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#source: buzzfeed unsolved
herlocksholmes1888 · 16 hours ago
dr. watson: how was your day?
sherlock holmes: i put some blood on a knife and swang it around so i could see how it flies
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ifthen-headcanons · 20 hours ago
kate, in "it's a sign", upon seeing josh
Kate: I've connected the two dots.
Liz: You didn't connect shit.
Kate: I've connected them.
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Don’t jump to conclusions? I’m jumping. I’ve jumped. I’ve landed.
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klvbxlove · a day ago
naoto: *reading about a true crime case* the body was missing most if its right leg
yosuke: that’s a shark, baby. i kn-- i’ve seen jaws at least six times, that’s a shark.
naoto: well, not so fast...
yosuke: huh?
naoto: don’t jump to conclusions!
yosuke: i’m jumping! i’ve jumped, i’ve landed!
yukiko: *wheeze*
yosuke: shark! it’s a shark!
naoto: just keep in mind, things may not be what they appear.
yosuke: huh? 
yukiko: HAHAHAHAHA--
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Sawamura, after Miyuki simply tells them about his Team Japan invitation: Unbelievable. I—this—the showboating here.
Kuramochi: The braggadocio of this man right here is—is staggering.
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Phineas, in a haunted house: Hey there, Demons! It’s me, ya boy.
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Morbos, pointing to a super creepy building: I mean look at this! Who in their right mind would be excited to be in there on their own? Do you know how much of a psychopath you’d have to be to enjoy that?
Fizz, inside: *singing a-cappella* 🎶Oh my ghoullllsss. 🎵Won’t you tug on myyyy, shirtt~🎶
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ronaldrx · 3 days ago
Roman Sionis: If I had flesh falling off my face, I would expect you to put a bullet in my head.
Victor Zsasz: Happily!
Roman: Don't be that excited about it.
Victor: You wouldn't even have to ask, boss.
Roman: If you didn't have flesh falling off your face at all, I'd still put a bullet in your head.
Victor: For what reason? Wait- You're saying you would shoot me-
Roman: Moving on-
Victor: What the fuck?!
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[Shantae and Rottytops are in Hypno Baron's castle with various means of exorcism]
Rottytops: ...hey, if you can't catch her here, just follow her home, all the way to Scuttle Town-
Shantae: Stop telling the ghosts to follow me home!
Rottytops: Shantae is afraid of you.
Shantae: ROTTY-
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Seifer: If I was thrown into prison would you help me escape?
Squall: No.
Seifer: Well you don’t have to say it that fast.
Squall: I wouldn’t help you.
Seifer: Let’s try that again
Seifer: If I was thrown into prison would you-
Squall: No.
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Horror: sometimes things get lost I dunno what to tell you
Nightmare: it was SIX HEADS how do you lose-
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j3nn1f3r-j4r34u · 6 days ago
morgan: it’s moments like this i will never forget
reid: with a good therapist, i hopefully will
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