual Drug Use,
Complicated Creation by @elementalsight
Yesterday Upon The Stair by @pitviperofdoom
TW: Body Horror
From Muddy Waters by Hline
This section is sorted by which ship it is. There’s not a lot here unfortunately…
Gotta love some noice BakuDeku okay - i can’t wait to read these fics.
Why Him? by @chocolatechiplague
Bear in Bunny Wear by @face-family
The Zeroverse by @haruhi1087
Always you by KingHugin
Incinerate by KyuukaKoina
Personally good TodoDeku fics are hard to come by, but these grabbed me by the throat and I will absolutely be reading them.
Fatigue Fractures (Baby I’m A Wreck) by @rayshippouuchiha
Where the Shadow Ends by Black_Briar
The fandom makes me avoid this ship like the plague, but every once in awhile I find a fic that makes me really like the ship.
2am Knows All Secrets by @unbreakable-red-riot
A ship that I am typically neutral for, but at the same time…some fics do this ship so much good.
Across The Table by @sevenrenny
When Your Friends Decide To Butt In On Your Love Life by @sevenrenny
1st and 2nd
I firmly believe that 1st and 2nd kissed….I love these fics
divine intervention so paper thin by @pocketramblr
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verbjectives · a day ago
i know it’s something i could definitely set up myself via strategic tag filters but god i really wish i could specify which assassins creed game i really want to read fic on ao3 without having to do that
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tua-masked-author · a day ago
Entry - when the man comes around
Title: when the man comes around Ao3 URL:
Rating: G Characters: Number Five, The Handler, Cha-Cha, Hazel, Diego, Luther, Klaus Warnings: No archive warnings apply Complete or WIP: Complete Chapters: 1/1 Wordcount: 1768
Description: Number Five never picked a name because he already has one. One that is far older than his family can possibly imagine.
I’m using prompt number 51 for this :)
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tua-masked-author · a day ago
Entry - Model Older Brother
Title: Model Older Brother Ao3 URL:
Rating: G Characters: Number Five | The Boy, Luther Hargreeves Warnings: No archive warnings apply Complete or WIP: Complete Chapters: 1/1 Wordcount: 5526
Description: “It’s a model plane,” Luther blurts, feeling unexpectedly bad about not telling Five what he’s up to. “I, uh, found it while I was cleaning. Thought I’d put it together.”
"Ok.” Five glances at the other model planes hanging from the ceiling.
Silence hangs for a beat.
Luther swallows. “I, um, was going to throw it away, though. My hands are too big, I can’t… I can’t pick up the pieces right.”
Five doesn't react for a moment, before: “Do you want help?
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tua-masked-author · a day ago
Entry - here, at the end of all things
Title: here, at the end of all things Ao3 URL:
Rating: G Characters: Klaus Hargreeves, Vanya Hargreeves, Five Hargreeves, Diego Hargreeves, Luther Hargreeves, Ben Hargreeves (mentioned) Warnings: No archive warnings apply Complete or WIP: Complete Chapters: 1/1 Wordcount: 573 Description: Five revisits the Apocalypse.
In the end, he never left.
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tua-masked-author · a day ago
Entry - 64 Days
Title: 64 Days Ao3 URL:
Rating: T Characters: Klaus Hargreeves, Vanya Hargreeves, Five Hargreeves, Diego Hargreeves, Luther Hargreeves, Ben Hargreeves (mentioned) Warnings: Grief/mourning, Introspection, Post season/series 02, S3 speculations based on S2 ending, no official S3 spoilers, Klaus-typical content, Emotional hurt/comfort, Good Hargreeves siblings Complete or WIP: Complete Chapters: 1/1 Wordcount: 3407 Description: Between blows, in the lull of quiet evenings, he still comes up to the roof to talk to him. The chimney casts a shadow at ten o’ clock. If he sits still, if he steals small looks at it from the corner of his eye, he can pretend — (Klaus mourns Ben)
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tua-masked-author · a day ago
Entry - In The End, The Little Girl
Title: In The End, The Little Girl Ao3 URL:
Rating: T Characters: Klaus Hargreeves, God, Others Warnings: Choose not to use warnings, Suicide, Self-Harm, Temporary and Repeated Character Death Complete or WIP: Complete Chapters: 1/1 Wordcount: 7398 Description: Klaus has some questions for the bicycle girl. She's not eager to talk to him, but Klaus can be very persistent.
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