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cupidford · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Love, SH by Lola_hyuga
Johnlock Love Letters #2019
Teenlock. Sherlock shares anonymous emails with a boy he very much enjoys receiving attention from. Bigger problem is, someone finds out and blackmails him. Love, Simon AU
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starrybrock · an hour ago
long story short: the briefing (11) ✧ sam and colby
long story short ✧ a parallel universe snc au | taglist | ao3
disclaimer: i do not own any aspect of the karate kid universe. does not *totally* follow the karate kid canon (i’ve taken a few creative liberties). 
summary: arden talks to colby about their next move. 
word count: 1,639
warning(s): mention of panic attacks,
Tumblr media
When Colby was in high school the first time around, in his own universe, he usually used study hall as a time to sleep or, in the years that Sam had the same study hall as him, they’d brainstorm content ideas or plan out their business endeavors. In this universe? He was so on edge, so sure that there was something he should’ve been doing to help keep this universe on track but he didn’t have the first clue what to do, so he hid at a table in a far corner of the library, where no one could see him, as he tried his damned hardest to not have a panic attack in public. He could feel his emotions when he knew that he wouldn’t be made fun of, when he knew it would jeopardize everything they were working on. This was the fucking 80’s, the fucking peak of the stupid masculine bullshit. If he showed any sort of emotion that resembled “weakness” in public, he knew that it wouldn’t end well. He couldn’t risk it. So, he rested his head on the table, trying to take deep breaths and steady his breathing. 
“Hey, you good?”
Why was Arden here? 
Didn’t she have class? 
Colby slowly lifted his head, blinking as his eyes readjusted to the light. “Hey. I’m…fine.”
“You sure?” she asked, sliding into the chair across from him. “You wasn’t lookin’ too hot before I got here.” 
Colby shifted. This wasn’t a conversation he wanted to be having. He knew what her response was likely going to be—that he had to suck it up, that he had to get through this, that he had no other choice. (Or would she? Would she care? Was she as cruel as he was painting her to be?) So, instead, he said, “Why are you skipping class?” 
Arden pursed her lips, but she didn’t press the issue. Perhaps she was not as stone-cold as Colby thought her to be. “I just wanted to update you on the situation.” Colby sucked in a breath, ready to be told everything was falling apart, but Arden’s voice was more hopeful as she explained, “Daniel’s now avoidin’ Ali, which is right where he needs to be. We need to make sure that this train stays on its tracks.”
“And how’s that?” Colby asked, praying that he’ll finally understand what the fuck he was supposed to be doing, instead of winging it.
“He needs to keep avoidin’ her until the Halloween dance. But before that, he needs to go talk to Mr. Miyagi who makes him his costume—a shower. Yeah, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds. But it serves its purpose, which is to hide him so he feels comfortable with Ali while not having to worry about the Cobras attackin’ him.” 
“So, I need to make sure he gets to Mr. Miyagi.”
“And after that?” 
“At the dance, someone comes dressed as a chicken and starts throwin’ eggs at people. Daniel gets hit by one, and has to go to the bathroom to wash the egg out of his hair. While in the bathroom, he finds out that Johnny is in there, rollin’ joints. He decides to get a lil revenge, and hooks up a hose to spray on Johnny from above the stall he’s in.”
“And after that?” Colby felt like that wasn’t going to end well for Daniel—he could practically envision the pure rage on Johnny’s face after Daniel pulls that stunt. And if he had to be there too? Oh lord, he prayed he could hone in on his inner-Sam and run as fast as his bullet of a best friend. 
“Daniel gets chased out of the dance, all the way to the apartments, where the Cobras catch up and beat him up. Then Mr. Miyagi swoops in, and saves the day.”
“And I have to make sure all of that happens?”
“Of course.” Arden paused for a second. “Do you have any other questions? I know that you’re pretty clueless about what’s supposed to be happenin’ and the role you have to play in all of this.” 
Colby’s heart soared. He was finally going to be clued in? He wouldn’t have to play the role of the idiot anymore? He could finally have a fucking idea about what he was supposed to be doing instead of bumbling around like an idiot? “Tell me everything I have to do.” 
“Everything?” Arden asked.
“Everything. Give me the Spark Notes of The Karate Kid, please.” 
Arden nodded. “Mr. Miyagi takes Daniel back to his workshop and patches Daniel up. When Daniel wakes up, he finds out that Mr. Miyagi knows karate and asks to be taught. Mr. Miyagi denies, and ends up telling Daniel to go confront the sensei of Cobra Kai. Daniel convinces Mr. Miyagi to go with him, and so the next day, they drive down to the dojo. Long story short, John Kreese—that’s the sensei of Cobra Kai, if you didn’t know—and Mr. Miyagi agree that they’ll settle their differences at the tournament. Mr. Miyagi then begins training Daniel, but does so through a series of household chores.”
“That’s where that wax on, wax off thing comes from, right?” 
“That’s right.” 
Well, at least Colby wasn’t totally clueless to 80’s pop culture. 
“Daniel gets annoyed, thinkin’ it’s all for nothing, but when he confronts Mr. Miyagi, he quickly finds out he was buildin’ muscle memory and was learning basic defense moves. Most of the movie from there on out is focused on Daniel’s trainin’. But, there’s also the subplot of Daniel and Ali’s budding romance. He asks her out, and they go to Golf N Stuff. It goes well, but there’s a small strain when the Cobras show up at the end, and Daniel thinks Ali is embarrassed of him. A small hiccup, that builds up. They have another date, with Daniel meetin’ Ali at the country club. She’s late coming out, so he goes in and sees Johnny kissin’ Ali, and thinks she was just usin’ him to get Johnny jealous. But Daniel finds out that’s not true much later, and they make up. Then comes the tournament.”
“Where Daniel wins, right?”
“Of course. This is the eighties—everything’s black and white, good versus evil, the hero triumphs. Um, Daniel advances to the semi-finals where Bobby, one of the Cobras, injures his leg on the order of John Kreese. Daniel convinces Mr. Miyagi to let him continue, and he goes out to fight Johnny and he inevitably wins with the famous crane kick.”
Colby nodded. “Okay. And I’ll have to train with Daniel and all that shit to make that happens?” 
“That’s right.”
“…and I’ll have to fight.”
It wasn’t a question. He knew what he had to do, but that didn’t mean he liked the idea of it.
“Yes, you will.” 
Colby needed something to distract himself from the anxiety that was building up, so he asked, “So, why did I have to wing all of this shit from the beginning? Why couldn’t I know anything? If you don’t mind my asking?”
“No offense, but you’re a bit of a shit actor,” Arden snorted. “The MTD had me watch your YouTube videos and anything where you had to act? Sorry, but you’re not gonna be winnin’ a Tony anytime soon. Sam was a lot better in that department, so he was a less of a concern. But now that you have an in with Daniel, you’re in the clear to know what was happening.” 
“Oh.” Colby laughed quietly. “Well, I guess that makes sense.” 
It was quiet for a moment, before Colby said, “You know so much about Sam and me. Why don’t we know anything about you? Besides that you may or may not be named Arden?” 
She laughed. “Well, you ain’t ever asked. Whatcha want to know?” 
“Uhh, how did you end up in the MTD?” 
“Family business,” she said. “My great-grandmother was the one who invented the first portal opener. She was a real genius, ya know. Smarter than I could ever dream of being. She even founded the MTD. Ever since, my family decided to carry on her legacy. My grandmother, my mom, and my aunts were all part of the MTD. I was the only one of my siblings to join, and I…I couldn’t be more proud of myself and how far I’ve come. I’m the youngest agent the division’s ever had, ya know. I just, I hope I’m makin’ her proud.” 
Colby smiled softly. “I’m sure you are. You’re already doing amazing here.”
She pursed her lips. “I haven’t yet, though. Not yet. Back when she was still alive, her first portal opener was lost. No one could ever find it. And I’m sure I don’t need to explain how dangerous that could be. It, it could be totally destroyed, but just the mere possibility that someone could use it for evil is terrifying. I…I got into the family business to make sure that mistake never happens again, and I have to start by making sure that mistake is fully rectified.” 
Colby frowned. A lost portal opener? How odd, since they just found one in their universe. But that couldn’t—no, definitely a different one. He was sure of it. Instead of focusing on the portal opener itself, he decided to ask, “Is that why you jumped on this case? Not just because you’re the youngest agent and could fit into the scenario?”
“You’re smarter than people give you credit for, Brock,” Arden laughed. “I’ve got to make things right. It’s in my life’s purpose.” 
And, Colby decided, that, at least until he could go to his home universe, it would be his life purpose, too.
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celtics534 · an hour ago
I’m incredibly excited for this Sharing Sunday!
Forewarning!!! NSFW FIC!
cover your body with my autograph is simply a great Muggle College AU! @remedial-potions Does a tremendous job at creating that hinny sexual tension we all are here for! 
We have the sassy and clever Ginny and the all to adorable Harry perfectly in character. As in canon Harry is plagued with indecision about fancying his best mates sister. We get everything from Ginny’s point of view and get to see her frustration at Harry’s pulling away, until holding back and settling isn’t an option for Harry any more (akin to the famous common room kiss). 
We get to see Harry and Ginny bond for the first time as old and wiser people than in canon (which is something I always adore). @remedial-potions does a knock out job of showing two college age kids finding something real in sea of confusion and indecision. 
I can’t recommend this fic enough! In four chapters you fall in love with everything! I would love to see a sequel to this great story (hint hint @remedial-potions 😂)
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shegatsby · 3 hours ago
Fire on Ice
Summary; Tom Hiddleston is a vicious mob boss who is looking for his father’s killer, his reputation is depending on it and he won’t give up until he finds that man, and you my sweet little Y/N is the weirdest and the best thing that happened to him all his life.
Genres; Romance, smut in the future, mob, gangs, slow-burn,
Pairings; Tom Hiddleston x F!Reader
Words; 2.073K
Warnings; +18, male masturbation, dirty thoughts. 
A/N; Hi guys! Hope you like this new chapter, things are slowly building. Sorry for any typos.  Let me know what you think, I appreciate feedback and new ideas. 
(gif isn’t mine)
Tumblr media
Chapter Four
You waited for him but he didn’t come early and your body was begging you to sleep so you climbed the wooden stairs, you didn’t want to use the elevator –yes he had a elevator in his house- like he said there were multiple bedrooms, at the end of the long hall there were 2 bedrooms which looked children’s bedroom so you skipped that section and turned your left. One of the doors was open you walked in, it was his bedroom. You hit the yellow lights, the bed was white, had black curtains on the tall windows, there was a wall to wall closet, you noticed the big mirror on the ceiling and felt your cheeks go warm with dirty thoughts, you could smell his perfume, everything look neat and tidy. You had a wicked idea, you took off your clothes, put them on the single couch next to the tall window, opened his closet to find an over-sized shirt. You saw a white one and wore it, the shirt covered your ass, it was like a dress. You went to his bathroom to wash your face and go to bed and the bathroom was iconic. Floors and walls were white marble which had grey tones in it, there was a shower and a bathtub. You decided to take a quick shower because you smelled like booze and smokes. He didn’t have much products in the shower, just a shampoo and body wash and his bath sponge. His body wash smelled like pine trees and mint, you felt fresh, you wrapped yourself with the big white towel, the rest of the house looked like a hotel but his room smelled like him, after drying your body you wore that shirt again and climbed the bed, it was big. You were hesitant because what if he comes and sees you in his bed just now and gets angry? After all you didn’t know each other for a long time, you felt your eyes get heavy and fell asleep, you couldn’t the ring tone of your text messages, you were too tired.
It was 3.30 at night when Tom came back, he noticed there was no sound in the house, maybe you left? Why did he feel sad when he thought of that possibility, he climbed the stairs and saw the kitchen and dining room empty, he climbed to his 3rd floor and saw his bedroom door wide open. The yellow light coming from the hall was enough so he walked in and saw you sleeping in his bed. He silently took of his jacket and shoes, he sat on the edge of the bed and looked at your sleeping frame. Your chest was moving up and down in harmony, your hair looked damp and he could smell his scent on you, he took a deep breath to calm himself, he felt his boxer got tight.
‘’Who are you?’’ he found himself whisper to the air, he stood up to take a shower, he was being silent in order to not wake you up because you looked tired earlier and it look like you needed a long sleep. When he was in the shower he thought if Benedict was right, he was Tom’s best friend and they knew everything about each other, his eyes were closed, forehead resting on the cold shower wall, warm water running down his body and an image came to his mind, it was an image of you taking a shower here hours ago. He couldn’t help but imagine you naked and washing your body, humming a tune. His bath sponge was wet before he walked in the shower so you must have used it, he imaged your hands using it to rub your boobs, coming down to your belly and between your legs, his hands went to his semi hard cock, this mental image got dirtier as the seconds went. He imagined you resting your back on the glass of the shower and using the sponge to pleasure yourself, soaking in his scent. Moaning his name like a prayer, Tom was touching himself, pre cum dripping from his pink tip, he tried to keep his whimpers and moans quiet. The thought of getting caught by you turned him on even more, he imagined you listening to him jerking off and whispering your name and you walking into the shower, getting on your knees for him and taking his length in your sassy mouth. Eyes on him and only him, that image pushed him out of the edge and he came in his big hand, hard. He had to rest on the wall, as he came down from his high he cleaned everything and left the shower, that white towel you used before was hanging on his waist. He caught a glimpse of his flushed face in the foggy mirror, he was ashamed of what he just did.
 The Next Morning
You could feel the morning sun on your face, to be honest you haven’t slept this good in a while. You stretched you arms and legs in bed and rubbed your eyes. You saw Tom’s clothes from last night on the couch next to yours, you looked in bed but he wasn’t here, ‘’Where did he sleep?’’ you questioned. You left the bed and washed your face, took your phone to see any updates and you saw Jack’s text. You though he was going to ask you out again but it looked like a serious text.
‘’We have to talk. Meet me at your bar tonight. It’s important.’’
You never got a text from Jack like this before so you decided to call him, you were afraid something bad happened to him. He didn’t pick up the phone. You left your phone and walked outside, the house was silent except the sounds coming from the kitchen downstairs.
Tom was there fixing breakfast for you, ‘’Morning!’’ you said with a low tone, he turned to face you, he only had grey pants, his chest was bare. ‘’Oh no, I was going to surprise you.’’ He protested throwing his hands in the air, ‘’Sorry.’’ As soon as he saw your face he remembered last night and his cheeks got pink, thank God you looked clueless. He came to kiss your forehead, it became a thing of his which made you smile. ‘’I made you proper English breakfast darling.’’ You looked to see, there were 2 plates filled with bacon, eggs, cooked beans, roasted tomatoes, cooked mushrooms and let’s not forget the blood sausages. ‘’Where did you find blood sausages?!’’ they looked disgusting but you didn’t want to say anything, this man let you sleep in his house last night and made you breakfast the next morning, you felt spoiled. ‘’There is a butcher I found. You should try it.’’ You helped him placing everything on the dining table, it was early in the morning so the view of the city was foggy, you took a sip from the orange juice and moaned, it was delicious, ‘’I made it myself.’ Tom said, he looked proud, ‘’Damn Hiddleston. You are a catch.’’ He rolled his eyes, the breakfast was delicious and you liked the blood sausages, ‘’Can I hire you to cook for me like every day?’’ you asked mouth full, he chuckled, ‘’I’m too pricy love.’’ You thought of ways to pay him but quickly pulled yourself together. It wasn’t just you who was thinking stuff like that, his mind was in the gutter too, you had a strange chemistry with Tom, unfortunately neither of you took a step at the moment, maybe both of you thought that it was too early, he looked like traditional man so maybe he wanted to get to know you better before he sealed the deal. You didn’t know why you were hesitating though, ‘’Everything was delicious Tom, thank you.’’ You insisted that you was the dishes and he went to his room to change, he told you that he had a meeting. While you were in the kitchen he found your phone and decided to do a little research. He saw the text Jack sent you, he remembered Jack, he had the tattoo which belong to the Queens gang. He had an idea, he texted Jack like it was you texting, ‘’Hey Jack, can you meet me early today? I will send you the address, don’t be late. 😉’’ Tom wanted to throw up, he never liked this guy but in order to learn who you are and why the gang is protecting you he had to do it. He sent Jack an address and deleted all the texts. It was a risky thing to do. Tom left the phone where he found it and got dressed, before he left he checked it again and saw that Jack already read the text but didn’t text back, his plan was working fine.
Later Tom drove you to your flat, he looked tense but you didn’t want to comment on it, it was probably related to his work.
 Tom sent Jack an address of an abandoned house on the outskirts of the city, he knew Jack would come because he wanted to bone Y/N, the thought of it made him shiver in disgust. He was outside of the abandoned house, actually it was a beautiful place. The house had two floors and a big terrace, a big yard which was covered with wild plants, the color of the house dark red, windows were broken, it had a unique beauty to it, one day he would love to have a house like that to raise his children with- he stopped his train of thoughts when he saw Jack parking his bike. He looked puzzled, Tom stood up from the wooden stairs and came down, ‘’Hello Jack. I’m Tom Hiddleston, you probably don’t remember me but I do. I have some questions for you.’’ There was a distance between them, Jack pulled out a cigar, ‘’I’ve heard the name. News travel faster than you think Mr. Hiddleston.’’ He had a cocky look and Tom wanted to punch him, ‘’Want one?’’ Jack showed the cigars, ‘’Yes, thank you.’’
Tom wanted to gain his trust, Jack lit his cigar and together they day on the wooden stairs of the terrace entrance, ‘’What do you want?’’ Jack asked, his tattooed fingers playing with the smoke, ‘’Information, my friend. I can pay you in return.’’ Tom was a man of his word, ‘’If my clan finds out I’m her with you they’ll hang me for treason.’’ Tom knew how the clans, gangs worked, he ignored Jack’s comment. ‘’Why is the clan protecting her?’’ he asked without saying a name, he was testing the waters, ‘’You mean Y/N?’’ Tom simply nodded and took a long drag from his cigar, ‘’No one knows but the boss. All I know is me and some of the clan members have to be around her work place and apartment man, I’m new here. They told me to gain her trust and she is hard one to crack.’’ Tom appreciated the honesty, Jack was much younger than Tom and he was new in the clan like he said, he still had a chance to fix his life and live with his own rules. ‘’Listen kid,’’ he thought better of what to say, ‘’I’m not here to hurt a woman, I give you my word. Where can I find your boss?’’ Jack’s brown eyes were fixed at a place in distance, his long hair was pushed back, he had a certain sadness to those brown eyes, like he witnessed something horrible and it left a scar to carry for the rest of his life.
‘’She will find you when she wants.’’ He stood up to leave, ‘’Wait,’’ Tom touched his arm to make him stop, he pulled out a check worth 30 thousand dollars, ‘’you seem like a nice kid, leave this town before it’s too late. I’m afraid one day your clan and I.. we will be enemies and I wouldn’t like to kill a young, bright man like you.’’ It was a lie, deep down he wanted Jack to be gone from Y/N’s life.
‘’Thank you man. I won’t forget this.’’ Jack took the check, and left. Tom finished smoking and threw the bud of the cigar on the ground, pressed it with the heel of his shoe. Now Jack was out of the way he had to find this she boss of the clan Queens. 
Thank you for reading. :)
Tag List; @cynic-spirit​ @kadashipanda​ @loki-laufeyson965​ @imagine-inc​ @loki-yoursaviourishere​
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catscardigan · 3 hours ago
Okie doke - I know I may regret asking this..... but hit me with your best and move favourite fan fic recs for any of the below; 
- DeanCas - Hannibal - John Wick - EddieVenom  - SamBucky  - SteveBucky
Tumblr media
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binoculares · 5 hours ago
If anyone has some midam fic rec let! me! know!!! 🗣🗣🗣🗣
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accio-broom · 5 hours ago
Sweet Little Lies
IWSC FINALS: Cormac McLaggen decides to use someone else's story to start a following and make something of his life, promising acceptance to all creatures and beings. His lies soon come back to haunt him, giving him a massive dose of humility as the implications of his actions hit him in the worst possible way.
Also available on FFN & AO3.
Tumblr media
“Two years, five months, and twenty-four days ago, a group of Death Eaters captured and tortured me.”
Cormac McLaggen paused, surveying the small crowd gathered in the meeting room above the Leaky Cauldron. He did his best to ignore the swirl of nerves in his stomach, not helped by the smell of stale beer and tobacco that lingered in the air. Instead, he pressed his fingernails into the palms of his hand, letting the pain distract him. He always felt this way before an important speech, but it would soon disappear once he was in full flow.
“It was the moment that changed my life for the better. Before my capture, I was a young lad with no direction or purpose. Due to my family’s status, I didn't have to work after leaving Hogwarts. My parents wanted me to experience life, but I wasted the opportunity. I spent all of my allowance on firewhisky and Day-Dream Charms to buffer the bleakness I felt due to the impending war.
“The Death Eaters performed Unforgivable Curses on me. By the second day, I realised that I couldn’t hold on. I had to accept that I would die. Then I saw something flash before my eyes—my life. It was tragic. I had everything a wizard could want—status, money, youth, good looks, and I just wasted it all. I had zero ambitions and was happy to piss away my parent’s fortune. I felt ashamed.
“But something inside of me started to grow from that shame—a feeling deep from the bottom of my soul that told me that I could do better. So, I decided to live.”
Silent reverence washed over the group of rapturous listeners, amplifying the noise from the bustling pub below. A surge of satisfaction rushed over Cormac as he continued.
“So I escaped. But I didn’t just survive; I was reborn. I chose to change my life for the greater good.
“I needed a real purpose, but my experience told me that I had to do this for myself and not wait for change to happen to me. I chose happiness. I sorted out my life, got my own flat and fell in love. And now, I’m using what I went through to help you. Even in our new post-war lives, you can find happiness too. You can live a fulfilling life. And all you need to do is follow my four simple steps.”
As his speech continued, Cormac’s followers passed around hand-written leaflets. The material was crude, but with more members would come more Galleons. Eventually, he hoped to splash out on better printing technology and mass-production. After all, even the best leaders had to start at the bottom and work their way up.
A hag in the crowd took a pamphlet, pausing to read both sides before her hand shot up in the air. The interruption took Cormac by surprise, but he dealt with it with ease, nodding his head towards the woman.
“Yes, madame. You have a question?”
“How do we know that what you’re telling us is real? How do we know that the Death Eaters tortured you? They’re not renowned for letting people go,” she scoffed, her voice strong despite her old age. “Why should we believe you?”
Cormac took a beat to gather his thoughts, pasting a broad smile on his face to cover his annoyance. He’d primed his followers to ask relevant questions at well-timed opportunities during the speech, so he had his answer ready.
“I’d like everybody to look at something.”
His fingers made quick work of the buttons on his shirt, revealing a myriad of angry pink welts that criss-crossed his chest. They twisted and turned over his body, mapping out a network of injuries that stood out in stark contrast against his pale skin. The crowd gasped at the revelation before turning to each other, a low murmur travelling through them.
“These are the products of countless Cruciatus and Imperius curses. They used poisonous blades to maim me. Our minds heal, but these scars will never go away. I will not allow them to be a symbol of shame. I will wear them as a badge of courage.
“My girlfriend, Lavender, has her own scars. She narrowly avoided becoming Fenrir Greyback’s dinner. She survived. Others haven’t been so lucky. And these people—the non-survivors—are the reason why I want to make sure that everyone in magical Britain hears my story so that I can make real changes to the way we—”
The hag stared at Cormac. “So what about people like me? You and your girlfriend are beautiful and normal, not like me. Hags aren’t accepted in magical Britain.”
“There is space for everyone. Squib, beast, hag, creature. Whatever. Everyone belongs, and there is no prejudice in our new world.”
“And how much? Things like this don’t just come for free. There has to be a catch.” The wizard standing next to the hag joined in.
“No. You’re right. But it’s not much for what you’ll get in return. Just a simple subscription of ten Galleons a month.” The crowd gasped again, and Cormac felt like he was losing them. He pushed aside his despair and held his hands up in surrender. “I’m going to be frank with you. I can’t do this without your help. Yes, we need money to get this movement off the ground, but it’s more than that. I need people to make our new lives a reality.
“Will you join me in making it so?”
The crowd erupted into tumultuous applause, and Cormac basked in it. He was pretty sure he’d be spending the evening processing new follower sign-ups, but the image of Galleons filling his vault placated him. It would be worth it.
Cormac felt untouchable.
Once the crowd dispersed, and with Lavender off to meet her friends, he left the pub and strutted through the busy streets of Diagon Alley, his chest puffed out proudly. He was so absorbed in the success of his morning that he didn’t notice a shadow slip into step behind him, blending in with the wizards and witches moving from shop to stall.
The speech had gone better than he could have expected, and his little group was going to grow exponentially. Once he had enough Galleons in his vault, he’d be able to move to the next phase of his plan. But right now, he was only focused on getting himself a sweet treat as a reward for doing so well. At that moment, Cormac felt like he was walking on air. Nothing could go wrong.
The dark-cloaked wizard trailing Cormac followed every one of his turns in silence. But Cormac remained oblivious. If he turned his head, the wizard ducked out of his eye-line, letting the crowd reabsorb him. It was almost as if he wasn’t there.
Cormac rounded the final corner and headed down the cobblestone path towards Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour, his mouth already watering as he thought of what he might buy. He stopped to scoop up a soft toy dropped by a toddler, passing it back with a broad smile before continuing on his journey.
Cormac never made it to the shop.
Just as he passed the next alleyway, he was grabbed from behind and pulled into a dark passage. He tried to scream, but a hand clamped over his mouth, pressing his head into the cool, damp wall. An overwhelming stench of sweat and ash filled his nostrils, and he gagged.
“You spin your lies, but we know the true story,” the assailant sneered, churning Cormac’s stomach with his stench. “Let’s see if you can survive being tortured by a Death Eater for real.”
His attacker tightened his grip on Cormac’s arm then turned on the spot. There was a familiar feeling of being forced through a tube, before the sounds of the bustling shopping area disappeared as he was plunged into darkness.
They landed, and Cormac’s head swivelled as he tried to take in his surroundings. The few steel walls still standing were rusting, and there were holes in the ceiling, revealing fragments of dark, grey clouds. In the distance was the sound of a steady drip, and the earthy, musty scent of mould filled his nostrils, forcing bile to collect in his throat. The building looked to be an old warehouse, or what remained of it.
He could be anywhere in England.
The attacker pulled him across the cement floor, forcing Cormac through large puddles and drenching the Italian leather of his shoes. Soon, they reached an old oil barrel filled with fire.
“What you got there, Jugson?” a voice taunted. “Is it dinner?”
Jugson shoved Cormac to the floor. “A filthy liar. Been claiming he escaped torture by a group of us. Saying it changed his life. Gained a nice little following for it all, too. But I reckon it’s all lies. We would have known if we’d captured a smelly rat like him, and he wouldn’t be alive to tell the tale.”
“Oh, you brought us some entertainment?” the second man taunted, then squatted low, peering into Cormac’s face. He was missing at least half of his teeth. “Maybe we should teach him a lesson?”
“No, no. Please don’t.” Cormac pushed himself along the floor, trying to put as much distance between him and the Death Eaters. Ignoring the tremor in his hands, he clamoured for the words that might win them over.
“They weren’t lies; at least, not really. The story is true, it just didn’t happen to me. I never meant to hurt anyone. I was just down and out and needed something to do. I saw an article in the Daily Prophet about someone who’d escaped you, only to kill themselves after. I remember thinking, ‘If that were me, I’d use that experience to change my life’. And so I did. I found more stories about people who’d been kidnapped by you, but hadn’t been lucky enough to survive and put together my own story.”
“They were still lies, and we must not tell lies. But don’t worry, we won’t kill you.” Jugson towered over Cormac, running a jagged fingernail down his face. “I reckon we should give him what he wants, Rab. We should torture him to within an inch of his life, then let him go so he can retell his story. See who believes him then. After all, who’s fortunate enough to survive being tortured by Death Eaters twice? Your little cult will have a field day when they find out the truth.”
Jugson pulled Cormac’s hair, yanking him into an upright position as the other Death Eater searched Cormac’s pockets for his wand. Dismay washed over Cormac—if only he’d thought about his wand sooner. He could have used it to escape or fight back.
Cormac cried out as his redwood wand was snapped and thrown into the fire, pain searing through every inch of his body. His vision faded. Without magic, he was nothing.
Rab laughed. “I bet that hurt. But not as much as the next part will.”
He started to rain innumerable curses upon Cormac’s body. Screams reverberated around the warehouse, but nobody came to rescue the young wizard.
The torture continued until the sun went down, and the Death Eaters could no longer see without the help of a charm. They kicked Cormac aside, then started to warm themselves back at the fire barrel.
As soon as they discarded him, Cormac curled into a ball, doing everything he could to protect himself even though he knew it was futile. He shivered as the wind wailed through the warehouse, rattling the steel walls.
As he lay there on the cold cement floor, he thought back on what had led him to this position. Regret burdened his heart. Appropriating someone else’s story had been a mistake—the poor wizard had been braver than Cormac could ever be.
He wished he could take everything back.
Over the following days, Cormac’s assailants subjected him to further rounds of torture. But they were clever with their assault. Instead of creating new wounds, they attacked his old scars and used poisoned blades, just as Cormac had relayed to his followers. As they did this, Rab and Jugson told Cormac stories about how much fun they used to have during the Dark Lord’s heyday.
“So where did you get the scars?” Jugson enquired late on the second day of torture. His tone was casual as if this was an everyday occurrence for him.
Cormac shuddered and dug deep to muster the energy to speak.
“Some of them are Quidditch scars,” he croaked, “but most are just long-lasting beautification charms. A Weasley Wizard Wheezes product.”
“Doesn’t your girlfriend see you without them? Or is she in on this? Maybe we should kidnap her next?”
Cormac started to panic, his breathing coming in short gasps and his heart pounding against his ribcage. “No! Lavender knows nothing. Please, you’ve got to believe me!”
“We will... for now,” Rab snarled. “But we’ll keep her in mind, just in case we need any more fun.”
Jugson laughed. “We have a proposition for you. Your little act keeps Death Eaters at the front of the Ministry’s to-do list, making it hard for us to evade capture from them stinking Aurors. We’re always on the run now. We have no homes. It makes life bloody difficult for us.
“We should kill you for it, but we won’t, for now. We’ll allow you to carry on with your deception as long as you give us a cut. Whatever Galleons you make from your little cult, you give us half.”
“Yeah, if the money stops, then we start up again,” Rab joined in, slashing at Cormac with the blade.
Cormac cried out, scrunching his eyes up at the excruciating pain, but he nodded. If it meant keeping Lavender safe, he would do whatever it would take.
“Say it,” Jugson warned.
“I will. Whatever you need, I’ll do it.”
With the conversation over, Rab and Jugson continued their assault, ensuring that they tortured Cormac mentally as well as physically. When they reached the point where Cormac was barely clinging on to life, they decided it was time to send him back. Before Cormac passed out, Jugson took him by the arm and Apparated him back to Diagon Alley, discarding him as if he were nothing more than a bundle of rags.
When Cormac finally came around, he was lying in a white room under fresh, crisp linens. The room smelt sterile, with faint undertones of iron, and the bright light hanging above him burned his eyes. He could hear the small, steady beep of a diagnostic charm, indicating that he was still very much alive, even though his body didn’t feel like it was. He groaned, and the rustle of material answered him. Lavender appeared in his view, blocking out the intrusive light, a relieved look on her face.
“Cormac! Oh, thank Merlin! You’re awake. I thought yo—”
“Wh-wh-where am I?” he stuttered.
“St. Mungo’s. A passerby discovered you in Diagon Alley in such a state. You couldn’t even remember your name. We’d been looking for you for over two days. What happened?” She pushed his hair off his forehead, and he cringed as her fingers grazed over a fresh bruise.
Cormac observed Lavender as she chewed her lip, concern deep in her eyes. He was desperate to tell her what he’d just been through, but something was stopping him. How was he supposed to explain that his first story had been all lies, but this time he was telling the truth? She’d never believe that, and she’d dump him for it too. Then he wouldn’t be able to look after her.
“I was attacked.” Cormac frowned at how easily the lies continued to come. “Mugged. They took everything, including my wand. I was stuck, couldn’t Apparate or anything.”
It was enough to appease Lavender, and he let out a small sigh as her shoulders dropped and the lines in her face smoothed out.
“Well, luckily, the healers have sorted you out. I’m sure they’ll discharge you soon. Can you imagine what the others will say? I reckon it will help your cause.”
Cormac’s heart skipped a beat, and his hands grew clammy.
How could he face his followers again? They’d have questions about what happened, and it would take a lot more to persuade them than it did Lavender. There was no way he’d be able to act like he did before, and that would give away the fact that he was lying the first time. It would bring up more questions than he had answers to, and if his loyal friends found out he was planning on using their funding to help Jugson and Rab, then he’d lose them all for good.
The questions continued to race through Cormac’s mind, making his head pound even harder. He sank deeper into the mattress, trying to hide the reality of what he was facing. If only he had a time-turner, he would go back to the day he’d read that first newspaper article and put a stop to this madness before it even had a chance to start. He didn’t want to lie anymore, and he didn’t want to be a leader of a pointless cult. He just wanted a quiet and safe life.
Cormac sighed. “I think we should put a pause on that, at least for the time being.”
“But Cormac, since your disappearance, the following has tripled in size. The group were so concerned, they rallied around and recruited more people. They’ve made you out to be a martyr. It couldn’t have gone any better if we’d planned it. There’s no way we can put a pause on it. As soon as you’re better, you need to get back out there and continue with your mission.”
It was the news he’d been looking forward to hearing for a long time, but it left a sour taste in his mouth. Cormac closed his eyes and gave in to the waves of pain crashing over his body. He had to figure out how to get out of this mess. But first, he needed to sleep.
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horansqueen · 5 hours ago
New Angel - Chapter 18
Tumblr media
story masterlist [x]
Tumblr media
chapter 1  ☆ chapter 2  ☆ chapter 3  ☆ chapter 4  ☆ chapter 5  ☆ chapter 6  ☆ chapter 7  ☆ chapter 8 ☆ chapter 9 ☆ chapter 10 ☆ chapter 11 ☆ chapter 12 ☆ chapter 13 ☆ chapter 14 ☆ chapter 15 ☆ chapter 16 ☆ chapter 17
☆ written from Niall’s pov ☆ i don’t proofread, I never do, I hate it. ☆ AU comedy/fluff/smut/romance ☆ 2.5k ☆ i accept requests and ideas for this story, so message me in my inbox! ☆ if you want to be notified when this story is updated (or be taken off the update list) CLICK HERE
"I can't believe you brought me here." Millie sighed, shaking her head slightly but grabbing a ball anyway. "I can't play, you know it!"
"You mentioned not being good at golf, and at football, but you never said anything about bowling." I argued, trying not to smile too much.
"I mentioned sports in general!" she let out a bit louder. "I suck at all of them."
This time, I couldn't help my lips from curling big. It was finally friday and also the fifth day Millie and I were spending together. It was insane how fast time seemed to pass when we were together but I liked it. I also liked the fact that she was ready to follow me in my stupid ideas, and I was happy to follow her in her crazy ones. I had had many friendships in my life but nothing ever felt like this one. I was trying new things, learning things too, and even discovering things about myself that I don't think I would have found out without Millie's help. I knew it wouldn't always be entertaining the way this week had been but it could definitely be enriching forever.
"You can do it! I believe in you!" I let out, half-joking.
She raised her nose up and grimaced before shaking her head. "Don't be money on me, you'll quickly become poor."
I chuckled and she turned around, grabbing the ball and throwing it in the alley. It rolled around and quickly reached the gutter, making me press my lips together as I tried not to laugh. Okay, maybe she really sucked at it.
"Okay, this is confirmed." Millie let out as she walked up to me. "Bowling is still a sport. I suck at it."
I laughed and finally got up, waking up to her and grabbing a ball too. I was not the best at bowling but I was not so bad either, and I grabbed her arm on my way, bringing her with me. I handed her the ball and she frowned for half a second before grabbing it and I turned her around, placing her hands on the ball. She allowed me to move her fingers, staring at what I was doing and licking her lips. It made me smile more and I kept my hand over hers.
"Okay fist off, you need to relax a bit. You're way too tensed. You need to stay relaxed when you give the swing." I explained slowly, waiting a few seconds. "God, Mill, relax!"
She sighed but I finally felt her relax against me as  I pressed my body slightly more against hers.
"Now you need to line up and not just throw the ball and hope it'll find the right way."
Millie's shoulders fell and she turned to me, frowning at me. It made me chuckle again and she raised her eyebrows.
"Do you think I'm stupid?"
"No," I argued. "I think you expect to be bad at it so you put zero effort in it."
This time, her traits softened and she licked her lips again without answering my comment. "Okay, and what else?"
"Your swing needs to be relaxed, but when you finally throw the ball, you need to some power. Aim for the middle. Oh, and twist your wrist on the left. Not too much, just enough, okay?"
"This is too much information at the same time."
"Come on, Mill. You can do it."
I took a few steps back but kept my eyes on her as she breathed in and out before finally throwing the ball. Instead to get in the gutter, it rolled in the alley and hit two pins that feel down. Millie turned around swiftly, her brown hair moving around her body, and threw her arms in the air, letting her head fall back slightly.
"Yes! I'm the bowling queen!"
I crossed my arms on my chest and started laughing at her reaction. Some people turned around to look at us and I rolled my eyes, a smile still spread on my lips.
"Yea yea, I'm still gonna win."
We kept playing for a while and even if I won all the games, she was getting better and better and for some reason, it made me proud of her. We walked back to my car and as I was driving home, I saw her took her shoes off and bring her feet on the seat, wrapping her arms around her knees.
"Maybe someday, we can go try playing golf together." she explained, making me raise my eyebrows in surprised before I glanced at her. "If you're ready to teach me, of course."
"Yea! Yea of course!"
She sent me a bigger smile and leaned her cheek on her knees, still looking at me. "Cool, you're a good teacher, and I actually had fun."
"That was the goal."
As soon as we walked back in the apartment, she walked to the kitchen and I rushed to my room, grabbing a pack of cards and joining her as she put two beers on the table along with a bottle of vodka. We sat in front of each other and I started dealing the cards.
It was a ritual we had with Louis on every friday night but even if we hadn't talked about it together, neither of us had expected Louis to be there. He was barely at the apartment anyway these days and the fact that Millie still had feelings for him made me think it was actually better that way. We both knew he was spending all his time at his girlfriend's but we didn't mention it. In fact, we hadn't talked about Louis, Grace or Summer at all on that day either and I was fine with it. We could spend time filling the lists and all of that during the weekend... or never.
Millie pushed her empty beer away and filled our shot glasses with vodka. We swallowed it at the same time and I saw her eyes water.
"Don't drink too much." I pointed out, my lips curling on the right. "We're having a party tomorrow night, and also you won't be able to see your cards."
Millie laughed louder than expected and she shrugged a shoulder. "I probably won't get drunk tomorrow, to make sure everyone's safe."
"That's very mature of you." I replied with a small smile. "Now show me what you got."
Her eyes met mine and her lips curled into a cheeky smile. "Are you ready to lose?"
Just as I was about to answer, we heard the front door open and we both jumped slightly, not expecting it. Louis frowned when he entered the kitchen and after a few seconds, his face changed. Maybe I should have felt guilty for doing something with Millie that he was normally a part of, but I didn't.
"Shit, it's friday already?" he asked, placing his hands on the table and leaning closer. "Why didn't you guys remind me?"
"We just thought you were busy." Millie mentioned, shrugging a shoulder and looking at the cards in her hands.
"Maybe I could invite El?" he asked, ignoring her innuendo. "She could play with us."
"No, she can not." my best friend quickly replied before I could say anything.
"Fuck off Millie, why are you acting like that?"
I kicked my friend under the table and cleared my throat to catch Louis' attention but his eyes never left Millie who wouldn't even blink.
"What Millie means is that it's a thing we had only the three of us, you know?" I tried to explain calmly. "It's our thing, and adding someone would just not work."
It took over a minute for Louis to finally move his body back, his hands sliding on the table before they fell on each side of him. I could feel anger emanating of him and I didn't really understand what made him so mad. After all, he was the one who was never here, he was the one who literally dropped us for his girlfriend, and he was the one who broke Millie's heart. If anything, we should be the angry ones.
"Well apparently, you guys don't need me anymore."
I was expecting him to storm off but it's Millie who got up quickly, her chair making an annoying noise as it rubbed against the floor.
"You're the one who doesn't need us anymore, Louis!" she pointed out, making my heart jump in my chest. "So you know what? You fuck off!"
Quickly, Millie threw her cards on the table and grabbed the bottle of vodka, rushing out of the kitchen. i jumped again when she closed the door of her room roughly and slowly got up, shaking my head and leaning myself with my hands on the table.
"Did you really propose to bring your girlfriend here? Are you stupid of what?"
i was talking low but I knew he totally heard how pissed I was with the tone of my voice.
"Shut up, Niall!" Louis quickly replied, his voice louder than mine. He searched for something in his pocket and shook it between his fingers. I frowned slightly until I realized it was Millie's list and my lips parted.
"You didn't have the right to read this." I pointed out, my heart skipping a beat.
"Oh yea? Well Millie forgot it in the living room!"
It was definitely an accident and somehow, I thought it could have just slipped out of her pocket when we were watching tv. She probably didn't know it was there and even if she did, she probably thought Louis wouldn't come back for a while and that it was safe. I knew it was wrong of me to blame him for checking a random paper but I was mad anyway.
"That is none of your business!" I let out, trying to snatch the paper out of his hand.
He pulled away just in time and I breathed in, trying to remain calm. "This is my fucking business! My name is all over it!" he argued.
"That doesn't make it your business!"
I was getting even angrier and at the same time, I just wanted to leave and join Millie. It was her I should be with instead to be arguing with Louis, which was most likely useless anyway.
"Oh but it's your business, right? Because you think I was not good enough for her! You think she deserves better than me!"
In a rough movement, Louis threw the list on the table and I quickly grabbed it tight as I remembered what I had written on it.
"She does! She fucking does, okay!" I almost yelled. "You didn't treat her the way she deserves! She deserves better!"
"And who's better, Horan? Uh? Who's better for her? You?"
The way he said the last word was like a slap in the face and without thinking, I moved my upper body back, still staring at him. I didn't want to pick sides at first but now I had done it without even thinking about it. I looked at my best friend and felt my heart drop in my chest. We were both fighting for no good reason and I hated it. I licked my lips and breathed in deeply before sighing.
"Look, I'm not gonna fight with you, okay?" I let out in a softer tone. "You and Millie... you went through something, and she needs time. Which works because you're busy too. I just want to be there for her, okay? Don't take it so personal."
"How can I not?" Louis pointed out, still a bit mad. "This is my name! This is me you're talking about!"
I sighed again and shook my head. "Just.. go find your girlfriend, okay? I'll see you at the party tomorrow."
Louis' eyes moved up and down on me and finally sighed too. "Yea, it's better I leave for now."
Without an other word, he walked to his room probably to grab a few things and I waited until I heard the front door close again. I walked to my room to get changed and turned all the lights off before walking to until Millie's door, knocking gently on it.
"Mill, can I come in?"
It took a few seconds and I heard the door unlock before it opened. Millie stood in front of me, staring in my eyes, and I noticed she got changed too. We stared at each other for a while and I raised my eyebrows, making her sigh but move away to let me in.
We ended up laying in her bed, under the covers, facing each other, and I kept silent for a while. Her eyes seemed to shine with the lights coming from her window and I realized she had been tearing up, maybe she even shed a few tears.
"Are you okay?"
"I'm.. I'm at that point where my heart aches because I love him but I know he's not meant for me. I know I was not happy with him. I know that what we had was not what a love relationship should be. And... realizing that hurts, too."
I let my eyes room on her face and it made me think about Grace. Perhaps I was exactly at that same place when it came to my ex girlfriend and although it did hurt, I was slowly getting used to it. Maybe I should give Summer a chance, after all? It was not good to stick or hang on to something like the relationship I had with Grace, or the one Millie had with Louis. We should both seek something better and I knew it. Happiness was possible, it just needed a bigger effort.
"That's a first step in the right direction." I explained in a whisper. "You're doing great, I'm super proud of you."
Millie's lips curled in a grateful smile and she pressed her lips together.
"Thank you. I'm proud of you too."" she murmured back. "You're gonna sleep here with me?"
"If you want me to." I proposed with a shrug as she nodded quickly. "Then I will."
She reached for the lamp near her bed and turned the light off before laying back down in bed. I started thinking about Summer and how I never really gave her a chance. I didn't love her but I really liked her. She was a pretty and sweet girl and I had no idea why I was rejecting her over and over again. I knew I needed time to make a choice but the more I was thinking about it, the more I knew my choice wouldn't be Grace.
"You're never gonna leave, right?" she breathed out, taking me out of my thoughts.
"Where do you want me to go?"
"You know what I mean." she whispered again, making my eyes flutter open. I kept blinking a few times until I could see her shadow in the dark. "I lost Louis, I don't want to lose you, too."
I reached for her hand on the mattress and squeezed her fingers as tight as I could. "I'm never gonna leave, I promise. I'll always be there for you."
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fandomtransmandom · 6 hours ago
New Fic: Closer (Explicit)
Fandom: Bill Hader, SNL Sketch: Arlene
Relationship: Kyle/Arlene
Summary: After a lifetime of difficulty and abandonment, Kyle lands an office job and falls for his coworker, Arlene, who is oblivious to his attraction.
Tumblr media
Closer-DRHPaints on AO3-Link to collected works in bio!
Gif by the amazingly talented @billhater
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theaidanturnercult · 6 hours ago
Some of you fic writers are 100% channeling the school counsellor, ms Perky, in ‘10 things I hate about you’.
Tumblr media
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emperorsfoot · 6 hours ago
People who've already been following me probably already read this one. Its just a short little ficlette. Less than 1000 worlds.
Trap Jaw has a problem with his blind daughter using the stove. Try-Klops disagrees with him.
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gaius-augustine-blog · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Characters: Gaius Augustine, Adrian Raines, Lily Spencer,  Kamilah Sayeed, Amy Raines.
Some say,  the afterlife begins after you die. While others say, it's like another stage in your life.  A big event can define it,  being single and then getting married for example. A new beginning is how he describe it.
After defeating Rheya, and then having his life judged by others, was one way of looking at it. He kept his emotions close to him and thought death would come swiftly. Part of him hoped for it, longed for it even, but most of all he knew he deserved it.  The pain he had caused so many, weighed on his heart and he felt like he was drowning. Who would forgive such a man, would you? No one is that righteous.
Taging- @somin-yin
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