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can-youimagine · 4 minutes ago
Benefits of Friendship Part 5 (Penelope Garcia x Reader)
Summary: Your friend’s boss is faced with a bit of a babysitting emergency, so he calls you. After meeting his coworkers, a special technical analyst makes you wonder how he managed to keep them away from you for so long.
TW: Feminine Reader, mention of illness (stomach flu/sore throat)
Word Count: 709
Tumblr media
You walk into the BAU with Jack sulking behind you. After about a year of babysitting Jack, Aaron put you down as one of his emergency contacts. He’s a great kid, so normally, it’s not a problem. You can deal with the occasional stomach flu or sore throat. The call from Aaron saying that the day camp had said Jack was in trouble and needed to be sent home for the rest of the day really threw you for a loop.
To make it worse, Jack wouldn’t talk to you the entire drive, about what had happened or anything else.
“Hey, little man,” Derek greets. “I thought you were at camp all day.”
Instead of answering, Jack marches up to his dad’s office. Derek raises his eyebrows, which you answer with a shrug. You gently knock on the door before pushing it open. Jack sits on the couch, throwing his lunchbox on the floor.
“Can you tell Ms. (Y/N) thank you?”
Jack mumbles a “thanks,” which does not seem to be up to Aaron’s standards.
“Thank you.”
Aaron turns back to you. “Thank you. I don’t know what’s gotten into him. He’s-”
“A good kid with a bad day. Better he has his bad days now, when the worst punishment is not getting to play capture the flag.”
He nods. “I guess.” He pauses for a moment before saying, “Penelope should be home early tonight.” Chuckling at your very evident embarrassment, he continues, “She’d have my head if you saw me but not her.”
“Oh, I know it.” Aaron barely manages to close the door before Derek snags you.
“What’s up with the kid?”
You answer, “I’m not sure. Seems like he’ll be able to go back tomorrow, though.”
“Well, now that you’re here, go see your girl. She’s been moping all day.”
“I’m sure. I’ll see you later.”
You have grown quite familiar with the walk to Penny’s “lair”. Right after you moved in together, she developed a bad habit of “forgetting” her lunch at home, calling you in the middle of the day, and begging that you bring it to her.
She said she wasn’t used to having such a beautiful distraction in the mornings. You said she was not a good liar.
“Knock knock.”
“(Y/N/N)!” Penny jumps off her chair, abandoning her lunch. “What’re you doing here?”
“Came by to drop Jack off, thought I’d see you.”
“Everything okay?” JJ asks from the spare chair.
“I think so. I mean, you have kids.”
She nods. “Sometimes you miss the big stuff.”
“Yeah. Don’t let him beat himself up about it.”
“Of course not.” She picks at her food for a moment longer. “Well, I should finish that report. See you soon, (Y/N).”
You squeeze her arm as she walks past. “Don’t tell anyone, but it’s looking like Henry will be in my class.”
“Oh, he’ll be so excited!” She leaves the room with a bounce in her step.
You grab what’s left of JJ’s lunch. “Think she’s coming back?”
“Go for it.”
You giggle, taking a bite. “Mmm, you’re gonna have to start bringing me lunch.”
“Fine by me.”
You both eat in silence for a few moments. “I know this isn’t the time or place for this conversation, but, well, have you ever thought about having kids?”
Her eyes widen. “I-(Y/N/N)-I just-”
“Not now or anything, just have you thought about it.”
“Yeah, some. Why?”
“I mean, I spend all day with kids that aren’t mine. They’re always talking about how much they love their parents and they’re all just incredible. I want that.”
“So this has nothing to do with Jack?”
“Maybe a little,” you confess. “I mean, he only acted out so that he’d have to spend time with his dad. When I picked him up, all I wanted to do was hold him, tell him that everything would be okay, that I’d love him no matter what.”
“So you want kids,” she confirms.
“More than anything.”
A grin overtakes her entire face. “Oh good. JJ was telling me about Micheal and Henry and I just-I want one.”
You giggle. “Do you want one with me?”
“You’re the only person I want one with.”
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hannigram-will-hannibal · 6 minutes ago
Guess i gotta write Hotch/Reid porn with myself and post it cause nobody seems to be wanting to roleplay that with me haha.
Tumblr media
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maddiereid · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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uncpanda · 25 minutes ago
Back to the Navy Yard: Part 10
AN: Here it is! The Final Chapter of the series. This has been so much fin to write, and I hope you enjoy it! Instead of just looking at one moment, I decided to drabbles from several significant moments of their lives after reuniting. 
Master List
The Wedding: 
“You sure about this? It’s not too late to back out.” 
You level a look at your dad, “Seriously?” 
You gesture to your outfit, and he shrugs, “It’s just a dress.” 
You smile, “It’s my wedding dress.” 
  “A dress is not a reason to get married.” 
You take your dad’s hand, “I know that. But I never would have bought the dress if I wasn’t madly in love with him daddy. And I love him. I love him so much it’s crazy.” 
Your dad scowls. It’s been a month since your kidnapping, (your original weekend plan had been met with resistance  from the team) a month since you’d found out you were pregnant, and both Aaron and your father, had been reluctant to let you out of their sight. Even Jack had been attached to your hip, especially since finding out he was going to be a big brother. 
No one else knew, but you knew they suspected. You supposed planning a wedding within a month was a pretty big clue, at least for you and Aaron. Dave had been kind enough to offer his home for the wedding, but you had declined. Instead, you’d decided to use your dad’s back yard, where you and Kelly had played as children, and where your mother had planted her garden. A garden your father had always kept up.
He sighs, “If you’re sure.” 
You lean up and kiss his cheek, “I love you daddy. Plus think about all the grandkids.” 
He snorts at that, “Jack is pretty big help with the boat.” 
He offers his arm right as the music starts, and you take it right as the door opens. You smile at the sight that’s waiting for you at the end of the aisle. Aaron and Jack both look amazing in their blue suits, and their smiles are nearly blinding. And as you take those first few steps towards them, you’ve never been more sure of anything in your life. 
“So this is where you grew up PopPop?” 
You watch as Jack presses his face up against the window of the car. He’s studying every inch of the town. 
“What? It’s true. I hate growing up here.” 
You roll your eyes and you watch as Aaron smirks. You smooth a hand over your belly. You’d recently popped out a little bit, and people could actually tell that you were pregnant now. 
“Is that Grandpa?” 
You smile at the sight of your grandfather. You haven’t seen him in years, but he still looks good. He hadn’t been able to make the trip for your wedding, due to recovering from a hip replacement. So instead, you’d arranged to come see him. 
Your dad huffs, “That the old man.” 
Jack smiles, “He and I have the same name, right?” 
Aaron’s the one who answers, “That right.” 
He’s barely put the car in park when Jack throws the door open and runs to nearly hug your Jackson Gibbs. You watch from the passenger seat as your dad quickly follows him, to make sure he’s safe. 
Aaron takes your hand, “It’s nice, isn’t it? Having a big family.” 
You smile, “Absolutely.” 
And with that you go and hug your grandfather. 
The Move: 
“I’m just saying there was a very nice house for sale right down the street from us. Our kids could have played together!” 
You roll your eyes, and look at Ziva who’s smiling fondly at her husband. “The children can still play together Tony. They’re only a ten minute drive away.” Her hand goes down to smooth over her own protruding belly. She’s five months along and you’re six months and then there’s JJ who’s four months. The three of you have been instructed not to lift anything. And any time one of you tries to do anything there’s some sort of shout. Ziva’s already thrown a knife. 
You watch as Jack carries in a box of his toys. You ruffle his hair as he passes and he gives you a grin. Like always you smile when you see the gaps in his smile. He’s recently started losing teeth like crazy. And your father has been playing the tooth fairy which means Jack has been making out like a bandit. When you had mentioned something about spoiling him, your dad had said it was part of his job as a grandpa. You hadn’t had the heart to argue. 
You listen as your dad and Aaron bicker while carrying in the crib. It’s something your dad, Aaron, and Jack had made together, and it’s gorgeous in your opinion. And you knew they’d made Tony sit in it to test the sturdiness of it. You also knew they were working on a matching dresser. You’d bought the changing table and rocker. 
There’s even more bickering in the kitchen where Uncle Dwayne and Dave are debating on how to set up and organize the kitchen. You exchange looks with the other pregnant women before deciding it would just be best to go hang out on the screened in porch. 
The Maid of Honor: 
“I’m going to kill Laurel.” 
Aaron, Jack, and your dad are staring at you warily. “I love her and she’s my best friend, but who the hell holds a wedding, in New Orleans, in the middle of July! Add in the fact that I’m seven months pregnant, and I’m going to sweat to death.” 
Your dad holds out a cold bottle of water, and you take it, and press it against the back of your neck. It feels amazing. You do your absolute best to spend as little time outside as possible, and you thank God that Laurel chose and indoor venue. You nearly cry in relief when you realize she’s turned the air conditioning down as low as it will go. 
She laughs at the look of relief on your face and places a hand on your bump, “I can’t have my god-daughter or god-son boiling in there, can I?” 
You hug her, and blame the relief tears on the pregnancy hormones. 
False Labor: 
Two weeks before your due date, Aaron stops traveling with the team. He absolutely refuses to miss the birth of his second child. He’d been there when Jack was born, and he was determined to be there when this one was born. 
Your false labor starts two days before your due date. Your certain it’s the real thing and you end up sounding the alarm. Your dad comes over to stay with Jack while Aaron takes you to the hospital.
It happens two more times, and always in the middle of the night. Eventually, your dad brings his pack, and his pillow and collapses on your couch. When you give him a questioning look he simply shrugs and says, “I’m sick of the back and forth.” 
You just roll your eyes and go to get something to eat. 
The Real Labor: 
Your real labor happens in the middle of the day, a week after your due date. You’re home alone, officially on Maternity leave; Jack is at school and your dad and Aaron are at work. You don’t send out a text until your water breaks. You want to make sure it’s real this time. Both your dad and Aaron arrive at the house with sirens blaring. You sigh. The drama kings. 
You say nothing as you toss your bag into the car, and slide in right as another contraction hits. You close your eyes and reach out to grip someone’s hand. When it’s done you look to see who it is; it’s McGee, and there are tears in his eyes. You wince and apologize. 
Your dad rolls his eyes, closes the car door and simply says, “He’ll be fine.” Before telling Aaron to drive. 
The Baby has Arrived: 
You stare at your husband. While normally you find Aaron the most handsome man in the room, seeing him with your newborn baby in his arms, makes him the sexiest man you’ve ever seen. You adjust against your pillows, “Are you sure about the name?” 
He nods, his eyes never leaving your son. Jack had gotten his wish for a sister, “I’m sure. It might actually make him like me.” He coos down at your daughter, “Your PopPop is a stubborn old mule. But he’ll love you.” As though Aaron, himself, isn’t stubborn. You roll your eyes. 
There’s a knock on the door, as Jack’s head peeks in followed by your dad’s. You smile and wave them in. Jack runs to you. That surprises you, you figured he’d go to Aaron and the baby first. Your dad lifts him onto your bed, and he very gently hugs you. “Hi Marmee!”
“Hello my sweet boy.” 
You comb your fingers through his hair, and kiss his forehead. He bounces a bit, “Do I have a brother or a sister?” 
You look over at Aaron, who’s staring at the two of you with a smile. You nod, and he walks towards you, lowering the baby for Jack to see. He reaches out an strokes her cheek, “She looks like Marmee!” 
You laugh, and look up at your dad who’s standing by the door, “Want to see?” 
He smiles and wanders over. Aaron slides your daughter into your father’s arms. As always, he’s a natural. He’d always had a way with babies, kids, and animals. The only place he was lacking was with adults. 
You watch as he bounces her her slightly, and you can tell, just like when he looked at Jack for the first time, he’s in love. You have a feeling the man is living for his PopPop title. He looks at you, and asks, “What’s her name?” 
“Daisy Shannon Hotchner.” 
He smiles, “It’s beautiful. Thank you for including your mom.” 
You nod, “It includes Kelly too. Daisys were her favorite flower. I think she named every stuffed animal and babydoll Daisy. I thought it was a good way to include them both.” 
Your dad clears his throat, “I think . . .it’s an excellent idea.” 
“Can I hold her?” Jack’s little voice is enough to break you out of your thoughts, and your dad moves to sit on the edge of the bed. You watch as he and Aaron help Jack hold Daisy, and you can’t help the amount of love that fills your heart at the sight. Your little family is perfect. 
Mom and Kelly: 
It’s a pretty day. The sun is shining, and the only clouds in the sky are white and fluffy. It’s been years since you’ve visited. When you were a child, your dad would bring you two to three times a year. You readjust Daisy in your arms, as you stare down at the headstones. Your mother and sister’s names stare back at you. 
You glance at your dad. There’s a blank look on his face for just minute before he bends down and replaces the flowers. He dusts leaves and blades of grass off the headstones. 
You’re silent for a moment before you start, “Hey mama. Hey Kelly. Sorry it’s been so long, but things have been busy. I got married, his name is Aaron. And he’s amazing. And through him I got a beautiful son named Jack. And he knows about you guys. He likes to hear stories about you. And recently I gave birth, which wasn’t fun, but the end result is pretty damn. Her name is Daisy Shannon. Dad and I are doing well. He comes over for dinner most nights now, and he likes to steal Jack away to work on the boat. And when we go to the park, he insists on carrying Daisy. He even wears the Boba baby wrap.” 
“Don’t tell them that! Your sister will laugh at me.” 
You smile, and ignore him, “We miss you guys, and we love you.” 
Your dad’s arms wraps around your shoulders and he places a kiss on the side of your head before stealing Daisy away. 
You roll your eyes, stay a few more minutes while your dad tells them all about Jack and Daisy, before the two of you head out. You meat Jack and Aaron in the middle. 
Jack immediately rushes to your dad, who scoops him up and onto his hip with his free arm. You go to Aaron, who takes your hand, “How were your mom and sister?” 
“They’re good. We told them all about you and Jack.” 
“We’ll have to go with you next time.” 
You shrug, and look off in the direction they had come from, where Haley had been buried. The cemetery is peaceful, and as you walk through it, and back towards the car, you can’t help but think this is the most alive and happy you’ve seen your dad in years. It’s nice. 
You get everyone in the car, your  dad sit in the back in between the carseats, talking with jack while allowing Daisy to play with his finger, when he gets the call/ He barely says two words before hanging up and saying, “I have to go to work. Can you drop me off?” 
Aaron nods, “Sure thing.” 
“And could I get a quick consult?”
You laugh, “We can manage that.” 
And as Aaron pulls away from the curb, your little family heads Back to the Navy Yard. 
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yourlocalheartbreaker · 31 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
aaron hotchner disproved his worst flaws time and time again because sometimes, people say things they don’t mean in moments of anger
spencer reid - revelations || aaron hotchner - no way out ii: the evilution of frank || erin strauss and aaron hotchner - doubt || derek morgan and aaron hotchner - mayhem || aaron hotchner - revelations || haley brooks and aaron hotchner - the fisher king, part one || jennifer jareau, spencer reid and aaron hotchner - paradise || jennifer jareau and aaron hotchner - boxed in || jennifer jareau - revelations || aaron hotchner - what fresh hell || spencer reid and aaron hotchner - revelations || penelope garcia and aaron hotchner - compromising positions || derek morgan - revelations || aaron hotchner - a real rain || aaron hotchner - profiler, profiled || the bau team - true genius || emily prentiss - revelations || jennifer jareau - the longest night || penelope garcia - reflection of desire || emily prentiss - elliot’s pond || haley brooks - route 66
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mitchmatch24 · 32 minutes ago
I love it when people say Hotch is a 100% straight. Like sweetheart, that man is fruitier than some god damn fruit punch. He’s so straight it’s suspicious. Mf thinks we can’t see him when he’s standing in a glass closet.
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iwatchshit3343 · an hour ago
anyways here are my sexuality and prounoun hc that no one asked for (criminal minds main team)
hotch: he/him, mlm but prefers women
rossi: he/him straight
emily: she/they, lesbian
garcia: she/her (mtf), pan
spencer: any pronouns but mainly he/they, bi
morgan: he/they (fucking fight me) bi
j j : she/her, identifies as saphic
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klauss-umbrella · 2 hours ago
emily prentiss did not go to Yale, learn seven languages, join an undercover task force specializing in terrorism, become unit chief of the behavioral analysis unit, and get offered the director of the fbi job for people to write her off as not intelligent. queen isn't dumb.
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guccifloralsuits · 2 hours ago
Hotch’s Reid favoritism is so funny like he straight up lies to Hotch abt being cleared to fly after his knee injury & faces no consequence for it; he gets no formal punishment for the Owen Savage situation, Reid’s the first person Hotch opens up to about his divorce…Hotch knows Reid’s showing up to work high after revelations and doesn’t report it (although that might his guilt for sending Reid to Hankle’s house in the 1st place). In zugzwang he comes IMMEDIATELY when Reid asks even though they don’t take stalking cases, on a whim in s4 Reid’s like “can we stay in Vegas for an extra night” & no questions asked Hotch reschedules the whole team’s flight. Then afterwards he approves last minute time off AND allows 2 other team members to use FBI resources for a random cold case just bc Reid’s been torn up over it. this twink’s got hotch so wrapped around his finger and for what
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ssahotchswife · 3 hours ago
my thoughts for soft hotch saturday
you’ve been injured on the job the unsub gets some hits in or a shot whatever floats the boat. when aaron makes his way to you after unsub is down he’s holding you/or hospital bed after you wake.
all you say it i stayed a live for you
and aaron crumbles
🥺🥺🥺 he’s holding your hand so tightly and when you finally blink awake and say “ouch” he bursts into tears immediately
“you’re alive”
“you didn’t think you were getting rid of me that easily did you?”
“i love you so much, thank you for living”
“i love you too much to die”
and he’d be so careful and gentle when he kissed you 🥺
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olivinesea · 3 hours ago
A Mixed Blessing
prologue: we’re better than this
a/n: A rather soft start. No warnings for this bit. Having a real weird day so I honestly can’t gauge this at all. Enjoy? ~1.3k
An unseen hand fumbled with the half dozen locks on the door, scraping the key uselessly against the metal, locking some that had already been unlocked. This had been going on for several minutes with minimal progress made. Hotch and Emily were sitting at the dining room table watching the struggle. He almost stood up to help, the sounds vibrating through him creating a hum of anxiety. Just as he had lost his patience, the door burst open. Jack stood there, one hand on the door frame, breathing hard as if he’d just battled a giant. In some respects he had, finally overpowering the beast of his father’s paranoia. It had been more than a decade since Foyet’s attacks but Hotch still engaged each lock religiously whenever he closed that door. He only left the chain off when he knew Jack would be coming home.
No one moved as father and son stared at each other, Jack’s eyes red and unfocused. The fact that Jack should have been home two hours ago was not lost on any of the room’s occupants. Hotch pressed his lips together, his mouth a grim barrier trying to hold back the many things he wanted to say. None of them would do any good and he knew it. They’d had this conversation over and over, the scolding and the threats. He was angry but he couldn’t pretend he didn’t understand. Still, this behavior scared him and he wished he could convince Jack that he just wanted him to be safe, wanted to spare him from the things he knew were waiting just along the edges of the life he was sinking into.
“You’re late,” was all he managed to get out.
Jack huffed in response, swinging the door closed with a little too much force. Emily winced at the noise, the crash ringing in the early morning hours. Hotch stood up, not sure what he meant to do but impelled to move. Jacks eyes darted from the chair that scraped along the floor with the movement back to his father’s face. He’d never had a reason to fear his father, the man had never even raised his voice at him. He couldn’t make out the emotion there through the chemical fog in his mind. For a brief moment, he was a child again, studying his father’s expression for hints to explain the sadness he perceived but was never vocalized. Something to help him understand the secrets he felt hanging heavy around them but held so tightly he rarely got a glimpse of what they contained.
“Did you hear me?” Hotch sounded stern. At a loss for how to proceed, he switched to his work voice.
This shook Jack from his meditation, snapping him back to the present and reminding him of just how irritating he found his father’s refusal to treat him as an adult, to treat him like he was capable of handling difficult truths. He’d been there too after all, hadn’t he? Who did his dad think he was protecting, pretending the ghosts haunting them didn’t exist?
“Whatever,” his only response, rolling his eyes as he stalked down the hallway. He slammed the door to his room as well, just for good measure.
Hotch sighed heavily, sinking back into the wooden chair. Emily frowned, she’d seen him tired, seen him injured, seen him in his worst moments and yet this, this defeat was hard to see. She wanted to lighten the mood. Surely it wasn’t so bad as he was making it out to be. The kid came home in one piece, certainly better than she had many times in her youth.
“C’mon, you remember being a kid,” Emily said playfully, trying to soothe him.
“I do,” Hotch replied, his tone dry. He pressed his fingertips against his temples, willing the looming migraine to pass him by this time.
Without being able to see his face she thought they’d moved past the tension. “A little partying never hurt anyone,” she teased.
He raised his head and gave her the look. His glare cut through her lightness, reminding her how scary he could be at times. He felt bad when he saw her shoulders slump. It wasn’t her fault she didn’t know, it wasn’t like he’d ever been one to share. What Emily knew, what anyone knew, had only been picked up through the odd slip, a picture built completely on inference and conjecture. He hesitated, feeling like he needed to make up for his behavior. She was only here because she was his friend, because he’d asked.
There had been one too many of these late nights, anxiously waiting on his sullen child to return (or not) and in a weak moment he had called her. Had asked her to come over without explanation and she had, no questions asked, able to tell just from the way his clipped words stuttered out that he shouldn’t be alone. She didn’t mind, she’d do anything for the big idiot. Sometimes it was just hard to tell what he wanted, seeming to prefer space and silence—so that was what she gave him.
She could tell he was wrestling with his thoughts and reached out a hand, wrapping it around his fingers. “I’m sure it’s stressful. I—I can’t imagine being the parent of a teenager.”
He huffed out a little laugh. It wasn’t funny, neither one of them was amused.
“Emily…” he started but didn’t know if he should continue, if he could continue.
She looked at him carefully, still holding his hand. She’d wait as long as necessary, all night if needed, for him to finish his thought.
He shook his head and stood up, gently pulling his hand from hers. He was going to need a drink for this. He didn’t ask her if she wanted one too, returning with two glasses and the bottle she’d given him for his fiftieth birthday. She smiled upon seeing it and gave him a slight nod as he paused, the bottle hovering above her glass.
Drinks sorted, he sat back down and spun the glass slowly between his fingers. He’d always been a thinker, far more thoughts running through his mind than could ever make it into conversation. He tried to catch one, to find the right place to begin. Emily sipped her bourbon, keeping an eye on her friend. Eventually he looked at her, his dark eyes searching hers, needing confirmation that she was here for this. That she wouldn’t turn away from him when his heart was bleeding on the table. She felt a seed of fear sprout deep in her gut but she only smiled at him encouragingly. He took a shaky breath.
“There are some things about my past that I don’t like to share.”
She could laugh, thinking about all the gaps and the silences, the code of secrecy they were all unwittingly sworn to upon becoming friends with Aaron Hotchner. But she didn’t, she could feel how serious this was, how delicate. She was probably the only person who could do this dance with him well enough to get the story out. She waited.
“I know I shouldn’t be so worried about Jack, it’s just…I had some trouble when I was his age.” He paused to take a drink, more gulp than sip. A drowning man swallowing seawater.
“I’m afraid.”
The admission was barely more than a whisper. Hearing the way his voice cracked, she wasn’t sure she really was strong enough for this but her poker face remained steadily in place.
“I’m listening.”
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olivinesea · 3 hours ago
A Mixed Blessing
Tumblr media
It is summer so I am going all out on this one. A deep, long, very dark look into Aaron Hotchner’s past, specifically centered around addiction. Inspired by @whump-town​ ‘s thoughts on the matter, it’s really gotten away from me. I’ve tried to give myself a little cushion by getting the first few parts done early, hopefully I can keep this rolling at a steady pace. I’ll put warnings on the different parts but just know it’s all dark as fuck. Prepare yourselves.
prologue: we’re better than this
chapter one: never watered down
chapter two: the faces are all the same
chapter three
chapter four
chapter five
chapter six
chapter seven
chapter eight
chapter nine
Sorry in advance. And if you see the chapter titles changing, mind your business, I’m insane.
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anastasiahotchner · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
home, emily dickinson II aaron hotchner, and back II on a wife’s death, bjørnstern bjørnsen II haley brooks and george foyet, 100 II macbeth, william shakespeare II aaron hotchner, 100 II untitled, s. clark II aaron hotchner, the slave of duty II guilt, charlie hasler II aaron hotchner, the slave of duty
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uncpanda · 4 hours ago
6 with Hotch pls 🥺
Aaron Hotchner x GN!Reader
Prompt 6: Forehead kisses but it’s the male being kissed on the head.
Drabble Requests are now closed
“Are you sure I can’t help?”
“I’m sure.”
You kick your legs back and forth as you sit on the counter and watch Aaron cook. Most of the time you were the one who did the cooking. Due to the pure insanity of Aaron’s schedule he didn’t get to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. However, he was actually a very talented cook and baker. Many of the moms in Jack’s class were jealous of the baked goods your boyfriend’s son would bring in for the holiday parties.
And every time Aaron had cooked for you it had been amazing. Plus . . . He looked really good doing it.
“Here, try this.”
You open your mouth and he slides a spoonful of gumbo in. Your eyes flutter closed as the spices dance across your tongue. “I vote that you quit the FBI and open a restaurant. That is really good.”
He smiles and leans forward, “How good?”
You smile, “Too good?”
“Better than this?” He leans forward and kisses you, a smile still on his face.
You kiss him back. And when you pull back you smile at him, “Okay. So it’s the second best tasting thing in this room.”
You lean forward and kiss his forehead, “I only say it because it’s true. That being said, I wouldn’t mind a second taste of that gumbo.”
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scuttling · 4 hours ago
Bachelorette Party
Fandom: Criminal Minds Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/Latina Original Female Character Word Count: 3,258 Tags: 18+, NSFW, Oral sex, Masturbation, Unprotected sex, Daddy kink, Dom/sub, Sappy, Minor Garcia/Morgan
It’s the night of Aaron and Sophie’s bachelor and bachelorette parties, and they’re both going drinking—the guys are going to some upscale, jazzy bourbon place Rossi selected, and the girls are going to one of their most frequented bars because Sophie just wanted to keep it casual. There will be no strippers or penis shaped jewelry, because that’s weird, just too many drinks with friends and some good laughs and a basket of fried food with no nutritional value. It sounds perfect.
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idonotexiste · 4 hours ago
My friend mentioned seven character archetypes so here they are as the BAU seven:
Achiever - Emily
Charmer - Garcia
Comedian - Morgan
Cynic - Rossi
Moody - Hotch
Socially Awkward - Reid
Worrier - JJ
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