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#criminal minds smut
thee-fanfic-fairy · 4 hours ago
Criminal Minds Characters in an Apocalypse
Tw: death? Mentions of sex. Ya know zombie apocalypse tingz many mentions of the walking dead show and game. cursing
A/N: I'm only doing this for characters I know since I'm only on season 5 right now. Don't kill me if someone on the team isn't here I'm not there yet. This was just super funny to me
Aaron Hotchner
Leader of whatever group forms around him
Does not set out to be in a group
People just flock to him for protection and he's like aight cool ig.
Hailey gets mad bc resources are low and he does not know what to do
Level headed and unafraid throughout the entire thing
Sometime lets his anger get the best of him
Solves the problems the group has
Goes unhinged for a while after Hailey ends up dying
Like Rick when Lori dies (her name is Lori right??)
Everyone becomes terrified of him but only for the two years that he takes to grieve
Honestly most peaceful period with no deaths bc he took complete control of the group
Dies trying to keep them safe. Puts himself in the way of danger to prevent anyone else from dying
Jack has many issues bc of this but we will not speak of it.
Jennifer Jareau
Has baby in the middle of the apocalypse
No one knows who the father is bc she refuses to speak about it
Somehow survives when most women do not
Becomes more hardcore and ruthless after the baby is born.
Everyone finds out who baby daddy is when they have a run in with another group and he says something
Joins her group
The one that talks their way out of certain situations
Lowkey in charge of keeping everyone calm
Her child is one of the few that survive infancy
Always has him strapped to her chest
Dies when she's older and slower probably gets caught after years surviving. Always survived bc she constantly stayed with the best group possible.
Penelope Garcia
I'm so sorry for saying this
But baby girl would not last long
She is not made for these situations
Would 100 percent panic when anything goes wrong
Like I love her with all my heart
But she really would not last a day
Honestly only survives bc everyone (especially Morgan) refuses to leave her.
Like that one girl that Clem has to slap to get out of it. The girl with the glasses that almost immediately dies.
Very good with setting up alarm systems to alert when an intruder has entered the base
And not like an electronic type thing but similar
Somehow gets hold of walkie talkies
Immediately dies after Morgan bc her panic and grief sets in and she can't do anything about it.
Emily Prentiss
Is very sensitive to everyones struggle
Attempts to take in everyone she can
Honestly probably has a safe haven
Sometimes has to beat someone or ya know kill them for reasons
Everyone she takes in ends up contributing in some way to keep the place running
Ends up with a colony in a neighborhood that eventually gets taken over.
She survives and promises revenge on those who caused suffering.
Does end up getting her revenge
Stays alone after that in order to not be hurt again
Probably one of the ladies that finds Reid and protects him.
Dies of old age or as a result of a dumb ass injury that everyone gets super pissed at
Derek Morgan
Would be the reason why the group gets into arguments
Not bc he starts them
But bc something he does makes someone mad and everyone is like ??????? Fuck off he's seggsy wym ????
Gets at least one person pregnant
Honestly has sex with so many people considering it's an apocalypse
Would have a sex scene almost every episode if it were a show
He would be that one cute guy in the game in like season 2 of it that Clem finds and stays with after the dog bites her ????
I forget names so easily I can only remember Javier
Honestly the guy who uses force and gets shit done that way
Like the group has a problem and he absolutely beats the shit out of the person causing problems
Gets shot but lives only to die trying to hold a door closed so everyone else can escape.
Spencer Reid
Absolutely unhinged
Like this guy is a genius I know
And while he would either survive the longest or die bc of something Elle did
This man would go completely bonkers
Like the Governor keeping his daughter in the closet type beat
like that level of unhinged
or he would be the groups resident nerd that comes up with clever ways to either kill the entire group of opposing people or the hoard of zombies in the way
Lowkey scares everyone
Would be the man in the forest that tells you its okay and you can trust him
But looks so feral that you stab his knee and run
And like I know he's good looking
But this man would be terrifying
Would have a gang of women around him that would kill/die for him
David Rossi
Old man that everyone is confused about
How tf is he still alive
Everyone he sleeps with ends up dying
Lowkey it's funny that he dooms them to death the moment he's like hell yeah lets do it
Honestly comes up with ideas that work but are unconventional
Somehow survives literally every attack or hardship
Like Hershel without the dying part
Or the weird uncle that joined some random group and becomes the person they talk about their problems to.
Finds a way to make spaghetti one last time
Enjoys fishing
Somehow has a dog
Dies of old age and takes 2 people with him bc he turns and bites them
Elle Greenaway
I swear I love this woman
But she would 100 percent suffer a loss in the beginning or go through something traumatic and go completely unhinged.
I mean like you would be shot with an arrow by her and she'd be like "yeah not my problem" xoxo
Sweet otherwise though
Does try and help people which is probably why she ends up going through the bad things.
In a group she would be the one to do what she wants regardless of what the team leader says
Goes one of the two ways
It works out perfectly fine
Or she gets everyone killed
BUT she would be the character that most fans forgive bc shes pretty and overall means well.
Dies trying to make things right with everyone after she eventually does do something to get everyone else killed.
Jason Gideon
There one minute gone the next
Survives best on his own but constantly stays with 3-4 people
Feral energy
Honestly disappears whenever a problem arises
Figures out a way for the group to survive somewhere remote where the would be virtually no zombies
Ends up in a cabin in the woods
Becomes resident dad to the people that stay with him
Probably a wife and a kid that lost the husband early on
When he eventually loses them he gets supa sad
Does not die until he enters conflict with some group that wants his cabin
They kill him and leave him as a zombie to shamble about the woods until he comes back and demolishes them because they had no idea how to actually kill a zombie and constantly aimed for like the heart/abdomen area
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boldlyvoid · 6 hours ago
ain't it fun? | Part five
Tumblr media
Summary: reader just needs an NA meeting before they have a meltdown, they end up with the best friend they could ever make.
Warnings: pregnancy, chronic illness, spencer's career chance - he's a high school teacher now, they have a 1-year-old, smut at the end but not graphic.
word count: 2.8k
a/n: I imagine this is in season 10, so they've been together at least 7 years-ish now, I just jumped well into the future because I wanted to! also, Cordelia's nickname is Edie and pronounced Ee-dee !!
P1 P2 P3 P4
Spencer sighs, “are you going to like any of my suggestions?”
“When you give me a baby name that isn’t from some weird old male book character, then yes, I’ll take them into consideration,” she replies, hand on her stomach as she lays back against the pillows.
She was huge, 9 months pregnant and so, so close to the finish line. She was swollen and in pain and exhausted. Going off every single medication and recreational drugs to make a life was a commitment and a half, she was doing well but she was so ready to be done. To do a few more months of breastfeeding and then go back on her medications.
Spencer was terrific. He was googling and asking Penelope to research things, he had called doctors he knows and friends and did everything in his power to find a way to ease her pain even before they got pregnant. He’s taken the last 3 months off of work and he doesn’t know when he’ll go back. He has just been so, so incredible the whole time.
Naming a child was hard. You had to not only think about all the nicknames and what their initials spell, but you also had to think about how they’ll like it; if it’ll fit their personality and spirit. And most of all, is it going to get them bullied? There are some terrible kid names. Like Richard… how do you name a newborn Richard?
“I want something meaningful with a nice nickname and works with our names and her siblings,” she whispered towards him. “They need to all work together.”
“What are some of your favourites?” He asks, moving in closer and finding a way to cuddle in with her and her pregnancy pillow who has all but replaced him lately.
“I like earthy names, like Lennox, Juniper, Aspen, Elowen,” her voice is really soft, she bites her lip at the end as she thinks them over again. “And old things like Cordelia and Winnifred.”
“Which one sounds the best with Reid?”
“I like Cordelia Reid the most, and then we can call her Edie and I was thinking you can pick her middle name?” She’s been thinking about it for a while, but too afraid to know his opinions.
“Cordelia means core in Latin, which makes sense cause she already has my heart,” Spencer teased, he has made it very clear that their little girl is going to be spoiled, loved and a daddy's girl.
He took all his fears of being a bad dad and threw them out the window. He knew that just being there was all he wanted from his dad, and so that’s what he was going to do. He left the BAU for the time being, he was doing the odd lecture at the academy and answering calls for cases. They couldn’t just stop using his brain, there were some things too pressing to not ask the walking computer, but other than that, he was done.
He was looking into other jobs for when he finally decides to go back, he was unsure how long of a paternity leave he wanted. He was really content with just staying home all the time now, but he did miss going out and being useful during the days. The job he was most interested in, however, was a high school teacher.
A prep school in DC is looking into adding an Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology course to their curriculum, and they wanted Spencer. They thought he would be perfect for the seniors, he is fun and young and attentive, he can control a room and keep them entertained, and he’s probably the best teacher a kid could get.
It was going to make him a good dad too.
“I think Jade is a nice middle name,” he adds after thinking it over for a few minutes.
“Cordelia Jade Reid,” she says the full name for the first time and it just feels right, like they already know her.
She was very calm for a newborn baby.
She liked to just look around and blink, she licked her lips a lot and she was constantly breaking out of her swaddle. She was always happy to have cuddles with her dad and she pooped every night at exactly at 3 am, without fail. She didn’t cry a lot, but when she did it was still wonderful to hear.
They were so in love with her, she was absolutely perfect for them. She fit right into their sleeping schedule and their life, she ate like a pro, she slept most of the night and she was growing way too fast for their liking.
One day they’re crying over the fact they made a life in a tiny little hospital room, and the next thing they know she’s about to turn 1.
She’s sitting in bed with Y/N, she’s sitting in her lap with two handfuls of hair and a story to tell. She’s been babbling so much lately, she hears them talking all the time and she wants to join so badly. They indulge her, asking her to continue her thoughts and gasping at her gossip.
“No way, and what did you do next?!” She asked the little one sat in her lap.
Edie babbled on once more, smacking her tongue on the roof of her mouth as she pushed air past her vocal cords, humming and making the funniest sounds. She went on and on, she was so enthusiastic, like her father, as she waved her arms around to make her point.
“That is so fascinating, you are so cool, little Edie,” Y/N hyped her up, smiling at her as she leaned in close and pressed their noses together.
Cordelia laughed and it finally made Spencer giggle too, he had been watching from the doorway as his ‘wife’ and daughter talked in bed. They were best friends already, always talking and snuggling, learning or reading together. She was always happy when she was with one of them, she was needy and snuggly and very co-dependent but they didn’t mind, they preferred all the attention from her.
“Look who’s home,” Y/N whispered and Cordelia shot a glance towards the door, she smiled and screamed as she saw him.
“Hi Edie!” He waves at her with a smile, he takes his bag off and places it by the dresser followed by his blazer.
He gets into the bed and she instinctively reaches for a hug. He wraps her up and she snuggles right into his neck, with a fistful of his shirt, she just holds him there. She didn’t understand why he wasn’t home all day anymore, she missed him for lunch and at nap time but she loved the new routine of a snuggle when she woke up and he got home.
Spencer leans back against the pillows beside Y/N, turning his head to capture a kiss from her lips. They always just spend a quick second kissing when he gets home, even if it’s just a peck or a full-on passionate make-out, he always kisses her when he comes home. He smiles at the end of the kiss, pulling her into a hug too.
“I love Fridays,” he whispers, “Edie do you know what Fridays mean?”
She pulls away and sits up, she loves to listen to him. “Friday is the last day of the school week, which means I get to spend 2 whole days with my favourite people now.”
Edie smiled, almost like she understood what he meant, and then she was talking again, it was completely incomprehensible but they imagined she was telling him about her day.
“You forgot the part where we went to the park,” Y/N added.
Cordelia looked at her with wide eyes, “dada,” was the only word she said before babbling on again and they both stopped.
“Did she just?” Spencer was shocked and frozen still after asking.
Y/N sat up and looked right into Cordelia’s eyes, “who is that?” She pointed at Spencer.
“Dada!” She said it again and they were suddenly all squealing, even Cordelia was suddenly excited as she kept screaming dada over and over again.
“Can you say, mom? Or mama? Mummy?” Spencer tried his hardest to find an easy way for her to say it.
“Mumm,” she pushed her lips together to hum her M sound and Spencer was floored, he bounced her up and down a small amount as they cheered.
“Smartest girl in the world!” Spencer cheered her on before pulling her into another hug.
Y/N was crying softly, little tiny dreams that she didn’t even know she had were coming true every single day with them. She knew she wanted to be a mom when she was growing up, all those dreams died when her illness got worse and they all warned her that having kids would put her at risk of being moneyless and that working wasn’t an option to even support them. Let alone the threat of them taking them away just because of her autism or depression possibly being considered ‘too bad’ to care for them.
Spencer took all those fears and he kicked them out. Every day she got to experience the most precious gifts the world had to offer, her daughter was perfect and her husband was incredible. Together they were a perfect little family that ran on trust, love, and communication. Always talking, always hugging, always there for each other.
They crawl into bed much later than they expected to. Cordelia didn’t want to go to bed, she was trying her hardest to keep staying awake to spend time with them but eventually, sleep won. They finally placed her in her crib with her white noise and her complete darkness and closed her door for the next few hours of peace.
They both let out a deep sigh before rolling to face one another. “How was your day?” He asks, like always.
“Good,” she smiles, “I think having a kid and getting on her schedule was the best thing I’ve ever done actually, cause I’m sleeping on time, I’m eating when she does and I’m outside a lot more. She’s given me this purpose and it’s rewarding on my body.”
Spencer moves in so he can kiss her nose, “I love hearing that.”
“How was your class today?” She asks back, loving his little stories about all the 17 and 18-year-olds that were fascinated by him. As well as the kids who thought it was cool to try and pick on him before getting the shit verbally kicked out of them in front of the whole class.
It was interesting seeing him in a form of authority, he never really took charge at the BAU, she’s never seen him yell at his friends and he’s never really yelled at her either. He’s been incredibly calm, so to see him verbally tear someone apart by acknowledging their biggest flaws to make sense of why they feel the need to bully, it was pretty intense.
“They were a lot better today, they enjoyed the lesson and the kids that were giving me trouble skipped, I guess he really didn’t appreciate me calling him out that bad on Tuesday,” Spencer smirked, rolling his eyes like he cared.
“I still can’t believe that he thought it was okay to call you names in front of other students, where is the respect these days?”
“Well,” he’s about to do what he always does. He can never be truly mad at someone because he knows why everyone does what they do and that they can’t help it. “In his file, it says his parents are newly divorced, we get a list of all the kids information on the attendance like allergies and things, but also small info like life changes in case they act out.”
“Doesn’t mean he can call you the f slur,” she whispers, “all because you wore a purple shirt?”
“If I met his father I’d probably get an answer for that,” he adds, “if he’s afraid to show his emotions around his son, it’s probably why his son thinks colours are gay.”
It makes her laugh, “you look hot in purple too so I don’t see the problem?”
“Do I?” He teases, getting in even closer and pressing their bodies together.
She rolls her eyes before wrapping her arms around him and leaning forward for a quick kiss, “I think you look sexy all the time.”
He kisses her as a thank you, “I think the same about you.”
“Even when I haven’t showered in 2 days because she cries if she can’t see me and she cries if she gets wet?” Y/N laughed, annoyed but in love with their little monster at the same time.
“Always,” he reminds her. “I love you.”
“I love you too,” she kisses him again after.
There are probably a million more things to share from the day, but they spend their time kissing instead. It’s been too long since they’ve just rolled around in the sheets making out like they did in the beginning. Before they ever had sex, before they had kids and a house and a love as strong as they do now.
A part of them missed the early days when everything was new and exciting, but she also loved the fact that they knew each other so well that they didn’t have to communicate anymore. They ran like 1 unit, always completing the other person's thoughts, needs and wants. They were so unbelievably happy.
She wants him badly and he wants her just as much, and he’s about to take her when she pulls back. “Nope, as much as I love her I can’t get pregnant again for at least another year.”
It makes him laugh as he pulls away and rolls over to look through his nightstand for a condom, “it wouldn’t be that bad?”
“You carry it then, seahorse it up,” she teased. “I like being back on my medicine, I need some time to be okay before I go through all that again.”
Once he’s all situated in the latex and back between her legs, he hovers over her, so close that their lips are touching ever so slightly. “I am fine if it’s just the three of us forever.”
“I’m not,” she smiles, “there will be 4 of us one day, just not today.”
With that, she’s pulling him into another kiss as he pushing inside. It’s a feeling she’s accustomed to but will never be used to, it’s a stretch that shouldn’t be as intoxicating as it is. She holds him closer as she plays with his tongue in her mouth.
He was so good at everything he did, especially the sex. He knew every single part of her body now and exactly how to push all her buttons the right way. She could live in the moment of his pumping in and out of her while his thumb circled her clit and his other hand groaned her breasts. Eventually, he kissed down her throat and she was a mess of breathy moans and low gasps.
Writing in the sheets, her legs wrap around him as she tried to pull him in even closer. It was impossible to get closer but he was still too far away, she wanted to absorb him and live in him forever. He was her safe place and she never wanted to be anywhere else.
As her orgasm bubbled, so did his. The both of them gasping and panting, she whined as she breached the edge and gripped his back, “Spence!”
“That’s it, sweetheart,” he whispered before fucking into her harder and faster, pushing her through it as he reached his own.
His movements on her clit never stopped and suddenly one felt like two and she wasn’t sure when the rush was going to stop and she didn’t care when it did. It was powerful, soothing and euphoric. A high she could live in for a while and return to it without problem as long as she had him.
He came with a small moan, trying to keep quiet as he muffled it into her neck, stilling his hips on his last thrust and dropping onto her more. Her hands were all over his back as she pressed kisses to his forehead, coming down but not wanting the love to stop there.
The love was never going to stop there for them. Their love was never-ending, and somehow as she held him there in her arms and felt his breath on his neck, she turned to see the baby monitor with their peaceful child sound asleep down the hall, she loved him even more now somehow.
Loving Spencer Reid was like falling down a bottomless pit. She never knew when she was going to reach the end, but she was content with falling.
smut taglist: @g0lden-cth @doctorspenceryeet @samuel-de-champagne-problems @reiding-recs @shemarmooresfedora @spencers-dria@reidsfish @manuosorioh @mochionly @jswessie187 @k-k0129 @calm-and-doctor @blanchardsbk
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boldlyvoid · 12 hours ago
mystery of love
Tumblr media
400 Follower Celebration Fic #2
fic #1
summary: Spencer surprises his wife with a trip to Italy.
cw: pure fluff, mentions of sex
word count: 700
a/n: thank you @jswessie187 for all the love and support, I loved this mood board it was so sweet thinking of a little getaway for them
When Spencer asks if she has a passport, she knows she’s not overreacting to his new level of weirdness. He was being so secretive and strange, hiding things and making sure she couldn't see his phone when they sat side by side. It was weird…
“Are you going to kill someone and make me go on the run with you?” She asks him honestly. “I will, I just need to know the plan, dude?”
He laughs, “no! Oh my god, I just wanted to take some of my vacation days and surprise you with something nice.”
Her face lights up, she steps forward and holds him by the front of the shirt. “Please, tell me where we are going so I can plan and get cute outfits and things!”
“What if I told you I already bought you a bunch of sundresses and bathing suits?” His voice is barely a whisper as he wraps his arms around her and holds her close.
He’s always been surprising her, ever since they started dating, now they’ve been married for years and the gifts still don’t stop coming, “are you crazy?”
“For you?” He teases, “always.”
He scheduled time off with her work, he booked the tickets and a place to stay. The only thing she was allowed to do was to finish packing her suitcase with personal things. He was being so secretive, she was nervous about the outcome even though she knew it would be amazing. All Spencer’s surprises were.
He doesn’t tell her until they’re at the airport, she’ll find out anyway. It’s not like they were taking a private jet and she’d be able to guess the whole time. Instead, they were first class on their way to Italy and she was beyond shocked.
Spending the whole flight on the wifi trying to learn as much Italian as possible, she was googling sights to see and food to try and all the bells and whistles. She was so excited, Spencer was excited to just watch her.
He loved seeing her smile, he loved her laugh and her cheeks and the way her eyes glistened when she was excited. Her laugh was perfect, her voice was sweeter than sugar cane. He was so incredibly in love with her, of course, he was going to do something big and extravagant like this to show her.
They land and he shows her to the hotel. The thank you sex is probably the best time they’ve had since their honeymoon. She’s beyond happy with his choice of destination and that translates between the sheets. They spend most of the night trying to adjust to a new timezone after that, the real adventure started tomorrow.
Rossi had a vineyard, because of course he did, and Spencer kindly asked to borrow it for the week. It was huge; there was a staff there working even when he wasn’t around, his own winery, extravagant art collections and rare books Spencer’s only dreamed of holding in his own hands.
It’s insane and it’s all theirs.
They spend a few days just relaxing in the sunshine. Laying in the fields with picnics and books, eating fresh grapes off the vine, sampling the wine till they’re drunk and running through the grass together like children. They were finally relaxed, there was no murder to call him away or a fight to be had over hogging the bed sheets or forgetting the dry-cleaning. It was a perfect vacation.
Laying on his chest, under the stars, she can’t help but think of the rest of forever. “What’s next?”
“What do you mean?” He asks.
“For us, what’s our next plan? Are we going to leave your apartment soon and get a house? Are we ever going to have kids? Are you going to be with the bureau forever? What if I want to switch school districts and move more into Virginia?”
“Do you?” He asks softly.
“This has been so nice, I have been thinking about getting a cottage with you and just having a safe space where you’re not hunting bad guys all the time,” she whispers. “I want more time with you.”
“Okay,” he agrees with a smile, holding her closer to his chest than before and pressing a kiss to her forehead. “You can have all the time that you want.”
taglist: @g0lden-cth @doctorspenceryeet @samuel-de-champagne-problems @reiding-recs @ssavanessa22 @spookyspence @shemarmooresfedora @spencers-dria@reidsfish @manuosorioh @mochionly @jswessie187 @k-k0129 @calm-and-doctor @blanchardsbk
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ssahotchswife · 15 hours ago
I’ll Be There For You
Tumblr media
Summary: The reader and Aaron's relationship gets found out much like Monica and Chandler's from the television show FRIENDS.
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x (female) reader!
Includes: Fluff, fun, love confessions, BAU team finding out about your relationship with Aaron, FRIENDS reference, implied smut
Word Count: 2.6k
A/N: This is posted on my ao3 (ssahotchswife)! This was a request from the delightful @emilyenna​ ! I hope you like this one, it was so fun to write!!! Thanks for reading all! AO3 LINK
Aaron Hotchner had been divorced for six months when you first slept together. Dave had been having one of his classic summer parties and you both had ended up drinking a little too much – not enough that neither of you was in control of yourselves – enough to give you a little liquid courage to slam your lips together outside of the guest bathroom in Dave’s mansion.
He’d insisted you both stay the night – along with Reid and Penelope – so he didn’t have to worry about you driving home, and had set you each up with a nice guest room. The next morning when he burst into Aaron’s room with a mug of coffee, you were lucky to have been hidden under the covers, so he didn’t see you.
“Do you think he knew I was here?” You’d asked, popping your head out of the blankets after Rossi left the room.
“I don’t think so,” Aaron’s deep voice had rumbled.
You’d nodded, pulling the sheet up to cover your naked body as you sat up in the bed and looked at your naked boss. Both of you were staring at one another with wide eyes, neither of you sure how to start the conversation.
“S-so,” You said. “That was new.” A little grin quirked up on Aaron’s lips at your awkwardness.
“Yes,” He said, nervously. “Very very new.”
“Bad idea,” You rubbed your hands over your eyes.
“Terrible,” He agreed. “The worst.”
“Wait, was the sex –”
“No, the sex was amazing!” He exclaimed, trying to keep his volume down in case anyone could hear him. “You are – (y/n), you’re amazing.”
“You are too,” You smiled softly. “Oh, but that’s bad! W-we can’t –”
“No, we can’t,” His eyes were bigger than you’d ever seen them. “No matter how amazing it was – how amazing it would be again – we can’t.”
You’d shaken on it, vowing to keep away from each other because sex complicates things, and you really didn’t need complicated. The thing was: nothing had ever been complicated with Aaron before. Even from the moment you started working with the BAU, you and Aaron had had a seamless back and for the, often pairing up on cases and going out for drinks when you were both the last ones left in the office because you were such workaholics.
It was one of those nights a week later when you and Aaron were the only ones left in the office and you went up to his office, only to end up on his desk not ten minutes later.
“Well,” You’d said as he handed you your bra after you finished. “I guess shaking on an agreement means nothing anymore.”
“Hey, you came up here,” He’d grinned.
“We’re not going to stop are we?”
“Hell no,” Aaron had kissed you then. “Feels too good to stop.”
“Thank god,” You’d exhaled with a grin. “We can just keep this between us – two friends hanging out, having amazing sex.”
“Sounds perfect.”
And you were both able to keep the secret pretty well. Until about two months ago. You were, in bed with him once again, three and a half months down with your boyfriend. You were trying to swindle him into rubbing your back, and he wasn’t having it, not at all.
“Come on, Aaron,” You’d whined, flopping down on your stomach in his lap.
“Not a chance,” He’d smirked, placing the file he was reading from on your back.
“I’m not your table,” You’d grumbled.
“Aw,” He’d cooed, leaning over to kiss you briefly. “But you’re such a cute table.”
You’d glared at him, rolling off his lap to check your phone. A text from Penelope in the BAU girls group chat had flashed on the screen, wondering where you were, she’d apparently stopped by your apartment and obviously didn’t find you there. She was getting suspicious, you could tell, every time you claimed you were too busy to go to the bars on a Friday night, or for a girls’ night sleepover that you were in a relationship. You hated keeping such an important secret from them, but this was just going really well, probably because you were away from the peering eyes and crazy questions of all your friends.
Aaron had always told you that you never had to worry about canceling plans with him if you wanted to be with the girls, but you would never give up time with Aaron – even for your best friends.
“What are you thinking so hard about over there?”
“Nothing,” You’d smiled at him over your shoulder. “Just the girls wondering where I’m at.”
“They’re missing you,” He’d smiled, tearing his eyes from the file in front of him to look at you. “I’m always stealing you away.”
“I don’t mind it,” You’d grinned. “Believe it or not I actually enjoy your company.”
“I should hope so,” He’d laughed. “Considering you’ve spent four months with me.”
“Three and a half months,” You’d corrected, pulling one of his t-shirts on.
“Right,” Aaron had laughed, peeling himself out of bed as well and putting clothes on as he followed you out into the living room of his apartment.
A yelp had shot out of you as he smacked your panty-covered ass, walking into the kitchen to make coffee. You had perched yourself on one of the stools, propping your chin up with an elbow on the counter as you watched him with a smile. Aaron had glanced up at you every so often with a little grin, leaning over the counter to press a long kiss to your lips. Your smooching had been interrupted by a knock on the door. Aaron had pulled back with a sigh.
“Can you grab that?”
“Absolutely,” You’d grinned, hopping off your stool and making your way to the door.
In hindsight, it might have been a good idea to check the peephole before opening the door – or at least put some pants on.
“Hotchner Household, how can we – oh my god,” Your grin had dropped from your face immediately when you saw Spencer’s shocked expression staring at you from the hallway of the apartment building.
“(Y/n)?” He’d asked with wide eyes. “W-what are you doing here? With no pants on.”
“(Y/n), honey, who was at the door?” Aaron had called from the kitchen, making his way out to the foyer with two mugs of coffee. “Oh, shit.”
“S-Spence,” You’d said, tugging him into the apartment before he could bolt from the room.
The both of you had sat him down in the kitchen, placing both of your mugs of coffee – that he had downed instantly – in front of him, and explained what happened. You told him how it happened and how you got to where you were – two friends in a casual relationship all about fun and sex and a good time. He seemed freaked out, but he agreed to keep your secret for you.
For the next two months, everything progressed wonderfully with you and Aaron. Every day you got closer and closer, and you started wondering if maybe you were falling in love. Which you thought was stupid when you realized you were already head over heels in love with this man. You’ve been keeping it in for weeks now, ever since you’d realized you were in love with him, trying not to let it pop out every time it jumped into your brain. Like now, with you perched on his desk, Aaron standing between your legs and kissing you.
“Aaron,” You giggled. “We can’t be doing this now.”
“Why not?” He asked. “Everyone’s at lunch.”
“You’re cute when you’re being sneaky,” You said, bringing his face closer to yours for a big smooch.
“You’re cute when you’re on my desk,” Aaron smirked. “Cute when I’m kissing you.”
“I think fooling around in your office is a bad idea,” You said as he kissed under your jaw. “What if someone sees us?”
“I seem to remember someone enjoying herself immensely last time we fooled around in my office,” He grinned up at you.
“Shameless,” You laughed, arching your back up into him.
You had about thirty minutes of your lunch break left, so you had no problem taking things a bit further with Aaron in the privacy of his office. Sleeping with the boss was exciting, especially when you got to do things like this – the rush of being together in his office was insanely hot.
As soon as you heard voices downstairs again, you and Aaron quickly cleaned yourselves up to get back to work. When you turned around to leave Aaron’s office after some smooching, you realized the blinds to Aaron’s office window were open – god you could only hope that the two of you finished before anyone saw anything.
Down in the bullpen, Derek, Emily, and Penelope were huddled around Emily’s desk and when they glanced up and saw you, they dispersed. Suspicious.
The next day was when things got weird. Aaron called you up to his office a little bit before lunch and told you that he was pretty sure Emily was flirting with him. You doubted it, so he walked back to the bullpen with you to show you what he was talking about.
“Wow, Hotch, I never noticed how much that suit really makes your ass look good,” Emily said when you joined them around Emily’s desk. “Almost like it was made for you.”
“Uh, t-thanks,” He said, watching her walk away with Derek for their lunch break. As soon as they were out of the room he turned to you with wide eyes. “Did you see that?”
“Yeah, I did,” You said suspiciously. A gasp rocked out of your mouth. “Oh my god!”
“She knows about us!”
“Do you think? Are you sure she doesn’t just have feelings for me?” He asked, let the questions settle, and then added, “She knows!”
Stomping over to Spencer’s desk, you smacked Spencer’s arm, and he looked up at you with wide eyes, “Does Emily know about us?”
“I didn’t tell all of them!”
“All of them?” You snapped. “Who is them?”
“Emily,” He nodded. “A-and Spencer.”
“Spencer,” Aaron sighed. “Please.”
“And Penelope,” He said, looking down at his feet. “And Derek.”
“Spencer!” You exclaimed.
“I’m sorry!” He exclaimed back. “They cornered me! They saw you two going at it in your office and I can’t lie!”
Aaron gave you an innocent smile when you raised an eyebrow at him, not even needing words to get your point across.
“God, they think they can mess with us?” You said. “They think they can mess with us? They don’t know we know they know.”
“What is this, season four FRIENDS?”
“You watch FRIENDS?” You asked your boyfriend.
“Here and there.” He shrugged.
“No, no,” You said. “You’re right, let’s go full FRIENDS with this.”
“Sweetheart,” Aaron said, putting a hand on your shoulder. “I don’t know if this –”
“I mean it!” You exclaimed. “They think making Emily flirt with you will make you crack, but what happens when you flirt back?”
“You want me to flirt with Emily?” Aaron asked, watching you with an amused expression.
“Yes,” You said earnestly. “Seduce her until she cracks! Spencer, you can’t say anything to them, okay?”
“You are a strange bird, my strange bird,” Aaron said, kissing the side of your head. “But that’s what I lo- that’s what’s great about you.” His cheeks were pink, and he was obviously flustered at the almost slip of the tongue, so you were nice and side-stepped it – even though your heart was pounding a mile a minute at what he almost said.
For the rest of your lunch break, you and Aaron came up with a plan. He called Emily and asked her to stay a little late at work today so they could talk – making it clear that this was not going to be a professional talk. You were going to be waiting in Aaron’s office listening to everything happening in the bullpen, and you were sure that she would have Penelope and Derek hidden somewhere listening too.
Trying to keep your cool for the rest of the workday was torture, all you wanted to do was burst out to your friends that you knew they knew about your relationship with Aaron. And from the glances you kept getting from Emily – and the looks she kept exchanging with Derek – told you that they were feeling much the same. By the time the end of the workday rolled around, and you snuck up to Aaron’s office to hide, you were about ready to jump out of your skin.
“Hi,” You smiled at your boyfriend, putting your hands on his shoulders and pressing up on your tiptoes to kiss him quickly. “Are you ready for this?”
“Yep,” He nodded. “I know the plan, and I know that we are winners.”
“I’m so glad I found someone as competitive as me,” You laughed.
“Let’s do this,” Aaron said, leaning in for another quick kiss before letting you straighten his eyes.
Checking him over once more, you opened the door for him and shoved him out of the office.
Through the little slats of the blinds on the office window, you watched Aaron walk down the stairs of the bullpen to where Emily was stood in a nice black dress. Aaron had left the door to his office open just a crack so you could hear what they were saying.
“So, Prentiss – uh, Emily,” Aaron said. “I’m glad you stayed.”
“H-how could I not?” She asked, a flirty smile on her face. “You’re s-so sexy.”
“I’m your boss,” Aaron said. “This could get dicey.”
“You’re worth it,” She replied, putting a nervous hand on Aaron’s shoulder. “Can I kiss you?”
You took in a deep breath, preparing yourself to watch your over-competitive kiss your friend to make sure that your team won. Aaron put his hand on her waist and braced himself for the kiss. Time stood still as they leaned in hesitantly towards each other – and then Aaron pulled back completely.
“I can’t do this,” He said.
“Oh really?” Emily smirked. “And why is that?”
“I love (y/n), okay!” Aaron exclaimed.
“Y-you what?” Everyone popped out of their respective hiding places to stare at him in shock.
“Love!” He yelled. “I love her – I. Love. Her.”
Your jaw was practically dragging on the floor as you walked out of Aaron’s office to stand in front of him. He smiled softly down at you, holding your hips tightly.
“I’m in love with you, (y/n).”
“I love you too, Aaron,” You grinned. “In the really serious way.”
Aaron’s hands on your head pulled you up to meet his lips in a sweet, soft kiss that only lasted a few seconds because of your audience.
“W-we just thought you guys were having sex!” Penelope squealed. “We didn’t know you were in love!”
Aaron held his arm around your shoulders, grinning down at you like an idiot while you squeezed his waist in your arms. Looking out at your friends supportive, happy smiles, you couldn’t feel anything but pure, unadulterated happiness.
“I can’t say I’m surprised,” Emily grinned. “But I am happy for you.”
“Thank you,” You grinned. “I’m happy for me too.”
“And maybe consider closing your blinds if you’re going to get busy in the office,” Derek shrugged.
“This calls for a celebration!” Penelope exclaimed happily, rushing off to grab the bottle of champagne Rossi keeps in his office.
You were surrounded by your favorite people in the world, but the very best one was the one holding you close by your waist and whispering in your ear telling you how much he loved you.
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subspencer · 15 hours ago
perv spencer (ESPECIALLY s1-s2) would literally spend entire briefings daydreaming about you while staring right at your tits and hotch would be like “reid what are your thoughts. reid. reid?” and gideon would have to put a hand on his shoulder to snap him out of it and he’d go like BEET red after realizing what he’d done. imagine what would happen if you confronted him about it later when y’all were alone ✋🏾✋🏾✋🏾 down bad
oof okay. spencer daydreaming about you, then without even thinking drawing you naked (to the best of his imagination) or exactly as he saw you in that meeting. and can you imagine finding his sketches? also i know it’s subby baby spencer but in his dream scenario he gets to be on top <3 he likes to think he’s strong <3
wc: 1.4k
cw: sub!spencer, baby!spencer, glasses!spencer, perv!spencer (aka Criminally Horny spencer), fem!reader, titty sucking <3
Hotch is running on about the details of the new case, and Spencer has no idea what they are. He’s technically aware that this stuff is important, but there are more… pressing things on his mind.
Specifically, the way that your chest stretches your blouse taught over your body, where your chest is just slightly too full for this size of a top. The fabric between two buttons right there gapes apart, just enough that he can see a sliver of your bare skin through it. Bare skin and the dainty lace edges of your bra. 
Since he made that discovery about five or ten minutes ago, his gaze hasn’t moved past that little peek. It’s been etched into his memory already, but what good is a memory when he can look at the real thing right now, be completely entranced by you, right now. 
“Reid…” he hears. He pictures you saying it, whispering it into his ear in the dark. The lights are off but he can still see your face, twisted in pleasure as you lay under him. “Reid!” It’s louder now. You’re screaming it at him as he thrusts his hips into you, faster as he approaches his high. 
“Reid!!” He feels a bump on his shoulder and suddenly that image is gone. He snaps back to the present, completely unaware that he was lost in his own dream world as he looks around at the room full of people. He doesn’t even know when they all got here.
While Gideon starts to lay into Spencer for losing his focus, you feel a heat creep up your neck. You caught him looking; you thought he was just staring into space, spurring theories in his mind, until you saw the way he turned red and stuttered through his words. He was definitely staring at you.
His eyes catch yours as you begin to smile and he shifts in his seat, readjusting to hide the obvious tell in his trousers. 
Hotch can’t dismiss the meeting fast enough; Spencer waits for the room to clear out so no one sees him as he runs off to the bathroom to… handle his situation. 
He returns to his desk still slightly flushed, even after splashing cold water on his face post-release. He’s positive the shame is splattered all over his expression as he slinks back to his seat, ducking his head and burying his nose in case files to avoid looking at you for the rest of the day. 
You want to say something, but you never get the chance. Each time you look over to him and think of approaching, something else requires your immediate attention. Whenever you see him heading in your direction, he immediately turns around and walks the other way once he sees you there. It’s a game of cat and mouse, and you are losing. 
Until the end of the day, that is. You wait him out. Spencer doesn’t want to leave the office because he knows that the second he does, you’re going to head out, too. You’ll ask to join him on the metro for some company, like always, and he’ll be stuck talking to you for forty minutes with the painful knowledge he just got himself off in the office restroom while thinking about you. 
He figures if he waits long enough, you’ll get tired and go home, and he’ll slip out twenty minutes later to make sure he doesn’t see you. Instead, you play his game and wait as long as it takes for him to finally go home. 
It’s now nine p.m. The last remaining agents on this floor left thirty minutes ago, and Spencer is still pretending to be working. You’re well aware he finished his paperwork around six or seven, but he’s scribbling away in some journal to keep busy. 
As quietly as possible, you slip away from your desk and creep up behind him, hoping to corner him like your prey. As you get closer, you see what he’s scribbling on his paper. It’s a drawing. It’s a drawing of you. 
Specifically, it’s a drawing of you from the neck down, in the exact blouse you wore today. The buttons are undone and, to the best of Spencer’s imagination, in addition to the little preview he got earlier, you’re drawn sitting in your lace bra with the sides of the shirt laying open to show it off. His memory served him far too well, he has practically every detail of your body’s shape drawn accurately. And he even knew the exact pattern of the lace. 
“Wow… that’s really good…” you whisper before you’re even aware. 
Spencer jumps in his seat, slamming his sketchbook closed as he drops his pen in shock.
“Was that me?” you blush. 
“N-no. That–that was nothing,” he swallows, shoving the book into his desk drawer. He shuffles around the objects on his desk, scrambling to pack up his bag with whatever he sees so he can make a quick escape. You grab his hand to stop him, taking a seat on the edge of the desk in front of his chair. 
“It looked pretty good.” Spencer looks everywhere but directly at you. He fiddles with his tie, his sweater, anything in his hands as your gaze burns holes into his head. Seeing him squirm like this is entirely adorable, so you tease, “Wanna see how close you got to the real thing?” 
His head snaps up, eyes bulging out. He says nothing, so you start to work the buttons on your blouse, and his eyes follow the movement of your hands. He pushes the bridge of his glasses back up his nose, clearing his throat as your fingers undo your buttons from top to bottom. 
“Your drawing looked pretty accurate to me, Spencer,” you smile, popping open the last button and moving your shirt to your sides. “Did you get the lace right?” 
His Adam’s apple bobs up and down his throat. He’s entirely focused on your chest, filling out your bra, rising and falling as you breathe. 
“I- I think so,” he stutters, shaking his head to remind himself to speak. 
“Why don’t you look closer?” You place a hand behind his head, bringing him a little closer to you. His tongue darts over his lips. Even under the dim overhead lighting, they glisten. His lips part slightly as he gets close, eyes roaming all over your exposed skin. 
“I–I…” Spencer trails. 
“You what, baby?” you giggle quietly, scratching his hair gently. He’s rock hard, clear as day, and his mind is completely blank besides thoughts of you. 
“I want you. So bad,” he whispers, barely audible. 
“I know,” you chuckle, stroking his locks with both hands now, letting your fingernails graze his scalp and send goosebumps all over him. Your thumbs rub his cheekbones, bringing his face to look up at yours. His big, brown puppy eyes are boring into yours, wide and waiting for you to say something. 
You dive down, giving him a quick peck, and he chases your lips with his own, eyes still closed, as you pull away. Your hands leave his face for only a second but still he whimpers at the loss of contact, opening his eyes to see why you’ve left him. He looks at just the right time to watch you reach around to undo the clasp of your bra, shrugging it off along with your blouse, now completely bare to him. 
“You know, your drawing is off to a good start...” you take his cheek in your palm again, guiding him to your chest. He instinctively runs his tongue over his lips to wet them before placing a reserved peck against your sternum, above your breast. Encouraged by your smile, he places another. And another. And several more, running down the valley between your breasts. 
“Maybe you just need to get a little more familiar with the subject,” you sigh as he finally moves to one side, kissing over the swell of your breast before finally attaching his mouth around your nipple, sucking softly. His glasses shift up his nose, at risk of falling off his face as he buries himself into your chest, losing himself in memorizing your skin. He carefully bites down with his teeth and pulls gently, laving over the bud with his tongue at the same time, and another whimper escapes him as you moan. “So next time, just ask me to pose for you.” 
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reidstoychest · 15 hours ago
a concept I'm always obsessed with is making Spencer use slang for body parts during sex
just like grinding down onto his leg and him whimpering and asking you to touch him but you refuse until he tells you where he wants touched
or teasing his hole with your fingers and making him beg for you to finger fuck his ass
or making him plead to finish but still refusing him until he calls it cumming
I love this so much
I can hear the pleas he gives, not even using words and just whining because he’s too embarrassed. Eventually you tease him sm that without even getting close he’s already fuzzy and dumb for you, willing to say anything you want without caring.
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boldlyvoid · 16 hours ago
Intro to Criminal Minds: Why They Did It
Tumblr media
Criminal Minds x Mindhunter AU
Spencer Reid x Peggy Carr (OC) Part 2: The Case
Summary: Spencer is teaching a 7-week seminar on the most interesting criminal cases, explaining their actions to understand why they took place. Only, not everyone in the audience is a student.
warnings: strangers to lovers, mutual pining, slow burn! flirting, fluff, eventual smut, idiots in love, OC is Wendy Carr and Jason Gideon's biological daughter. mentions of rape and murder (typical canon violence)
word count: 2.2K
He’s not expecting her to roll out a full map after the waitress clears the food from their table. They’ve been in the booth for barely 20 minutes. Having mindless conversations about their day and small get to know each other questions while they ate.
“So, I brought all this to my dad,” she explained, dropping 33 files on the table as well as 2 spiral notebooks and a handful of pens. “He thinks I have a case, but he’s refusing to look at the evidence because he’s still triggered by it, which I get, but he said you’d be the best at helping me because I really just need a geo-profile consult.”
“How is he doing?”
She’s been waiting for him to ask but she still didn’t know how to answer, no matter how much time she had to prep, “uh, he’s good. He talks about you every time I see him, how often do you talk?”
“We haven’t talked since he almost died, 6 years ago now… yes, it was in 2015,” Spencer says it like it’s nothing serious.
“Oh,” she’s confused about it all. Her father talks about him more than anyone else, always remembering a case or a conversation that he just had to tell her about.
Spencer was his buddy in her eyes. “Here I was thinking he liked you more than me like you’re his favourite kid.”
“I’m not his kid,” his eyes widen at the insinuation that they’re somehow siblings in any sense.
It makes her laugh, she knows he’s interested in her a small amount. She was hoping he would, she’s heard so many wonderful things about him and she remembers just how cute he was back in 2005. Now he’s a man and a mighty fine one at that…
“I take it you’re an only child?” He changes the subject, “you can’t handle the idea of your father having relationships with people your age when you hardly know him?”
“How about you tell me who you think I am and I’ll tell you where you went wrong?” She challenges him rather than answering, she knows he’s good but she wants to see it in action.
Spencer raised his brow, “if I get it right, you’re paying for lunch.”
He opens her notebook and takes a look at her notes, flipping through the pages reading the words just as fast as her father said he could. It was incomprehensible, but he didn’t read far… he keeps going back to her drawings, studying the pressure and how her mind worked.
“Your mom travelled a lot when you were a kid, and you always went with her. I’m thinking you have a few degrees, at least 3…” he pauses to watch her microexpressions, trailing her skin with his eyes as he looks for anything out of the ordinary. “There’s a doctorate in there but you hate being called Dr. Carr because that’s your mother’s name and it reminds you too much of people asking about her instead of how you’re doing.”
It cuts deep, but he hits the nail on the head and she just blinks. The simplest microexpression that shows him he got it right, his smile is awkward and he’s sorry for it.
“You were homeschooled so you don’t trust people very easily. You have issues with your father that you can’t place because you still don’t think you know him well enough to really have an opinion, and you’re jealous of me because you wish you knew how he brags about you when you’re not around, but he doesn’t talk about you because you told him not to.”
“I specifically told him I wanted to be left out of his life to stay safe, so it’s really my fault that he can’t brag about me. But I still wish someone would,” she admits with a soft smile. “And I think it’s not really jealousy. I’m not jealous of how he brags about his time with you. If anything, I really admire you now.”
He blushes a little, “alright, your turn.”
“You’ve never had a girlfriend before have you?” She calls him out right away. “You can’t take a compliment seriously because no one has loved you deep enough yet for you to believe them. I already know about your parents, I know that you’re scared of forgetting and that’s why you won't stop learning. I think you probably have a bucket list, you’re desperate for something exciting to happen and that’s why you like me already.”
He blinks right back, “touché.”
“I’ll still buy your lunch,” she smiled, and he smiled right back. “And I do have 3 degrees.”
“I do too.”
“I know,” she reminded him. “You’ve been working on that 4th one for the last 16 years.”
“I haven’t had the time.”
She shakes her head as she laughs, teasing him as if she’s better than him because she knows he finds her interesting already, “I had my Ph.D. by 17, as well 2 masters by the time I was 21.”
“3 Ph.D.’s by 22,” he bragged right back.
It had suddenly become a staring contest, “when exactly did your dad walk out on you?”
“I was 10.” Spencer answers. “When was the last time your mom said she was proud of you?”
“Oh, we're going that far, I see,” she laughed, hurt just a little that he dug that deep, “what happened to yours recently?”
“I’m really sorry, I knew about the schizophrenia already because of the fisher king case, that one is the one that still has my dad all fucked up,” she can’t help but rant as she apologizes, placing her hands on his in the centre of the table and he interlocks their fingers like they’ve known each other for years.
“Boston?” He asks her, changing the topic back to getting to know each other without letting go of her hands.
She nods, “Vegas?”
“You knew that already,” he catches her.
“Maybe so,” she blushes at the embarrassment of him picking up on her crush.
“How’d he describe me at chess?” There’s a cockiness behind it that she admires, smiling in response she just shakes her head.
“I don’t play chess, but he says that other than Agent Prentiss, you’re the only person who has come close to beating him.”
“Prentiss?” He looks almost offended at the fact he didn’t know that story.
“You were asleep on the jet, it was right after the trip to Azkaban,” she reminds him.
“Azkaban?” He repeats. “You mean Guantanamo?”
She’s only slightly embarrassed by the slip-up, blushing a deep red as she presses her lips together and squeezes his hand. “My mom calls it Azkaban, she hates it. If it wasn’t for the BAU, she would have never joined the bureau or the government in any way, she’s against the criminal justice system too, so…”
“She’s a woman of science and empathy, I’ve never met her, but I’ve read all her work.”
“So have I,” she’s full of butterflies for some reason as she thinks about him knowing everything that she does, she’s suddenly excited at the prospect of future conversations with him like this isn’t a one-time thing.
He’s still holding her hands over the map, both of them leaning in slightly as they kept talking, it felt overly intimate for a discussion of a case— and they haven’t even started yet.
She takes her hands out of his grip and flattens them over the map, “so I found a pattern, I was asked to look into the rape and murder of a friends sister, and now I’ve found 32 matching cases all over America going in alphabetical order by state, 2 a year since 2005.”
“Are you serious?”
She nods softly, “I’m a private investigator. I hated the academy and simply being in the BAU almost killed both of my parents so I’m not really fond of it, but I need help.”
“How did VICAP not pick this up?” Spencer’s still caught up on the fact this has been happening during his entire career and he had no way of helping. It was very clear by the look on his face.
“Because they’re college-age women getting raped in their dorms, 1 in each state, and men don’t care enough to dig a little deeper when it’s just a little girl who was probably asking for it anyway, right?”
He looks furious, but with her… not at her.
Not like most men, that’s actually exactly what any other guy would have said to her. ‘Not most men,’ they only said that if they were offended; when they knew that they were the exact type of man she was referring to.
He started opening case files then, flipping through everything as she watched carefully, “he always does it the exact same way. It’s every March and November between the 6th and 12th, he’s gotten to the O’s, which means the next hit should be in Oklahoma in exactly 2 months' time.”
“Has there been evidence?” Spencer asks, avoiding eye contact as he both listens and absorbs.
“1 footprint and some random fingerprints at the first few, other than that it’s like he was never there,” she sighs. “This is where I need your help; I’m unsure if he’s attacking randomly or if it’s planned ahead of time, so I brought the map to see if you can make any connection.”
“Alright,” he closes the folder and hands them to her so he can get a better look at everything. “I’m going to need the exact address of each one.”
“I have 32 mini maps,” she says, opening her book bag and handing him yet another folder.
“I’ve noticed they’re in every capital, and it’s always on the east side of the city,” she adds as he spreads them out on the table.
He takes his phone out of his pocket and turns on the flash, turning it face down and holding the sheets of paper over it, “If you look at them over each other, there might be a pattern. We should call my friend Penelope, she’ll be able to digitally do this and find something.”
“Okay,” Peggy nods along, “I really need to know within the week because I’m moving to Oklahoma.”
“What?” He looks overly worried.
“He’s interested in college-age brunettes,” she points at herself. “I’m going to rent an apartment with a sliding door in the kill zone, and I’m going to wait it out. I’ll make sure everyone knows I live alone, I won't make friends, I’ll keep the windows open when I go to the store, I’ll make myself a victim.”
“No, we can get the bureau to send in a team, you don’t need to be in harm's way,” he protests, “I won’t help if I know you’re throwing yourself in the middle of all this. I refuse.”
There’s an underlying panic that she doesn’t quite understand. He’s almost shaking as he thinks about her playing the victim, they stare back and forth at each other softly, eyes flickering over the other’s expression as he also reads her.
“Fine,” she agrees, finally. “But if you’re getting the team involved, I want to be able to have some say in the investigation. I don’t want to be kicked out for just being a PI.”
“On one condition,” Spencer smirks. “You have to teach the BTK seminar with me.”
“Deal,” she smiled. “But I have some conditions too.”
He was going to regret that.
“We can’t sleep together until we catch the guy— don’t look at me like that!” she catches the way his jaw drops and his eyes glisten.
He’s in complete shock, trying to say words and failing miserably as she stares at him knowingly. “I only said that because I need rules for myself too. We can’t care more about each other than the victims. Solve the case with me and then I’ll have a crush on you, okay?”
“Okay,” he finally finds the words to agree. “Was it that obvious?”
“We held hands for 5 minutes, I’ve thought you were cute since you were 23 and that seminar was a; 'my horse is bigger than your horse' flirting match,” she calls it all out, “I’m just as into you as you are into me already, if not more so because I know way too much about you thanks to my dad and uncle Rossi.”
“Dave knew about you too?” He’s more upset than she expected.
She nods, “yeah, so that I’d be taken care of if anything happened to my dad.”
He is a little upset and she can’t figure out why from what she knows already, “why?”
“You’re so interesting, you and I could have been friends for the last 15 years and things could have been so interesting but you were a secret,” he whispers.
“I was right wasn’t I?”
He nods again, “Gideon doesn’t know about Maeve, but I had a girlfriend who died in front of me before I could tell her I loved her and it broke me.”
Everything makes sense now. The stares, the stuttering, the defensiveness at the idea of her being in harm's way after only knowing her for a few hours. He was desperately looking for someone like himself to prove that he wasn’t going to be alone forever, and he wanted that to be found in her.
“Solve the case with me, then you can learn what it’s like to love someone who loves you back.”
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writingsonawall · a day ago
Falling, fallen chapter 7
Pairings: Spencer Reid x OFC
Story summary:  The BAU investigates Leah’s brother’s dissapearence. Will she get the answers she’s been seeking? And how will her life and relationship with Spencer change?
Chapter summary: The BAU discovers something interesting in connection to Sam’s case and Leah goes back home. 
Warnings: None! 
Wordcount: 7,1 k
Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6,
Tumblr media
The longer she found herself in New York, the more she regretted agreeing to tag along. Just as David had told her, the first day had been rather uneventful, or at least for Leah. What the team was doing at that time, she had no idea. She’d spent the first few hours after she got to the hotel trying to catch up on some sleep. When she woke up from her nap she decided to call Ruiz, just to let him know that she was okay and probably wouldn’t be back in a few days. She didn’t tell him where she was or what she was doing. She’d never told him about Sam and it felt weird to lay it all on him via a phonecall. She did promise that she’d tell him everything once she got back home. After that she went shopping, buying herself three pairs of underwear, a pair of socks, a skirt and a blouse she could use to almost anything. After that she showered and went back to sleep without even considering lunch or dinner. She was utterly exhausted and the twelve hours of sleep she got that night really helped. 
The second day was a little more eventful. Derek, Emily and Spencer had met her for breakfast, the rest of the team probably getting a headstart on whatever they were working on. It felt oddly… normal to have breakfast with them. They didn’t talk about the case even once, all the talk was about this new property Derek was working on renovating - Leah didn’t even know he was into flipping houses - and Emily saying she missed her cat and hoped Penelope was taking good care of her. Spencer was unusually quiet, but she liked his company the most for obvious reasons. She still wondered if he was in a bad mood or if he simply didn’t know what to talk to her about. She didn’t question it. 
She was informed during breakfast that they wanted her to come down to the station again so they could go over some details. So, she did. She probably spent closer to three hours talking to various members of the team and other police officers about anything she could remember from the day Sam went missing. 
“Was there ever a time where you left him out of your sight?” Emily asked her as the two of them were sitting behind a closed officedoor. Leah shrugged, wondering just how much she really had to tell. 
“I was with him when he disappeared. He was right next to me. I look away for one second and he was just gone,” she explained once more. She already told the story about four times that day alone. She’d taken Sam to the mall, the firealarm had rung and they had moved to the parkinglot outside where she had seen some friends. They had both gone over there to talk to them, Sam had been by her side the whole time, but she had looked away from him for just a second while she spoke to her friends and he was gone. Just like that. No-one had seen anything because Leah at first had assumed he’d just wandered off. But after a minute or so of looking through the big crowd and realizing he wasn’t anywhere to be seen she’d started panicking. That’s when all her friends and the people around them realized what had happened. Leah still blamed herself for it. What if she’d started panicking right away? Sam would’ve probably been so close by that someone would’ve seen him. And what if she hadn’t been so occupied with her friends? There were just so many what if’s that it made her head spin. 
“I know, but when you were at the mall… Did you ever leave him alone?” Emily asked and Leah swallowed. 
“Does it matter?” She asked. “Do you, like, think that maybe whoever took him scoped him out or something? And even if I did leave him for a minute or so, why not take him when he was alone?” 
“We don’t know yet,” Emily said. “But… you did leave him?” Leah chewed on her lip, feeling utterly guilty about the fact that she had. She had explained it to the police that first time, but they hadn’t thought it was important and she assumed all the details of her statement from the time had gotten lost in the mess of papers. She had never told anyone why she left Sam alone at the mall, not even her parents who would be furious if they found out. 
“It was just for, like, five minutes. Tops,” she told Emily who just nodded slowly. “I left him at the arcade. I didn’t think anything of it. My mum always did the same when she got tired of him… Not in a bad way, but he could get pretty hyper or complain a lot because he didn’t want to go into that store or that store… The arcade was just, like, a good place for him to hang out on his own while we ran other errands,” she explained further. She had never thought the arcade to be unsafe. She knew they had cameras and employees working there who looked after the kids. Leah and her mother hadn’t been the only ones to give their kids a $5 bill and tell them to have fun. If anything, the arcade was probably the safest place in the entire mall. 
“Okay, so you left him at the arcade. Where did you go?” Emily pressed on asking. She must’ve noticed Leah’s reluctance to answer, because her eyes softened a little. “It’s okay, you can tell me.” Leah got heavy flashbacks to that night at the hospital, of Emily telling her she had to be honest or else she couldn’t help her. 
“I… I, uhm, met up with a dealer by the dumpsters behind the mall,” Leah said honestly. It was painful to admit and she could feel her whole body shaking. 
“Okay,” Emily said slowly. She didn’t seem angry or disappointed by a long shot, she didn’t even seem surprised. 
“It-it wasn’t like that,” Leah started to explain, feeling the need to regardless of what Emily thought. “I used to… buy weed for my mum.” It wasn’t a lie. Leah had actually never tried any kinds of drugs, at least not illegal. Some of her friends smoked occasionally, but even at 16-17 she was smart enough to understand how badly drugs fucked with your system. It wasn’t actually until she got older, after she became a nurse, that she realized that weed was far healthier than cigarettes and alcohol, but she had still never tried it. She just didn’t see the point in it, just liked she’d never been tempted to try a cigarette. She was far from an angel when she was younger, but she was never rebellious. At least in that way.  
When Leah was 7 her mother got diagnosed with breast cancer. It had been hard because she was only seven at the time and hardly understood why her mother was always tired, why her breasts at some point suddenly disappeared and then reappeared a year or so later. Her father hadn’t been around much that first time, having been busy with his job as a DA. When she got older, Leah realized that the cancer had spooked her mother, probably making her realize that she wanted to leave behind a legacy of sorts. And... Leah just wasn’t enough. She remembered how happy her mother had been when she announced that nine year old Leah was going to become a big sister. She had been so excited at first, since many of her friends had siblings, but things changed when Sam was actually born. Their father was still never around, Leah went to school and her mother stayed at home with the baby. When Leah would come home, she expected her mother to shower her with affection since she’d been gone all day, but that was far from the reality of it. 
As an adult, Leah understood that her mother didn’t love her any less, that having a ten-year-old and a baby was hard. But at the time she’d been envious and jealous, which probably wasn’t so much different from other children in her situation. But her parents didn’t seem to notice and never talked to her about it. So, she sort of grew apart from her parents, didn’t really spend time with her brother and didn’t get to know him until her mother relapsed. The cancer came back when Leah was 17, this time as a tumour in the frontallap. Her father quit the job immediately, using all his time to take care of her. Leah suspected it was because he felt guilty for not being around so much the first time. But no-one took care of Sam. And Leah remembered how confused she had been at his age. So, she became a sister, mother, father; the whole damn family to her babybrother. She cooked for him, took him to school, to see his friends, to the mall, even to the ER. when he broke his wrist after falling down from a tree. 
And it was hard because she felt that she, a 17 year old girl, had suddenly become head of the household. She watched out for Sam, she picked up a part-time job to make her own allowance, she even started buying weed for her mother because it seemed to be the only thing that would cure her headaches. Her father, given his previous job as an attorney, refused to buy, Sam was only 7, turning 8, her mother wasn’t even capable of getting out of bed, so that left Leah. And Leah was in high school, which meant she had connections. Because, let’s face it, anyone in high school knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who deals. That’s, like, the way highschool works. It did back then and it does now. 
So, the day Sam had gone missing she’d been at the mall to meet up with her dealer. She’d gotten what she needed and went straight back to her brother. The two of them had roamed around for a few more hours, playing games together at the arcade, shopping a few things and eating. They were more or less done there when the firealarm had gone off. God, Leah should’ve just stuffed Sam in the car and went home then, not stopping to chat with her friends who she’d see the next day anyway. Again; what if. 
After her conversation with Emily, Spencer was quick to locate her. He seemed worried and he probably had every reason to. Just thinking back to everything, having to explain it and reliving her worst nightmare over and over… It drained her. But she lied and told him she was fine, that she just wanted some air to clear her mind. Emily had told her that they were done for now and she was free to leave, that they’d call if they needed her to come back, so a walk seemed really nice at the moment. Spencer seemed reluctant to let her go, even offering to take a break so he could go with her, but she brushed him off. She could really need some time alone and he respected it. 
The next hour or so was a blur, kind of similar to just a few nights ago when she’d driven to Spencer’s apartment. For some reason she pried a cab, telling the driver the address to her old house and getting out at the end of the street. She handed him a $20, which was probably way too much for the short ride, and told him to keep the change. She hadn’t been back there in at least eight years and a lot had changed. She used to live in one of the few residential areas in the Bronx which consisted of actual houses, but she could see that times had changed. The street down from hers had been completely demolished and apartment buildings had been put up. It sort of made a vast contrast and she wondered how long it’d take before her old street would meet the same fate. It was sad to see, but looking up at her old house she felt a little more at ease. At least it was still standing. 
A lot of changes had been made, but it was no doubt still the same house. The outer walls had been painted a light blue colour, which Leah found herself liking a lot more than the tacky yellow it had been when she used to live there. The fence had also been upgraded and it seemed like the people who lived there now were a lot better at landscaping than what Leah’s family had been. Her mother had tried to plant a flower bed, once, when Leah was maybe 12-13. It had been a disaster and a project they never tried again. It made her happy to see that people who lived there now seemed to really make the place a home. 
She must’ve stood there for a while, because at some point a van pulled up into the driveway and a slightly heavy, black woman stepped out. Leah offered her a sheepish wave at having been caught and decided to wait for the woman to approach her so she could explain that she wasn’t some creep or anything. She didn’t want the woman to feel uneasy, thinking she was there to break in or something. 
“Can I help you with something?” The woman asked as she came over. She had a bag of groceries in one hand while trying to balance a toddler on her hip. An older child, probably five or so, was clutching at his mother’s pantleg. 
“No, uhm… Sorry, it’s just… I used to live here,” Leah explained, having no idea what to even say at that point. Her head was such a mess that she’d actually thought it was a good idea to take a trip to her old house. “It’s been a while and I was in the neighbourhood so I decided… I don’t know, I just wanted to take a look at the old place, I guess,” she tried to explain. The woman smiled warmly at her, the kind of smile that Leah wished her own mother had given her. 
“Oh, that’s nice!” She said. “Would you like to come in?” 
“Oh, no, no! I didn’t mean to intrigue! I was just… I don’t even know what I’m doing,” Leah chuckled nervously. 
“Nonsense! Come in and have a cup of coffee or tea or something! I always like having guests over, so don’t feel bad,” the woman assured her. “I’m Monica, by the way. I’d shake your hand, but they’re kinda occupied at the moment.” She laughed as she lifted her hand which was clutching the bag. 
“Oh, do you want me to take that for you?” Leah questioned, even though she still hadn’t actually accepted the offer for a hot beverage. 
“Why, thank you!” Monica grinned and handed the bag over. She led the way up to the front door, managing to unlock it now that one of her hands was free. 
“I’m Leah, by the way,” Leah introduced herself as she stepped into her old house. 
“Wouldn’t happen to be a Roger, would you?” Monica asked as she made a beeline for what once used to be a kitchen. Leah followed her and, yeah, it was still a kitchen. 
“Nope,” Leah answered. “We sold the house to the Rogers, though.” Leah had never actually met them, but she remembered their names after her father put the house up for sale. 
“And me and my husband bought it from them,” Monica chuckled. “Small world, eh?” She put the toddler down in one of those babychairs, heading for the fridge and filling a sippycup with milk. “Can I interest you in some cherrypie?” She asked as she turned around to give Leah her full attention. Leah wanted to say no just to be polite, but she could tell that Monica didn’t bother at all so she agreed to a slice and a cup of tea. As Monica fixed everything, Leah decided to look around and she noticed a lot of things had changed. Almost the entire place had been renovated. When Leah had lived there there had been a ton of walls, which always made the rooms feel more crammed than they actually were. Now it was an open floorplan between the kitchen in the back and the rest of the livingspace. The diningroom and kitchen were connected now and within the same sightline. The office by the frontdoor had been turned into what looked like a mudroom and stairs leading up to the second floor had been refinished with beautiful hardwood compared to the carpet she remembered. The house was nice, but it was also so different that it almost made Leah doubt it was even the same one. 
Monica was very nice, as were her kids. The oldest, Jackson, was just as social as his mother, all but demanding that Leah play dinosaurs with him. Monica tried to tell her she didn’t have to, but Leah assured her it was fine. It reminded her of Sam in a way. At one point Monica ushered both kids out to play in the backyard and the two women started swapping stories. 
“You know,” Leah said as she put her cup down. “There used to be this halfwall thing right about here,” she pointed to space next to her. It was sort of where the livingroom and diningroom mended together. “There was a wall here and I think it was supposed to be a door leading into the diningroom at one point, but, like, half the wall and the door was gone so there was like a whole wall going down that side and for some reason a halfwall was left on this side,” Leah explained as she pointed at where she remembered the walls once stood. When Leah had lived there there were so many quirks and things she found strange. The halfwall was definitely one of them. Her mother had used it as storagespace for vases and pictures and stuff, which as an afterthought was a terrible idea since people would always scuff into it and break whatever was on there. 
“You’re kidding?” Monica laughed as she looked behind herself at where Leah was pointing. She was probably trying to imagine it. “I just can’t see it.” 
“Yeah, it was just weird as hell,” Leah laughed and went on to explain what else looked different. Apparently, the Rogers had done most of the renovations so Monica didn’t seem to recognize half the things Leah was telling her about. Monica said that neither her nor her husband were handy people, the only changes they’d made since they moved in was to paint a few walls and put up the garden outside. Monica had a passion for landscape and her kids did too, having their own little flowerbeds. She told Leah that her husband was in the army and was currently stationed overseas. Monica herself was a kindergartenteacher and made a joke about how it was nice to have a conversation with a grownup for once. 
Leah stayed for lunch when Monica insisted. She didn’t want to intrude, but Monica seemed really keen to have her there. In the end she bid her farewells after about three hours, feeling like she’d overstayed her welcome by a lot. She hadn’t gotten any calls from the BAU yet so she decided to enjoy the nice weather while she had the chance. She walked up and down the street a few times, even though it probably looked suspicious. She tried to figure out how many of her old neighbours still lived there. The lovely Norwegian family were gone, but she knew that since they’d moved around the same time as Sam went missing. The Walsh-family, if Leah remembered correctly they were from Ireland, had also moved on. So had to the two Mexican families. Judging by the name on the mailbox, the Campbells, originally from Canada, remained, although it didn’t seem like they were home. Mrs. Alvez was currently out watering some plants when Leah strolled past their house. She seemed to remember Leah and called her over for a chat. 
The Alvezes had moved in around the time Leah’s mother got breastcancer and she remembered they had been really helpful, always bringing over pies or soup and God only knows what to make her feel better. Later, Mr. Alvez had also been very invested and helped a lot when Sam went missing, not that it changed anything, but he couldn’t be blamed for that. It was nice to know other people cared as well. 
Mrs. Alvez had always been nice to Leah and she was now as well, asking how she was doing and what she was doing back there. Leah just simply told her she was in town, not wanting to open old wounds. Sam’s disappearance hadn’t just caused harm to her family, the whole local community had been invested. She briefly wondered if she should just tell the truth, but decided against it. There was no guarantee they’d actually find out what happened to Sam, even though she had a newrestored faith now. 
The two of them chatted for probably closer to an hour, Leah telling her mostly about her rather boring life in D.C. and what it was like working as a nurse, now medic. In return Mrs. Alvez kept her up to speed about her own family, telling her very proudly about her son serving in the military - Leah remembered that he had enlisted, but didn’t know he actually served. Wow, it had been a while since she’d talked to the Alvezes, she realized - and that Luke had now gotten a job with the FBI. That had peeked Leah’s interest and she asked if he worked at Quantico. If she knew that an old acquaintance of hers lived fairly close to her, she could reach out and reconnect. She hadn’t exactly been friends with Luke, but they’d known each other. God, she needed more friends in D.C. Unfortunately, Mrs. Alvez told her that her son still lived and worked in New York, having found his own apartment not too far away from his parents. She told her that Luke had been struggling after he came home from Afghanistan, but he was doing much better now. Leah liked to hear that. 
Leah didn’t stay too long, feeling that she was overstaying her welcome once more even though she was talking to Mrs. Alvez from the other side of the fence. The woman probably had other things to do. Mrs. Alvez seemed to be a realist because she didn’t ask Leah to stay in touch, just said that if she was to ever find herself in New York again that she should stop by. Leah could at least promise that much, but she had an itching feeling that once the BAU closed the case she’d never come back. She just couldn’t bear all this pain anymore. Sam was still gone after all, nothing could chaged that; not even getting to know what happened.  
She spent the next few hours just wandering around aimlessly, not really knowing what to do with her time. It was a weird feeling, coming back to the place she’d once thought of as home. Right now it felt anything but. She briefly wondered how she at one point had been happy there. She’d had a somewhat normal childhood, however you want to classify ‘normal’ of course. She’d had friends, close friends who she thought she’d never lose, she’d had a family who, despite the dysfunctionality, used to love her. She’d had it all, but in the blink of an eye all that joy was suddenly gone. It seemed like such a long time since she’d really been happy that she actually wondered if she’d dreamed it all. She missed the good times, when she was 15-16 and thought she was on top of the world, before the universe decided to show her the finger and take the biggest dump on her possible. 
The Bronx just didn’t feel like home anymore, no matter how much she tried to think about all the happy memories. Even the park a few blocks from her old house seemed grimer, less enjoyable, even with the sun bleeding down on her. The weather was nice, sure, but how could she enjoy it when her mind was in such a dark place? 
She didn’t know for how long she wandered her old neighbourhood, but it was probably a while. By her estimate it was well into the early afternoon when her phone started ringing. She felt the pit of anxiety growing in her stomach as she pulled it out from her pocket. The number was one she hadn’t saved so she could only assume it was someone from Spencer’s team or the police. 
“Yeah, this is Leah Singer,” she answered after taking a few deep breaths to calm down, teeth digging into the sides of her cheek as a bad habit. 
“Hi, Leah! This is J.J.,” the other blonde answered from the other side of the phone. “We… found some new information and we’d like you to come down to the station so we can discuss it and ask you some more questions. Is that okay or are you busy now?” It took her a while to process everything J.J. had said. It wasn’t really that hard, since there were no big words like the ones Spencer had a tendency to use and the sentences weren’t overly complicated, but her mind sort of malfunctioned after J.J. had said ‘new information’. She wondered what that could mean. She snapped out of the thoughts when J.J. called her name. 
“Oh, uhm… Yeah, I’ll come down there right now,” she informed J.J. before ending the call, her feet already moving towards the exit of the park. Once she got to the precinct, she was quick to locate Spencer. He was out in the waiting area, talking to some random officer she’d never seen before and it was almost like he’d been waiting for her. Which he probably had been because he ended whatever conversation he was having right away and headed towards her when he noticed her. 
“Hey, how are you?” He asked once he was right in front of her. She noticed this was the first time she actually didn’t like the way his eyes turned sympathetic and how his voice was so low and gentle, as if he was afraid of how she’d react. She honestly hated it. She knew he was only trying to make her feel better, but it just made her slightly agitated. 
“I… feel like I should be in a better headspace than I am right now, but I think I’m okay,” she told him honestly, trying to push back any negative emotions. Spencer was too nice, he didn’t deserve her to lash out at him for anything that wasn’t his fault. He just nodded and reached out to touch her shoulder. She instinctively leaned a little into his touch, not being able to help it. His touch was always comforting. 
“J.J.’s waiting for you. Do you want me to come with you?” He asked and there was something in his tone which suggested that whatever they were about to tell her wasn’t good news. It made her shudder. There wasn’t really much they could tell her that she wasn’t already prepared for. She’d expected the worst, but she assumed as with any other thing it’d be worse to get it confirmed. 
“Do you want to come with me?” She questioned, biting her lip as she glanced up at him. 
“Leah, I’ll always be there for you if you need me,” he told her so sincerely. And there were those words again. If you need me. 
“Okay,” she nodded her head quickly. 
“Okay,” he said back. He started leading her through the station all the way to an office in the back. It had been the same one where she’d spoken to Emily earlier that morning, so she took a seat on the couch while Spencer went to find J.J. The two of them returned not even a minute later, the blonde handing Leah that same blanket she’d borrowed on the plane. She laughed a little at that. 
“How are you, Leah?” J.J. asked as she took a seat in one of the chairs. Spencer did as well, but it was obvious he wanted to sit next to Leah instead. 
“I’m okay.” Her words felt rushed out and forced, but she was anxious to hear what they’d found out, not making small talk about her feelings. “What, uhm, did you find out?” 
“Well, we’ve done a lot of digging and think that the person who took your brother also took at least seven other children,” J.J. told her and Leah could only nod. Seven children… Seven children suffering whatever fate Sam did. “We haven’t been able to find out who the unsub is yet, but we spoke to some of the families of the other children who went missing, just to hear their stories. One woman whose son went missing five years ago said that she was positive she saw her son from across the street a year later. Now, she said that it all happened very fast and when she turned around, they were gone. But she was positive she saw her son with an elderly woman and another boy and girl,” J.J. explained slowly and it was probably a good thing because it was hard for Leah to concentrate on all the information. 
“Okay,” she said once J.J. gave her a look. “I’m good, you can continue.” 
“She never got a good look at the woman who was with the kids, but about a year after that incident she saw the other boy at a convenience store. She tried to confront him, but he ran away before she could call the police. She did manage to snap a picture of him before he disappeared, though, and… It’s a little blurry, but I want you to take a look at it,” J.J. said as she handed a tablet to Leah. She looked at the picture for a moment and at first she couldn’t quite see it because it was indeed blurry and at an angle which captured more of the boy’s side profile than the rest of his features. But once she actually realized what she was looking at it all came crashing down on her. 
“Leah?” Spencer asked. She was vaguely aware of him moving to sit beside her, his hand settling on her back. 
“That’s Sammy,” she choked out, her hand coming up to cover her mouth as tears started welling up in her eyes. Because it was. Even with the poor quality and the fact that the boy in the photo was a teenager, there was no doubt in her mind that it was her brother. He’d aged, no doubt about that. She remembered so clearly what he had looked like when he was 8, but for some reason she’d never imagined what he’d look like as a teenager, or young adult for that matter. She’d always assumed he was dead so it was too painful to imagine anything else. 
Spencer wrapped an arm around her shoulder and dragged her into his side. She went willingly, leaning to his warmth as all she could do was stare at the picture. She found herself tracing the features of his visible cheekbone and the nose which seemed to be an exact replica of hers. He’d been so young when he disappeared that it was still hard to tell exactly which features he’d inherit from his parents, but she could see now with no doubt that he was her brother. 
She had no idea how long she was sitting there, but it was probably a while. J.J. had left at one point, which she hadn’t even registered, but Spencer still stayed close to her. He didn’t say anything, just kept hugging her as she cried silent tears and tried to process all of it. 
“So, you think he’s alive?” She asked, her voice barely even registering in her own ears. Spencer hummed and shuffled around a little so they could be facing each other. 
“We don’t know yet,” he told her. “We ran facialrecognition on the photo just to be sure, and yes, that is your brother. So, as of three years ago we know he was alive. But… Leah, a lot can happen in three years. You need to be prepared that he might be dead now.” Leah just chuckled darkly at that. 
“I came out here thinking he’d been dead all along. I thought he died ten years ago,” she sniffed, new tears fighting their way out of her eyes. “And he’s been alive this whole time! If I’d just contacted the FBI three years ago he’d still be alive and now it might be too late!” She was sobbing again and Spencer tried to wipe her tears away before they could fall, but she was already a mess so why bother? In the end he probably realized how failed his attempts were, so he just pulled her more towards him until she was kind of curled up in his lap and against his chest with his arms locked tightly around her. He let her sob until she was completely empty inside and had nothing more to give and even then he still didn’t let her go. He just held her, lips and nose pressed to the crown of her head as he hummed a tuneless lullaby. 
“You need to remember it’s not your fault,” Spencer whispered, his voice getting muffled by her hair. “I know you don’t believe that right now, but please just try not to think about it. We’re getting close, okay? We have leads and we will find the person who took him and you’ll get all the answers you want.” His words sort of fell to deaf ears, but Leah nodded against him anyway. She knew he probably was right, but she was too emotionally unavailable to even consider what he’d just told her. 
“I blame myself,” she breathed out and Spencer hugged her tighter. 
“I know you do, but it wasn’t your fault. Not a single person thinks this is your fault. I’m sure Sam never blamed you either,” he told her and she could only curl up even more. Her father had blamed her, her mother too towards the end. Leah certainly blamed herself, so how could she not be the one to blame? She decided it was best not to say anything else on the matter. “Are you tired? I still have some work I need to finish, but I’d like you to stay here at the station until I’m done. Is that okay? I don’t want you to be alone right now,” he told her. 
“Can you just stay here with me for a moment longer?” She all but begged him. She couldn’t see his face, but she could feel the smile against her head. 
“Anything you need,” he simply said and stayed for probably another half hour. They didn’t talk after that, just cuddling up on the couch and trying to bring each other some comfort. He was too good to her and she realized then that if she wasn’t a goner before, she sure was now. She liked him so much in a way she’d never liked anyone before. But it still wasn’t the right time to have that conversation and her emotions connected to Sam needed to be sorted out first. Still, it was good to think that maybe one day she and Spencer could have something more. After all the shit that had happened to her she deserved to be happy. Right? And Spencer sure as hell made her happier than she’d been in a long time. 
Leah was allowed to stay in the office while Spencer finished up whatever work he had left. The rest of the team kept checking in on her and she was never alone for more than ten minutes at a time. At one point she probably spent about half an hour talking to Derek which really helped. He was the only one who didn’t sugarcoat it. There was no “I understand how hard it must be” bullshit. He was completely honest, but never bold or rude. He simply told her that no-one could really understand what she was going through, but that they were all there for her if she needed to talk. It was nice, having someone who didn’t give her bullshit excuses and told her half-truths they suspected would make her feel better. If anything, Derek’s honest words were what made her put her head in the right place. 
As it drew closer to 8 P.M. Spencer still wasn’t finished, but J.J. and Emily entered the room and told her they’d be bringing her out for dinner. After a hard day like today, she could need a girls night out, they said. It turned out to just be a calm dinner at the hotel, but Emily said Leah could order drinks if she thought that would help. “We’re still technically on the clock, but we won’t tell if you wanna let your hair loose,” she’d said. Leah had laughed at that, but in the end she settled for a coke. She wasn’t in the mood for drinking, at least not heavily, and what was the point in a glass of wine or a beer to the food if she couldn’t even enjoy it? 
Dinner helped and Emily and J.J. seemed to be experts at knowing exactly what she needed to talk about. They didn’t avoid her brother, but instead asked her about her fondest memories about him. She told them about when she was 16-17 and got stood up by her date for junior prom and how Sam had realized how sad she was. He’d gotten dressed up in his finest clothes, which was a dresshirt with a ketchupstain her mother had never been able to wash out, a pair of dresspants, bright orange sneakers and an adorable little bowtie which was crooked. He had laid out a long sentence about how her date was a dumbass (that word had earned him a scold from their mother) and how she deserved better. He had been rambling on and on and half the things he said didn’t even make any sense, but she loved how her younger brother was defending her honor. He said that he’d be her date and they went out to dinner at McDonald’s in their fine clothes. She never actually made it to prom, but judging by what her friends had told her she’d probably ended up having more fun than they did. 
Leah had a ton of stories like that to share and it made her a little more at ease just thinking back to the good times now that she was in a better headspace. Even though Leah wasn’t particularly hungry, she did end up ordering dessert which was when the rest of the team came back to the hotel and joined them. Hotch just checked in before retiring for the night as the rest of the men ordered dinner while the girls finished their desserts. The conversation was still light and it made her wonder how they did it. They saw horror like this almost every single day, yet they were able to keep their moods up, joke and just have a good time. Leah felt like she was on the verge of tears the entire time, granted she was more personally invested than anyone on the team, but still. How could they not be affected in the slightest about what happened around them? 
J.J. retired first, claiming she had to call and say good night to her son before it got too late. She expected Emily to follow soon after, but she seemed adamant to not leave Leah there alone, not that she was alone though, with Spencer, Derek and David. But Leah felt tired and wanted nothing more than to go to bed so as soon as she noticed that Spencer had finished his food, she gave him a pleading look. He seemed to catch on and bid the rest of the group a good night before leading her towards the elevator. She didn’t even need to say anything, because he seemed to know exactly what she needed and led her to his room after asking if she needed anything from hers. She didn’t because most of her stuff was either on her person or in her purse. Spencer didn’t say a lot, which she was grateful for. He handed her one of his shirts to change in and let her use the bathroom first. When she finished and it was his turn, she noticed that he’d found a bunch of spare pillows which he’d put on the middle of the bed. It made her smile to know that he remembered such a small thing. She grabbed the pile of them and curled up under the covers as she waited for Spencer to finish whatever he was doing. When he did, he wasted no time climbing under the covers and wrapping an arm around her waist so he could pull her closer. 
“Is this okay?” He whispered against her hair. Leah nodded carefully so she wouldn’t accidentally bump her head into his nose. Still, she tried to snuggle back against him even more and she wasn’t fully content until every inch of his front was covering her back and his arm was secure enough around her middle that she couldn’t possibly escape even if she wanted to. And that’s when she felt that she was finally able to relax fully. 
“This is okay,” she repeated the words she’d uttered that time Spencer had slept over at her place. It just felt fitting, like another one of their things. Sleep didn’t come easy that night, but at least she felt safe. 
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fictionfunshop · a day ago
After Party - MGG One Shot
Inspiration from THAT anonymous confession.
18+ - SMUT!
Enjoy guys, gals and non-binary pals xx
Tumblr media
You never expected to like him. Well, at least not in the way you're thinking about him now.
When you found out the publishing house you worked for had signed him up, you saw the ructions it caused. Grown women in the office were fawning over him and letting your boss know that they wanted to help in any way. So imagine your surprise when they chose you to be his editor.
You could feel the daggers when it was announced at the monthly lunch.
It's not that you didn't think he was attractive; you're not blind. However, the last few months, in close quarters discussing his book, countless lunches so he could show you his new drawings, his eyes bright with childlike wonder has developed your feelings from acknowledging his attractiveness to a full-blown school girl crush.
You were glad that publishing day was here so you could try and forget about how his curls framed his face perfectly, the brown cords he wore to your last meeting hugged his thighs and bum perfectly and how you could imagine the rings which adorn his fingers would disappear as he teases you into oblivion.
You knew deep down that wasn't going to happen, though.
You had been with him since you landed in New York this morning. From picking him up in a full costume of the book character, tagging along to all his interviews to make sure he didn't fuck anything up to the office where he signed some books, dazzling all the staff there with his childlike nature, you were convinced is ADHD. On anyone else, it would come across as annoying, but with Matthew, it just made him even more likeable than you imagined, your stupid schoolgirl crush coming to the surface as you gazed and laughed at him during the day.
He was different today; his touches towards you were getting dangerous, his large hands finding your waist too quickly for pictures, and he winked at you during one of his live interviews; you could feel yourself throb as he did so. He was finishing up, signing the last few books and talking to some of the staff. You walk over to him, interrupting the conversation he was having.
"I've to head back to the hotel for a call but remember 8 pm tonight at Cirilo's for the launch party."
"Will you be there?" he asks, his attention now entirely on you. The dagger stares you have become accustomed to in his presence are now coming from the person opposite him.
"Yeah," you nod your head, "Leave the costume here and don't be late", you sputter back.
"Okay, boss," he winks.
You arrive at the restaurant a little early to make sure everything was set up perfectly, all the books for the guests were signed, and the balloons were all set in place. Guest had shockingly started to arrive on time, and you were mentally cursing Matthew for not being here yet. Then you see him swan in, waving and dishing out hugs to people he knew. He looked…devastatingly good. The black silk shirt and trousers he had on was tailored to hug him, you can see the chain around his neck, and his rings glisten in the dim lights. The glasses you've seen him wear a few times tie his whole outfit together. You catch his eye and give him a small smile when he smiles back at you; only then do you realise that you're holding your breath. He wanders over to you, and you swear blind that he's smirking under the dim lights.
"You're here!"
"I couldn't miss this; they'd pull the second book," he laughs. "So you can relax now..." his eye twinkle in amusement.
"I am relaxed!" you squeak. However, you feel uneasy now under his gaze like he's unravelling you.
"Well, enjoy the party; you deserve it," one of his hands drift down to your hip, and he gives it a light squeeze before walking off.
You can hear someone shout over the crowd before they pull Matthew up on a chair so he can say his thanks. You grab a glass of champagne and quickly knock it back when your name escapes his mouth.
After a few glasses of fizz and being too nervous to eat anything, you can feel the alcohol course through you and give you a buzz. The worries of today and the fact that you pulled it all off, your boss personally seeking you out and singing your praises to some other head honchos make your mood even better. You see him propped up by the bar, along with an expensive drink in his hand. He smirks over at you, and your feet are walking in his direction before you had a chance for the rest of you to think about it.
"Thanks for the party," he takes a sip of his drink, staring you up and down. "That dress looks great on you, by the way…."
"Same to you – who knew you could pull off a satin shirt," he lets out a belly laugh before his hand finds your waist and pulls you against him.
"So, when are you leaving New York?" He licks his lips and stares into your eyes, and it hits you between your legs what he's implying.
"The day after tomorrow – my hotel is just two blocks away." He kinks an eyebrow before he lets the hand on my waist to my hip.
"It's nearer than mine; I'm nearly done here, are you?"
You nod your head, not trusting your voice for the next course of action.
"Meet you outside in 5?" he drops his hand from you, and you can still feel the heat from his hand on you through the material of your dress. He kisses your cheek, and you can feel the slight stubble from his beard graze your skin, and you break out in goosebumps.
You collect your thoughts and find your bag and coat, said some goodbyes to some office people who attended and pray that no one notices Matthew leaving at the same time. You exit the restaurant and find him already outside; he smiles before he hails down a cab and opens the door for you to jump in. Once the door is closed, he grabs your jaw and attaches his lips to yours. Nothing about it was graceful; it was just a clash of teeth and nibbles of each other lips before your tongues seek out the other. You throw your outside leg over his lap, and he takes this as a signal he can move his hand resting on your knee, making it disappear up your dress.
"You're such a tease, wearing this flimsy dress tonight or those little skirts you wore all the time." you wanted to deny it, but you couldn't.
The cab stops, and you pull away from each other, Matthew throwing money at the driver before you both hop out. He keeps a guiding hand on your back as you both walk to the elevator and up to your room. You unlock the door before you turn to face him in your room. He's standing behind the loveseat in front of a bare coffee table in the seating area. You walk over to him and capture his lips again, your hands tangled in his hair, drifting down to his chest as his make a home on your lower back, grabbing the hem of your dress in his fists. He quickly moved his hands to your hips, tugging your underwear down your legs where you kicked them across the room. You didn't question where he wanted to take this, you could feel how wet you were getting, and your heart was hammering in your chest with excitement.
"Sit on the couch," he mumbles, staying put in his place.
You scramble to sit down; you look up and can see him smirking. He quickly pecks your lips before his hands travel down your body, where he tugs up the hem of your dress, leaving you exposed to him.
"Are you already wet?" you nod your head as his fingers trace shapes around your inner thighs, your hips bucking to try and find any relief.
His fingers dip into your wet centre, and you let out a sigh as he finds your clit and rubs it gently but with precision. You look up at him leaning over the couch, and he's just smirking down at you; he catches your lips in his for a brief moment before he pulls away. You stare down at the scene between your legs, and you start to buck your hips to match the rhythm of his hand. He stops his assault on your clit before he dips a finger inside you, curling it to hit that spot inside you, which made you sob out his name. You grab his wrist to keep him in place as he adds another finger and start to pump them; the noise coming from his actions were obscene. You could feel yourself tightening around his fingers, even more so when his other hand crept under your dress to discover you weren't wearing a bra.
"You really are a bad girl, wandering around that party practically naked...what would your boss think if she knew you were a tease? Or that you brought me back here and let me finger fuck you like this? "his words only make the coil in your stomach tighten even more as you start to beg.
"Please, Matthew...Fuck!"
"Come on my fingers then, show me you can be a good girl," he releases his hand from your nipple, and he grabs your jaw, making you stare at him as his thumb circles your clit. You sob a mixture of his name and gibberish as you finally let go, his fingers slowing down their pace as you ride out your high. He finally slips his fingers out of you, and you let out a whine as you see him bring them to his mouth and suck them clean.
"You taste incredible, and as much as I'd love to eat you out, I'm dying to fuck you." he walks around to face you before he grabs your hand to pulls you up to his chest, your lips crashing together again.
You can still taste yourself on him, which makes you wetter than you ever thought possible. He pushes you softly onto the bed; he smirks as he unbuttons his shirt and toes off his shoes; you kneel up to come face to face with him as you work on the small zip at the side of your dress, slipping it over your head. You didn't feel self-conscious in front of him, especially now with a look in his eye you've never seen before. He grips the back of your head into a searing kiss once more before his lips travel down your neck, and he eventually nibbles at your earlobe; his hands have now wandered to your hips and bum.
"I love your body; even better without your clothes on", he mumbles.
"Why are yours still on?" your fingertips dance around the waistband of his trousers, making little work of the buttons and zipper.
When your words catch up with him, he slips off the rest of his clothes; he pushes you lightly back on the bed, and you scooch up; your head is amongst the pillows. Then, finally, he crawls on top of you, spreading your thighs so he can make a home there, his fingers dancing on the outside skin, slowly tracing here way past your hips and ribcage to your hard nipples. He flicks his thumbs over them lightly, making you gasp. He lowers his head, and he lets his tongue circle the hard nubs before sinking his teeth into the flesh. Your fingers tangle into his curls as he continues his assault; you can feel him smile before he moves his mouth to the other.
"So good, feels so good," you mumble, your eyes closed.
"Better than this?" he slides into you fully, a groan escaping his lips. He holds himself there for a minute, letting you both get used to the feeling before he rocks his hips back and forth. He goes slow and steady, making you feel every inch of him, and you feed off it like honey. You whine out his name as he captures your lips into his again, moving one of his hands from above you to your thigh, opening you up further for him.
No one has ever fucked you like this, with precision and a need to make you feel good.
"Fuck, Matthew..." you groan. You can feel another orgasm coming, and you know he's close - his bottom lip has been bitten raw, and his thrusts are getting sloppier.
"You need some help to get there?" his arm around your thigh finds your clit, and he rubs it in circles to match his thrusts, staring at you as you fall apart around him. He keeps fucking you through it, though.
"Come on, my dick Y/N, I'm not done here", he pants on your ear, and you almost came again as soon as those words escape his lips.
He stares down at you as he grips your thighs and pushes them back, hitting your cervix with every thrust now, and you sob, the tears escaping before you can try to hold them back at the pleasure, it all becoming too much.
He notices and kisses them away, "No one's ever fucked you this good, eh? You're doing so well, feel so fucking good" He thrusts into you harder, and you squint your eyes closed and yelp out his name.
His dick strokes your g-spot inside you, snapping his hips harder now as both your moans bounce around the walls of the hotels. You can feel the know in your stomach form again, and you can see his eyes roll to the back of his head, and you know he's close too. You dig your nails into his back as you attach your lips to his neck, hoping that this will help him let go soon.
"I'm - Fuck! Matthew..." you moan in his ear as you lose control again around him.
A few more sloppy strokes, and you feel him release himself inside you, biting his lip and his face scrunched, almost like the whole experience of fucking you had been too much for him. You both stay still for a few moments, he collapsed on your chest and the cold metal from his necklace pressed against your chest, and you're sure it's going to leave a small mark. You run your fingers through his hair, now damp with sweat. He eventually pulls himself out, some of his cum escaping as you both stare down at the scene between your legs. You dip your fingers into your centre, gathering it all up before you suck them clean into your mouth. He smirks before kissing you hard, shifting himself to lay beside you. He gathers you up in his arms, stroking your back in comfortable silence.
"So when are we starting on the second book?"
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skyeisawizard · a day ago
A Spoon Full Of Sugar
Spencer is sick and all his girlfriend wants to do is take care of him
Spencer requests please!! I love him so much
Tumblr media
Spencer Reid had never taken a sick day in his life. He’d been sick before, sure, but it had never been bad enough to warrant a day away from the BAU.
His coworkers, the people around him, those he considered family, had all come in wrapped in blankets with a tissue constantly to their nose at one point or another. They’d all been sent home or they’d called in sick at least three times each before.
But not Doctor Spencer Reid.
It was a Thursday morning. He woke up with his head pounding, coughing into his elbow. At first Spencer waved it off as nothing. But then his girlfriend walked in with a coffee that was fifty seven percent sugar and a look of concern on her face.
“Spence,” she cooed with a simpathetic smile. Y/N touched her hand to her burning forehead and frowned. “Spence, sweetheart, call in sick for today. I can tell everybody you feel like shit and you can stay home to rest.”
Spencer blinked slowly, his vision coming in and out of focus. “No,” he moaned, holding her cool hand to his forehead. “What if you guys need me?”
She pushed his curls away from his forehead. “We’re always gonna need you and that brilliant brain of yours, Spence. But I don’t want you getting anymore sick than you already are and I don’t want you getting the rest of the team sick.”
All he managed to do was smile a weak smile before sitting up in bed. He drank his coffee and placed the empty mug by his bedside table. Y/N was already dressed and ready to go. Looking at the clock to his left he realised that she’d let him sleep in, given his exhausted mind and body a chance to recover.
She leaned down and kissed his cheek. “Promise me you’ll take care of yourself today,” she whispered, lips still against his skin.
“I promise,” Spencer croaked. Too sick to give her a kiss he settled on holding her close. He gave her a weak smile as she left the room and waited until he heard the front door to the apartment click before getting up and getting himself dressed.
“Did you get him surgically removed or something?”
“What?” Y/N whipped around to face Morgan, the boiling coffee in her hands sloshing about in the cup.
Morgan grinned. “Normally you come in with pretty boy attached to you. Where is he?”
Embarrassment was written on her face as she sat down. “Oh, right. Spencer wasn’t feeling too good today so I kind of forced him to take the day off.”
“Isn’t that, like, near to impossible?”
She shook her head, wearing a small grin. “I thought it would be but he was sick enough to actually sleep in. He woke up a minute before I left.” Her eyes stayed on the doors, half expecting a paler than usual, less coordinated Spender to come walking in.
She kept talking to her friends, to the people she had considered family for several years, until it finally happened.
His tie hadn’t yet been done up all of the way and his cardigan wasn’t quite hanging from his tall frame right. His curls hadn’t been brushed and he looked like hell. Where Y/N had been smiling through the morning, thinking about her poor sick baby back at home, she looked furious the moment she saw him.
From the moment he stepped into the BAU, Spencer avoided his girlfriend. Which was kind of hard, considering they were both profilers. He made a beeline for his desk, ignoring the way her glare seemed to cut through his skull. Oh, he was so dead.
“Doctor Spencer Reid!” She called across the bullpen. Everybody fell silent, eyes darting between Spencer and his furious girlfriend. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
She didn't wait for him to answer, instead got up to stride over to his desk. "I thought I told you to take care of yourself today," she mumbled, taking his face in her hands.
Spencer placed his large hands over her own. "I didn't want to spend my day without you," he confessed with a weak smile. A minute later and Y/N was being pushed away so he could sneeze into the tissue tucked into the sleeve of his cardigan.
“I love you, Spence, but I’d rather you were in a less stressful environmemt where you could get better,” she mumbled, kissing his forehead. Spencer’s cheeks were burning, but not because of his sickness.
Y/N held his hand and pulled him out of his chair. She took him over to the little kitchen area and set about fixing him a cup of tea. “It’ll be better for you than coffee and it’ll help you get better,” she claimed as she added in all of the sugar. Less than fifty seven percent; she was trying to help him get better, not put him in a sugar coma.
“I love you,” Spencer mumbled, holding her hand against his cheek as she stirred his tea.
“I love you too, you big goof.” She kissed his cheek, handed him his tea and took him back to his desk. Spencer held onto her the entire way, partly because his legs were shaking and he definitely needed to go home, but mostly because, to him, her touch was healing.
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ssahotchswife · a day ago
Imma NEED a lactation kink one shot
 i read somewhere that there are some pregnant women who can cum just from their partner nursing on them so 🧍‍♀️ here we are 🥴 18+ NSFW CONTENT AHEAD NO MINORS ALLOWED. also, if lactation/pregnancy sex stuff isn’t your thing, this is not the blurb for you lol
Maternity leave was not all it’s cracked up to be. At least while you’re still pregnant. You were positive that once you just had this baby, maternity leave would stop being so boring. Plus then Aaron would start his brief paternity leave and you’d get to have your man home all day with you. He would be less excited when he realized just how neurotic this pregnancy had made you – but hey, it was his fault, right? He’s the one that knocked you up, and now here you were sitting up in bed worrying about giving birth to a sixteen-pound baby and trying to ignore the pain in your breasts.
At nine-months pregnant were your belly and breasts were swollen to the point of discomfort, but you would gladly take this discomfort time and again for your baby. Although, if the heavy, fullness in your breasts would just subside a little you would be very grateful to your boobs. According to your doctor, this was very normal for how late you were in your pregnancy and that you shouldn’t be surprised if you started expressing breastmilk. You wished you would – maybe it would take some of the pressure off your breast and keep them from being so painful.
You wished Aaron was here. When you’d first started having the painful heavy feelings in your breasts, Aaron had done as much research as he possibly could about how to help you, and he had found a massage technique that was supposed to relieve some of the discomfort. And god did it ever help. He was the most amazing man, and he had only proved himself more amazing throughout this pregnancy.  
He was in Georgia right now, the plane couldn’t take them home until the morning, but you just wanted him home now. Especially when you heard the front door open and close – nine months pregnant wasn’t exactly the ideal situation to be in when some intruder enters your house. You were glad Jessica had taken Jack for the night for a little aunt and nephew bonding time.
A gasp flew out of your mouth when your bedroom pushed open, and Aaron stuck his head into the room with a little grin.
“Oh my god, you’re here!” You exclaimed as he walked over to the bed, pulling him down for a kiss. “How are you here? I thought your plane wasn’t supposed leave until the morning.”
“I couldn’t stay there another night knowing you were here and in pain,” He murmured against your lips. “I had Garcia book me on a commercial flight home.”
“Aaron,” You said, your eyes welling up with tears. “I love you.”
“I love you too, sweetheart,” Aaron smiled. “How’s baby Hotchner tonight?”
“Kicking like crazy now that she can hear her daddy’s voice,” You laughed, smoothing a hand over your tummy. Aaron’s hand joined you over the bump as he leaned in for another kiss. “But otherwise she’s been very good for her mommy.”
“So, it’s not this baby that’s making you uncomfortable?”
“Mmm, not tonight,” You grimaced. “Tonight it’s these massive boobs – they suck.”
“I heartily disagree with that, honey,” Aaron grinned. “I love these massive boobs.”
Aaron pressed a kiss to the top of your cleavage, grinning up at you cheekily.
“Would you maybe wanna give me one of your expert pregnancy breast massages?”
“Actually,” Aaron said, already pulling your top off. “I was doing some more research, and there’s something else we can try alongside the massage.”
“What do you mean?”
“This should help you relax a little, and relieve the pressure in your breasts,” He said. “And you might just get a little pleasure out of it too.”
A contented sigh left your mouth as Aaron unhooked your bra and slid it down your arms, leaving your top half bare. Aaron laid you gently back against the pillows, resting between your legs and being careful of your bump as he brought his hands up to start massaging your breasts.
“Mmm,” You hummed, already feeling the pressure start to release.
“Feel good?”
“Very good.”
“Aaron – oh!” You exclaimed when Aaron wrapped his lips around your incredibly sensitive, hard nipple and began to suck.
You could feel the milk being squeezed out of your breast as Aaron sucked hard, every tug of his mouth on your nipple sending a wave of pleasure through your pussy. Aaron’s groans at the taste of your milk synched with the pulsations of thick pleasure pushing through you, making you arch your back – as best as you could with your big pregnant belly.
“Fuck,” Aaron grunted, voice thick with milk. “My darling girl, so fucking delicious.”
Against your leg, you could feel the hard length of Aaron’s erection; he was clearly turned on from drinking your breast milk. You were turned on from the feeling of him suckling at your tit, and your breast was quickly losing the discomfort from the release of pressure building up. Every nibble of his teeth on your nipple as he sucked you made you moan loudly.
“Aaron,” You croaked. “Please, my other – please, I need you to – oh!”
Before you could finish your sentence, Aaron switched nipples and starting sucking from your other breast. You weren’t sure how, but the sensation of Aaron sucking you dry had you so close to orgasm you would probably cum at the slightest swipe against your clit. It turns out you didn’t even need that – as Aaron sucked your nipple with a groan your orgasm washed over you. The first touch-less orgasm you had ever experienced in your life.
“Oh my god!” You gasp-moaned, squeezing your legs together tightly as you clenched around nothing. Waves of pleasure radiated throughout your body, prolonged with every suck of Aaron’s mouth on your nipple.
Aaron released your nipple with a pop, milk dribbling down his chin as his eyes flicked up to yours. You realized his right hand was no longer helping him massage your tits, but instead was tugging his cock in rhythmic pulls. Pushing a hand into his hair, you urged him back onto your tit to continue nursing him until he came as well.
“Fuck,” He mumbled around your nipple, groaning loudly.
The sound of him working his cock grew louder, skin slapping against skin ringing out into the room, and it wasn’t long before he was groaning against your breast as he came in his boxers. Your chest heaved with a heavy breath as Aaron rested his head on your boob, panting out his own release.
“How do you feel, (y/n)?” He asked quietly.
“Amazing,” You breathed. “Aaron, that was – wow.”
“Yeah,” He grinned up at you. “It was pretty wow for me too.”
Pressing a kiss to your bump, Aaron pulled back from you and helped you up from the bed. He held your hand tightly as he helped you undress – shedding himself of his clothes as well – and got you both in a relaxing shower. You felt so lucky to have this man by your side through it all.
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reid-me-a-story · a day ago
Hey besties, I need y’all’s help!
I know I haven’t posted a fic of my own in a WHILE but I have two that I’m currently working on.
1. The first is a part two to Your Lips are Soft, I have basically very little written for this. I know that it is going to be strictly fluff.
- I’m thinking this will be kind of the opposite from what happened in the first fic. In the first fic spencer surprised reader with the date, in part two I’m thinking to have reader surprise spencer with the date.
2. The second is a sub!Spencer smut fic - I have a lot more of this written but none of the good stuff(tm)
- for this fic, Spencer surprises fem!reader with coming home overnight from a case. She wakes up to find him there. The case was so tough that Spencer didn’t have time to shave and not that it BOTHERS reader but she has the idea to shave his face for him. Which leads to some sub!spence smut.
My problem, is that I’ve been hating everything that I’ve written. I thought of this idea like two months ago at this point, and I have no joke been writing the sub!spence fic for over a month now; probably closer to 6 weeks. I’ve re-written it so many times because I don’t like the way it’s sounding.
So here’s what I need your help with. I’ve created a google form, if you could please go in and tell me which one you would prefer to see first that would be greatly appreciated! I have also added an optional section where you can put any recommendations that you would like to see me write in the future, and I’ve also added an optional part where you can join my tag lists if you would like.
Access the form here!
For recommendations I will write anything- meaning fluff, angst, and smut. But I don’t write
any major character death ( this doesn’t mean I won’t write anything that takes place in the aftermath of Nelson’s sparrow or 100 or Lauren, but I won’t write a fic where Spencer dies or anything like that. Basically,if it’s in the show i would but if it’s not then I won’t)
non-con/dub-con, nothing that my brain will be able to come up with will ever include this.
anything with major race issues (Although I am indigenous, I have been brought up very removed from my culture, I am also white passing and therefore I have not experienced these issues first hand. I won’t be able to fully grasp all of the issues that IBPoC have to deal with, plus there are lots of writers who are IBPoC and deserve all the credit for writing those fics. I don’t want to take away from anything they have written, or will write.)
Kidnapping (you can still request this, because maybe I will write something like this eventually- but there are so many fics with this as the plot or the climax and I feel like I would have nothing to add or be able to write anything different enough to make it something of my own without feeling like I stole the plot from someone else)
MLM smut (I am a cisgender woman, there are lots of men or non-binary people who write this and they do it much better than I can or ever will be able to. I can for sure write gender neutral!)
Specific kinks that I have no experience with. (I am still learning though! Still ask if there’s something that you want to see, if it’s something that I can research and learn about I will and I will do my best to write something for you!)
I think that’s it, but I will always update my request guidelines if anything changes.
Thank you for reading all of this! To thank you for your help I have included my fav photos and gifs of mgg/spencer
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writingsonawall · 2 days ago
Falling, fallen chapter 6
Pairings: Spencer Reid x OFC
Story summary: The BAU investigates Leah’s brother’s dissapearence. Will she get the answers she’s been seeking? And how will her life and relationship with Spencer change?
Chapter summary: Leah has a mental breakdown and pounds on Spencer’s door in the middle of the night. He’s all too eager to help her. 
Warnings: Angst and swearing, but come on! If you’ve already read this far into this story you know that’s comes with almost every chapter. Gonna stop warning for those unless it’s something specific! 
Wordcount: 14,9 k woops! 
A/N: This is kinda of the second part of Falling, fallen. I’ve decided to split this whole story into different parts since it’s gonna be so long. Think of it as one book for each minor event (the hospital-storyline being one and this case being one) that happens which all makes up a franchice, but in order not to make it overly complicated I’ll publish it all under the same story.  Hope you enjoy! 
Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 7, 
Tumblr media
Leah froze in her tracks, one hand gripping her small key which was still in the lock, the other one holding onto her mail. Her eyes glanced over the first letter, recognizing the handwriting instantly. So, it was really May 30th already. It’s not like she had forgotten or anything, the past few weeks she’d spent on edge, just waiting for the letter to arrive. Of course she hadn’t forgotten, it just still shocked her to see it. 
“You okay there?” A voice sounded behind Leah, startling her. She turned around to see one of her neighbors standing there. She’d seen him around plenty of times, but hadn’t ever had a real conversation with him other than exchanging pleasantries. In fact, she hardly knew anyone in her building by name. 
“Oh, yeah,” she tried to act nonchalantly as she stuffed the mail into her bag. “Sorry, I’ll get out of your way.” She offered him a quick smile over her shoulder before closing up her mailbox and headed out the door without another word, not in the mood to be stuck in a conversation. She drew her jacket closer around her body as she went for her car. It wasn’t overly cold despite being so late at night, but she felt like all her blood had drained from her body. She didn’t even feel alive as she drove to the hospital, ready for another uneventful nightshift. 
During her mandatory three week leave from work after the incident with her intern, Leah had spent a lot of time with Spencer. She hadn’t actually seen him before almost two weeks had passed since she was released from the hospital, but after the night he had spent at her apartment they made it sort of a habit to meet at the library. They’d meet up every day at 6 P.M. and just read together in silence. Sometimes Spencer would read out loud to her or they’d simply talk. After they both returned to work they met up less frequently, but they tried to make it a habit of at least three times a week. She really liked spending time with him, but she was also scared she might have started to catch feelings a little too soon, so she never asked him to spend the night again. He didn’t seem to mind, being the wonderful person he was he never pressed her for more. 
During one of their conversations Leah had mentioned that she might want to switch her job. She had all these extra courses and she had done the research; she’d just have to send in an application and she’d be certified as a medic. With all her extra education and more than enough hours of working in the ER she didn’t really need anything else but to fill out some paperwork. She had asked him for his opinion and he’d given her his input on the matter, but also telling her that ultimately she should just do what makes her happy. Leah had pondered on that for a few days before she went back to work to have a conversation with her boss before she was allowed to return to duty. She’d brought the matter up with her as well. Her boss only told her that they would be sad to let her go and if she wanted to, she could always remain part of the staff as a hospital medic. Hospital medics were far from common, but not necessarily unheard of. 
She had decided then that she wanted to give it a try. Her job wouldn’t waver that much from her usual tasks. She did far more than other nurses did anyway, since she had all this extra training and education. So, why not give it a try? It would give her a raise and her boss had assured her she could always get her position as a nurse back if she ever wanted it. That had been good to hear, because apparently she had made more of an impact than she’d assumed. 
The first week back at work she’d spend getting to know the routines of her new position and getting to know the different people on the teams she’d be working closely with. It also meant she’d be working more with Dr. Ruiz and they were both ecstatic about that. When her paperwork was filed and finished, she started for real. So far she’d been working for three weeks as a medic and she loved it. She loved the rush she’d feel whenever a patient got rushed into the ER, she loved being able to check on them later, she loved having time in between each case to sit down and take it all in. She’d gotten better at relaxing lately; trying to handle her feelings instead of pushing them down. And this new position gave her just that. But right now she dreaded going to work. The letter was practically keeping her on edge, all but burning holes in her bag, taunting her. But she forced herself to ignore it for now. 
She got to work about ten minutes before her shift started, had changed her clothes and was ready with a cup of coffee in her hand five minutes after that. She started off her shift by checking charts and setting up a plan for everything she’d do that night. It was a nightshift again, which meant that there wasn’t much to do except wait for an emergency to rush in or a cardiac arrest to occur. She also asked the nurses what they needed help with, just so she’d have something to do. 
The first few hours on call went by pretty quick. They had a stab victim rushed in a little past midnight, but other than that Leah didn’t do much besides wait for something to happen. 
“Thought I might find you here,” Dr. Ruiz smiled as he walked into the breakroom by the OR just after three in the morning. He’d been posted at Post Op. that night, she knew since he’d told her the last time they’d work together. “Wanna get something to eat?” He asked. Since they’d worked more closely now that Leah was a medic, they had spent almost all of their breaks together. She assumed part of it was because he wanted to make sure that she was actually okay after everything that had happened almost a month and a half ago. And she was. She really was for the most part. She’d sort of tried to work through the worst of it and the rest she’d push so deep down it couldn’t bother her anytime soon. It was far from healthy, but believe it or not; all of this was an improvement for Leah. Now it was something completely different that was bothering her. 
“Sure,” Leah put on her best smile, not wanting Dr. Ruiz to ask what was on her mind. He opened the fridge and handed her her lunchbox as he grabbed his own. That was actually one of the best perks of her new position; she belonged to the trauma unit which meant she shared this enormous breakroom with the other staff from the ER and OR units. The ICU didn’t have a breakroom, they had this tiny little office, but they often spent their breaks in the cafeteria, which was always too noisy to actually disconnect from everything or outside the hospital ground, but that would cut their break short since it’d take a while just to travel to wherever they would go. Not that Leah minded all that much since she hardly took her breaks that serious anyway, but it was nice to have a real breakroom for once. 
“How come you never call me Carlos?” Dr. Ruiz asked as they ate. Leah paused and glanced over at him, raising her eyebrow at him. 
“Do you want me to call you Carlos?” She countered back. He shrugged. 
“I’d like to think we’re friends.” Leah pondered over that fora  moment. She didn’t exactly regard him as a friend. He was more of a close colleague. But then again she didn’t exactly have any friends. She had Spencer, but she had no idea what he even was to her. Dr. Ruiz, though… He’d been to her apartment plenty of times, mostly to pick her up for work or drop her off, and they’d gone out for the occasional drink or two every once in a while. He might actually be the closest thing to a friend she had at the moment. 
“I’d like to think so as well,” she finally nodded. “I mean, you’re my work hubby so we kinda have to be friends.” She laughed and he gave her this priceless look. 
“‘Work hubby’? Really?” He narrowed his eyes at her, leaning a little closer. Leah laughed again. 
“You call me your work wife. That makes you my work hubby,” she grinned as she patted the back of his hand teasingly. He groaned. 
“Call me your husband, sure, just… never say ‘hubby’ again. Please.” That just made Leah grin wider. 
“Fine.” She lifted her hands in surrender. She stuffed some more food into her mouth before lifting her fork to point at him. “For the record; I’ve known you for, what, three years now is it? It’d just be weird to suddenly call you Carlos,” she scoffed. “Sorry, but you’re gonna have to accept you’ll always be Ruiz to me.” 
“Fine,” he huffed. “But since we’re now officially friends now after being married for three years,” he joked, making Leah laugh. “Does that mean we can gossip now?” Ruiz, she guessed she could drop the formalities of doctor now, smirked. 
“I feel like I’m gonna regret this,” Leah groaned, but didn’t make any indication she wouldn’t be part of this conversation either. She wasn’t exactly fond of gossip, but every now and then she’d feel herself drawn to the conversation if anything interesting came up. Luckily, she didn’t have to since she was quite literally saved by the bell as her pager started beeping. “Next time,” she promised him when she saw that it was a cardiac arrest. She shot to her feet, leaving her food at the table before running out the door and up the flight of stairs to the correct unit. When she got to the room, she all but pushed the two nurses out of the way, barking out orders as she assessed the damage. 
This case wasn’t all that bad, she was able to shock his heartbeat back and have the patient stable again in under ten minutes. A doctor who had also gotten the call came in under two minutes after Leah did, but turned on his heel once he realized that she had it handled. She liked these types of cardiac arrests the most since it meant the patient would have a good prognosis. She’d had a few cases before, even before she became a medic, where they’d spend closer to half an hour of CPR and defibrillator before the patient's heart finally would start beating on its own again. Those cases almost always ended badly, either from lack of oxygen to the brain or simply because the heart was too weak. This, however, turned out to be a good case and she suspected after looking at his vitals once he was stable that he would pull through. 
Returning to the breakroom, she found it empty again. Her food was still at the table where she had left it, but Ruiz had been nice enough to put the lid on before he’d left. Finishing up the rest of her food, she checked her pager for anything else just in case she’d missed something. There was nothing and she debated whether or not she should read her letter. There wasn’t exactly anything to do around this time of night, so she might as well just get it over with. 
Sighing, Leah grabbed her bag from the chair beside her and dug through the various papers in there. She pulled them all out, just to see if there was anything more pressing in there, but there wasn’t. Rubbing her forehead, she felt exhausted all of a sudden, drained of essentially everything.
“Fuck this,” she muttered to herself, tearing at the corner of the letter, careful not to ruin the envelope too much. The piece of paper inside was just a blank sheet of paper, same as the others she’d received, with a few words scribbled on it. It never made much sense to her, what stood in the letters. It was always some religious crap, some quotes from the Bible which made no sense to her. Nothing really stood out this time either, except for perhaps that the handwriting was messy. Usually the letters she’d received were written in neat lettering, like the one on the envelope. This was certainly different. Maybe different enough to take it to the police again. 
“Oh, hi, Leah!” A way too cheerful voice sounded from the door. Leah just hummed at whoever it was, not doing anything to acknowledge them. She just read the words over and over. “Are you okay there? You look a little… pale?” That voice was a little uncertain now, but somehow at the same time sweet enough to make something in Leah’s stomach turn. How could someone be so happy when the world was such a shitty place? Leah lifted her head to look at one of the nurses she’d gotten to know pretty well after switching occupations. Her name was Sarah. 
“Yeah, I’m fine.” She was lying and it was obvious. Sarah didn’t seem convinced. 
“Are you sure? Do you need to go home?” 
“No, I’m…” Leah paused for a moment as she thought about what to do. Could she take this letter to Spencer? “Actually… I think I do need to go home,” she said, shaking her head a little as if that would somehow clear her mind. 
“Sure,” Sarah smiled gently. “Just go. It’s a nightshift so it’s pretty quiet. We’ve got it covered,” she told her. Leah just nodded for another moment, chewing on the insides of her cheeks as she wondered what she was going to do. She had to get out of there anyway, she couldn’t possibly work when her mind was fully focused on that damned letter. 
Quite frankly, she had no idea how she ended up outside of Spencer’s apartment. She vaguely remembered going to the lockerrooms and getting changed, but after that everything seemed to get blank. She could’ve hit a person with her car on the way and she wouldn’t have remembered. And it was actually a really bad idea because she had no idea what she was even doing, what Spencer could actually do with this. But him being the wonderful person he is would probably be able to calm her down enough so that she could think straight. That still didn’t make it fair of her to pound on his door at 4 A.M. when he probably needed to get up early for work. Work, which Leah had just left because it had finally snapped for her. She’d gone mental in that moment, she was vaguely aware of that fact. 
When the door finally swung open Leah didn’t even waste a second on a greeting, she just barged through the door, afraid he’d close it in her face once he’d realize she was crazy. She turned to look at him once she was a few feet inside his apartment and he wouldn’t have another choice but to listen to her before he would have the chance to kick her out. Spencer just looked at her, a little confused, still rubbing the sleep out of his eye with one hand while the other one was still resting on the doorknob. 
“Leah?” He just asked, probably not fully awake just yet. 
“I’m so sorry for just showing up here in the middle of the night,” she started rambling, her hand still clutching the letter, wrinkling the paper. “And I realize you probably wonder what the hell I’m doing here or how I even found out where you live, because no, you never told me, but your address is in your medical file. And before you ask, no I didn’t access your medical file like some creep just to find out where you live, because that would be totally illegal and-” she got cut off from her rambling when Spencer’s arms suddenly wrapped themselves around her. She froze up at that, not even having noticed that he’d moved closer. But it didn’t take her long to return the hug, pressing her face into his chest as she clung to him like he was the only thing keeping her grounded. 
“Tea?” Was all he asked, leaning back a little. His hands settled on the sides of her neck, his thumbs stroking gently over her cheekbones in a calming manner. 
“Coffee,” she answered and he just nodded, probably understanding that she was on the verge of completely losing it and wasn’t in the mood for him commenting on her coffeehabits. Leah stepped out of his embrace, moving over to his couch. She settled down, not having the mental capacity to even take in his place. She’d never been to his apartment before, but she wasn’t even remotely interested in what kind of interior he had or how he decorated. She just sat there quietly on the couch, staring rather blankly at the forestgreen wall - she was able to notice the color - fingers curling into the paper in her hand. 
After a few minutes or so Spencer returned, carefully handing her a cup of steaming black coffee. He surprised her by draping a blanket over her shoulders. It didn’t do much, but the gesture was appreciated. Leah let the letter fall into her lap in favour of wrapping the blanket tighter around herself. 
“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, lifting her eyes to glance at Spencer who had sat down next to her on the couch, but at a respectable distance. She wasn’t certain if that was supposed to make her feel better or worse. He was sitting with his feet popped up on the cushion, crossed at the ankles and with his arms wrapped around his knees. He was facing her and giving her all his attention, but he was too close to her and at the same too far away. 
“You can tell me what happened if you want,” Spencer whispered, leaning a little into the back of the couch. Leah wrapped both her hands around her mug and she noticed they were shaking. She tried to tighten her grip, but that only made it worse. 
“I, uhm… I had a brother,” she forced out, glancing over at Spencer for only half a second or so before turning back to look at the foam bubbles in her coffee. They spread around the rim of the mug, one of them popping every few seconds. It was sort of terapeutic to watch. “He went missing ten years ago and every year on the day the anniversary I get this stupid letter in the mail.” She sniffed even though she was crying. She wasn’t even close to crying, she felt completely numb in that moment. She picked up the letter and threw it Spencer’s way so he could take a look if he wanted to. 
“And you think your brother sends you these?” Spencer asked after taking a few seconds to look at the note and contemplate what she had just told him. 
“God, no,” Leah scoffed. “He was eight… when he disappeared. I don’t think he just… ran away. Someone took him, but the police had no leads and the case went cold.” Leah shrugged sadly. 
“Do you think the person who took your brother is sending these?” Leah could see Spencer nod his head slowly out of the corner of her eyes. Even though she wasn’t looking directly at him, she could still tell that his brain was running wild, probably thinking about every possible scenario of what could’ve happened. 
“I don’t know,” Leah shrugged. “At first we just thought it might be someone we knew who was just messing with us, you know? A cruel joke or something. But a few years ago I got in touch with this woman who said her daughter went missing and she received letters as well,” she told him. That seemed to peak Spencer’s interest. 
“Did you tell the police that?” He asked and she shrugged. She told him everything, about how the police closed the case six months after Sam went missing since they had nothing to go on. Her parents spent every dollar they had saved up to hire a private investigator which gave no results. Her father was a lawyer and worked closely with the police before he had retired early, a year before Sam disappeared. He pulled in some favours. A year went by and nothing happened before the letter came in their mail. They took it to the police, who opened the case again only to close it a few weeks later since the letter didn’t really have any evidence on it. For the next four years they would turn in the letters they’d receive, but it never led any way. Five years after Sam had gone missing, the police chief told Leah that she should come in if there’s any new evidence. Letters that no one could trace, or even connect to Sam’s disappearance with 100% certainty, was a waste of their resources. Spencer had been furious when she told him that last part, telling her that it was poor policework. She could tell he was getting agitated, so she placed a hand on one of his. 
“They did what they could,” she assured him, even though she didn’t believe that herself. Spencer just gave her this sad look, as if he couldn’t possibly imagine her pain. 
“Is this okay?” He asked as he wrapped his hand around her wrist, his fingers gently tracing random patterns on her palm. She could only watch him for a moment before she decided she could really need a hug or just some closeness. So, she withdrew her hand and leaned forward to place her mug on his table. Turning to look at him he seemed to understand. He unwrapped his arms and spread his legs, gesturing for her to come closer. She snuggled in between his long legs, laying down on top of him with her shoulder underneath his armpit and her head on his chest. Her hand fisted into the fabric of his pajamashirt and he wrapped the blanket tighter around them, his hands coming down to stroke every part of her he could reach, respectfully of course. 
“This is okay,” she mumbled once she was settled. She was still a little on edge, but she liked being in his arms. She felt safe, like nothing bad in the world could possibly harm her. 
“Where did you meet that other woman?” Spencer asked after a while. His voice was rumbling in his chest and Leah sighed, closing her eyes for a moment. Her mind was on high alert so she couldn’t possibly fall asleep anytime soon, but it felt nice to just close them for a few seconds. 
“This, uhm, supportgroup online.” She told him how she had drifted away from her father after Sam went missing, leaving out the worst parts, just telling him they didn’t stay in contact. And that after she relocated to D.C. the letters still arrived at her new address. Spencer had commented on that, that he thought it was weird for the letters to follow her. He had hugged her a little tighter at that. He let her continue to tell him about how one day she’d found this supportgroup for parents whose children had gone missing. Leah wasn’t technically a parent, but her mother was dead and her father seemed to have given up, so she had assumed she was the closest thing Sam had to a living family. There she had gotten in touch with a woman whose daughter went missing in 2006. She had also gotten letters similar to the ones Leah had received, just a simple Bible-quote. This woman had gotten the first letter the day after her daughter disappeared, though, but for the next two years she received one letter on the anniversary, just like Leah had. After 2008 the letters seemed to stop coming. 
Leah had urged the woman to go to the police and tell them she wasn’t the only one. She had gotten the same treatment as Leah had, but they both thought that if the authorities were made aware that it wasn’t a single incident, then perhaps they would open the cases again. And they had, but their investigation still led nowhere. After that Leah had mostly given up, getting so tired of getting her hope up that they might finally find out what happened to Sam, only for that hope to be crushed. She still kept all the letters she’d gotten and other evidence from the case, but she had stopped trying to contact the police since they obviously couldn’t do much. And she understood them to a degree. There hadn’t been any witnesses to what happened to Sam, no one had seen anything. And there was no evidence on the letters. There was essentially nothing to go on, which made it so much harder for Leah to handle. 
“Why don’t you come with me to work today?” Spencer asked, his voice hushed and it sort of disappeared into her hair. 
“Why?” She asked, snuggling a little closer to his neck. 
“We can talk to Hotch,” he started. “See if this is something we can investigate,” he told her. Leah lifted her head a little at that. 
“You’d do that for me?” Her voice barely came out a whisper. His eyes softened so much as he brought a hand forward to push the hair out her eyes. 
“Leah, your brother’s been missing for ten years. You deserve to find out what happened, get some peace.” His eyes held nothing but sincerity. Leah let out a shaky breath as she nodded slowly. Spencer gave her this sad little smile, but it made her feel better. He left her on the couch then, telling her he was just going to grab his phone so he could shoot his boss a text to give him a heads up that they wanted to talk to him. When he returned he found a large ziplock bag from his kitchen and placed the letter into it. Leah also handed him the envelope which had been stuffed into her bag again. 
They settled down on the couch again, Leah leaning her back against his chest as his arms were wrapped around her. They didn’t really talk, just sat there in silence as Leah slowly finished her coffee. It was turning cold so this just might be the longest she’d ever taken to finish a cup. Once the clock started getting closer to 5 A.M. Spencer went to his bedroom to get ready. Typically, if they didn’t have any active cases, they’d start their day at 8, but he told her his boss was always in two hours before everyone else. 
Fifteen minutes later Spencer returned wearing a pair of black pants, a dark purple dressshirt with a grey sweatervest and tie to top it all off. The look was a little over the top, but it suited him so well. His hair was a little more manageable and he smelled of some sort of aftershave or cologne which had an oddly minty scent to it. The entirety of his appearance screamed Spencer. 
“I was thinking we could stop by your apartment on the way,” he told her as he went for the front door to put on a pair of grey Converse. “Get the rest of the letters and if you wanna change or something.” Leah nodded as she stood up from the couch. 
“Okay,” she tried to smile, but her nerves made it hard to give him a genuine reaction. She put on her own sneakers and secured her bag over her shoulder as Spencer grabbed his own. 
“Did you take your car here?” He asked, stopping just shy of the door. Leah nodded, digging through her pocket for the keys. “We can take yours then. Do you want me to drive?” Again she nodded her head. She was in no condition to drive in her current state. Spencer led her out the door, locking it behind himself, and down the stairs. His apartment was located on the fourth floor and there was no elevator. That must suck, she thought to herself. 
“Thank you, by the way.” Leah turned to look at him as they slowly made their way down the stairs. 
“Really, there’s no need.” He shrugged. Leah bit her lips, deciding to just be bold and reach for his hand. He looked startled for a moment, stopping in his tracks as his eyes darted from hers to their hands and back again. Then, slowly a grin spread across his face and he interlaced their fingers as he tugged her along again. “Do you want to stop somewhere for breakfast on the way?” Spencer asked once they made it outside into the fresh morning air. 
“Not-” Leah was about to reply that she wasn’t all that hungry when her eyes fell onto the small piece of paper which was tucked under one of the windowwipers of her car. “Oh, come on!” She yelled, yanking her hand out of Spencer’s as she sprinted over to her car. She grabbed the parking ticket, noticing that soon she’d be sixty bucks poorer. “This is just bullshit!” She mumbled to herself. Spencer made his way over to her, his hands tucked into his pockets as he rocked awkwardly on the heels of his feet. 
“Sorry,” he mumbled sheepishly. His eyes were cast up at the ‘No Parking’-sign which was just litterary right next to her car. She should’ve seen that before parking her car, but as delirious as she had been a few hours ago it wasn’t really all that surprising that she hadn’t. Leah could only chuckle pathetically at that, rubbing her forehead with both her palms. 
“This is just so fucking great.” Leah shook her head, having no idea if she wanted to laugh or cry. “I mean, it’s my own fault, but this day just keeps getting better and better, huh?” She said sarcastically as she turned to look at Spencer. He tried to offer her a small smile, but it was obvious that he had no idea what to do in that situation. 
“Sorry,” he offered again. 
“It’s fine,” Leah assured him. A parking ticket wasn’t the end of the world, after all. It just felt like the universe somehow knew how horrible her day had been and it wanted to spit on her even more… And it wasn’t even six in the morning yet. “It’s fine, let’s just go,” she told him, tucking the ticket into the pocket of her jacket, reminding herself she’d have to pay that at some point, before unlocking her car and climbing into the passenger’s seat. She handed the keys to Spencer who got into the driver’s seat. 
He started off by adjusting the seat, which probably took him a whole two minutes since he was a lot longer than her. When he had everything adjusted correctly, he started fumbling around, probably to figure out how to turn on the car. Leah could only watch him in amusement, suddenly feeling a little better. 
“Come on!” She laughed eventually. “You have, like, three PhDs.” 
“Yeah, and none of them are for driving cars,” he told her a little sourly, but there was a hint of a smile playing on his lips.
“It’s on the other side,” she told him, guestering towards the window. Her car was actually fairly new, it had that sort of ignition thing where you press a button to start the car, but for some reason that startbutton was on the left side of the steering wheel. It had bothered her the first few weeks, since all the cars she had driven before always had the ignition on the right side of the steering wheel. 
“What the hell kind of crap is this?” Spencer laughed and that was probably the first time she’d heard him say anything remotely close to a swearword. It made her smile. 
“I actually hate it,” she told him as he finally was able to locate the button and start her car. It roared a few times, as if her battery was running flat, before the rumbling smoothened. 
“Why? It’s nice,” he noted. Leah took a moment to really take in the appearance of the car, something she hadn’t ever actually done before. It was slick and clean, but it didn’t exactly have much extra luxury. It was a Subaru after all, and they only had two types of models; the simpler ones and the luxury models which were still far from luxurious compared to other brands of cars. Her car was of the simpler models which meant fabric seats and a lot of plastic on the dashboard, but she guessed it could still be considered as ‘nice’. 
“I don’t like the gearing,” she told him as he slowly drove out of the parking space. “It’s crap, really. I mean, it’s an automatic, but sometimes it just doesn’t react even if I floor the gas. Sometimes I have to shift it manually,” she explained, guestering to the lever in the center of the car. It had a small plus and minus to the left side of Drive, which allowed her to shift gears manually if need be. And she had needed that many times. There had been times, like if she was going to pass another car on the highway, where she had shifted files, floored the gaspedal to pass and the car would almost go slower. It would just take a few seconds before the gear actually shifted and it would give her the momentum she’d need. It was actually pretty dangerous, but she was used to it by now. 
“Maybe your gearbox is broken,” Spencer hummed as he navigated the small traffic. 
“I’ve had it to service plenty of times and they just say it’s supposed to be like that. They said that I could exchange it for a newer model, though. The one that came out this year apparently has a new type of gearbox which is a lot better,” she told him. 
“Yeah, of course,” Spencer scoffed. “That’s just a sales trick.” Leah laughed. 
“I checked it out and even took one of the newer models out for a ride. I tried the Outback, though, because last year’s Outback-model has that new gearbox and it was really surprisingly smooth to drive,” Leah hummed a little dreamily. She had taken the car for a testdrive just because why not and it had been heaven and hell compared to her own. She was actually a little in love with it, but she hadn’t actually seriously thought about buying it.
“But you didn’t buy it?” Spencer asked, even though the answer was obvious. 
“Nope,” she responded. “Why would I buy a new car for fifty grand when the one I have works just fine. I mean, I hate this piece of crap and there’s a reason I got it so cheap since the previous owner probably hated it even more than I do and wanted to get rid of it… But so far you’ve served me well, my friend,” she explained, leaning forward to stoke over the dashboard. “You’re still a piece of crap, though,” she whispered, as if it was a secret that only could be shared between her and her car. 
“I see,” Spencer laughed. “You have a toxic relationship with your car. That’s a new one.” Leah just offered him a grin. She felt a lot better now compared to just half an hour ago. The car came to an abrupt stop in front of a red light and Spencer offered her an apologetic look. 
“Sorry,” he muttered. 
“That’s actually another thing I hate about it; the breaks are crap too. They’re way too harsh and jerky,” she laughed. She knew that this wasn’t exactly Spencer’s fault. He had driven her home from the library a few times, using his own car, and was a surprisingly good driver. He never went over the speed limit and he drove like an old grandma, sure, but he was very smooth in transitions between driving and stopping. It was just her car which would take a while to get used to. 
They made it to her apartment in about ten minutes and Spencer expertally parked by the curbe. He followed her inside and she headed straight for her bookcase, grabbing the box where she kept all the evidence in her brother’s case. She handed it to him, telling him he was welcome to go through it if he wanted to. She changed her clothes quickly, opting for a simple pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt with a jeanjacket thrown over it. She also decided to brush her teeth and fix her hair a little so it didn’t look like a bird’s nest. After she was done, she headed back into the living room where Spencer was hunched over her kitchencounter with the various contents of the box was emptied out. 
“Do you need another moment?” She asked. Spencer lifted his eyes. 
“No, it’s fine. I can take a closer look at it at the office,” he told her with a smile as he gathered everything and dumped it back into the box. She grimaced a little at that. She had never been particularly organized, but when it came to anything involving Sam and the case she was always thorough, labeling everything and putting them away in order of dates. It was ridiculous to get upset over such a small detail since she knew Spencer would have to go through it again anyway if they were going to help her. 
The next hour or so was spent in the car. The drive out to Quantico was a lot longer than she’d imagined and the traffic which started to thicken around 6:15 A.M. didn’t help either. Leah was a little on edge when she had gotten back into her car, but Spencer tried to assure her that she had nothing to worry about. He prepared for what might happen when they got to his job. He told her that it wasn’t certain his team would take the case, but if they didn’t then he’d make sure another unit of the FBI would. And they would investigate thoroughly and not just give up because of lack of evidence. That calmed Leah’s nerves a little, knowing Spencer was in her corner even if he wasn’t personally invested in her brother’s case. 
Spencer parked her car in the garage, hanging up a sign in her mirror which he got out of his bag. Actually getting into the building was a mess; full on metaldetectors and security checks. She had to sign her name in at least three different logs and was handed a visitor's badge before being allowed to follow Spencer towards the elevators. He showed the way, giving her a quick tour of what he called ‘the bullpen’ when they reached his floor. It was just a large room with lots of desks and he headed over to the one she assumed was his own. He put his bag down in the chair, grabbing a key to open the filing cabinet which was connected to the desk. He grabbed some files from his bag and stuffed them into the drawer before locking it up again. 
“You ready?” He asked, turning around to face her. His hands came up to squeeze her arms reassuringly. Leah licked her lips as she nodded slowly. He offered her a small smile before telling her to follow him. He led her up a small flight of stairs which led to a sort of half level over where his desk was located. He went over to one of the many offices and knocked on the door. The blinds were shut, so Leah couldn’t see much. She didn’t hear if there was a reply from the other side of the door either, but Spencer swung it open anyway. He poked his head inside and Leah just stayed behind him, waiting for permission to enter. 
“Reid, come in.” She could barely hear the voice and even though it sounded calm, she could still hear that the man held a lot of authority. She didn’t remember who Spencer’s boss was. The minor events at the hospital was kind of a blur so she couldn’t connect names to Spencer’s colleagues other than Emily - she had already forgotten her last name - and Agent Jareau whose first name was stuck somewhere in the back of her mind. 
Spencer went in first, looking over his shoulder and offering Leah a small smile as she followed him. She tried not to fiddle with her hands or look overly uncomfortable, but it was hard. Not only was she just about to ask a complete stranger to help her find out what happened to her brother, she was about to ask one of Spencer’s coworkers, who, might she add, at some point not so long ago thought she was actually a murderer.  
“Hotch, this is-”
“Miss Clarewater, come in and have a seat,” Spencer’s boss cut him off and extended a hand towards one of the chairs on the other side of his desk. Leah nervously licked her lips as she took a seat. 
“Actually, it’s just Singer,” she told him. She had long ago forgone her father’s name, still feeling the bad blood between them after he aboundanded her. Her relationship with her mother hadn’t been the best either, at least not towards the end, but she was dead and you couldn’t exactly carry grudges against a dead person and she needed a lastname of sorts. She’s stuck to just Singer ever since her father ran out on her, but she hadn’t gotten around to changing her name officially yet. “Or just Leah,” she quickly added, hating how everything had to be so formal all the time. 
“Alright, Leah,” Hotch, as Spencer had called him, Aaron Hotchner judging by the nameplate on his desk, said. “How are you?”
“I’m, uhm…” Leah couldn’t help but glance over at Spencer who had shut the door to the office and taken a seat next to her. Sighing, her breath came out a little shakily and she could see Spencer’s hand twitching where it rested against his leg, as if he wanted to reach out for hers, but couldn’t. “I think I could’ve been better,” she finally answered. Hotch nodded slowly for her to continue. “I’m sure you… know what happened to my brother?” She asked carefully, looking up to see if she could catch any emotions on his face. It was rather stonecold, features completely neutral, but she could also see a few wrinkles around his eyes. She couldn’t tell if they were just naturally always there or if he was concerned. He was a hard man to read. 
“We learned about his disappearance when we did a background check on you,” Hotch answered, casting a glance over at Spencer for a moment before returning his eyes. “How long has it been?” 
“Ten years,” Leah answered, feeling tears build up in her eyes at the thought. It had really been ten years. “Uh, yesterday was the anniversary and I just-I just want to know what happened to him. If there’s anyway that you could do to, I don’t know, try to figure it out?” Leah rushed out, not even knowing what exactly she was asking for. Hotch’s eyes softened just a smidge and even on his face she could recognize that expression anywhere. He was about to shoot her down. It was the look all the other detectives had given her when they’d told her that they had no new leads, or that the case was no longer a priority. 
“I need you to understand, Leah, that this isn’t the kind of cases we typically investigate.” It was as she’d expected, but it still hurt to hear. She could only nod and blink against the tears, balling her fists up so her hands wouldn’t shake so bad. Not that it helped because Hotch obviously saw and Spencer’s concerned eyes were burning holes in the sides of her face. 
“I understand,” she said, but her words came out breathless. Hotch looked genuinely sorry as he tilted his head slightly to the side as he watched her. 
“But there are other units of the FBI that I’m sure will take this case. I can have Reid escort you so you can talk to them,” he offered. Leah just nodded, not trusting herself to speak. 
“I think we should take it,” Spencer shot in before Leah got the chance to get out of her chair. She wanted to, feeling utterly defeated once again, she wanted nothing more than to get out, go home and try to forget about it. Again. 
“Reid,” Hotch sighed as Leah looked at him with wide eyes. 
“I really think this could be something for the BAU. Leah, she told me she gets letters every year and that her brother wasn’t the only one,” Spencer bursted out. 
“Spencer, it’s okay,” Leah whispered, wanting to reach out for him to make him stop talking. It was enough to get shot down once more, but when Spencer was so enthusiastically fighting for her cause it made her heart clench and it was a rollercoaster of emotions she wasn’t ready to deal with yet.  
“Alright, tell me what you know,” Hotch said calmly and if Leah didn’t know any better, she’d say he was interested now. She looked from him to Spencer a few times, not really understanding what was going on. Were they really going to investigate after all? It took her a moment to collect herself, but when she did she told Hotch everything she’d told Spencer that night; about the letters which arrived every year on the anniversary of Sam’s disappearance, - with the expectations of when it fell on Sundays of course - about how the police and her parents had first assumed it was just some cruel prank, how the letters continued after her mother died, after her father moved off to God only knows where, after Leah herself moved to D.C. She also told about the supportgroup and the mother she’d gotten in touch with there who had almost the exact same story to tell about her daughter. She also told, for the second time that early morning, how the police were never able to solve the case and it got cold as there were no real leads or evidence. Spencer also handed Hotch the box of evidence she’d collected over the years. 
After she finished telling the story Hotch roamed quickly through the box, reading over a few of the letters and asking which one of them she’d gotten yesterday. Leah pointed it out amongst the pile. It was an easy spot since it was the only thing in there to have been placed in a regular ziplock bag from Spencer’s kitchen, the other items had never been removed from the see-through evidencebags since Leah got them back after turning them in to the police. 
“Reid, do you mind waiting outside for a minute?” Hotch finally spoke and Leah felt herself clench up at his words. What was he going to tell her that Spencer couldn’t hear? 
“I’ll just be right outside,” Spencer assured her in that calm voice of his. He put a hand on her shoulder, squeezing it gently before getting up from the chair to leave the room. Leah watched after him even after the door was closed behind him and he was out of her view, but his touch lingered and it was somehow comforting. 
“I can see that Reid is personally invested in this case,” Hotch spoke up. Leah gulped before turning to look at him. 
“I think he cares about me,” she shrugged. 
“I think so, too,” Hotch offered her the smallest of smiles, but somehow she suspected that was rare for someone like him. “I need you to understand that this team is like a family; when things become personal to one person, it becomes personal to the rest of the team. If, and I’m just saying if, we were to take this case, I need the whole team to agree on it. If just as much as one member has any doubts about it, we won’t take it. Now if that happens, I can still send it over to other units of the FBI, so you can be assured that it would be investigated thoroughly.” Leah nodded slowly, trying to contemplate everything he’d just said. 
“And if they, uhm, agree to take the case?” She asked. 
“Then we’ll take it and we won’t stop until we find answers. I need to prepare you that those answers might not be what you’re hoping for,” Hotch told her. 
“I just want to know what happened. It’s been ten years and I still have no idea,” she whispered. He gave a quick nod. 
“The rest of the team should be here in half an hour. I’ll start making some calls and brief them when they arrive. In the meantime, I suggest you and Reid grab something to eat. You’ll have my answer once I’ve spoken to the team,” he informed her. 
“Thank you, Sir.” She felt the urge to shake his hand, so she did so, very enthusiastic may she add. He just offered her a tight lipped smile before dismissing her. Spencer was where he said he’d be, right at the other side of the door, and she all but fell into his arms once the door was closed behind her. 
“You okay?” He mumbled, squeezing her tighter as if it was a reflex to never let go. She could only nod against his chest, nuzzling closer to his sweatervest as his scent calmed her nerves. She didn’t feel like talking, just wanting something to keep her grounded for a minute. She didn’t need to tell him what his boss had told her; he probably already knew. Instead she just hugged him a little tighter and took a long breath before slowly inching back out of his embrace. He smiled down at her and his eyes held so many emotions that it was hard to figure out exactly what he was feeling in that moment.
They decided to take up Hotch’s advice and go out for breakfast. There was a small coffeeshop on the ground level of the building which Spencer had promised served a decent cup of coffee. Leah wasn’t particularly hungry, but she opted for a bagel since she hadn’t eaten in a while. She felt the need to show Spencer’s team some gratitude, even if they wouldn’t end up taking the case they had still helped her with the whole mess around her intern, so she told him they’d have to get the rest of the group coffee as well. Spencer, being the genius he was, had memorized everyone’s orders and they also decided to throw in some baked goods just because. Coffee and pastries would make anyone happy in the morning, and it was the least Leah felt she could do. She paid for it all, sliding her card across the counter before Spencer had the chance to dig around in his bag for his wallet. When he still tried to object she just stuck her tongue out at him, which in return made him shake his head with a fond smile. 
Heading back up to the BAU’s floor Leah balanced all their coffees while Spencer carried their bags of food. She had realized pretty early on that Spencer wasn’t exactly very well choreographed. She wondered if certain parts of his brain were malfunctioning to compensate for his IQ or something, because he couldn’t multitask for shit. If he wasn’t actively watching where he was going, he’d stub his toe on anything in close proximity or trip over a step in the stairs, if he was carrying more than two things he somehow couldn’t concentrate on anything else. He was kinda strange that way and she really wondered if there was a reason for all of it or if he was simply that clumsy. Whatever the case, she found him adorable whenever he flushed because he’d tripped over his own feet or when he spoke so enthusiastically with his hands that he’d almost hit her square across the face. She may not have known him for long but she knew that Spencer was so pure in every single way. 
When they got back up to the office, they set everything down at one of the tables that seemed unoccupied as a workspace. Leah took the cups out of the carryingtrays and turned them around so all the names would be facing the doors and anyone who walked through would instantly notice theirs and could easily grab it. Leah wasn’t actually OCD, but she did have an eye for details. Spencer grabbed a few plates from the kitchen and laid the pastries out before throwing the bags away. They grabbed their own drinks and breakfast before settling down by Spencer’s desk. 
Leah was nibbling at small pieces of her bagel when the rest of Spencer’s team started filing in, one by one right after each other. Leah instantly shrunk in her seat as the black man she remembered vaguely from the hospital came through the doors first. She wasn’t sure how to feel or act, or how they’d feel about seeing her in their workspace after everything that had happened at the hospital. 
“Oh, Pretty boy! You bought me coffee!” He exclaimed as his eyes fell on the table. Leah watched as he happily grabbed a cup and a small muffin. 
“Actually, Leah did,” Spencer answered. 
“Huh?” the other man hummed as he looked over, quickly locking eyes with Leah. She felt herself shrink even further into her seat as he narrowed his eyes for a moment. He must have just been confused because not even a split second later his eyes lit up and a charming smile settled on his face. “Sorry, don’t think we ever got around to fully greet one another last time we met. Derek Morgan,” he said, pacing over to stretch his hand out. 
“Leah Singer,” she introduced herself as she shook his hand. He quickly went over to what Leah assumed was his own desk. He didn’t seem angry or uncomfortable with her being there, and she certainly didn’t miss the dopey smile he shot Spencer as he walked off. The rest of the team filed in rather quickly after that and luckily there was little time for greeting or introductions before Hotch called them all into another office. She was glad no-one had gotten time to ask her what she was doing there. Emily had given her a knowing, sad smile, so she obviously had an idea. Before leaving Spencer asked if she’d be okay on her own for a while, to which she just nodded and agreed. She wasn’t a baby, she could handle herself for however long the meeting would take. 
Being alone again gave her some time to think about everything. She wondered what would be worse; if they did take the case or handed it off to another unit. Spencer would beat himself up over whatever decision it was, she just knew he would. If he’d be working on it he probably wouldn’t sleep until Leah got her questions answered. She hadn’t known him for long, but he already looked at her as if she was the most important thing in his life. She wasn’t blind after all so of course she’d noticed. It just scared her how personally he’d take it if they couldn’t get answers, if the case was somehow unsolvable. He’d probably take it harder than she would. 
She also wondered how he’d feel if they didn’t agree to investigate. Hotch had promised her he’d send it off to another unit and she believed him. Only problem is Spencer wouldn’t be part of it. He’d probably go crazy over that, demand to oversee their work and make sure they did their job right. Leah didn’t even know how the FBI worked or if he would have the rights to do that, but she assumed he’d find some way to become part of the investigation somehow. 
Leah had suspected that she’d have a lot of time to think about everything that was on her mind, but the team wasn’t gone for more than ten minutes and the short time made Leah’s heart sink a little. They couldn’t possibly have discussed thoroughly in that short period of time, right? Someone had probably said no. 
“What happened?” Leah asked when Spencer came back to her. She noticed the rest of his team roaming around their desks, collecting chargers, files, laptops etc. out of their drawers. She didn’t want to focus on them when Spencer was sitting in front of her, kneeling on the ground. 
“We’re going to take the case,” he informed her in that gentle, sweet voice of his. Leah could only look at him for a moment, not fully believing him. 
“You are?” She asked because she just had to be sure that she’d heard him correctly. He nodded, both his hands coming up to squeeze her knees. 
“Yes, Leah.” He smiled. “Hotch made some calls while we went to get breakfast and another child went missing in the Bronx about two weeks ago. Same MO as with Sam, so we think the same person who took him also took this girl. We’re flying out there now to see if there’s more children missing who can relate to the case and try to find out who did this.” 
“So, you think someone took Sammy?” Leah asked, feeling tears brim in the corners of her eyes. She’d always suspected that, hell, even the police had initially thought that as well. But hearing Spencer confirm her theories made it all more real… And another thought struck her mind; she knew what typically happened to abducted children and she didn’t want to imagine that happening to her babybrother. 
“Yeah, we do,” he sounded so sad, but gentle. He must’ve somehow been able to interpret what she was so desperately trying not to think about. “But we’re going to find the person who did this, okay? You’ll get answers. I promise,” he said it so sincerely that Leah was afraid what would happen if they couldn’t actually find the asshole. She wanted to think about something else, anything. 
“So, you’re going to New York?” She decided to ask, wanting to change the subject, but at the same time not wanting to remind herself that he would have to leave. 
“Yeah, we’re leaving now,” he told her, but there was something in his eyes when he paused. He sighed, hands squeezing her knees again. “Hotch wants you to come with us,” he said carefully. 
“To… uhm, to New York?” She asked. Spencer nodded. “Why?” 
“You’re a material witness. You might have more information than you think, maybe you’ll remember something important when you get there. And you know the area, you know the people. It could be really helpful if you come with us, Leah.” Spencer shrugged as he spoke, then paused again. She’d gotten to know his tells by now and he always made this slightly scrunched up face when he was about to say something, but didn’t know exactly how to phrase it. Leah just waited for him to continue. “I don’t think you should be alone right now,” he finally said. Her heart melted a little at that and without even realizing what she was doing she reached a hand out to settle in his hair. 
“This wasn’t your boss’ idea, was it?” She breathed, hand snaking further back so her fingers could play with the curls in the back of his head. He all but purred at that, his own fingers twitching against her knees. 
“He approved it.” Spencer smiled sheepishly, but didn’t seem ashamed. “You can always say no if it becomes too much for you. I know going back there can wake some bad memories, but I don’t want you halfway across the country in case you need me.” There it was, no ‘in case you have a mental breakdown’ or ‘in case you feel sad’. In case you need me. Those words echoed around in her head a few times and she wondered when she could begin to understand her feelings for him. They were strong, obviously, but she’d only known him for a few weeks and she could already tell she had never felt anything like this before. 
“Okay,” she agreed, reluctantly removing her hand and leaning back in her seat a little. “I’m gonna have to order a planeticket, then.”
“No need,” Spencer brushed her off as he carefully shifted his weight on his hands which were still on her knees so he could stand up. As he did she could hear his joints cracking and popping dramatically as he shook the circulation back into his legs. “You’re coming with us on the jet,” he said simply. Leah just cocked an eyebrow at that. 
“Jet? You have a jet?” She asked when he didn’t explain further. He gave her a long look, eyebrows narrowing. 
“Yeah… I thought I told you that,” he chuckled. 
“Is it big? Is it fancy?” Leah questioned, feeling a little giddily. She had never traveled much, only been on a handful of planerides, but she had never even seen a jet up close. It made her so excited she was almost able to forget about all the nerves she had. Spencer just chuckled at her with an amused smile. It was insane how quickly the mood could shift between the two of them, from utterly depressing to a child who just walked into a candy store. 
“Why don’t come with me and I’ll show you?” Spencer shrugged as he grabbed his bookbag. 
“Oh, we’re leaving now? Like, now-now?” She asked, getting up from her seat as well. She quickly checked around his desk to see if she’d forgotten anything, but  she’d only brought her purse and the box of evidence which she assumed Hotch still had control over. 
“Well, yeah, unless you need to get something from your apartment before we go? Clothes?” He told her. Leah thought about it for a moment. She didn’t exactly have anything other than the few articles in her purse, so clothes sounded like a good idea to bring. But going to her apartment and back again would delay them by at least a few hours and she didn’t want to do that. She had no idea how long they’d be gone, but Spencer had once mentioned the longest case they had worked had made them be gone for three weeks before they solved it. She could always buy whatever she’d need if she wouldn’t be gone for much longer than a few weeks. 
“Do I need my passport?” She asked as they started heading towards the glassdoors. 
“Not unless you plan on taking a trip to Canada while you’re at it,” J.J. shot in as she fell to a step next to the two. During their short introduction that morning she’d been able to learn all their names. Leah wasn’t much for formalities and decided she preferred to call people by their first names or nicknames. She had gotten to know that the agents typically referred to each other by their last names, with a few exceptions, and she assumed it was an FBI thing. Leah was kind of used to that at her job as well, the doctors being called by their last names, nurses and other staff by their first names. It was a weird system, but Spencer’s team weren’t her colleagues, so she wanted to be as friendly with them as possible. 
“Good luck, my crime fighters!” The colorful woman Leah had remembered from the hospital and now knew as Penelope bid them farewell as they headed for the elevators. She stopped them in their tracks before they could actually get that far, though, pulling Leah into a tight, yet unexpected hug. She let out a sound of surprise. 
“Garcia!” Spencer hissed next to her. 
“No, it’s fine. Uhm… thank you?” Leah said once Penelope released her. 
“I’m sorry, I just… I hope you finally find what you’re looking for,” the older woman said, looking so sad and emotional as she said it. Leah wondered how someone like her could possibly work with the same stuff as Spencer. She knew the cases they worked were typically… gnarly, to say the least, and this woman seemed so bright and kind and good. She’d probably faint at the sight of blood. She didn’t exactly seem to fit into the whole group, but Leah assumed there was a meaning to it that she hadn’t yet understood. 
“Thanks, uh… You’re not coming with us?” Leah asked. 
“Nope, I’ll manage the place while you’re gone. But I’m always just a phonecall away if you need to talk! I also have a folder on my computer full of cute catpictures if you need a pick-me-up if things get too bad… Not that I think they will, because this team is so amazing and I know they’ll-”
“Thank you,” Leah said sincerely to cut off Penelope’s rambling when she thought she’d said something bad. She felt a little awkward after that, as if she’d somehow come across as a too harsh. “You know, I’ve got a lot of supercute pictures of dogs doing stupid things on my phone. Maybe we should exchange them when I get back?” She offered, just to appear a little nicer. It seemed to help, because Penelope’s eyes lit up. 
“Oh, we definitely should! Good luck!” She said as a sort of goodbye when she finally let Leah, Spencer and J.J. get to the elevator. Leah’s smile seemed to be glued to her face all the way down to the basement where they got into a large van which they used to drive out to a hanger located just behind the large officebuilding. It wasn’t too far away and they probably could have walked the short distance, but she assumed there were protocols about this sort of thing. They parked the car by the jet, which wasn’t as big as Leah had expected. It was about the size of a small passenger airplane and it looked like it too from the outside. She was still excited, though, as Spencer led her inside through the backdoor. It wasn’t too big, but roomy enough to host a wide couch - she didn’t even know there was allowed to be couches on aircrafts - and enough seats to accompany the whole team plus some guests. The seats were also drawn in tan leather and looked much more comfortable than the ones she’d traveled with on economy class on cheap airlines. All in all it looked nice and welcoming, which was strange for a jet since it shouldn’t be more than a means of transport. 
“Take a seat wherever you want,” Spencer told her as she paused in the doorway to take it all in. She turned to look at him and she knew the smile on her face probably gave away her excitement. 
“It’s so fancy!” She grinned at him. She could see the twinkle in his eyes as he looked down at her. Leah opted for one of windowseats in the back, wanting to be able to look out. She immediately buckled in, tightening the belt across her hips probably a little too tight. It’s not like she was afraid of flying, because she really wasn’t. She knew the statistics, that it was safer to fly than any other form of transportation. It was just that she hadn’t been on a lot of planerides and it was also the fact that she was going back home, with Spencer, to try to find out what happened to her brother all those years ago. So, no, she wasn’t scared, she was just nervous. 
“Here.” She looked up at Spencer who was now hovering over her in the aisle, a babypink blanket in his outstretched hand. It took her a moment to process it before a grin slowly spread across her lips. 
“I didn’t think you were into pink,” she teased him, but accepted the blanket nonetheless. 
“Well, someone once told me I look pretty in pink,” he shrugged, a smile on his lips, but his cheeks still turned the color in question. It took Leah an even longer moment to remember that she had said that to him when he was in the hospital. She could only laugh. “And it’s J.J.’s, she said you could borrow it,” he told her. Leah perked up at that, scanning the jet for the blonde who was sitting up by the front. She caught her eye and gave her a grateful smile as a thanks. 
“Do you mind if I sit?” Emily asked as she pushed past Spencer, gesturing towards the seat across from Leah. She nodded and loosened her seat belt a little so she could properly snuggle up into the blanket. It was thin and worn, smelling heavily of some flowery perfume, but she didn’t mind. Blankets always made her feel safe in some way, like an extra layer of protection just in case anything bad were to happen. “I brought you some more coffee,” Emily spoke up again once she was seated, sliding one of her cups across the small table between them. Leah grinned as she accepted it. 
“Thank you.” She slowly took a sip of her coffee, relishing in the hot beverage she had a hate-love relationship with. This was probably her fifth or sixth cup since midnight and she knew it wasn’t exactly healthy, but then again everyone had some sort of habit that couldn’t be classified as healthy. She had really tried to cut down on her caffeine intake, especially after her concussion, and on good days she managed to stick to four or five cups a day, but on bad days… Let’s just say that fifteen-twenty cups in one day was no problem for her to consume. 
She quickly fell into a friendly conversation with Emily, the blackhaired woman mostly asking how she’d been doing after the last time they’d met. Leah answered as honestly as she could, telling her about how the first few days after she got home were the worst since the concussion was pretty bad, but that it got better. She also told her about her new position as a medic, to which Emily seemed really happy for her about. It also reminded her that she’d have to call her boss at some point to tell her she wasn’t going to be coming in to work for some time. Her boss was kind of a bitch at times, but she was always really understanding when it came to injuries, like when Leah got hurt, and personal things like what she was about to do now. 
Spencer returned a few minutes later, looking undecided as to where to sit, but Leah just patted the seat next to her. That seemed to put him a little more at ease and he sat down next to her, offering her a bag of cashews. She grinned and grabbed a small handful from the bag as they waited for the rest of the team to show up. It didn’t take too long for them to get seated, the doors closing securely and then the jet was moving slowly. 
“We’re moving!” Leah grinned at Spencer before turning around to look out the small window. She kept watching as they slowly made their way out of the hanger and to the runway. She was aware that several pairs of eyes were trained on her, but she didn’t care. 
“Have you never been on a plane before?” Emily asked. 
“I have, just not that many times,” Leah responded, still not wavering her eyes from the landscape as the jet picked up speed. She waited for that drop in her stomach as the nose of the plane lifted off the ground and tried to hide her squeals. Those few seconds just before take off and landing always made her feel funny, kind of like being on a rollercoaster. It didn’t last for long, though, the jet smoothly lifting off the ground and climbing higher and higher by the second. “We’re flying!” She grinned as they broke through the low clouds. Turning to look at Spencer, he had the most loving look on his face. He had probably watched her the entire time and it made her blush the tiniest bit.
“Yeah, we’re flying,” he mumbled. Leah adjusted a little in her seat, kicking off her sneakers and pulling her feet up onto the couchin. She wrapped her arms and blanket tighter around her as she tried to make out anything through the clouds. For the next ten minutes or so all she could see was white until they reached maximum altitude and climbed above the clouds. The sight was truly breathtaking, but then she became aware of how her ears became clogged and she was reminded of the downside of flying. 
At some point Spencer and Emily excused themselves, moving to the front of the plane to discuss the case with the rest of the team. Leah tried not to eavesdrop, giving them privacy to talk about the details. She knew there were things she wasn’t supposed to know for obvious reasons, but she was also curious to know what they were thinking. Her brother was one of the victims, they had brought her along for a reason, after all. She was able to hold her curiosity in check, though, trusting Spencer to tell her later what she needed to know. While they were briefing, Leah decided to call her boss and explain the situation. The jet had surprisingly good cellphone coverage and she hadn’t been aware that she was allowed to make calls while in the air. She supposed the rules were different here than on a normal plane since Penelope was talking to the team over some kind of videolink. 
They didn’t stay gone for long, though, returning to their seats about forty minutes later. J.J. joined them too, taking a seat next to Emily and Derek sat down across the aisle from her. Hotch, who was just too authoritative to refer to as Aaron, and David stayed up in the front, noses buried in the files in front of them. Leah wondered what details they were reading about. 
“You okay?” Spencer asked, bumping his shoulder into Leah’s. She nodded and offered him a smile. Her hand came up to rub along her right ear, trying to shake out the clogs which at that point had just become painfully annoying. “When we land we’re all heading to the precinct to see if we can gather some more information. Is it okay if you come with us or do you want us to drop you off at the hotel?” 
“I can come with you,” Leah answered, leaning a little further back into the corner so she could face them all. She stretched her legs out just a little bit, her toes brushing against Spencer thigh. As if on instinct, he brought his hand out, circling her left ankle and drawing random patterns on her skin underneath the cuff of her jeans. She smiled lazily at him to show him she liked his affection. It was strange how such a small, simple touch could calm her so quickly. 
Being around Spencer and his team was surprisingly easy. She had suspected it to be awkward or that they’d give her weird looks, but they didn't. They all seemed to understand that it was hard for her, but they never pushed for to talk or asked any questions. The conversation just flowed smoothly and it became apparent how close they all were. In a way Leah envied Spencer for that. Except for Ruiz she didn’t really have any friends and no coworkers she could talk to where the conversation ran as easily as it did on the jet. She missed having friends, something she hadn’t until recently. It had always been easier to just be on her own, but right now she wondered how much fun she’d been missing out on. 
At some point, Derek stretched out to grab the bag of cashews which was still laying on the table. Before he could, Spencer slapped his hand away and pushed the bag closer to Leah. She found the whole thing amusing and so did the other women, as it seemed. 
“Come on, man!” Derek laughed. 
“They’re not for you,” Spencer stated simply. Leah wanted to interject; say that she was actually finished with the snack and that Derek could have the rest, but she also adored the slight blush creeping up Spencer’s neck. 
“Why? Is it because I’m not as pretty as her? Because I’m sure I could rock some high heels and a tiny dress!” Derek teased which made all the girls burst out laughing. Leah desperately tried to not imagine the sight, because the thought was more terrifying than it was supposed to be sexy. 
“Now, that’s something I’d pay good money to see!” Emily laughed. Leah turned to look at Spencer who didn’t look the slightest amused. She stretched out a little more, nesting her feet underneath his leg to get his attention. His cheeks were stained almost cherry-red and she found it adorable. She had no idea how much he’d told the rest of the team, but to her it was obvious that he liked her. She just wondered how long they’d continue to dance around the subject. She knew having the conversation wasn’t ideal right now, but maybe they could once they’d get back to D.C. 
“Come on, you know we’re only teasing, Pretty boy,” Derek chuckled when he too noticed that Spencer hadn’t taken their jokes lightheartedly. 
“Oh, that reminds me!” J.J. shot in and Leah felt her gaze draw towards her. 
“No, no, no! I wanna tell this time!” Emily seemed just as eager and Leah assumed there was a funny story there somewhere. “So, you know Morgan is kinda the king of nicknames and-” 
“No, stop!” Derek warned, pointing a finger at Emily who completely ignored him. 
“This one time he couldn’t decide whether to call Reid ‘Pretty boy’ or ‘Baby genius’ and the words kinda got tumbled in his mouth and it came out ‘Pretty baby’!” Emily shrieked out, laughing so hard she had to lean on J.J. for support. Not that it helped though, because J.J. was just as bad, gasping for breath as she doubled over. 
“Shut up,” Derek huffed out, clearly embarrassed, which only made the girls laugh even harder. Leah couldn’t help but chuckle as well. She didn’t find it all that funny, but she assumed it was one of those stories you would have just had to have been there to understand just how funny it was. Looking over at Spencer she noticed his cheeks hadn’t lost any of their color, but at least a small smile was playing on his lips. She leaned a little closer. 
“If anything, I think you’re a pretty baby,” she whispered to him, still teasing, but there was also a truth to it. His eyebrows shot up at her comment. 
“Oh, yeah?” He asked, clearly amused now. Leah bit her lip and nodded. She really felt the urge right then and there to tangle her fingers in his hair. In the short time they’d known each other it had sort of become their thing. She’d play with his hair, which he seemed to be a total slut for, by the way, and he’d play with her hands or simply hold onto her ankles whenever they were within reach. 
“Yeah,” she breathed out a verbal reply and his eyes softened so much. She had never felt the urge to kiss anyone more than when he looked at her like that. He was so sweet and good and perfect. Why did he have to be so perfect? 
Luckily, the team hadn’t seemed to notice and if they had, they didn’t say anything else on the matter. The jet touched down about ten minutes later, after only around an hour and a half in the air. Spencer escorted her to a black SUV with tainted windows, holding the door open for her as she climbed into the middle in the back. She didn’t know how many people they’d fit into each car and she was the smallest, so the middle seemed like a good option. In the end, it was hardly necessary since Derek took the driver’s seat and J.J. took the passenger’s seat. Emily went with David and Hotch, so it was completely unnecessary for her to be squeezed up against Spencer’s side but none of them seemed to mind. Kind of the opposite actually. 
While they were driving she tried anything to get rid of the cottonballs in her ears and at one point she’d blocked her nostrils with her fingers before blowing. Spencer had been quick to stop her, stating that it’d actually only make it worse. Derek handed her a piece of gum, saying it was the only thing that had helped him. Chewing and yawning seemed to help as well, but not too much. She asked how none of them seemed to have any problems to which J.J. just chuckled and told her they traveled so much and had probably just gotten used to it. 
The ride to the precinct probably took them about forty-five minutes because of the heavy traffic. She remembered how much she hated that when she lived there. Washington D.C. was heavily crowded with cars as well, but not as bad as the Bronx. But then again the Bronx had never been as bad as Manhattan. As a teen her father had taken her driving through the big island a few times when she was practising for her licence and it was a total chaos. Whenever she’d visit the city other than that she’d always take the subway or the bus, which was actually a lot quicker than driving. 
When they finally made it to the precinct, everything seemed to be moving too quickly for Leah to even understand what was happening. The whole team sort of split up, diving straight into different tasks while Leah was sort of just left there standing alone with a dumb expression on her face. She could see Hotch and Emily talking to various policeofficers, but they seemed busy so she didn’t want to interrupt them. Spencer had disappeared off to God only knows where and it made her feel small. She didn’t blame him or anything, he had a job to do and she knew that her being there was probably actually a distraction, and she certainly didn’t want to distract him. But she had no idea what to do at that point. She didn’t know if she was supposed to share some more details with the team or try to seek out the officers she’d talked to ten years ago or if she was supposed to help anyone with anything specific. She just felt lost and opted to take a seat in one of the chairs in the waiting area until someone told her what to do. 
She probably waited for an hour or so before David finally seemed to notice her. He waved at her from his spot by the coffee machine. When he had finished filling up two cups, he made his way over. 
“Hey there,” he greeted her as he handed her one of the cups. She took it gladly. “Have you been out here all this time?” He asked. Leah shrugged and took a small sip. 
“It’s okay,” she said, honestly. “You all seemed so busy and it was kinda…” she trailed off, not knowing what to say. 
“Overwhelming?” He guessed and she nodded. 
“Yeah… I mean, I don’t even know what I’m doing here,” she chuckled nervously. “I wanna help, I just have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing right now.” 
“Well,” David started. “If I’m being honest with you, today we’re probably just gonna go through some old files and see if we can find any cases which relate to your brother’s. Typically we get those files delivered before we start the case, so today we’re just gonna try to gather as much information as we can. I don’t think there’s much you can do today, so how about I give you a ride to the hotel, huh?” 
“That sounds good. I’ll get out of your hair so you can work without having to worry about the stray,” Leah smiled at him, trying to lift the mood with a joke. David gave her a confused look.
“It’s not about that. I just think it’d be good for you to get some rest and some time alone to clear your mind,” he told her with a frown. 
“Yeah, I know. It was just a poor attempt at a joke,” she chuckled nervously. He gave her a short nod, telling her he’d just let the rest of the team know he’d be driving her to the hotel. She was somehow surprised that Spencer didn’t come rushing out to see her before she left, but in a way that made it easier to just sneak out without too much attention. David was really nice, but it was different from the rest of the team. He was calm and had this fatherly vibe to him, asking her if she was too cold or too warm, asking if she was okay or if it was all too much for her. He was really caring and she liked that. 
When they made it to the hotel he told her that Penelope had already fixed rooms for them, Leah included. He told her the FBI would cover the expenses which surprised her. She understood that the team wouldn’t have to pay for their own rooms, but Leah too? She decided not to question it. The hotel was fancy enough and during check-in she was informed of when breakfast would be served, that the gym was located on the second floor and when the lobbybar would be open. Apparently, Penelope had gone all in when she’d booked the room, because dinner was included in price, to which David assured her she didn’t have to attend if she wanted something else to eat, she had free access to the hotel’s pool and gym, which she also assumed was charged extra. This was by far going to be the most lucrative stay she’d ever had at a hotel and it was kind of sad she wouldn’t get to enjoy it. It wasn’t a vacation after all. 
David left her in the lobby after she received her roomnumber and keycard. She assured him she’d be fine on her own for a few hours and promised she’d call if she needed anything. When she made it up to her room she was in desperate need of a shower, but knew that would have to wait until she’d be able to go shopping. She could’ve just done that immediately, buy a few more sets of underwear at least to have something to start with, but she was also tired. She could nap for a few hours first. Or at least just lay under the covers and try to contemplate everything. 
She was back in New York, back in the Bronx, back where she had all but run away from several years ago. And she was here with Spencer of all people, and his friends and they were trying to help her solve the biggest puzzle in her life. It made her hopeful that after ten years she might finally find out what happened to Sam. But it also made her scared, because what if those answers weren’t the ones she’d hoped for. And what if they weren’t able to solve the case at all? 
@avada-kedavra-bitch-187 @wooya1224​ @haylaansmi​ @spencers-beanbag​ 
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ain't it fun? | masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: reader just needs an NA meeting before they have a meltdown, they end up with the best friend they could ever make.
word count: 11K so far
a/n: this is completely self-indulgent and overly personal but i def recommend writing why spencer would love you as a form of therapy
Part One:
cw: Implied/Referenced Drug Use, Drug Addiction, Trauma Bonding, narcotics anonymous meetings, Strangers to Lovers, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Falling In Love, meet-cute,
Part Two:
cw: falling in love, fluff, hurt/comfort, implied/referenced smut, non-descriptive
Part Three:
cw: season 4 episode 7 plot but spencer doesn’t have to go through it all alone. mentions of child molestation and murder
Part Four:
cw: chronic illness, hurt/comfort, drug use**! spencer and reader smoke weed together; talks of relapse and recovery. Also, a case involving child abductions, getting engaged, love confessions
Part Five
cw: pregnancy, chronic illness, spencer's career chance - he's a high school teacher now, they have a 1-year-old, smut at the end but not graphic.
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Who Do you belong to? — Aaron Hotchner
Tumblr media
summary: in which hotch gets jealous and decides to remind you who you belong to.
warnings: SMUT, daddy kink, slight bondage, denied orgasm, possessive hotch. MINORS DNI!!!
Prompts: “bend over” , “only you”, “patience darling”
To say the week had been tough would be an understatement. First, the team had been dragged in for a case which not only, may I add, was diabolical and cruel but a complete dead end. No leads, no MO, nothing. second , the case took longer than expect finishing on the Sunday. Third, they were all still expected to be in on Monday.
That's why, Come 5:00pm Monday  everyone was stressed. Everyone was so irritated, so completely and utterly pissed with anything that may peeve them.
Aaron though, Aaron was acting strange. He'd been off, cold and distant. Even more so than normal.The team may not have noticed but you sure had. you tried to shrug it off, it was probably just the case. The case had gotten to everyone this week, even Rossi.
The office was clearing, everyone more than willing to get home and finally get a proper nights rest god knows they needed it. Yet you hung back, waving soft goodbyes as the team cleared out.
you felt you need to talk to Hotch. Something was wrong. Normally you’d wait till they were at home or at least out of the office. The thing was, the two of you hadn't told anyone about the ... thing you shared. you weren’t quite sure what you had. Hotch made sure to dodge calling the pair of you anything, You knew he was just scared of what people were going to say.
He was your boss! and not too mention almost twenty years older. you could only imagine the cruel words they'd call him.
So, you hung behind waiting for the remaining few to leave. The office always felt odd with no one there almost gloomy. you wait by the door, staring at the slightly closed blinds in his office window. you can barely see in but you know he‘a there, the lights on.
"Y/N!" your eyes jumped to the sound.
It was Bryan, he worked in the Human Resources branch. He was sweet and nerdy, you’d gotten coffee numerous times unintentionally. It was no secret he had a crush on you. It was blatantly obvious. He would blush and stutter and trip. He was adorable.
"Bryan" you smiled softly, picking at your sleeve. you hated having to reject him constantly, he was a nice guy and you had to turn him away constantly because of the thing you had with Aaron. It frustrated you beyond words, you didn't even know what it was!
"How-How've you been?" He stuttered smiling in a dorkish manner.
"I've been alright, last case was tough though" you shrug, eyebrows furrowing slightly. "yourself?"
"I've been good, things never really change in the human resources though" he spoke with an awkward chuckle.
you chuckle too, reaching to place her hand on his forearm. you didn’t notice another pair of eyes on her.
Aaron sat in his office chair, peering through the blinds. Eyes burning holes through Bryan, his eyebrows knitted together.  Fists clenched an anger bubbling inside his chest as she watched her laugh breathily.
you were so beautiful, even on a bad day. The y/h/c locks that fell perfectly, the soft blush that danced across your nose and cheeks, the natural petal pinkness of your lips. Every curve and dip of your body. The y/e/c that danced around your eyes and the way they glistened as he bore into them while he ruthlessly pounded into you.
Bryan shouldn't get to make you laugh like that, you should laugh like that because of something he'd said. you were his. The thought of any other man  even speaking to you made his blood boil.
He didn't even register rising out of his chair and crossing the small space to the door.
"y/l/n, may i see you in my office for a minute" His tone was threatening. His state though, could melt an iceberg. His domineering glare at Bryan didn't budge as you waved him a quick goodbye and confusedly made your way up to the office.
you didn't miss the hint of anger in his tone but even if you had the glint of red hot fiery jealousy burning through his orbs did. you entered the office, standing near his desk.
"May i help you, Hotch" you challenge crossing your arms over your chest.
"Why were you speaking to him?" he shut the door, keeping his back to you.
"He's a friend" you bluntly respond. He peered over his shoulder, face stoic.
He scoffed "since when?"
"Since we get coffee" you smirk, practically feeling the heat radiating off of him. "why are- are you jealous?" you feign innocence.
"Don't be stupid" he rolled his eyes "How can i be jealous of something i already own?" it was his turn to smirk.
"something you already own?" you echo his words "since when did you own me, Hotchner" you spat his name as it were a foul taste in your mouth.
"I just figured that the way you turn into a filthy whore for me, you would be" he practically growled, you simply leant against the desk trying so desperately to ignore the heat pooling between your legs."but if you don't believe me... i'll just have to remind you" with that, you hear the door click locked.
you try to grind your thighs together, desperate for some friction, some satisfaction.
"I'll just have to remind you that you belong to me and only me" he finally turns to face you, loosening his tie. "hold out your wrists"
you were happy to oblige, standing and holding your hands out behind your back.
you feel a moan bubble in your throat as he takes the piece of material and begins to wrap it around your wrists, his large hands then tying a knot binding your hands together. When he was done you press your ass to his crotch, whimpering as you feel his hardening member against your heat.
you feel his large hands grab the sides of your arms, pinning you against his front. He leans down, his breath tickling the side of your neck. "You're such a needy slut, aren't you?" he whispers in your ear, the words sending jolts of pleasure down your spine. you nodded softly, desperate to feel his skin against yours .
"Bend over" he demanded, voice laced with dominance. you smirk, bending over the desk as slowly as you can. When he decided you weren’t moving fast enough he gives you the extra push, shoving the side of your cheek onto the oak of the desk.
you feel his fingers hook around the belt loop to your work pants, dragging then down painfully slowly to reveal your Lacy underwear. He laughed in amusement. "and who are you wearing these for huh?" he mocked "Bryan?" he knew the answer.
"You, Aaron" you mewl against the wood.
"Who?" he coed dragging the trousers down to your ankles.
"You, daddy" you whisper stepping out of her trousers.
"That's right darling," you could hear the arrogant smirk in his tone. He gently placed a kiss against your thigh. then another on your ass cheek. "now what shall i give you, daddy's tongue or daddy's cock?" he spoke as his fingers traced around the band to your underwear.
"I need you inside me, daddy, please" you writhe against the restraints.
"Patience, darling" he laughed darkly, hooking his thumbs around the material and pulling it down the curves of your ass.
you hiss at the coldness against your heat, your core aching for him. you try yet again to grind your thighs together however he only pushes your thighs further apart. you whine , squirming under his touch.
you then feel his narrow finger slide through your folds, the slick collecting on his finger. "look at that, you're so wet for me and i've barely touched you" he grinned "how pathetic" you feel herself tighten around nothing.
"all for you, daddy" you whimper, to which he lets out a low guttural growl.
He takes his hands, spreading and kneading the bare of your ass before leaning in and drawing up your slit with his tongue. you feel waves of pleasure flood your body, his tongue travelled down to your entrance, teasing you before entering. you felt as if her legs were going to give way. The pleasure only increased when you feel his fingers reach towards your bundle of nerves. A string of moans fell from your lips as his fingers began to circle your clit.
Numerous moans, curses and 'daddy's' fell from your pretty mouth as you felt the pressure build in your stomach. you shut your eyes in complete euphoria, desperately chasing your release. you feel the pressure build and build and build, Hotchners tongue and fingers working magic however he drew them away just as the coil was about to break. you let out a long whine.
"Daddy please, please let me come"  he only pressed a soft kiss against your core, chin glistening with her juices. However the metal clang of his belt only made you throb.
" i'm going to ruin you with my cock and i don't want you to hold back any of those filthy moans okay darling?" he spoke cockily, you only moan in response unable to find words.
you wait in anticipation, a low moan leaving your lips as you feel the tip of his member trail through your folds, slapping against your sweet bud. You feel Aaron groan at your slickness, before lining himself up.
A low animalistic moan bubbled from his throat as he slowly pushed in, feeling you stretch around his large member. Your y/e/c eyes roll into the back of your head, senses foggy with the slight pain that quickly eased into pure bliss. He waited a second or too to allow you to adjust before slowly pulling back out. you gasp as he pushed back in, slowly starting to move his hips backwards and forwards.
"That's it, you take my cock so well don't you darling" you whimper  as his speed started to build, the slapping of skin and euphoric moans filling the small office. Aaron hissed and grunted while you grew weaker at the knees every time he hit that special spot. "Look at my pathetic cockslut" he'd chuckle lowly.
you felt that familiar coil beginning to turn in your stomach, your legs beginning to shake as he relentlessly pounded into you from behind. you felt hazy with lust His low guttural moans only sending  you  into overdrive. Tears begin to bubble in your eyes as you began to chase your high once again. His free hand found its way back to her sensitive bud, tracing it with circles.
Aaron didn't stop, hips snapping at a incredulous speed. you felt his hand wrap around the back of your neck, pushing you further into the desk. you let out a loud moan, signally you were close to your release. "What are the magic words, Darling?" he half-moaned.
"Please, Daddy" you whimper , relishing in the sound of skin slapping skin. "Please may i come"
"Go on, daddy's right behind you"
That was all it took for the coil to snap. Your orgasm hit like a ton of bricks due to your former one being denied. You shut your eyes shut as Aaron continued, to play with your clit. He came shortly after with a whimper , filling you up with his warm seed. He rode out his high, leaning over her to brush the hair out of your face and whisper sweet nothings into your ear.
"Who do you belong to, Darling"
"You, Daddy" you happily give in "Only you"
"You were such a good girl for daddy" he spoke into your ear, placing a kiss upon your temple before standing and pulling out of you. "Look at the mess you made sweetheart" he tutted untying the makeshift handcuffs and kissing both wrists.
You turn around, perching on the edge of the desk legs shaking. You try to stand, instantly falling into Hotch who was rebuckling his belt.
"woah, woah baby" he smirked smugly "you're shaking"
You give him a pointed look which inevitably softened as he leant to your height and placed a passionate, longing kiss upon your lips.
"Aaron?" you query , he perked a brow signalling for you to go on "If i'm yours, are you mine?" you tried to sound somewhat confident.
"Of course darling" he smiled dopily "let's get you cleaned up" he spoke softly walking over to his desk and pulling out a packet of handy wipes.
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ain't it fun? | part 4
Tumblr media
Summary: reader just needs an NA meeting before they have a meltdown, they end up with the best friend they could ever make.
Warnings: chronic illness, hurt/comfort, drug use**! spencer and reader smoke weed together; talks of relapse and recovery. Also, a case involving child abductions, getting engaged, love confessions
word count: 2.4k
a/n: not sure how long this is going to keep getting but I am enjoying adding to it
P1 P2 P3
Days like today suck.
She can’t get out of bed, she’s so hungry her stomach is swirling and screaming and there’s a pain in her intestines that feels like someone is eating her from the inside out but she can’t move… and she has to pee but her legs hurt and her head is pounding from the light. It’s 6 am according to the alarm clock, Spencer hasn’t left for work yet and she’s already missing him.
She manages to make it to the bathroom, sitting there for too long after because she can’t find the courage to stand back up.
“Why?” She whispers to herself before the tears start.
Covering her face as she cries, she’s still sitting on the toilet with her underwear around her ankles, sobbing as Spencer walks in.
He helps her up without asking, he’s seen too many bad mornings now to ask if she needs help, he just knows she wants to go back to bed, so he fixes her underwear and picks her up.
When he finally lays her down with all her pillows, he lowers the temperature in the room to relax her bones and gets her a ginger ale to help with the nausea from the pain she’s in. It is a regular occurrence for her to wake up and feel like she’s dying, but Spencer was wonderful when dealing with it.
He’s in the kitchen for a while, she’s worried he’s making something for her to eat that she’ll have to lovingly turn away because she can’t do it right now. Her throat is too tight and it hurts to swallow or talk.
She can hear him talking… he’s on the phone with someone.
When he comes back in, he cuddles into her the way he knows she likes. Soothing his hands over her back in a way that helps the pain while also helping her feel like she’s not alone in all of this. He’ll never understand; but he loves her, so a part of him feels it too.
“You called out?” She whispers against his chest.
He nods, his cheek resting on the top of her head as she feels the friction. “I don’t feel good when you don’t feel good.”
“I’m sorry you had to help.”
He’s told her time and time again that he doesn’t mind.
He would kill for her, he’d clean up the mess if she killed someone. He’d even dig the fucking grave if she needed him too… he wasn’t opposed to being there for her no matter what that entailed.
She just hated the fact he had to, he knew her apology came from her hatred of herself and not the fact she felt sorry for him. She loved the help, it made her feel loved until she felt disappointed in herself for needing it.
“Do you want your medicine?”
She smiles finally, “if you mean my secret joint stash— yes, but if you can’t handle being around me like that, then I don’t need it today.”
“I think I’d like to try it,” Spencer whispers. “If you can smoke weed and not relapse then I think I can too?”
“Probably, but if you can’t, I’ll support you however you need me to?” She smiles up at him, he kisses the tip of her nose as she kisses his chin.
Getting high with Spencer is… interesting to say the least. He doesn’t want a full hit, he just wants a taste and so she takes a drag and blows the smoke from her lungs to his. Sharing a part of themselves in a way they never expected before, this is his most vulnerable moment and he was trusting her with it.
The sunshine hits his face in such a perfect way that as they lay side by side, she can watch his pupil devour his iris as he gets high. Their breathing is steady and their fingers are interlocked. They’re content just blinking together, in the sunshine, quiet. In love.
Her body is so calm, and her mind is slow as she takes it all in and he looks so relaxed. He’s not jittery or caffeine-deprived like most mornings; he’s not anxious or stressed or trying to find a way to pretend he’s fine before leaving for work again, only to come home sad.
He’s okay.
She’s okay.
“It's nice,” he whispers, “but it’s not as good as you.”
She smiles, trying not to laugh at how his thoughts are going to be all jumbled for the next few hours. He’s going to be smart yet stupid at the same time and she couldn’t fucking wait to hear all the things he thinks of.
“I know what you mean,” she agrees.
“This is like a tidal wave..." his ramble starts and she is so excited to see where it takes them. "A tsunami that rushes and relieves just as quickly." His eyes are closed as he talks, visualizing his feelings and it makes her giddy.
"You’re like a volcano; there are so many stages before mass destruction, and even then there’s still the ash cloud and the debris and the lava dries like rocks… the destruction is total and the cleanup will be brutal.”
“I’m addicted to you," his eyes are closed as he talks, visualizing his feelings and it makes her giddy. "Drugs are boring and you’re not,” Simplifying his meaning as his eyes open again.
“I love you,” he says with the same certainty as the first time.
“I love you, too, Spencer,” she didn’t think they’d go down this path when she was blowing into his mouth, she expected him to panic or get horny.
“I don’t think I’ve ever really told you how much.”
He shakes his head lightly, “I wouldn’t be opposed to knowing.”
If she thinks it over, she’ll abandon ship before she can tell him, so she just jumps into it.
“I was a little scared to ask you to help me lock my door that first day because I thought you’d think I was just some junky who couldn’t get their shit together. But the second you asked if I had a local group and you helped me; that was the moment I knew I wanted you in my life for forever.”
He smiles, silent so she can keep going. He’ll take his turn when she’s really done.
“And then when we got to talking it was like I knew you already. Like I had your memories in my mind and as you told me things I was like well duh! Yeah, that’s my Spencer! I don’t know how it happened so fast. One minute you’re a stranger and the next you’re the only person I ever want to see for the rest of my entire fucking life,” it’s more passionate than she expected as she rambles on.
“I can’t get married on paper without losing my disability, but I don’t give a fuck about a piece of paper or someone officially giving us that title one day, I’m content just staying in this bed with you for the rest of time and never moving again.”
He looks like he’s about to explode with love as he presses his lips together in the softest smile. He can’t keep quiet any longer, “are you asking me to spend the rest of my life with you but not marry you?”
She laughs at the realization, “I think so?”
They’re trying to kiss but it ends up more like laughing with their mouths touching and teeth occasionally clashing. It’s hysterical because of the marijuana, sure, but they’re high on each other. It’s everything they’ve ever wanted.
To find something better than drugs; that little purpose in life comes back, that drive to see tomorrow because there are good memories to be made with their favourite person. She’s not afraid of the darkness or the unknowing anymore, Spencer’s her guiding light.
He's holding her close to his chest after a while, "are you feeling better?"
"Of course," she smiles, "I've got my weed and my reid."
His laugh is everything as it fills their space again. This was how the rest of her life was going to feel, and it made her excited for tomorrow.
She’s feeling a lot better later and they need Spencer to help Penelope back at work, but he doesn’t want to leave her. She’s in sweats with a blanket on her lap in the corner of Penelope’s office, a book in her hand and a coffee on the table beside her as she listens to them bicker back and forth.
“If you hack the NSA we can no longer use all this as evidence if he’s brought in alive, Penelope!” Spencer whisper shouts at her, afraid to raise his voice at her but wanting to get his point across.
“Hotch needs the aerial shots like yesterday, and the NSA won't get them to us in time for this kid!” She yells back.
“Call google…” Y/N suggests, flipping through her book.
“What?” Spencer looks at her like she just said the dumbest thing ever.
“They’re taking photos constantly for their maps program, my mom was saying our new roof is now on the updated map. They might have all the photos saved up, if the FBI asks nicely they might work with you…” she explains, pressing her lips together in a tight smile.
“You’re a genius!” Penelope shouts, dialling the phone and getting JJ to work his media magic for contact at google.
Spencer's smile is one she hasn’t seen before, he’s not only proud of her; he looks a little turned on. She just cracked the case by knowing all the little hacks about the internet as part of her day job. She lived online, and now she was saving lives because of it.
It was a good case to help on, she got to see 3 kids go home to their parents and know a terrible man was going to rot in prison for the rest of his sad and pathetic life. The hard part was seeing them go through months of footage of this guy's yard, seeing the child-sized holes he dug up. The disrupted earth and the knowledge of what happened when there wasn’t picture proof.
They go to a meeting after work.
They sit side by side, her leg is crossed and resting over his knee as their arms are linked and fingers interlocked. They really couldn’t be any closer if they tried. They just wanted to listen today, to know they were in a room of people who were trying, people who understood and battled every bad feeling they did.
“Y/N,” the group leader calls her out just before the end of the meeting, “it’s nice to see you back here with Spencer, we heard you found another group but it’s nice to see you here for the support.”
“Thank you,” she smiled. “I’m sorry I couldn’t stay, but as you can see he is distracting.” She gestured to how they were sitting with a small giggle. “I like coming here if you guys don’t mind me occasionally dropping by?”
“By all means,” another member, carol, spoke up. “Spencer is a great sponsor, it’s nice to see him happy.”
She didn’t know he was a sponsor but he thanks her for the compliment, it turns out almost everyone in his group turned to Spencer for support. It was comforting to everyone there to know the real, chemical and biological reasoning behind their addictions. Spencer provided a sense of calm for all of them, like a younger brother; they all loved him dearly.
They’re still holding hands as they walk home, the sun is still setting and it's barely even 7 pm. All the lights on the street are on, shops are closing and the sidewalks are bare. One store is still open however, across the street, she can see the big storefront window, illuminated with the brightest lights to show off a new collection of rings.
“Do you want one?” He notices her eyes darting to the light like a moth to a flame.
“What?” She zones back in when he stops walking.
“A ring, do you want to get one?” He clarifies with the softest voice.
She nods softly, “you should get one too though, seeing as I asked you and everything.”
He grips her hand tighter and they dart across the street. Giggling like children running to the playground, they’re almost out of breath from laughing as they open the shop door with a ding. Smiles on their faces, joy in their hearts, it makes the shop owner swoon as she sees them.
“Did you just get engaged?” She pries with a knowing smile.
They nod, “we just need some rings,” Y/N adds.
She waves them over, “well I’m going to need our sizes first, here try these on.” She hands them what looks like a thin ruler with holes spaces out.
Y/N attempts to find the right one, fitting the best into the 9 and a half. Spencer fits into the 11 on the first try like he knew already and the woman just laughs at the way Y/N glares at him with love.
“What kind of rings are we thinking? Do you have a preferred cut, style, size, or colour?”
It’s a lot all at once and she’s never really thought about it, “I love my grandma's ring, do you have any vintage styles?”
“I have vintage-style rings as well as some restored rings from the '20s and '30s,” she brings out a jewellery box from under the counter. “These are all appraised and unique.”
When she takes the lid off, Y/N’s eyes widen at the view. There are at least 50 rings in their velvet beds as they wait patiently to be tried on; all different shapes sizes and colours like she said. It feels a little overwhelming at first but then her eyes land on a green one. She takes it out slowly and slides it over her ring finger.
It’s perfect.
Spencer picks out a nice gold band to match, he pays and the lady is so happy to watch them leave hand in hand with their new rings. Dedicated to each other forever and ever, he was her person for the rest of time because he said so and that’s as good as a piece of paper.
She’s a completely different person from who she was when she woke up; twirling down the street with the love of her life, high on loving him as he makes her laugh and holds her hand. He stops in the middle of the street and places his hands on her cheeks, drawing her in closer.
“Loving you is so much fun.”
“Ain’t it fun?” She agrees with a smile before pressing their lips together.
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doctorstethoscope · 2 days ago
Ladies Night || Aaron Hotchner x Fem Reader
Hi all, celebrating @ssahotchswife’s feral Monday with this self indulgent fic based on an ask I sent last week. 
contains: praise, excessive teasing, unprotected penetrative sex, alcohol consumption 
wc: 2k
The call comes in around 1:30 in the morning, just as Aaron is packing away all the paperwork he brought home for the weekend and getting settled into pajamas. Strangely, though, the name on his screen reads Prentiss, not yours, and the adorable selfie you’d taken with Jack and left on his phone was not lighting up his screen. His mind quickly takes him through all the worst case scenarios, but he shoves them away as he brings the phone to his ear. 
“Hotchner,” he answers. 
“Hey, Hotch.” Emily says back breezily. “Hope I didn’t wake you.” 
“No, I was up. Is everything okay?” 
“Yeah, everything’s fine. Your girl’s about to take off in an Uber, though, and I figured I would save all of us the lecture about getting in a cab alone at night and just have you come get her.” 
Aaron shakes his head fondly as he grabs his keys off the counter. “I thought she was staying the night at your place?”
“That was the plan, but she’s had her fair share of margaritas and she said something about a pregame for Jack? Hotchner, I didn’t think I needed to tell you this, but he’s too young for the hard stuff.” 
Aaron scoffed as he locked the door behind him. “His pregame breakfast, Emily. For his soccer game. She makes his eggs and toast and fruit into a little face, and Jack thinks it’s  lucky. I could have handled it.” 
“Well, you can have that argument with her when you get here, but she’s pretty out of it, and was determined to be home before he woke up.” 
“I’m on my way, don’t let her into an Uber.” Aaron says as he starts the engine of his car and pulls out of the parking lot towards Emily’s place. 
“I know better.” Emily says before hanging up.
The roads are empty, so Aaron’s drive is brief, and he’s knocking on Emily’s door in less than ten minutes. JJ is standing on the other side, and she shoots him an apologetic glance. 
“We may have let things get a little out of hand here,” she confesses 
“How out of hand?” Aaron asks, following JJ towards the living room.
“You might want to make sure you have pedialite at home.” She tells Hotch as they both enter the living room.
He finds you sitting on the floor, your back against the couch as Garcia braids your hair. Your eyes are shut, but you can’t be sleeping, because your face is split into a grin.
“Okay sweets, you’re all set,” Garcia says, securing the braid with an elastic, and you open your eyes. 
“Aaron!” You say, finding him leaning against the wall and smiling down at you. You stand up far too quickly, and stumble into his arms— he secures you with a hand wrapped around your waist.  “You didn’t have to come get me baby, I was just going to call an Uber.” 
“We can have that conversation in the morning, dear,” he said, squeezing at your hips. Even as drunk as you were, you could tell that that idea hadn’t gone over well with your decidedly overprotective boyfriend. You do what you can to soften him up a bit. 
“Thank you for rescuing me from the terrors of Quantico, Virginia. My handsome hero,” you flirted shamelessly, giggling and rising up on your tiptoes to press a kiss to Aaron’s lips, wrapping one hand around the back of his neck and curling your fingers into his hair. 
Aaron smiles as he pulls away from you, much more mindful of all his coworkers milling about the apartment than you were. “Say goodnight to the girls, hon, and we’ll head home.” 
You make your way around the apartment, bidding the girls goodnight with hugs and promises to host next time, before making your way back to Aaron’s arms so he can lead you out to the car. 
“I know you think I was just being silly, but I meant it when I said you looked handsome.” You told him as you fumbled with your seatbelt. 
“I’m in my pajamas,” he laughed at you as he pulled out into the street. 
“I know. I like you like that. All ruffled and undone,” you told him, reaching a hand over to run through his hair, then down his chest, resting your hand over the crotch of his grey sweatpants. 
“Darling—“ Aaron warned you. 
“Come on, you came all the way out to get me. I think I owe you one.” You batted your eyelashes at him.
“You don’t owe me anything— the peace of mind of having you here with me is enough.” He tells you genuinely. 
You leaned over the center console to whisper in his ear. “If you think something as sweet as that is going to talk me out of wanting you, you’re crazy,” you told him, pressing an open-mouthed kiss against his neck, and smirking to yourself as you saw his grip tighten on the wheel out of the corner of your eye. 
You settled back into your seat, but left your hand against his upper thigh, drumming your fingers against him every so often. You could tell that you were getting to him, could see the tension knitting away at his brow, and truth be told, you could feel the way your own boldness was affecting you, too. 
After what felt like an eternity, Aaron finally parked the car, and you unbuckled in an instant. 
“Race you inside!” You said, taking off with a laugh and stumbling your way to the door.
“You’re lucky you didn’t fall,” Aaron chastised you with absolutely nothing behind it after watching you drunkenly zig zag through the parking lot.
You shrugged as he unlocked the door and you went inside. “I knew you’d catch me.” 
He reached for your hand and tugged on it, catching you against his chest. “And I always will,” he told you, ducking down to kiss you as he fumbled with the door behind you, pushing it shut. 
“I want you,” you whispered, bucking your hips against nothing as you brought both your hands up to wind your fingers in his hair. “I want you so bad,” you confess as he moves his mouth from your lips to your neck to your collarbone.
You start moving backwards towards the bedroom, but Aaron has other plans. He picks you up by the waist and sets you on top of the kitchen island, pulling your shirt over your head and throwing it towards the couch. You throw your head back as he starts to plant wet kisses against your chest and brushes his thumb over your exposed stomach. 
“So needy, huh darling? We’re you thinking about me fucking you as soon as I came by to pick you up?” Aaron asked as he took your bra off, punctuating his question by pulling one of your nipples in between his teeth. You gasped out at the sensation, but quickly groaned as Aaron stepped away from you entirely.
“I asked you a question, angel.” 
“Yes,” you whimpered out, desperate to feel his hands on you again.
“Yes, what?” 
“Yes, I was thinking about you fucking me as soon as I saw you at Emily’s.” 
“Naughty girl,” Aaron smirked, stepping back towards you and taking your other nipple in his mouth, lifting a hand to occupy your other breast. 
You groaned, simultaneously loving and hating his propensity for teasing. 
After a moment, he pulled away, redirecting his mouth towards inner thighs, moving his way up towards your shorts. Your thighs tensed in anticipation, and Aaron let out a dark chuckle. 
“You poor thing. You must be soaked and I haven’t even taken off your shorts yet,” he said, rubbing his nose against the seam of your jeans, the thick fabric pushing against your clit and making you jump.
“Oh, fuck. Please, Aaron. Please touch me.”
“Oh, but doll. I’m having so much fun teasing you.” He said, pulling you off the counter and pulling your shorts and panties off in one fluid motion. He turned you around to bend you over the counter, wrapping an arm around your waist to make sure you wouldn’t hurt yourself. You could feel his hard cock through his sweatpants, and you ground down against it. 
“So impatient,” Aaron tsked at you as he slid his sweatpants off, taking his cock in his hand and running it up and down your slit. You let out a little whimper, and he chuckled. 
“You know I’m just going to sit here until you beg. I could do this all night, sweetheart. 
“Please, please, please. I want you so bad. Please, please put your cock inside me.” 
“Say my name,” he commands, and your knees buckle. He tightens his arm around your waist so you don’t fall.
“Aaron, please fuck me. I need you.” 
He’d never deny you of something you needed. You knew that. He entered you deliciously slowly, stretching you gently even though you were so turned on he could have made his way in with no issue. 
“You feel so good, baby,” Aaron says as he pulls out of you just as slowly as he entered, and then begins to pick up the pace. 
You arched your back against him as he continued to thrust, changing the angle just enough to make you cry out. Aaron moves a hand from your hip to cover your mouth.
“Do you like that, pretty girl?” He asks, and you nod, although apparently the question was facetious. “I know you do, but you need to be quiet. Can my little slut hold her tongue or do I need to gag you?” He asks, his pace unrelenting as he does.
You swear your eyes roll back into your head— you’re not sure what’s gotten into Aaron tonight, but you’d better figure it out so you can get him to act like this more often. 
Aaron removes his hand from your mouth and you bite your lip.
“Good girl,” he praises you, and you keen. He wraps his now free hand around your waist and brings his fingers down to play with your clit lazily. You gasp, but cover your own mouth before you can let out a moan.
“Good job, princess. You’re being so good for me. I’m going to take such good care of you.” Praise flowed freely from Aaron has he picked up the pace on your clit, and soon you’re bucking into his hand. 
“Aaron,” you hissed out. “feels so good, baby. I’m gonna—“ 
“I know, angel, I know. Go ahead and come on my cock. You’ve earned it.” He assures you, pushing your hair to the side so he can kiss your neck tenderly. 
Your orgasm crashes into you, and Aaron works you through it, your pleasure triggering his relief. You bracket your elbows on the counter so Aaron doesn’t have to worry about holding you up, and he does the same, so that his chest is pressed against your back but you’re not bearing his weight. You take a few moments to catch your breath together, and then Aaron reaches across the island for a paper towel, wiping you clean as he removes himself from you. Once you’re clean and the paper towel is disposed of, Aaron spins you around and plants a kiss to your lips.
“You go ahead and sleep in tomorrow,” he tells you. “I’ll take care of Jack’s breakfast.” 
You smile up at him and shake your head. “Not a chance. It’s not lucky when you make it.” 
He rolls his eyes at you with a chuckle as he gets you a glass of water. “If you ever want to get lucky again, you’d better drink this and get to bed where I can’t hear your sass.” 
“Oh, but the sass is half the fun,” you whined teasingly, taking your water in one hand and his hand in your other as you dragged him to bed.
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notanotherreidgirl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Professor Reid is being a brat so reader puts him in his place
Pairing: Prof!Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader
Warnings: 18+, sub!spence, grinding, degradation, mommy kink, oral sex (female receiving), masturbation, implied age gap, choking, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, creampie, cum play
Word Count: 1346
A/N: What can I say? I am a whore
Spencer drummed his fingers against the edge of the podium, casting a glance at the clock mounted on the back wall. You were late.
Class was supposed to have begun 4 minutes ago but he couldn’t bring himself to start without you. He started to worry. You’re never late. What if something happened? God, what if you were hurt? Or sick? Maybe I should just cancel today’s lecture.
Just as he prepared to dismiss everyone you breezed in, making your way to your seat in the front row. His eyes raked over your form, swallowing hard when he saw what you were wearing. He was no stranger to your teasing and those short, pleated skirts were a well-used trick of yours but this time you took it a step further. You paired it with one of his sweaters, tucking it into the front of the skirt and rolling up the sleeves but it was still far too big, slipping off your shoulder and revealing the notable lack of a bra strap. 
“Nice of you to join us today, Ms. Y/L/N” he tried to be as nonchalant as possible but his voice betrayed him, sounding more like a petulant child than an authoritative and displeased professor of criminal psychology. Amusement flashed across your face and you raised an eyebrow in surprise. So he’s going to be a brat today.
“I’m so sorry, Professor. I didn’t mean to keep you waiting” you batted your eyelashes, sarcasm dripping from your so-called apology. He set his jaw. Of course you knew he’d been waiting for you. His eyes darted around the class, wondering if anyone recognized that you had on the sweater he wore last week. This was another one of your games, dropping subtle hints that the two of you were involved - standing much too close during office hours, putting a hand on his arm in front of other faculty. You liked making him squirm, knowing he was unbelievably nervous yet undeniably turned on. 
He didn’t call on you once during class, opting instead to cold call dozing students in the back rather than risk looking like even more of a fool. He knew that if you were given an opportunity to speak you would push him even further and he already couldn’t take much more.
At the end of class, he quickly packed up his things, eager for whatever it was you were planning. As if on cue, both of you arrived at the exit at the same time, bumping against each other as the two of you made your way through the crowd. He made a move to follow you but you placed a hand on his chest, maintaining the distance between you before another wave of students swept you away. 
He stood there for a moment, confused and more than a little disappointed before shoving his hands in his pockets and turning in the direction of his office, planning to sulk while grading papers. That was when he felt it, a strip of lace in his blazer pocket still warm and slightly damp. 
His feet couldn’t carry him down the hallway fast enough. He pulled the panties out as soon as he was alone, sinking into his chair and fumbling with the button of his slacks. He used the panties as he stroked himself, letting out a low groan at the friction afforded by the coarse fabric. He was so consumed by his release that he didn’t notice when you entered. Only looking up when he heard the door click shut, a rush of panic and embarrassment coloring his face a warm red. He could tell he was in deep trouble just from the look on your face and he scrambled to think of a way to make you take pity on him.
“Look what I did, Mommy” his voice came out as a whine, apologetic and breathless. He gave you his best puppy-dog eyes, trying his best to evade whatever punishment was coming his way. 
“You’re so fucking pathetic, Dr. Reid.” You snatched the underwear from him, now coated with his cum, and shoved it in his mouth. “Pathetic and predictable.”
You climbed into his lap, grinding your wetness against him. He moaned around the soaked underwear, hoping he was successful in convincing you to take mercy on him. But you quickly dashed his hope to pieces. “Come without permission and I’ll lock up that little cock of yours for the next month”
You continued to slide up and down his length, pausing for a moment at the tip each time and refusing him entry. Occasionally, you would take just the very tip before retreating back down. When you felt his stomach tense you lifted your hips, denying him. He whined into your chest as his orgasm retreated, trying hard not to buck his hips up as you resumed. You were getting close but unfortunately so was Spencer. Just as you reached your peak you lightly circled a hand around his neck. A warning. Don’t you dare
He bit down hard, tasting his cum as you came all over his dick, torn between watching you ride out your high and knowing that seeing how your face contorted in pleasure would surely send him over the edge. When you came down, he let out the breath he’d been holding with a whimper. “What the matter, Professor Reid?” you asked mockingly. “Can’t take it?”
He nodded no vigorously, needing to have you no matter how excruciating. You tightened your hold on his neck as you sunk down on his length. You set a relentless pace, the sound of skin against skin filling the office and most definitely audible from the hallway. “You’re so fucking desperate. I wonder what your students would think if they could see you like this. Professor Reid from the FBI getting fucked by his 20 year old girlfriend, calling her Mommy”
He let out a pitiful whine, loud enough to make it past the panties stuffed into his mouth. Your hips stuttered as your release mounted and you guided his hands to your waist, giving him permission to move you up and down his length as your orgasm rocked through you. “That’s it, baby boy. Fill me up”
He shook as he came, holding tight as he spilled into you. You ceased your movements, wanting to capture his release before you reached back and hoisted yourself up on his desk. Your skirt bunched up and you spread your legs so he could have a clear view of your used cunt. His gaze clung to the cum leaking out of you and pooling onto the desk, moans still muffled and hands now gripping the chair tightly. You pulled the panties from his mouth. “Use your words, baby”
“Mommy, I wanna -” he swallowed and started again. “Please, I wanna be a good boy. Let me clean you up.”
How could you say no to him? You beckoned him closer and he wasted no time attaching his lips to your folds, lapping at the cum dripping from your entrance. You laced your fingers through his hair, pushing his face deeper between his legs as his tongue circled your clit. If Spencer was having difficulty breathing he didn’t show it, only increasing his efforts to coax out your third orgasm. When you came, you clamped your thighs around his head, chanting his name as you came down from your high. 
“You’re such a good boy. My good boy” you pulled him into your chest, pressing his face against his sweater and running your hands into his hair soothingly. “Are you gonna behave yourself from now on?”
“Yes, I promise. I’ll be so good, Mommy.” You gave him a knowing smile, recalling his track record with keeping promises. 
After a few moments you hopped down from the desk, rearranging your skirt and pressing a kiss to Spencer’s forehead. You turned to leave, casting a glance over your shoulder before you slipped out the door. “Have fun explaining to Amy why there’s cum on her final paper.”
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skyeisawizard · 2 days ago
We’re having a baby
They're having a baby. Everything is perfect, but Spencer is still having doubts. Luckily, she's still there to make it better
Angsty fluff (mainly fluff with a lil angst)
Tumblr media
Spencer Reid has tried love too many times in this world. And too many times it had come back to slap him in the face, break his heart and screw him over.
After everything that had happened, he never stopped trying for love. He never stopped searching for that special bond his parents once shared. He never stopped searching for the person he was going to spend the rest of his life with.
Like everything in Spencer’s life, the way he met her was a little unconventional.
He was getting his morning coffee, the six sugar sachets ready in his hand along with his wooden stirrer. The girl in front of him was placing her order, a hot chocolate with cream and chocolate sprinkles. Spencer thought nothing of it, lost in a world of his own. Observing things around him but not really fully taking them in.
When the girl in front stepped away from the till, he stepped closer to it. The only issue was all she had done was turn around. Spencer smacked straight into her, sending the boiling hot chocolate cascading over her, the paper cup clattering to the floor. “Are you okay?” He asked, immediately reaching for the napkins. Her once white blouse was stained brown and there was a bit of whipped cream on her chin.
Truth be told, she was pretty. And she laughed it off like a good sport. Sure, it might’ve been burning her skin, but the tall guy that had bumped into her was cute and she didn’t want to ruin his day so early in the morning. “It’s fine, really,” she said, taking the napkins off of him to wipe herself down.
Not really thinking about it, rushing into action, Spencer did the same thing. The pretty girl with the hot chocolate all over her was frozen as Spencer wiped her shirt with the myriad of napkins.
“Are you sure you’re okay!” He asked again once he got what he could out of her shirt.
For a moment she didn’t answer him, which only seemed to worry him more. “I’d feel a lot better if I could get your name and number,” she said, trying to conceal her smile. She watched as the man in front of her turned red. “Dry cleaning bill, of course.”
“Of course!” Spencer fished his phone from his satchel.
But Spencer never got that dry cleaning bill. Instead, he got invited out for drinks. And then for a date. And then another. And then for a movie night at her house. And then another. And then he got invited to spend the night. And then they went out to a café on their lunch break. And then they spent a long, passionate night together. And another. And the rest, well that’s history.
No, not quite history. What can I say? The person writing this is a sucker for romantic stories.
One night, a broken condom. A not medical doctor freaking out when his girlfriend of only a few months starts getting morning sickness. They took a test, holding hands as they waited for it.
When it came back positive, Spencer swore he could’ve cried. But he held it all back when Y/N insisted she take another one, make sure it wasn’t a false positive.
Spoiler alert, it wasn’t. It was another positive. And then another positive. They were having a baby.
There wasn’t a man on this planet more suited to being a father than Spencer Reid. He worked hard to finally clear up his apartment, stack books neatly, have Morgan help him put up bookshelves, organise papers. He put together a crib and was more excited than Y/N to go shopping for baby things.
Y/N never doubted that Spencer loved her. Sure, he had yet to propose, but that wasn’t something she was worried about. When the time was right, she might even propose to him.
Spencer also never doubted that he was loved by her. He never doubted that she wanted to spend her life with him, like he did with her. This was that great love he’d been seeking for so long. Their relationship wasn’t perfect, which made it oh so perfect.
But there was something in the back of his mind, something that was making him doubt everything. Something that made him feel like everything was going to crash and burn around him. Their relationship was just too perfect, it was destined to go wrong at some point.
“What’s up, 187?” Garcia asked as they sat in the bat cave. It was a local case; they’d spent hours combing through security footage. Spencer had been quiet, quieter than usual. He wasn’t pointing at the behavioural quirks of everybody coming up on the security footage. He was just sat there in silence, observing everything. He wasn’t running through the case in his mind, muttering the details under his breath and he wasn’t drinking his coffee. Something was seriously wrong.
“What?” Spencer said quickly as though he had been lost in a world of his own.
Garcia pouted, her chin on her hands. “Did something happen with your baby mama?”
He didn’t answer. Not knowing what else to do, Garcia claimed she was going to the bathroom. She immediately pulled her phone from her pocket and called Y/N. (She’d met the team several times before, being invited on nights out after cases because Spencer couldn’t stand to be away from her for any longer than he already was).
“Penny, baby, what can I do for you?” Y/N answered. She was on the sofa, feet propped up, skimming through a parenting book.
“Our resident genius is sad; can you get down here?”
“Give me twelve minutes.”
Garcia put the phone down and returned to her bat cave. “We got him,” said Spencer the moment she walked through the door. He stood from his seat and walked back to the bullpen, leaving his coffee mug there. Spencer never left his coffee mug there.
Twelve minutes later and Y/N was coming up the elevator, a visitors’ badge pinned to her cardigan. She waddled slightly, looking like she was ready to pop at any moment. Spencer didn’t notice her at first. He was too engrossed in his paperwork.
She was in front of his desk before Spencer looked up. “Spence,” she whispered and tapped her finger against his desk. “Spence, baby.” He opened his arms and wrapped them around her, laying his head against her stomach. She ran her fingers through his hair and kissed the top of his head. “Penelope said you weren’t feeling too happy. You wanna tell me what’s wrong?”
“Nothing now that you’re here.” That nagging feeling, the one making him doubt everything, shrank. He was just happy to have her there, holding him, his head against their growing baby. “I just love you.”
“Well, I just love you too,” she said and scratched her nails against his scalp. All of the sadness had left Spencer’s face; he was glowing, radiating happiness.
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