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joycrispy · an hour ago
Fair Heart: Hey children, I'm leaving.
Fair Heart: Kohl, you're in charge, because you're the strongest.
Fair Heart: But also because, Orbit...*sigh*
Orbit: *slow zoom on face. Carl Orff's 'O Fortuna' plays at an increasing volume. CLEARLY deciding if he should be casting Thunderstep right now*
Fair Heart:...doesn't have a moral compass. Ok, be good! *leaves*
The Firbolg: Do you guys wanna hold hands until they get back?
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Iria: Happy Pride Month to my brother!
Iria: He hasn’t come out but…
Iria, gesturing to where Quatre and Trowa are playing their instruments: That’s his boyfriend
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Shimada: Oh, you playing Minecraft. I lika ya cut, g. *slaps Ryosuke on the back of his head*
Ryosuke: *high-pitched screech*
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tccfargcne · 15 hours ago
Vulture: Shawty trifling! She must be from Dirty Docks!
Ash: She must be from Dirty Docks!
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lostboysluvr · 18 hours ago
Marko: Guys there's this sexy man in my cave and he won't leave
Marko: *talking to himself in the mirror* Nice to see you here sir, GET THE FUCK OU-
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previously-on-hsmtmts · 19 hours ago
Carlos: Yes, I'm gay, but I am so much more than that.
Seb: He's also hungry and anxious.
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incorrectendeavourquotes · 20 hours ago
Morse: Jakes? Why did I find this card that says you’re an ordained minister in your room?
Jakes: Because I’m an ordained minister.
Morse: Why?! How?!
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Milagro: *going up to Colin with two dress* hey, what do you think? Red dress or black for tonight?
Colin: *trying to be a good boyfriend* oh I don’t know. You’ll look beautiful in whatever you decide.
Milagro: oh, well, thank you, but I’m actually having a hard time deciding, so I was hoping you could pick
Colin: either way you’re going to be the prettiest one at the party, babe, I love you so much.
Milagro: okay, I love you too and I know you think I’m beautiful and this isn’t a test. I just *deep breath* which dress would you prefer to see me in tonight?
Colin: *oblivious as hell* I prefer you just the way you are—
Milagro: Oh my god *turns around and walks down the hall* HEY, LIAN?! RED DRESS OR BLACK?!
Milagro: THANK YOU
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soylago · a day ago
*Antonio appears*
Max,knowing what's gonna happen:*silence *
Daniel: Jesus Christ!
Sebastian: Daniel, Language!
Daniel, pointing at Antonio: No No No. IT'S LITERALLY JESUS CHRIST!
Max, Sebastian and Antonio: *rolling eyes*
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lsleofthelost · a day ago
Evie: Okay, but you can’t tell anyone. Desiree told Dizzy and Dizzy told me that Uma and Harry are dating now.
Carlos: Oh, finally!
Evie: I know, right?
Coach: Hey, you two!! It’s running, not walking!! What are you doing?
Evie: Sorry!
Carlos: Jerk.
Evie, once they’re far enough that the coach can’t hear: Such an asshole, I ought to beat the fucking shit out of him. The fuck is wrong with you “go for a run”? Why don’t you go for a run? It’s clear who needs it more.
Carlos, cracking up: Just start running!!
Evie, also cracking up: Am i wrong?
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blockoframen · 2 days ago
Iruka: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?
Kakashi: Pi
Iruka: Pi?
Kakashi: Low level but never ending
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correctmickeyquotes · 2 days ago
Mickey: tell me you were on disney Channel without telling me you were on disney channel
Oswald: alright, it's my time to shine *draws disney logo* ba ba buh buh buh- wait that's the McDonalds jingle
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Quatre: Alright, time for our daily affirmation! Repeat after me! :)
Quatre, to the mirror: I have an underlying propensity for violence and can tap into primitive rage at the drop of a hat.
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incorrectyttdquotes · 2 days ago
Alice: What's the right thing to wear to court?
Alice: A lawsuit!
Reko: Alice, you need to be serious when we go in there this is your 3rd offense
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autpunk-arsonist · 2 days ago
Ace, in the mirror: I am not the bigger person. I am the smaller person who is prone to pyromania.
Marco: What the hell is Ace doing?
Thatch: Daily affirmations. Also, completely off topic we need new fire extinguishers… ship wide.
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misslivvie · 2 days ago
Vince: Believe it or not, Nikki Terror has actually mastered earthbending. Here, watch.
Nikki, following Starchild as he storms out the door: Princess, c’mon! I’m saying I’d rather kiss you than die! That’s a compliment!
Vince: As you can see, Nikki is currently digging himself into the biggest fucking hole imaginable.
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