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#no powers au
hermits-that-craft · 2 hours ago
the next part of the powers au isnt going to be finished for a while, have some screenshots of what its about
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(this is dream and puffy’s backstory!)
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otacos-world · 4 hours ago
I want a scene where a badass character with super senses is about to get shot at but they catch the bullet before it hits them only to immediately drop it and yelling "AH SHIT THAT BURNS!!!!". Only for their friend to be like "WELL WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU EXPECT!? IT'S FUCKING BULLET DUMBASS!!!!"
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lunaicfantastic · 5 hours ago
ok but fr nothing makes me feel the way jaime and brienne makes me feel. no other pairing makes my chest ache when I think about certain phrases from both canon and fanon god I am deranged. they make me INSANE!!!!!!
#like the half a corpse half a god line and jaime thinking about her astonishing eyes and 'jaime. my name is jaime'#and a dozen quips came to mind each crueler than the last but what jaime said was simply 'i dreamed of you'#and also its yours. it will always be yours#and thats just canon!!! not even the fan shit that makes me crazy!!#like that one fic where briennes like#in a kinder world i would have deserved a better man than jaime but i still think i would have wanted him anyway#or that one victorian au where jaimes like lets run away together bc we've played along w society but good gods it isnt for us#or the same fic with the kidner world line where is says THIS#But he’d held her wrist even then thumb stroking Marry me he’d said marry me and never acknowledge it if you do not wish but marry me as I#should have married you that night and every other. If I’m to die he’d said (with her he had not) let me die as your husband#LET ME DIE AS YOUR HUSBAND!!!!!!!#also He could do nothing for her terrible pain but he would not allow her to die alone among strangers. He could at least do that.#It had been agony that helpless moment looking at her in the bed and he would have done anything in his power to help her and#so he married her. There is no way to explain that.#jaimes desperation to comfort brienne in the only way he sees possible gets me every time your honor he LOVES HER#also 'I just want you' he says simply. His voice isn’t sincere like Petyr’s had been; it’s sincere like he has never told a lie in his life.#and also just all of like weather that fic and clean hands just wreck me#just god i love this pairing no one is doing it like them!!!!!#the queerest m/f relationship on eartj#shut up anna
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hermits-that-craft · 5 hours ago
me: ya’ll want angst? fanikr: *in the tags* angst pog me, both ready to die for them and adopt them: of course anything for you
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blackblood1872 · 6 hours ago
Here's something that I never thought would just click until I started working on it: a Danny Phantom/King Falls AM crossover.
There's just so many concepts that fit so well together! The weird supernatural town, how easy it is to consider the Void a Ghost Portal. How that in turn means HFB3 is a Halfa and, using TUE/Vlad logic, explains why the death of his family made him the way he is now. Connecting the Science Institute with the Guys In White. Apparitions.
Plus, the 2am-6am timeslot is called the Graveyard slot, or the Death slot.
It just. Fits so well, I love it.
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Been thinking about what Mordred's life in Camelot would've been like if Merlin didn't hate him and then thought about how if Morgana was around she would probably always give him her favor at every tournament (until he married) and the other knights would tease him for that so have a broad outline for a Beloved Characters Dont Turn Evil AU
Morgana discovers her magic and Merlin swears to her that he'll protect her. He comforts her when she's scared and Merlin begs Gaius to share his knowledge and suspicions about Morgana to Morgana herself. One night Morgana bursts into their quarters in hysterics, waking them up, screaming and sobbing, and it feels like Merlin's hug is the only thing holding her together but its not enough. Glass starts shattering, candles flare, chandeliers fall to the ground. Gaius decides at this point not telling her will do considerable more harm than not, to both herself and others. They stay up through the night. Gaius speaking and Morgana asking questions, Merlin with a supportive hand on Morgana's shoulder. At one point Morgana tearfully asks the question Merlin asked Gaius long ago, "am i a monster?". They all fall asleep at the table, and that morning when Gwen arrives to wake Morgana only to find her absent with her blankets thrown over the bed and several things knocked over she runs and alerts the guards. The guards initiate lockdown and the commotion reaches Uther and wakes Arthur (Merlin is once again late), and they proceed to fear she was kidnapped right under their noses without anyone knowing. Arthur runs down to get Merlin so he can prepare him for the day only to open the door to find the three of them asleep on the table.
Later Merlin organizes for Morgana to learn more than Gaius can tell her from the Druids, but she intends to stay the night at least, if not then significantly longer (anywhere from a week to several months), and they have no good excuse for her to use that would allow her to leave without Gwen and guards. They come up with some very convoluted plan, which does not end up in the raid that occurred in canon, and when Gwen catches her sneaking back she lies and says she wanted to check up on Mordred (who she did run into), to see if he was with the Druid encampment that was rumored to be nearby (which he was). She didn't learn nearly as much as she hoped in those few hours, but they at least pointed her in a direction.
Morgause comes to town, and leaves Morgana her bracelet. After discovering it stops her visions Morgana takes it to Gaius, who reveals it was enchanted and looks similar to the one Lady Vivienne used to wear. Morgana states Morgause got it from her mother, but that Lady Vivienne was Morgana's mother and wonders how the bracelet ever got to Morgause. Gaius says there was a rumor that Lady Vivienne had a baby that displayed a affinity for magic, but Gorlois told Uther their baby had died before they even named her. Gaius reveals that the baby was smuggled out of Camelot and given to the High Priestesses, and Morgause might very well be that baby. Morgana begins to long for a connection with Morgause, to meet the sister she never knew of and recover something of her dead parents. When she begins secretly meeting Morgause, she tells Merlin and then asks him to come with her when she begins receiving lessons from her. Morgause tries to convince them that killing Uther is the right thing to do, but Merlin keeps reassuring Morgana that all they need to do is convince Arthur to change the law for when he is king, and he's not ready to do that now so theres no use in killing Uther before he's ready, and that she does love Uther and Uther does love her and would try to "fix" her well before he ordered her death. Morgause still wants him dead, to rush the prophecy of magic's return. Them sneaking out every few nights cements the idea that Morgana and Merlin are secretly dating in castle gossip.
Im not sure what happens with Morgause, but i think she would still take Camelot at some point and she would spare Morgana and by extension Merlin. Morgana and Merlin make sure to get Arthur out (and Merlin probably goes with him) because they dont trust Morgause to not kill him. Morgause reveals her heritage (and makes Morgana a Princess and her Heir) despite claiming the throne for people of magic and not the House of Gorlois, and the knowledge that Vivienne and one of her daughters were sorceresses leads Uther to believe he can not save Morgana from magic that is likely in her blood and THAT is what breaks his mental state. Morgana's real heritage is revealed soon after, with Uther informing Gaius that Morgana being a Princess is actually within her birth rights. Morgause continues Morgana's training because at some point Morgana has to become a High Priestess because canon. That or Morgause switches sides (this is a Beloved Characters Dont Go Evil AU might as well make it No Beloved Characters Are Evil AU) and she trains Morgana later after Arthur is a established King.
Morgause is overthrown and the Round Table formed. Arthur as well as several people in the castle know of or suspect Morgana of being a sorceress but he refuses to banish her, first believing it to have been out of her control (forced by Morgause) and later learning that her nightmares had been magic all along (how could he punish her for something he knows she had tried to get rid of for over a decade?). Perhaps he lets her keep the title of Princess, having always seen her as a sister (and someone who is compassionate for the people in a way royalty should be) and armed with the new knowledge of her being his actual sister. Everyone expects Regent Arthur to crack down on magic, its what Uther would have done and what the people want, so he does. Morgana becomes a advocate for magic, as she had been for Arthur in private as a Prince, and it scares people in the castle. They believe her to be working with Morgause, despite her arguments being for individuals' wellbeing and how punishments fuels hatred for Camelot. Several attempts are made on her life, many stopped by Merlin and Gwen and sometimes Lancelot. Arthur often "asks" Merlin for his opinion on magic and with Morgana's voice being public he feels okay with being straight with Arthur on what he thinks. Uther dies same as he did in canon: protecting Arthur from a assassination.
Mordred becomes a Knight because canon. Morgana is ecstatic to see him again and acts like a mother who hasn't seen her child in ages when she first sees him. Merlin has learned you often make the enemies that are destined to kill you (ex. trying to stop Morgana's visions from coming true) so he ignores Kilgharrah and doesn't hate Mordred (he is always wary though). Mordred alternates between childlike eagerness around the knights and following Merlin around while hero worshiping him (no one can figure out why. Their best guess is that Morgana is a mutual friend). In the beginning he kept messing up his name (calling him "Merlin" is just weird) and they often talk in their heads and therefore just stare at each other which has led to two conflicting rumors: theyre in love or they hate each other. Morgana often invites him to dinner, and when they dine with Arthur they easily slip into mind-talking (because chewing) and Arthur is convinced that they're making fun of him every time they do it. He protects Arthur when Merlin can't, often runs off to do side quests Merlin needs to do but cant get away to do, and often tags along with Merlin on his quests. Being able to share the knowledge of his destiny since Lancelot died (if he dies in this AU) relaxes Merlin's caution and allows him to be emotionally closer to him. Mordred enjoys being around Merlin and Morgana not just because he's Emrys and she's Morgana, but because they are the closest thing to home he has: they know what he is, they understand (bits) of his culture and make it possible for Mordred to share it with them, their individual magic sings strong enough to remind him of when he lived surrounded by it. He quickly grows to love them so very much and no one understands WHY. The knights tease him about it, and Morgana forcing Arthur to take Mordred on certain missions he isnt qualified for "so he can learn" does not help. Gwaine and Percival were planning to convince him that he couldnt compete in a tournament without a lady's favor because he's the rookie and his panicked look greatly amuses them only to find Morgana giving him her's before kissing his cheek. They were relentless after that, alternating between "lady's favors dont count if they're from your mom," "Mordred has a girlfriend," and whatever the medieval version of affectionately calling him "Bambi" is. Morgana sits in the stand's throne (since Arthur is competing) or besides it if Gwen is queen, and she flashes a smile at him when he comes out (Gwen too. He's a sweet kid with a baby face, of course he's one of her favorites. He also reminds her of Merlin when she first met him: kind, clumsy, cute). This settles Mordred's nerves but has the unfortunate side effect of increased teasing. Merlin doesn't let it go to far, he never does, and gives them a distraction before running back to Arthur.
And then magic is brought back to the land and Morgana continues the work of the High Priestesses and helps the rebuilding efforts and they're still adventures and problems, but everyone Lives Happily Ever After
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duawheat · 6 hours ago
hey yall! thinkin about my mutants au again!! here’s all their powers!!
tubbo- no powers, but he has guns! and is the smartest one there no matter what
tommy- big jump! speedy boy! and falls slowly and he has tiny little wings(small enough to hide under a thick sweater or jacket)
ranboo- teleportation except the boy can not control it! he teleports at random times usually when he’s scared or angry it’s becoming an issue
jack- semi-immune to fire! also can summon a small amount of fire like the amount of a rly big and powerful lighter(he doesn’t use his summoning ability tho)
philza- wings! big wings! he can fly! also minor reality manipulation(which he uses to hide his wings from humans)
wilbur- invisibility! he can go invisible as will, also he can occasionally phase through things but it eats up and insane amount of his energy and he passes out after doing it like twice
techno- basically just enhanced everything but specifically strength and healing
niki- she can breath underwater! also can control water!
dream- man-made powers, but he has enhanced everything but specifically speed and aim
sapnap- man-made powers, he can control already existing fire so he always carry’s a lighter or matches or something. he can make the pre-existing grow or shrink at will but he just can’t summon it
george-idk hes kinda just there i haven’t thought of anything for him maybe he just sits there and looks pretty idk
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hermits-that-craft · 10 hours ago
Powers Au - Lost and Found - Final Part
Tommy sits in Puffy’s living room, the penthouse apartment showcasing the way that L’Manburg lights up of a night. He can see heroes - actual heroes, not vigilantes like himself - hop around the rooftops fighting crime. However, he knows that they don’t venture into the dark alleyways and slums of the city. Manburg - for all its flaws and hardships - is a safer city without the heroes.
He doesn’t mind, though.
Puffy stands in her kitchen, humming to herself as she cooks him a meal. Niki (who he discovered is both the heroine Niachu and dating his mother figure), is on patrol, but she left him a blanket and a promise to get him ‘something he hasn’t seen before’, whatever that means.
“Hey, Toms.” Puffy says, sitting down besides him. “You want some soup?”
“What kind is it?” It’s strange to talk - he wasn’t allowed to with Dream, and Fundy was clearly trying to convince Tommy that he was a fox, so he didn’t get to speak too much.
“Potato.” Puffy smiles. “It’s not too rich, but tell me if you want something simpler, okay?”
Tommy takes the bowl, ignoring the spoon in Puffy’s hand. If he’s going to eat soup, then he’ll drink it straight from the bowl like a man, thank you very much. Puffy laughs under her breath at the action, and Tommy can’t tell if it’s the soup that warms his chest, or if it’s how he finally made someone laugh. Even if it’s by accident.
“Sam wants to come over.” Puffy says after a moment, looking out over the skyline. “He keeps messaging me. You can see him over there,” she points to a building off in the distance, where a small figure stands, “I bet you he’s about to message me something like ‘are you sure I can’t come over right now, Eret won’t mind me leaving patrol’.”
“Would Eret be upset?” Tommy asks, his eyes widening. 
“Oh no,” Puffy laughs, “The only way to upset Eret would be to stab them, but even then they don’t really mind. They’re more concerned with Sam overwhelming you then they are him skipping patrol.”
“Oh.” Tommy mumbles, drinking more soup to avoid talking more.
“Would you like me to message him to come pop around?” Puffy asks. “I can get one of the hermits to cover his patrol, they won’t mind.”
Tommy nods, and Puffy beams at him, her entire body lit up. She walks into the kitchen, taking his now empty bowl of soup with her. The teen wraps the blanket further around his shoulders and stares off into the skyline, waiting for Sam to arrive.
“He’s asleep?” Sam asks, standing in the door way. “Is he-”
“He fell asleep waiting for you.” Puffy says, trying to pull the man inside. “Will you just come in, you’re letting all the hot air out.”
“I don’t want to wake him.”
“Sam, I swear to Prime, if you don’t come in right now I’m going to make you meet your maker.”
“Okay! Okay, I’m coming in.” Sam says, lifting his hands. 
“Take off your mask and boots.” Puffy calls, leaving the entrance to check on Tommy.
“Yeah yeah, okay Mum.” Sam quips back. “Raising those boys really did a number on you, huh?”
“He’s my son, of course it ‘did a number on me’.” Puffy smiles fondly at the photo of her small family that sits on the kitchen bench. The fond smile drops for a moment as she sees her eldest’s face. Dream. Where did she go wrong? She adopted him when he was far younger then when she adopted Foolish. Why did he turn to villany? What did she do to-
“It’s not your fault.” Sam says softly. “Dream isn’t your fault. You were a great mother to him, Puffy. It’s not your fault that he turned out this way. Nature, rather than nurture.”
“But I could have stopped him.”
“Could Foolish have?”
“No.” Puffy sighs, knowing where this is going. 
“Then you weren’t able to.” Sam smiles at her, his mask discarded. “Now, lets contact your nephew to tell him that his cousin is home.”
“Tommy isn’t my son.”
“Tell that to Foolish, the kid is constantly talking about his ‘younger brother’ to Eret. I don’t think that you could convince those two that you haven’t adopted him.”
Puff laughs, following Sam into her dining room. Time to let Tubbo and Ranboo know that their friend is safe. Puffy won’t let anything happen to the teen, not under her watch.
Tommy stares at the skyline, wide awake. He can see heroes and villains fighting, vigilantes zipping awake from heroes. 
Wilbur, Techno and Phil are out there. Dream is out there. Tubbo and Ranboo might not be in L’Manburg, but they’re out there.
And Tommy’s safe. 
Niki walks into the room, wrapping another blanket around his shoulders as he finally falls asleep.
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crypticpaw · 13 hours ago
Hello again! It's been a while. Funny story, I'm actually working on a she-ra au fanfic which involves hordad, and was thinking ahead to season 5 and that left me wondering: How would the dinner with Horde Prime go in your Hordad au? I can imagine that, differently from canon when Prime just call adora a "nuisance that must be purged", Prime takes about her more and calls her something else or explained what he saw in Hordak's memories and starts talking about current Adora or something.
Hi! Sorry for the late response!
I haven't really thought much about the details of the AU and the dinner scene kinda escaped me!
Yes, Prime would see Adora as more of a nuisance than anything else. The "your beacon of hope" would instead be something like "the unfortunate little bug" or something like "she was as much as a dissapointment to my little brother as he is to me"
I can definetly see him calling her "little bug" or "the pest" or something condescending like that!
Also, send me the fic when you finish it! I wanna see it!👀👀👀
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stonesyszn · 13 hours ago
The Bet, has one of my fave scenes in any fic I’ve read 🥺
My fact for this fic is that I came up with the plot twist half way through writing it!! Or like a good couple of chapters in. Most of my fics I have a general idea of and just make up as I go along which I know is a big writing sin but that’s unfortunately who i am as a person
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oveliagirlhaditright · 18 hours ago
A story about Roxas and Xion in the The Mortal Instruments universe. You shouldn't really need to know that series to enjoy this one-shot, I think. Written for RokuShi Week/Day.
"It's crazy that you can see the Shadow World without being Nephilim or a Downworlder," Roxas told this girl, Xion, as he drew a healing rune onto her (an iratze), as the two of them sat together in Roxas’ room... Roxas’ new room, that was—in the human world—since he and his kind had recently been kicked out of their home country of Idris…
Xion shrugged at Roxas’ words. And did a lot better at handling the stinging pain of the rune than he thought a mundane would. The girl was definitely impressive, and Roxas thought me may have been falling in love. "According to this book, the Codex, there are some mundanes born with the Sight, probably because they have distant Shadowhunter blood. That’s also probably why you can draw a rune on me with no ill effects? …It kind of looks to me that you’ve forgotten your own history, Roxas... But I don’t care about any of that now… why did that girl Zara attack me? I'm not Nephilim like she is."
And here, Roxas had to sigh—stepping away from Xion and handing her a candy bar as award for being so tough… and since he’d forgotten he could have killed her, if he’d put a rune on a full human. Oops. Fortunately, it seemed she wasn’t fully that. So hopefully it meant she could handle this information. Taking a deep breath, Roxas prepared to fill her in.
"...Because you're bisexual. And seemed too chummy with that girl, Olette, in Zara's eyes. Zara and her followers are bigots, and old-fashioned on how the world should be. And while before, they were only pushing their beliefs onto us, now they’re going for mundanes, too: who they’re mandated to protect. I’m sorry."
And while Xion had been unflinching when it had come to everything else, she was crying now and Roxas couldn’t blame her for it in the slightest. He reached his arms out to give Xion a comforting hug, and the girl practically melted in his arms and wrapped her own around him, as well. "Roxas… Do you know I organize all the Pride events here in San Francisco? It's bad enough when normal people target us of the LBTQ community. But now superhumans are at it, too? What can I do?!"
Coincidentally, a rainbow shined outside of Roxas' room as Xion spoke now; and as Roxas of course knew that angels existed (Shadowhunters were half-angel, half-human, after all), he figured it had to be a sign, and suddenly he had an idea. "...If you wanted to, Xion, you could try to ascend and become a Shadowhunter yourself. Maybe you can come up with a solution for Zara and her followers—because we don't want to kill them, even though their violence stole Idris from us—that we haven't thought of."
Xion squeezed Roxas' hand in reassurance the moment he made this offer. And he couldn't help the butterflies that erupted in his stomach when she did. And was it him… or was Xion blushing, as they became touchy-feely with each other? Maybe this crush he’d developed on her wouldn’t be one-sided, after all.
"I think that's a great idea, Roxas! Let me drink from the Mortal Cup or whatever, and let’s do this!"
And it would be a great idea. The two fell more and more into each other’s gravity, and balanced each other out, and eventually did find their desired solution.
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lokiitama · 22 hours ago
DBH Alternate Universe Big Bang
Chapter 17: The Recovery
Connor recovers from the events at Stratford Tower.
Warnings: none
When the healing power user arrived, Connor couldn’t help but notice the way they hunched their shoulders once they took notice of Hank, and how lifeless their eyes seemed to be. They barely greeted and presented themselves before they approached Connor, and put their hands forward, palms slightly glowing with a warm yellow color.
He wondered if he had looked the same when he was allowed on the Outside for the first time. He knew he was bolder ever since he met Hank. At least inwardly, especially when it came to CyberLife.
Connor wasn’t sure he was ready to accept that boldness as it was: an ever-so-small rebellion against what should have been ingrained in him since a young age.
The sped-up process of powered healing made him cough slightly as his chest put itself back into place at an unnatural pace. He looked down at it. The large and dark bruising that had been spreading across his entire rib cage was fading, and just as the pain did. He knew the process wouldn't be that fast, however.
Click here to read the rest of the chapter on Ao3
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aetherknit · a day ago
mx. sad’s explanation was pretty much correct… only I’m rereading the series due to horrible memory and forgot the dragon went kinda insane plot tho… lolololol (/lh) anyways in book 2 elspeth rescues dragon so essentially elspeth has far-seeking (can find and communicate with people of similar powers up to VERY long distances), beastspeaking and coercing (sorta like mind-control? but it’s just like small changes in behaviour.) powers. and then there’s dragon. who is also super strong. can create like SUPER AMAZING illusions by using coercion o trick people into seeing things that’s not there and also just general coercion lol sorry this was a mess - nobu
(V sorry haven’t been active in a while so only just saw your response to my ask hehe also yes I think ur elspeth and sad is dragon)
everything u tell me makes me care about elspeth/dragon more like -- ok a rescue mission???? check. and she can communicate with her??? theres powerful magic at play????? and they have tension??? i am on board. i think they should kiss. oh and i guess the aethersad is good too LMFAJFDKNBD
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But also like? I don't really care if people are discussing Kylo Ren's feminine coding or whatever, as long as we're not like... Implying some stuff along with it?? Or just taking a really bad reading from canon. Or trying to force other people to agree with all of their unfounded headcanons.
Like if you want to stan a character and explore some concepts in whatever way you want to, it's not like it matters to me. I'll happily just agree to disagree for the most part.
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thecommentinggeeky · a day ago
Tumblr media
Icons, icons, icons! Skid and Pump icons as far as the eye can see! You can use these for FNF, or just icons in general, really! Some of the AUs featured are my own, but other AUs/mods are featured as well, as you can clearly see. And they are:
Star Power
Star Power (B-Side)
Corruption - by @phantom-fear
Corruption (B-Side) - by @phantom-fear and Tio Sans
Conversions - by @artistgmer
Appetite Skid - by @mangjeol
Nothing Like a Home-Cooked Meal (pre-revival)
Nothing much more to say than this, really. Just enjoy all the icons, and make sure to give credit to the people involved/mentioned if you do use 'em in any way.
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hermits-that-craft · a day ago
Eret’s powers for the powers au: Silver Flame
Foolish’s powers for the powers au: Gold water
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ao3feed-ladynoir · a day ago
Partners in Kisses
Partners in Kisses (I don’t dare pinch myself for fear I lose what made this dream worth living) by lovesquaresappho
Model!AU, no powers. Marinette is a model for France's most popular makeup company, Adrien is what he was before Chat Noir. Well, almost. There's this girl...
Adrienette stans come get y'all juice!
Words: 499, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English
Fandoms: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/M
Characters: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug
Relationships: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fashion & Models, Modeling, Model, Model Adrien Agreste, Model Marinette Dupain-Cheng
Read Here:
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oops-supercorptrash · a day ago
I wrote something!! Chapter one of the Newsies AU is up here. 
Kara is an orphan on the streets of Metropolis dreaming of moving to National City to start a new life with her sister and friends. She and Alex dress as boys and work with her friends to sell papers for pennies just to get by. When Lionel Luthor, the owner of The World newspaper raises the newsies' price, they decide to strike to show him they deserve respect, too.
Too bad Kara never counted on Lena Lewis, up and coming reporter for The Sun. Together, they change the fate of newsies across Metropolis. And maybe their own fate along the way.
The Newsies AU
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