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#dc comics fanfic
unc0mmon-name · 5 minutes ago
Opening Day | J.T
Pairings: Jason Todd X GN!reader
Summary: You and your brother have been setting up and decorating for days. And finally, after all the baking and last minute prep, the café was finally opened. The business idea that has been In your family for generations. It was finally real… and you had your first customer.
Warnings: none
Word Count: 1.3k
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"KArl! I told you to get those donuts baked and ready for showcasing hours ago! what have you been doing?" 
"I dunno-"
"Get those donuts baked! we open in an hour!"
The morning had been a crazy one. You and your brother Sam rush around the cafe to get everything ready for the opening. Your brother's best friend Karl was tasked with putting the donuts in the oven but even the smartest person in that room can't follow simple directions.
You sat down in one of the booths, a large to go mug of coffee in your hands. You let out an exhausted sigh, allowing your head to fall down onto the table. Your brother makes his way over to you and he rubs your back gently. "It's gonna be okay sib, we will have everything ready before opening. I promise." He reassures me.
You can't help but look up at him and sigh loudly before he pulls you into a big hug. "Just relax. I'll take care of the rest okay? drink your coffee and relax." He tells you, and you nod before pulling away from him. "Thank you Sam." You mutter softly, and he nods. Sam ruffles up your hair with a grin before he turns around and leaves. 
You watch your brother walk away for a second before you turn back to face the window, sipping on your coffee, letting your shoulders slump as the bitter yet also sweet liquid falls down your throat. Another sigh escapes your lips, and you observe as people walk by the little coffee shop of yours. 
After an hour or so, everything was done, and it was finally time to open up the shop. You finished off your coffee and you walked to the front, flipping the closed sign to open with the biggest smile.
You skipped over to your brother who was at the till, and you hugged him tightly. "We did it Sammy!" she cheered, laughing softly. Sam started laughing with you, shoving you away with a chuckle. "You did it, all of this is you." He tells you, but you roll your eyes. "You helped me buy the darn place so WE did it. You and me." You argue.
Sam hummed, and he watched as a couple came into the cafe with small smiles on their lips. "Did you guys just open?" The woman asked, and you nodded. "Sure did, welcome to L/n's cafe. What can I get for you?" You asked the couple.
The man spoke up first. "Ill get your super glaze donut and a black coffee." He says, and Sam walks away to get that order done. "And you?" You ask the girl. "I'll just get an iced chai tea latte, thank you!" she says and you nod, turning around and walking over to the coffee makers. Drinks were your specialty, Sam's was baking.
After a few minutes, you and Sam came back with both their orders, and the man paid, leaving a small two dollar tip before they left. You couldn't hold back the smile that appeared on your lips, you officially made your first sale, and it was exhilarating.
You carry on with your day, filling out orders and whatnot, but when you make your way to the front, you see a new person walk inside the cafe. He was tall, around 6 feet, and he had jet black hair and a tiny smile on his lips. He catches your eyes and he gives you a small smile and a wave before he makes his way over to you.
"H-Hi! Welcome to L/n's Cafe. What can I get you?" You ask him stuttering at the beginning. He hums, looking up at the written menu above your head. "I'll just get a black coffee with sugar." He says, and you nod, turning around and walking over to the coffee machines, brewing up his order, stirring in the sugar before you walk back over to him. "That will be three dollars."
You say. He nods, and he digs out a five dollar bill. "Keep the change." He says, taking the coffee with a small thank you before he walks away. You watch the muscles in his back shift as he walks, and you can't help but flush slightly before he walks out of the cafe, disappearing in the streets.
You nibble on your lip for a moment before you snap yourself back out of your thoughts, checking the clock. You had two hours left before your shift was over, so you would make the best of those two hours.
Tumblr media
You dropped your keys into the small bowl on the kitchen counter. You just got back home to your homey apartment, the smell of jasmine floating through the air. You had lit an incense before you left so you'd have a good smelling place to come back to after work. 
You made your way through the apartment, turning the handle to your bedroom door and walking inside. You throw your phone onto your bed, and you walk over to your desk, sliding the leather satchel off your shoulder and onto the back of the chair. You place your wallet on the desk, and you run a hand through your hair.
You take a look around your bedroom before you walk over to your bed, grabbing your phone and checking it for any notifications. None, no people liked your instagram posts or bothered to text you, which put a huge damper on your mood.
You decided then to have a shower and get ready for bed, it wasn't close to bed time, it wasn't even really close to dinner yet but you wanted to be in your pajamas and you wanted to make some spicy instant ramen, so you did just that.
You had your shower, and afterwards you got changed into your pajamas and you walked out into the kitchen, humming softly to yourself. You dug through your kitchen cabinets, realizing more and more that you desperately needed to go grocery shopping. 
You finally managed to find a package of ramen, and you grabbed a pot and filled it with water. The pot went on the stove, and you stared and picked at your nails until the water had started to boil.
You opened up the package of instant noodles and you threw it in the boiling water, tearing open the seasoning package, throwing that in the boiling water as well. You reached out for a wooden spoon, grabbing it, letting out a bored sigh as you stirred the noodles in the water.
Pretty soon after that, the noodles were done. You threw them in a bowl, grabbing a pair of chopsticks, walking over to the living room.
You set the bowl down on the coffee table before you reached for the remote, turning on the TV and flicking on Netflix before you sat back down, turning on one of your favourite shows before you grabbed your food, curling up into a loose ball while you ate and watched TV.
Hours of binging passed, your noodles were long finished, and you had ended up dozing off because the loud end scene woke you up. You glanced around before sighing, getting your ass up off the couch, turning the TV off and cleaning up around you before you tiredly stumbled into your room.
You flop face first onto the bed, burying your face with pillows. You blindly reached for your phone and you lifted your head slightly so you could see yourself set an alarm for tomorrow morning. Once that was done you placed your phone back on the bedside table, pulling the blankets over your body before you began to doze off again.
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mymusehasadhd · 2 hours ago
Ok so ever hear about earth-3 in dc comics? You probably have even if you don’t know enough about comics to know it’s earth-3. It’s the mirror verse of dc where all the good guys are villains and all the villains are good guys. You might remember it from lego DC supervillains.
Now I absolutely love the idea of earth-3 but dc comics has WASTED its potential! The only time they ever use earth-3 is to explore the idea of the heroes being villains, which is interesting but I want to explore the opposite! I mean think about it, your favorite villains as heroes! I mean imagine the dynamic between Batman and joker but with the roles reversed! I would kill for the jokester to get his own comic! There are so many interesting stories just waiting to be told in earth-3 but they aren’t being told!
Seriously how do you become a comic writer because I’m so annoyed about this that I actually wanna take a stab at it. I can’t draw but I can damn well write.
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rick-rayson · 15 hours ago
a request pleasejonathan crane x reader, how would jonathan (and the batyfamily) react if jason falls in love with the reader, but the reader only wants her boyfriend jonathan
A/N: There are several versions of Scarecrows character, and most incarnations have him as an adult, the same applies to Jason so I'll be going with their older roles.
Also I wrote this in an indented style.
This is greatly rushed ngl, but I hope it still works!
WARNING(S): Minor arguing.
TAG(S): Slight Angst.
"How would the Batfamily react if Jason fell in love with Reader, but R only wants her boyfriend, Jonathan Crane."
➯ Jason loved you dearly, so much so that he'd found himself, on more than one occasion, dreaming about you with a softness he knew not the existence of. You made him feel delicate, vulnerable like glass. He adored this feeling just as much as he feared it. A guy like him could love? He felt unready, undeserving. But there was no one else he'd rather be unready with than you. To put it simply Jason Todd was in love, and nothing made him more elated then when he realized he was in love with you.
➯ However, Jason was not unfamiliar with being used as the worlds personal chew toy. There would always exist a looming fear, whispered 'what if's and lurking 'maybe not's.
➯ To his misfortune, you were already taken. Long before he mustered up the courage to accept his feelings, you already had someone. It hurt more than words could ever say. But being the decent human he was, Jason respected that immediately.
➯ However, one day he was feeling bold, a stroke of extroversion dripping from his words as he said, "So who's the lucky someone? Think they could come to dinner tonight?"
➯ When Jason asked that question, never did he or the rest of the Batman Family expect you to actually answer, nor did they expect you to bring your significant other that night. But what was the most appalling, was who you brought. Jonathan Crane.
➯ "Are you insane?! You brought a psycho killer into the manor?!" Jason was absolutely flabbergasted, he closed his heart when it came to your affections.. because you loved a renowned criminal over him? His heart was shattering. It wasn't fair.
➯ "I love him, Jason!" "He's taken innocent lives, Y/N!"
➯ Jason on most occasions, found himself at odds with the Batfamily, but this? They agreed with him. The moment Jonathan Crane entered the room the air grew cold. No, no they couldn't allow this. They'd rather you bring home a petty criminal than someone the likes of the Scarecrow. Dinner is cut short and cruel words are exchanged in full.
➯ The only way they'd even think of accepting your relationship with Jonathan would be if he'd let go of the criminal life. If not then you'll find your relationships with them strained.
➯ But they couldn't deny, the soft and adoring gaze Jonathan had painted in his eyes when he'd look at you. "It's fine, we can have dinner at home tonight if you'd like." He snaked a hand to your waist before he grabbed your coat for you. Before leaving, Jonathan spared a glare to Jason, in his eyes was amusement mixed with caution. Even a blind man could tell the man was also in love with you. But Jonathan would not let up, he'd risk it all if it meant he could stay with you.
➯ The Batfamily looks to Jason in pity. They were aware of his feelings before he was. The nights he'd stay up just to await for a message from you, the little trinkets and charms he'd gift you whenever he came back to the manor. The way you made him feel alive. It all dulled down as you kissed Jonathan and left without another word spoken.
➯ "That man is trouble." Jonathan mutters between the skin on your neck, he pressed a kiss to your jaw, eyebrows knit in confusion at the sound of your laugh.
➯ "You two have something in common then, no?" You swayed in his arms for a moment before he spoke up once again.
➯ "In more ways than one, I'm afraid." Your lips parted, but he pressed on with an emotion unknown to you gleaming in his eyes. "He looks at you the same way I do.. however."
➯ "I only look at you this way." You brought his forehead to yours, your eyes filled to the brim with melting adoration.
➯ "It'll only ever be you, Jon."
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Hidden Lives ~ Winn Schott
Chapter 6 - A Truth Among Lies
Lily rubbed her eyes sleepily as Hank ordered yet another missile launched at Kara. She glanced over to see Alex also rubbing her eyes, it was no wonder considering Hank had dragged them out of bed at the crack of dawn to test the limits of Kara's powers.
"Is that the fastest that she can go?" Hank complained as Kara dodged the onslaught.
"Are these tests mandatory for everyone?" Kara asked over comms, "or is it just because—"
Hank cut her off, "it's not because you're a woman, Ms. Danvers. The DEO requires months of tests and training before allowing operatives into the field. We've accelerated the process in your case, but we still need to be sure."
"I was going to say 'alien'," Kara muttered, a little deflated from Hank's lecture.
Lily grimaced, Hank had that effect on people. He always managed to make you feel like a scolded child.
"We need to be sure you're in full control of your powers. You're no good to us if destroy half of National City on accident."
There was another boom as Kara flew by even faster this time.
Alex laughed as she spoke, "my sister just broke the sound barrier, Sir."
Hank didn't look impressed in the slightest. "Fire again," he barked the words, motioning rapidly with his hands to speed the process.
Lily sipped her coffee, not awake enough to interfere in the conversation.
After a bit more coffee and a few more earth-shattering booms as Hank launched yet more missiles, Lily finally felt awake enough to talk. She sidled over to Alex, who was making notes on a small clipboard, the glass whiteboard she'd previously been using had been shattered by Kara's sonic boom.
"Anything interesting?" Lily asked peering over Alex's shoulder.
"No." Alex shook her head thoughtfully, "it's all at or below Clark's levels. Which is to be expected since she hasn't used her powers in over a decade." Alex's last comment was more of a mutter to herself as she made another note.
Now that Lily was more awake she could truly appreciate that, while noisy and cumbersome, the missiles may have indeed been the best way to test Kara's powers. Their speed and destructive power could very well be comparable to that of some of the Fort Rozz escapees.
Kara landed lightly next to them, looking sore but exhilarated.
"How many missiles is that?" Kara asked resting a head on Alex's shoulder with a sigh.
Alex shook her head. "I lost count after the first dozen."
"Ugh." Kara stretched dramatically, "can't he just accept that I know what I'm doing?"
Lily and Alex shared a look before laughing sarcastically.
"Hank doesn't do trust very well." Lily spoke up first, "he barely trusts us and we've been here for years." It was a bit of an exaggeration, but true enough in this case.
"Hank always wants to see for himself," Alex added, bending down to pick up a piece of the shattered whiteboard. She quickly copied what is said onto her clipboard.
"Sorry about that." Kara offered awkwardly, motioning to the former whiteboard.
Alex shrugged her off, picking up another piece, and repeating the process.
Lily nudged Alex playfully, "Alex loves jigsaws and you've just given her a thousand-piece puzzle."
Kara laughed as Alex stuck her tongue out.
While Alex's attention was focused on another glass shard, Kara leaned towards Lily and whispered. "I'm really glad Alex had someone like you here."
Lily was taken aback by Kara's warm smile, she'd been worried that the Kryptonian would be more hostile about the whole kidnapping ordeal. Lily's cheeks flushed under Kara's kind gaze, still not used to affection from anyone other than Alex.
"It was nothing," Lily responded awkwardly, avoiding Kara's gaze for fear she'd turn even redder.
"Ms. Danvers," Hank barked. "If you're done gossiping we have a test to finish."
Kara groaned, stretching again, before flying off.
Another boom shook the camp and Lily sighed, this was going to be a long day.
It was noon when Hank finally let them go back to their location in the city. Kara had been called off to deal with a fire in the port, and there was no point continuing without her. Lily's neck was stiff and sore after staring at the sky for a few hours straight, and she rubbed it as she moved down the hall to her office.
She wanted nothing more than to have a relaxing lunch, but in the chaos of getting up a few hours earlier than usual, she'd forgotten to pack one.
She grabbed her purse, intending to make a coffee shop run when her phone buzzed.
Winn: Are you free for lunch?
Lily smiled to herself as she read the text, she could practically hear the hesitation in his words. Wondering if he was pushing too far too fast. Lily wondered that too occasionally, but something just clicked when she was with him.
Alex's words flashed tauntingly in her head as she stared at her phone. Would they click this well if she told him everything? As her thoughts strayed to her brother, her job, and all the other secrets she was keeping she almost said no.
Her stomach grumbled in protest, reminding her why she was halfway out the door with her purse in hand.
Lily: Have you ever been to Noonan's?
It was about halfway between the DEO and Catco, no more than a 10-minute walk either way.
She played around with the phrasing for a minute before realizing she was overdoing it and just hit send. She poked her Hermione bobblehead anxiously as she waited for a reply.
Winn: A million times. So it's a date?
Lily: See you in 10
Lily headed absently towards the locker room before remembering that she hadn't actually changed into her uniform yet today. Mentally smacking herself, she moved towards the front entrance instead. She paused for a moment as she passed the hub, half of the screens were always devoted to various news channels so they could keep an eye out for alien disasters. One of the headlines jumped out at her, Supergirl: Hero or Ecoterrorist?
She couldn't hear what the newscaster was saying, but Lily had to assume the fire at the port hadn't gone well. Lily quickly pinged off a text to Alex. She'd probably already seen the news already, but Lily wanted to make sure she could be moral support for her sister if she needed to be.
She resumed her path to the door, gratefully turning her thoughts toward lunch.
Noonan's was crowded when she arrived after all good food meant a busy lunch rush. Thankfully, Winn had gotten there first and saved her a seat.
"Hi." She greeted as she sat down, still a little awkward. This was the first time she'd seen him since he'd kissed her cheek. "Thanks for getting a table."
He smiled, shrugging. "My friend, Kara, always drags me here so I know the owner." He explained conspiratorily.
Lily laughed, even as a stab of guilt went through her at Kara's name. "Well, since you're the expert, what do you suggest we get?"
Winn adjusted a pair of nonexistent glass and glanced down at the menu. "Wellllll." He drew out the word climactically, "they have very good sandwiches here."
Lily laughed again, it was not the answer she'd been expecting. "Two sandwiches it is."
Their hands lay next to each other on the table as they waited for someone to take their order. Her fingers brushed his lightly, unsure if holding hands was a step too far, but he seemed to get the idea and laced his fingers through hers.
It was a comforting warmth, having his hand pressed against hers as they sat together at the small table.
"How was work today?" She asked gently, trying to keep the calm mood.
He sighed, leaning back a little, but didn't remove his hand from hers. "Stressful."
She squeezed his hand lightly, nodding. "you have no idea." Lily smiled sarcastically, "I was up at the crack on dawn because my boss wanted to get started as soon as possible."
Winn squeezed her hand back in support. "Well, my day beats that—"
The waiter came by then and Winn ordered them two turkey sandwiches.
At the momentary break in the conversation, Lily's gaze wandered around the room, eventually settling on the plasma above the bar. The news-anchor she'd seen earlier was interviewing Maxwell Lord about Supergirl's fumble with the dock fire.
Lily sighed, she knew Maxwell well enough to know that whatever he was saying about Supergirl was for his benefit and no one else's. They'd met on more than one occasion, there'd been a time when he and Lex had been for lack of a better word, close. But when Lex attacked Metropolis, Maxwell had stepped back. Yes, he was self-serving, but not to the point of megalomania.
She shook away the bad memories that threatened to drown her at the sight of his face.
Winn must've noticed where her gaze was because he commented, "they're being too hard on Supergirl. She's new at this."
"Huh," it took a moment for his words to fully register as she shoved the memories back down. "Yeah, she seems like she's really trying."
"Exactly." He clapped his free hand against the table, clearly passionate on his friend's behalf.
Lily giggled, his energy was infectious and it warmed her heart to know how much he cared about his friends.
"Aw. Do you have a crush on Supergirl?" Lily teased lightly even though she knew the real answer.
Winn's cheeks reddened slightly, embarrassed at the insinuation. "No." He mumbled, looking away like a scolded child.
"Good." She squeezed his hand again, "I'd hate to have competition."
Now his cheeks turned really red, and his smile stretched wide, clearly pleased by the statement.
They stayed like that, just smiling and chatting idly until the food arrived.
"Mmm." Lily swallowed her bite before speaking, "that's an exceptional sandwich."
Winn laughed in response, "I told you."
The rest of the meal was spent in satisfied silence as they scarfed their food down.
Tell him, the thought pinged around her head as she finished her food. This really did seem to be going somewhere, and she couldn't build an entire relationship on a lie.
"Winn." Something in her tone must've been graver than she intended because he looked her in concern when she spoke.
"Is everything okay?" His hand found hers again as he spoke.
"Yeah." She squeezed his hand reassuringly. "I just need to tell you something, can we meet up for dinner tonight?"
"Of course." He still looked worried, but less so than a few moments ago.
She was saved the trouble of coming up with a reply when her phone rang. Alex's name flashed across the screen and she answered the phone hastily.
Lily had barely gotten the words out when Alex barreled into a response, "there's been a firewall breach. Hank wants you to look into it ASAP."
"The firewall?" She echoed, confused. No one had messed with her firewall in a long time. Winn glanced up at her words, an odd expression on his face.
"Yeah, the system was probably glitching, but you know Hank would never take that chance."
"Ok. I'll be there in a minute." She hung the phone up quickly. Honestly, she was glad to leave, the awkward air that had permeated the room at her words was stifling.
Lily turned to Winn apologetically, "I have to go. There's an emergency at work."
He nodded, but that odd expression remained. Unease threatened to grow in the pit of her stomach, but she pushed it away.
"I'll see you tonight." She kissed him on the cheek and was gone.
The firewall breach turned out to be much more severe than Alex had said. It took Lily only a few moments to figure out what had been taken, thankfully nothing, but a lot longer to figure out who had gotten in. They'd managed to penetrate the first firewall but had been kicked out by the secondary firewall, meaning that no government secrets had been taken.
It was still alarming that someone had gotten through at all, even if they hadn't been successful in the long run. Someone somewhere had plans that involved the DEO and that couldn't be a good thing...
When Lily was finally able to track the hack she ran the numbers twice just to be sure of what she was seeing.
There had been two hacks. One had piggybacked on the other, so at first glance, it looked like just one. The original hack had a very familiar signature... Suddenly all the pieces clicked together in her head.
His reaction at the restaurant when she'd mentioned a firewall suddenly made sense and she wanted to bang her head against the keyboard. It was going so well.
Lily shook the thought away, she had a job to do. After another twenty minutes of staring at the screen and making no progress on the second hack, she knew what she had to do.
It was early afternoon, if she hurried she could still catch Winn at Catco. She didn't really want to do this in a public place, but she knew she couldn't put it off another minute.
She spent the entire walk to Catco mentally playing out the confrontation in her head. Would he deny it? Would he accuse her right back? Why had he done it?
Her thoughts kept running in circles as she walked and it was all she could do to keep her face blank. Whether she wanted to scream or yell or cry, she wasn't sure, but if she stopped clenching her jaw her expression might break.
She'd walked to Catco, but when she arrived she was out of breath as though she'd jogged the whole way.
It was only when she saw the security desk in the lobby that she realized she hadn't thought this through. She rubbed her face with her hand before pulling her phone out.
Kara picked up on the first ring. "Hey, Lily. Does the DEO need me?"
Lily shook her head as she spoke even though Kara couldn't see her. "No. I'm in the lobby, can you let me up?"
"Yeah, of course. Is something wrong?"
"No. Yes. It's complicated, I just need to get up there."
"Ok." Kara sounded like she had a million more questions to ask, but for now, she called down to the desk to buzz Lily up.
Lily leaned against the back wall of the elevator as she wondered, not for the first time if this was really the best course of action. But then the doors were opening and Kara was there, and there was nowhere to run.
"What do you need?" Kara asked in place of a greeting.
"I have to see Winn."
Kara blanched at the name, clearly surprised that Lily knew it at all. "How do you know—"
Lily stopped her. "I promise I'll explain, just right now I have to talk to him."
Kara nodded reluctantly, stepping back and allowing Winn's desk into Lily's line of sight.
Lily marched over. "Winn."
Winn looked up in surprise, multiple expression flashing across his face. "Hi." He tried a poker face, but he looked scared.
"We need to talk."
Winn nodded gravely, "I suppose we do." He stood up, pausing the video game he'd been playing and motioned for her to follow. They ended up in a cramped alcove that Lily suspected was generally used for more intimate things.
"You hacked into a secure government server!" She accused without warning.
"You hacked me first." He shot back just as accusatory.
"I had to see if you were a threat." Winn blanched at the last word, and something in her heart tugged, but she was too mad to listen to it. "You were helping Supergirl and H—my boss wanted to know if we could trust you."
Something clicked behind Winn's eyes and he tossed an accusation at her that she had not been expecting. "When you came to my apartment, that was part of the job too. Was this...?" His voice trailed off as he looked between the two of them and suddenly all her anger was gone.
Lily had been used by too many people not to understand what Winn meant. There was still fire in his eyes but he let her grab his hand as she spoke. "Never. This was all real." His posture relaxed a little, still wary but clearly wanting to believe everything she'd said.
Lily sighed, now was as good a time as any to come clean. "I suppose you want the full story." He nodded once, no less wary. "I work for the DEO. I don't know how much Kara has told you—" his eyebrows shot up, clearly surprised that she knew Kara's identity but he let her continue without comment. "We monitor and police alien activity on earth. I run IT, so it was my firewall you hacked." She couldn't resist being personally offended by that fact. "I was at your apartment that day because I was sent to do a threat assessment of you. It all went out of control from there, I didn't expect to fall for you..." She mumbled the last part quietly.
Winn drew in a long breath before he spoke. "Kara told me about Alex and the DEO," he paused picking his words carefully. "I wasn't going to look into it, but when I saw your trace on my computer I had to do something about it." He rubbed his neck awkwardly, as though it sounded stupid now. "I had no idea it would be you on the other end."
"You're lucky it was," Lily replied, a bit of the fire from earlier returning. "Do you know how much trouble you can get into for hacking an agency that isn't supposed to exist?"
Winn's posture which had relaxed earlier, became standoffish as her words hit the wrong way.
She rubbed her temple gingerly before speaking again. "I'm going to have to explain all this to my boss, but I'll make sure you don't get in trouble."
As the conversation cooled off, Kara appeared nearby and Lily had to resist sighing exasperatedly. "How much of that did you hear?" Kara looked at her and smiled sheepishly. The answer clear on her face, she joined Lily and Winn. Not quite in the alcove because there wasn't room but close enough for a normal conversation.
"How long has this been going on?" Kara asked, trying, and failing, to sound politely curious.
They shared a glance before Winn answered, "a few weeks."
Kara turned to Lily, "and you did a threat assessment of me." Kara didn't sound angry, just disappointed and that was worse because Lily was used to disappointing people.
Lily looked away as she answered, unable to look Kara in the eye. "It was Hank's orders and Alex already punched me for it so maybe don't Kryptonian super punch me—"
Winn turned to Lily, concern on his face. "You said that was a work accident."
"Not exactly, look it's fine I basically invited her to hit me." It was not the first or last time Lily was punched on the job. She tried to get the conversation back on the rails. "I'm sorry I betrayed your trust, both of you." She glanced at Winn and away again, to find him still studying the fading bruise on her cheek. She squeezed the hand she hadn't realized she was still holding.
Kara shook her head. "I trust you and I trust Alex."
Lily smiled at her tentatively.
Winn was studying her like there was more he wanted to say.
Kara seemed to pick up on this as well because she said, "I need to go, Ms. Grant needs another latte."
Winn waited until Kara was out of sight before opening his mouth, he closed it several times before finally mustering the courage to speak. "You did an assessment of me, so that means you know everything about my life and father." His voice trembled on the last word as though it hurt to say.
She nodded, unsure if there was a right thing to say.
"And you still chose to start this?"
So many secrets jumbled around in her brain, demanding to be spoken, to be heard, but she swallowed resolutely before speaking. No one trusts a Luthor.
"Winn." His hand was trembling and she squeezed it gingerly. She placed her other hand on his cheek and his eyes met hers. "You are not your father." His eyes met her, wide and trusting and in pain. She drew him closer to her in the alcove. "Your father left a terrible legacy behind, but you are not a part of it. Look at all the good you've done, you're working with Supergirl."
Winn chuckled wryly at the last part, "my dad would hate that."
Lily smiled, sensing that the mood had changed for the better. She hugged him fiercely, and if she felt a few quiet sobs escape him, neither of them mentioned it.
They stayed that way for what felt like a few minutes but could easily have been half an hour. As they broke apart Lily rested her forehead against Winn's for a moment, savoring each other's comforting warmth.
"I should let you get back to work." She spoke eventually. Slowly untangling herself from him.
He grabbed her wrist as she pulled away, "will I still see you tonight?"
Lily shrugged noncommittally, "if you still want to."
In answer, he pressed his lips against hers gently.
"So that's a maybe for tonight," she commented playfully.
He laughed. "Now shoo, I have work to do."
"I would love to but..." Lily gestured to Winn's hand which was still wrapped firmly around her wrist.
"Right, yeah," he withdrew his hand quickly, looking flustered.
Lily was still smiling to herself as she walked away.
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Hidden Lives ~ Winn Schott
Chapter 5 - Becoming The Hero
Ugh, Lily thought as she turned over, woken by the noise. Who's calling at this time of night? The clock on the nightstand blinked harshly in her face, 12:34. She almost ignored the call, but when she saw it was Alex calling she couldn't help the fact that it might be important. With a sigh, she picked up the phone.
"Hello?" She grumbled.
"Lily," Alex jumped straight into an explanation, "we found Vartox. I convinced Kara to help us fight him, but I need your help to convince Hank."
"You're lucky I love you," Lily grumbled into the phone as she kicked the covers off her. It took her a few minutes of searching to find an outfit, she was unwilling to turn on the lights just yet. Not wanting to deal with the harsh glare of lights on her hungover brain.
"Great," Alex responded, "because we're outside."
Lily rubbed her forehead, sensing a headache coming on. "'We' being...?" She trailed off into a question.
"Kara and I."
Lily freaked. "You really think a covert op at one in the morning is the best way for me to meet your sister?!" She whispered harshly into the phone.
"Technically you already met her," Alex argued back, coaxingly.
"Oh yeah," Lily's voice dripped with sarcasm. "I'm sure kidnapping her made a great first impression."
"Oh stop whining. You have five minutes before I get Kara to kick your door down."
Lily sighed as Alex hung up. She slipped on her clothes relatively quickly, grabbed a pair of sneakers, and crept past the couch where Winn slept. It had been late when they'd finally finished talking, too late for her to feel safe sending him back to his apartment alone, and she'd been too tired to walk with him. So, she'd offered him the couch and he'd responded gratefully with an awkward blush.
She didn't turn on any lights as she moved through the living room toward the front door, scooping up her purse along the way, so the light of the apartment hallway was harsh on her eyes. She closed the apartment door, careful not to make a sound. She blinked rapidly, the light only making her headache worse.
"This is the last time I do anything nice for you, Alex," she rubbed her forehead as she spoke.
Alex spoke softly from her sister's side, "are you ok?"
Lily nodded, "just a headache." She was unwilling to tell Alex she'd been at the bar again, that was a rebuttal for another day. Her gaze wandered as she rubbed her head again, taking in Alex in the same outfit as before and Kara in her super suit.
"Hey, Kara." Lily finally said awkwardly.
For a person as open as Alex had described her to be, Kara's face was scarily unreadable as she sized Lily up and down.
"Hi." She finally replied. That was all, but Lily could sense the note of approval. "Alex has told me a lot about you."
Lily shot Alex a glare as they walked down the hall to the stairs. "All good things hopefully."
Alex shrugged, smirking.
"I'm sorry about how we had to meet." Lily did her best to apologize.
Alex spoke before Kara could, "that wasn't you, that was Hank." Her gaze shifted to her sister. "And we are going to show him how wrong he was."
Kara smiled mischievously and Lily recognized a bit of Alex in her. Maybe we could be friends, she wondered as they walked. When they reached the floor of the apartment building Kara flew them to the mountain, one at a time. The whole process took a couple of minutes, at most, and was both frightening and exhilarating.
The three of them walked into the mountain together, Alex and Lily on either side of Kara.
"Well if it isn't Agent Danvers and her sister from another planet." Hank's tone suggested that he really couldn't be bothered by their presence.
"Sir." Lily ventured, unsure if he'd noticed her presence yet. "I know that you distrust aliens and, given who we've interacted with in the past, I can't blame you, but Kara is different."
Alex stepped up beside her and helped hammer her point home. "And if you want our help with this, you're going to accept Kara's."
It really wasn't as risky a gamble as it sounded. Stubborn though Hank could be, he cared about his employees, and was even something of a father to both Lily and Alex. He'd never call them out on this.
Hank sighed, resigned to the fact that he'd been backed into a corner. His hard gaze shifting to Kara, "you play by my rules and you only get one chance."
"That's all I need," Kara replied.
"Sir," Vasquez called from the computer screen she was monitoring. "Uh, ma'am's." She added, noticing the others. "Vartox is moving quickly, whatever we're doing, we need to do it fast."
Hank nodded, he turned to Kara. "One chance." He repeated emphatically.
"Kara," Alex called before her sister had a chance to fly off. "I analyzed Vartox's ax. Its temperature is very carefully regulated, it'll explode if it gets any hotter."
Kara nodded understandingly, grateful for the information.
Kara flew out so fast it shattered a few windows and left a faint ringing in Lily's ears. Patting her head a few times until the ringing went away, Lily moved over to Alex.
"She'll be ok. You gave her everything she needs to win."
Alex nodded halfheartedly, "I hope so."
It was nail-biting, watching from the command hub unable to do anything as Kara fought Vartox, for Alex especially. She tried so hard to protect her sister and now she was forced to sit on the sidelines as her sister fought for her life.
Tensions mounted as Vartox's ax came within inches of splitting Kara's skull, but then she used her heat vision and it was over as the ax exploded.
Kara returned, bruised and dirty, but proud. Her smile a mile wide as the adrenaline rush of the battle pulsed through her.
She smiled at Alex's congratulatory words, but a frown tugged at her lips. "Vartox said something. 'I'm not the real threat, something else is coming.'"
She recounted his words from memory, and dread pooled in Lily's stomach. The more aliens that flocked to the city, the more likely it was that her more unpleasant family members might show their faces.
She pushed away the worry for the moment though. There was no point in worrying until they knew what the threat was. It could be years away for all they knew.
It was four in the morning when Lily finally arrived back at her apartment. Winn slept in the same position as before, and she smiled, glad that she hadn't woken him.
She kicked off her shoes at the door, wanting nothing more than to flop into bed and never get up. Her purse was deposited on a barstool as she passed. She set it down carefully, trying not to jingle its contents.
As she passed the couch, she recalled Alex's whispered advice before they'd parted for the night.
Alex stayed at Lily's apartment for a few minutes, even after Kara flew away. She grabbed Lily's hand before Lily opened the apartment.
"You have to tell him."
"Tell who what?" Lily only half played dumb, her mind was tired and her thoughts were sluggish, but it didn't take a genius to recognize that Alex was talking about Winn. "It's too early." Lily shrugged as she spoke.
Alex sighed, clearly having no more patience for this 4 AM conversation than Lily did. "He's going to find out, either way, I don't know when, but Kara is going to tell him. He needs to hear it from you."
Lily rubbed her arms as though cold, searching for something to say. "I don't know if it's that kind of relat—"
Alex cut her off, "you're not fooling anyone. There's something there, and I know you're scared. But not everyone is Lex, not everyone is going to hurt you."
"If your family hurts you, what do you have left?"
"Me!" Alex's voice raised as she whisper-yelled, "you have me and you'll always have me, it's okay to have him too."
Lily was too tired for this conversation, in the morning this would all make more sense, but now it was just annoying. "Thank you, Dr. Phil, but I'd really like to sleep a little bit tonight."
Alex sighed but dropped the topic. They both knew this conversation wasn't over.
Lily's eyes trailed over his face a moment as Alex's words washed over her. She shook her head and moved to the bedroom.
It was mid-morning when Lily woke, a few hours later than she normally got up for work, but she doubted Hank would begrudge her a couple of extra hours after the crazy night they'd all had. The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans greeted her as she woke up more, she smiled at the scent.
She wandered into the kitchen to find Winn hunched over the coffee maker. It looked so domestic that she couldn't help but smile. Almost as if he were the doting boyfriend and not a guy she'd let crash on her couch.
He jumped, clearly he hadn't noticed her entrance. "I swear I wasn't doing anything weird, I just remembered you liked coffee, and I wanted to do something nice since you let me stay and didn't kick me out on the streets late at night to face certain death..." He trailed away uncertainly, his face turning scarlet as he sank in an embarrassed silence.
The coffee maker beeped and he jumped again, slightly this time.
"" He gestured towards the machine helplessly.
Lily smiled at him, a warm feeling in her chest. "Thank you." The feeling grew warmer as he smiled back awkwardly. "And thank you for last night."
He held her gaze, "I get it. Family can be...complicated."
Lily opened her mouth, an explanation about her brother hanging heavily on her tongue.
"Oh no." Winn glanced at his watch in horror. "I am going to be very late to work if I don't leave now."
Lily nodded understandingly. "See you later." She cringed, that sounded way too non-personal to say to her not-quite-boyfriend/date-partner-guy.
He stood there a moment more, clearly debating something before he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. "Bye." He all but sprinted for the door after that.
Lily touched her cheek with a dazed smile. They'd had actual kisses before but this peck on the cheek somehow felt much more intimate and personal.
Lily wasn't sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing that Alex might be right about Winn.
She stayed there a little longer, sipping her coffee and smiling, letting a bit more of the day slip away. Eventually, about an hour or so before noon she finally trudged into the office. As she'd expected, Hank simply gave her a nod as she passed and didn't chew her out on being a couple of hours late.
She completed a few assignments that she'd let slide, mainly unfreezing computers and helping people recover files. She did a few touch-ups on the firewall where she noticed possible holes, by then it was noon and her stomach was grumbling, tasty though coffee might be, it was not food.
Lily grabbed her lunch off the desk. She just stared at the box for a few moments wondering if it was worth getting grilled by Alex not to eat alone. Finally, she sighed and moved to the door, they'd have to talk about it sooner or later. Might as well be sooner.
Thankfully, nothing was on fire when Lily entered the lab and there were no odd smells.
"Hey." Lily called as she moved into Alex's lab, "nice to see that you haven't set yourself on fire again."
Alex looked up from her microscope just long enough to stick her tongue out at Lily before returning to her experiment.
"So what are you doing today, Doc?"
"I'm analyzing that piece of Vartox's ax again, I thought it might be able to give us a clue what he was talking about."
Lily nodded. "Always trying to change the world, Doc."
Alex shook her head. "Just trying to look after my sister." Alex suddenly clapped a hand to her forehead. "Oh."
"Doc? Did you set yourself on fire again?"
Alex shook her head, reaching for a tablet. She peeled off her glove before grabbing it. "I meant to show you this."
Lily glanced at the screen, it was a news article with the headline, Supergirl Goes Mano A Reptile In The Desert.
Alex was quivering with excitement, and Lily smiled. Knowing that this paper was going into Alex's scrapbook. Technically, Alex had two scrapbooks. One for Kara, and one for Lily. She put newspaper articles about them and other achievements in the books.
Lily remembered the first time she'd found Alex's Lily Scrapbook.
Lily had been sitting on the couch in Alex's apartment, waiting for Alex to bring the bottle of wine from the kitchen when something caught her eye.
There was a binder underneath the coffee table. She would've ignored it, except for the fact that her name was written on the cover in a delicate gold script.
"Hmm." She hummed uncertainly as she reached for it.
She wasn't sure what she expected when she opened it, but whatever it was, it certainly wasn't what she actually got. Inside were photocopies of various news articles, each mentioning the research projects Lily had participated in.
Each page had a little stick note on it, commenting in positive insightful ways about the research projects.
"Hey, I ran out of red, so we'll—oh" Alex stopped as she caught sight of the binder in Lily's hands.
"What is this?" Lily asked uncertainly, a wall going up. The binder seemed very stalkerish.
"It's your scrapbook." Alex moved to the cabinet above the TV as she spoke. She carefully extracted a similar binder, only the gold print on this one said, Kara. "It's something I've been doing since I was a kid. Kara, my sister, and I didn't always get along, but I was always proud of her. So, I started collecting little snippets about her achievements."
Alex flipped open Kara's binder and showed her the first page. The article read: Sheriff Indicted In Murder Of Local Teen.
"It was the first time we really worked together. He was a friend of Kara's..." Alex's voice trailed away as her fingers traced the obituary photo accompanying the article. When she finally looked up, her eyes were glistening slightly. She swallowed loudly before speaking again, "I just wanted a way to show you that I'm proud of you."
Suddenly Alex wasn't the only one crying. Loath as Lily was to admit it, that was the first time someone had said that to her. In the Luthor family, it was considered a weakness to find pride anywhere but yourself.
After that night Lily counted Alex not as a friend, but as a sister.
Lily teared up a little at the memory, even now years later it was still a shining beacon of kindness.
"Make sure you leave enough room for all the other times she's going to save the day." Lily smiled warmly as she spoke. "You know." She said as Alex turned off the tablet and slipped her glove back on, "Kara might listen to you more if you showed her all this. There was a time I would've done anything for my siblings' approval."
Alex grimaced. "It's hard enough to rein her in as it is. If I told her I was proud of all this she'd never stop and I wouldn't be able to protect her."
Lily shook her head. "Stubborn as mules, the both of you."
Alex rolled her eyes, only half listening as she focused again on the ax shard. Lily opened up her lunch, and the rest of the lunch hour passed in amicable silence with Alex working and Lily eating.
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Tumblr media
* you're my way home / you're my backbone ( jason todd/red hood x f!reader )
A/N: Jason Todd Imagine. A little drabble I had sitting around (in my head) about grocery shopping with Jason. It was inspired by this image. Hope you enjoy this! Feedback and comments are appreciated. Thank you so much! <3 [Warnings: none, pure fluff]
Tumblr media
Jason: Chips?
You: Check.
Jason: Cereal?
You: Check.
You held your phone as Jason texted you last-minute grocery items. He told you he didn’t need anything else, so he waited in the car while you went inside for the quick run. You told him it wouldn’t take long since you had a list that you planned to stick to. You should have known Jason wasn’t going to be annoying with his requests.
You huffed as you gripped the bar on the cart to roll it forward. You went down the baking aisle and stood in front of the cake mixes. The images of the cakes all looked appetizing, but you had to decide what you were in the mood for. “Chocolate? Vanilla? Strawberry?” You held up your hands as you weighed the options.
“Marble?” A voice suggested from beside you. You flinched and moved back from the person.
Jason started to laugh at your sudden reaction. He didn’t think you were so focused on the cake selection. You growled as you shoved him backward while he still chuckled. “I’m sorry! I am sorry,” he spoke sweetly as he stepped closer wrapping his arms around your shoulders, kissing your cheek a few times
You pursed your lips so you wouldn’t cave, but it didn’t work. A smile broke over your lips and you glanced at him. “Cinnamon swirl.” You kissed his cheek before you grabbed the cake mix and dropped it in the cart. Jason followed you down the aisle, grabbed some of the chocolate chip cookies that were on the endcap. He happily placed them in the cart as he wiggled his eyebrows at you. “Were you bored?”
“Yeah. I was. There’s only so many rounds of Tetris you can play on your phone before it gets... irritating.”Jason walked behind you, resting his chin on your shoulder. You reached up to ruffle up his hair and popped your shoulder up, kissed his temple.
“I bet.” You walked into the next aisle not shoving away Jason but felt his boot run into the back of your shoe. You stepped away from the cart to pick out a box of pasta, then looked at the sauces. You started reading the labels.
Jason leaned against the cart, pushing it back and forth while he waited. You watched him from the side, picking out the sauce, and sighed at him. “You could have picked another game. Didn’t have to come inside.”
“Nahh… this is -“ Jason wrinkled his nose as he gestured toward the store. Then, he lifted his arms not knowing what to say. “It’s fine. I mean I gotta make sure you get the good stuff.”
“Mhm.” You raised your eyebrows as you pulled the cart along from behind while you checked your list on your phone. You grabbed a few more things from the aisle.
Jason was designated as the cart pusher so you continued going down the next set of aisles. He took out his phone and opened his game.
“OK! Frozen foods. Ice cream and some pizza rolls,” you snapped your fingers to get his attention. Jason nodded quickly, pushed the cart to follow you. You picked out the items you needed and held up your arms in triumph. “All done! We can go now!”
“Thank god,” Jason blurted and then grinned innocently at you. “I mean great! So proud.” He leaned over and kissed you once, then twice. He smiled against your lips, you started to laugh a little when you overheard some kids walking past making gagging noises. “Let’s go before they vomit.”
Jason nodded, pulled back, but stomped forward just enough to make the group flinch and scramble backward. He smirked sneakily and followed you to the register. You both loaded up the groceries on the conveyor belt, paid, and walked to the car.
You walked ahead of Jason pulling the cart along out of habit. You reached your car then tilted your head when you noticed some yellow sticky notes scattered all over the back window. You let out a small nervous laugh, you arched an eyebrow at him. “Secret admirer?”
“Ehh... I'll kill 'em,” he wrinkled his nose at you jokingly. You breathed in and looked at the notes. You peeled off one, read it over, and then picked off the next. You laughed a little as you turned your attention to him.
Jason met your gaze with a loving one and a lopsided grin. He took a slow step forward and kissed your forehead, then your lips. His hand cupped the side of your face, sliding his thumb over your cheekbone.
“Very cute, Todd. Very cute.” You held the notes in between your fingers as you shook them gently. He often did these unexpected acts just to surprise you so he could see a smile.
He knew you would wait up for him whenever he was running around revenging as the Red Hood. It didn't matter how many times he told you not to worry, he would be okay. You falsely agreed to not wait up, but then forced yourself to stay awake. His other identity weighed heavily on you. The first aid kit lived by the bedside.
When he crawled through the window, he would see you sitting up in the bed and getting to your feet. He knew you didn’t sleep until he was in bed with you safe and sound.
“Thank you. You're everything to me. I don’t want you to forget how much I love you and how much you mean to me. You carry me, Y/N.” He looked at you sincerely then down at the notes, pointing at them. “Even if it’s just with leaving you little notes with poetry I bookmarked...from the internet.”
“I love you, Jason,” you said softly, touched his lips gently. You carefully put the notes in your bag. He already carved his space in your heart and your soul, he was going to be there. Always. “Let’s get home, shall we?” You kissed him once, then twice.
Jason nodded, smiling wide, and opened the trunk to help you load up the groceries.
“You were you, and I was I; we were two before our time.
I was yours before I knew, and you have always been mine too.”
― Lang Leav, Love & Misadventure
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opheliawillowbrook · a day ago
Hey guys! So for those of you that missed it, I contributed a piece to this fun fan project a few months back. Right now sales are just under 1300 and we’d love to break 1500. ALL proceeds are going to St Judes once sales finally and we’d greatly appreciate your help in achieving that goal.
With Love --Ophelia
Tumblr media
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myobsessionraven · a day ago
Right where you left me
Happiness (chapter 3)
Flashback #2
His eyes stared deep into mine as I felt myself loose all the strings attaching me to this world; to this jumble of a reality. His eyes drifted to my plump lips. I tried not to fall, my knees buckling up as a smirk found it's way on his oh so gorgeous face. His hand secured me in a place disapproving of any movement I could have made not that I owned the ability of walking away in the first place. Not with his eyes staring at me inside out. Breaths came through my mouth in pants as I hungrily sucked the air back in my lungs and tried my best to look elegant and hold onto some sanity as my mind stooped and heart raced.
He inched closer until a pinch of gap was left between us as he left me wishing for more. The reality of this situation gained upon me as I caught myself understanding his true intentions and not long after I found myself drifting towards him closing the only digits of atmosphere separating us. I found my hands travelling up to his hair and tangling in the loose strands. Realisation dawned upon me as I let a smirk fall on my mouth; I did it; I had rolled the dice I was the daughter of satan after all, he was right angel didn't quiet fit right.
Flashback over...
My eyes darted open as I tried adjusting to the blinding light as flickers of the dappled light fell on my skin. I felt the goosebumps rushing through my body. Gasps of breath escaped my gaping mouth as I tried to get familiar with my surroundings. I found myself questioning the situation once again; was I forever gonna live in this delusion?  Was I ever going to face reinvention of myself to a person who had the will to fight- fight this sour feeling in my heart ? Was I ever going to get over the disbelief knowing life showed its darkest colours to me at a time I didn't expected with an emotion I never desired. I looked at my window as sunlight from the sun stared back at me with it's blinding light and realisation dawned upon me I didn't draw the curtains open last night. Then who did?
"Morning rae" came the high pitched voice of none other than my shoulder to cry on of the nightfall before.
"What are you doing here ?"  I asked tilting my head sideways, confusion evident on my facial and vocal features.
"Not the greeting I was hoping for but I'll let it slide" he said in an almost hurt voice as I felt his face betray any true evidence of the profound emotion.
"I got breakfast for you, you know like breakfast in bed" he said softly his eyes gleaming and twinkling with excitement like a child as he moved forward his hands carrying the weight of the culinary, the sinfully delicious looking waffles placed on top as maple syrup dripped from the edges making a puddle of magical heaven.
"Thank you" I whispered softly to him as a feeling of comfort washed over me drowning me in happiness as I found myself feeling joy for once in this void of sorrow I have been living in.
I ate the breakfast slowly enjoying the taste of this magnificent glory in every bite as they somehow managed to get better after each bite.
"Mmm. Who made these? These are so heavenly" I spoke out my thoughts to Beastboy the taste still lingering on my mouth as the now finished plate sat on bed side table.
"Well I'll give you a hint: it's someone you know, who is really handsome" he said wiggling his eyebrows as strands of his messy hair fell in his vision. He watched me intently as I decided to join his joke of a comment after all two can play a game.
"Someone I know? So he is obviously not you uhhhhh AQUALAD, is he here? omggggg!!"I said fake enthusiasm dripping in my voice as I looked at the disappointing and angry look adoring his features when in the blink of an eye a mischievous glint replaced it.
In the motion of a movement, I felt myself being held back on the soft mattress my back pushing in the mattress as his body pushed into mine. My wrists were pinned together in an iron grip by a hand of none other than Beastboy. My breathing sped up as I adored his facial features his Cheshire grin and twinkling eyes so deep I could almost drown. He inched closer to me his breath lingering on my neck as he whispered in my ear his voice smooth "hmmm so am I not hot ?" He questioned as I shook my head a minuscule smile playing on my lips as he looked at me once again with no hint of amusement or surprise as the feeling left me disappointed, before one of his hand found it's way to my stomach and a battle between his tickles and my legs shaking with laughter began.
I giggled unable to stop, a few objects circled in the air as I pleaded for him to stop through my fits of laughter.
"I will, once you agree that I'm handsome and you are just afraid of the truth" not having the power to bear this painful torture any more I spoke through my laughter "I think your handsome now stop" the tickling finally stopped as he looked at me straight in the eye his bare hand laid still on my abdomen as I tried to calm myself and the emotions going haywire inside of me.
He suddenly inched closer to me as I felt my body froze, his body radiating his powerful affection as he drawed his lips closer to mine and I felt the temperature of the room suddenly drop. I found myself questioning my intentions, this was a crime worse than anyone out there was I really using one of my closest friends as a getaway car- a rebound ? I felt the sudden wish of ending this escalating friendship when a voice broke my tripping thoughts.
"Your so beautiful rae, has anyone ever told you that ?" He questioned thinking out loud as he throwed these harmless words my way at least harmless for him. The guilt clawed at my heart as I watched myself become the same ache I have been repulsing to someone for me it was a turmoil of emotions the memories haunting me once again the words of a game I have lost so much in played once again, the many flying objects in the room fell to the floor as the sound of objects breaking echoed throughout the room but I could care less as I pushed away Beastboy both physically and emotionally creating a barrier I felt the sudden desire to have.
Dividing us once again letting the pain I once thought of as ours crawl back in me as this conversation became a weapon pointing my deepest hurt. I wasn't going to hurt him, I couldn't hurt him not after all he has done for me. With one final glance his way I said the words he anticipated and I felt the deepening urge to say "I-I think you should leave"
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Tumblr media
Home. He’s going home. (Like most things, it’s easier said than done.)
Prompt: 11. Harmful healing for my BadThingsHappen bingo CW: uh, panic attack and aftermath, and implied needles. Notes: This particular BTHB prompt wasn’t originally going to happen, not here anyways, but then plot happened, and I realized what I was writing. (Plotty things on my angst train, what a strange concept.) Also, I've madly rewritten this more than a few times, so it probably hasn’t had as much polish as I usually try to give things.
He is Nightwing.
His name is Dick.
And… there is a family. That is his.
He has a family.
And… his family has a home.
Which is not where he is.
Why did these concepts never occur to him before?
Until someone told him the words, why didn’t he think of them?
What is wrong with him?
The question gnaws at him.
It follows him into his sleep and whispers into his dreams, turning them into nightmares where shadows trap and stalk him and terror waits at every step.
What happened to him?
Does he really want to know?
His dreams tell him he does not.
Continue on AO3
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thefabfan10 · a day ago
Scylla was always drawn to the ocean.
Since she took her first breath, her dreams had been filled with crashing waves and shimmering dark depths. There was a call only she could hear. Distant, but always there. Beckoning. Begging. Effervescent. It swam into her veins. Dug deep into her soul and clutched at her heart. Made her chest yearn for something she had never seen. Her mind ached to experience the feel of the water around her. The cold crisp crystal clear water that cradled her as if she was a small child, a baby. Comforted her. Emboldened her.
A home she never knew.
A home she wished to be a part of.
Her home.
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myobsessionraven · 2 days ago
Right where you left me
Important: since this is a love triangle alternate chapters will be dedicated to the ships aka bbrae and damirae yet it is important to read each chapter for understanding of the plot.
Cruel summer (chapter 2)
After that mental breakdown I came to a decision of laying in my bed and taking the time to calm my sore body and relax some of my tensed nerves.
I was tired but sleep didn't quite come to me; things were rushing through my head all jumbled up as I found it hard to find a complete picture nothing  quite fitting in this mystery created by my mind; everything was just scrape pieces of memory my mind blocking out all the horrors as I looked through a rose stained glass towards the many red flags.
I tried to relish some memories - some without Damian, some that didn't quiet break me but I gave up not long after, not having the strength  to fight this ever growing urge.
As the urge deepened I found all my thoughts and intentions swirling around him once again.
Flashback #1
I sprinted towards my favourite cafe in a hurry not intending to miss the poetry of one of my most adored poets; I had been pretty calm at the beginning of the day as I followed my usual chores soon came afternoon when I decided it was time to get ready and take my leap as my thoughts went to the cafe, ready to relax and cherish the sweet moment, the hushed whispers of the delightful poetry. I was jolted out of my daydream when red alarm started blaring and Robin took an intention of calling an emergency meeting.
Sometimes i just wondered why did things like this always happen to me? And obviously him being a leader and... well robin took the time to repeat himself over and over again just for the matter of being thorough ruining my once pleasant mood as the worry of missing the poetry from one of my favourite poets settelled in.
As soon as his speech was over I decided to teleport to the nearest non-crowded place which still left me with a distance of 20 minutes to cover.
Now here I was running through the streets at a speed of light when I finally saw the cafe door leaving my thoughts behind I opened  the door with a jolt as everyone stared at me making me feel self conscious about all of my steps.
I tried to be quite and slide in the backseat when I stumbled upon my own footsteps my hands settling in the shards of glass scattered on the ground most probably by someone who didn't wanted to risk paying the price of the mug after breaking it.
"owww" I half whispered half shouted hissing due to the amount of pain shooting through my hands as drops of blood heaped on the floor.
"Tt people need to stand up towards their own actions"  I looked up at the voice of the owner when I met a dazzling pair of emerald eyes staring back at me a frown hanging on his handsome features. The stranger continued to watch me examining my every movement not really speaking in words; but his eyes seemed to tell a story of their own. I decided to try and stand up on my own not one of my wisest decisions as I ended up compressing my already bloody hands to the glass still present on the white marbel.
"Owwwwww" he looks at me a smirk hanging on his lips as he reaches towards me and without any hesitation  picks me up bridal style settling me down on the chair right beside him.
His eyes stared at me intently as I found myself not having the will to look away a slight shade of rose dusted my cheeks. He gently took a hold of my wrists igniting fireworks in my stomach.  I scanned his moves not sure of his intentions blush still visible on my ash gray skin as he seemed to come to a decision to take it upon himself to inspect and patch every wound visible on my hand with as he continued his inspection with feather touches.
I felt butterflies swirl around my stomach from his touch, his eyes staring at my hands intently void of any emotion but I could just feel the concern and anger radiating as I for the first time in these years became thankful of my empathy.
"Ladies and gentlemen today our most adored poet Mr Jonathan would not be able of joining us today under some heavy circumstances" the person I recognised as the manager started as a chorus of 'boos' filled the room as I had the urge to join the childish action  So I came here running, falling on glasss for noth-I found my eyes suddenly drifting to the gorgeous stranger beside me as a disappointing look laced his features- well almost nothing I added to my train of thoughts. "So today you shall have the opportunity to showcase your talent on this stage and recite your words of art the best one among us will win a prize so bring it on people " the man completed his voice filled with enthusiasm as a few gasps echoed throughout the building.
"Hmmm. Interesting....for me at least I doubt you will be able to win the prize or even have the confidence to stand up on that stage" he said a mischievous glint in his eyes knowing full well what he was doing to me "is that a challenge boy blunder ?" I had no idea where that nickname came from but it seemed to have amused him as my heart fluttered he inched closer to me I could feel his warm breath lingering on my neck his voice deep and husky as I tried to balance my exploding emotions as I heard the boy besides speak "you know they say 'angels roll their eyes,  devils roll the dice' you don't really seem the angel type so might as well take your chance"
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rick-rayson · 2 days ago
Dick: I'll be back, same time as usual.
Damian: Good.. I miss you when you're gone.
Dick: what was that?
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incorrectbatfam · 2 days ago
Signal and Ms. Marvel Take On The World (And By The World I Mean New Jersey)
Chapter 4/12: AC/DC (Atlantic City Dorktectives Club)
Duke wondered what he'd done in his past life to wind up in New Jersey. Anyone living here was either being punished by the universe or just a straight-up masochist.
Okay, maybe he’s being a little overdramatic. But the sun hurt his eyes. He still needed to get Bruce to make reverse night vision goggles or something, because bright light loved to mess with his powers.
The plus side: he wasn’t the strangest spectacle on the boardwalk—he saw three different dancing hot dogs while trying to find parking along the jam-packed street. He rubbed his hands and took a deep breath. 
“On your left.”
Ms. Marvel swung from a lamppost with her grapple… arm. 
Duke smiled. “You’re right on time. Nova and Spider-Man are in position and I got Bluebird on the line. Don’t tell her I said this, but I think she secretly enjoys playing Oracle.”
“I can hear you.”
Duke snorted. 
“We got time to kill. Should we sweep around, see if he’s hiding in plain sight?” Ms. Marvel twisted her neck to glance at the crowd milling about the cobblestone road. “Looks busy, he could easily do it.”
“Question is, how well do we—” He gestured to their costumes. “—fit in?”
She glanced at the Green Lantern impersonator talking to another hot dog.
“Point.” He slipped a few quarters in the parking meter. “You go right, I go left. We’ll rendezvous by the Ferris Wheel if nothing happens, but if Spider-Man and Nova call, we’ll meet back here.”
“Roger that, small yellow Batman,” she said, earning an eye roll and chuckle.
Read the rest on Ao3
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redandbluehearts · 2 days ago
my forever
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None
Categories: M/M
Relationships: Dick Grayson/Jason Todd
Word Count: 15,719
Summary: Jason broke up with Dick after five years. Dick knows there's more to the story and won't give up until he's got Jason back.
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ruddyswojtyla · 2 days ago
Future Archer Roy Harper x Reader
What happens when a young boy from the future go to the past and sees his parents but younger.
August 8, 19:55 EDT
“You know that one day… ouch that hurt… you are going to give me a bloody nose.”
“If you stop fooling around and focus on training then you won’t have a bloody nose lil sis.”
“Arti, I love you but I have a question.”
“Shoot it”
“What is it with you and doppelganger?”
Artemis was holding a bow and arrow when I surprised her with the question that she almost shot me.
“Oi. I am not the target mate!”
“Sorry sis. You surprise me with that question. If you are thinking we are dating then you're wrong y/n.”
“But you guys act like one.”
“Whatever. You know it is funny that I don’t have a British accent and you do.”
“Because my mum is British but dad isn’t.”
“Whatever, here comes Roy(Arsenal).”
“y/s/n, we have a problem. There is someone you want to meet.” “Please be a cute guy.”
“No. Someone much younger.”
We follow Roy to the conference room when I see another doppelganger of Roy.
“Really another one of you. Like we know you love yourself.”
Before he could answer, the boy said. “Mum!” with a deep British accent.
“Sorry but I never got pregnant mate.”
“That is because I am from the future.”
I started laughing. “You… from the future.”
“I am. I am the son of y/n and Roy Harper.”
Roy and I look at our self then back to the boy who said is our son. “Well… He does look like you guys.”, Said Nightwing.
“Ok. Let's do a DNA test to see if it is true. Y/n do agree?”
After a while I took the boy to the kitchen. “So… Tell me a bit of yourself.”
“Well. My name is s/n, I am 3 years old. I love bows and arrows. I even have your old one when you were small. I have, well you have a pet wolf called Apollo.”
“Yeah and happy early birthday Mum.”
“Thanks mate.” His smile is like mine but with Roy lips.
“The results are in. You want to see them together.” I looked inside his blue eyes which always gets my attention.
“Yeah. Together.”
DNA Test: Roy Harper and Y/n Crock: S/n Harper: Positive. Roy and I looked at each other and we started smiling.
“See I told you. Like I look exactly like him but if you look closely I look like you to mum.”
“Yeah you do look like me kid. Say when were you born?”
“Well we are in 2018 and you get married in 2022 then I was born on December 25, 2023.”
“Wow, say that wolf you mentioned I have when do I get it?”
“Don’t you tell her mister.”
“Sorry mum. Can’t tell you dad's order. You don't mess with Arsenal.” “That's right my boy.”
Suddenly we see a portal opening and see a man run towards s/n. “There you are. You scared the fucking hell out of me boy.”
“Roy no swearing. A dollar in the swear bottle when we get home.”
I look at the women in front of me and wow am I looking sexy in Roy’s clothes.
“Hey younger me. Oh Happy early birthday mate. You would love your early birthday surprise.”
And she winked at me and pointed her eyes at younger Roy. Older Roy just blushed and smirks.
“Yeah. Younger me. Go harder.”
He winks at Roy. And Roy just smirks.
“Mummy lets go.”
“Yeah. Hold your bottoms young man. Thank you for taking care of him.”
“Yeah. I don’t know what would happen to my little sidekick.” “
You’re Welcome”, We said together
. They went through the portal. I turn my back to look at Roy when I see he is shirtless heading towards his room.
“Where are you going?”
“Back to my room. Want to join me?” He looked at me with lustful eyes. Who could say no to that body. Let’s say he did go hard that night. PS He was the one to give you Apollo.
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mlim8 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
So a few of us have been somewhat obsessed with @the-man-moth ‘s fic Love to the point of invention featuring a Jaydick version of the invention of rubber gloves (based off this tumblr post). 
Dream, this was a long-time coming uwu WE LOVE YOU!! And we’re obsessed with Nurse Grayson and his cute little nurse outfit ;w;
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myobsessionraven · 3 days ago
Right where you left me
Important: since this a love triangle alternate chapters will be dedicated to the ships aka bbrae and damirae yet it is important to read each chapter for better understanding of the plot. Thank you.
Ghostin' (Chapter 1)
"Rae your back" beastboy said with enthusiasm as he moved forward, engulfing me in his arms.
"Where are the others" I asked my voice all muffled due to being so tightly pressed against his chest and sore from crying my eyes out not moments before.
He put a hand to his chest mocking hurt "aww is little ol' me not enough for you Rae Rae" I rolled my eyes at the silly act and took this time to step a few inches away from him breaking the one sided hug. I thought about bringing up my previous question again But decided against it I knew he wasn't going to come clean any time soon or give me straight answer so why waste my time?It wasn't like I wanted them here, all I wanted was some calm and a scorching cup of herbal tea besides wouldn't it be only easier for me to sneak into my room without much interruption due to the lack of my friends present at the moment.
"I'm going to head to my room" I announced to beastboy not waiting for his response I moved when suddenly i felt myself being pressed to a wall cornered by a muscular chest "Is-s there something wrong with you? W-why are you doing this?"I asked cursing myself under my breath I was raven I didn't stutter that's the same thing I thought about loving someone too guess today is a day of trying things I'd never. I let out a dry chuckle in the back of my head, the familiar ache washing over me once again everything with today was exhausting me both physically and emotionally, it was all just making my mind go foggy  everything at this point was just a blur not the kind that makes you want to look harder but the kind that gives you the want to quit trying , I craved the feeling of comfort but the idea of exploding into a emotional wreck and gain the risk of loosing my sanity made me hold back. It was unclear and hard  for me to understand anything going on at the current moment let alone the fact I was being cornered in a wall by Beastboy just what exactly was going on in my life?
"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you Rae ? " he said looking straight into my eyes boldness present in his voice demanding answers.
"W-what d-do you mean?" I said my voice shaking up did he possibly found out about my agreement? N-no he couldn't have he wouldn't invade my privacy like that. 'But he has done it before' a small voice in my head fought- no that was for my own safety he was just concerned but the unmoored feeling about him knowing the truth and depth of a mess I had let myself in never left me
He stared at me intently watching my every move and step carefully as of aware of the emotional turmoil inside my head the pain I was feeling and worst of all the heartache.
"You didn't say anything when I called you Rae- he started looking  deep into my soul and dead into my eye I looked at him shocked was he always this good at reading people- always this good at reading me? Pausing for a moment to stare deep in my eyes looking for a reaction, he continued- you let me hug you for a moment before stepping back , and even as of right now you are not phasing through the wall; the raven I know would never act like this, act so hopeless with out analysing every detail of the situation you are one of the most hopeful person out there,what's changing that rae " he completed concern lacing his rather bold voice.
There was a relief flooding through my body overpowered by his other words only making  the feeling of all this being my fault worse only if he knew the raven known by him was nowhere near here, everything was just gray and doomed in her life everything was so agitated she had already done worse than not phasing through the wall; she had fallen in love.
Tears gathered at the brim of my eyes the pain creeping back in my mind reminiscing the same conversation over and over again as my heart begged for it to stop The only emotion alive and free in nevermore being timid who grew stronger by each second as I grew weaker.
Beastboy embraces me in his arms our body's pressed close to each other whispering soothing things in my ear "W-why me? Why d-do bad th-things always happen to me?" I choked out through my sobs "I don't know what your going through Rae and I am not gonna force you to talk about it beacause you will tell me no, tell us when you're ready to talk but until that just know this pain won't be with you for evermore and at each step you will have us" and at that moment I had a peculiar feeling that just maybe this pain wouldn't be for evermore.
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Chapter 7 is now up, finally.
This took me so long to type and now I will crawl back into my hole 🙂
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ameircan-guilt · 3 days ago
He was always so intuitive, so good at times that it made your heart bleed, knowing that one day you would be the one to corrupt him with your hardened soul and toxic touch. But for now, you let him ground you, keeping you steady with nothing but the weight of his hand on your shoulder.
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Tumblr media
This weekly roundup includes fics written (at least in part) during the 1k1h sprints and/or the Weekend Writing Marathon events.
Fics are ordered first by fandom, then by word count from smallest to largest.
Make the World Bleed by blackrose_17
DC Comics || Jason/Tim/Conner, Bruce/Clark/Diana || Teen & up || No major warnings apply || 1,909 words || WIP
Summary: The Core Four have a bond that will never break, will never fade. When one of their own is hurt by someone who should be family to them the other three respond in force. When Tim's line is cut and he is seriously injured Conner, Bart and Cassie are ready to declare war against anyone who stands in their way of helping Tim, even if that means making a devil with the Devil himself, Ra's Al Ghul.
The Shovel Talk by blackrose_17
Naruto || Kakashi/Obito, Itachi/Hinata || General || No major warnings apply || 731 words || Complete
Summary: Obito's has never had anyone to give Kakashi the shovel talk. His fan club - his kids - decide that needs to change.
Delicate Flames Can Still Burn by blackrose_17
Naruto || Kakashi/Obito, Itachi/Hinata || Teen & up || No major warnings apply || 818 words || WIP
Summary: Hinata knew she would never be good enough for her clan or her father's taste still she had to try. Obito saw himself in Hinata and offered to help. They never expected to find a family in each other.
Not Your Guardian Angel (chapter 34) by @tryslora​
Original Fiction (Welcome to PHU) || M/F/F (Shane/Pels/Jess) || Teen & up || Author chooses not to give major warnings || 2,837 / 124,713 words || WIP
Summary: Cheyenne's having a crisis, Jennifer's packing, and Pels just feels wrong-footed.
Other tags: Magic, College, Guardian Angel, Ghosts, Soulmarks
Not Your Guardian Angel (chapter 35) by @tryslora​
As Above || 2,762 / 127,475 || WIP
Summary: They still haven’t talked about it.
Like the First Magnolia of Spring by @roseclaw​
The Untamed (CQL)/MDZS || Jin Zixuan/Jiang Yanli || Teen & up || No major warnings apply || 5,089 words || Complete
Summary: Jin Zixuan visits Lotus Pier to negotiate a timeline for his courting of Jiang Yanli. When the Nie show up unexpectedly and take priority, Jiang Yanli takes Jin Zixuan on a tour of her home.
Other tags: Canon Compliant, Fluff, Smitten Jin Zixuan, Socially Awkward Jin Zixuan
Have you posted a fic recently?  Any active WWM participant can Submit your fic here by midnight EST Wednesday and it will be included on next Friday’s WWM Fic Roundup post.
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