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samwontshare · 22 minutes ago
"Who the hell is Bucky?" is the most heartbreaking line in the MCU
Just think at what they've done to him to get him to that point
Hi Nonny!
Oh the MCU is constantly breaking my heart so I don’t know that I could even pick THE most heartbreaking moment! Isaiah’s story? Oof.
But Bucky’s complete lack of awareness to his own name and best friend is truly sad. I can only imagine how imprecise the initial wipes must have been. How many months or years did it take to make him so compliant? How many times did he refuse to kill before he stopped saying no? How many surgeries for that arm to work just right? How many even used anesthesia?
That stark difference between the caring, compassionate and loyal friend and the emotionless killing machine leaves a lot up to the imagination… and none of it is good!
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i-write-whump · 33 minutes ago
When the whumpee is finally rescued from the whumper, and the caretaker is patching them up. The whumpee starting to cry a few minutes in, and the caretaker stopping and trying to comfort them, thinking that they’re crying because of the pain. This only making the whumpee cry harder, and it taking a few minutes for them to be able to choke out that they’re crying because the caretaker is being so gentle. The caretaker almost starting to cry at that, too, and just holding the whumpee for a few minutes before they start to patch them up again. The whumpee ending up falling asleep before the caretaker is done, too worn out from the crying on top of everything else to stay awake, and the caretaker finishing patching them up as quickly as possible, not wanting to disturb the whumpee’s rest.
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sceptilemasterr · an hour ago
Defenders of the Flame (TE Rewrite) Act 3, Scene 4 - The Approaching Storm
Title: Defenders of the Flame (A CIU Screenplay)
Main Pairings: Shreya x F!MC, Beckett x F!Atlas
Other Pairings: N/A
Genre: Full Rewrite (The Elementalists, Book 1)
Rating: PG-13 for violence, blood, swearing, alcohol, and sexuality
Summary: The heads of the Stoicheal Orders meet to discuss recent events.
Previous Scene: "That Distance Between Us"
Masterlist: Link
That night, several Penderghast professors sit around a large central table. They are surrounded by walls of brick, on which are flickering torches alternating with six elaborate stained-glass windows, each depicting a different Attunement’s motif. The only visible entrance to the room lies above them, where a round, recessed opening sits covered only by a shimmering stoicheal barrier. The seat in front of the Fire-themed window is empty, while the other five are all occupied.
DR. ENGLUND: Well then. Shall we begin?
A chorus of assents follows his statement. The others in the room turn their attention to the empty chair at the table. Dr. Religast shakes her head as she looks around at the others.
DR. RELIGAST: I see Evelyn is still absent. Has anyone heard from her recently?
Dr. Kontos sighs and shakes his head.
DR. KONTOS: Nothing. I... I fear the worst.
DR. RALLAH: I have tried tuning my most powerful pangasols to her signature, but they have all shown no response.
DR. ENGLUND: So she is either in the Archikeal Realm, or--
DR. RALLAH (irritated): Taerl, do you really think I haven’t tried that? I’ve traveled into the Archikeal Realm with the pangasols. Still nothing. Meaning--
DR. RELIGAST: She could be in the Between. That’s the only possibility left, other than...
Dr. Religast sighs, leaving the obvious alternative hanging unspoken. From his seat in front of the Water window, Dr. Vartokis clears his throat.
DR. VARTOKIS: Speaking of the Between, I believe we have a certain recent phenomenon to discuss, no? As of Induction Day, that makes two of these unusual “breaches” within the past year. Has anyone made any headway?
DR. ENGLUND: They appear to be isolated incidents. Some sort of unusual stoicheal pulse echoing throughout the Between, causing a temporary thinning of the barrier. From what I’ve managed to gather... these “pulses” both originated in the Archikeal Realm. And from the same location, besides.
DR. RALLAH: The same location? That cannot be a coincidence.
DR. RELIGAST: I agree. Do we know where?
Dr. Englund shakes his head.
DR. ENGLUND: Not yet.
DR. KONTOS: Which brings us to the matter of who might have interest in thinning the barrier. A certain someone who has been trapped inside. Has there been any activity from Highmore's cultists lately? Anything that might suggest he has escaped?
DR. RELIGAST: That’s the strangest part, Linden. As far as I can tell... there’s been absolutely nothing. So either he missed the opportunity to escape--
DR. ENGLUND: Doubtful.
DR. RELIGAST: --or he’s planning something big. Something that would need him to lie low until it’s ready.
DR. KONTOS: Do we know for certain that these “breaches” would allow an Attuned to escape? It may be that the barrier wasn’t weakened enough for--
Dr. Vartokis shakes his head.
DR. VARTOKIS: Someone escaped the Between during the second breach. I wasn’t certain before, but... from what I can tell, there is an incredibly powerful Water-Att on Penderghast’s campus at this very moment.
The others all turn to stare at him.
DR. RALLAH: You’re certain of this.
DR. VARTOKIS: Positive. Every once in a while, I get a feel for it. It’s a powerful Water-Att signature, no doubt about it.
DR. RELIGAST: If they’re a Water-Att, then it can’t be Highmore. And you’re sure whoever-it-is came from the Between?
DR. VARTOKIS: No other explanation. All transit in and out of Pennelia’s stoicheal bubble has been closely monitored. If a Water-Att this powerful had been spotted entering, I would’ve been told right away, no?
DR. RALLAH: You have a point. But still...
DR. VARTOKIS: I'll continue my investigation. It’s possible whoever-this-is was one of Highmore's followers. I know there were a few trapped inside along with him. I’ll get to the bottom of this.
DR. RALLAH: Good. Let us know as soon as you find anything. As for Dr. Swan’s continued absence... Maya?
DR. RALLAH: Yes, you. I want you to scour Pennelia’s bubble top to bottom. If Dr. Swan has been trapped in the Between, she likely found a way to leave us some sign to follow. Knowing her, it may even be something one can only identify from the air. Thus making you the perfect person for the job.
DR. RELIGAST (nods): I’ll do my best. Hopefully you’re right!
DR. ENGLUND: I will bring our concerns to Elise. It’s possible that, as dean, she has access to additional resources that may help us in these matters.
DR. RALLAH: Excellent suggestion. Which leaves you, Linden. You likely already know your assignment.
DR. KONTOS: Naturally. I will contact the other chapters of Gaia’s Sentinels. Together, we will intensify our search for any unusually powerful bursts of Wood or Life Stoichi throughout the Stoicheal Realms. If Highmore has indeed escaped, it is my duty to stop him. And that I shall do.
DR. RALLAH: Very good. And I will monitor all sources of reflection in the Pennelia bubble; if another breach occurs, I will be ready to take advantage of it to find Evelyn and retrieve her from the Between.
DR. ENGLUND: Then it seems our meeting has adjourned.
DR. RELIGAST: Let’s hope next time, Evelyn will be here with us.
As the professors get up from their chairs, they stop to glance forlornly at the empty Fire chair. One by one, each uses their particular brand of stoicheal technique to pass through the exit in the ceiling. Finally, Dr. Kontos is the last one to leave. He hesitates.
DR. KONTOS (muttering): Something isn’t right. But what...
He sighs and shakes his head. Then, with a flick of a wrist, he summons vines that grow down from the ceiling and wrap around his waist, lifting him gently up toward the exit after the others.
Notes: Now for something completely different... an entire scene without Fiora?! Weird. I'd wanted to have a few more of these "meanwhile with the professors" scenes for a while, but decided to wait until Dr. Vartokis got introduced formally. And it also made for a nice excuse to reveal some of the professors' first names!
Worldbuilding: Dr. Rallah mentioned a "pangasol." This is a device that, when activated by a powerful Metal-Att, performs a super-advanced version of the Locator spell from canon. Like the canon spell, the device requires an object belonging to the person/thing being searched for in order to work properly.
Next: Romance and Reflection (Coming soon!)
CIU Tag List: @brightpinkpeppercorn @endlesshero1122 @bbaba-yagaa @acidsugar0 @shaylan211 @griselda1121 @acanthisorbis @marmolady @choicesbabie
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irisavivi · an hour ago
Repost @this_is_houston A few of our pups that have been DNA tested! ❤️ Follow us on TikTok! ☺️ #alldogslivesmatter #betheirvoice #adoptdontshop #spay and neuter #spayandneutersaveslives #houstonstrong #texasstrong #loved #rescue #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #nooneleftbehind #donate #donationsappreciated #tiktok #dogsoftiktok
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reptile-garden · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I did a thing.
Everyone meet Shoto
He’s six months old and suffered from a tail nip by clutch mate that turned into tail rot that’s now fully healed. Was given a clean bill of health but you know I’m gonna be taking him in to make sure he’s fully healthy. He’s the size of a two-month-old. I’ve also sent off for the virus testing to see if he has the same virus that both Spitfire and Ziva have.
He’s currently under QT until he’s been check out by my vet and his test run.
So yeah welcome another rescue into my home.
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bedsheetghost413 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Update on the stray kitten:
We now have no clue what ti name her, bit she's eaten some milk replacement and she's made attempts to clean her eye, we've also tried to clean her eye. She's currently sleeping.
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besthomeshop · 2 hours ago
Rescue a 6-foot dragon from a human habitation
Rescue a 6-foot dragon from a human habitation
kalyan 13th June:In the last few days, torrential rains have flooded many places and reptiles have infiltrated human settlements. One such 6-foot Indian python was rescued by the War Rescue Society’s serpent friends.At around 10:30 last night, a 6-foot python was found in the yard of the Mhatre family living at the foot of Malanggad. Mhatre immediately called the War Rescue Helpline and informed…
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
You know, if Hasbro didn’t rush TFP’s creation and TFP didn’t ‘borrow’ most of TFA’s Main Autobot Characters... it probably would’ve become the Transformers Franchise’s ‘Magnum Opus’ that everyone wished it was! 🤖 
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wickedlehane · 3 hours ago
i feel like i've told u some of my fave things about ur faith but if i have not before now beat me. i love her she's baby i know if i made good on my threats my faith and your faith would have notable differences but also like every time you do something with faith i'm like "yes ofc Very Faith 100% Totally Accurate Incredible Outstanding" I LOVE the things you do to build on her and just make her the Jammy Special. like Chunk??? Chunk. The perfect example. Prince Chunk. I also appreciate i can come at you with Wild Plot Shit or like, a whole fucking oc like brooke and it's like "yeah okay sick let's party" which is just VERY SOOTHING LEMME JUST SAY JKSDLGHSDFKL
//ooc; YES you are always so kind to me, thank you train!!! <33 djlksdfs thank you so, so much, this means a ton to me and I’d STILL love to see your take on her if you ever decide to throw her in the ring!!! ALSO THANK YOU FOR THE CHUNK LOVE AHHHHHHH he’s my special boy 
and yes sdjlks at the end of the day i just wanna have fun with faith and your ideas are all very very fun and well thought out so I definitely love the opportunity to put my faith in new situations <333
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Ooh, I’d be a sucker for 21: “I thought I would never see you again” or 23: “I thought I was going to die there.”
21 or 23? Why not both, I say!
Caretaker swore as another lockpick broke. “Why―won’t―you―open―” they growled as they pulled out another wire and started wiggling it in the cell door. What would they find inside? Was Whumpee okay? What if they were… oh God, what if they were dead? Caretaker wiggled the lockpick more fiercely, brows drawn together in concentration.
Finally. Caretaker burst through the door and into the cell.
Whumpee was huddled in the corner of the empty, grey room. Their hair was shaved down to the scalp, their body skinnier than it should be. Their right eye was swollen shut, their skin deathly pale except for their cheek, which was flushed with a magnificent purple bruise. Blood trickled from the side of their mouth. The sight sent a chill through Caretaker’s bones. But they were alive. Blessedly, mercifully, they were alive.
They raised their head when Caretaker entered. “Hey.”
Caretaker dropped their satchel and rushed over to Whumpee. “Oh God, are you okay?”
Whumpee dabbed at the blood on their lips and winced. “Not in the slightest. Bet you missed this face, eh?” They pointed to their swollen, bloodied visage with a lazy grin.
Caretaker raised an incredulous eyebrow. “I just came to rescue you, and all you can do is comment on how gorgeous you are. When it looks like you've been beaten to hell and back, no less."
“Sounds about right.”
Caretaker rolled their eyes. “Is anything broken?” Caretaker started feeling Whumpee’s hands, arms, legs, for anything out of place. Whumpee hissed in pain as Caretaker’s fingers brushed their left side.
Caretaker drew their hand away and worried their bottom lip with their teeth. “I think you might have some broken ribs. Do you know how many?”
“You know, I wasn’t really counting, as I was currently getting the beating of my life and didn’t really have time to closely examine my anatomy.”
"Sarcastic as ever, I see. You've been severely tortured and you're still wisecracking. Says something about you, doesn't it?"
"And what’s that? That I'm unbearably att-tr-tr―" They broke into a fit of coughing. Caretaker watched them with concern. Eventually, they took a shuddering breath and met Caretaker’s eyes. Caretaker was startled to see how lost they looked.
"Are you okay?" Caretaker asked. "I'm not just talking about the ribs."
Whumpee licked their lips and looked away. “I... thought I would never see you again,” they said. “I thought I was going to die there, in that room, and…." They trailed off. Caretaker didn't think they imagined the tremble in their voice.
Caretaker cupped the side of their face with their hand. “Hey, hey, hey. I'm here now. Let’s get you out of here, yeah?”
Whumpee wiped their nose with their hand and sniffed, looking up at the ceiling. “Well, I can’t deny that a trip to the hospital would probably do me some good.”
Gently, Caretaker bent down and lifted them, bridal style, supporting their back and thighs, careful to not touch their ribs.
“This okay? How do you feel?”
Whumpee looked up at Caretaker and cracked a smile. “Like a blushing bride.”
Caretaker laughed and pressed a kiss to Whumpee’s forehead. They smelled of sweat and blood, but Caretaker couldn’t care less. “Oh, I’ve missed you, you sorry bastard.”
Whumpee sighed. “So sweet, I don’t know if I can compete. But likewise, dear bleeding heart. Likewise.”
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musetta3 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Today is Oscar's Gotcha Day. 7 years ago, my family and I rescued this fluff ball from death row at a kill shelter: and now he's a happy, healthy doggo whose sole purpose in life is to steal socks for treats. And scritches, he loves those. 
 Happy Gotcha Day, Osc: I'm so glad you came to our family!!    
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rambles-of-bug · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Took my dumpster son on a walk because he was meowing at the door and he loved it
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thepeachfromcmbyn · 4 hours ago
hades is an inaccurate game because theseus should be tied to a chair with snakes while on fire
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starscreamgaming · 4 hours ago
Jack's conversation with Kade
Jack: Kade! Stop eating all of my sandwiches that I just made 6 minutes ago!
Kade: Hell no! Because your sandwiches are damn good!
Jack: I hate you so much
Kade: Don't you-
Jack: DAD!
Kade: Damnit!
Charlie: What?!
Jack: Kade is eating all of my sandwiches!
Charlie: Kaden! Knock it off and make your own damn food! Your brother is not your slave, mister!
Kade: *groans*
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comicdiaries · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Lady, it's super touching that your dog saved your life, but you taking the intimacy of our relationship from 0 to 60 is really making my social anxiety spike.
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Anyone know where I can pirate Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue?
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