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mywldflwers · 14 hours ago
Oh, Baby | Chapter One | P.P
disclaimer: sexual commentary/innuendos. mature audience advised. you can find the series: here
Tumblr media
C H A P T E R 1 : D E S T I N E D
The beginning of the school year started about a month after I came back home. It was hectic, trying to get new supplies and putting together my assignments due the first day while being a participant in the Hartford Editorial Co. internship program.
My first day was the week before school started which was nice, considering I had time to get a feel for what exactly I needed to do. Being the youngest intern meant I needed to prove I had every right to be there just as much as the older teens. It also meant I was the runt of the group who had to deal with some of the less fun things-coffee runs, taking calls and messages, or just running around with paperwork that needed to be transferred to other editors and writers.
The older kids were nicer than I first intended. They tried to help me as much as they could, but were determined to get me to know my place. I respected that, to be honest. I couldn’t just waltz in and attempt to act like I was better than them when they had plenty of experience than me.
“Try to relax, sweetheart. You’re just so young to be piling in on this kind of stress. You’re only fifteen!” My mother exclaimed, pouring me my cup of coffee as I wrote down notes from the island counter of our kitchen.
“Sixteen,” I corrected.
She paused. “Hm?”
“I’ll be sixteen in, like, two months.”
The woman chuckled at that. “You’re fifteen right now. Besides, you could be thirty years old and I’d tell you the same. We weren’t meant to endure this kind of stress.”
I huffed at her words, writing quickly as I noticed the time.
“Maybe you should calm it on the coffee.”
That was enough to get my full attention.
“Mom!” I whined, reaching for my cup from her as she taunted me with it.
“You’re too young to be drinking all this caffeine!”
“It’s all dads fault!”
As if on cue, my father walked into the room with a dumbfounded expression.
“What’s all dads fault?”
My mom cackled at his face, placing down my mug on the counter behind her. “Our daughter’s caffeine addiction.”
“Ah,” he nodded. “I confess.”
“Good, I’ll be sure to include that confession in my therapy appointment at rehab.” I stood from my seat, lunging behind my mother to retrieve my liquid courage.
She hadn’t bothered to fight me for it, instead taking a bite of her slightly burned toast. “The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I’m proud.”
I only shrugged, swiveling around my father as he tried to make his own cup of coffee. I sipped my warm beverage and hurried along the kitchen by gathering my piles of paper into my folders and backpack. My fingers piled up my hair above my head, tying a band around it all. The time was ticking and I was praying I wouldn’t be late my first day of school.
“Gotta go, see you tonight!” I called out to my parents as I threw my bag across my shoulders. My sneakers squeaked against the tiled floor of the kitchen as I rushed to kiss their cheeks goodbye.
“Be safe!” My mom called back.
My dad tried to yell with a mouth full of eggs. “Love you!”
As soon as I rushed into the elevators, I felt slightly light headed. I shook it off, though, noting that it may have been time to start being more active again.
When I made it outside, I was met by my loving boyfriend. He was leaning against the railing with his arms crossed over his chest. He was wearing his brown sweater with a blue flannel underneath. It suited him well.
The early September air was slightly chilly, probably the reason for his outfit, but that was normal for the city.
I lurched forward to drown Peter in a kiss, my arms flinging around his shoulders to steady myself. He laughed against my lips and kept me still against his chest.
“Morning, honey.”
Before I could reply, I heard mock kissing noises and quite prominent gag sounds. I looked over his shoulder to scold our close friends and their childish behavior.
“Very funny, you two.”
“Thank you, we try.” MJ smiled sarcastically. Immediately I noticed her curly hair pinned up in a bun today.
I rolled my eyes but looked back over to my boyfriend to properly greet him. “Good morning, sunshine.”
He grinned. “Ready for our first day?”
“As best as I could be! You?”
“I hope so.” He chuckled once before intertwining our fingers together.
“What about you, two? Did you finish the summer reading?”
Ned snorted. “Duh. This semester, though, I’m focusing on my engineer tech class. How can I be the chair guy for Spider-man when there’s still so much for me to learn!”
“I believe in you, buddy!”
The boy looked at my boyfriend fondly with a hand over his heart.
I rolled my eyes at their antics, but turned to MJ on my side. “How about you, Missy?”
“I already read all the books that were given to us for options, so I picked randomly. It was an easy A.”
My free hand smacked against her palm in a celebratory moment, smiling proudly. “That’s my girl.”
She only smirked before her eyes widened in realization. “Oh, hey, how’s your internship going?”
“Yeah! I heard you’re the youngest one?” Ned asked next.
I sighed, swinging Peter’s and I’s arms together. “It’s okay, but they’re pretty keen on grilling me anytime they get. Perks, I guess.”
Peter pulled me under his arm, holding me close to his side in a swift movement. “Aw, honey, I’m sorry. Anyway I could help?”
“Nah, Pete. It’s just how it is for now.”
“What the hell were you even gonna do?” MJ asked my boyfriend. Her scrunched up eyebrows judged him harshly, as usual. “Go down there and scold them? Tch.”
Ned’s laughter interrupted him. “‘Hey, leave my girlfriend alone!’”
Peter’s face was void as our friends grilled him and I giggled softly. He seemed to have notice my betrayal quite quickly and he pouted at me.
“Babe!” He whined. “Stick up for me!”
I couldn’t help to snort at his tone. But, I cleared my throat anyway and scolded my friends. “Hey, leave my boyfriend alone!”
MJ bursted into laughter at my joke as Ned cracked up harder. I couldn’t not join in.
“Very funny, ha ha.” Peter sighed.
The hallways were cramped as new freshman made their way in, searching for their assigned classes in a frenzy. They pushed and shoved through people, quite impatient to make it to class in time.
When one of them shoved me by the shoulder to get by, I grunted.
“Oh, God, were we this bad?” Ned asks as he watched the scene before us.
“I hope to God not, ‘cause this is bullshit.”
I agreed with MJ silently, tightening my hold on Peter’s hand.
“We have the same first period, right?”
When I nodded, he pulled me by the arm to lead me away. I turned back around to wave at our friends quickly, though.
“Good luck, see you guys at lunch! Text me!”
When Peter and I miraculously made it through the crowd, we found seats in the back. He held my hand to his chest as he asked about my morning.
“You’re mom is right.”
I scrunched up my nose. “Ugh, don’t say that.”
He rolled his eyes as I ended up smiling. “But she is and you know it. You gotta take a load off.”
My arms swiveled around his neck and I nudged my nose against his jawline. I could feel him tense, but I kept my body close to his anyways.
“You can help me destress, right?”
He laughed nervously, rubbing my sides to slowly push me off. “Definitely, but how about after school and not in front of our peers?”
It was my turn to roll my eyes. “As if I was even implying that, Parker. Such a perv.”
His eyes nearly bulged out of his skull. “What?! You’re the one— You—”
I shut him up easily with a kiss.
“You’ve been so mean to me today.” He was pouting now, fingers tightening around my waist.
My eyelashes fluttered at him innocently. “Me? Never.”
“Oh, sure!” He laughed, kissing my forehead now. “Do you have a new body soap?”
“Hm? No, why?”
He shrugged, pushing a piece of my hair behind my ear as he leaned into my neck. His lashes tickled my skin and I giggled, trying to pull away from his tightening grip. I could tell it wasn’t gonna happen, though, as he kept me close to his chest.
“You smell so good. I can’t tell what the flavor of the scent is, though.”
My head leaned back a bit more as he decorated my neck with butterfly kisses. “Pete! Stop, it tickles!”
He did as told with a smile. “Is it a flower? Or maybe a fruit of some sorts?”
I rose an eyebrow. “No, it’s just vanilla. The same one as it always has been.”
“Really? You sure?”
“Yes,” I snorted. “I think I know what I’m washing myself with.”
“I’m just— I don’t know. If I could, I’d spend the class period just smelling you!” He went to tickle my sides as I laughed, hitting at his chest.
“Okay, okay!” I squealed. “Let’s sit, sweetheart.”
By the time we got to lunch, I was exhausted. My arms were holding so many textbooks with countless notes on everything I needed to know about the class and lessons we’d be learning. But, I felt prepared.
“I got you,” A voice murmured from above me and swooped up the mountain of stuff I had.
I looked up at my savior and smiled gratefully. “Thank you.”
Peter kissed my forehead again, leading me towards our seats with an arm around my waist. “How’re your classes?”
When we sat, I waved at our friends. “They’re pretty interesting. A lil complicated, but nothing I can’t handle.”
“You look tired,” MJ muttered as she chomped on her fries.
“MJ,” Peter frowned before I could say anything. He glanced over at me before nodding. “Oh, yeah, she’s right.”
“Jeeze, thanks.”
Ned spoke up with a cheerful tone. “I think you look great, Y/N!”
I felt myself awe at his compliment. “Thank you, Ned.”
“Kiss ass.”
We chatted amongst ourselves for a couple of more minutes, until I smelled something incredibly nauseating. I held my stomach as it churned.
“What the hell is that?” I mumbled.
“Hm? What?” Peter asked as he munched on his turkey and Swiss sandwich that I was sure had tomatoes, too.
“Don’t you smell that?” I whispered, not trusting myself to speak louder.
He looked around the cafeteria, his eyes concentrated to find the culprit.
MJ eyed me suspiciously as she looked around as well.
“The cafeteria is serving sloppy joes,” Ned shrugged.
I almost gagged at his words. “God! Gross! What did they put in it this year? Rancid meat?”
“It smells better than the slop they served last year.”
I glared at my boyfriend and his words, but sighed as the back of my throat practically burned with bile. “I feel sick. Maybe I’ll just go to the library.”
“We’ll go, too!” Peter exclaimed as he scrambled up from his seat.
“No, you guys don’t have—”
Ned smiled, shrugging. He was even quick to sit up with his lunch consisting of a ham and cheese sandwich that I swear I could smell, too. “We don’t mind, Y/N. I wanna check out the new code section, anyways.”
“You sure?”
“Yes, loser, let’s go.” MJ rolled her eyes before grabbing her bag of McDonald’s.
I huffed, but we all gathered the rest of our things to head on out. When we finally reached the library and that detesting smell was finally gone, I sighed happily.
“That was disgusting. You guys weren’t bothered by it?” I asked as I sipped my water.
“No,” Peter chuckled. “Maybe you’re just traumatized from that time Phil Miller pu—”
I gagged. “Shut up!”
“Oh, my God!” MJ laughed, her hands slamming against the table. “I so remember that. It got all over the place!”
My head ached from the momentary visual. I kept my eyes shut as I tried to fight off the queasy feeling.
“Guys,” Ned warned.
I only shook my head, letting him know I was fine for now. “Ugh, I hate that kid.”
“Well, you have a reason to.” MJ snickered, chewing on her nuggets as she reminisced.
“Anyways,” I sighed. “How’re your classes?”
“I actually like my teacher from fourth period. Mr Abbott’s that new chem teacher.”
Peter perked up at that. “Y/N and I have him at the end of day.”
“He’s okay,” MJ shrugged. “Just another male teacher who probably gets paid more than Mel who’s been here for ten years teaching art.”
I nodded at that. “Gotta point there.”
We looked over at one another and spoke in unison. “Capitalism.”
Ned sighed. “You’re probably right. That’s too bad, I like Mel. She used to bring us snacks last year.”
“Ooh, I loved those truffles she brought from France that one time she visited that guy she met over the internet!” Peter exclaimed, his eyes wide in adoration.
“Wasn’t his name Gabriel or something?” I asked as I took a bite from my apple.
MJ shook her head. “I thought Gabriel was the guy from Italy?”
“The guy from Italy was Giovanni. Gabriel was the French guy.”
“Whatever happened to that Toni dude from Italy?”
“She left him for Finn in Germany.”
I pursed my lips. “Why does she still live here if all the guys she goes for are overseas?”
“Something about the love she has for New York. I, on the other hand, would love to head over to Cali. They’re way ahead in the tech world over there.”
Peter shrugged. “I think I’d be okay living here forever. Aunt May and I only have each other.”
My hand stretched outwards to clasp around his. “And me.”
He smiled warmly at that. “And you.”
MJ sighed, her hand scribbling doodles across her new notebook. “I think I’d love to live in the UK or maybe France or Italy, too. Think about the architecture and art.”
“I heard France hates Americans,” Ned pointed out.
That caused her to scowl. “Then we’ll get along perfectly.”
“How about you?” Peter asked me gently. “Do you ever dream about another place to live?”
I shook my head once. “I’m okay with the vacations to other places. This is my home.”
We shared a smile again, but continued the rest of our lunch talking about the teachers we still had to meet. I was slightly nervous when it was time to part again, but Peter reassured me that time would only fly by until the end of the day. I don’t know why I felt so attached to him today, considering I felt excited the night before to see the curriculums.
Watching him walk away almost made me tear up, but I snapped myself out of it with a pinch.
Like I assumed, it went by easily. I was in love with the syllabus in almost all of my classes, excited to get to learn about the multiple lessons. Although Chemistry wasn’t always my strong suit and I always needed Peter to help me study more, I was excited to see such an enthusiastic teacher. Mr Abbott was a good addition to the staff.
“I’m exhausted!” Peter yawned as we walked hand in hand outdoors. He was holding my extra set of notebooks in his other hand like the gentleman he was.
I was extremely tired, too. It felt like I was ready to collapse at any moment. My eyelids had even been a big droopy.
“Let’s take a nap when we head over to your place?” I could feel the excitement running through me at the idea of his comforter.
He gave me his boyish smile that I adored so much it ached my throbbing heart. “Yes, please.”
The walk wasn’t too long as he made sure to pull me when I started to fall behind. When my head finally hit the pillow, my eyes shut for the next couple of hours. It felt like I had a full nights rest by the time I woke up, I felt slightly energetic. I moved to sit up, but was jolted back into a warm body.
“Pete,” I whined, struggling to move. His body heat started to become almost suffocating. “I need to pee.”
He grunted, but moved his arm easily.
I sighed gratefully and hurried over to the bathroom across the hall. After finishing my business, I started to make my way back to Peter’s room. While I stood underneath his doorway, I admired the way his body twisted with his duvet. His bare torso was incredibly defined as he moved around, rubbing his eyes tiredly.
Sometimes I was grateful towards that spider.
I leaned against the wall as he woke up, blinking tiredly at the ceiling.
“You’re a creep,” his hoarse voice called out. “A cute creep, though.”
The smile on my face widened as he looked over at me. “I can’t help it. You just look good, baby.”
His eyebrows lifted at the nickname I used solely for certain activities. I watched the way his eyes trailed down my frame that was only dressed in one of his t-shirts. It barely reached mid thigh, but there was nothing he hadn’t seen before.
“Aunt May isn’t home early?” he asked slowly.
“I could’ve sworn I heard someone else. . .”
I shook my head slowly as I smirked. “Just us.”
His eyes glazed over immediately. He sat up with his forearms and nodded me over. “C’mere.”
That made me smile excitedly and I hurried on over.
When our festivities ended and we were out of breath, his arm held me close to him again. I was trying to relax my racing heart, but being so close to him made it difficult. His nose nudged against my neck, inhaling me deeply.
“God, how do you still smell so good after breaking a sweat?” he asked as his lips attacked my skin.
I sighed happily as he wrapped me in his arms. “I dunno, but thank you greatly.”
“No, thank you.”
I giggled at his flirtatious tone, kissing him deeply. “I gotta get ready.”
“Sweetheart, my parents wanted me home for dinner.”
He grumbled grumpily and held me tightly for a long moment. “I can’t wait until you don’t have to go. You’ll just stay here and let me love you all night.”
That idea almost brought me to tears. I clung to him, soaking in our moment.
“I love you, Peter.”
I felt him kiss my forehead softly. “And I love you.”
Eventually we got up to dress ourselves. When I wore the clothes I left my house in, I was ready to get going.
“Oh! My parents asked you for dinner next Saturday since my grandmother is coming. You think you could take a break, Spidey?”
He chuckled. “Yes, I’ll make time for you anytime.”
I rose an eyebrow at that. We both knew he wasn’t the most reliable nowadays. Not that I blamed him all the time, but it would be nice to count on my boyfriend when need be.
“Okay, but I’ll be there this time!”
My arms crossed over my chest.
His head fell in defeat. “I’ll try to be there. Let them know that Mr Stark has this important competition for the interns and that I’ll just die if I don’t win.”
“Not a bad lie.” I nodded my head in recognition.
“I hate to do it, but you know I have to.”
“I know, Pete.”
We kept our hands intertwined as we walked over to my apartment building. It was only about two blocks over, which made it easy to see one another.
When I kissed him goodnight, I made my way up the elevators and inside to be greeted by my father who was concentrated on getting something connected to the T.V.
“Hey, Dad.” I called out to him as I carried my bag to the island.
“Hey, Bunny! Come check out what I’m doin’.”
I chuckled, but headed over to him with my arms over my chest. “What’s up?”
“These are your baby videos! Chrissy, come here!”
My mom hurried into the room with her hair up in a ponytail and an avocado mask smeared around her face. Her eyes were wide as she stared at the screen.
“It’s Miles and Y/N.”
“Little people versions, but yeah.” I nodded as I inspected the scene unfolding in the video.
Her hands clasped over her heart in awe. “Look how small my babies were!”
My dad smiled fondly at her. “Weren’t they adorable?”
“Oh, you know what I mean, Bunny.”
I mumbled underneath my breath, but sat on the couch as I watched the videos. My mother got close next to me, her eyes watering as she watched the clips. My dad sat on the other side of me, his arm over my shoulders.
“I can’t wait to see my other baby. Do you know when he’s coming home?” My mom sniffled at me.
“Mom, he just left for college two weeks ago.”
“That’s such a long time!” She wailed.
I stifled a laugh as her mask began to slip down her face. My dad flicked the back of my head before telling her to wash up.
When she left, he and I giggled together.
We turned our attention back to the TV and my dad made a few comments as he explained where we were. He then switched out the tape with another one he dated back to the year I was born. By the time it was playing, my mom made back it back.
She gasped excitedly. “Oh, Y/N, look! This is the day I took the pregnancy test! We adopted Miles only a month before and we were still trying to transition him as smoothly as possible, but I knew something was going on. Isn’t the universe crazy, John?”
“What do you mean you knew something was going on?” I asked her as I watched her past self show the camera two lines on her test. My stomach churned just watching her cry happy tears in the video.
“Oh, I was so tired all the time and nauseous! For a month, I could hardly stand the smell of some things. It was awful. Obviously, I missed my period, but I was always a bit off schedule. Babe, remember my meat phase?”
While her and my father talked about their infertility issues, I let my mother’s previous words sink in. It was like everything had been happening in slow motion as my parents laughed together and the sound of the TV flooded the background in a blurred noise. I stood up shakily, whispering that I needed to use the bathroom.
When I shut the bathroom door behind me, my hands pulled out my phone to check the date. I couldn’t even get my hands to stop shaking.
“Fuck,” I hissed.
I was two and a half weeks late.
Usually I’d be a week or a few days behind, but never this long. I couldn’t blame my irregular schedule this time. Especially since I knew exactly what mistake I made just a month ago. The nervousness I could feel in my stomach was enough to get me to throw up, coughing up any remains into the toilet as tears streamed down my face.
After I finished, the tears only continued.
I choked on my silent sobs as I scrambled to look for a specific name in my phone. When she picked up on the second ring, her voice called out from the speaker.
“Y/N? What’s wrong?”
My long silence caused her to repeat herself. When I found the courage to speak, I whispered into the mic.
“MJ, I need your help.”
t a g l i s t : @lharrietg @peterbparkersbae @groovymoviesatpositivity
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kwebtv · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Defending Jacob  -  Apple TV+   -  April 24, 2020  -  May 29, 2020
Crime Drama (8 episodes)
Running Time:  60 minutes
Chris Evans as Andy Barber
Michelle Dockery as Laurie Barber
Jaeden Martell as Jacob Barber
Cherry Jones as Joanna Klein
Pablo Schreiber as Neal Logiudice
Betty Gabriel as Pam Duffy
Sakina Jaffrey as Lynn Canavan
Daniel Henshall as Leonard Patz
Ben Taylor as Derek Yoo
Jordan Alexa Davis as Sarah Grohl
Megan Byrne as Joan Rifkin
J. K. Simmons as William "Bloody Billy" Barber
Patrick Fischler as Dan Rifkin
Poorna Jagannathan as Dr. Vogel
Lizzie Short as Marianne Barber (flashbacks)
Evan Risser as Young Andy Barber (flashbacks)
William Xifaras as Father James O’Leary
Lenny Clarke as Food Truck Guy
Christopher Buckner as Young William "Bloody Billy" Barber (flashbacks)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A clip of this scene came up on my YouTube recommended and MJ’s face kills me 😭😭😭 I never noticed the first one before
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This doesn’t have a title but I just wrote it and I really like it, I hope you like it too 😛
“5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ready or not here I comeeeee!!”, Peter yells in the most intimidating voice he can muster. Even at 28, it’s not very much. He never has gotten better at that part of the job. But luckily playing hide and seek with his wife and son is pretty low stakes by comparison.
“You know that Ben can’t count right?” he hears from behind the living room curtain.
“I knew you were going to say that”, Peter responds, ripping open the curtain to reveal MJ rolling her eyes. “And that was my super sneaky plan to catch you!”
She gives him another look. “You’re lucky I love you, Parker”, she then adds, kissing him on the cheek as she walks past him.
“That’s Parker-Jones to you – and everyone else I guess, I mean it is my name. And yours too.”
She smiles fondly at that, bringing down her mask of sarcasm for him, like she always does.
After looking across their living room and kitchen, they make their way over to their bedroom.
“Hmm, where could Ben have gone?”
Both Peter and MJ ignore the tiny victorious giggle from underneath a suspiciously toddler-sized lump on their bed. Instead, they continue to search around dramatically, noticing that the bedsheet lifts slightly and then quickly falls down again when they look. Strangely, another giggle comes out at the same time.
“Wow, this is a weird new pillow...” MJ then comments, making a move as if she’s going to rest her head on it. The laughter only increases as she starts to jog and tickle it, until Ben bursts out of the sheets with a grin on his face.
“I’M HERE!”, he yells with his arms and chubby hands up in the air, raised in victory. “Mommy, daddy I was there, I was right there”, he says, giggling at his parents’ silliness in not being able to find him.
“Wow really? That was some amazing hiding, we didn’t even notice”, Peter comments, scooping Ben up in his arms and lifting him up onto his lap as he squeals and wriggles. But soon after, Ben starts to settle down, softly cuddling into Peter’s chest.
“Well done for not going up on the ceiling, bud”, Peter then comments, genuine sincerity coming into his voice as he carries on snuggling their boy, planting a kiss on his forehead from above. The idea that, after 2 years of worrying that he might hit his little head, he might have finally learned not to use his inherited powers to escape from their grasp, comes as a relief. Baby proofing their ceiling was not a fun experience.
A lot of life is still difficult. He is still doing his thing as Spider-Man, after all. There’s some new villain trying to kill him every week. He worries constantly about protecting his family, the beautiful world him and MJ have made in this tiny apartment. He also worries that Ben is going to grow up and want to use his powers for good too. That someday their precious, innocent, tiny boy will be brought into the all too often terrifying world he’s inhabited since he was 14.
But in moments like this, none of that matters. All that matters is the three of them. The Parker-Jones family. Together, right now, it feels like they could take on the whole multiverse.
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ginascaswell · a day ago
i used to be the girl who only wrote fanics about lexi howard and rue bennett as a ship but in the past few months i’ve legit wrote more hsmtmts related fanfics and also tried a peter/ mj fanfic.   also would love to write a pilar and feilx fanfic as there are like NONE on A03 and i’d like to change that. im proud of myself for not staying in that box i used to be in and branching out and trying new stories for different characters. 
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evatsyrulnik · 2 days ago
Michelle Jones as a Ravenclaw student
• Blood Status: Half-Blood
• Patronus: Raven
• Boggart: Mysterio
• Dating Peter Parker
• Frequently goes to the school library
• Likes to scare other students with her strange behavior
Tumblr media
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acearoteen · 2 days ago
This wont leave my head peter is complaining about all the things he has to hear whenever he and May go out together and Michelle just says really and peter looks her in the eyes and says you dont have super hearing. The realization dawns on Michelle's face and she goes ew and peter says exactly and he just stares out of the window
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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leia321 · 2 days ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: Spider-Man (Tom Holland Movies) Rating: Explicit Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Michelle Jones/Peter Parker, Michelle Jones & Peter Parker Characters: Michelle Jones, Peter Parker, Michelle Jones’s Mother, Liz Allan, Betty Brant, Cindy Moon, Ned Leeds, May Parker (Spider-Man) Additional Tags: Fluff, Weddings, bartender!Peter, BAMF Michelle Jones, Michelle Jones Needs a Hug, Tiny bit of Angst Summary:
Peter and Michelle meet at a wedding…shenanigans occur.
@hotidiotsummer @spideysmjs
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dyde21 · 2 days ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Michelle Jones/Peter Parker, Michelle Jones & Gwen Stacy, Michelle Jones & Ned Leeds & Peter Parker Characters: Michelle Jones, Peter Parker, Ned Leeds, Gwen Stacy Additional Tags: Spidey!MJ, Powered MJ, Total Nerd Peter, Exhausted Gwen, A bunch of dorks, Doing Their Best, and MJ is the super powered mess this time Summary:
When Michelle was bitten by the spider, she was pretty sure her carefully constructed plans went out the window. When she found herself swinging around the city in spandex, she gave up on trying to predict what would come next. Now she spends her days studying for a club, crushing on her best friend, and fighting the new super villain of the week. This is a chronicle of Spider-woman's attempt at navigating her crazy life.
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spideychelleforever · 2 days ago
MJ: *eyes closed, sighs* Still can’t sleep, huh?
Peter: *sighs too* it’s 1 AM and I’m getting more frustrated I can’t.
MJ: Mm.
Peter: Sorry if I woke you.
MJ: *shakes head and sleepily opens eyes* No, you didn’t. *breathes deeply as she ambles her body up on top of him*
MJ: You can still breathe, right?
Peter: Yeah, I’m not that good a cook.
MJ: Yeah, you are. *wraps her arms around his torso, kisses his cheek, and nuzzles into him*
MJ: Think of me as a 140 lb weighted blanket. Maybe it’ll help.
Peter: Oh really?
MJ: *chuckles lightly* I dunno, smell my hair or something. Relax. I could have sex with you until you tire out?
Peter: I don’t think that’ll even help, not that I wouldn’t enjoy it.~
MJ: Okay. Then just rest. Listen to me breathe? Because I might fall asleep on you. Just listen, just think. Or don’t think. *nuzzles her head into his* I love you, okay?
Peter: *squeezes her with his arms* I love you too.
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